Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 5
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COSTA He L .OVM Ponrip and Ceremony and His Formal Banquet* Are OIa> treulngly Solemn. !St:ilo of rrnrtlcp iind (lip fonrt Hnko a Urvat Vcnl of ItiffiTODrr. "lite Costa Rlcan ] OT«B pomp and ceremony. He i^ays vlUt diplomacy. ' and -Irom torce of habit strikes • a 1 J Moran—afternoon of Doc tth and tiureAteninf atUtude toward the bead || till 3 p. m. on tbe 8th. of tbe goremment, whoever he may he, but never carries it so far aa to proVbke a revolution, as is done -in the alster republics. "He is a perfect picture of the posing hero in the comic opera, never yet having been conquered by bla enemy, but always on guard," writes a woman correspondent of Health .Culture. "Tbe old Spanish hldalgoes who warred with the Central American i^tates did not consider the country around San Jose (reajched then by A bridle path over the mountains) worth fighting for. "do they left tho natives In posses- Blob and the consequence la that tbe peon, or barefooted native, driving his yoke or diminutive oxen. Is nobody's slave. He owns his mulo and cart,'his little patio of land and iarra- house. The tax gatherer has no place there, therefore when you meet him reincarnated as the dignlHed mer- Il:iL:kct l»al! c.innot he doped. Not I :U any liiic. as I OUK as courts differ iinil tli<> lioiiio lenni can iiluy a better nuiao on tlio Uoiuo court tluin elise- • wliciv. Tills .wa.s clearly illustrated |py tiir Kaiiif wlilch occurred Saturday niKlu ill. Hiiffalo between the blglt sitiool team of that city and the Hul- y.ifiid hlKh school team. On ThankR- ;;ivin!; nii;ht the lola hiRh school tenin <U(''atc(I the llal.'itcnil team In this city hy ihi- sroii- of 'Vi to 24 a uiarfiln of • .'; (H >ii!(.«. iJist Kriday nlRlit, on the >aiii.' <ourt the lola team defealed th* I !iirt':ili> Icaiii hy the scori; of S9to 21, , , a niargin of IS points. Under exactly chant he is a most self-;i-cspectlng clt- .sinjllar conditions, fiuffalo played a lien. ! poorer Rame than Halstead. And yet "A dinner of fifty covers, with ; .Satiiniay nipht at Buffalo tlie latter three iknds of wine was tendered a'.tea'" defeatea Halstead by the score foreign diplomat during our stay at of 3i> to 17. Local fans think the difference was made by the fact that lJuffalo wa.« on her home court, lola's first jiame of the season was played wiMi HuiTalo on t|ie latter's court, and tiie hriiliant lola five succeeded in of three the Hotel Imperial. When they were : all seated and the dinner well on we .' gained a coign of vantage where we , were not seen, and I aver that a worn-' an's suffrage luncheon in New York ; winuinij only by a margin city was a hilarious affair in com- j jioint^. parlsoa to it Yet nearly every man present had been educated In Eurape. "At Christmas time, during tho ten days of fete, they enter heartily into the spirit of the carnival, and then ', fold themselves away for the rest of) ' Persia, Where Jt First : IT WAS "DELIGHTFUL POISON" ' Pretty Lcsiend of the-Origin of Wine tho year." Was Made. Alpine Guide Finds Tiny Article Rock Cleft and Lost Climbers 'Are flescued. In The making of wine Is said to have SAVED BY TROUSER BUTTON orlginatpd with the Persians, who dls- j covered the process quite by accident. One of their tarliest kings, Jenshecd, who, it is said, was only five or sis generations from Jvoah, was the discoverer, or rather a woman of his household was. "He was Immoderately fond of Srapcs."^ says the narrative, which Is found in Sir John Malcolm's "History of Persia," "and desired to preserve , . . X. , , some, which were placed In a large Mont Blanc alone had wch simplo, , use. \\hcn the vessel was opened -' FBnriTE K09Bt> TO OgOAK. We hyave some Private Money to loan our Farms. Low Rate; We also b«re.E8steni Money at the lowest rata uul beat terms. Let na tell you about OBtrteims and rate.- Privlledge to pajj at aay>.tlme. - , THE PETERgeJN. I^1> CO. ; Phone, 97. Old Coiirt House Bldg. "^piXEBsdir LAinDT coxPiirr. : j/;^. Iota, WANTED—anSCELLANEOrS. WANTED—SALESMAN PGR TEA and coffee wagon; married man. References and bond required. Apply Pennsylvania Hotel. W.\XTED —EXPEIUENCED DIX- iug room girl at Pennsylvania UoteL WANTED—POSITION ON FARM by married man. Address "L" care Register. FOB S.VLE—MTSCELLANEODS. I FOR RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE, I SOTi .\. Cliestnut. Phone ITL FOR SALE—WOOD DELIVERED In town J 2.2 J a cord. Phone 474-T. R. D. Horvllle. iinSCELLANEODS. GIP.U OR MIDDLE AGED WOMAN'' LNSURB IN THE "CONTINENTAL." wanted for housework to begin Dec.; Largest company In the worid. Staw- Sth. Addiess E. E. Muflger.. ; I art & Punk. Agents. .1- WANTED—WOMAN FOR KITCH- cn work; 202 East street. The Alpine guide 2}as practlcall.v no knowledge of the use of map anu compass; in fact, he is prone to despise their aid, yet how many dozen, iof lives would have been saved on. WANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Apply at Mrs. Turner's Millinery store. W.\NTED—BOY OVER 16 YEARS old. Palace of Sweets. aid been appreciated. The professional prefers to rely on his powers' *''""^Tf J.Ko»„,.i.._ A .v_. - u-_ • grapes had fermented and their juice in this state was so acid that of observation and that peculiar instinct sometime.^ apUy described as «, < , the bump of locality. He is alert toi ^^^^^'"^ ^'"^'^^ " P"*"""detect tbe slightest traces of pre- j ..jj^. j,^^ ^^^^ vessels filler'. «ith It decessors. A party of us were onco, ^..^^^^ ^^^^ befogged and had lost aU idea of our; ^j.^^^^ ,„ happened that one nf bis favorite ladles was affected with nervous headache; the pain distracted her so much that she desired death. Obseni'ing a vessel with 'Dblson' written on it, she look it-and^wallbwed Its contents. The jivlne, for such It had be9ome, over^ position on the complicated westerly face of the Riffelhorn. A young ^ guide was with us. and he became so dangerously disconsolate and helpless that one of tbe amateurs had to take the lead. For some hours wo fought with severe dliflcultles, discouraged meanwhUe by our compaa- 'powertB the lady, who fell down Into ion's prophecy of certain disaster.' a sound sleep and awoke much re- His poor old mother was doomed to., freshed. lose her only support! Things were j "Delighted with this remedy, she re- altogether miserable. Suddenly we ' pcated tbe doses so often that the came to a ledge on a desperate cor-; monarch's poison was all drunk. He ner with a steep chimney to tbe^ soon discovered this and forced the right Tbe young guide signaled his, lady to confess what she had done. .A arrival by my side with a great and quantity "of wine was made and Jen- startling yodel, a Joyous shout as oCj sheed and all his court drank of the deliverance. His quick eye had es- g new beverage, which from tbe clrcum- pled a trouser button in tho cleft of j stance that led to its discovery is to the cUmney. and we knew that we' this day known in Persia by the name had struck a regular route- That i of Zehcr-e-khoosh, or 'tie delightful tiny relic of humanity put new life into the faltering one, and ha then led us hand over hand to the summit. —Wide World. poison."" \ Pacific Coast Whaling. The steam whalers SL Lawrence and White, working frem tho Kyu- Pit Brow Lassies. ! q^^^ station, reported much success How difficult it is to make laws to i during the past two weeks, according suit everybody is lUustrated again in! to advices received by wlrelcsa from WANTED—.MEN TO LEARN THE barber trade. Here is an offer that Includes tools with tuition. A method that saves years of apprenticeship. Positons waiting In city or country shops. Write Moler Barber College. Kanisas City Mo. WANTED—A LOC.M. M.\NAOER for a large manufacturing company of pure food and family remedies. A jireat opportunity for the right person. Address P. 0. Box ">Sl, Fort S-^ott. Kas. FOR SALE—SHOCK CORN SOUTH I FOR ANY CATERING WORK. CALL Marim street. La Grange. G. a Chand'>"ss Miller 203 S. Chestnut Phone ler, Gas City. ' J FOR SALE—A 4 HOLE "BUCK" UPHOLSTERING, FURNITURE RE cook stove; burns coal, wood or gas; | pairing, bid mirrors resllvered house- good as new. Will sell for half price, i hold godds packed for shipment geu- 706 E. Jackfon, or phone 477.- ' >eral repairing and work of aU kinds. , : , .— . Paper IJanging, etc. Phone 1175. A. FOR SALE— 320 ACRES 5: MILES i E. Johnston. 211 S. Jefferson Ave. from Moran. It's the'cheapest farm ' In Allen county. If you arc interested and rcaiiy want a bargain, pome fin and see us. lola Land Compaay. KUH IIM AN BROS. WANT YOUR FOR SALE—GLASS SHOWjCASES counters good safe. Cheap. Kelley Hotel Bldg. —It will be to your interest to buy your fliuir and feed of H. Klaumaan. 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. FOB .SALE—HI8CEI.LA5E0DS. FOR SALE—BROWN LEGHOBN cockerels, 50 cents each. Mrs. J. N. Thompson, Moran. Kans. FOR SALE—PEKIN DRAKES AND Buff Rock chickens. Phone 486. HOUSE AND IXIT FOR SALE, 40C S. Kentucky. Big bargain if taken at once. Apply on premises. DON'T FORGET THE GREAT AUC- tton Sale nf the beautiful Art Pictures at Thoinpson'.s Studio. B. Washington. FOR RENT—BY J. A. ApAMS 7 room, modern house, 215 N. Buckeye. Phone 5G9. I a :—, —! . FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS: 604 .N. Jefferson. FOR BEXT. Eight room, modern house, with barn; close In. Call 899. ' C. L. WHITAKER. FOR RENT—FOiTR ROO.H HOUSE $3.00; 310 S. Fourth street Inquire 320 S. Fourth. FOR RENT—FIVE ROOM HOUSE. twn aiTPs of good land, by the year. A. II. Brown, 315 S. Cottonwood. corn and Newton kaffir com. Milling Co. Located with R. R. ipiE TABLES - niaFe ^ W TIME TABLE Effective Nov.l2J%li ODD ENGLISH SNAKE STORY When Cow Waa Bitten by Reptile, Form of Latter Appeared; on- the Cream. The wect country of oo- torhHuly a land of strange beliefs and npentltlona. In the first week of the present month a cow belosglog to Mrs. Heale of Goldbum, Okehampton which waa quite well at the morning's mUUhg, wM foMd iBthe evealsg to be ilUfferIng from aa enormonfc awell' log of tMk udder. It was concluded at once that the animal had been bitten by something, most probably by viper. • The caw wee milked, and the milk waa about to be flung away when the aervant girl Interposed, and speaking from previoua experience said: "Let it stand, because If the cow has been bitten by a snake it will show up in the milk." The milk waa accordingly set aside, and on looking at It some three hours afterward the form of a snake waa distinctly seen in the cream which had collected on the surface. There was an exact model of the reptile, the head, with the V mark, the eyes and the tongue projecting from the mouth—perfect throoghoat to the tail. Mweover, by aid of « magnifying glaa-; the scales of. the skia could be distinctly seen. All this waa seeni by Mrs. Heale. her two grown-up danghters. the senraat girl and the boy. groom. On the following morning the figure was less distinct A moth had got Into the cream and destroyed the continuity of the tail. SUU the figure was traceable, and the attention of the veterinary surgeon was called to it He admitted that the form of a snake was undoubtedly there. His treatment of the animal from the first waa for snake bite. W MEASURING FISH_BY THE EYE U-lt Is Gueaawork and Moat Men Oo Far Astray aa to the Len0th. Alhiost 1000 titles In the re- ccnti popular novels—Old Stan- dnrd Books. Poetry and Juvenile Boois at a uniform price of There is no Increased cost ot livldg in the book line. The Booksellers. IQU PROPERTY IN THE LEAD DE.VLS L.\ST WKEK FOR $33,000 1VERK BILK OF S.iLES. Total for Week Was (M1,0«0, or a Dally Average of Transfers of yearly the tale'which coinea from England about the lateies of Lancashire. The poor slaves! They spend their young tbe west coast of Vancouver islanC. When the steamship Tees called at the Kyuquot station Sunday tbe wbal- 1., K,!!^^ beavy coal tnba to theiers reported that in the previoua ten ^ ^° «»ecent:aays they had taken aevea sperm, L'tr^Vrt^rr^*" tblrty^ne humpbacks, two finbacks bejwlajnredl So tte phfianthroptats ; ^nd one sulphur bottom whaJc. ^I!!!?'>^WHI ?'^ f i While the Tees was making her run Quatsino andKydquot the ' ^^-^ Whalers added another eleven whales t ^iwlf i „ ''«P ''^Vu'' °^ • At Sechart the total catch during the amounted to twenty-flve, ^J^L^ fi^K^f* > ^"^^"^ « aeventy^flve l ^l ^kS ^^'^l-*'*'*^!: Inhales taken oB the west coaat ot all looked healthy,- saya the report, i Vancouver Island during the past two "and well dressed for their station.'' They are quite able to do tbe work, they itrotested. and do not want any benevolent Parllaanentaiy laterre&tioa In thOr behaU. weeks.—Seattle Correspondence Portland Orcgontan. IJovl Meade, commissioner of public pa.-ks and buildings of PItUburg, .•^peni Saturday In lola en-fcuslnessr .• • Hiahemi UfBrkai Prices for^HMes anti Fue^ abnoFlnstjumpGoai FOR SALE AT Real Estate Transfers for the week ending December 1st 1911, Issued by the lola Abstract Company Frank Wood manager; telephone 467; first door south of lola State Bank: November 25, lUlL Robert Dawson, et al, to Mary D. Black, 80 acres 2Vi miles SE. of Mildred _. $1.00 Lydia J. Carnahan to G. P. Burns 5 acres iVs nUles SW. of lola.. |600 Roscoe E. Burch to G. F. Irvin, residence 317 S. 3rd St, lola $1600 Julia E. Taylor, etal, to Ira D. Kelley quit claim deed to South 20 feet of lot 6, block 66, lola . »1 Palmer O. & G: Co. to R. Thomas I.eighty, 93-100 of an acre adjoining west corporation line. La Harpe %yn .November. £7. O. U Garilnghousc and wife to P. S. Bennett residence No. 16 N. Buckeye street lola $6000 L. C. IJiambert to Ma'rtha A. Augustine, lot 3 block 20. Concrete $1500 Sheriff to. Allen County State Bank ; resldendb 209 S. Colbora St. $3728 Nancy Fisher, et al, to Ira D. Kelley Pennsylvania Hotel, including 146 feet frontage on South Washington . Avenue . ' $6000 J. D.Panona to Geo. C. Swiler, residence 630 S. Srd St lola $1 Kereaber 28; Allen County State Bank toJno W. - Lanry, residence 209 S. Colbom St, lola „ $3000 W. A: Grove et a;i. to Jennie McConaghy, residence 309 S. Bfnckeye St, loU 1800 E. S. May and. wife to Lizsle J. Smith, W. Ml lot 8, Bast Lawn Addition to • Tola ^ _-_ $125 ^ .S. May and wUe to L H. Head­ land, E. ot lot 3. East t^wn Addition to lola J $12.'. December I". Sarah A. Evans to Lizzie M. Bartlett residence and two lots .-northwest corner Main and N. 7th streets, l-a Harpe $1 Fred 11. Dale and wife to Patrick McCabe, two lots northwest comer Davis & Campbell Sts. lola ^ $200 E. H. Soper to Robt. L. Robb 80 acres 4H miles north of Elsmore $2500 E. H. Soper to L. D. Mattocks 80 acres 4% miles north of Elsmore $2500 H. L. Henderson and wife to C. P. Clark. 30 acres 4>^ mileft-:8outlrwcBt of loia 412Q0 O. W. Ball, et al to C. M. Condon, residence 1002 N. Buckeye and residence 824 S. Walnut St.. lola... $10 A. C. Greening and wife >tp John R. Stewart, 80 acres 2V4 miles east of Geneva "—_ $2500 .lohn R: Stewart and wife to R. O. ChrlsUan, 80 acres East of Ge. $2800 Elnora B. Claiborne andjIiuEband to Thos. Zimmerman and ' wife 160 acres 6 miles SE. of La Harpe $6000 fieia Maud Calton and husband,to S. W. Harris, 40 acres 3«/» miles northeast of Geneva ..J-J »S00 Total $41,027.00 Dally average i-i- $6,$37.83 —Xoney. B. If, Cn^lngbam. 160 acre Beaten county, Arkanaas; 50 acres ta bearlsrordhard. clear: doss to R. B. towWf rice |6000 For lola property. -i I Three improved faims ^la pallaa eonnty, Arkunaai, oa* clear, {or loU property. - i ! i 160 acres, impMTed. ia Beokhan. oouaty, Oklahoma, olesr; = (orj Ida property. Price $3200^001! \ \ -ChetbM reaJdaneeaad t loti). tor lola reildeace. < ! .1 80 acre (ana in Moatcomery c^iy, well UnproTsd. (or lola pr^9«rtr|; We want >|72,000 stock lot general marehandlae and store {^IdlBK (er T «Bch o( equal Salne-ia e«^ttal {Kfena- WBTTAKBR * , Farm amiPOiiy ! Loahm 1 ILlJiSAS AND OELAHOKA Low Bate; Annnal or Seml-Annnal Intei >e8t -r-Fririlege to Pay In^ Pnll- Reduced Bates on Fire Insnnnce! R. Hlfk^Cunn Ingham Hot every man can measure fish ao- curately by eye. Many people are apt to make their guess too big, and then there are many who, misled by the tapering head and the diminishing tall end of tho fish, are apt to make it too small. Here was a Httle bunch of men ont fishing for bines, and presently one pulled in a handsome and fair^teed tah. Then somebody started guesslns at the length of it and one.guessed two (eet and.another fonr and stfli another' three (eet Thea a man la the boat who was (amlllar with fishes glaiiced at tills blue and said that he guessed it would meaaure two feet and a half; whereupon a man in the party who had a tape measure,in his pocket got that out and put the tape on the fish; and It actually measured 81 Inches. There was Just one man in the boat who could measure a fliah accurately by the eye. Old Coiirt House. Bldg. Ida, Sa«. OVER SCRUPULOUS Sorjrant—There's no coal, ma'am; an' trie flte la goin' out Mistress—Why,. Nora, you ahould h&vi Itold me that before. Sei^ant-.^I couldn't teU you there —.VUeai' the Metliodlat XMte» Ba» aaar j ttT^ JK; CAi Taead^r. . HW plaCft t« bi y year ClirlstBiav filfts. Jin.. Haas tn's Chinese Carte BMth.irlll hf) one < fihe Btti >acUoaa. Cldekeaav^ per ak fi'il^ a..' / A Naiftioal Christenlna. Some years ago.a aknr saUla^ TO*- sel. when.aome 600. miles, (rem .Xalver- pool, picked iip a lusty yoon^tar. of. live yean a maat ' The captal* took a-sraat.llktnsto him; eaUediUm'']itt .:Bon 'ai»l':i!eeldsd ^ that the 'BtOa^ chap ntnst' be ohris- tensd^-'ana btrttts'teir'tblngB wldch , he kaev. inast M ^Ktbnidaa to' ta- the 'cas« ofohfldE^., ' ••' Of. coana>t&ai« mc ao eliapiain al>oard.:ao .'tha i^vtata .UmaaU' andm toek the^eereoMBy. iHa Citlwnd tW xva id»nt -Um. agB <U:«tth a ailxed kaoiwlMjtii.'oC'hIs: Aitfasi,' ha gland aUOtii'Idm and askedwhether aay^j one: knew jnst caoae-why th«: hcgtj ahbnldraot W diristeaed. < If. there te.r:lw roared,,'ispeak.qp like a maa' or. fanviar hold foor tcaifoe." Then he snddalz encked a bottle o( wlae over hli h«U aad-ehrliteaed hint . Tha. ocean liaif Ja now settled dowa —a steady Joafskoniaan, bnt hestlU relatas wtth aaUHhetletL'the story ot his chilstaaUw:...'. SOUTH BOUND. .Vo. 201—Daily Passenger. 1:06 p. iv. iNa 203—Daily Pa8seager___2:4Sa. m. No. 207—Dally (except Sunday) Paa- senger 8:60 p. nu NO J 216—Daily (except Sunday) Way Freight Arrive 13:01 p. m. Depart . -1.^ 1:06p.m. NORTH BOUND. No. 202—Daily Passenger 2:22 p. lu. No. 204—Daily Paaenger 2:20 a. m > .N'o. 208—Dully (except Sunday) Paa- aenger 6:30 a. m .Vo. 216—Daily (except Sunday) Way Freight Arrive-11:16 a. m. Da' part- : - 12:01 p. m. W. E. BAL9T0X, AWE .NT Iols,K «s. .VISSOUBI PA OTIC TIME CARD. Freight*—Wert Bound, lal— r .ocal (dally ex. Sun) lv,....3 :46 p. m. -I U—Colo. Red BaU (daily) 1 v...8:3 K p. m. Freight*— Cast Bound. tr,»—Red Ball (daily) ar. i:luii. in. 492—Local (daily ex. Sun) ar 8:0n H. H,. Pa»«enaoi"»—West Bound. JOT— Kansas City.-Yates Ceiiter Mm] express (daily) Iv. 4:47 y. iv. I'H— St. ,Ix)uis-WIchtt.i Mnll and E ^^I •l. (dally) Iv. R.-.r'? Passengers—East Bound. 110- St. I.oui.s-K:ii.sis (Vtv .M:-il :\ui ITfss Id:;;!;.,' :<i- Z:!. (.. i- . i"^—St.;i .>-K:i::^-s .My il: .'•! ! ^,press (diillyi ar v ::j . XERCHAMABLE ABSTRACTS. Every Abstract made in our offico ia guaranteed to be a inerchanc- able abstract or money refunded 10I.A ABSTRACT COMPA.-T Frank Wood, Manager * * • * • • • <• c- '> •:- •> c- 4 « SOME eoOD BAR (JAr.\.<^ ^> ® We have several good r«.sidcijr:fi« * ^ close in for sale at attractive- ^ £ prices. Also good bargaic^ l:i ^ * farms, and other paying yroiv:!- ^ % tions. See us S Charles & Potter. £ * •••••***«> •>-:• •:• -:• •> •> < PROF«ssio?f.iL nntsrToa* • +••••••* + •£• + * * -.. » 4' KOBXT TO lO&M * > WUI laadiia houseboTd ioo-i". * ptaaosk (ffcans, aewicjr D .<i- ' • sUaae. dlamoads and j< 4 • - ' Wl rOPl'KY « • Ut north 8trf.) « • ' • « Dr.O.R. BaahflfId. br. C.71. S.rn. « « « » DBMTIBTK. S) « Reom aa. 1, Xorthrur «Ilg. « Phoae—Office 683; Res. 181. a » 9 WHY. JTQXf * Have Your Piano Tnned by an * Experienced Tuner—One IJv- •* ing in your home town. 3r - T;0.CAKAT8ET « Plaao Tnaer and Bispalrer 1- Rpberts MuBic.Co. Phone 421 a • S F. L. B. LEATELL. IL D. « SpecialUe»-> 9: 9 i Diseases ot tbe Cbatt • * Di8ea^<tf-«ktldr«iE » FhoBa^-.«ttlee M7|r]^ 149. IQLA STA^ BAIfK ^ I4>QT [ £ * Beat Estate aad liresteeh • *\ AUCTIOmSEBr • * TateaOeatar Baafc ******* FHZLUF HSlfiEIiB: llO^BootliSt 4 Gtei«nl.Sepati(iB |^,J^^^^ DDfiMs.Aotlaa. Tinav Hopeflnl—Vhthac; utet la • traitor la-poBtleir - '. ' *' • y<^6raa F6lhioJaa>-A traltop Is a BWB iMor- lamarov-pazty^'iad'goea ' aoniaa'owa^iorto yoant VsCenm MtttBiaar-^ eoaTact. ay 0oa^->nbata. - Round :Trtp Tiekstsi Iola>to lir B'-Hot Springs, Arit; witbiiatam limit ot three Bwntha tram ;dato of sale, with atop^ven ptirllegaa goinr and ntanivo» sale- sffeiy.- •<'dar In-ithe year, (or - Thai one war rare Ik t^,W. &>MUN€6R»; VheaelMi: XeaFhaciinI), Wfi, m Tom Macon, ctialrmsn the Vesur^ ratlc' coiosattee Qf^^Vhon. conaty. IjL- to_,thetdly..tpa*j;.<gi-l)^eie, ' ^

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