The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 13, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1977
Page 2
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a—NAUOATVCK NBWM (CONN.). MONDAY, AUG. s, DREW PEARSON f ON •' ? •>'$• WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Weapons Of Peace Never Keep Pac With Those Of War; Ornate, Plush Palace Of Luxem ' bourg Is Stuffy, Hot; French Don't Go In For Mod crnization Paris—(l>y \via.'luss) — ft's hot in llio galleries at' tlu Pftlfic-f! of Luxembourg, Jn the top gallery sil liumlrocls ol Tii'W.vrru'ti—OhtriCMO, iSianuw;, Greek, "Indian, New Zeal- H riders, wfilnhinj; 1 a man speak far liolovr, Newsmen from nil over the world watching the peace. 1 . It's tlioir peaeo. What's dono here will affect, their countries from .Baluto I'celand, from Saskatchewan to Samoa, am! watching. Fill- txilow until!!' the KllrfT light, wlt'i Jimmy riyrnt.-i-- nntlint. j Jlinmy ISyrnciv -never Irnvlng hi witit nnvor fnlllnc,' to ll«tcn- m«n MponkH Into the microphone Itn'tt Interpreting Molotov . If P'l'unoh. Anothor rnnn spnalis, ([')' Intftrprnflntr Molntov In IjntfllMh Tt Uikm hniii'H. WtiPii. you wnmlni will diplomacy ovnr hncomo niofl rrnlxnrl? li'lftimi) yixu'n »;;ci thn I'un American Union iidnptrxl (.'iirp ;iml HlrnultiinfoiiM trivnulutlnri. f;n(-!M could filnle up ;in ciirphnnn nnd K''t :i np(M>ch PIERPONT'S „ .Ifnvr^i-K, rt nifrlt'Kn Orm Nitolrty 1M> tlA\K *TIU'*KT tiincously In Kn^'ll^h, French, Spun- Itfh Porliiffifiio, with no waste of lime . But tho French don't K" i" f(/r niMlornlziiUnn. Dlplomncy is Jimt tho ««mo--U't hoen fhdnKod Hlnco 1815 The Vienna Cont'oronco when the Croat Powers divided up Europe and brought on n\orc wiirs, Ptirhi todny l.« depresslnKly the ytitnn. Wo Invent modern ninthncls of wurfnrc Rockets thot may reiich iho moon, atomic bomb.s thnt silnk niivlo.s, civilisation pence novel- kcop pace with the wctipon« i>f H'/CIV . . nor do the rliplo- iU who wlold thu wonpona of poacp. The wirnc crowd which fiill- Kl to hpntl off tho ln>;t wnr Is ho re Explain Coffe£ 'Contribution* '• • •'*•.; S. . \ ,•; folding a .letter unit him toy Rep. John M. Coffoo (D-Wasli.), rending n part "count on mo." lEIvlml. .Ari<l<T.ioJi,» Tacomu, \V;ish., contractor, . . . .shown tc.stif.vln>; ut the Semite Invo.itl/ri'Untf Committee, Wawhlng- n. Anderson wild Mi<< ¥a,CI)l) liu paid Coffiso wus to "look aftcir" hln, . ndcr-ion's, linsincst. Interests in Washington. (International Sound- photo) that can destroy .'but the wenpon.f of "Service For Veterans WhatY In Naugafuck A calendar of events foi today, tomorrow and every day TONIGHT VFW. Bull Committee Meeting-. Centennial Lodge. ' . ' '.[ . AllR. fl Board of Wai-den and Burgesses meeting. Band Concert on the Green. Anoint 7 Welcome flomc Committee, Town Hall. ... , Aiijriirit 8 . School Board Mooting Marino Corpa League Planning Commission, AUGUST 10 Klllville' A Hi I c tic Association dance. John Wesley, class of Methodist church outing at Zctllcmoycr residence Hillside fivcnuu. August 11 VFW Family ClnmbRlio and Out- injy, Schildgon's. 11 a. m. to fi p. m. Young People's society of Methodist church outing at Lake Quaasa- paug. Provisions Of Draft Treaties WAIl ASSKTS ADMINISTRATION SALKS; Master stopUmer und nnvlgntion watches white shoo polish, binoculnrw, Held glasses), rubber hose, hardware hand tools, bolts, catches, dampy, hasps, portable utility (tenters, -thousand* of , miscellaneous plumbing items. Funerals .luhn A, rokplv Knnrnil tinrvlcrn frir John Alrx- (inclcr I'Vketo, wlu> dlod Thumdny nl^M ut rilM homn, T," Schfiol Htrmit, worn lirld thlfi mfirnlnj; nt W.-15 to o'clock from hln Into roHldunct Ht. Mary'ii church, wtinrn a Hdlcnin til/fh M/I.IM (if rofiuli-m WUH oolr- hrnlnd nl n o'clock. Thn Unv. npni-jfn Vllclaiifikaii wax ticlobi-Hnt of Hin Mam, tho Kpv, ,fohn Wanat (liuicon, and thp Ui-v, TlidnuiH firir- fln. Hiiri-clniicon. Atr». Alhxrtlrip O'dnnnpll WII.M rircnrtlflt and Wll- llntri O'lirlfn of VVnrnrlnirv WHJI, rcndnrlnir "I'l-aynr,'" rn- /•rn.-ilr.ruil; "1'lr Jncu," offertory, nnd Softly and Tondnrly," iiftrr Mami rspiirprn wni'f; r.dubi llnrtolhy Ml- rhanl VH.M.K, I'ntci- Krt.yko, Mtnphun Blloc, John MH-.M nnd JoiiVph K, u - ICIIM. Fathc.r VllcliuiiikiiM road prav. >'ni ;it thn Ri'iivn In " crrniittirv. i— oven Homn of the same crowd which sat In at the last Paris "•onoo Conforonco. .. .Ixiok at their neon. Poker faces. No life, no lift, no passion for the peace they arc noKOtlntlng horotl faces, preoccu- )led faces bored with the endless ranslatlons. Bored with tho whole 'Ornd>n of diplomacy, Not a man iimonK -thorn who lost n arm or a ICK, who knows whnt '- Is to suffur on the battlefield, heso are the men who ace wrlt- ifi 1 th« ponce. Jimmy Dyrnes Is not bored. Pot», patient, precise Jimmy Byrnes ts (in the front row-..perhaps he ton pollto, too patient.. .You fool liko shouting down at Jimmy You wl«h y.,u hud a telephone to reach him thorp, way down below, You wl«h you could toll him: "That was » frrem .-ipooch you !,"",' , thc nthf! ' d »r. Jimmy, but llniwh It. Toll thoni tho rest of tho story. Tell them not only that the Unltud States isn't Rol n « to rcrrmln Isolated but that we're go- v-i tf ^ ^ ....i.._ i . i. . . " iincl hcat- l-JNT POSSIBILITIES In the Anil Wildlife Service"— A booklet published by U. S. Department of the Interior has n;-- Hvpd. Lists jobs and whom :ind how to them. apply—o:- to pvepsivc Bitckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN PUNERAL HOME 62 Qak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS ll Oociwilonii BLOWER SHOP ISO 11DBDKK BSSM i'S ItiK to raise hell with anyone who blocks out- path to peace. Toll them that millions of Americans are fed up with all this frittorinfr; that millions of Amorlc(in« mean business and win back you tip In unythlntr you do. Tell It to 'em, Jimmy," But Jlmmle .seems so far nway Around the Senate Chamber of tho Palace or I.uxcmlx,urK HIT- Kreat, jtnld ornaments. Woodwork '(I In ornate shnpos, heavily en- '-tl wi;h j;nlcl -remnants of tin* day<i of the do M-:'d Ids... If ffic r-Ynticli harl only been amnrt If they had only painted nut tho jfoltl nncl substituted white cross- n«! Thrn perhaps the bored diplomats! .Mlttlru: bclfjw would remember... whltn crosses,., from Guad and Stnllnprnd. from Sal •>rno and Now Gulnon. from To- nriik uml tho r.upido, from Noi matuly and Aucht-n... Close youi "yr.i nnd you r,i n jior tlinm... thous- nndji -.>r whlto crosses. ..The dead uprok: "\Vn who lie hern huvo nothing left to B |vu. "To nil your pralacs we are deaf nncl blind. "We may not even know If you l)t.'tray "Thn hopuii we cherlNhod for mankind." r 'iit .(h<; diplomat* bolow don't Mcrm to Hoar... Men In red plush iicatu, rantldlnuM men In red plush their mills polished, tholr eriivatii carefully tl.ul. They don't micm tt, hour. They tiro thinking vlKiul pi-.irpdui'o nnd majority votes. w>iop« nnd prr-stl/rc nnd whether they will /rot out In tlmn to take ti-u with Mrs. Otfclen Mills. nnffrhbora at: themselves. . .Unpleasantly ISv.itt Mtcpsi on the toe.s of blj; nations—tells them they huve no business rwbotnKinjy the peaceful S-oal of others ...They don't like Evatt, but they listen. Even patient, polite, Jimmic Byrnes doesn't like Evatt. But ho listens .. .Thousands of men under white crosses listen, tor/. Clement Attlce, Prime M.iifls- ter of Britain t-posiks—the man \vho peil'ormed the miracle o!' dcfeatim,- war leader Winston Churchill- modest man, a .sincere eariuM't nuin His bald head shinos under th Khcq- llfrhts. It Is no halo. .. . Some hours before Attlec was huff KlInK wii.h Jimmy Syrnrts oi'ci- th future <if Ooniiany-—bartering ove thn [lonro of the world; wanting to trade of;' n B.-itish policy in Pal an American policy ir Clement Attloo, Lahoi — .... ^rf,-.\^n 411 1 1 in« One man does Vicar. He .tits <ip- osltn Jimmic Byrnes . A big, un- coiilh man hl.i hair not even parted .. Kvntl t> r Augtriilln. His cockney accent IM Uncultured hut he dares to He Is the only mun who tinywhi-ro near preaching - ostlne to', Germany Prime Minister of lin^land, representing the dronms of millions blokprins over the "hopes" we cherished for mankind." Thousands of white crosses, silent crosses, list- cnine; crosses .. "We have hoard men say when wo were livn^- that some small dream of pood -would nost too much. But when the war cumo we have watched men Kivirirr and strn them move the mountains witi) one touch.".. . Pe.-icn, say the borr-d m^n In the red plush seats In ton dilllcult. ff one could only shout to Jimmic Byrnes! If only lie weren't NO fur nv.-.iy. ff only ho weren't so patlont and polite, Tf he would only ?:el up and be himself , .C.-UI'E yriii i.-ec, Jimniir, that peace i.-; slipplnj; through your flnKcr;;? Can't you see that in Hie wnrlil the r.r'Xt the voices of the men who Okinawa and' Lcyto at SI, thu Belgian bulw? They'll forgive you, Jimmic, if you let! Lhom down."What can he ilono w'n ' know; hut have no fear. If you fall now we shall not SH« nor TO CIVILIANS and referred to the proper local, state or federal agency is available to anyone in need of vocational rehabilitation because of a mental f physical condition. Referrals ai made to Connecticut Cancer socict State Rehabilitation, Alcoholic Anonymous, and National Associa tion for the Control of Epilepsy. CIVIL , SERVICE JOB AN NOUNCEMKNTS received: Chic training; supervisors, senior train ing supervisors, training supervise at naval industrial establishment; $3690 to $OJ:0; acranautica! chem, ral, civil, electrical, mechanics metallurgical, mining and nava architecture engineer..-;, $2C<M.80 civil engineer, op!.ion.s: Cadastra construction highways, -hydraulics soils mceh.'inlcs anrl structure! S33.07.20 to S5005.20. HOMJiSTKADING IN ALASKA informntion now available. UNJVJ5BSITY OF CONNISCTI CUT has facilities for the registration of more than IMC' male vet.- crans at its lu-aiich at Fort Trumbull, Conn. Courses offered -will lead to degrees in the School of Engineering, School of Business Admin istration. College of Agriculture and College of Arts and Science.;,-. Application blanks arc available at tiils ofilce. ThreeFires Cases Postponed In Borough Court Joaqulm OieLano. of South Main In New England Boston, Aug. 5—(U P)—One person has been hospRallzed as result of three New England fli-cs which caused an estimated $55,000 dam- aap;o. Robert Handv/oii of Stoncham,. Mass,, was hurt when flro swept an Onse-t cottafre causinfrtiix persons to flee, A short circuit in a radio reportedly set off the bla/.e. Damage svas hiplies.t in a busi- ness-apartmont block fire in Thomaston, Me. The blaze started in a second floor apartment and spread throup-h the building, destroying $35,000 worth of property. A third fire in New Br.tintrco. Mass., apparently was started by a bolt of lightning. The fire swept the barn of Bertram Hibbard, destroying: a calf, 75 tons of hay and farm .equipment at a loss of $15,- oco.., ... Believes Pest Control Fight Is Just Beginning New H/wcn. Aus . 5 \a.lo university entomoloc,. Hcv M that D-D-T is juol "Inp; of sciancc'.s post control Alrendy, «a ys Dr. Rob r f Friend, several more r-rfccllv,. , ncotlcldcn are in the cxpcr I " »URC. and he points out ha.i not p rovcn to a 'panacea for logical ills." So Tar, however, Dr. Frlcnrt „„ des that D-D-T " the ™O •Los Anpcles County '» lanjcr in population ih ttn of 30 different states and automobile., renter" t any one of -11 states. t NOW! You Can Get An EMERSON Area* affected by the proposed treaties bcinp considered at the peace conference IR Paris are shown on. above map In black. Slices of territory on -Italian-French border! BO to France, Greece pets the Dodcc:i~ neso r»landK from Italy, which also loses Llbyrt. Piuitcllcrla would; be demilitarized. Albania would bn recopnlzcd. Yugoslavia pets most of Vcaezia GiiOla nnd JSara from Italy, und Trieste becomes a ifrce territory. Romania sets' Transylvania from Hungary, but loses Bcss- nrabia and N. Bukovlna to Rusiulu an<l S. Dubruja to Bulgaria. Finland IOHCS Petsamo to Russia, but win pet back HanROp, where how«vpr the Soviets will get the rljrht to build a Baltic naval ba«e. Fortification on Islands of Sardinia and Sicily; would be restricted severely.•'•'.i . . . , (International) itrcct, who ,? on charges of breach of pcnco, \vas .•u-rni.irned in borouR-h coui-t S.itiird;iy morning before John Jones, who presided vben Judpc M'artin I-. dls- T.iiilfied himscir. Tho case was con- inned until .At:rr, ^1. Arrest was matin last ovoninf? by 'alrolmcn George Smith and Uay- nond Goffsins, upon the complaint Mi-ii. Caotarra, the defendant's vifo. The cnsc of Albor-t Pralakis and Dorothy KryskowsUI. contin-jed rom July 21, was contlnuud again i ntil Monday, AUR-. D. ' H Howe On [ nactive Duty Kow Haven, AUR-, n— (trP)— Col- ncl William I'". Hov/c, oomman- ;in(. of tiio Army Tr.'iiningr schooi t Yale, has benn placed on inac vc duty. Kowe lias been n profcs or of military science at. the un: e.rsity since .1S<13. He will he succeeded hy Colone Liiwrcneo B. Bixliy, who assistant plans and training office since last April. Home Canning A Great Asset of writing :i ponne, I , »l| n | w«r o ?rK p ^0^. Arrest Man Sought died on j ft ri« -|T .^^Irorbix Years Ifnrlford, Aug. fi-(t'P) — Federal iignnts announce the arrest, in New Yorlt of Alc-Xfindcr Arllnslty, who for .«,,,„ , ,, : hoar. | hiid bnrm aouKiii. ior six years in i his is the (jrnatost mompnt of your i connection with a. confidence ch.iriro life, Jlmml'. Yiyi haw boon Son in ' ^ ator. Supreme Court Justice, VVi Arlinsky iti n;ir-i;cd Mobilize)- .. a ^-rcul. record. But the the world alipa Lhroug Local Driver Given Warning Albert Tamulrjnis, of Pond Hill wl-j appeared in Waterbiiry couri Saturday, on continued charges 01 motor vehicle law violation, wat. Issued a warning by Francis W. Hogan, director of operator control of •the State Motor Vehicle department, who presided. CONFERENCE New HHVCII, Aug. 5—CUP)—The question of whether or not there will bo a KUUe-wide strike of Connecticut company bus and trolley drivers will bo decided n-t a conference tomorrow morning in New Haven. Union officials plan to ask for a flitt "yes" or "no" answer to its proposal that the United SUUcti Department of .Labor appoint 'a third member to an arbitration committee. V'HII Twr-nty-scvon yours a^o at th i«mi) pl.-ice, in thu samr- «oiilnK, r he .same kind of Pr-nce ConToronci Clemenceau Is supposed l.o hav said: "Lislonl T can hnnr the so dlers of l!i-lO weeping." Todny, can hear my sisters, sons, and n the t-on.M of millim-. s of mothers wh nut their hopes In ynu, Jlmmlo, can hear them all lover Paris... the Soi-nion on Tho Mount, who I weeping, ti>lln tho bored men In the red plush (Copyright, 19-16 Bv Tho Pel I'calH that they must love their Syndicate, Inc ) " ' --.-^9^?.?®L? iUin JL^!lj!' Shoptinff Arlinsky it-; n;ir-i;cd -to have defrauded a Hsirtford woman of $800. He IK bclnpr hold in Now York on chiii-p-c:i of impoi'HonntlnR a fed- oral olIlcrM' and with operating con- flrioncQ frames. You'll find the brotherhood of man viewpoint One commendable result of wartime food shortages is that more women have learned the simple art of home canning: and its many ad- wi nta,™-es. Surveys made by a leading- manufacturer of fruit jars show- that most new and old home canners plan to maintain their volume j of food preservation. The National Garden Institute will continue to urge home canning in order to alleviate any imminent food shortages. Supplies of jars anil caps will be plentiful. The porcelain-lined zinc cap for Mason jars fovorite of home canners for generations, is back, and so arc wide-mouth Mason jars. Jars will be available in all types and .sizes. Home canning authorities advise housewives to follow carefully instructions" packed in each carton of-eanningr supplies in order to insure canning success. • CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE SAVE UP TO 30% BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MA IX ST. ' Waterbiiry 3 Way Portable nay on AC-DC or Batten, Flays Anywhere - j,- o OiiUW.J • Connections. T Tubes. RADIOS tAPPLIANCIS 413 >'o. Main St. Union Cltj{ TcL Mfll PARK-TILFORD WHISKEY $342 J. K. STORES CCT RATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS ma N. Main St • Tel. 41)70 Delivery Anywhere In' Borough • DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS .STREET Tel. 5727 J- L. MAZILAtJSKAS, Prop SALES — SERVICE THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.TomJinson .Ne»ry BulMlnf Conn. REGISTER NOW VAU, TERM IIEOINS SKPT. B HimlnrMH ArtmlnUlnttlnn. Acmunl- Inc, Krrrrliirlnl. POST Zt Central Avc. .T070B COLLEGE PADV THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR t iliat KIVCI you signlficint world ncwi. inicrprrtcd will, viilon ihjt sen • GOOD alway. victorious in human a (Tain. Reid this daily newspaper that works for \inivcr»al brotherhood through truthful news and coura- KCOIIS editorial.*. ]-ind the meaning behind the headlines in juch regular columns as "State of the Nation" and "Iminute Mcssipt from Wash• inRton." Enjoy the Monitor's many helpful family features .which 'make it a true home newspaper. „_ Subierihc now in the Moniror'i SPFCIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER — 5 wcckj-30 i.sun-only- A«(,l>.tj>nt BlNtrk't Attorney Frnnk Giilnttn (rlffht) IMMhft, C.,r,,,vay 23, shortly hrfore the yo,,,W Nesr cordlnir to police, ihut ho killed ".MM. Marjory Church nuWhlT * h V', r F lr° r n '"' I '° I " r I " I » nfl - N ' * ..bout » i E » , y th , (< ixrn> >'- ,W.«H worklnir nn n, l«,tl«,- at a homV »l>out it hiilf mile from tho luxurious Lofnu mansion. (Intornntloiml) _ — The Christian Science Monitor, , Norway Screec . ioston 1 I, Massachusetts En ^™<* « tl, for which pl«« deliver The Christian Science Monitor's pccial Introductory Offer . to me for i weeks (JO issues), Name_ ............. ' ...... __ _ ' " Street ___________ ........... _ _____ cit >' ......... - ......... Zone ..... :.. Statcl STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85-Sprlnij St., Union O!ty Tel. Nan c . 6111 — Wat. 4-9526 FKOX XARnEr.r.0, Mirr. F "'!.,!"1'' k of •» f<1 ' 1 n'" 1 ' «'<"><! ; llllmlH nimirn).. rr-tnpnl, rtc. CS2 NORTH JWAIX ST. Union City - Tel. 2G8U PAYMENTS AT MICHAELS... exfaz cox&ext&tce, at ** ex&t* cottf • The proud po'sscssion of distinguished jewelry is.a pleasure, in which'you haw'we^right. to indulge yourself. Trnmcdiate payment is not n«o»$aty for the fulfillment of your, d^ire* • Our Divided Foment Plan permits you-to pay ju*^-.aod the balance in small b"dg ct paymcaw. • Or, if you prefer, use our Charge Plan, which «ll*for payment in full on the 10th day of the second month following the date of-purchasc. • In either event, you take your purchases with you at once. Everything in ourwock.« priced for unusual value . .. and at no time is there any additional charge for deferred payments. <p* Chrome CABINET HARDWARE ' Large. Metal WASTE BASKETS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE ..ITS MAPLE STREET' ' .(AoroM - f rom City Bnketry) Free Delivery Telephone «W4 BANK STREET AT CENTER STREET

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