Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1954
Page 3
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-,/'^ ..&«£ Friday, February 26, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar 5 | Friday February 26 | The Friday Music Club will meat 5at 7:30 on Friday night, February 20, at the home of Mrs. V/. A. Wil- with Mrs. Jac!: Wilson and . Thomas Cannon as co-hostess es Mrs. Snm Strong will present .he study on "The ' Music of ,hc British Isles." Miss Htlga Loew German teacher, will be a auest. Monday March 1 The Spring Hill P. T. A. will meet Monday night March 1st at 7:30. Miss Emma Turner, a teacher, is in charge of the program. A film on "The Fears of Children" will be f^pwn. A group of the men arc to furnish and servo refreshments. Circle Three of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday afternoon at three o'clock at the home of Mrs. Carl Robarts, 210 South Shover street, with Mrs. W. C. Gentry as co-hostess. The Hempstead County Cla'ss- I room Teachers Association will rpent at Oglesby Elementary School (.wMonday. March 1, at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Carolyn B Elms of Arkaclcl- phia, state CTA prcsidnet. will be the guest speaker. The executive board of the Hope Band Auxiliary will meet at seven o'clock on Monday evening, March 1, at Cannon Hall. The regular meeting will follow at 7:30. The officers for 1954-55 will be elected and plans for the District Band Pjostival to be held in Hope in April '<fcl be discussed. Parents of all Band students arc invited to be present; Hope Country Club Scene of Luncheon Bridge Mrs. R. L. Broach and Mrs; F. • D. Henry were hostesses at the ' luncheon bridge held by the ladies ' of the Hope Country Club on i Thursday, February 25, at the Country Club. Arrangements of daffodils were placed at vantage points throug- out the entertaining rooms. Prizes were won by Mrs. Syd McMath, Mrs. Emmett Thompson and Mrs. Kelly Bryant. Thirty-four members and one guest, Mrs. Horace Routon of Ashdown, attended. Wedding Announced Mrs. Amy Daniel of Hope Route one, announces the marriage of her daughter, Hannah Margaret, to Donald Ray McKissack, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cornelius of Emmet route one, on Thursday morning, February 25, in Hugo, Oklahoma. The couple's only attendants were Mrs. Mary Blake, sister of the bride, and Rule Davis, friend of the family. Mr. and Mrs. McKissack will be at home in Whitsbourgh, Texas, where he is employed. gave a review of "Take to the Hills" by Marge Lyons. A salad plate was served from a tea table covered with a hand crocheted cloth and centered with daffodils and narcisus in a fluted yellow bowl. Mrs. Clyde Monts presided over the silver service. Guests for the program and social hour were Mrs. Lynn Ross of Batesville, Mrs. Gus HayncS, Mrs. Sceva Gibson and Mrs. Harry Shiver. Twenty chapter members attended. Births Dr. and Mrs. I. L. Murphrce announce the arrival of a daughter born on February 24, in Athens, Ohio. The maternal grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trimble of Hope. Saturday & Sunday at Rialto Mr. and Mrs. Olin Brint, Mrs. Lester Kent, Sonny Kent and Kenneth Rodgers motored to Natchez, Mississippi, this week. They were accompanied' home by Gary and lharlcs Brint. Circle two of the CWF of the First ^Christian Church will meet with -Mrs. James Walters on Monday, ^March 1, at 3 p. m. Mrs. E. M. Mur- fphy will be in charge of the pro[ gram. Circle six of the WSCS of the Me- tiddist Church will meet with Mrs. Syvellc Burke on the Lewisville highway, at two o'clock on Monday afternoon. The second session of "Jeremiah" will be presented. For 'transportation call 7-2187. Tuesday March 2 The Alpha Delta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society will meet with Mrs. Elmer Brown on Tuesday, March 2, at 6:45 p. m. Mrs. Frank Mason will be associate 'Jfastess. . Chapter AE of PEO Meets With Mrs. Franklin Horton Mrs. Franklin Horton was hostess to Chapter AE of the P. E. O. Sisterhood on Tuesday afternoon at her home on West Avenue B. Pear blossoms, iris, daffodils and narcissus were used in decorating the entertaining rooms. Mrs. Horton presided over the business session. Mrs. F. C. Crow gave the treasurer's report. A report from the courtesy committee was given by Mrs. W. Y. Fostei A ' letter from Cottey College stating that scholarships of one him dred dollars to the highest rank ing girl and fifty dollars to 'the second highest ranking girl in the high school graduating class are available, was read by Mrs. Henry Haynes, chairman of Cotty College committee. Mrs. Herbert Stephens, corresponding secretary, read a letter from Mrs. Byron* Goodson of DeQueen, state president of P. E. O., telling of plans ffor the state convention to be held in Blytheville, in April. It was voted that the local chapter would send a contribution to the United Peace Fund to be used .for scholarships for foreign students who want to continue their education in the United States For the program Mrs. L. B. Tooley Coming and Going Mrs. H. O. Green has returned rom Corpus Christi, Texas, where ihe visited relatives. Sunday School Lesson By William E. Ollfoy, iSBSlTLOWRY and WILD BILL ELLIOTT ride the range'"together' in this scene from Allied Artists' "THE HOMESTEADERS." Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Nash of Dallas, Texas, and Mrs. J. H. Briley of Alexandria, Louisiana, have returned to their home after a visit with Mrs. Dolph Carrigan. Mrs. J. W. Wimberly is now at home following an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. R. G. Hamilton and Mr. Hamilton in Texarkana. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. R. R. Forster Jr Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Jenie Citty, Ozan, Mr. Vernie Coynes, Rt. 2 Hope. Admitted: . Mr. John Andres, Hope Mrs. Tom A. Gathright. Saratoga Mrs. Gallic Hogan, Rt. 1 Hope. Discharged: Mr. Elmore Walker Rt. 1 Hope. Mrs. Nellie Brooks, Rt. 1, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Royal Stroud, Hope, Floyd Bradley, Hope Rt. 4 Discharged: Mrs. L. T. Hampton Hope Mr. Bryan Clark, Rt. 4, Hope Mrs. Luther Higgason & baby boy Shreveport Gayle Williams, Hope. Pianist Lav-ant Takes Overdose BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., UP)— Police rushed to the home of pianist Oscar Levant today after they said he told a telephone operator he would be dead within 30 minutes. diamondI to CARA WILLIAMS in this scene from MGM's "THE GREAT DIAMOND ROBBERY." Starts Sunday at the Saenger SUSAN HAY WARD in a tense moment in 20th Century-Fox's "WHITE WITCH DOCTOR." Technicolor. TODAY AND SATURDAY ONE OF OUR BEST DOUBLE FEATURES UERGE^GE of the i< War-Crazed C Navajo! CDURflGE of the U. S. Cavalry! starring Audie MURPHY JOAN EVANS ROBERT STERLING FRANCES GIFFORD A COIUMIIA FICTURE DOROTHY, DIX nssf' »£, si •%: T'l " •"•'•"' An Unfortunate Affair ,-t .1 Levant, 47, was found in- bed unable to talk, coherently -and .was rushed to a hospital where his sto rnach ; as' pumped out, said Police Chief C. H. Anderson. The chief said officers smelled formaldehyde in the musician's room and reported that in the hospital Levant said he had taken two teaspoonsful of it. Formaldehyde is often given to intoxicated persons to sober them up, the chief said. Anderson said that the pianist's physician, Dr. Morley Kcrt, ' said that Levant is in an extremely nervous condition. Levant's wife left home recent ]y with the couple's children, Anderson said. The chief added: Levant apparently had been trying to reach his wife by telephone. The bperator was unable to •'lk<j3&rfrtectipns..and, said -she .would try^gain in 3$'minutes. Levant told her- he • would be'dead in 30 min utes. The operator notified police. Later at the hospital, officers quoted Levant as saying, "I was onjy trying to be dramatic." Hospital attendants said his condition was not serious. For many years I have been interested in comparing what have seemed to me parallel, passages in the Old and New Testa- icnts. When, for instance, I read the onclusion of the Ninetieth salm, which rises to a great climax of faith after an expression : human moods of frustration, like to turn to the passage that limaxes Paul's chapter concern- ng the Resurrcctionin Corlnthi- ns 15. ' Note the parallelism of hone, aith and triumph as we set these assages side by side. Psalm 90:10,17: "Let Thy work] ppear unto Thy servants and hy glory unto their chiMren ,nd let the beauty of the Lord our Jod be upon us; and establish Thou ic work of our hands upon us; yea. ic work of our hands establish •hou it." And here is I Corinthians: 15:58 'Therefore, my beloved brethren. ie ye steadfast,immovable . always -bounding in the work of the Lord or as much as ye know that your abor is not in vain in the Cord." There are other striking parallels as between passages in the prophecy of Amos and the words if Jesus on social wrongs, in Mathew 23. But perhaps the most impressive of all is the parallel of the Shepherd Psalm 23 wth Christ's de- leription .of Himself as the Good Shepherd in John 10:1-18. To the beauty of the Shepherd of he Psalm as boutiful giver, leader, guide and comforter, even in he passage through the valley of the shadow of death, 'is added the sacrificial note of the Good Shep- lerd comforting others in death arid giving His life for the sheep. I think it is this that enforces so strongly one's sense of the unique nature and mission of Jesus. Claims of divinity, touched with boastfulness, only evoke deep repulsion; but there is no such ract- ion to the Master's self-description. He is, indeed, the Good Shepheard, claiming only to live and serve His fellowmen: a Shepherd of sheep willing to die that others might live. The picture of the Good Shep herd has been enriched in legend and in art, but 4 no enrichment has equaled what is here in Our Lord's original words. Here is the full description of the Shepherd ;— the Good Shepherd actually- laying down His life. Even as Jesus spoke these words; the shadow of the Cross was the shadow of the Cross was was;;Upbi| ?Hirn, ;ihe Shepherd Song " *j> Tviii -i ",'on •i-'l' i *4_,. A l*n »1 ii«tT4-lt +*» »i rtnr\ v Dear Miss Dix: 1 am heatt« broken over Timmy, whom I met last summer. We went steady for a few months, and broke up in No* vcmber. After that he went out \\lth a girl 1 will call Julie. She told Timmy recently that he was the father of the child she is expecting. Before Julie advised Timmy on this serious matter, hd had come back to me and we were going steady again. After Julie told him about her condition, Timftiy asked me to return his ring and said he would have to marry Julie. His Jfather insists on this. 1 haven't seert Timmy since, but 1 can't get him out of my mind. He was so miserable when 1 saw him last. Lynne> D Let Him Go worship"' toward ytftlu S«6dS*1 cure lit --I! ,.,_ J _ J , K' 1 ^' Dear jf!« fci*: fte ."Cjf'" Answer: Though you are very, young, you already have come up against the fact that those Who commit a wrong must pay. No matter how much you may yearn for the golden hours of last summer, they can't reoccur —- certainly not with Timmy. The fact t'-.ct you are suffering for the mistakes of others, I realize, doesn't ease your heartache. Since Julie did not have a good reputation, it's quite possible that Jimmy is not the lather of her child. She may have picked on him as a docile victim who is willing to be led to the altar to pr9tect her name. Go to your parents with the story, and ascertain whether they von't help you. It's no job for a een-ager to tackle. It will not comfort you to be handed the old cliche, "You must orget him," yet I have no other advice to give you. In time, you vill meet other boys and there will be school activities to occupy your mind. However, if you continue brooding and avoiding companions, you'll only prolong your misery. The past can't be undone; the future holds many promises lor lappiness. Look ahead, not back! Dear Miss Dix: What can I do about a 16-year-old girl who keeps calling me on the phone and asking for dates? I like girls nearer my age — 22. T. S. Answer: Be firm In refusing to date the girl, and emphasize to h^r the advantages of her going with, young people ol her own age, Apparently she has a case of hero' In India, the Ganges is a holy riv er and its water is carried all over the country for ceremonial uses. A UNIVERSAI-1NTI • CHAPTER 3 OF NEW SERIAL, "THE LOST PLANET" e BUGS BUNNY COLOR CARTOON . S u N. M 0 N. T U E i#* ROBERT SUSAN THE V/HIN6 OF A autue THE ECHO OF CON&O PRUMS . THE LOVE AND HATE DEEP IN THE SEETHING JOHGLE!,. N E W S 0 F T H E W 0 R L D "F 0 0 L I S H • SAT. & SUN. © . v of Psalm; 23,'l':f touched with traged was -soon to be touched with glory Arkansas Soldier Dies in Wreck F. BENNING, Ga. Iff) A soldier identified as PFC Leaston E Walstbn, 22, from Goldsboro, N. C, was killed by an automobile todaj as lie walked across a street or much to, go to a warfl for a year'or two, but is sure f couldn't get ft where bur'ih our home you think 1 should fJsk & •_.-_--__. irff jsbiicf Answer-/«tA good deal 38$ upon youfJstatus with yotir I Board of Education It you're c—_ to retirement and a pehsloftii •*«, might be tatter to Work > out • uir time and then take a trip a* ft " cation. If /you/ pension fuhd IS tedted, aayway» there's no, *e__ why you shouldn't, strange lot leave of absence, and try teactr' in another' ^community, ^bft'ti your age make you a stick'ltH,. mud, if you^have the freedom frb! family responsibility and thS"*'^ to make a c^'ahge. bear Miss Ulx: Can tw6,p*!Op| fall in love through correspOHa ence? I've {been writing a,,imryl6e man for'severtt'l mcffiUfe, af sure we'fei$ff3ove« , „ *>t Answer; * Many ^app'y'smj have had tbjH£ beginnings respottdencfLbUt letters •> followed wittf a, personal ance of rea^qnable dtirati< you jump into matrimony, when .you meet yfcur 3-bungv- comes up to all expectations] (Released" by The Bell ~ Inc.) film ovdr throat — relaxing, aid* helps e phlegm, gossJmo/the UIVMJ. tern for still greater comfort aw CREQMUL'SH rtllevel CoUghi, Ch«it Col*, Acia,*;!* "'*•'* the post. Military police said the «driver of the automobile was Cpl. Gilbert Edwards 27, Dardanelle, Ark. Ed wards was held fob questioning: HOSPITL rlwArlC **••««**»«• • * t" •^:f$s;',co;Ag .'Asesl-j^Jo^l nev.ijo • I lhthe a worTd u .'!'^*"f ! ;? >IJ ^ Call- o'r;l%lteiyourj;r*ll| I , -,ifV n, f * * ^fJ , /.CielSiWtf^ )${'.'fffi • of Teaching will keep you)i(Wildjinij^^^ . health and help ward off t su^rrier^dj|Ggse& Special classes for Polio.yktimsK ?&*&$£ KATHARINE Tap & Acrobatib (In Home Studio) Ages 1 to !5 ' • ?M -^ms^e^ ^E^^^^^^^SS£*totlit*i£. a'jf ' f '. " GREAT DIAMOND ROBBERY CaraWILLIAMS • James WHITMORE — ALSO — (,"',s / <. - <" V .'£*•, ^ f '\<<*. ^"SSwisKi T hfe Delray Club smartness of ft sport „,--,,,, ,-, K , T ^. , designed for everyday family wse. Sents, si, headlining, are all of soft, lustrous y^qyl r th«t harmoniza tfitb the exterior colpr of CLUB COUPE And this riew interior fe jusi beautiful, The vinyl is-easHy ant to scuffing and ,wear. You' little feet on the seats or th> things spill. And % grown-ups, heje'M J vides all the' bjtweejn-se^ The Pelray Club Gown? Chevrolet rnftdels that jpakp the

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