Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1911
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, gATTFRDArY EVEmN(^,l >ECEpER 2^ 1911 .i AVe are ready fos Clirletinas. Our stock !a complete, new and attractive.. Yoii wiJJ have no trouble to select your gifts If you will come in and look over our offerinRS. We will lay aside for you anything you may select. Among the things we have to olTer are: Diamonds iind Diamond Jowelry, >Vutrlies, ('lork<i, 'SIlviTwjirr, Comiunnllf Silver, Solid Sihenviire, IMcli Cut (.'lass. Silver Toilet >Viiro, Maiilriirr Sets, Jcvvi'l Cases, Ware, Walermaii's Foiinlaln IVns, and numerous .small nrtiries in •lewelrj- sullalile for clfls. M^Niel Bros. The Jewelers Our store will he open evenings until Christmas for your convenience JINOTHERVCITORY FOR lOU lU FFAL() WAS DEFE.VTKD 3!) TO 21 LAST M<JHT. AlUioiipli ^iirh Larm-r and Konplier, liniYalo Five Could .Not C«iie with the Su]>rrior Speed (li iola. Let those who are now doubtful of the validity of Jola's claim to the sUite high school basket ball chaui- piouship either speak forthwith, or forever hold their peace. At the bo- ginning of the season the iola boys believed they had a championship team, and in order to give substantial liroof of it they matched the games with Halstead and Buffalo, which have been among the must brilliant of the state for the jiast several years.' Thursday night they defeated Halst-ad by a score of 33 to 24. Ixist night the/ defeated Buffalo by e.xactly t>vice' as large a margin, the score lieing 3:t j to 21 in lolas favor. The lJulTalo titt;' is composed of big and husky players! and those who cling to the belief tlialj Size counts in baslcet ball thought they ti.iw lola's llnisb lait ni^'ht. The Iola hoys were no more dismayed last night by the greatly sup'Tior size iif their opponents than they wen- Thursday niglit by tlie slightly superior size of the Halstead ho.vH. They have been taught that it Is speed and accuracy tliat wins, and sp<rinli/lng on ihi'sc po-nts. they have attained a high degree of skill. - J-\ive for the rouglincss lb;i( characterized the work of liotli teams, the ganii- last night was a lini' illustration of basket hall. Notwillisl;inding the greater superiority of the tola team, tlie interest was almost as keen as in the lola-Ha!stend game, and en- tliufiiasm ran high among the students of the high school, who attended in a body. i At the beginning of the game the superiority of Iola in speed and accuracy in passing became evident, and in the first few minutes of play they se- Aired a lead over their larger opponents, which they steadily increased. Wh'en the ball reached Buffalo's end of the fi^ld. the Iola boys guarded like _deiiions.' and time and again they spoiled chances for Buffalo players to covering the ball themselves and pass­ ing it hack to their end of the court before the Buffalo guards could prevent a successful throw. Flashes of brilliant team work by the local boys were frequent during the game, and they demonstrated clearly that it is better to play for the glory of the team, than for that of any individual player. It was innnaterial to them who made the basket, as long as it was lola's gain. ; Although each of the Iola players put up an excellent game, the work of Cantrell is deserving of special mention. Ho disclaims all credit, insisting that he could not have done so well but for the assistance of his team mates, and while this Is true his rushing Sliced and accurate throws were certainly above the ordinary. Of lo­ la's 39 poini.s Cantrell made 27. having to hi-s credit S goals and 11 free throw.'!, or course, as he did all the free throwing this helped his record, but he made more baskets than the remainder of the team together. Tbou>i)son should have had •special mention for his work in the ganif- with llp.lytead. as he made 9 goals and free throws, ho niiiking 21 of lo- la'.-= tnt.ll; of points. Following is tlie tabulated score: lU'FFALO C. FT FTM F r.ear 2 I) 0 r, wiiite 0 n 0 n Hofrnian 0 !1 li 3 MurdooV - 1 0 u 2 Apt 3 0 0 4 r, 9 11 17 101. A r. IT FTM F Cnntrell X 11 nr. Tlxuiipson . .". 0 u 3 Uedley .0 n n .Velson _ .1 () I) 2 Watterson . 0 o o "i 14 11 G 20 Thnrsduj's .Score: Following is the score of Thursday night's game between Halstead and Iola. the foatiire of which was Jhc lilaytng of Thompson: HALSTEAD G FT FTM F Kaiser, rg 10 0 1 Band, Ig ._. 0 0 0 2 Bachman, c 0 0 0 3 Todd If 2 10 4.2 Rulb, rf 4 0 0 2 IOLA G FT FTM F Nelson. Badgley, rg 3 0 0 2 Watterson, Ig 0 0 0 0 Dudley, c 0 0 0 4 Thompson, if 9 3 2 2 Cantrell, rf 13 2 2 In the|New|Home You want the best when starting b the new home. Above' all. you want that home to be snug and warm and comfortable. Yon are sure of wannth and comfort with a Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater. ( ^ The Perfection is the best and most reliable heater made. It is a sort of portable fire{dace. ^ }• It u ready night and day. Just strike a match and light the wicL The Perfection is aQ aglow in a minute, mm The PerfecdoQ 03 Heator does not sndl nor smoke—« patent automatic device preventi that h caa be carried easly from room to room and a eqnaDjr witaUe for any room b the housfe Handio(ne(y fifiWjiAtT^ ytiix nickel trinmiBgt; drums of cidier tuiquoiie^kie or plain ttecL ^t.,-^.. KFCCTIO] SaM»KCUEM«» &»b£>tCM He«itr. or wn> far dwxvbn ORokr dnd to uy ^BKy oi 1 Standard Oil CompanT Uaearpoatcd) NHEUT SHOWS IISUSHT 6IIHI EST: I:"^ S fli' SMALLER CROP AIM.':.^ E I 'ltlCE A FBACTIOS. Cattle SteadjE^ and Hogs Strong and n Sbado Higher In Some Xarketo. (By the Amoclatcd I^sa) Chicago. Dec. 2.— Wheat lightened today as the result of estimates of the world's crop to be smaller than expected. Opening was ^ to 14 to ^ higher. May started 99% to 1 .00, went to %. Close—Dec. 95%; May »1.00%; July 94%@95. CORN—Close: Dec. 63%®%: May 64%: July 64%. . OATS—Strong. May started a shade to % up at 49% to %@%. sank to %@ %. Close—Dec. 47%; May 49%; July 40%. Provisions were weak. PORK—Jan. $16; May $16.42%® 16.43. LARD—Jan. $9 .20; May $9.42%. riiicaKO LlTOstoclr. ^ Chicago. Dec. 2.— CATTLE, receipts S.flOO. Slow to stefidy. Beeves tAStOUp 9 .10; stockers and feeders $3.10 @ri .7u; COW8 and heifers $l.90 (n ,"..90. HOGS^Recelpts 12 ,000. StronR to a Bhade higher. Lights $S.t;o@6.30; mixed $r ).90 (iftf.5r.; heavy $ri .95®6.C0; rough $."i .9o©6 .20; pigs $4 .ri04 ^5.75. St. Louts nniin. St. Ix)uls Dec. 2.— WHKAT, close- Dec. 9.-,%(fj:%; May $1 .00%. CORN—Dec. 60%; May 64%. OATS—Dec. 49%; May 49%. St. Louis Lircstork. St. Louis, Dec. 2— CATTLE, receipts 9,000. Steady. Native steers $4.50® 9.00; cows and heifers $3.00@7.50; stockers and feeders $3.2ri (g )ri.23. HOGS—Receipts ri.SOO. Steady. Pigs and lights $4.."i0@6.2.-.; packers $:'i.30S; G .35; butchers $6.00@6.43. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Dec. 2.—WHEIAT re- ccliits 20 cars. Cash wheat, unchanged. No. 2 hard. 99511.0.5; No. 3, 9~<fi 1.04; No. 2 red. 9.S@96; No. 3. ai&9a. Close—Dec. 9S%; May $L0o%; J July 92%. CORN—'^(flc lower. No. 2 mixed. 64%; No. 3, 621??%; No. 2 white 65® 66; No. 3. 64%ff65. Close-Dec. 64® %; May 64%; .Inly 04%. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white, 49@%; No. 2 mixed. 47%@48%. RYK —94c per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $19.- .•;0ffi:20.00; choice prairie $I3.2.3(flil3.50. BROOM CORN—$80@1GO per ton. Kansas City Llrestork. Kansas City. Dec. 2.—CATTLE, receipts 106. Steady. Native steers $5 6 9; cows and heifers $3.73; stockers and feeders $3.73 (rt5 .7.": bulls $3 .40i& 4 .73; calves $3.75® 7 .00. HOGS—Receipts 4 000. Steady to 3 higher. Heavy $6.30Ji6.33; packers and butchers $6.13(06.35; lights $3.70 'f:6.20. Kansns City Prodnre. Kansas City Dec. 2.—BUTTER- C:reamery 34c; firsts 32; seconds 30; packing stock 21. KGG.S—E.\tras 33c; firsts 31; seconds 17. ELKS. "LODGE OF SORROW" Annual Service at Club Itooms at 3 Ik nu Sundiiy. Tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Elk .s lodge rooms in the Nortbrup Bank building the annual Lodge of Sorrow will be held, to which the gen 3ral public is cordially Invited. Once a year on the same Sunday every one of the thousand and more Elk lodges observe such a day, devoted to the "absent brothers." A program of music, the ritualistic service by the members of the lodge and an appropriate address constitute the service, and.visitors have always been very complimentary as to the character of the program. Each year the roster of Absent Brothers from the Iola lodge grows longer. Today it Is as follows: John Franklin Foust, D. A. Etter. David Dalby, Walter Parsons, Compton Moore. John K. Ireland, Robert McKaln. C. E. McCallen. Jesse P. Deck er. J. S. Rodgers. E. E. Vamer, W. A. Chogulll S. M. Knox. Clinton G. Taylor, Fred J. White. Wm. Lanyon sr., James Lockhart, C. V. Petraeus, D. H. Plngree. W. S. McNeil, A. W. Howland. J. H. Tholen, W. W. McClure. L. F. Palmer. The ])rogram for the services tomorrow is as follows: 1. Sacred March Roberts' Orchestra 2. Opening Ceremony. Quartette—"Vacant Chair" Burdick-Reynolds Quartette. Opening Ode—' Great Ruler of the Universe. All-seeing and benign. Look down upon and bless our work. And be all glory thine. Oh: hear our prayer for our honored dead, While bearing in our mind The memories graven on each heart For "Auld Lang Syne." Prayer Chaplain Claric Riggs 3. Solo—"Consider and Hear Me" Edwin Hunter. 4. Memorial Address Hon. c; P. Scott 5. Violin SoJo—"Simple Avon" „. - By Thome Stanley Church. 6. Solo— "Abide with Mo" -— By Samuel Uddle Mrs. Dr. Bolton. 7. Quartette—"U»t We Forget" Burdick-Rcynolda Quartette. 8. Selection Roberta' Orctaeitra 9. Closing Ceremonlea. 10. Doxology—The audience iolntng. all standing. Praise God, from whom ail blessings now; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise Himi alx>ve, ye heavenly host. Praise Father. Son,.And Holy Ghost. IL Benediction-Chaplain Ctark Riggs TO TRADE—PROPERTY. IN GAS City for automobile or grocery stock. R. No. 1 Gaa City. Box 841. ELITE Refined Vaudeville and ictures 3 Big Keels and Thej Are All Good We good last seai one: thought -we had musical vaudeville on, but see this 3 Bingbk & Gable; featuring Mr. Bingham —the world's greatest cornetist, playing two; cornets at one and the; same time. Hear our new singer: Miss Lois Taggart ALL FOR 5e AND lOc^ BAD STOMACILS PUT IN OIIDER. Indiircfitlon, Djlspepitin, Gas nnd OtBer Ktomach jDIstrcss VnnishCN. , If what you Just ate^s souring bn ynur stomach or lies like a lump^of lead, refusing .to^ digest, or you belch gas and erucliile rour, undigeslied food, or have !a feeling of dizziness, heartburn fullness, nausea, bad taste in mouth and stomach headche—tljls is indigestion.] ' ^ A full case of Pape's DIapepsIn costs only 50 cents] and will thorougKly cure your out-of-order stomach, apil leave sufficient about the house -in case some one [else in the family may suffer from stomach trouble or indigestion, j : Ask your pharmacist to show JTBT V I the formula plainly printed on these 30-cent cases. I then you will understand why D}|speptic trouble of all kinds must go. achs or indlgd candy though and why Diapcpsin always relieves 3our out-of-order stow- stlon In five minutes. IJiapejisin is hjirinlcss and tastes like i;ich dose contains \i<!W er sufficient to, digest and prejiare assimilation iiito the blood all tjie food you cat; I oxides, it makes you go to the table with a bcaltiiy appetitje; bat. what will ilease you most, is tii'at yon will feci Miat yotir stomach ajjd Intestines are dean :ind fresh, and yj )U will not need fO resort to liixatlves or liver pills for t)lllou.-ness or consliim- tlon. Tills city wl1,l have many Diapejjifln cranks as .som > people will call thepi. hut you will |bo cranky about tljls splendid slomrich preparation loo If you ever try a little for Indigestion pr gastritis or anif other stomach misery. Get some I'hpe's Dinpepsin no^v. thin minute, and forever rid yourself of stomach troiiblc and Indigestion. ^ KICKED Ft OTBALL :e MILE.S. But the Pnntrir Kicked Often nnd ;lt Took i ElKbt Hours. Something new in athletic stutvts was put over khe other day by Djin Sargent, a junjor in Harvard University. A chumiof his bragged about running from Cambridge to Ipswich, thirty -tMO mil(s. in six hours and ^4 minutes. Sargsnt scornfully.declared he could kick a football there in'a day. Wagers \ ere laid totalling soriie $1 ,000 and Sargent started out atr 3 a. ni. Two auomobile loads of students accompan ed him. and he kick;&d the football anb chased it and kicked it all the way, flnlshing the 32 raltes in eight hours (flat. An —That household Is talllc cough 01 It, and forttmai strik^ ents who keep Compound on man. Canton, N{ iU weight in are troubled ^^j ness. and all Honey and Ta^ have a bottle ol| Mundls £ Co. A^sim nt .Mght terror to the entfre loud, hoarse and rate- croup. No mistakii^g e then the lucky pqr- tPoley's Honey and T^r hand. H. W. Cass^l- Y. says: "It Is worth Our mtle children [ith croup and hoarss- give them is Foloji'fi Compound. I always .it in the house." J. p. g^ld. we 775 HUMMERS' LICE>SES. This Tear Pronfses County Clerk] 775 hunter's July 1. 1911. his (fount of total issued tor^ 816 and as theije to go on. the that the record ed. As each dollar paid int(| the Game and ment. that l)e immune shortness of the 105 cniintleli thing near aa "Ik -Hi —This Is the Tracy 0.. who tftid Tar case was the w and looked lik({ sumption. Her •be coughed ber voice was ley's Honey brought ^Ilef tliree bottles J. D. cnra. ^Dr. Twadell, ^_ to Equal flio 19J0 Kecord. ; -E Culbertson had issued licenses thus far sinte when the year ends in penses. Last year the, jthe year complete w|^s e are six months more present year it is likely I |of ipiO will be equap- Hcense represents oiie q^the funds supportiiiig fish Warden's Depart- dep^rtnient would seem to any danger of -a Certainly not jf In the state do any- frim fitndR. Uell. on Enrlh" •erdlct of R. J. Howeff. bought Foley's Hon^* Compm nd for his wife. "H*r irst I have ever see^, a sure case of con- lungs were sore anS almost incessantly aidl tioarse and weak. F<i- 4nd Tar Componnjl 4t once and less thaki ffected a -complety*^ Mimdis & Co. i All Day Monday to arrange the stock for Our "Actual" Sale of 11 days. Store open CLOSED 9 Dec. 5tti Look for **ad" in this paper Monday evening for particulars. DUTFlTfa FOR MEN. - IOLA,KAS. kr r0UNTAINS>H0rcL8.0R ELSCWHERC Get the I Original and Genuine HORLIGK'S MALTED MILK The Food Drinkfor All Ages EH31 nu. MALT CRAIN EXTKACT. IN POWDER Not in any Milk Trust MT Insist on "HORLICK'S" T«ke a package boma Dccciiilicr 5tli tlic January i >Mic of liic Ddl Telephone Dircciory wil! },'o to pre.s'.. ilavc you a r .ell Telephone? .If not— DiteopatluTeL 720,16 ^1 W.\S F.VIXT FROM IIUXJER. .Vun Walked from loin to Ilunihuldt— Was Cured For. The Humboldt Herald tells of .a pat letlc case of hunger and want. While t le crowd of happy people, all look- Itig forward to the big dinners of Thanksgiving, was waiting for the Santa Fe plug Wednesday evening, a I t^ll young man was seen to reel and j fall It seems that he was enroute to} ijulsa, where he has relatives, but) li^d walked from Iola to Humboldt j a»d> had gone without food until he | ^as so weak be could not stand, and' tus heart began troubling him. Th.e crowd took up a collection, obtained nkedical care for him, gave him food a^d put him to bed. and Thursday afternoon sent him on bis way to Tulsa. HEAD IAS SCALY HAIR ALL CAE DOT And Baby's Face Broke Out in Red Bumps. Spread on H-nds and Arms. Got Worse All the Time. f /lother 8 &ys, "I Don't Think Anything Else Would Have Cured Him Except Cuticura." "When my first baby T.-a3 sb TTJonths old ne broke out on liis bead with Utile bumps. They would dry up and lca,vc a EcalP. Then It would bri«k out a^aln and it jipread all over bis head. All the hair rame out (.nd his lipad Wast scaly ail over. Then h 1 • face broke out all oviT In red humps end it kept upread- \i\t unlil It wu on his lianil^ and Cnn.1.1 botwht nerrnU Ixtxcs of ulnimcnt. ^vo him blood nu'dt.-ine. and liad two doclorx to treat him. but he wit worw? all tlio tlm.-. Uo llad/It about >lx niontlu wlirn a fririid inlrl mc about Cuticura. I wiitvnd Rot a boltlo ol Culk-utm liuntvent. a .cakt* of Cutii-ura .Soari and a box of Cutinira Oititmcnt. In tlinjij days.aftiT ailiur them he bemn Jo Improve. He lictran to take lone nap< and to ilop srralchinv hi* head. Alter takiRK two bottles of Kiutolvent, two boxes of Oliit- Ment and three cakes of iioan lie was sound and well, and never had any hreakJns out of a ly kind. \\\\ hair came out in little curls a I over hb head. I don't think anything e sc would have cured bbn except Cuticura. "I-have boiulit Cuticura Ointment and E np several times rince to use fur cuts and • m and have never known them to fail to c ire wiiat I put them on. Cuticura Soap is t le best that I have ever used for toUct D irnoses." (Flenedl Urs. F. E. Harmon, BT F . U. 2. Atokc. tenn.. Sept. 10. I9I0. Cutietita Soap and Othtment sold throush- o It tlie world. Send to Poltor Dniif & Cum. C wp.. Dept. ion. iloston, f;;ra libenil sample o each, pott-frcc, with book on the sUo. Call 561 ami luivc .T lfl<-|)li<im.' nistalk-il inimciii.-iii'Iy in tjrdcr to insure your njinic ai )|ii -:iritig in tliia i>sue of ihc directory, I'.very issue nf tin- lol.i Directory .'^how.^ a increase in tlie iii;inl)er "f siihscriln-rs. A Bell Telephone is a positive economy. Tiuii, loo, it adds dignity and tone to the iiome. The Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company Ice, Cold Storage, Coal, l>i§tilled Water -FOR SALE- lOLA ICE, COLD STORAGE & FUEL CO. Plione 116 OflStovesthayre winners COLE HARDWARE Highest Markot Prices for HMBS and Farm also Fino Lump Coat -Ton SALE AT= Lm Kirupp'B Junk Yard phommSM

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