The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 13, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Friday, May 13, 1977
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•0 News Want Ads Bring Quick KesuJts "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" THE WEATHER Maine,, New H. p jmf* ;hire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Occasional Into .'tfler- 'noon und early evcnini; thundershowers, followed by partial clearing tonight and Tuesday. Slightly cooler Tuesday. Vol. LXX, No. 183 ESTAJLISHED 1885 MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centu Truck Turns Catches Fire On Platts Mills Rd. South Main Street Man Painfully Hurt In Early Morning Accident; Two Other Men Slightly Injured Car Strikes South Main Street Pole Mcrcor da Silva Cacailoj Suffers Lacerations Of Head And Face I mini wan piilnl'ii'ly Injnrc'l il't <iinrriUi>: whi'n lb" >HH'>In whlc'h In- win n pnM.ii'n- it pdU> (in N'irlh To Play For State Championship Here Wednesday -'l fin !• rurly rn'ihllc ^rr f:rn::h Muln .-ih-'-et. Mi-ri:"r il'i tUlvii 111 Mniitti Main Hti'i'i'l, WIIM lultiilni'd In SI. M/iry'.'i hi>M|ilUil. Wiili'i'hnr.v, wln'i'i' tin IM hi'ln:: tri'iituil f-ir Inr- l-I'lllloilM "f tin 1 b''Hll linil flir". I H'l I'finilltlfii I;: (•'•[ifirli'fl it;< f;')inl In- ilny by h'iM|'ll''l oMIi'l'ihi. TIllM lire|i|"lil nrrlll-l-i'll lilintll I "''I Miiiilh of :h" Ifiti'i-JinrtUui lit Hrlili;c iiiul Ninth Muin nt rfi'lii iiliiiul I n''v'ii'k thlM nitirnlni;. wh It Itl'l'l 1'untlnr r'Mlpl' fi|i"rilt('(l Byrnes Wants To Speed Up Peace Makers Delegates Of Little Nations Denounce Two - Thirds Vote Rule Mumii'l Ciin-.-irm'i. -i 1 ' South MnUi Ktivi'f. rAii'i'i'Mi'il jLcr'MH the ?tt.Ht'| hltfhwuy timl iTimherl htmd-nn lilt" (i |'. Aiinlhf-r pnn.'»>ngi.'r In the vehli'i'< wan Manuel I.ccii, also of thn .Mouth MttlH mri'nl Hddrmi'i. All Ihrun WIH-II Iruiilcd at I tin nlllf" nf f>i'. Wclwlji It. Cill-rnn nn Murtli Muln !ttn-"t. "with Oiiniillri' helm,' the only urn 1 tnlci'ii to thi' hiiMpUnl. II'IIT fllilef Jnlin J. Hhci'lrlim, u'liu wn>i Hi I hi- n'-nii" tif Ihn ucelili'iil, niinimnrir"! fhn Infill I'll''' (|f|»ii'l- ini'ill MM Miiioki' WII.M r, 1 itlci'tl «'"inliiK fnirn I he ticind of the nutfumilillr anil li pnnMllilllty «( fli'iv I'liti'i'l- nian l''ninU Miirliinn f>f thn loriil (inllcc fli'juirinii'nt Invrntlgatctl thi- arclilrnl nnd nrrrHfnd Citrmn'to on n rli'ii'gi' f>f vlnlutlon nC thn runtiu- ] ti 'TflK AMMKK'.A.V l.c^'lon Jimiors, plctiirrd nlinvi; wit]) their coach and iiiiinagRr, Guhby Cowun und Eddie N<ildi> wen- vlc.tnrs Sutunhiy In a thrilling contest against Willlmnntlu in tin; state semifinals and will play tin 1 riillil.s lirrc Wi'diiivsdu.v ui a \>, in. ajfiiftist the Windsor 1/o/fion tuiim SlMiitlltu,'. I, In r. Hut Hnv, linger Currii'r, Frrd Sodoloshi, Chester .Usiiklewk:-/,, Hilly Nutowlch, ICddle Fur- tiidu, Klll.v niiiNCiilu, ]{l|| Stln.snn and Jack Curtln. rriuil row, I. |i> p., (lunch Clubby Cowan, Joe llenly, Boh Stnuffnr, Frank San Angelo, Vlji Healy, Carl lini'UgiT, I!ol> Miirliiivlc, George Schuster and MiinnRcr Kddle Xoldn. (Story <\f Saturday's Ramo on sports YMCA Making Plans For Extension College Courses In Fall; Invite Registrations In b/n-oiiKh court inii" wn.i nfimt thl-. nnllii «'llh(iii| Over 1500 Attend Field Day At Linden Park Jeanne Smith, Student Nurse, To Be "Capped" Mln.i .li'iuini' Snilih -IV Miiy Will hn ..Til' llf I'l .MtUlll'lllN "i-iv|i|n-il" iiiiiinri'iiw "H:hl wlinn tin 1 Wnli'i-luiiy Schii'il nf .Miinilng lirililn thi'lr fh-Mt nipiilni; ri'i-'-nmny. Mliu'i- tin- li't'iiihiirlun 'if lln- ('mini Nui 1 ::- The rnrriiiiinlnH. whli-h will li" hi'l/l jil ,s |i in. In Ihr Kotipltiil Audi- lorlniii. will IT I'Mtidiictml by run- 'lli-llKhl Tli'- cliiwi 1'i'frari It.-t ll-iiln- Intr In (''I'lii'iinry. Montanari-Rado Post Spon. sors Successful Event, Win Softball Game With lioxlnu- ;c:.l.i. diinrlnj; clinli'il on the bniii.i. Mofthall und hm:cl bull In- pi'of.-rirr, tlui Mon- r j/ie of the lnn::t 'illci'i'Siiflll Ili'lil-illiys hrlrl In tlil.M in'i'H, nt liln'lfii I'.-irk yes- l"nl;iy. f)vi-i I . r .HO 'Ltti-tiilnd the .-if- I full-, C'hiili'iiiiiu Uulpli Mcii'i'lh sliit- i nl ; iiiliiy. i Tlic only rllfiMppnlntninut cxpoi'l- I i-nri'il hv thf fi'.-iwil, was when - N.'ilhnn Mann, whn \viri ^rh"fl'ilefl ' tn n'O'i'i-i.. ilii- ImxInK iiDit'-hi-s WIIM I uiuililr In ulti'iiil. The Mn.-ki'd M:ir- • vrl, wlm WIIM Mclii'dulf'il -o IKIX Art CreUiu. hill could not, clue to a sore han't, was revealed to be Anpulo Plnatei'l, C re Inn boxed Joe .Ronni inHUvid, bill the 1 more experienced boxfi 1 provud more Lliiui a match fur him. Selection of 'Courses To Be Based On Indications Of Interest The Nauptftue.k Y. M. C. A. is inviting nil persons cltsirinp instruction in college .subjects to register (By United Press) Secrotary of State Byrnes made a move today designed to Ret the final drafts of peace treaties writ ten as quickly as possible. Byrnes proposed that the Big Four—which, for practical purposes, have the final say on the treaties—should meet in Paris simultaneously with the 21-nation peace treaty conference. The proposal by the American secretary is for the purpose of hav. ing- the Big-Four take up and Kettle any recommendations n.adc by the 21-nation conference, as they arise. Little Nations Displeased As for tho little nations at the conference, they trained their heaviest p;uns on the two-thirds rule for conference decisions. Delegates of smaller countries have denounced :md ridiculed the :wo-thirdH vote rule and have called, it undemocratic. And they are heading with tho great powers to illow recommendations for the reaty changes by a simple major- ty vote to avoid making a farce iut of the meeting. The group of little nations car- •ying on the fight for a majority rule is ashing other members of he big 1 four to follow the lead of he United States and abandon their •ight of veto over conference suggestions. Favors Majpriy Rulo The Brazilian lurelgn minister Fontoura was tho first speaker in today's session. He came . out strongly in favor of the simple majority rule. Earlier, Australian minister Herbert Evatt said any agreement among- the big- four not to accept an amendment unless all four-agree, amounts to a veto. And he continued, "a vote power in thn conference will make a farce of this gathering " Board Faces Busy Session Tomorrow Regular Meeting- To Be Held Tuesday Night-At Court Room A busy session is predicted for the board of warden and burgesses at its. regular monthly meeting tomorrow night providing a.ction is taken on all pending matters. Five subjects arc known to be on the agenda, with the possibility of several others appearing. Those. known to be inoroducecl for discussion and possible action are tho supernumerary policemen's petition for increased wages, appointing of a regular fireman, aul1iorl/.ation of the purchase of a fire truck, appointing of a part time a.sscssor and of a park commission. Resignations in the police department may be received, according to rumors circujatin.q- the borough, and the board probably will discuss an offer of the U.S. Rubber Co. of the use of the company's parking lot on Church street after 6 o'clock n evening, providing the borough assumes liability insurance; costs. .Supernumeraries The question of raising the supernumerary pnliceman's pay from 77 cents an hour to 95 cents an hour paid regular policemen was discussed yesterday morning at a meeting of the police committee. Police Chief John J. Gormdey and Thomas Fceley representing the supernumerary force. Members of the police committee include Warden Leo J. Brophy, Burgesses J, Rudolph Anderson, J, Francis Cul- ,cn and Andrew O'Toole. The petition . introduced at the last session of the board requests.i Richard Whalen, Curtiss St., Hurt, Taken To Hospital Accuses Officer inanys' oldest ruling houses, Vrii Dairy Truck Goes Out Of Control Near Pine Crest Convalescent Home cess IseiilmrK'-Bui'dingeJi, claimed in Frankfurt, Germany that, she had been "kidnaped and threatened" by an American officer, She said the officer hail threatened her while questioning her in connccfion with the diMippearance of six vvorJd-faHirms art treasures from her- ancient estate. International Radiophoto. Sunday Dinner Goes Up In Smoke supernumeraries bo paid identical I Pl . ecioi;s n -, c3t WCnt vp irl srno l<c at the Y, stipulating which instruction is attempt to satisfy tho popular demand for courses of this kind, with college credit, this method has been Harold C. Lewis To Speak At West Side Club Meeting Commander Harold C. Lewis of Crusader post. Veterans of Foreign Wars, will be guest speaker Tues- subjects in | day evening, Aug. 6 at a meeting desired In an °f the West Side Community club at the American Legion grounds on Millville avenue at 7:30 o'clock. Commander Lewis will speak- on | the veterans desires in the V-J wages as regulars as they arc required to perform the same tasks and assume the same responsibilities as members* 1 of' the' 1 regula: force. Chief Gormlcy was reqiicsod to study police budget allowances to determine whether or not funds propriated for the department's op- ation .ire sufficient to cover acdi- ional expenses, and to report his Ilndings at the meeting tomorrow night. Wai-den Brophy has stated all appointments will be made at the monthly session. . Fire Chief John J, Sheridan has stated that it is essential the board act on the purchase of a new hook and ladder truck and appontmont of a paid fireman. , Keel Cross Heroine Then And Now TI,,,,, u,,, n™l,d Tlu- Kffoca,, of Ih,-. Prison euuip suffeHng u >de „ by IfaMl CrnsH worker Ciithortn.' >'•»• <" AI<>Nnil f 1rill ;,\'\?Xn for t nt right I,, Washington AN nlu- r..c«IV,-d tl«- prosUh-nt nl clA.t »»» '» llronw Stur MnilnT f»r "niurk.-d d-votlt.,, to iluty while In . th«. Jwn *h« w.M'rnv at Hunt,. Tonuw iiml '-"- "•»««»• 'V t>M '' ll T'± She I* pictured Icrt nt tUo time of her n-lcfwe. of , adopted so that 'an estimate can , £> a y parade nnd Welcome Home ccl- DulfL Kovacb wo tho iidmlrallon ! he made ot what is mciuired in. the I cbration, and also Price Control in cif tile crowd, whon TC reopened an ; way of clnsa rooms and instructors, j the community. old u-ounil on tin. 1 foTfhiVKl of Spnc j This 'effort is being made in co-1 Following is an open letter from VV'ilny. thr.n ri-friiined from hitting | operation with the Extension tic-, Joseph DeLuca, president, to inern- .'•ipcc In thn wfiund. The Byrnes ( pnrtmcnt of thfi University of Con-jbers and residents, urging their at bi-filhcrs, live and six yutim respee- | m-ctlcut as part of the Young Men's , tendance at this imporant meeting "Our speaker at Tuesday's meet ing will be Harold C. Lewis, com manclcr of Crusader F}ost, VFW who will address the meeting promptly at 7:30. "Important business to come be fore the meeting will include bus transportation for school children bus service for all, and the V-J Day Celebration. "The decision on the question of bus transportation for the schoo children in a?)y or all parts of the area covered by the West Side. Com munity Club rests, to a great extent, upon the interest and reaction of the parents concerned. It is for this reason that the regular meeting of the club, Tuesday evening, August 6 is open to all persons In the vicinity, so that through their vote, definite recommendations may be made to the board nf education as to the number of children needing transportation and the streets included. Tbis is in conformity with tho suggestion ot the Board of Education ade at Its July meeting. lively. I'ouKht. to a draw, whili Jnc' Miidilon and Billy Lang also foui.'ht to a draw. T/ii) flights wore cupnbly hnndlcc by (i. f firm or polled H<; anr ut "lie (line ;L lc.-i.dln;,' lioxcr In local circles, Tuny Farrar, The pri/,i'. u portable Philco I'udio W.MS won by Mrs. Anthony Tan- yrcdl, Tn /mother feature of tho rln.y HIP Inf/il pnsl defeated the Floi'lo punt, of WVilorlnii'y. In P. Softball game, with Bill 'fiatln pitching foi llir home tenm. The rlmil score was 7-11. Tho day was ended with dnncing in the pavilion lo .Mm Corti and his orchestra, who played from fi to f) p, .11. Bakery V/orkers Consider Strike Two nC VVaterhury's "big throe" briberies, which snrve the Nauga- I nclt nren. are r'-inHldnrlng a strike uctlnn, brought riboul. by AFL< or- gnnhipcl bnkery worker's demnnd for nn 18 1-2 cent hourly wage in- crense. The Continental and General Bnking companies are said by union olllclnls to have been arbi- tnuy In their refusal to grant Lerms already agreed upon by the Reymond Baking Co. Negotiations between management of the concerns . an; doad- '•ickod. The 30-day cooling off period has been observed. Approxl-' mutely fid bakers are Involved in i hi- matter, with the union seeking in addition to the hourly wage Increases, Improvements' in certain working conditions, a five cents nn hour differential for all night .vorkeiw nnd Christmas Day off. program recently ot-ganixod at th locul Y. M. C. A. Providing sufficient participation Is indicated by the registration, an attempt will be made to hold class c« in Nnugatuck to eliminate th need for students traveling out-ot town. This feature has been re nucstod by a number of veteran,' und other Qmployed persons who would b« inconvenienced by travel ing to Now Hnvcn or Hai'tford. If n limited number of regis tru,nts are obtained, it may bo necessary to combine applicant. 1 from Naug.ituck, Watcrbury, Beacon F.ulls and the surrounding vicinity, to obtain enough for a class Tho following Is a lift of subjects Watorbury additional tentatively offered by for this fiill, although .subjects u'il! be taught if sufficient interest is indicated. Agriculture, Art. Business Administration. Bot- nny, CJjsmistry, Economics, Education, filnglish, French, German, Gcolo;;y, Government, History. Home Administration, Nutrition, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Physios, Psychology. Russian, So- Rusai;in, Socinlojry, Horticulture, Mathematics, -Mechanical Engincer- , Music Spanish and Zoology. Fined $10 In Borough Court —1.1-t rlltii'k'K ITIradl tliin. North Main St., chrck Ul> and I'll anil irrniHi' your cur. now tlmt lonf; vit- c«t|on trip lias beta ooinplttcd,—iUv. Mnnuol Slocum of 28 May street, arrested on charges of intoxicati-in nnd breach of peace, was fined $10 on the first count and granted a nolle without payment on the second, in borough court this morning. Arrest was made yesterday by Patrolman James Goggins and Michael Sharon. Alfred Constantino, 483 Artie street, Bridgeport, forfeited a frond of S5. on charges of passing a stop light. Arresting officer .WOF John Hanley. "The Board of Education meets again Thursday of this week, so it s important to take care of this matter at our Tuesday meeting. The West Side Community Club will draft plans for a public Information program relative to the trial bus service. In accordance with tentative schedules accepted by Lionel LeClair, the present franchise, holder, at the recent meeting if the Borough Transportation lommittec. "Plans will be discussed for the club's .participation In the Welcome iiome Celebration Sept. 2. "Whether or not you are a member of the Club, you are invited to ttend and participate. Sincerely yours, (Signed) JOSEPH DE LUCA, President. clouds of smoke bil- tlic kitchen—tout'no yesterday n.t the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Higains, 24 Orchard street. Firemen went to the scene found heavy lowing from flre. The roast was ruined, Fire Chief John J. Sheridanrcported, but no other damage resulted. The house is owned by J. WiUi-un McDermott. Rich.-ud .T. Whalen, 34 Curliss street, w;i.s injured shortly after 1 o'clock this afternoon, when the Wordcn's Dniry true!? he w.-is operating on Plaits Mills road overturned and cam;hl fire. Tho accident occurred directly opposil'i the Pine Crest Convalescent I-Jnnie. Hospitalized The lacnl m;tn suffered covorc l.Toenjtions to the hend and face and was taki'ii to a Walci-bury hos- PI'IM!. Remaining conscious, the truck driver :;.-ii<l c.-ius? of the .'icci'lent wn.s due to a f.'iulty front end. The truck swerxvil to the left hand M'dc of the road, overturned :inti enmc to a si or. lio.-uling south. When the truck caught lire pa- lieuls :U tho Home'threw water on the blny.e ;ind culled the N.nugauck Fire department. Chief John .1. Sheridan was :•; the sou no and sni'l the lire w:is out on arrival of f.hc fire trunk. P.Ttrnlmon John Mikal- chus find Walter L.yskawira of th<; local police department invcstig.-i!.- f.O the accident. • Mr. Wbalon climbed from tho extensively damaged truck nnd was said to he running away from the scene when nurses from -the Convalescent Home rushed to him and* brought him to the Home, where they treated him prior to the arrival of Dr. Edwin Tl. Curran. S A KK—R0WWKTV Rehoboth. Mass., Augr, 5—(UP>— Search is underway for thieves who e'scapcd -with valuables worth S:fi9,000 in nnlraboth. The bnndits fled after taking the cash .ino'docu- ments from" a safe at the home of Rehoboth automobile dealer. Estelle McDonough, Teacher, Resigns To Study Medicine Price Control Group Plans Session Tonight Printing Office Rushes Forms For GI Leave Pay Tct-minnl leave pay due under the recently enacted law to discharged Army enlisted personnel now residing in New England will be paid by the Finance Office, United States Army, Army Base' Boston JO, Mass., Colonel G. W. Potter, Finance DC* partment, announced today. Pay-! merits to survivors of deceased j announce various Kub-commitlecs, Army personnel will be made by | which will serve to check mcr- the Director. Special Settlement Ac- ; chants and'report discrepancies in The Naugtviuck Jontrol committee Citi/.rns Price will meet tonight nt 7:30 o'clock in the oiurt room of tho toxvn hall to further }lans for mainuijninc; fair prices in the borough. Harold C. Lewis, chairman, will counts Division, Office of Dependency Benefits, 213 Washington street, Newark 2, New Jersey. The government printing offices arc rushing the printing of the necessary forms to the local post offices within 10 days. The Postal authoritics_ will cooperate with the Army in" the distribution of the forms. Upon receipt of certified applications by the Army, payments will be made to applicants in cash, or bonds, by mall. In brief, the law authorizes payment for 2 1-2 days terminal leave per mon-th, not to exceed 120 days, less furloughs taken, for the period of enlisted service commenc- ng on or after September 8, 1939. to date of discharge. The rate of pay and allowances received at time of discharge or will govern the payment to be made. prices. All civic minded residents arc requested to attend the meeting. Committee members are urged to bring friends and neighbors tx> the session. —When In nfftl of HIIOCN, timl In n family ftomr one doc* »lmi>nt nny time, Hhop rimt at Hlck'H Shoe 81 ore, 142 Dank ttret*. Wsttrbury.—-4dv. Meteorologist Wednesday Noon Rotary Speaker The element of time in meteorology, will be the topic discussed it this week's meeting of the Roary club, by one of the leading meteorologists in th« -country. Roy S. Lundqulst, 'meteorologist in harge, U. S. Weather Bureau, Srainard Field, Hartford. This week's meeting will be held Wednesday noon, at the local Y. M. C. A.' ' . Board of Education To Act On Resignation at Meeting Thursday Mifis Eslollc M. McDonnugh, d.-uighter of Judge John l r . McDonough, ]R,*i Millville avenue, nnd a member of the N.-iug.ituek High school faculty for Ifi years. Is resigning her towelling position here with future plans to study medicine. Miss McDoivDiigb wns appointed librarian of the high school in September 1031. and became a member of the English touching staff in September 1832. She has hej- 7?.. A. degree from Mew Rochelle college. Miss McDonough will begin her studies in medicine in 1!M7. the school unknown nt this .time. Jt" is expected the resignation will he acted upon n.i, a meeting- of the board of education scheduled for Thursday evening. Searching- For Murder Gun With little display of emotion. Ward Boecher Caraway (right), vmtche* as Detective John Gscll, to whom lie is handcuffed, andj others for part* of the (run whlchwas used In the ulaylnjr of Mr». ."—Mnny hnndrrd* ttf NniiKatnclc" rnr ' owner* alrradT hnve vl«w«l th» new 1047 Studrlwkcr, on dlnptar at tbe N«u- (atuck B»tt«7 » 4nto Strict. —Adv. Church Logan and the shooting- of her daughter at Flower Hll!, li.'. X Y. The negro bu<ler, police report, lia.s confound. (IntcrruitlonnI) * Itrntaurunt, flrret. cvrn ^o daj-H of fooil «l>ortaiIcH. of- Kplrndift <lnlly mrniu thnt In- m«By appctlilnc dibhes,—Adv. —'j'f><To nrr oiitNiumllnc Imrintlnit- In nil. OritiiruiipntN ut' Raplmrl'M, Nniiirn- tucU'» Store of Fiwlilon. Church iXrrH, in Id annual July Clwmnc*—Ad». _.

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