Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1911
Page 2
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Ladles of the Methodist church are expecting their bataar tomorrow to be a pleasant social alTair as.well aa a Buccpssful financial venture. The bacaar is being managed by the Aid aorletjr and will b© held afternoon and evening at the Y. M. C. A. building. Supper, will be served to the public. The booths vlll be as follon-s: Aprons—Mrs. W. C. Teats and Mrs. C. C AuBhorman. Kmbroidery—Mrs. L. C. Bently and Mrs. T.. P. Stover. Doll) and baby booth—Mrs. John Fuust and Mrs. 13. F. Robinson. Food Exchange—Mrs. O. W. Holmes and Mrs. C. O. Holllngcr. Chinese Cnrloa—Mrs. 1'. O. Hanson and Mrs. rhilllt) Hcigelr. Confpclionery — SlunUurd n «'iirfrB Society. f + • Thr soml-iinnuni liirllnlJiy cclobrn- Iton of thr Mothers' <-lub will tnlcp place Wndnoflday nflornoon. Tlio club will nsanmble ut nulldprs' rhiip- el nt ihc H8ii;il hour nnil iiftor an iM>- proprlnto procmm an rlnbornto birlli day Bprond will bo sorvcd. Kviry six months the club RIVPR n blrfhdny p-ir- ty for thdte who havo had annlvorBa- rlps dnring that time. The mombor- ship of the club is too largo to permit of individual rclebratlons and aorac one suggested the plan of a seml-nn- nual party, whicli has j)rovon a hap- ny solution of the entertainment problem. The program on win be; dlRpoRp of stock and implements and the family I'xpects to come to town and enjny a leisarely future. i^alurdny night a company of neigh bors and several friends from tola and I.aHarpe gathered at their home and had a (leligtitful surprise for Mr. and'Mrs. (Jeronomo. A bountiful sup- l)or was served. Those present were: .Mr. and Mrs. Gilford and children, Mr. and Mrs. Englsh, Mr, nnd Mra. Wednesday | Cushlleld. Mr and Mrs. A, LL Bverett. .M."-. and Mrs. John, Shaw. From Jola: Roll call—Bihhday Scrintwrp trxts. l,*sU'r GUmore, Clarence Young, Mr. Reading—Mra. Peck. ' and Mrs. D. 8. Sarver, Marvin and Paper— "Mv Mothers' Hirtliilay," , Mildred Cuniniings. From lAHarpe: Mra. A. F. Florenre. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Hartley, Miss Kf- Paper—"The Childrcns' Hirthday," tie Malcom, Mrs. Rachel Carver of rjuNE ^giNT BUTTER COLOK The only butter color that will produce the correct June tint. Will never turn rancid or give butter.' when cheesy color. old, B reddish. Price 25c. BURREirSK llic Uexnll Store West Side of tfiTS^iftre Mrs. E. F. nav • Hostesses who will servo the r"- fresbments will be members who were honored guests at the last party. •> •:• •> Sedalia an'l Mr. Loster Shaw of Kansas City were also present.. * • •:• Miss Mildred Swigart who spent the Thanlisglving vacation at her home here, returned to Pittsburg ycs- The Working society will have a meeting at the Presbyterian church terday. tomorrow afternoon at half past two j * * + o'clock. Following the Imsiness _ ,„ „ ... . ., meeting the executive committee will I Jhe C. }\ B, M of the CJir.stlan ^ggj ° , church will be eiitertamed Tupsday ^ ^ nccenibcr twelfth at the home of .Mrs. -What wonld'be more apprrprlate '-T^nnson. instead of tomorrow after- for a Christmas present—nothing un- noon- ,^ der the sun—than a fine Photo of the **' * latest and most up-to-date style.— l.oynl women of the Christian Huffman Studio. • cliurch are planning a sewing parly •S» • •:• 'for Thursday afternoon. They will The PrlsplllB club will be enlpr- j nicel at the church nni make u .luilt. talned on Wednesday nflprnoon by ^« ,.^H'T„V Roverend J. 11. Price delivered a Acres residence^ln Acres Park. j morning nt the First Methodist „„. „„ * * • ,, . • church. The oiTering will be given in^.r^Jl™ . ? '"••""•r- i Ihn furlheninc... of Its plans. Ing to move to loin. An iiucllon sale Ii to be held nt the farm tomorrow to * <• Thipp elassPH of ilie Y. W. C. A., the Bibfe clajis, the buBineas girPB gynnasinm clasa aad the bow^IIng. club, will be given a party in the association rooms tomorrow night. The entertainment committee had a meeting Saturday night and planned details] but are keeping their arrange ments secret in order to surprise the guests: The customary sapper for the Bible class v/ill occur at 6:15. Dr. HIlsRhjar hB» other arranbtmonfs which wfli pk-cvGTit his lecture to the class. ^ •>•>•> Miss Hallie Irving returned to Kan 8«8 City yesterday- after a visit with her mother and sUter here. + + •:• Miss Mande Minrow, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Mitchell fcvernl days has returned to her work I at the State Normal in I'^mporia. * <• •:• Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Kletn will siv a imrty tomorrow niplit for Mie .V-I I'nesday euchrn club insipui' -if V.'i.'diiBi day night, as IK the iiiHtoin. Mrs. A. F. Florence entcrlnlnef' with a family dinner party Saturdaj night In honor of her danghter, Mrs Land, who Is hero from Yntes Center- The other guests were Mr. and Mrr J. K. Ho'iin. Mr. and Mrs. Mnnfor RIcketlH, Mr. nnd Mrs. Fostor Flor nnce Mr. and Mrs. K. X. Jones ant family. •> •:• •> —The ladle!* of SL JohnV clinrrl will linve II Ii2i»iar nn Tnwday, DP- renilirr filb, nt tite JTii ««nIc IlalL Hem: (Ifnl and useful nriirles fnr \nia- pr«fent«.. rhlrken dinner ami i««p- nor. niainond ring routest will clo#r linmnr. 4 * • The matrons pvmnasinm CI.MSS wil have the usual drill at h .^lr iiast tv;. o'clock tomorrow afternoon in th' Y. W. C. A. rooms. "> •> , The n .nptist Aid Society will bo en fertnined a^ the home of Mrs. J. O Mundon n<-xt Thursday aitenioon. •> -i- The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the First Methodist church will not mept on tho approaching Wednesday because of tho bazaar which will be an event of Tuesday The society will be entertalnofl Tues- .iay afternoon December thirtipth, ai the home of .Mrs. 'Osborne In the II brary building. • • • STr. and Mrs. N. I'arish, who have been visiting their daughter. Mrs. F A. Wasner have returned to Uieii home in Yates Center. « • 4" .tnrlent riilnii TurioK. VaFes 2"i0 ye.ir8 old, coins 200 yearp old. Incensf burner fi'OO years old bonutlfiil band made Inces and embroideries. Dozens of Chinese Souvenirs. Visit Kuth Kwlng -llnnRon'!' liDotli at tlip Metlioillst Baxaar Tues •lay nt Y. M. C. A. *** Mrs J. R I,ninb loilny rr«clved i G;,iPgCEMBER 4/1911. '«v Ma ¥erjr Special Values at $5100,. $7,50, $10.00, $12.50 and $16 I •••,\ If Great aOAK Values. Long Coats in black, grey and brown; neatly trimmed, nil size, A'sso well m big vol , extra special. .$5.00 •ted Long Cloaks- jide, in newest styles; collars, plain or fancy matlerials; a great bargain ai $7.50 Fine i m .spleudid quality, all wool oth, lined through- atly trimmed; sale $10.00 brqfudc out, pric Coats , niiitori sold al: long black Coats- A wonderful collection of of plain and fancy 3 —coats worth and season at $17.50; reduced to ..$12..50 Novelty Coats, also black imported broadcloth; sold all season up to $27.00; reduced to .$17.50 Special Seal Plush Coats, full length, worth $18.50— while they last $13.50 Extra special $17.50 handsome Silk Seal Plush Coats, satin lined, worth $22.50; on sale $17.50 50 children's and misses' satin lined Caracul and Figured Plush Coats, sold up to $12.00; while thev last $6.95 ExtraMnaryiTailored Suit Offering. Our entire stock at one- half to one-third less than true value. Every WatoK Gu&ran m Rtisb of Piday .trade i$ Bemomtratind the strength and por/uion rif this great store, by ginng Christmas shoppers the freshest and best classified stocks in t!:is c:!y, the greatest values that hone^ mercantile industry provides. WE BUY DIRECT FSOK HEADQUARTERS AND SAVE YOU THE MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT CHRISTJAS GIFTS BOFGHT XOVi WILL BE LAID AWATTJ.VriL YOC WAyTTUgM 916180 — Guaranteed 25 yr.. O. F., 16 alze, Elgin or Waltham. tSLlO—Guaranteed 20 yr., O. F.. 16 size, Elgin or Waltham. W2.75 — Guaranteed 20 yr., O. F.. 16 slse, 151, ElgT nor "Waltham. CATALOG We want- you to see the new edition of our illustrated catalog, because there is more to show and say. We send, it free to ^ay address. i ».10— Guaranteed 20 jrr., O. F., 18 sise, Elgin or Waltham. M*. Fab, 8ute«»«a« K K. A T. iraUkTuvMtoa Man Orden PronpUr Filled Anything pictured here forwarded immediately, postage prepaid, on receipt of the price—delivery guaranteed. large box of iipplcs from her mothi-r, Mrs. HjiyncH, of Spoltane, WnshliiK- ton. The .(.Dples were exhibltei'l nt (he fruit slidw there tills fiili jmd-oth- rs from ih<- same lot aold for', ton -enfa .-aeh. Many of the iipiilea are tieven iiiiil (ine-liiitr inihi's in clr6uni- ference. •:• •:• •:• —FoHnn tie rronilN nnd KO ttt (lie <ntiiil uiid -ee thv lutfut up-l»«diife llelllre.^ unil xmiTN vwry nlvhL Itnu*t "orifet Uie hli.- unintenr niffhtii p .»erjr ruoHdnf nnd Krhliiy. Khi> rentM to reryliud). Tlie iirnnd \% (he ioiily lure III liinn itiileli i-oniplys nidi 11:'.* 4fntr Ordiimni-r nllli repird l«. fire ind air. •> •:• •:• —liannn « riarvey wnlchmii'lvprs •id masters of time iiicces. Diamond eVlnn; an<l Jewelry repairing Re- )alrinK skilfully o.^ecnteil. Hnrr.v u|i Icwelers for hurry up peojile. No. 3 Vorth Jefferson Street. •> •:• Mrs. V/m. Aheivathy, of Kansas ' "ity ta here risifing her mother Jfrs. A. Kronk. Mr*. Abemathy mmo iTe from Mtlle Roek. Ark., he hart been visiting friends. •> •:• * —Kollon the rrnndx and (fo lo llir •nind and see (he I.-iteKt up -to -dule drinres nnd songs eVery nlffht; ITon't orpet fite l»Iir amntenr nights errry Tiiesdsiy nnd Friday. Fire cents la Yerjiiody. The Gmnd Is Ihe only 'Iiire in lown whlrh romplys with the •Jfale nrdlniinre with reenrd lo fire .nd fresh nir. Miss Bessie Tipton has invited Rev. rmd Mrs. C. W. Xau nnd mombers of he choir of .St. Timothy's church to be her guests nt an informal party nn Thursday evening. •:- • Dnughters of the Kinr^ will hare a '•neeting at 3 o'clock Friday affcr- noon, at the rectory, 214 north Waljint ?treet. At four o'clock the missionary uxillary of f!if church will serve, a ••a. Visitors other thnn members' of { • he church will be cordially welcomed. <i "> •> —Dr. Wirt, Osfeopatli, Tel 487, 388. + + • The Sundny school of the Reformed I church will have several mpMlngs his week to rehearse music for the I Christmas program. Tin? exerci9''a , n'ill not bo In organlifd form but the j urogram will consist of iiiiislc and up- i ;iroprIate rccltutlona. • I •:• •:• ••• -11 Thp choir of th" I'nitMl nrelhf>n I church and members of the Sunday school win Ring n caniaia, "The CQ^m- I 'ng of the King," Christmas night'nt I he chnrch. Those who will take iijirt vlU meet nt the church tonight Jor •he first rehearsal. ; • •:• •> The American Woman 's I.enguo \jrill ;in »e the fortnlehtly mpetlng tomorrow afternoon nt the home of Mrs; C. 'f. Reynolds,- 60r. South Buckeye street. Mrs. Reynolds expects •' to 'oave soon for New York City to mak-^ her home. Her husband and ; »on have been theer for some months 4nd this will be Mrs. Reynolds' last meeting with the I.«ngue. * • Mrs. P. H. Troutman, 423 East jjick eon, will havd the Missionary socfety fif the Reformed church on Thursday afternoon for their December pw>- Papers will be IntrospectjTe, anticipating actlrltles of 1912. Oprm ETMtlnga Vntll XOBML —There's a charming grace and finish when Hanna & Qarrey Jewelrt is worn. The dealgsa and appeatamce both reflect dignity and ease. | The I ,variety is extensive. None can cxieel- We take pride In serving the latfiea.of olH and vicinity?—Hanna & Bir^ey I No. » Korth Jeflermo Are. _) SCHOOLS GIVE TO THE POOR Moiiey, Clothhiir and Grorwies Ho- nnted to Help Needy Families. The board of directors of the Or- iihiins' Home has compiled n list of donitlloni which city schools niiule on Thanksgiving day. The orrerings were made with tho understanding that (he Home authorities should ^- vlde with the Hoard of Charities, whiith is caring for several Indigent riiinllli'S. The contribution to the Homo will provide, the inmates with iinple and fancy groceries for a number of weeks and tho supplies which 'he poor families received brightened many homes on Thanksgiving day. Garlleld school gave all of Its donations to the Board of Charities. Donations from the other schools to the •wo Boards were: lUch Hehnol— rinsh $21. JeiTerson Sthool— Cash JC.OS. •Xfi cans canned goods. 16 packages brf^kfast food. 1 bushel potatoes, 1 bushel npples. I.'') glass jars fruit. 1!> glasses jelly. 2 heads of cabbage. 3 cans condensed milk. 1 can com beef. 2 p;irk:n;rs raisins. 9 bars "soap. Grapes oranges, bananas. 1 dirck. Rice, sugar. Hour. • 2 loaves bread, lothing. nVa ^bington school- Cash $1.96. 2 bushel potatoes. 2 packages breakfast food. 48 quarts canned goods. 10 glasses jelly. 1 package walnuts. 1 package pop corn. 1 bushel apples. 2 bo.xes raisins. 1 peckage onions. Turnips, cookies, soap, clothing. tinroln school- Cash $3.!)8. .'•S cans canned fruit. One-half bushel apples. 1 package turnips. fi packages oat meal. 7 glHSSirs jelly. One-half bushel potato<'S. 1 pumpkin. fcKlnley School— Cash $1.08. 1 bushel potatoes. One-half jicck popcorn. One-half peck apples. 48 cans catincd goods. Eggs, lemons. 4 pumpklna. COXniKSIONERS IN SESSIO.V. Coiinfy Board Looking After Itcgiilur roiiniy Business. Tho board of county commissioners convened In regular monthly se.i- slon today. The llrsl bUBlnesa was nn .nll-h.'inds-roiind joshing of Chalr- iiian George Reynolds, ivcrylioily ordering 11 generous suiiply of grocirl'ii from his tu'W store In liiiiiiholdt. Tin- board then begun wiidliig Info regular grist of blllH. and ub.o look uji tho tax rehal(! (IUCHIIOIIH. Thlii (i,r- ternpon u delegation of lolu bunliii's;< men, who assert that ilic llrsl hnnv.-- ledge they had that ilieir aHsessimritii hud been hiked h-ii lo tw. tiiy per cent was when thi-y foiinM the f.ui Bol forth in the IilKbrr v:i!'i:il![)n .mil levy. Whether thfy <:::• i;':<••• ili • board to make any ciianKi- "ow or whether the board has any control now remains to bo seen, the heariiiK coming to late for a report in toUay'.s paper. T(» FOItECLOSE JIOKTGAGK. Emma Dentun, .Vdniinistnitrix, Brings Action. Emma Dtnton, administratrix of-the estate of K. H. .Marian, deceased, b.:s filed-an action in the district couri ! asking for the sain of lots 11 and I'Jl j in block 1, SI. Joseph's addition to , Fiumlioldt, to satJFfy .i note and niort- f ^lage for joOO given on June lo, I'.tOri. I The original loan was made to Mar! ian to Kli'.' r.nd Sarah Tolman and j was to run three years and draw 8 I jier cent interest. "The original owner i of the lots mortgaged sold to I..i/.zie ! Hess, who in turn sold to Hannah i Caserly, each buyer assuming the ! mortgage. The suit asks that thf ! property be sold to pay the mortgngc I costs, etc. 7\rlLs!ic ill (Icsicjn, i:.ciuiliri.i!!i| liiii.shcfl, Has iuiri'ij or tone, i\ (iciiairc ijcr fiim rouch,' Dni-(il)ic i;i Uvc cxlrcmc, rullu wnrrcinU'fl uivl is dl- rccHi; wirtiiri nour purchas- iiMi rccKli on convenient fcniis nr J. V.ROBERTS Music Company Missr-s KinnKi l-iiiiry, Helen Price and .Mary .\U'Kinney have returned to KaVcer ;iff'r spi'miing -Thanksgiving with homo folk:^. Plain white Dishes RENTED to Lodges, Fraternal Societies, etc. We are ready for Christmas. Our Hfixk Is ((jmjilitp, new and attractive. You will have no trouble to i^olect your gifts if you will come In and luok over our "offering.';. We will l;ty aiiUit; for you anything you may si-lect. Among the things we liavi.- iu oifer are: Diamonds und' Dlnmond Jewelry. U'iiiches. fiocks Silrenrarc, Coramnnlty Slher, Solid Sllrenviut-, Rich ("nt Glass, Sllrer Toilet Wnre, .Vanicure .Sets, .lewel Cases, Brass Ware, M'atermaiiN Fniiniaiii Pens und numerous small articles In Jewelry suitable for gifts. The jewelers Our store will be open evenings nntll Christmas for your cbnvenle&oe

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