The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 12, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
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Thursday, May 12, 1977
Page 2
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JfAOE 2—NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.). SATURDAY, AUG 3. 1940 DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND "" Drew Pearson Says: Attlee Came To Paris For U. S. Sup ;?j port Of Palestine Partition; Byrnes Has Learned A " Lot During Past Year; Not Afraid To Have Worlty . . Know His Treaty Policy T'tirln -'tiy cnbUo --Tha miml Important coiivur.'iation of the entire I'ftrlH Confprunco ucourrorl not In thti Kold-buclockcd hull of the Palacu of JjUxiirnbV.i'K, but. In u prlviitn dining room whan Jimmy' Byrnes sat down with KrltlHh f'rlmo Clomont Attleo, HlKnlClcrintly. thoy cnllod In not treaty experts,-but President Tru- mun'H spoclnl Pnlostlnn Cammlimlonor, Henry Grady; and thl.ii l.s what thry tulkocl about: Attlim propound to Hyfnt'H thnt Knjfland would, play hull with the U.S.A. on thci plan to unity Cur- muny, [u-.jvldfd the (/..S.A., In turn, would play hull with Britain on Itx jil, At : trft'ln. fjrlriiM minister frankly that tin h»nl tlln.'Ct oi'iluni trnrti bin bout! In tho White HOUH« nKiilnxt liny partition of PutuittlMii, Hr> luldiul, hownvur, that ho b<« Me could rrotivlnt'i; Mr, Tru- Army B-29 Establishes New East-West Record 'in to partition 1'ulontlnu. JlrHt, liyrniw wlncnd at thin Hi< told thu mlUI-nuinnorfid of fcln^lnncl c(iil(u mfin of ttm wl.idom of thu tratln. alively, thnroforo, Kyrnfis uc- llona on Much rnro occiislony us he dkl HOC the prosa. Almost a yenr hns passed .since then—a yonr In which Jimmy Hyrno.s hjui Icnrnud a lot. Among other things hu has learned that a wull-lnformftd public Is hl.s best all> when It com«s to writing tho pcaci? and thnt ho cun't fret a well.-lnform fit pu!>llc without ii woll-lnformec pro'is. Jlmrny cnmo around to the this point of view sRvtii'Kl weeks n^o when ho cstublltihod an olllcml <;<,pt(ul thii Puln.ntlmi - Gumiany I "Kmk" policy, Having cllscovowd to Whim K'justi u|>- JII'UVlll. J.iiit hw nlufi nnltnd Atilnf to munn a dwflrilK: (lulu for moving IhcJuwn out of KuriifiH. Attlnii promlHud nation by SiiiptuMiliiir iirul tdcd \nu- rim-ilcd to [Hit thu hunt on Kyriv.M J'oi- iin c'lu-ly Whlto Housu oluiy on tin- untlri' dual, Thin put.'i Trillium very much on a Mpol, silfif:ii JowW\ Iciuli'i'.i In ifi" l/';il(»i(l KDitfu vIv/H'uiiNly op ;io:ii' Mil' (Hvlulon of l-'nli-iiUnn Into r.c|iai':ttc .li-wliih urul Arab Mtati'ii. On thi> dtlii'i 1 hand, Trurrmn ilooKn't /lk*» to ropudliui? hi* &».'orotary ol' Hlutc. Ko lio'.i tmtwuen thu dovll and ihn cliMip hum nun. Noli 1 • It In bblluvud that Alt- l«i' cninc from />omlori not tin much bi'i'fiiiHi- n( Buvln'.s nllntfi'il Illui'su, hut to [mt ovur thin I'ulositliiii-Ciui 1 mini di'Hl, Ifn aon.iklni'N 1-t uxti'Hinv- ly Important. OlMf'l/iJ "l,fnk" I'nllt'.y Mbrirtly aftnr Jlinmlo Kyrnoy. hn- <'iimc Siieriitury of State he cot Wn.'ihliiKt'in nr-WMmin ^ rlproui'liiK mini by riiiH.'iillnj: thu 'dully prc.-ii COIlfl'n-lllTIIU WlllCll Ncfl'fffdrlflX Of .Mt/itii IIK/I )u>l(l nvnr .'ilm.'ii tlie ilnyn of Chm-ln-i KvariM Muchim arul by 1 fiirthur rnfiiiiliii; to nn.swor (iiic.'t- thsit thn RiiMttltmH worn "IfialtlnK" to thi> prc.i.i, tin.- Hono-,-iiblr itr. Hyinuti dfcUlcd to outle.'ik he Kus- sliui.'i. To UI|N onil his altlo.M .iturtcd urrmzlrik' frank press con- nothing svfm held I bi»:U, A pliiy-t/y-pltiy account ol' nil i .'Kicri.'t Mcs.ilon.i WIIH wlvon to ncws- men, I Nalurnlly, tho Rti.i.'ilan.s heard nboiit ttil.s but Mr. Byrnns didn't '•i.M.'iu to ouro much If they dkl. He wn.i convlnoiKl hl.i truaty jjolley wn.i I'ltfht and h« wasn't nfralil tc- have thi' world know about It. Thu cllmnx camo this week when thu (/ K, .Secretary of .Stntc' made thu LinjM-oc:i.'clPnti'd movo of proposing that all iiieiitiriKs of tli ( ; vital Hulirn CoiiiinltU'i' at tin. (;onlj.'ri!nce hurt- he upi.-n to tho presV. Bofore thu dttlOfrutOH could rucovor from their iiHtunkHhiunnt they w t r u Crusaders Meet StFratieis Here In League Tilt Beacon Falls The friendly battle of the churches will be resumed tomor row, when St. Francis of Naugatuck travels to this town to engage the newly (Strengthened St. Ml- knocked for unothiir loop when M. Molotol'f mipnortoJ Ryrnoa 1 motion. Thn Hll.ilan Foreign M I n I .s t u i opined Hint filnco tho m-exs had i cd on the StruukiiiK skyward, ait Army U-2'.t (to'iij 'l«;iv<«« taGiiardia FJel'd;'If. Y., o»: record shatter!nff fliplitjtxi Bur- Iwjik, Ciil, The (,'iant plnno flying to tin- coast In 7 hours iind 28 mlnutct, broke -previous Navy. lecoTd by Hourly 2 hours, Mmnhitrs of the cn>w arc picturiul below. They are (left to riRht): Capt. Boyd L,. Grubaugh, minutes. (Jnter- . .. j>llot, Vim WiTt, Ohio; Capt. John I, .England. Bostun, Mass.; Lt, Elbort Sheuror, Zillah, Wash,, flight r.HKliiwr; and X-Set. . .Doniild B. Smith, UloomiiiKlbn, Ind Aa'vy record wan 9 hours, 23 11 national) 1st i.-xjiotiocl the relations' lic'tw Vlei'cclc and Senator Lunduun Minnesota, Whueler attucltnd this' writer on the Semite; floor. Ii now develops that Viernck was p:iu $300,000 by Hitlor to influence Snna- tor.s, Hurt! l,s tlie lli-hl secret vole of Die Feuer; Conference lor and aj;ulnsl You can muke ;L note of this llni;tip unU bn fairly :;ure' it will I'Mrmln exactly the .sunic all during the Purls .sosKioii, with one riUKSlllV J)0.lltloil tlon—Norway. Tho pro-Soviet coun- i' [ tries II.H shown by tho w;iy they vot- chairmanshlp of tho PIERPONT'S treaties It wars much lu-itor to huvu tin. prois uttiinil tho hlthertu sec- 1'iit cominlttci' meeting, Thin; w»i.i Wodrow wilsnn't rro.i! of open .oovnntinU oji^tily arrived nl.- OuHiirtocI Iiy ouchnr nt Carls In IPlfi tho goul wns llnally iiohiovnd by Jiiiiiq.i F. Byrnes nt an fHh«i- Pnucc Co nfn re n cc 'in l.hfi snmi> city 27 vcars later. Intorcoptnl Cable From tho Inturcoptec! cabin pui'lnicnt: Senator 1;urt Whcoloi- ti> liinnio Ills dufcat In ' tho the : Rules Committee nro \Vliite Russia, tho Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST, Telephone 4187 Mo»tiin« j/rlnuidus put-tly to l f.'ict that ho was u.iocl hy th '^' a pflltlcul tool nt'uln«t T'. D. R In UM'I. On .fuly if, ,, nK day boforo thu .\tontdnn primary, Whreli.-r nent tin: I'ollowln),' cabin to Justice Rou- i.'rt Jaflj.von In -Xiircmbiirjt,-', Gi^r-. ,'JUin.v. 1 "Drew Pcai'iion's yesterday rtifvrs to report.", bnsod on Cionrlnir testimony, ohdi'Klnw n plot In which W. tt, Davit! ulk-Kftilly '.old Croi.'i'liijr that .Senator Whof'Jrr wa.s unolhr-r who could hi; csunti'd on to help diifnat Koo.-iovnlt and that I tuiijd propiiKnndu prnprirud In Cor rnnny In mv spocchoH. Eafn-istly np- proiltiti; un unswor Immndlntely to /Juttf whi'tlifr any of tfii.'«f.- «llc;rn- tlann nn.> known to you or m-p 11 rnnttci' of rocorci. (Si(,'ncO) Burton K. Wheolur." Ju."llci> Jacknon busy with his I win- crimes pro.iccutlon, walled two I (l/iys and then rr-plled Inconclusively. Tho I'oul fact is thnt thr^ Justice 13opnrtmi;nt bus u UU'KO (li)M.ili>r nf f)vldi:nc« 0:1 vnrluus Americans who weru tisc-tl by the Naxls, Incliullm,' not only \Vhculcr (nit John L, T.,owln, Tljou;rh Whct'lor Is ;,'lvcr. the In-ncilt (if tin' doubt arid probably dltln't know ho W . 1K boinK made o Maul tool, his- Intervention nn b(.>- liulf of Nu'/.l a/rent Guorjfo Sylventer Vli-ri-nh fjorUilnly puts him In n '-•hits by hlm.-iflf. Wbon this column- the Ukraine, Poland. Yujfotdovirt, Cx.echoslovukia, Nor\vuy and tho Sovitit Union, They will ;ri) down the lino for Russia on all biilloHing. The following ffroup voted njrnlnst Ruyslu and can IK- counted on to follow that line regularly: Great Britain China, Australia Canada, Now Zealand, .Ethiopia, Greoco, Waterbury Tool Edges U. S. Rubber A'homer by Joe Kalo'sky of W.i- fjrhiiry.v.'kh ono man on lj;jj;e provided '..ho cdj;o 'last nipht, wi-lh " which tlie I'jcnl U.S. Rubber Keds More Than 400 Plan To "Attend Marine Dance Brazil, France, India, tl lands, South Africa and thu U. S. A. j b'eim Iieli,'iurn, usually nnti-Risssinn, |,ford. WMT beaten, in tho important open• of the Dusty Loop playoffs be- I'Don they and the Watcrbury Tool. Tho gamo, which wns expected to bi^ u pitcher's duel betewon Orownell of tiu; Tool company and Billy I'iaclo of the local plant, intend turned into a display .of pow- r. with the Rubber combine hold- r.f,' I he cdf.;o v.'bi!n the last inning bofrnn, oi'.Iy to uso it when French Ik'.'d nnd Kulonky was served up his home run ball. The nc>xt painc in thin series will bo played hero Monday night, at Riir.roalion Field. Tho winner of this scrioK will represent this area ;A crowd of. more .than 400 will attend tre'first, 'dance of the Nau- fi-atuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps Leag-uc, tonight at Linden abstained from voting bocu miin Faiil-Hc.-nri Spank, wns up for Score by inning's: Wtby. Tool __ 1000-10 2—7 8 ^ Ciinirmnn. ' ' j U. s'. Keels ...'.'. 0 0 1 0 0 S 0—G 7 1 \Vhen you see this 13 to 7 line-up! Esittcrlcs: -(winning team fira,t). you ,;an understand why Russia < T3rownell Loy; Kado and Far- wunU;.a two-thirds rule instead of majority rule. JVoti?—The big- surprise of recent conferences has bucn Norway's .support of Russia. In tho Now I o A T T?TVr -QTT T mrt-r, York United Nations mooting, Sec-1 S -ALEM BILL' FOR Umiiircs: T3aronc and Weaving. HEARTBEAT" TOPS rotary General Trl^ve frcriiu.nt- ly learned toward the Russians, o;;- pccinlly in ihr Iran dispute. P.e;i.son Is that Norway Tyinfr rinse to Russia, Is worried sick ovur possible Invasion. Waterbury Welfare Superintendent Dies Funeral services bo hold Tuesday for Martin F. Hnyd'cn, Cl NEXT 3 DAYS Provoking a chuckle with every Crusaders In an Amateur League baseball ; game. The Crusaders, who have won only, one league game this season, now have the o.n~e'e?cment that was disturbing' them the most, a pitcher... Their early, season ace, Rush -Muroff,,sufiered an injury during the opening- game of the season an,d ,was .not. able to pitch after that. '.Raymond Wjsnicwskl, who will start on the mound tomorrow fo^ ] St, iMIchael's has pitched'minor lea^grue ball,, and those who saw him pitch last, week against St. Francis, ^consider ,-hlm .one of the best hurlers.Jn the,young league Pitcher Wisnleyvskl lost last week's contest,. 3-2, through hia team-mates' crrbre, .but Coach Ed Enamait has been giving his charges extensive field 1 drill and promises their new piteher good support in tomorrow's contest. Thu game will begin at 2 p. m. and will be played at the Athletic Field on Lopus road. What's Doing InNaugatuck A calendar of events foi today, tomorrow and every day TONIGHT Pond Hill Community Club. Marine League Auxiliary, Amcr- Now At Strand Special Swimming Classes At ! YMCA Swimming schedule .for the coming- week at the Naugatuck YMCA will be; . ... Monday, "Wednesday and FVJday for boys—Beginners 2:00 p. m. and the second class at 2:30 p. m. ReK- ular swimming- for swimmers, 3:00 p. m.' ' ' • .Girls'..Beginners, 2:00. p. m. and for the second division at 2:30 p. m. Regular swimming class at 3;00. Ladies' swimminfr instruction Tuesday night at 7:00. Weeks of August 22th ni^.l^the week of Aujrust ]9th, many special added classes will be held in the YMCA Minnow, Pish, and Flying Fish tests with awards; also the American Red Cross Beginners, Intermediate, and Swimmers test. Also these two weeks the successful morning- classes for will be conducted, 10:00, 10.3(5 an 13:00 o'clock. The . 11:30 .class wi swim with the 11:00 group. Mor p;irls learning to swim are: Eleano Butler, Catherine Jennctt, Lorrain Braun, Mary Lynch, Betty Chism Pegg-y Hackett and Ellen Passeck lean Legion Home. . Aucuxt 3 Marine Corps Leajjue Danco, Linden Park, . ' . August 4 Montnnarl-Rado Post Field Day at Linden Tark. August 5 Gold; Star Post Meeting. Price Control Comr/iiJt'ce meeting Town Hull. AUJT. o Board of Warden and Burgenses meeting. Band Concert on the Green. Aug. 8 Planning: Commission. AUODST 10 Millville Athletic Association dance. John Wesley class of .-Methodist church outing- at Zetttumoyer resl-- dence Hillside avenu«. August ji VFVV Family Clambake and Outing, Schilde-en.'s. 11 a. m. to C p. m Young: People's .sociuty of Methodist church outing at Lake Johnson, Knlhnr William, and K«S>nun VVynn ap pcar ™* "Kasy To Wed," now in it's ««. ond WaUjrlmry show|n c at the Strand. The companion feature l> "Dark Alibi," a n«w Charlie Chan adveiitun. fr-aturlng Sidnoy Tolcr "SMOKY" TOPS THE CURRENT SHOW AT THE LOEW POLI Now playing at the Loew-Poli theater, . "Smoky" IE the beloved classic of Will James' set to glorious Technicolor. Starring Fred MacMurray and lovolv Anne Baxter it sets new heights orgrandeur. The •introduction of famed troubadour Burl Ives in the film is sheer inspiration. His handling- of "The- Foggy Dew" and "Down in Chrome CABINET HARDWARE Large Metal WASTE BASKETS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPI.K STREEr (Acrumi from Clly Baker;) Free UeUvery Telephone M ' scene nnJ :i every so- Kuporintondent Dcpurtmont of Public Welfare, who collapsed and died yesterday ;it the Polo grounds whore fin plunnud to »eo « double ho.-uler botwofvi thp Now York Giunt;; and the Pitt.s- bur^h Piratos, Mu was Htrlckun nt 3:30 p. ni. and was pronounced cload by Dr Francis J. Sweeney, <~ : -nlu' iihysi- c!;in. Tin: fuiiDnxl will t.nko jilace at S;'M a, m. froin ihr> Berlin Punoral Ilorni.', i»o Grist Mnln iitreot to St ., Crlngcr Rogers has another triumph in "Hear-lbi-at," which opnns Sunday for Hired dnys at the Snlcni Playhnuiic. with Joan Pierre Aumont, Aclol'ih Monjou rind Basil n.-i'Jihono hcadins 1 a brilliant feature cast. With modern Pai-io .IK the back- ({-.•juiid, Arlette, an orphan Rirl, is socking ,-.i job tlut will onabie her to s.-i.vo enouffh money to buy a huyband. Htiforc she can complete the Wnturbury , hoi- mission, slvj becomes Involved . I'Yanci.H Xavier church ut D o'clock. with Pnri« picicpoclcots, nr. ambas- sur.lor, a younfr diplomat, and a "i.'in-jiN-iut-town, whom r-he i« almost forced to marry. One amus- in;; comiJlicntion follows another, but to Arlulln. the situations arc tnntaiiJ.infr, for- she iJ in love with tho younj4- <1 jjilomnt, Tin; Rucond lorul i.s "Stranjje Tri- .Diwrvifls of (In? heart (ire re- .ipfiu.'fibli' for 2C.U puroeiit of ci.en.ths of white pi-ii-siiiii in thc> U. S. President Signs Atomic Energy Control Blil m. LOUIS ROBERTS ' Committee Park, with Bailey Cook and his Melody Masters providing' .the music. Dancing will start at 9 p, and continue to ] a. m. Chairman Richard Payne .nounced'that several prizes, includ- unj? a white shirt, nylons and other Lfifts will be awarded. - A.^jistiiifr Mr. Payne on the arrangements committee are William Ki-jdel, Louis Roberts, Georg-c Forish, Joseph .lecture, Kenneth Churchill, P, j. Gailucci and John Grant. C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS For All M.OWKKN MELBOURNE'S .FLOWER SHOP ISO HVHHKH AVKNUH Tvtophone '^"Trrtrmmmri JJ ~3 "EASY TO WED" IS . LEAD NOW AT THE STRAND THEATER The most competitive city in the world is also a town of the stout- fist friendships. Two near tragic accidents brought the friendship of Van Johnson and Keenan Wynn to the fore. One of those occurred while they were appearing together in the same motion picture, now at the Strand theater. Wynn, one of Hollywood's most enthusiastic motorcyclists, -was 4-ollir.g his motor bike home one Sunday morning. Suddenly a car swerved in front of him, there WOE a rending crash, and Wynn was lying- in -the road. Several minutes later. Johnson 'Iriving along the same road, scot- ted the wrecked motorcycle. Then iv. his na.l. For three days and while Kfienan's life hung in the balance, Van never left his side. He rode with him In the ambulance, he (stayed with him in the hospital and huddled anxiously with doO'tors. In the weeks that followed, while Kecnnn recuperated from a jaw broken in three places, a severe heatl concussion and painful lacerations, Johnson divided his time studio set and the the picture in which •om first reel to last. Wed," which will be Burial will be in st James'" ceme- Sh °V n at the Strand theatre th -is tery. Friends may call ut-tbe late ? ' J . Uff ?! ed Ks shooting schedule residence after 2 o'clock today until the .time of thu funeral. Ar- Jingumenls arc in charge of the :• itxfi-erald Funeral Home, 320 Main street. TRUCK RECGVEBED .Rowley, Mass.. Aug. 3—-(UP) — State police rcpor-l that a fruit truck stolen from an Everett man in Maine bar, been found empty near .Rowley. Driver Joseph Nolan yesterday told police that five men waylaid ..him in Scarboro, Maine and stole his fruit-laden 10-ton truck. Funerals A. Kur.iv.-al services for John Alex- the Valley," will be a treat to all film goers. A grand story of the West in all it's glory, it is flooded with the rousing spirit of the days when a man's brains determined the length of his life. Glamorizing Anne Baxter comes under 'the headinp of gilding- the lily, but in her lai est role in "Smoky," the beautifu screen star gets her chance to be ga.y. Seen mostly in dramatic roles Anne was quite pleased with the opportunity to do something liglK. on same program is the riotous, "It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog" starring Carole Landis and Allyn Jos.'yn. Starting next Wednesday at the Loew-Poli is one of the grandest stories ever filmed, "Centennial Summer," starring Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Grain, Linda Darnell, Constance Bennett, William Eythe, Walter Brennan and Dorothy Gish. Filmed in Technicolor, this love story filled with warm humor and heart warming- incidents of life, will be a favorite of all moviegoers. Sased on the best-selling novel of he same name written by Albert Jdell, it is beloved by thousands of readers who will not be isappninted in the wonderful cast hosen to fill the characters of this beloved story. DODGE Motchkiss St. Garag-e 47 Horcrmiss STREET Tci. 0727 .1. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Ptop. SALES — SERVICE VISIT OUR 2ND FLOOR Featuring- Watxjrbury'is Largest Selection of Kiddy Furniture • FDT.L SIZE CRIBS • VOXJTJI BEDS • SAND BOXES • SWING ON METAL STAND • HIGH CHAJRS • MKTAI, BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S 130 SOCT1I SLVIN ST. Waterbwry to await Kcenan's return with the minimum loss of time. Possibility of replacing the popular younR ac- -tor In his role was not even considered. The companion feature is "Dark Alibi," with Sidney Toler. REGISTER NOW FALL TERM I1KOINH SKPT. 8 • ' POST 24 Central Ave. JUNIOR COLLEGE Watcrbury TRAGEDY PHtsfield, Mass.. Aug. 3—(UP) — .•V three-year-old Piusficld boy was killed by a truck only three hours after his father won custody of him. The victim was little Catot W. Stone who was playing at the time. Just a few hours earlier, his father won custody of him and another brother in probate court during a divorce-action. Just In—Another Shipment 26 PC. SET G each. Knlvi-s — Forks, Teaspoons — Tablespoons. I each Butter Knife—Sugar Shell — Chest included. > r o Tax SCHNEERC *TCREDIT JEWtLfRS^ UZ SoiirJi Main St The Couer _ d'AIenc region of Idaho has prdduced more than SI billion worth of lead, zinc, silver and fjold since 1886. ' THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Nemry Bulldlnr Xaucatuck. Conn. A* monilMir.H. of .thu Hvnnte atomic «nor K y committee look u, tho McMnhoii bill cruiUln K u civlllan-iloni!nnted commission oncrjfy in the United State*. Tho law provides for u flvi-n- tlio body's administrative progi-tun. Shown ure (left to rlrl - - ••• - -r» - • -»••••».».« M .v, lil^lbLM (1 Conn n,7," tC °i onid °: 1Wwl » C- JuhlWim.of Colorado; ,„«),.,»« t Hur Conn., author of tho mcnMire; Warren Austin of/.Voriiiont-aud' Blcl.ard i"u, i White House, r resident IVuman signs the control, and development of atomic 7.T,'!' " OI " 17llssion »"< ] » CTncral mana^r to direct ' , K ^. • s<1 " ntol ' K .^°'» Connally of Texas; Eugene ;!± ! . ^^. C '^ rt " { . C °™- Brfen McMnhonpf Soundiihotoj isstili of Guorcla. (International GRIFFIN'S- Offers You COMPLETE Decorator Type"V CUSTOM RE-UPHOLSTERING AT LESS Than COMPETITIVE PRICE! Your. Old Living'. Room Reupholstered Rebuilt Like New ' PHONE — ,FOB FliEE ESTIMATE NO OBLIGATION DIAL 4690 BBANCJI OFFICES WATERBURY 4-8895 WATERTOWN1478-W By Finest CraftKmen Choice of Many FAMOUS FABRICS SPECIAL! 2 PC. SUITE . FREE DECORATIVE SERVICE-Terms Arranged Griffin Upholstering Co. TEL. -NAUG. 4690 TEL. WATERBURY 4-8895 fott&i pcvtt $450. In diamonds, perhaps more than ,in anything else, quality is the priceless ingredient. We endorse thai •wholeheartedly . . , and every «* diamond in our store was selected with that tenet in mind. That's why you'll find our diamonds exceptional values . . . they represent the very utmost in diamond quality! All. Prices Includ* Federal Tax DIVIDED PAYMENTS IF YOU PREFER, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 AT CENTER 8TREST

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