Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOIA'SPAILY REmSTEHr WKDAY^^Vfel^ ^l^SiMM?^!!^ « action. Already the throngs that fill the store daily show and more value could not be crowded into the goods. Ev- . A whole store full of Christmas Goods ready for you. Goods and prices like these demand imm^dia that the spirit of Christinas is in the air. Assortments will never be more complete than they are now erj item stands for the b est in quality and style at the price. , New Scarfs, new Ribbons, all kinds of new Neckwear, new Jabots, new Jewelry, Furs, Hand Bags, ^elts, Gloves—everything new in Christmas Novelties. THE ElisCPAKT LINE OF PRElfe MILLINERY »/2 MARKED PRICE For Christmas Selling $3.00 Ladies' Hats....$L50 $4.00 Ladies' Hats.... $2.00 $5.00 Ladies' Hats... .S2.50 $7.00 Ladies' Hats... .$3.50 $10.00 Ladies' Hats...$5.00 Choice line of New Dress Goods—all wool materials; 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 and up to $1.45 per yard, marked special for Christmas selling. Pretty New Silks—choice patterns and colors; 50c, 75c, 85c and $1.0 Oper yard. A Big Line of Underwear Ladies' Vests. .25c, 35c, 50c Ladies' D'wers 25c, 35c, 50c Ladies' all wool Vests.$1.00 Ladies' all wool Drawers— at $1.00 Ladies' Union Suits, priced at 65c, 75c, $1.00 Ladies' fine lambs' wool Union Suits $3.00 MISSES BIG REDUCTllONS LADIES', CHILDREN For ChriStm^ $10.00 Coats; $17.50 Coats^ $22.50 Coats' ... $25.00 Coats $30.00 Coats $35.00 Coats ^... $40.00 Coats ^.. Misses' and Coats at a big price. ON AND COATS Selling ......$7.50 $12.50 $17.50 $19.75 $24.75 $29.75 ....$33.75 Children's tduction in NEW TAiL(jREJD SKIRTS For Christmas Selling A big shipmenjt just in— ed special, antly tail$5.00 [dressy oc- .... $5.00 endid val- .... $7.50 every Skirt marl .$7.50 Skirts, 'clctj, ored, now .... $7.50, Skirts for casions .1. $10.00 Skirts^sp ues ,.,—.. RI 113 EAST MADISON -Dr. Hull, Usieopnih. Fhoues l^U, Cl'.i E. T. Wilson loft iliis morning ior Wichita for a brief business visit. -^W. C. Teats KtaU.v CV-inpany ! .i.- moved to tlie Kress Building. Oili' e rooms 24 to 24. . Plione 40;». Mrs. Mary Farn.sworsli. of Cas Cry was taken to the Sanitarium S:uuru,!y in a very serious conii;r1 (U!, as result of an illnesis of long siumli-.;:. Mrs. E. W. Jlylcr U-f! this r.fori'.i.';; for points in the souiluvisurn I'i'.r: u' the county to iusjieci schools. Claude Nigh, who has Ix 'U h- ri- r.iv a Thanksgivihg vi.sit niuni'tl I 'li.-; morning to Kansas rnivcTsUy. Mr. and Mrs. .1. Ti-li.rts i -i 'iut! ••:! Saluriay from KIk F.ills wlicri- il;'.-. niadu a short visit with fririi<!s. Aitormy Onks, of ()s\v<>;o is in ;:; cily today on buBincus. Harvey Howard returned Saturday afternoon from a brief visit in liui- I 'oria. Hobert Walls, a weU-known colored man of tlii.s city who is usually knawn !;y the sobriiniet of "Sporty r .ob" is ;< ported to be v.-ry low at the hos- ! ila!. Mis roadition was such that an <^'ip: yesterday v.a.'- necessary ! u! t<::.~ '.v ;;s r.c, f<'i!/'v .t'; by a inarkod tlii '.n .L'L' for the buner. .Mtss Mildred Manley, who has been f! tlie ciiy vi.-iitin.i? her I'arenis .since T);anks .L 'iviiiji. returned this morning .If iier .-tudies at Kansas University. —on. O. L. cox, OcnlM. A'ber! .Ifosnr. of f'-e country west ' of loia. leturii. d !:'..-> ni,-,!:! ;'ii.;r. a i ri. ! i ;i ;.;nt>s lo IJutitr (oiiuty. ! • .M'.rl F'.ids of Coffcyville. is in I c;.y for a i'l'lcf visit witli frleuds. 1 l^ewis, Xorthrup who has been home fof a ThanksgivinK visit returned to Kansas University Saturday^/ —W. C. Teats Realty Company has moved to the Kres.<; BuildJnp. O-ffice rooms 24 to 24. Phone 409. —Follow the rroHiis ii!:d a-o lo (lie Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Iiavis of 408 South Third slreci ar«' tiu' ents of a boy born Siitnrilay nifiht. Harvey Rldfie r(Hirn''(! iliis morning from a visit with !jis i :iri nts Augusta, Kas. Miss Katherine Dennis, fori. .civ this city, but now of lTvi";-.T :ii'-r'- •. stopped off this mornin'.; for a t visit with fri.nds, enrouto to B.-.V: r after visiting her panints. Clyde Fullpr. who has been fa?!::-r for the lola Ruff Factory for the iia-t year will leave tomorrow for Eldorado, Kansas, where he w:;! make hi.=! haoihe. • ^ • '•'IIIIK! and ><< e the latest ii ;i -(o-d!itc ' Nliiri'. and >oiitts every niehi. l>on'( .onrel flic die aniati-iir iilclil«. iter) luc ^dat and Krldiij. Fiw feiits In evejj liiidy. Tlie (•rtind Is file oiilj . nhiri' III limii tvlilrli roniiilys HI(I» JIte : Slate Ordlti.-iiu'i' tilth rei-'itrd lo fin- iiid fre^li :ilr. 1) .A. llouser drove down yesKni-iy ;:"in Kan;as City in a new .Mitcliill 'er for Or. O. L. (;arlln;;liou ^p. I Dr. (JarilnKliouHOi recently .sold ill' ; Overianf' tearing car to T. B. Shan' Don. .>tr. iT.ii Mrs. Aimacost, I-iz/.ie .'wi !;air .-r and Mr. Kruce .\rmaco.t. of iJo 'ilah, this .= tate. have come to lola to umUe their home. A member o!" the Metbpdist church of vhicli the fr;:'^v a;e members, has written Ine !Iri;.ipr a letter of introduction in wliich recret is e.vpres.s-ed because of their depariiire. The young peoiilo took an active part in church work in Fieulaii. NEW Kr.SSl,l> 113 EAST MADISON LADIES' SUITS For Xmas Selling $17.50, $20, $25 and up to $35 Suits for. .$14.95 PE6 MLEB LOSESIPPEIIL SUPREMT^ COURT WOULD SOT HEED A TECHNICALITY. Butlrr't) Fine, Jail Sentence and Be- Havior Bond Uph(>ld^£ffort to Get Parole. _ The mandate of the Supreme Court in the case of Peg Butler, who was tried at the January IDIO session, oi; the district-court and found guilty of maintaining a nuisance, has been received and entered on the court records. Butler appealed on a tecb- nlcality, an error, by the prosecution in locating the place where the alleged nuisance was maintained,^ but the Supreme Court held that while the error existed It did not throw any shadow of donbt on the findings of the trial and that the decree of the lower court should be carried out. The trial In the district court developed the error in question. Butler was accused of selling liquor on hla place, described as part of the northeast quarter of section 3, township i 24, rangs 18, which Is some five miles north of town, whereas Butler's place is south of town. The rest of the description, however, locating him between the Santa Fe right-of-way and [ the public highway was correct and the rest of the testimony showed that tho place was south of Kim Creeki Evidently relying on the loud cry that tho courts are fond of technlorfl- Itles on which to evade justice, an ap- \iettl w (iB taken. First an effort was made to quash the caso hero on tho same xround and wMlo Judi;o Foust was flomewhut displeased nt tho care- loBsneBH, he tried the case and H «nt- encod Itutler to spend two months In Jnll. to pay SlOU line and tho coatii and to Klve;$200 bond for good behavior for two years. Tlie supremo court afllrmed the lower court's decree. In tho mandate the following syllabus was written by Judge Mason: "In a prosecution for a maintenance of a liquor nuisance an error In the Information In describing the place la immaterial, whero If the erroneous portion is rejected there still remains an accurate description, and no actual prejudice results to the defendant.", An effort is being made to obtain a parole for Butler. .IIU.VSSVIJOR WIFI r Glenn I.«iwyer, AUa. Tanner and Eddell Jones v.-ho have been lure over Thanksgiving returned this morning to Maniiattan wherei th"y are attending the Agricultural College. —Dr. McMillcn. Pliones 33 and iSi. . Members of St. .Tohn's church an' interested in plans for the annual l.'u- j zaar which ladies of the .\ltnr sa- 1 cioty will hold in Masoni<; hall fon"~.r- row. A chicken dinner and spppcr will be served and refreshments of | sandwiches and coffee will be provid-1 ed for evening visitors. S'-v. r;! boo'lis, are being ereef^d for the aceommodn- ' 'Ion of a stock of enibroldery'and olh- or needle work. The person who cm ssf s correctly the number of seeds !n a pumpkin the Iiostesses have s<- tw'.cil will !:et a handHome quilt. 'I'lii- most Inleri 'Stlnp; fcaiuro of Ih" bazaar Is a diamond ring conl'-st in which .MISH Edna Vouni? and .Miss KiUlierine Comau are participating. Attorne.vs In the caRo are preiiarinir for .1 h^arlns In tl -.e Rov.e divorci- case in the Anderson county court, •.vhere it was taken on a chan-se of venue. Probate Judge Smith today made known tht fact thai on Novenib'-r 17 Inst ho united in inarriaF*" Charles Warman and v:tli;l May Gardner, V-oth of lola. He k'-pt the marriage secret at the reqnest of the contracting parties. Miss Jaunita Herr will give an informal i)arty tonighl for niomb«rs of the K. C. club to which she belonss. Register Want Ads Oet tho niz- Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Military Sets — Nice Presents for Either Ladies or Gentlemen. \ Call in and see our assortment of Holiday Goods G. A.LEFFLER, JEWELER Phone 1^5 'eit Madison Miss Zella Stewart and Miss Steiner of Yates Center, are in the city today visiting friends. . . Mrs. E. T. Diestlehopst of Wichita, "who has been here for a visit with f her parents. Dr. and sirs. J. B. Manley, retdmed to her home today. —You will find that druggists every where speak well of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. They know from long experience in the sale of it that In cases of coughs and colds it can always be deepnded upon, and that It is pleasant and safe to take. by all dealers. ' ... MAKX BEALE Philosophy of the. Uncuccenfut. We are perhaps too prone to get our Ideas and standards of worth from the successful, without reflecting that the interpretations of life which patriotic legend, copy-book philosophy, and the sayings of the wealthy give as, are pitifully Inadequate for those' who fall behind In the race. Surely the'-" are enough people to whom the task of making a decent living and' maintaining themselves and their families In their social class, or of winning and keeping the respect of their feliowB, Is a bard and bitter task, to make a pbllosopby gained through personal dlaablllty and failure as just a^d true a method of appraising the life., around as as the cheap optimlam of' the ordinary profeailonal man. And cortainly a kln<*.lier, for It bs« no shade of contempt or disparacenent about It.—AtJantIrt With thp romlnK of Middle Afe ' —There Is a letting down In the physical forces often vhown in annoy: Ing and painful kidney and bladder ail mentft and urinary irregularities. Fo-' ley's Kidney Pills are a splendid regulating and strongthening medicine at such a time. Try them. J. D. Mun- dlB & Go. Washington, D. C. Dec. l.-^-TIie Itu.'^sian Amba-ssador, George ISukuit .'icular significance just now when is at its height. Ambassador BuTJuiof twenty-five years ago he was cije oi at that time married Mi.-:s Mar} He is a sister-in-law of Admiral Dfiwey": transferred to Europe, having ^eld n.atic circles. He was transferred I: —We wish to call yonr attention t<| the fact that most Infectious diuease such as whooping cough, dlphiherii and scarlet fever are contracted wiiei the child has a cold. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy v.lll quickly • oure cold and greatly lessen the danger ol contracting the?e diseases. This remedy is famous for its cure« of colds- It contains {GO opium or other" narcotic, and juf)' be given to a chUii with JSAKMETIEFF arrival here a few days ago of the new Jtieft v.-ilh hl.s Aniericuii wifu is of pai- he .lewish passport question in Itu .'Jsia I 'iV Is no stranger in \V'a:-Uing!oa. .Iii-j! he .oecretaries at the here and o. sister of Mrs--. John R. A'cix-an, who wife. Soon after his marriage he |\arioiis positioiia in the Kiis.^iau diplo- 6ni the Japauefic post heru^ We Are Still jMaJdiig 1 , Nothing would be nicer one of your Photos-i-beai* nifies excellence. GlBSOM*!» STUDIO implicit confidence. Sold by all dealers. —.A Des Mi.if.o!. man haQ un attack of muscular r..e(;matism in his shoulder. A friend :.Cvisad hini to go to Hot Springs. That meant au expenpe of $1 ."0.00 or more. He aousht for a quicker and cheaper way to cure It and found it in Ciiamberlain's Liniment. Three days after the first application of this liniment he was well. Fox sale by all dealers. the **Smta fe t>e^%me" ©ncc a wccft,tbls winter, beginning December twelftb. 0nls sittlS'tbict boms on tbc wag, Hn ejtra tare is cbargeb. palatial train ol steel nxt^ttnme curs, bvdit ttom special Dcstfiits. Compattment, fttawinfl- xoom anb obsetvation pnllmans, clut> cat and JSveve travel lajune, IncluWitfl batb. Connection for 6tan0 Cati'son of Brtjona. I>esctiptive art bcoftlet onteciixest* W.E.RAhSTON FhoneSlo lo\a,Es. Photos (or Children to give your friends than ing our name—which sig- Jtaken of Photos tlmt Please

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