The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 13, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1977
Page 3
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Seized After Kidnaping Trooper "" Women's Activities—Personal and Social Swimming Party Held Saturday Marjorie Paul Honored At' The teen-ajju gioup cf the Pond Mill Community club held a swimming party Saturday afternoon at pond an the property of Dr. Hans Griesbach, May street, following which a business meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Mahlon Sears. Twenty-five members of the junior group attended this party. Re- f:'eshincnts were served and games were- played after the meeting at Mrs. Sears home. ? Personal Shower • Miss Barbara Paul was hostess recently at a personal shower in honor of her sister. Marjorie" 1 Paul, held at thqir home on Walnut street. The guest of honor, who will become the bride of Arthur Carlson, Jr., Thursday, Au#. 8, was the re- Heard Boston Symphony In Tanglewood Concert Mi 1 , and Mrs. E. Philip .Walker M'iss June E, Kellogg, all of -Vlillville avenue, spent/t'he day in SoiUhbridKo, Mn.ssLxj"' e s t c r il u y, wlioru tliey attended im all Brahms- concert o! 1 the Boston Symphony • Tchcstra at Taniflewood. and Couple Plan Fall -Wedding Sherman. P.. Woodward of Bethany announces the' engagement of his daughter, Marion T. Woodward, to Dudley F. Sandell, son, of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar T. Snndcll of Ne\\ Haven road. A fall wedding planned. '. . Miss Woodward attended the University of Connecticut and graduated from Grace hospital School cipient of many gifts. Refreshments' of Nursing, New Haven. Mr. San- ilell is a veteran of the U. S. Army Air .Force, having- three years service, two of which were in the Eu- Hriir-imM'tl August Ut-nmnl (c.-ntcr). II!), of Sidney, o who rs- cuiH'il u .Jiu'lcNOM, Midi., prison Is slmwn ;ift.,r his riiiiUirn In llM|j«wi.||, ,V. .1, 0/1 1!..- li.ri. Is New JI..-NI..V .Mtiilc li-r»o]HM- I,..uls M;.*OII who ruittim-il i> lj:i | 4 , „,„! „, u,,. H( , |lt . N Kt . ltl . t,.,,,,,,,.,. stluih , v t . fl , K ^ I (in (.»i<'U|ic<l convict lcUlim|.i«l » .%•„„. ,j,.,. M , v s t, l(l . in,,,,,,., ,, ( .,', r Soini-r- vlll,., .v ,)„ wlii'ii Un> trm.ix.r utl..-ni|,ti.(l to slop hli.i u m l |,|vJ slxtw.-n- hHdr fn,,n ^ llni;. At, ..y.-wltn..^ |i, th,- nirliMlm,,,;, ,!,<,n,-il Louis Hankcy Buys Conrad St. House A liousc (inii li,t nil 'Jniii 'Room Service' <l""'l I'ili'il lii llif f.'li-rk Cuyiiirnnl .1. Admitted To Hospital Mr.s. N,:llle Daniels, 148 Gorman ^trcut, was admitted to the Wulor- bury hospltul Saturday for trtat- :nent. Announce Birth Of Daughter Mr. and Mrs. IL'dwtmi J. Me- Donou^h, C30 Howard avunuu. New i-iavon, announce the birth of n. laughter, Joanne, July 31 at Ne\v lI:iVL-s General hospltul. were served. Among those present were: Marjorie Sanford, Haze! H&pkin.-?, Ann Kovia, Ann Bicrnacki, Kleanor Kutera,. Ruth Woodsidi;, Shirley Wa- tcrhousc, Lucille Cuerrera, Blanche Piculo, Lois Hunger, Gracp. Water house, Arline Evei-u, "Mrs. Raymond J. J aiil, Jean Harvey, Jean Fruin (he {juost of honor and hostess. ropean thocter of opernton. Visitors In Beacon Falls And Vicinty Mr. and Mrs, Leroy Kellcy of Einghampton, N. Y., have returned to ''.heir home after visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hotehklss and Mr, and Mrs. Richard Jones of Eeacon Palls. T!io couple also visited friends in Nau^a-tuck, Millville mid Micidlebury. Mr. Kelley is a former resident of Millville. Local 'Couple To Serve At Wedding 1 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Adams of Naugatuck will serve as matron of honor and best man respectively at the wedding 1 of Miss Ruth Elizabeth Phillips of w at erbu.y and | chince'Sat u"cin f' M Lou'" Newton of Leomins- an . ustcdi E ariy discovery mean ter, Mass., which will take place Saturday afternoon, Aug. 31 at 2 o'clock at All Souls' Episcopal fihurch, Waterbury. . Health Talks It's A : Killei- Still ' : By HERMAN BUNDESEN, M.D. MANY people can scarcely remember the days when tuberculosis was known and feared a? "The Great White Plague," It migrht be well it they could, for w< tshould never lose sight of the fact that this once most-dreaded of all diseases remains a killer still. It is true that we have beer able to reduce the number of its victims very materially during the past -10 years. We have learned how to take better care of those who are not spared. Deaths In 1940 And yet, despite all this, in the last year "of peace, 1940, well over 20,000 people in the United States died of tuberculosis. And now, as always in the wake of war, tuberculosis ic on the march again. The greatest safeguard the people as a whole can have against lies in early diagnosis of thos cases which do occur. It is hoi also, that those who are afflictec find their best hope. The earlier the condition is diap. . NAUGATttCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, AUG. 1 5,. 1M6—PAGE 3 Ueturned From • Shore Vacation . .Mrs, ]2l\,ic Kiihn and daughter, Doloivs, ^ol'^Ghuroh street, have re- '.uriicM tf/jfn u two wnok vauutlnn .it tin: Milford sthoi'o. I'ucUcc was their >ri«-'-' Past Pocahontas Club To Meet Tomorrow The Past Pocahontas club will 1'iiuct tomorrow evening at the honii; of Ali-H, Keid Scott, CJ Wa- conn avenue, Waterbury, with a lunnhfion to bi- oerved at 0:30 o'clock. for n woi:k. Couple File John Intentions V/eddlnjj intcn-tlonn Hc'g just OB tired of snyinp. "no 1 ' ns you nrc of nskinp. for sotip. Don't blame the government or the soap manufacturoro, cither. Until wo f.ct enough industrial fata to make all the soaps cmcl other peacetime products we need, thoro'a onlyono thing to do,.! VKli.V AUMSTKOXG, <>iu- of thi> i< ill 1 tile l.ltchrii'Hl .Siini- ini'i' Tlii'utor, who appears us Mr. \Viik'iii'r In tin' (iii'iiliT's oiim-nt 'KOO.M XKUV/CK" n lillarlnim I'linifUy ulimit nil Im- l tlii-:i(rlciil cnmpuriy. Ojif<n.M Idmiirorvv—runs through Siittirday, M. Barry Keeg-an Spent Weekend At Lake Cottage John Brocn of Fall-view .ivomio <pont the wook-end at his Lake QuassapiuifC CottUKC, have been filed in the ollice of Town Clerk Raymond ,T. St. John by Charles Joseph Noble, Jr., 170 Aetna street, and Patricia Arline Garrity, 21 Frederick street. The couple plan to be married Saturday morning, 10, in St. Francis' church. House Guests In Rhode Island Mrs, Lowell Cooper of Naugatuck has been the guest of Mrs. Aubrey Weig-htman at the Dunes club, Nar- rajransett Pier. R. I. that less damage has been done hence, less time is required for healing 1 . Thuu. a shorter period o; hospltalization is required and arrest of the disease is brought about at a lower cost. Public Protection Early diagnosis also means better protection for the public. The patient's family and friends can be kept out of contact and the spread of tuberculosis from person to person lessened. Drs. Isidore D. Bobrowitss and Ralph E. Dwork of New York have made a study of 200 patients to determine the factors that aid the physician in making an early diagnosis of tuberculosis, Of the Former Residents End Vacation Mr. and-; Mrs.' Noyes S. Wilniot and family, former Naugatu'ck resl- , .. . . .,. dents, have returned to their home i 200 only 37 were without some n Seymour after vacationing for six weeks at Laurel Beach, Milford. Important Meeting- Of AOH Auxiliary An important meeting- of Iho Ladies' Auxiliary, Ancient Order of Hibernians, will be held tomorrow eveninir a 8 o'clock in .-St. Cecelia's hall on Church street. All members are requested to .attend. '. N£ED SOAP ?- NEEDA NEW KITCHEN' ? — YOU'LL GET 7 EM SOONER IF.YOU SAVE USED FAT/;" k K-WK.AVING ISiirns- .Moth lloloH - Ti-iirs iffiOHaGEEHK 1.11 NIL .Mulii St. Ti-l. :iKl)7 Unliiii Oily SPECIAL! BABY WALKERS $598 MKTAI, Itl'g. SU.U8 KI'DDIE CENTER 7S GRAND STREET Church Notes ST. FRANCIS There will be a mooting of al numbers of the parish in St, Ce- ruliu'H hull, Tuesday, S p.m., to dismiss plan:; for a carnlva.1. The CYO team will practice Tuon- Uiy, G p. in,, and will play against ft. Lucy's in Waturbury Wednesday. Monday nt 3 a. m., n 25th an- ilvcrsary solemn hlgrh Mai'B 1 •Irs. Angela Manglne, Tuusday, 7:30 a. m. n second anniversary solemn high .Mass for viva. Kiuhfi-lno Osti'Oski. Wednesday at 7:30 a. m., a scc- ind annlvcrtiary yolon-.n high MCIEK -.>!' requiem for Thonms Affusco. Thursday, 7:30 a, m. a second nn- livorani'y Mass of requiem, for Mrs. vtury Saturday, 7:30 a. m. a. month's •nind Mass of requiem for Mrs. .\Iury MeCKun, Salurclny at S u. m, a third an- •ilveriinry jolomn hifjh Masu l>or 'It 1 :!. Nellie Hfisslinfifei 1 . ST, MAKV'S Grocer s Car Reported Stolen New Britain, Aug. 5—CUP)—Ef- '•Di-ts to obtain meat for hie customers have proven costly -to 5:0- ccr Frank Cliigar. Chigar reports that a man prom ised to get a big 1 supply of moat— If he could borrow the grocer's cai Chigar' forked over the auto also .$30. Now he's leai-nud that the ca has been found abandoned in Har 'isburg, Penn. Bib Apron Three Drowned [n New England The weekly parish bingo, which weeks .vas ;!ue discontinued for to t.he Cni-nivnl, WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-6, 1-4 and 1-2 H. P. Tel. Waterbury 4-1G94 mill rii-vi-i-Si- ClmrRn IlKJIfKST I'ltlC'KS I'AflJ The WATERBURY HEATING Co. T.omti-rN In Homo lleiitlnjr SI-KINO ST, 4-OV7M iiK-iiin this cominf; Thursday, S p. m. in Uio Church hall. Thursday, s n. in., a month's mind Mass of requiem for Joseph Sta- clolas. Friday, at S a. m. a requiem hijjh ! Mass for John Vekete, requested by | the Holy Name nock'ty. Saturday, ut 8 a. m. a' requiem for John Foltolo, re- by the Hungarian Kosnry Boston, Aug. 8—(UP-)—At least hrce pel-sons woro drowned as s'cw Englandcrs thronged -to the oashore during the weekend. Two rownings were reported in Massachusetts and a third in Vermont Richard Donnhue, <10 years old, of Dorchester, drowned while swimming at Nantasket Beach. Henry begin ! J- Williams, 39 years old, of Pittsfield, drowned when his motor boat capsized In Ponoosuc Lake. His sls-tcr and another Piltsfield man were rescued, John Cowling, a discharged serviceman of St, Vt., drowned in West ociety. Meanwhile four persons were rescued from Boston harbor when thoirspecdboat capsized. The quartet was recovered by a rescue squad from the Nantasket excursion steamer Mohawk. Bottled Strawberry Beverage Adds Sparkle to Fruit Salad symptoms in the early, stages of the disease. The symptom moa-t commonly present was cough. Others ir.clud- el expectoration. loss of weight pain in the chest, weakness, feve and night sweats. In a few case: there were hoarseness, pain in tin back, headache and sleeplessness Often, the patient is not conscious of his symptoms or ascribes them to some condition other than tuberculosis. For example, the patient often thinks that the cough is due to smoking, and that fa-tigue and loss of weight are the result of overwork or not eating enough of the right foods. But, of course, whenever such symptoms are present, a careful study by the physician should be made. The study should include X-rays of -the chest. X-Ray Examination In over 99 per cent of the cases these physicians believe X-ray examination of the chest win make it possible to diagnose tuberculosis when it is present. In fact, they insist .that no patient should be told that tuberculosis is absent unless an X-ray of the chest has been taken. Tuberculosis was once the great mass killer, pouncing so often and so fatally that it was known as the "co.ptain of the men of death." It could become so again but it- is equally true that vigilance can do much, if not to banish it alto- ]ar Containing Groceries Stolen Lewiston, Me.. Aug. . O 1 —(UP) — otneone probably is enjoying a •ip through Maine's vacation playground with groceries included— thanks to Alderman John Spoddard Of Lewiston. It seoems the alderman left. 525 worth of groceries and his ignition keys in his automobile and when he returned there were no keys, no groceries and no car. A:id—just to add insult to injury— the car was stolen from in front :>f the Lewiston police station. Centennial Lodge .. Meeting Tonight A meeting of Centennial Lodge, No. 100, IOOF, will be held tonight n.t S o'clock at Odd Follows' hall, with Noble Grand Howard Wilson presiding. Russell Weaving has been named publicity chairman of the lodge. Darien Man Killed In Plane Crash Daricn, Conn,, July 5—(UP)—A crash of a private'plane in South America has taken the life of 30- yoar-old Samuo) F. Engs of Darien, ISngs wa smaking flyingr tour of Latin countries. His parents havo been notified that the fatal crack-up occurred in Rosario City, 230 miles northwest -of Buenos Aires. Only last Tuesday Engs telephoned his father, saying lie planned to sell his plane and travel the rest of the way by train. French Indo-China is about the ize of Texas and has a population of about 22 million. Canada's forest area 1,220,-105 square miles. comprises Cooked a Fine Dinner; Then Threw It To Doff One lady recently stated that she used to -throw her own dinner to the dop most of the time. It made icr sick just to look at anything .6 eat. She was swollen with gas, tull of bloat, had headaches, fell worn out and was badly constipated. Finally she got ERB-HELP ind says Khc now cats cverythin; n sight and digests it perfectly Bowels are regular and norma'l "'-he is enjoying- life once more and eels like "some other woman' ince taking: this New Compound. ERB-HELP contains 32 Great PLACE MATS PAPER PLATES NAPKINS - CUPS If tuberculosis can be discovered by simple X r ra.y of the chest, then ,jt goes without saying that whenever it is even remotely suspected, that X-ray should be made, ar.d made promptly. (Copyrjg-ht, 194V. King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Every drop of used fat you sinvc is urgently needed. Every pound of used fats helps mnkc about two pounds of the soapo you need. You use soap ovoty save used fnts every day. Get 4(- for every pound. ttrers's KEI-P TURNING IN USED FATS TO HELP MAKE MORE SOAP HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR CESSPOOL? USE arco DOTKER.— FUSS 01 SHUTDOWN RELIEVES CLOGGED OR SLUGC151-! CESSPOOLS SEPTIC TANKS - DRAINS ELIMINATES OOOT.S S-IO.IS-SO-IOO Pound ContainSfi SOLO B Y Naugatuck Lumber Co. .. To save time, mold this jellied saiad In the mixing bowl—then serve large, chunky spoonfuls in lettuce cups. The fine flavor of strawberries (and their blushing pink color) :orno out of ii bottle in '.his new recipe for Strawberry Jellied Fruit Salad. 'A jar of fruit cocktail provides a delicious assortment of fruit— and since both these ingredients are already sweetened, very little sugar is needed. Strawberry Jellied Fruit Salad (6-8 se*vines) 1 larco (No. Z'.'a) jar.fruit coclttall 2 tablespoons undavorcd gelatin \ f j cup cold water 1!; cups boiling fruit Juice (from Jar) 2 tablespoons sugar. ',« teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons lemon Julc« 2 cupr, bottled strawberry carbonated bevcrac e Drain fruit cocktail, reserving juice. Soften gelatin in cold water, adxl. to boiling fruit juice and stir until dissolved. Remove from heat, add' sugar, salt and 1 lemon juice and stir until sugar is dissolved. Cool to lukewarm. Add strawberry carbonated beverage. Pour into glass or china bowl and place in- refrigerator until mixture starts to congeal. Add drained fruit cocktail. Chill until firm. When ready to serve, dip up with spoon or ice cream scoop and place portions on crisp let- ' luce. Garnish witli watercress and serve with mayonnaise. PATTERN 1547 This is om- of the nicest aprons •ou'II see — practical, comfortable nd so easy .to put together—just ".roe pattern pieces. Use a cheer- ul printed cotton and trim with ver-sizc rick rack. Barbara Bell Pattern No, 1547 i s (•sisrned for sines 34, 3G, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48. Size 30 requires 2 C-S yards of 35 Or 39-inch fabric. For this pattern,' send 25 cents, in coins, your name, address, pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Bell, care of Naufratuck | Daily News, P. O. Box 99, Station C, New York 19, N. Y, The SUMMER Issue of FASHION is brimful of ideas for every woman who sews — school girl to home-maker. Special patterns by •top-flight American designers.... contest designs by America's talented juniors. . shoulder pad pattern printed in the book. Price 20 cents. (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 221D 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET <(>l>iH>Hlt<> NntiKiitiick FurnU.nre Cn.) l-'jictur.v Itciuiir .St'rvloc tin All Milken of Kitiilo .Si'tr*. rriimiit Srrvloe nt Iti'iiMinalile I'rlccx. . latent Kuulmurnt fw Rndlo 11,-pnlr Work. Philco Car Radios . Immediate Delivery Automatic Phonographs and Record Changers ff?s. Ii-om stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go or. suffering; Get ERB- HELP. Sold by all drug stores here in Naugatuck. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephonfi G4-JI TABLE COVERS Gifts and Cards For All Occasions SWEENEY'S JART and STATIONERY STORE N'cary Buildlnp Church St' Vacuum .Cleaners Klcctrical Specialists ' AT SWAN'S ; Tel. 2374 15 Church St, ; HARD TO GET? NOT HERE GUAKANTKKD POCKET WATCHES Inc. Tax Tnst the Watch for Work or flay si-65 SCHNEERC %^CREOIT JEWELERS^ Normal population of tho Philippines is JC,35G,COO, wliich is greater -than the combined populations of all of the Nnw England states ' anil California, too. Peter Paul Inc. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES AND CHEWING GUMS GUS SMOKE SHOP] 402 North Main St. Union City , _ Gus Klhnaszewski, Prop. Magazines - Periodical* AH Newspapers - Candy Srnokc-rs' Supplies, Noyetles, etc. You Win iBoth Ways! Your shirts .ire ijiiarnnUTCtl n full year's wear or rejilaccnir-nt if exclusively 1'eerless laiiDdcred. You win tlio finest of care iimler tills "Dated Luundered Sliirt" puar- antee. 10 prr cent discount on, Cash and Carry foundry. eerless tb« widal Aoion of paint •rt* offered -nil fio L AU GEORGE R.BURNS Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available . FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Pliant Naugatuck Conn. Murphy Painf j Cy«ry.*toc<0 fa See Our jATge Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers ''••I TOOJ23 FOR GARDEN and LAWN • SHOVELS (long • and short handle*) • fiARDKN RAKES • HOES'— SPADES «• PRUNING SHEARS • GRASS SHEARS CANS; he. Maple St Tel. 3607 I

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