Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 16, 1969 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1969
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1969 THE REGISTER-NEWS — JIT. VERNON, ILLINOIS* n-n STRANGE SIGHT in Saigon and probably a first for these South Vietnamese youngsters. American GIs made the snowman from ice shavings out of a military cold storage plant, adding a cap and muffler. TIMELY QUOTE The United States has never had and does not now have a commitment to take, retake or to hold all of South Vietnam for any particular government in Saigon. -^Senate majority leader Mike Mansfield, D-Mont. P roie fuied settee Watching TV TONIGHT 6:00—2 News 3 Cactm Pete 4-5-6-12 News 8 TBA 6:30—2-3 Ugliest Girl in Town 4-12 The Queen and I 5-6 Daniel Boone 8 Spotlight on Southern Illinois II. Truth or Consequences 7:00-2-3 The Flying Nun 4-12 The Jonathan Winters Show 8 Sportempo 11 Of Lands and Seas 7:30—2-3 Bewitched 5-6 Bob Hope Christmas Show 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 That Girl 4-12 Movie: "Man in the Middle" 8 Internationa! Cookbook II Steve Allen 8:30—2-3 Journey to the Unknown 8 Washington Week in Review 9:00—5-6 Comedy is King II 8 Bridge 9:30—2 College Talent 3 Music Hall 8 Passport 8 11 Honeymooners 10:00-2-3-4-5 6-12 News 8 Movie: "How Green Was My Valley" 11 Perry Mason 10:30—2-3 Joey Bishop 4 Movie: "The Little Foxes" 5-6 Johnny Carson 12 Movie: "Thirteen Ghosts" 11:00—11 Movie: ''Jim Thorpe- All American" 12:00—2 Movie: "Diary of a Chambermaid" 12:40-4 Movie: "Paid to Kill" WM. B. BREMEN JACK C. YARBROUGH We know everyone's motoring needs are specialized. That's why you get and can expect personalized motoring service from us. Personalized service is < the' reason why AAA is the nation's largest, most •xperiencedautoclub. Let us tell you more, Call , Win. Bremen 242-1242 Or Jack C Yarbrough Centralis 532-4522 FRIDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:30—4 Summer Semester 6:00—4 Town and Country 6:30—4 P.S. Four 5 Focus Your World 12 Gospel Roundup ' 6:45—2 Thought for Today 12 Breakfast Show 6:50—2 Farm Report 7:00—2 Lone Ranger 4 News 5-6 Today 7:30—2 Fury 4 Cartoons 5 Today 8:00—2 Romper Room 4-12 Captain Kangaroo 8:30—5 Today 8:45—11 Cartoons 9:00—2 Dick Cavett 3-11 Jack Lelane Show 4-12 The Lucy Show 5 Snap Judgment 6 Romper Room 9:30-3 Dick Cavett 4-12 Beverly Hillbillies 5-6 Concentration 11 Love That Bob . 10:00—2 Pay Cards 4-12 Andy of Mayberry 5-6 Personality 11 Outer Limits 10:30—2 What's My Line? 12 Dick Van Dyke 5-6 Hollywood Squares 11:00-2-3 Bewitched 4-12 Love of Life 5-6 Jeopardy 11 Twilight Zone 11:30—2-3 Funny You Should Ask 4-12 Search for Tomorrow 5-6 Eye Guess 11 Cartoons 11:45-11 King and Odi* Afterneon . 12:00—2 Charlotte Peters 3-1 !• Dream House 4 Dennis the .Menace 5 Merv Griffin 6-12 News 12:15—6 Pastor Speaks 12:30—3 Make a Deal 4-1 As the World2 Turns 3-11 Funny You Should Ask 6 Hidden Faces 12:55—3-11 Children's Doctor 1:00—2-3 Newlywed Game , 4-12 Love is a Many Splendored Thing 5-6 Days of Our Lives 11 Make Room For Daddy 1:30—2-3 The Dating Game 4-12 The Guiding Light 5 The Doctors 11 Woody Woodbory Show 2:00—2-3 General Hospital 4-12 Secret Storm 5-6 Another World 2:25—4-11-12 News 2:30—2-3 One Life to Live 4-12 Edge of Night 5-6 You Don't Say 3:00—2 Movie: "These Wilder Years" 3-11 Dark Shadows 4 -12 The Linkletter Show 5-6 The Match Game 3:30—3 lone Ranger 4 Movie: "Abbott and Coslollo Meet the Keystone Cops" 5 Mike Douglas 6 Snap Judgment 11-12 Underdog 4:00-3 The Hour 6 Popeye 11 Flintstones 12 Mike Douglas 4:30—6 Perry Mason 11 Gilligans Island 5:00—2 Combat 3 Cartoons 4 Leave It To Boa »->r 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:30-2-4-5-6-12 News 11 Rawhide Evening 6:00—2 News 3 Cactus Pelc 4-5-6-12 News 8 French Cher 6:30—2-3 Operation Entertainment 4 -12 Wild Wild West 5-6 High Chaparel 8 NET Special' 11 Truth or Consequences 7:00—11 Of Lands and Seas 7:30—2-3 Felony Squad 4-12 Gomer Pyle 5-6 Name of the Game 8 What's Now 8:00—2-3' Ron Rickles ' 4-12 Movie: "Four For Texas" 8 The World We Live In 11 Steve Allen 8:30—2-3 Guns of Will Sonnet 8 Book Beat 9:00-2-3 Judd 5-6 Star Irek 8 Who Is 9:30—8 Passport 8 11 Honeymooners 10:00—2-3-4-5-6-12 Newi 8 NET Playhouse 11 Porry Mason 10:30—2-3 Joey Bishop 4 Movie: "The Hanging Tree" 5-6 Tonight Show 12 Movie: ''Three Swords Jof Zorro" ' ' : 11:00—11 Movie: "They Died With Their Boots On" *- 12:00—2 Movie: "The Ghost of Frankenstein" 12:10—5 Car and Track 12:30-4 Movie: "Desk Set" TV Review Ads Break UpOWTV Movies By CYNTHIA LOWKY AT Television—Radio Writer NEW YORK(AP)- During an awkward moment when it was important to say something light and merry to lead to a station break, "Music Halls" star Jack Jones suggested that he and his guest, artist play a fame called "Television." "First we sing a song, and then there's a commercial," explained Jones in one of those naked moments of truth-—and off we went to a mayonnaise pitch. It should be noted that in television there usually is time for two' songs or a song and a comedy sketch between commercials. On dramatic shows, the commercial break often seems to be worked out as carefully as cliff-hanger conclusions to soap opera episodes: Our hero steps into the hot noon sun of the Cowtown main street and there stands his arch enemy hand reaching for his gun—and we fade right into the automobile sales talk. Or the clever interna- tiona spy is intently rifling the bad guy's safe when the bad guy appears, gun in hand. And on comes the cigarette spiel. None of these interruptions is quite as annoying as those that turn up in small bunches during old feature movie broadcasts. Motion pictures, of course, were made for theatre audiences and GET UP NIGHTS? BACKACHE, LEG PAINS,SCANTY FJ.OW,. SMARTING may be nature's warning of functional kidney disorders—"Danger Ahead." Increase and regulate passage with GENTLE BUKETS diuretic In 4 DAYS (only 3 tablets a day) or your 48c back at any drug counter. Today at ROSS DRUGS. . GOSSARD . January specials —FEATURING GOSSARD'S— ANSWER^ PROPORTIONED GIRDLES A pantie girdle proportioned to fit you exactly where you need it — waist, hips and span! Answer's crisscross control gives perfect smoothness to the tummy area. Side and back panels taper off those extra inches. Made of nylon and Lycra® Spandex power net. IN WHITE ONLY! Reg. $14.00 *12 49 Extra Large Reg. $15.00 $|299 MEDIUM LENGTH GIRDLE AVAILABLE IN • AVERAGE SPAN With Average Hips • LONG SPAN With Average or Full Hips Styles 482, 483, 484 Style 450 Regularly $10.00 GOSSARD BRAS $g49 FLAIR BRAS With Fiberfill Linings Regular $4.00 Regular $5.00 $2*9 $Jj99 A, B & C Cups. A, B & C Cups Style 190 Styles 3328, 3380 UNDERWIRE BRAS The Bra that supports, lifts and separates the bust line perfectly. Reg. $5.00 *3 99 C and D. Cups Style 3490 ^FASHION FLOOR: USE YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT Mammoth witohut any regard for pausing every 15 minutes or so for some messages. So the messages are inserted, sometimes brntally, when the time'—not the story line is right. Wednesday brought a rather quiet, relaxed evening of television viewing. "Daktari" sang its swan song, departing CBS as it arrived, with Judy the chimp and Clarence the lion the real stars. "The Virginian" on NBC devoted its 90 minutes to an involved tale that could easily had been adapted to "Peyton Place. The white-hat ranch hand killed a black-hat trespasser in self- defense, Ihen worried about it until, near the end of the show, a second shoot-out justified his act. Like "Bonanza." the series presents the Old West and its men and women in such a sweet light. In the last episode the saloon girl was, as she often is in Televisionland, a nice kid, and something of a heroine as well. Jones, this week's "Music Hall" topliner sang nicely but there was plenty of built-in trouble with the comedy material provided Debbie Reynolds and Godfrey Cambridge—and they both tried hard. "Hawaii Five-O" continued to be preoccupied with narcotics and "The Outsider" got mixed up with some dreadful superpa- triots. The show however established some sort of a record- star Darren McGavin only was beaten up twice and knocked cold once. - NOTICE KING CITY JANITOR SERVICE HAS NEED FOR 2 ADDITIONAL MEN TO SERVICE OUR ACCOUNTS. 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