Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1974
Page 6
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Page Six SIDE GLANCES HOPE (ARK.) STAR By GILL FOX C 1174 by NEA, Inc . I M Alt U S. Pit. Oft lo-l "Hey, Mom... These are NEAT! They were probably worn out EONS ago!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAH I'M COMFORTABLE T I'LL TELL YOU SO WHAT.' VOL) CAM LIE AW 1 1 AIM'T ABOUT 1 AROUNJp AMP STALL-OFF YOUR CHORES IF VOL) WAWT TO, BUT I'M (SOKJtJA C,BT MIWE FIUISHEP/ IF yDU POW'T HOIST YOUR CARCASS OFF THAT COUCH, LIKE NOW, VOU'RE GOWNA GET A SOIK1G- OVER. WfTH THl£THIkJS FROM HEAP TO TOE.' STORM WARMIM<3& OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE ARE V0U SURE HE ONLY HAS A FEW HUNPREP? HE WAS TELLINfi ME ABOUT50ME (SOLPBUCi MINING 5TOCK/ AW, HE WON THAT T ^TUAL.HE AINT 60T IN A PENNIE-ANNIE I MO MORE FU71. CARP fiAME^ > A BOWUN' BALL! THE OTHER GUY . BUT I CAN TEACH WAS USIN' IT f HIM A, LE550N TO PLUG HIS / WHILE V/E'RE SHOE! A. FRACTION 1 OUR ACT FOR THE BIG TIME/ NEVER WORKS FREE = /O-i EEK&MEEK LISTEN), VDU DOMT HAVE TO SML/B ME ! I'VE SOT OTHER THIWC.S TO DO! IF VCtl DOW7 WAUT ME A JUST SAV SO ! / Hodgepodge Answer to.Previdus Puttie ACROSS 1 Outlaw James 6 Baseball, tennis, etc. 11 Cow, for one 13 Bathhouse 14 Italian condiment 15 Egg dish 16 Little demon 17 Mythological goddess 19 Town (Cornish prefix) 20 Vended 22 Distress signal 23 Lower limns 24 Genuine 26 Horseplay 28 Burmese wood sprite 30 Pacific turmeric 31 Cravat 32 Transposes (ab.) 33 Rages 36 Lampreys 39 Scrutinize 40 Energy (coll.) 42 Dispatch 44 Vehicle 45 Time periods 47 The briny 48 Heart, liver et al 51 Smaller 53 Jaguarlike beast 54 Hospital worker 55 Boy's name 56 Lock of hair DOWN 1 Castes (Skr.) CARNIVAL 2 Captivate 3 Stupid 4 Little (Scot.) 5 Merit 6 School of whales 7 Presidential nickname 8 Kind of milk drink 9 Vigor lOGIuLs 12 Asian nation 13 Spouse 18 Sindbad's bird 21 French revolutionist 23 Rents G3EIQ raran mrara &.Z* I Afcl W E 2 ,B A K 25 Den 27 Simple 29 Storm 33 Sparse 34 Mark to shoot at 35 Indian weight 37 Renter 33 Scoffs 39 Ladle 41 Hawaiian precipice 43 Mends socks 46 Transmitted 49 Mall brew 50 Correlative of neither 52 Steamer (ab.) By DICK TURNER <E> 1974 by NEA, Inc., T.M. Rtg. U.S. Pat. OK. "But 00 know the value of a dollar gallons of gas!" just under two Relax — any video show you miss this fall is already scheduled for next summer's BLONDIE reruns. FLASH GORDON Tuesday. October 1, 19t4 By DAN BARRY •5PPAK UP/ Y HE'S SETTlNS WHAT 8RINS5 ' "-" " Afcu/ you HERE?, coueeEii _ CLOSE, VICKI.'V WE'RE WAV I ATM/ THE, BACK IN K-EAL THING.' THE PAVS OF ANCIENT ROME' V you ARE ^ WHAT'S TMF PDIVATP TRESPASSIN6.V THAT- THE PRIVATE fs. Jf i-tAi iAVI ? GROUNDS OF THE y ^~ —* ITALIAN . EMPEROR/ New job at the hamburger stand: Hiding the hamburger under the pickle chip. The difference between dining out and eating out is about $5.75 per person. FLIP A COIN--IF IT'S HEADS, .YOU PAY THE CHECK-TAILS I PAY By HOWIE SCHNEIDER fo-t I THAT.S MORE I UK£ IT! THE BORN LOSER r ByARTSANSOM «WeW, HEAVEN) FORBID, —L£AVB5 OS, CDM'TSDO ALLEY OOP By DAVE GRAUE SOU'RE RISMT, ( Art' HOW.' ALLEY/ IT IS COMING TOWARD GOOD GRACIOUS.' I NEVER HEARD SUCH A NOISE/ WHAT'LL WE DO? HIGHROAD/ QUICKLY .. ,- IO- I ^ ^ © mt by NEA, Inc.. T.H, Reg. U.S. CAPTAIN EASY THI& \& A &UAP&HOT OF LORD YULE 1 ^ PUTCH / WOTTA By CROOKS & LAWRENCE WHILE AT THE V/LLfl£5B IMW—T/PPV TIPTOM H/^g PUT IM A CALL TO LOWPOW... K THERE ARE TWO AMERICANS I WAWr VOU TO CHECK ON/J Bv CHIC YOUNG """ I'M SORRY MR..DITHERS, BUT I PONY HAVE A COIN TO FLIP WELL, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COIN, YOU HAVE TO PAY JUSTONETIMEI WISH HE'D Jl' _ET ME MAkE UP THE WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI YOU KNOW, MAYBE BEING MARRIED WONT BE SO BAD v AFTBRAUL.. I'LL PLAYGOLF WITH MY PALS EVERY ...AND I'LL JOIN A BOWLIN© LEASUE. HE'S <3OTA LOT TO LEARN ASOLTT MARRIAOF. FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CLATTER WILL BE PAID FOR EACH MONEY-SAVING SUGGESTION '© 1^*4 2> SU me . T M flefl US Pi! On BUGS BUNNY OU* MONfcY- 5AVIN6 IS THAT YOU PAY OUST IO POB.LAR5 fOfK BACH MONEY- SAVING lo -/ By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL WHAT A TANTAUIZIN V TA&LE O' &OOOIES... NICE PARTY, PETUNIA... PRISCILLA'S POP By LARRY LEWIS HIS FAVORITE MAXIM, FOR INSTANCED I WONDER IP HE HAS THE RiSHT PHILOSOPHY ) WHV, FOR A LIBRARIAN S8/MO •2- NEITHER A SORROWER NORA LENDER BE! ByALVERMEER THE PRESIDENT SAYS WE SPEND LESS... MAYBE WE CAN SAVE ENOUGH TO BUY AN OUTBOARD MOTOR' WHAT >> (FORQET IT, A CUTE / \ HAZEL! COAT. :..AND SAVE MORE. 1 1574 g> h£A lac TM. llttl US Pal. On

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