Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 11, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1943
Page 2
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HOM STAR.-H-dM, Tuesday J^yJJl WL-^ o e Star |H<*M, 1899; Pr*M ^, 19X9. •%»j 4ft wy n •:x-St* Ptfetefttntf co. iftc. s'PoIrtwf and Ate*. H. Woshburn) • tM(dir». 212-2)4 South Wolntrt «1f**t, Hope Ark. lii n tii - miLL-LiL m-j- - t MiMim, ptttfeMt WASHBURN, tdHar am) Publl»K«r — ••- • I! «& second ttass matter at the .„* fit Hop», •ArttOh&aa, urtdef th« .March 3, 1897. S{APl—Means Associated Press "Aeons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. bttrlptian Rd»» (Always Payable In " e). By tfty carrier, per week 15c; *. Nevada, Mawfird, Miller ana rtuntfej, $3.50 per year; else- J&.50. 1 Th« AuoctafM Press: the Press Is exclusively entitled to tot republtcatton of all news dls- rtediffed fo It or not otherwise in this paper and also the local published herein. s'Nalionol Advertising R«pre«tntotlv«— nfehsas Dottle*, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn., SWKk Buitdmg, Chicago, 400 North Mich- Km- AvefH*i N*w York City, 292 Madison M4fD«tfain Mfch., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; ijOMrata City. 414 T«frnina1 IBdg.; 'New Means, 722 Union St. Hold Everything Guadalcanal Diary Based on the f foe-Month BY RICHARD TREGASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS BY I, B. HAZtLfON '^Hustle up, Joe—you'll be late for'inspection!" SIDE GLANCES ByGalbraith "A pin-point of light appeared in the sky." S \TURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12-\Vhen somebody came into our tent at about nine o'clock last night and shouted, "Get up fellas, we're moving up the ridge," we did not waste any time, but grabbed helmets and shoes and dashed out. Only a few minutes later, from the ridge-top, we saw a pinpoint of green light appear in the sky to the north. The light spread into the glow of a tlare, and then we heard the mosquito hum of a Jap float plane. It was "Louie the Louse,"—a generic name for any of the Jap planes which come to annoy us at night. Louie flew leisurely, as he always does, dropping flares. "A shell whizzed overhead and crashed ..." And then we saw flashes of naval gunfire coming from the direction of Kukum. A shell wlii/zcd over our heads nnd crashed a few hundred yards back. There was a second's pause, and then more Mashes followed, so continuously that the sky seemed to be flickering constantly, and the shells whined overhead almost in column. They kept cum- ins,' for minutes on end, skimming over the trees under which we were lying. We simply lay there clutching the side of the ridge anil hoping the Japs would continue to tire too hit;h. Our observation posts reported that tour Jap warships "Our batteries banged incessantly." were swinging back and forth offshore, bombarding the beach line. The shelling finally stopped, and the small arms fire dwindled. Hut we did not go back into the valley. I slipped my poncho over my head, put on my mosijiiito headnet and my helmet, and lay down cm the top ot the hard ridge to sleep. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER H-Shortly after midnight the din of tiring became tremendous. Our batteries were banging inccuiantly, fire from the direction of the Raider lines swelled into a cascade of sound, and Louie the Louse "Reinforcements are on the way up ..." was flying about the pitch-black sky dropping his flares. \Vc were drawing up a strong skirmish line on the ridge- top. Reinforcements were on their way up. \Vc knew that the Raiders, (Col. Edson's people, out on the ridge, had their hands full, and that a major Jap effort to break through our lines and sei/e the airport had begun. Snipers were tillering in. Ricocheting bullets whistled among the trees. We plastered ourselves Hat on the ground. A stream of tracer bullets arched through the trees from behind us. It seemed now that the Japs were all around.,,. (Continued tomorrow) KiiiK Pea turn Syndicate, Inc. 'lext copyright, 1913, by Unmlum Home, Inc. Distributed by Klne FcRturua Svmlii-alc in i-.i-nnprmlnn ivlth the Onak-nf-the-Monlh Club. Inc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople PSOU'ME BHEN AN *&#• WELL, x&( INTERIOR DECORATOR., \( MRS. WDOPLE.Y VOO DOLL<=>/-~ HO\M Y\ X SUGGEST A LeUT T'fA <KVVMD ^ COULD T. MODERNI7.E- y/ GFsNSES GREEN)\ |M6 BACK, THIS Gf\N «\0'S LN1NG I/ -"-THPsT'S DEL-^ HERE: LiKE.rf ?-^iT's 60 OLD-\ icpcre, OOT- / THBTOWM \ \MOULT>rvJ ( T ) DOOR.SV ANiD j^ PU^P-"- HOVJ SB SURPRISED TO J \J|V/\CIOOS J/ /V3OL>T AvM VOUR. «•'•:{ iKTVRODUCTlOKi •DR/^PE^ )- \ TOTI-U9, COULD y i pEf "•• Be-^. A > LIT- 1 MUlv rr^^' By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY FUNNY BUSINESS SAV, WILL YOU LET ME HAVE EATIOW BOOK ? INJ (\N)D PlMO BUPFA.LO BILL. S\TTIMG <*a&\a.3c3c^_ ll con _ ,,43 IVNVA'SIUVICI. INC. T. M.'I<'EG."U'.'S.>'»T. tiff'"' 1 '! '•' '* '"."/,("/,':"><i//f<i'/'^,l •CQPg. 19*3 BY MEA^EHVICE. I"C. T. M.-R6C, U. S. PAT. OFF. "Why, you con clean the attic in no time, George—just " you're a commando 'like our boy, wiping out a machine ffun nest!" THE PAeSPOET "It works swell! 1 yel in my trap drumming practice and spring cleaning at the same time!" By Fred Harmon Punishment Coming Up Bombs Away By Roy Crane OH, VOISE. OWE--- ' LITTLE BEAVER. FlNSD THIV SAW OS! THEV't/E flOME 'UMOERt •••TWENTy-PIVE... TOO LATE FOR A CLASS "A" ATTACK:... BUT NEVER MIND! 61VE ^MFOUR! ^5. PROOF OUR CHIEF TREFAWE FOR CRASH PWEl Thimble Thoafer Donald Duck Thy Name is Woman! By Waif Disney I'D LIKE- TO TAKE L /A PUT'S THE LITTLE POTATOES HE TALkED PIGI4TOUTAM r AST F W'EM IT COMES TO /TELL-vOU WHAT, I'LL GO 'J ,-JP 1 BORROW A CA\\EC?A ANDJJ A COA\E C?1GHT OVEF? AND tf PICTURE" TAKE TOUF? PICTURE FV(OHIFIME!' WITH IT?; i WOW. WHAT A BEAUTY! THAT'S A f?ECOf?O'BP?EAKE!?! MO-5T WOMEN MARRW 'ERj m ELLf t p cypu pp. OH.H6LLO- -__ yAMD QARDEMIMQ?!^^ , TQ -^ g WOU DIDN'T J A'BEAinVi' WHY/ IT LOOKS JUST A PUAIN FISH^ (PRAPS HER RIGHT) IF DON'T, MOU'LL UJIGH WOU < DID ) A Flier in the Ointment. By Chic Young The Truth of It By V. T. Hamlin XH COK16RATULATIOMS, j ALV/IW VOU'RE t-^ AKJ ACE I j-J THAT'S ««, r SMOULP SAV NOT/ WOTMIMG r THAT'S SOMETMIMG ALV/IN GOT EI6HTZEROS )||l" IM HIS 6EO6RAPHV E'/AWINATIOM TOPAV MM SPITE OF RECORD, OSCAR, J.M COMVIMCE.D VOU'VE. REALW GOT SONAETHIMG WILL. BE A. GREAT AID TO OUR KJA.TIOK) AMD IP GLAPLV HELP YOU GOTO ITALV FOR THIS VITAL ALLOY... IF OMLV I HAD THE ASSURAMCE OF GOVERWMEMT SUPPORT FOR SUCH ACTIOM ISM'T MV BEINJG HERE PROOF Of THAT? HOW ELSE; DO VOL) THINJK. i GOT OUT OF JAIL IF THEY WEREN'T SOLD ONJ KAY IDEA? YES/fHATS RIGHT/ OKAY, OSCAR... ILL. DO IT...I'LL HAVE VOU OW THE. WAY WITHIN TEM MINUTES POYOU TO GET TO . B£AKI r ' /*. J-P— ^ TO BE ASMAA/EP OP, IS IT POP? TO ee PROUP OF YEZZIR.WARDEW, TH' NEXT THIM-3 I KSJEW...VVHOOSH.TH' DAMG COMTCAPTIOM HAD GOME. RI&HT UP THROUGH TH' ROOF WITH 7117 IWSIDE IT.' HOMEST, DCC, YOU KNOW I HAVE.' THAT G A WEW HIGH IM DIZZY V WAYS TO BREAK JAIL' Sing or Be Socked Freckles and His Friends By Merrill Blosser Boots and Her Buddies By Edgar Martin WHERE'O Y-U GET YOUR. INFORNAATIOM ABOUT THE" VEILED LADY AND ROOM IO5? MAKE IT LOUD 1 WAI-IT THEM TO HEAR. YOU / NOT THAT/.... HOMEST KEEP STALLING.' ID / J BUT I KNOW A WAY TO MAKE YOU TALK .' YOU MEAN TH — THE THIRD n DEGREE?

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