The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 13, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1977
Page 4
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TAOK 4—NA,t;GATi;CK NKWS (CONN.). MONDAY, AUG. 5, 1»40 Qfye JUaflp Publlahod Every Evening (Kxcopt Sunday) by THIC NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAOOATUCK, CONN, RUDOLPH M, HRNNICK. Prosldont find I'uOllBhnr Telephone* 2328 und 2229—AJJ Department* iiinterod a* xiicond cl«s» muttur nt the pout office In NauKiUuck, Conn, 1 month KATKB Puyuble In Advance »1.00 1 Your .... . .J12. Uuinbtir: The American Nowwpiipor PubllHhui'M A The N. E, Dully Nuwwpupor Pub. AMB Tho Conn. Nov/Hpiipur Publiiho™ AMH MONDAV, AUOUST fi, Ill-Ill United We Stand "J don't. U'lit'Ve this United Xations stuff in tfointf '" f ' D "ny ,U'"od said tho next-door nei,H'lilior an lie .ipi'inklcd his lawn. Hi- is not alone in thai lack of cn- thiusinsri). But apparently it has uovor occurred to lii;n tliol if the United Xa- tions is not. siicc-ussl'iil, a portion of tho Name lies with him. The. United Xations is the result of lout; and dij'ficiilt HTurf on I In.' part of tin: allied governments. It is no( perfecl, hut it is llii> host or.icani/.ation for pence find itdernational eooprral ion which eonld he di-vised in tin 1 lime ^ivrii. The Cnited Xations is a representative* ^'I'oijp, Tin- man ne.xl door is represented, along with a homlicd-onl family in Holland, veterans in K'nssia, (he Kn.ylisli rcl- at-ivi'H, and all I lie oilier cili/ens ol' all the other countries which helon.k'. If these people really waul peace and care enough lo Iliink ahoiil inlernational prubleniH, to read the peace conference. 1 news to (he last word, and lo hack up (heir own repiVsyiitatM'cx 'it conferences —the United Xalions has a chance to accomplish its li'oal. ft' the next-door ni>ii;'lilior, multiplied many limes, is no more interested than to assume Ihat no yood can come of international talk', I he delegates in (he council chamhcrs have a lonely si riiL&'Ii- ahead of them. Taking the negative altitude., assuming hopelessness for I he machinery which is the only constru<;tive oxpros- ho|>e, could kill the threat chance world, United Xalions needs the si ren,u'l h help and, I'aith of nil its peoples,' Do You Remember? Prom the Files of the Naugatuck Newi 20 Years Ago Thi> Ml.iflo.H Anna und liminu Minutes of Aotnii Hlriiut vacationed In Philadelphia, Pennu. o—O—o Puul and Earl Buckmlller returned from .thoir animal vuculion fit I''ur Rocltuwuy Beach, Long lulimcl, o—O—o • 30 Years Ago Br. and Mm. John Ducgun vauutlonod at Walnut Bunch. $ a —O—o 12. J Ryt n nncl family of Water street apen vu cut lot ui f'_o Alllford ahore. THE 22ND DELEGATE? Around The Clock DOG LANGUAGE My faithful d(>K followed me down the walk, iiot'duix'd with fluwt-T.s to this garden pato, "1 am K'ad," i thought, "that you cannot tullt, Or you'd be lulling me early and lute, That nil l.s well with the world urid me," Thu whllu I'm knowing It cannot bo And thun, though never u word was said, A cool MOHi! snuKKlud into my hand, And my fa I U) fill Kuardlun raised hl.t head, Ki.'ady for comment or command; Then I knew without, a doubt thnt the meHMiiKe was true And tliut life Is still Koocl, while a clof; loves you. FLORA B, WALKER le SIO1I Oi Voi- (.In . The of the Good Neighbors U'lien it comes to (lie ginnl nei.n'h'hor jiolicy, Donxlas'dahl is not one to he- hesilanl. As a sailor from Minnesota on shore leave last, u'inler, he look Smith American relations into his own hands. He, went, to the (.'idled Slates emhassy, asked to horrow an interpreter, and then paid n call on (he mayor, lip told tho t'rii,U'imyan official all nlmiif Montevideo, Minnesota, and made such a hit with Ids visit t.hai he left hearing .«•!!'Is. La Lor a hale of I'l-UKiinyini HMJ;X was seal up In Minnesota for use in parades. The word yo|. around in diplomatic circles, and the rf-Niill of it all was thai. Monlevideo, Uruguay, took part hy sliort wave radio in a I'iesla in Monfevideo, Mimif'sola, last week. Mayor Roland X. Anker, in the north, nnd Inlendcnto Juan f. .l-'amiiii, in the, had a lively cor resjiondence in their rc-spoelivo lanyiia^os to lay somewhat elahorato plans. This story of international friendship promoted hy one yoiin.u 1 navy man wild a liri.u'ht iileu must, make some of the United Stall's' hard-workm/; foreign sei'vicc officials just a little wistful. Mr. and Mrs. Kay Heavens and family ire visiting with Mrs, Heavens' ruleativos u Alcrun. Ohio. . . .Tinu'or, ,)ov and Martha Heaveils are .spcMuliny a month at Bayvicw. . . . Thy man of the house hauls himself out of heel early each day to commute to work here. , . . P. R.— lie always uianayes to yet up in time, for breakfast, too. Rumors reach us that the St. Francis' Men's club are planning a fall minstrel. .... Real estate booming 1 in town with everybody buying, selling-, and then buying again. . . , 'Commander Bob Lawlor, of the A, A, V. says that the local group is getting all set for the Sept. 2 celebration. . . . Bonnie Curran and Ev Mariano seen at the weekly boxing card at Municipal Stadium; also George McKenna, proprietor of Olson's. George is now a local resident, having moved into his new home on Millville avenue recently. , . . The Olson brothers, Bertel and Hilding, are on their annual vacation, accompanied by their families. . . , Millville Cubs, reported looking for opponents, among the town's junior teams for their off days. Any teams interested, contact "Spec" Spadola. Byrnes Congratulates.Chairman WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 19-16. by Th-3 Hearst Corporation) . C'liai'lic (.'lark, [;u(,rolni;m, was llio borough's once ;i I'arm I'rior to his youtlil'iil boy, \vc ontivuieo MOSl'LV ABOUT INTKltKSTJNG I'KOri.E [ The littli: light note we carried j on Jor.n Crawford and Clark Gable turns oi;t not so little or .so lib They're both unpredictable but— they're both irresistible . William S. Hart,-the kindly budmnn of the silents, surely nevur foresaw so gruesome an aftermath:' his Ulsin horitod son.-W. S: H, Jr., had an autopsy performed on his father's brain, seeking evidence to upset the will .. Private phone numbers of Hollywood top -stars are selling at 530 n lull to cranks, pusr.s and fans—and, because of help shortage the company is slow and reluctant about ch;.injjinft dial-digits ...Footballer Hob Wiiterfield i.s being "ro-;'!" to become a cowboy nctoc —he's Jane Russell's husband. into the Marines i->: Neglected Votes For a democracy wider that they liuvt of ^'overnment. on I themselves on liavin.n" a. United Slates doesn't, do svhose pi'0j)lo con- u prelly ^ood kind ie whole, and prido voice in it, the much votinu 1 . According |o )h ( . (iallnp I'oll, (Ids oonntry is at the bottom of tho Jist of bi>? democraci(>.s in percentage of elijU'iMe persons .yoinj;' to the polls. A lillle more tliHii halt' of tho adult citixens voted in the presidential election of 1<)44. Only oiio-Ufml voted in the CongrcHsioniil olectioii of 1942. Fni- ahead of the United States record in tlds respect aro -Atislndia, Franco, MfiKlnml, Canada ami Italy. People wlio don't exert thomse\res onoii^rh to vote are not likely (o be taken very seriously in their objekions to tho •way tiio country is run. On other parts of tho world people have paid dearly for that kind of privilege. in 1M2, ho worked out at the .Hiscou Farms in Middlchury. . . . •Jou Smith, one charming' ndreiti.siug mana,u'er, accompanied hy his family, lias left for Xohlehoro, iMamo. .'Jtul»'ij Baxter, though, retunieii to hi* tins morning and our poaco is at an end, as the sports editor and the Judge resume tlicir ci.yar smoking duel, ^villl the Judge still holding- a slight, edge. Score on U. S. "E" Homls for '.16, to dull- — sold, 2.1-l>illion bucks' wortli; ensiled in, '2.(i-hillion! Koporti.'d RoninnciiiK—Bruce Cabot,-Joan Barton ...Lina Komay- Jiiime Salvador (Mex. movic-pt'o- iucer),,. .Natalie Drnper-Btntloy Ryan ..Lillian Portur-RussnJI Huy- den Judith C"Stntc of the Union") Evelyn and Wilbur ("Up in Central Park") Evans, both in Chicago.... Jnnk Holt's dauKbter Jennifer, to wed Bill Bluknwell actor, just back from tho front. . . .Tani Chandler- Hunt/, (dond-cnd Icld) Hall .Powers model Pat OpdenDukc Drnyton.. Bob Walker .iltornatinff between Jane Blnnchard and Liislie Brooks. coiTH'-t;ix jam (thai was whim Arthur W.M.S a finjuive: I vits with him). ,. .Garsson also worked to Kt'.t :> FodiTal liC'»HN<! fur Arthur's YoliUers hrewc'ry which was put out of busi»i!NN for bootle;{!;m<?, .. . After Arthur was killed, Davis eviiii denied to me that he knew who owned it!" Note that Davis stiys he CAN'T fUJMEMBER whore he met Garsson—-but. DOES REMEMBKR it was while Sehuitz was a fugitive ...;,Strange quirk of memory, that -—rice cream flavored with horse riidis'n! A principal in the company milt-i lishliii; VEi»<!nliuwur's Own Story" J w:vs a conscientious ohjoclor dur-; ; the war! j At Paris Parley Bearded deleRuti; from Ethiopia, resplendent in his native robe and turluui, takes an a'lTentivc. nod of the proceeding's at the peace conference in Paris, (Intcrna tionul) Gene Kevit, a Beacon Falls youth who was an outstanding athlete in High school, and was class president as well in 1945, is due for a discharge from the Navy during this month. He plans to return to college in the fall. Gene's present job with the Navy is that of enlisting recruits, but apparently he ..hasn't even convinced himself. New nickname for Harold Dillon, after his exodus to Canada, "Trapper." We're afraid that when our Harold returns, he'll be a brawny North woodsman. . . . Prices go up; sales go down, and, try and get a rent. . . . The VFW Ball Committee meets tonight, and Chairman Gaston Adams states he's looking forward to all members being present, What has happened to the'Yank softball team, stories of which graced our pages early in July? We saw their star catcher, Anthony Tangredi the other day, and he, preferring to be like Greta Garbo, would tell us nought, i Richard "Dixie" Davis, .voimir Icfful Konliw who guided. "Dutch Schulte" Flnsrwiholmer to his for- tun« and to his fall was convicted and disbarred married und lost tho rc'il-hradeil showgirl, Hope Dnre, with whom he was arrested In a Phllinli'lphiit hldc-oiit, now sells Ice orJ'iini in i. os Angeles We jiub- llNhe<l last week thnt Murray Gnra- soti u-jis FI<>K-(>nlieitn(ir's Washington tlxur, and -llniiny Jllncs, now an ex-convict, then u Tnminiiny jiowe was his political "In" Hlnes Is o imrole and Isn't ullnwed to give In hterviows. .. .Schnltz, of course, d(.'nd...So we tolcphonnd our South ern California contact to dig Hlxt uul get Home lowdowli. .. .Follow ng. vnrliiitini is his 1 report. I talked to Dixie Hnvi.s aboil nldnlghl. "He .suld, with respect io Mnrnij Garsson, that: I don't know a hell of a lot bout him: I don't want any pnh- Ic.ity, hul even If I warned to help, couddn't, f never ICIIHW thnt Garson and Solinlf/, knew e.nch other. " 'Sure—I met Murray. J met him ke I met thousands.of other peo- !(.'. Wlinrf—I don't hnnw. Maybe at ornp gnmo, but I have no wny of remembering now. As a matter of fact, I nijvor oven knew what he Tho boon skull of n siihre-tooUi tiger lins up hi n f^os Ai^olos park. An- thropologints say lie's 50,000 yoars. Alive, lio know the old homo now. Dioro nliovit would scarcel nrc duo Adnm Men- gnoci, Hnlph Morolli, Francis Tangredi, Antoinette Znccarolli and all other members of tho Montanari-Raclo post, who aided so very ranch in the Field-Day wliich the group held yesterday. . . . Con- grats are also clue .to the Marine Corps Lcag'iie ,-vvho hekl such a successful dance hist Saturday. did. "'I remember thai whr-n J met Ciirsson, Schultz was n fugitive, therefore I'm sure Garssoii never know him. Garsson. and. I tvnre nothing more than caxnal ucnuulnt- unces. .."'All I xvan t to <J O Is to sell Ice cream. Do you know anybody who wants to buy Ice cream?'" ' Not very convincing. .. .It happens thnt I got the connection directly from Flogenheimor's widow whom I found by phone In a. Western village, living with her children under assumed names ...She told mo: "Garsson represented Arthur, though they seldom met. .. .nick Davis transacted their huslnoss. as . go-between.. Carsson The dynamic sir-footer. Waiter E. Smith, is in a^o(n, third imc in two wucks lie's flown hither . . ."1 got a nnp in the piano," he ells me. "I hacln t boon to bucJ in oui- days and nights"... Smith, whose hair i.s pretty white is only 40. But' lie does more things than finyone I've ever known. .. .Within tho year he has bought and converted n. Hollywood cafe into Tom Breneman's, run the morning breakfast broadcast there into n. national sensation, had it filmed for a feature; promoted rodeos, signed Gene Autrey for five years and will publish Mis biography; bouyht n. hotel and cabanas in Palm .Springy; tied up "Pnppy" BoyinRton for his book and picture right?, ni>d hns .$150,000 Warner offer on the latter organised a company to publish magazine devoted to Wosorn niov ies; incorporated a company to pro duce Nils T. Grandlund's picture "Rnythm Ranch"; bought Chester town, favorite in the fiambleton iun, for $40,000, highest' price'.ever paid for a trotter, to add to hij, large stable; founded the association which' converted Santa Anita to trotting; conducts the largest enterprise in the West making aluminum furniture and luggage... And nobody "can play harder than he—or work half as hard. Nearly 200,000 Men Released The number of separations re poned by the Armed Forces durinfr the period of July, 39-iQ tolaled 5,385 ?tat(>d Commander John F, Robin !=0!'. USNR, State Diroctor of Selec live Service, today. This ho added brings the total number of Con nemicut men separated since the inception of Selective Service in Of tober J9-10 to 196,100. Seen together—Leslie Wfnton, at tin; California. Clnh, our nltrht with Dolores Morun, the ni>x with Rltu, JoluiMiu... .Arthur Pliu the prcKS iif;<;iit, und Sonhi Darrin Wai-ncc flcdfflns (:uid shc.'s c.< Bust to see him soon) Gloria SwanNon and the Roxy's Jean GuelLs—but wait a minute. This Isn't that Gloria Swanson—she's .•* voting: dimoer, oponing- here next week Ann Paffo, nlxlit-clnb diva, and Milton Kramer, manufacturer with money Guy Madison, and Candy Montgomery, of "3 to Make Ready" Tom Bodkin, show man, and peripatetic Vci;gy Pears, n Armando's... .Doan Goodman, Marlene Dietrich's cx-son-lh-Iaw, nd Flornnce ramant, at Bradley's Beatrice Kay and. Sylvan Giocn . .Harrison Miller, department stor.3 scion ,and Mjii-ffuerite Skoda. . .Even Stalin's spics^ rton't knov. Marsaret . Truman's calls from Missouri to Washington am person- to-person—and the person is Marvin Coles, counsel for the Merchant Marine! FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. IOC South Main St. WEDDING CAKES _ And Other Special Baldng- A Specialty CITY BAKERY B. P. STOPPANI. Prop. Maplo Street Telephone 3G78 Approved G. I. Training AroonntlliK.MtiiKlnrHH Miicliln«>«. Srorcturiul J'AI.I. TKIOI OI'KNS IN SHI'TKMItKK T.linlii'i) Knrfillmonl. !THE PERRY SCHOOL Waterburv WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELECTKIC PERCOLATOKS — with chroma tray, sucar and creamer, comploto M. WOLFF as C.RA.NJO ST., On The Air Today C:00 p. m. WOR--Easy Acu.s Other SUitions -News (i:IO 11. m. WERy—Baseball Scores WATR—liuerlndfl 0:1.'S p. m. WHRY-.Jn My Opinion WTIC-Prof. Schonlter '.VOR—On The Century WATR—Sports; Serenade .VEAF—Serenade vVJ5J—Ethel and Albert C:30 p. m. WEKY- T-:. Christy ICrlt, Now.-: WAliC—Larry Carr WJZ --Allen Pn-scolt VTIC—Striclly Sports >VATR—News; Interlude WOR—Vandeventor C.--I5 p. m. VVER.Y-WABC—News Till Now '.VTIC-WEAF— Lowell Thomas ' WOR—Stan Lomux W.IZ—Great Scott WATR— Pleasure and Profit 7:00 p. m. .VBRY-WAEC—Patti Clayton ..VATR—Albert Warner VTIC-WEAF—Supper Club 'VJZ—Headline Edition A'ATR-WOR—Pulton Lewis ":ir> p. ni. -VERY—Doualas Quintet .VAEC—Skyline Roof VTIC-WEAF -News '.VJZ—Elmer Davis .VATR—Army Cars van WOR—Answer Man 7:25 p. in. vVATH—News 7:30 p. m. WE R Y-WAEC- - Bob H.-i wk \VTIC-WEAF-~Around the Town VOR—JN'eui; WTIC—Music Hall Varieties \VATR-- Phono Your Answer 7:4." fi. m. VVEAF—H. V. Kaltenhorn '.VOR—Inside of Sports -V'TIC—A'coholics Anonymous WATR—Walt.'. Time WBRY-WA3C—Tnr.or Sanctum WTIC-WEAF- Peace Conference VVATR-WJZ—Lum 'aiid°Abno:- S:l!) p. m. vVATR-WJZ -Ed Sullivan S:3(l p. m. WBRY-WABC- Fiyhtin- Scnn'or WTIC-WEAF—Firetsone V-- m WOR—Case of GI-OROI-V Hood WATR-WJZ.-F.-u Man' S:45 p. m. W'ATR-Voice of the Army ! 8:53 n, m, I WBRY-WAEC— Nnws :t:0!l t>. 111. VVHRY-WAUC— Milton WOH Gabriel HeatK-r WJZ— I Deal in Crime WATH— Forum of the 11:15 p. in. WOR--Rcal Storivs 'J:SO p. in. WiiRY-WABC- -Jack Ki \VJ-JC-\VJiAF- -Goodman WOH- (;uy Lombardo Eerie Air Orch WATR—For.-ver TOJJS !l:fln p. m. WATR-WJ2 Hurry Wismor • 10:00 p. m \VliRY-WAHC -Screen Guild WT1C-WEAF- Contented P gm VVJX Question for America \VOH-WATK--Tommy Dorsey 10:15 p. r'n. '.VATR-WJZ-Fantrujy, Orch. l'l:3(l p. in. U'JXnY-WAEC. - Tonight on Broad- WTIC-WEAF-Dr. I. Q WJZ—Brown Dots WATR—Earl Godwin WOR -All Star Football Review J'l •.'Hi l>. Ill: .VATR— Red Cross 11:00 j>. m. ALL Stations - News ":10 P- in. WBKy -John J. Daly, City News 11:15 p. m. WERY-WABC- You and ihe Atom WATR-WJZ-Sternpy Orrh WOR-WEAF-WTIC -'News 11:3(1 p. m. WBRY-WARC-Eilecn Furroll WOH.-Weailier: Harris Orch WATR-WJZ- Gems; Orchestra' WEAF—Brandwynno Orch. VTIC--Bizony Ensemble 12:00 > ALL Stations—News Average a^e of mothers at the 'imf of ihe birth of ;heir first cluld is 23 years. Chrysler and Plymouth G. M, C. Trucks J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 1 IOC SOUTn MAIX ST.- Telephone 4096 BOUGHT sotn Kent a Trailer and Do That Job Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TELKI'HOXK Nuticntiirk S068 ivtirn lildr. OBlire In Union OKj- GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE Dljr.IVKRY ^'uilr H'II.I.1'.«i. ( M'Kii(> Tlnilrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. llnrriu Off Kvchnnei- I'luc •I'liunp S NOW is the time to have your BLANKETS AXI) COUNTERPANES Expertly Laundered Dial Wat. 4-4106 A MERICA 1 i /• \ Htr \ ' i, \t \ nit i TTftOt PL. FKED'S HI-WAV GRILLE 501 South Main St. RCfTDlar Dally Dinner 50c up A La Carlo Menu Spaghetti To Takn Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounffe Full Liquor License WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAI,, Prop. 8 South* Main St t Choicest selection of salt fresh water prices. fish at and lowect to (jet my husband was out of his In- DEAD AT 58 •Portland, .Maine, Aug. C—CUP) — Death has taken the 58-year-old founder of the Federal Loan and Building- association. Thomas A. Sanders, who Is dead at a hospital after a short illness, was a former city councilman of Portland and a former representative in the. state legislature. Have You Seen Our Kitchen Korner On the Second Floor Many Items for The Kitchen NAUGATUCK HARDWARE JflEARY BUILDING TEL. 5212 NAITGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. WInslow Court Tel. SSS4 AUTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS Cushion Type Life Preservers STRISIFS ' 10 Center St. Waterbury, Conn.; ROYAU G-OUDA POTERY Imported From Holland R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding, of Ail Tyjies For/fins:, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steol Work Telephone 6377 N-~ Cars Called For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation ' ' s Driving'! ! P O U S T ' S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Avc. Tel. 4935 Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" and Vera Budris, Prop*Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License RODEO RAMBLERS H«r« Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHEEHAX I Special Entertainment i Thursday and Sunday J Open Daily Until 1 A. M.1 \\\ Kinds of Trucklnc^-A»be* Etc, Kemoved McNamara Trucking Cc 81 West Naiujatuck Tel 5*5»

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