Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 24, 1976 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 5
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Psychologist Offers Guidelines for TV Watching by the Youngsters DALLAS (AP) — "Watching television is the second-largest activity in our children's lives, second only to sleep ,'' says child psychologist Virginia Chancey, urging parents to recognize TV as a major fact of life. "The latest figures show children spending 6'/i hours a day, seven days a week, looking at TV — 50 per cen more time than they spend in school," Mrs. Chancey points out. "We must deal with TV as 'a vital part of who we are, and how we live." Television can increase family closeness and communication, believes Mrs. Chancey, an assistant professor of psychology at Southern Methodist University and a consultant for many children's services. She offered guidelines for parents at a recent conference' on children and television here. The conference was presented by SMU and "Big Blue Marble," the award-winning television series for children sponsored by International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. . "I'm not suggesting a set of specific rules," Mrs. Chancey cautions. "That's because I BRENHY'S MARKET WEST 3RD STREET PRICES GOOD THRU TUESDAY. MAR. 30 GRADE-A WHOLE FRYERS 45! U.S. D.A. Choice Beef Tf\+ Chuck Steak .......... Lb 79* Sliced Large QOC Bologna ................ u,. OV V Farmland 3-lb. £ ft r%n Canned Ham .......... *5 29 Lean Pork Loin f\f\+ End Roast .............. tb 99* £ • u, * I Maple River Sliced Bacon HUNT'S m 4^. KETCHUP09* 32-Oz. Oregon Dark Cherries Hunt's Sliced Peaches Ms. Grimei 300 Can 303 Can No. 2'/2 Can 39* 49. Mrs. Grimei 300 Can & « f\r\ Chili Beans 4,or*l 00 Campbell's Reg. Can • Of%£ Tomato Soup 5 for OV* Geisha Canned ' ,« f\+ Oysters 8 -o, 49* Dorothy Lynch Dressing i 6 -oz. Baker's 12-Oz. Chocolate Chips Dream Whip 6 -oz. 89* Kraft 7-Oi. £_ QQ Macaroni Dinner 4 for * I Betty Crocker M -f\ + Cake Mix Reg . On i y 49* Pert Facial $ 1 00 TlSSUe 3 for * I OLD HOME HAMBURGER BUNS 12P3K 49 LEAN TENDERIZED PORK STEAK $ 1 09 Lb. 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Mrs. Chancey's guidelines for approaching television viewing in the family are: Maintain a healthy distance. Tlmei Herald, Carroll, la. C, March 24, 1976 3 Be aware of what your child is watching and be available, but don't hover. Know what's offered. Don't rely exclusively on newspaper listings; monitor the shows periodically. That way you can spot unsuitable fare and encourage an alternative before a child gets too involved. Watch along with your child. TV can actually be a social activity, when we respond to it spontaneously, like having . another person in the room. Such response is sterile for a child alone, because there's no feedback from fellow viewers. Encourage active participation. Make it easy for the child to talk about what the "good guy" is doing and what the "bad guy" is doing. It combats TV's tendency to reinforce passivity and makes the child an active observer. Help the child express feelings. Children need help in recognizing and verbalizing underlying feelings. By reflecting aloud on "how the little boy must feel" or "how the old man feels," we can foster empathy in youngsters. Don't force watching. It may produce the opposite from what you intend. A child may learn to reject what you consider desirable. Know internal needs your child brings to TV. There is no simple cause-and-effect proof that TV causes specific behaviors. For example, video violence does not "cause" a child to behave violently, Mrs. Chancey says. Rather, much research shows TV may be a catalyst, suggesting ways for a child to act out existing inner conflicts. Or TV may provide vicarious satisfactions, acting as a catharsis. For a key to the inner child, note which programs are favorites, and what effect specific shows have on the child. Don't exploit good TV to "preach." Often eager parents, in their zeal to "help," can stifle the joyous effect of an entertaining program by "pumping" the child for reactions. Balance TV with other stimuli. Use records, reading aloud and live performances to balance the visual with other senses as a major way of keeping curiosity lively. Check your own attitudes. Does our own behavior as parents show that we consider TV an ally in a supportive role, or a menancing monster? Do we let TV fill voids for our children we have created by default? Do we ourselves use television as escape or withdrawal because of apathy or boredom? We need to realize what we're communicating by our own actions. The Iowa Book Shelf 2 Lbf. 3 Lbs. . 5 for .... Lb. $159 $100 $100 99* Krctft Velveeta Cheese. Golden Maid Oleo Adamt Frozen 6-Oz. Orange Juice,... Stale Brand AA Butter Quarters Mariner f\f\+ Fish Sticks 2 ib,. 99* Andenon Erickson Chocolate Milk G«I. Meadow Gold Ice Cream </, Gai. Juft Grand Potato Chips s-oz. Schmidt , </) 1 O Beer 12-Pak Bottle. Z, Old Milwaukee &O49 Beer i2-pok * 1 16-Oz. 8-Pak f\f\t- Pepsi-Cola + PwV V * $|39 99< RED OR WHITE POTATOES 10 Lbs. 99 THE ROSE AND THE THORN. 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And that means no extra padding to buy. Stop in today and save. Two great designs to choose from. Armstrong ORIENT EXPRESS unpublished letters and by recorded accounts of the times in which they lived. The book reflects a very sad time for children; the higher the rank, the sadder. The eight offspring of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII were born into an opulence that would put to shame today's tacky Royalty. Still, their lives were only pawns in the great game of international politics. Of the three who attained adulthood despite Renaissance medical care, only Henry did as he jolly well pleased all his life. Margaret was sold to James IV of Scotland and Mary was bartered to old Louis XII of France. James was killed in border warfare leaving Margaret, Queen of Scotland; and Louis conveniently died, leaving Mary, Queen of France. Domestic and foreign intrigues, feminine whims and constant quarrels with brother Henry caused both queens to lose their thrones and neither regained power, security or money — although titled husbands were in good supply. Dealing with Henry VIII, they were lucky they didn't lose their heads. Later, in the tangled thread Arcadia Woman Hospitalized In Des Moines Times Herald News Service ARCADIA — Dorothy Brandt, Arcadia, who is a patient at Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines, will be hospitalized there for another ten days. Her room number is 245. Visiting her Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wiebers and Mrs. Bob Erps from here and Mrs. Violetta Noelck of Westside. Mrs. Archie Ricke, who has been a patient at Mercy Hospital, 6th and University in Des Moines for the past eight weeks, is improving after her last surgery. Her room number is 3080. Attending funeral services for Richard Erps at Perry on Wednesday were Ed Erps and son, Bob. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Andersen visited Thursday in ' the Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robinson home, Exira. 'new departures 7 carpet oo 00 SO. YD. REGULAR INSTALLED CARPET PADDING INSTALLATION 95 • 50 • 75 SO. YD. 95 SO. YD. 2O SO. YD. Home Furnishings Hiway 71 North, Carroll of years, Margaret's granddaughter, Mary, Queen of Scots, died on the block at the instigation of Henry's daughter, Elizabeth I. Mary's granddaughter, Jane Grey, was executed because of Henry's son, Edward VI. Yet, Margaret's great-grandson became James I of England and the Tudor blood stopped flowing. An interesting intertwining of historical events with personal lives, this book should please students of English history. — Kelly Adrian 350 to Lose Jobs at Plant DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) More than 350 employes of the Caradco Co. here will be without jobs when the firm's window division is eliminated Sept. 1. General manager Robert L. Day said the phase out will begin in May. 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