Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 4
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TPE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVE Grocery Prices j for Pay Day ^ --aid- AU Tbis Week 1C ToujiiiN or (Intiiiiiitli'd Oi 10 SaKitr liir i 1 Mowrr Air I WHIi Kirrj i:,.m t.rarvn (Jnlir $o!((l C'!i'.ili-ir," lii X«rili<'i-ii I'll'., i-.v ,1. 111). .^ ' 3 rnn i i't>-n ir ,r ;i r:u,s K.;i',1 •Ji:.r " rntirt r,iiii|i\-';; 25r 3 cana H-i-ilnv S ..C 3 pans Ovs^!-: . . . .2J>c 2 No. 3 raiK '! M . , loi's- -. .2.V No. 1 Toiiiajnrs pan . - .. inc C cnng Nn. 1 Tmiiaiocs- -...V .C 2 rails {•ooi'obcrvlcs -2.-,,* ISlackl;^" ifpR. c;>n _ ...lOr 2'ic ran /'afc. P OM drr .- -_30c 3 larp*? caiiS Mi'k . , - 2:.r r. small tans »T:1U .-.2Sc r, lbs. Jlollml Onf.s -.2 ..P 6 lbs. Flake i:pn.iiiy_.- - _2.1r .T lbs. r.iokiB Riff - 2:.c 4 lbs. Whol"^ Rico —2.1c S.Ibs. Ifail Rfce .-2oc "3 lbs. Una Ocans _--2oc lbs. Pnk P.p.ins --2.-.r 4 ."s pRcka Salt Till lb. sark Salt -:jnc 100 OlotUcs PiiiR __ . 3 bo.Ncs Matclies "i boxes .Matohp.< 1 .-.C 7 bars Silk or l.rnox Soap S.lp' 6 bars N'aptl'a Soap .25r n lbs. Bulk Sturch -2(If T pkRs Wash. Powder-.. - .2 .-IC LarKo pkg. r.cld mist... White S.vriJi' pail , •Rpd Svrim. pail 10 lb. pnil .Irjllv . 2!^ lbs. .IpJl.v. -.15r a ib.. jar .Apijl." liiittpr, - -2:.c ."• lb. p-'J! Hcrrlnir -.5flp 3 bricks Codfi-h .25c Corn Ftrrcli. pksr. .- •»<: 3 pkfis. Macaroni -.2.-ic U lb. pk?. rornarnt -Toe 2 f'kffs. Po.qf Ton.sfjps _2oc 3 liku.s. Torn Fbifces _ 2 .1C 2 nke?. Sherdil--d \Yhe:\t asc MixPd Tea. imiiml .T;!;ian TPa. pound ...Mlc Ii'ipf'rlnl T P:I . lumnd .one n>.ir>iirt\v«'pr Ti;a. poun.l - ROr CoflTrp. iiov.nd .... - 25 P 3 Ills. SodH rr.ifkcrS 2.'.r 3 lbs. O.vfti-r rr.Ti-kiTw, 25 P ;'0 Ui. box f 'rnckrr-. rider YlnppHr. j.r-.llci;i •JSC Poiil Oil uallon . . . Sp fool Oil. "> iriillon «-.<• lli'.rkwlirnt Flniir lbs. •V.f 3 pVtr-«. Tlal«lns 2r,p Currant!'. P V R inp HIGH GRADE FLOUR W P bav" H IP aRcncv for four of tbP best brands of Flour sold In Allpn ronnty. and can nl- ways save yon nionny on flour. nrnsox CBKAM, WOI.F'S WlKMltTM. FORKST KINT. and TURKEY PATKNT per sack- Si.35 Try a MCk of either of the above brands, use half of it and if yon are not .=ailsfied ijj^ every way return it and jret your money. Xo charges for wlnvt you have used. Crabain FJo!ir. sack 5»c Com Meal, sack 22c MEATS and LARD 5 lbs. fine Bacon 9'>c 2 lbs. Dry Salt Meit 2'»f Dry Salt Jowls, lb. 10c Pure Lard, lb., I-lc 10 lbs: Pure 1-ard fjird ComiKJund. lb -Wc 10 lbs. Comjio'ind 2 lbs. PailsaKP.* 2.'ip Pork rbn;is. 11>. l-c Pork Steak, lb r»c Loin Steak, lb 1'» P Round Ptcak. Ib -.l'»c PoiHng B^pf. Ib Sr. 10c This Lisi Good all Week Order Delivered for 10c .—f— • ELLIOTT'S 10L.\ A >n (USriTY. Mil Home Comforts! Where You Sure M OTIPI <in .til k'urcltuncs. Art TUk Ma'Jnsci, . jjOJO Genuine F P U .M2t:rp.sses.. I ^^'-Wt 9x12 riiion Inpraia K UR.< .^.'1 ,110 Sxl2 Velvtt Rvs^ - -.SjIT-'itt Sxl2 Axu'.ius'.pr Ru^'s iKWI!) Kslra Inrge Ouk UuBft-.-fiiiU A large line of Oak Stoves. jCopper ReflctlorE, Air-iight and other Heaters. Bargains in ^iw and Second Hand Stoves of all kir.ds. Kxchsnges i'..aJc. filASiiES M FOR TUFT WILL SCri'ORT lira "WHEX TllK TIMK COMES." HoUKP Tiititkit tlip Cffvrrnor Slljijtcil u (i.jT Wlicn H P Cut Into tht- KwplUl I.acaMon. r .lSlI OK i:.\SY TEKMS Ed BennlRger <.''," Cni ii!Kp 'J !iilenci') T<i| •;»... .\t.v. 2->.--'l'"ii'-' is •'•o:. H<«(f(iJ;'i:o;i lit 7'ojii'KH lit »vl.i'IJwI- iL.ll. .".' II I CI'N bodiii f<ir Kiucii:or'l!' I li'- or iiiiTi'I,*' ••iiiii|illti:ciiliiiy. W.'.c.-. who f.iT'.i' 'lu- Free. P JOF K l:i .Mll'.i'i-r luiiM- ti>v,M ^'\\y. A .MIlbT K^ibiriiiiii'iliil l.imii! U iiollilnfi Hew, (!'• oil'! i!V;i;- yi',rH. In n tliUn.i;i!f ,1 it liu l.n* Id'cn rr •.!.)•;(; rm- r.r li Ipi-i- I'.iit.;. ho IriMir;' ii ••. I'Jui ('! <• •.lri.'fr.'l!l III the \V;i''i;i' <••!;.•••>•' 'f wl;;i-|; niini '.null d Wil': •. !. 1. Mr. .Mll'cl'-i ..I'lrr.v upon r.'= «.'•' p! • fiire. I'"!''h;.:if- (• r.t!o« Pt ili.^ :• . upon ill I hi- !•>; I. for till ." • • ,• nnrecrr. ;•• • i-; . to jv.i. • :! 1 . • I' niRuls r ; ; .. .1. - t'r.Ti!;. :• • • 1 -i ar? d!.': :t". n.-.i V • nation. ;':'<! t n t .v.;-t i<( U:j!krd : <!i- j.ii: •v:.r-7!t- bis reoBon for butting Into .the-hoir^ pltnl eoatrayers]:. The only ^eyplanar; tlon I B that he had a promtae out and failed to put H over and It la the gen> eral opinion that be slipped » cog. A. 21 Keene. the Bourbos county Etniesnian who waa "jockeyed" out of a chance to run for Cottgross. is aaid to be off (he Governor porinanently j nnd in a frame of iiifnd to Ji «tcn tuj the other fcllowB. • • • JudSlng by the KnnBna ncwgpciicra, Mr. DoI|ey • was thp only delpgntei io the Ua«K- j era' PonvtT .iIon at .New OrleahH, al- | ihniiKh tbo nnn;e of Mr. Aldr!<"h was! ini 'ntiom'd once. JAV E. HOUSE. • V PE:CEMBEK 4, 1911. • V?' Extra Specfial I Two dozen Serge an i Panama Skirts, \vort i up to $12.50; speciil price CIGAR SMOKING IN GERMANY BuBlneBB Is Inereaalng aa Kalaar'a Subjeeta Realize Pipe la Utv handy to Carry. •TIK Pilll race. ! ••> «ri prr- j.:^ , .«!lt- net iiii'.'l 'i-'r ir'ii'.-! into thi- Ojiiiiion gcnpHtHv is lli.'it xU" Gor- i'li'or s;iM<d « coK wifu hp I 'ut in oM ilip business of locutiuR the n<-w hu.Tjtitij} for the insane' It .cencrally Is vrry PMsy 10 fathom th? inoiive he- li'nd ihp Govrmor's public appear- niTes. P'Ut this one is shrouded iti uiys;<rv, fn :h» JiospilaJ tc/jtiat: bisin.;ss llie t^ovemor cut in aflt-r thr bonrd of control had located ithe in- ti'uiJon and annouuced that there would be .i reliParinK of the clajins of ihi- various towns. The pffi^ct of a rc- hi-irlBg could only be to set Lamed d<'.-id -jS ^iinKr him and weaken hfs ! r »sti-;t» in all the other towns af- fec'fd. Had he laid dwiil hi» could have aidpatepped all criticisms by I.-vinK (he Tnatter of ihe location -.eiinst the t?oard. If thcro is n rc- hrarlnK and the proposed location of ihc hospital Is changed the effect will bP to set every one of the disan- pointrd commur.itie.E at !iis hwls. —if ycu ar> -.T-.b.-u whh cVrcnic •. Pimp U pcner-iUy b^lW-d that all constiptlirn, '•' i-;-'^ and gentle rt- Rtubbs's pv.Mie av.>p:iTBV.cta feet of Ch*ujberlain s TablfJs »:nk.>s ;,re prr'Hcated for their rSect upon them especlalfy fcufted to your cnre. !„•« candid.icv for the Senate, none of J^or sale by all dealers. ,l,e ,vise poliiiclans can figure out The ?:ipv'n(.! oi the v.^i-alc'.tranf rcBUlars i.- ilo r.a', lIV.i- thf rtiitmlc or t}'.'! T'>}'<'I-.-. rapj'.ii (awarrt Mr. Tafi. They say the Cajiital if rontinually bo.o.^ting Woodrow Wilsor ii;d daiiinini? Mr. T.-'ft wlfh fainf p.-aisc In ilic bcKinniTi:^ the roBular- welcomed .Mr. rr.y.ppr's e^ndiflricy They likp nnd pdn-.ire Mr. Cr.pppr p>'r- ^onptly rml n ost of ih-T' took the Tltitmle -h.-tt bis'.-.'-v v.-as the iO (;lcal w.ny out of tV.e fn^tiitnal row Sow .•^oine of thpn! rnit'lilRin th:if. no* is »'' P t'rpii.-il frilir.e In it-i sun port of t::e Pre.-ident. b'Jt that il stir trnifi.'iir I^o clo.^olr .Tftor fjovrrno- '^luhbF "tM M?.^ K.nn.'nf Tily Slpr. I' the '•••ritcrs notion that the indij;- r.fitien of I'lp n'p.ciilars is not only jire^ iinfiire. but III advised. .Mthniiijh no' 'n a position to speak nuthoritatlvely. believes Mr. C'PPer and the CapJtnl are for Taft and that when the time cnn'os hn wlM have their 'irncst KMpnort. Mr. Capper said --"tile innntif; asn ij:at hn wnnted to •In evprythlnc within his poner to re- •".)niimlp and re-elect Mr. Tiift. lie Mild till' writer so. nncl Kincn the conv v. iiiilcjillon w;'<i not ni.ide under thr of iierrery. It .Is usxuiped that |i •iiiij- bi> reve;ilf>il bee. Anniher flilni;- "r. r::npcr dons not fnditlKP In f'lli- • Ik. Ill" lia» none of lUo artifices of Mte profeHPloiial pollilcinn nnd wh.-vt rver h'l ""'••w may be relied iijinn. And "n. If l« the wriler'K potion tint the • "dlRPOtinn of those re^ulnrs who are irvlnp to jump nnollier r.indldntc Is ';nth premature and lll-ndvlscd. Fpnn the \wlnt that the altewpt of the repulars to jump up another is ill Mdvised one has only to review the sit nation to be assured. It is the unani- tzioua opinion of the politicians of al' factions with whom the writer has :arked that Mr. Capper can not be beat on out of the nomination. Mr. Ryan •Aill undotibtcdiy draw the bulk of •s Euppart fiom the regular wing ot !e party. The effect of another can- id.ite I 'f regular antecedents would '.IP merely to .split the regular vote .ind would have the effect ot assuring -•Jr. Capper the nomination. Dut on •.hp other hand, it would stir up an•I 'hcr nasty row in the party and ould hurt the chances o fevery Re• ;if;Ijran candidate at the polls. If this dtjpc" on the situation is wrong the Titer would be glad to have some Re- .iiMican interested in the success of :s party point out the error In his icasoning. Mr. A. ron Heiger. president of the town council of Dresden, Germany, who is at the Ebbltt, is also a manufacturer of cigars. "The cigar business In Germany Is on the Inereaae," said he. "la my factory it I do not turn out 250,000 a day I consider business very poor. , Germans, long famed for their variety • j nnd quality of pipes, are taking to '• cigars. In former days a German waa always pictured with a stein of beer and a big curved-stemmed pipe. Now the cigar has taken the latter's place. "The main reason for the change Is the fact that pipes are unhandy to carry ;around. They take up a lot of space in one's pocket, and a packet of tobacco takes up some more. Germans are outdoor people, and the cigarette is too mild for. tbem. A man who is in the open alt tbe lime likes a strong smoke, and tbe more ho is out of doors the stronger he wants it. Cisars can be carried cas- i!y, and tbey give even more satlstac- tion than the pipe. Hence the change. "My," he' continued, "but your Amerlv rn prices are high! No wonder a man is not considered rich unless he Is the possessor of $1,000,000. Why. in Germany If d man has l.OOO.POi) marks, -which la something more than $200,000 in American money, be i.^ considered phenomenally rich. It Is a shame we can't ship fuodstuRs across the ocean to you without paying duty."—Washington Post. fv.iiously enough, in all of liic dis- .-ii-i.slon of the BiUard candidacy for '•'.veraor the name of the man likely 0 he hit hardest by it has not been ::intioned. It generally is conceded .^rU Billard will get u good many re- -ii!jn)I.'ision Republican votes. It is Ije'ieved he ijill run well in all of the vi^X' localiiies and there are quite .1 nir.iiber of them. Kve:y time Bll- '!>.r!i pull.- the vote of a refubnilsslon ;. jiubiirnn he will deflect a vote from ^'iiatiii- rhnrle-, Curtis, fur no man •••in tr.'t .'I vote at the primary for & ;riiii))ll('.'in candidate for the Smatt :id :i l »i i:i;;ciailc candidate for Gov- ir.:n. 'li>- ri-Kubnili-iiion Republican ^'"l('.l^.l!ura^y Is for Curtis for Sen- .i.or. ,Vi.t Ciai U'fl ri -auliiDlsKloni .-ts •r vr. V-.i-.t-ii more bnt that they love "I'ibli.s lev, for throuRhont his long 1 ihlli- cMPvr Curtlfi has been conglni- r..|.v MI;- I n'nie and for Iiiw en'. riv!-...:i', iJui n'i';c of t!ie re>.|ibni|K- ij'.Vi.i wU'i vnii foi SluUbs and cvi rj i:-'? :i itop'.ibllcan vnien for Isiljunl uill Jii.-i! a \otf. Ill Its flna! lH•^l.v.i^ ll:e i!i!lard candidacy for Gov •rHi>r l> In tl'.c luterrsl of the StubbK •'i;iii.!:ny fnr the Senate and it will :i-.r liealnii on the .•^pnaiorial fixhi M'M vfar. RAINBOW IS A BACK NUMBER It la Put Out of the Running by tho Varied Coloring In Men's 'Socks. "The rainbow Isn't In It now with tho socks worn by men." anld, between atatlons, an elevated railroad guard to his neighbor on tho platform, and ha continued: "Just glance in thero, will you. and let your eye range along at the men's feet Piirple, green, yellow, blue, red, gray, pink and black socks, and socks of one color with spots of another end socks with stripes in 'em and crossbars and socks of various colors mixed, and I'll bet with sll those colors that knock heck out of the rainbow you see that one pair there with no color In 'em plainest of all? Sure, It's that pair of white socks, tho only pair in tbe car; nnd yon might travel here day after day and not see another pair. "They tell me. and I can just remember a little of It myself, that there was a time when men didn't wear anything but wblte socks. "Wblto socks, and maybe some gray, and then they came to black, hut who'd have thought they'd ever come to this? I tell you—" and he broke off to yell: "Umpty-ump stree—t! Umpty-ump stree-t!" "Tbe rainbow's a back number now," he .added. December Clearance Extra Special! We offer as an extra special^ Taffeta Silk Pet. ticoats, worth up to S7.50, for...; $3.95 All the Newer Models. If yoUAvant a good suit at a i^-ice which in a great many instances is half the original, come Tuesday and ceelvhat We are offering for Special Offenng of Black Broadcloth and Kersey Coals On Tuesday we offer you choice of about' fifty fine black Broadcloth and Kersey Coats, in a variety of styles, half and full satin lined, every coat is well tailored; some with plain notch collars; others with large collars trimmed with velvet, plush and caracul — every one a useful winter coat and a bargain, from ; Values up to §36.00. i \yQ have an elegant line of -Ladies' and Children's Fiirs at very special prices. to $25.00 Slik and Oilifon Waists I special sale of silk i and cai^.:on Waists, worth lip to ."SG.OO; now R95 SM KiMONAS^ See our beautiful line of Silk Kimonas—a fine showing of styles and coliira— specially priced for Christmas from $5 to ^12.50 Pay Day Extra Spi^iall One lot children's find mifiSes' Coats, sizes up to 16, worth up to ?7.50 ;;C ean-up price 98c SHOES. Of course you will want a nev,- pair ofShoes before Christmas. It will profit you to see our line before you buy. We certainly can please you—hotb in style and price. New Tan Boots. M and 16 button, hi knob toes-, pviccd at .__ Velvet and Suede Boots, medium and high top; per pair. ..^50, $1,50 Patent leather in button and lacu, pricedat *2„50, fS, 9SM, H Gun metal and kid leather, buttim or lace Shoes—now priced .If - $1.7.-,, *•-». ise^n, ^J, SJ3.30 and N SPE(l.\l^.-\ new shipment of IC button gun metal Boots high broad toe last—its a beauty; pricjd r.t only 9U0 (•imJ>KE> S SCUdOL 'SHOIS In gun metal and kid lea.t.h«, hiittoii and hue; a pair.. —-*M«,, Ifl-Vi, »«-iO, and 9&00 A f::ll lint! (f Ovcrsiioo.?, Riibb.jrs, LcKK'ns and Gaiters for women and ciiildrcn iit vcrv Kpednl j.-ricB. JIOI.SK .SMI'I'KHS jnake nl.p thrlstmas presents. Wo have thoiii for Ji :''ii, women and chi'idrcn !n a variety of stylus. Priced at IJ1.W), 11,2.1, «L50 and 9L75 Just received a new shipment of White and Colored Oil Cloth. Motor Regulation* In Japan. The regulations for motor traffic In Japan are neither long nor complicated. In case of a vehicle being In tho street in an unsafe state It is the duty of the police to order It to stop or to allow it to proceed only after defects have been remedied. Speed Is limited to eight miles an hour, save In Yokohama, where tho apeod limit Is six wiles. Motors muct not race. When curs meet they must slow down. When a motor meets a procession, a funeral or flro engines proceeding to a flrc, It most pull up and take another route. Violation of these rules will be followed by flne or ImprlKonmc'it. The regulations arc not quite Eo Draconic &s they appear, for the Japanese streets are very narrow and abound In picturesque and capricious turnlnsK. SPECIAL for Pay p.iy. .•|0«» yards S-rpentine Crepu ~n b.;ii-.tUi".l li'.ip r)i imtifrUB li) iroin. '.V.iith .Tfc'iilfiily -ji'r u ysi:0; ma-cl::} lor Tnea- diiv only, yard ---14c SPECIAL For Tdi^orrow :ind W'tdncs li:.v. Fine ipii.lliy [.'f r-lr-nrhed Muslin—bur leRUlar lOc gi;.,'e; buy it for two days, pi-r yard Se PYUOURlVrilY Vnu can find what yini want here in plain Tie I!i)xrs. (;!ovp Host's. Collar; .nnJ Cuff l5o.\e=. Tic Racl.-s. Hand .Mirrors, .fardinier Stand.s; etc. I'r;ccd r»om .Ic to ^l^i ^t Christmas Gaiiizs You could hardly tfiink [of jinytliing in fJnuves that we can not show you—at very Si.i' prices; fioui , 1 lOc to *2..yj DOLLS ^<-r. our line df l>oll-. We are shDwinR most any kind yu-i t-uuUi wish fur .at priics that arc sure to plejye you. Dolls now priced from ..10c, 2Sr, ."iOf, *1 to i^ FLANNELETTES Our line oi Flanneletios is vcr ycomplete. .A beautiful line of patterns; priced now at. nev yard fdc, f2^if, BLANKETS Don't fail to see our line of P.Iankits before you purchase. It will profit you. Ask to see the big Plaid Beacon Blankets that look anil fee! like v.ool—the finest cotton blanket on the i: nrket. Priced .it Other Cotton Blankets in a larse variety; ;irirL -."190, 7oc, ?1. *1.2."i, *lwl>, l»!2..»» to !i8..".t> SPECIAL ^ One \n\ of iancy Center Pieces ar.ii Scarls in drawn voi!: Slontiuelllch work and eyelet; scdllojied { nd '?.ce trimmed, worth $1.25 and ?l.-"u; ^vcc'.a). your choice 78c n.iisy Ijuffi led Press Patterns for the little tots, of lint Swiss. 27 Inch flouncing, with pi!f;in5 and In.= .-rtlon to match; beautiful patterns;'y priced.-*1.J0, *2*5, $2,50,19.75 RUGS—Spicial bargains In small sizes and room size 'tug:; for Christmas. Fancy Christmas Hosiery—all the desirable colors; pric »d -•- jlOc to tSM Fancy H,-.rd Dags for Ctaristihas; priced from :—- 99c to 910^ All RElINANTSgo at Half Price Just 3 Weeks to do your Christina^ Shopping We Pay Your MILEAGE L J Ghee. Ghee Is used in India as Is butter in America and Kuropc. it is, in fact, butter so prepared that it never be- comcR stale, and there are recorded inaianres of ifs being preserved for a hundred y»nr?. in making ghee, butter Is boiled until all the walciv particles and curds have been tUrow^n oO by repeated Flcimmings. When the liquor has become clear oil. ft is poured Into a vessel to cool. When coaled it is granulated and will fceop for ycira without becoming rancid.—Harper's Weekly- A Blind Man. First Newsboy—See de guy wit de smoked glasses. I jes' sold him a polper an' ho gimme a nfckel by mlsj- :ake. He's blind. Serciid Xcw.^boy—Blind nuttin'; he pulled fait on. tiie yesterday an' de nl'-'kel '.vas ;ifi c.iol. i I'lr:-;: N-'Wi^lcy—Ko'a dls one. De doggo;]*' i-n.'.!:. rolli'.u' u poor newsboy. (JENEV.V. j Nov. 30.—And what have "t? to|be thankful for? Many things *vc hope. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kliowl^on :'.nd dau^Iiter Miss'Myrtle, Mr«s M^ir^ v:iret Knowlton and Miss HjJird. | of lola spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and .Mrs. C. 1.. Knowlton. Henry Frants is viai'.'ng )>Is »on Julius in Western K"ns;in. j Our lltrr;»ry was posiponal for n week QwlnB to TlmnksglvlnK. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Uevrnncq of lola are moving onto the Lieurancc farm. .Mr. and Mrs. Georpe Sherwood will sooM move to the McCartney place near County Line. A number of the schools ar«.' stil! closed on account uf tho small po:- leare. Tlic sick folks in our liurR are getting along nicely at Ihia writing. Kd Pnwcll of Curlylt wji.s in Gi-ne- va today. Grandpa JKll-r receivtd a iiumhe;' of postcards on his birthday last Monday. C. L. Knowlton has his new scale-; in running order now^; also a stocl: of fall soods at reasonable prices. ."•li.' Pearl liloim and Dora:-. Childs while clipping the wings o rotnc chickens were handed n dein' hi-n and clipi'cd the wings only tu discover lo ih<ir asionUhment tha' ihe hen didn't try 'o fly w^ien rcleasei! C. r Knowlioii and Wm. Uradle;- iitit'Bdi 'd lod;;e in lola one night Ins: week and O: L.'being In a huriy to g <t started to town forgot to remove •.hat he calls a coat after greaaing ii p bugpy. 'We.baven't heard whether h" asked for a hand out at lola or not h It he certainly looked the part. Mrs. A. E. Ganaway and Mrs. J. H. I:otise. who have been vlaltlng Mr. ii.ul Airs. F. O. Butler for several days Ir ft this jirternoon for their homea at F;. Smith, Ark. Satisiaetion or Your Money Back AT THE SAMPLE SHOE STORE ^Ve w/II .•»Iiirt row,; Tuoilay, Di :i ("!Pun:nri' >.:tle of all fall ai'd winter Shops fomor- cf-niber . J I !!. iVe will plat-f fitle Ihe folloirlne 'Show ut prlcvs tint will inlerest J"U. Ueiul the Jirices below: ladles' Suede Button Boots' Gqodycjr values ... Lad:c«' Patent Colt. Ornvantnt*' tojv hutii: regular $i.50 ami tT'OO -aluci ... Ladies' hi.qh to)i IC-button liooi.^. '.-i u!ar 5t.(.« values .-; . . . j I-cdles" Velvet ;C. b-.;r,ion.Be its, n :,ii!.-.r Ladies' t-Lors in piifents, sfim r : !"m-.!:.r f<.M an I ^-^ (i-a!iie'= Ijtdies' ir.u .(-A in iiit^i.t:-. vici lad, i<il ^;)ll^^'s _ -L. ). Mlss:'>-' blgli top .Inckey B^ioTs Ui pate 12»L- t-> 2 SI It?;; .-Jjtes gii to 12. Jl Misnes' Phoes in piiiterlB. j»nn metal ai rerit'iar 52 "lO values . Mls?f:R' Shoi^ii ;!i •.'•vi Ljitton nm! C;.;!d.-en'.s Siioes in; po'.'nlp. vi.-i k.'d. values j clt Lijrh arch, regular $':()0 - -. iJiSti a Sliiie.;. 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