Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1974
Page 3
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Tuesday, October I, 1974 (ARK.) STAR Page Three Tina Walton, Tony Butler towed Clyde Davis photo MISS TINA WALTON Abby definitely doubts "DAT" By Abigail Van Buren ©1974 by The Chicago Tribune • DEAR'A'BBYi I have'a problem I sure hope you" can help me with, as everyone I've told this to just laughs at me. I know I read an article in the Orlando Sentinel Star stating that someone actually mated a dog with a cat, and the offspring was called a "DAT". (Half dog and half cat.) I read that it looked like a dog, but had fur instead of hair. I'm sure they even ran a picture of it. Now I could kick myself for not cutting out the article and keeping it as proof. I even went to the newspaper and asked for a back copy, but because I couldn't tell them the exact date, they couldn't help me. That paper runs your column so maybe if you ask them they will try to find it. PINKY II DEAR PINKY: If such a piece ever did appear in the Orlando Sentinel, it was either a spoof or a goof. A"DAT?" DAT'S an impossibility! DEAR ABBY: Grandma thinks she was "done wrong" by her son and daughter-in-law because they asked her to babysit for them while they took a course in landscaping, when they really took a series of dancing lessons. (They knew Grandma wouldn't babysit if they told her the truth.) Well, tell her she's lucky. My daughter got us to take her child for five months. She told us she was trying to get her life straightened out, and was working overtime to earn money to fix up her house so she and the baby could have a nicer place to live. We knocked ourselves out looking after the boy. It cost us a bundle to fly up to get him, also for babysitters (I work part-time), not to mention loss of income for clients I had to turn away. Now we find out that our daughter had taken up with a man who didn't want the child around. Three weeks after the baby went back with her, she phoned and asked if we wanted to adopt him because she was going to give him up and marry the man she'd been living with. It's one thing to have kids who are liars. Some are bigger liars than others. GRANDMA DEAR GRANDMA: Yours not only flew the coop, she used you to feather her love nest. DEAR ABBY: You had a letter in your column from a handicapped person who resented seeing perfectly able-bodied drivers zip into parking spaces marked "Reserved for the Handicapped," then walk a few steps to the store or building. The writer complained that he often hobbled on crutches a long way to his destination while some inconsiderate, selfish clod took the parking place reserved for the handicapped. Abby, one need not be crippled to be handicapped. Many disabilities are not visible. A heart patient, or one with severely reduced lung power may be more seriously handicapped than someone on crutches. You should have said, "Before calling people •inconsiderate, selfish clods' for having grabbed your parking space, consider that many who appear to be able-bodied and healthy may be in far worse physical condition than you are." ASTHMATIC'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: Thank you for pointing out something that never occurred to me. You are far more insightful than I. DEAR ABBY: I didn't know how to address letters to my daughter who lives with her boyfriend out of town, so I asked my psychiatrist who has a son who lives with his girl friend. He said he a'ddresses his letters to Jane and John Doe. Now that's what I do. L. A. MOTHER Everyone bas a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $1 to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212. Mr. and Mfsl J.C. Walton announce the engagement of their daughter* tiha Marie, to Tony Lee Butler, soft of Mr * and Mrs, V.E. Butler of Wake Village, Tex, ri . Tina is a ii§74-graduate ;of Hope High School. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Robert Walton of Hope and the late Mr. Walton and . Mrs,;- Dorothy Glasgow of Taylor 1 , Ark. ;and M.L. Glasgote of Sprihghlll, La. The bridegroOirt-elect Is a 1973 graduate of Texas High School. His grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Coy Clark of Wake Village and Mrs. Edna Butler of Texarkana. He is an employe of Raython Company. Tina and Tony plan to wed November 15 at seven-thirty in the evening at Unity Baptist Church in Hope. All friends and relatives are invited to attend. Hospital Notes BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Jean Cox, Patmos; Mary Jamison, Cornelius Briggs and Effie Thompson, all of Hope. DISMISSED: Tom Gaines, McGaskill; Ronald Neal, Hope. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Carrol Yocom, Earl Martin, Mrs. Effie Cook, Mrs. Georgia Wells, all of Hope; Mrs. Ida Craig, Nashville; Randal Howl, Fulton. DISMISSED: Steve Atkins, Mrs. Luna Underwood, both of Hope. Dark and Glowing Close-fitting black jersey dresses are brought to life with rhinestones generously E atterned across bodices and acks. Women s news Mrs* Annette Rogers Phone 777-3431 Calendar of events Tuesday, October 1 ; The Hempstead Republican Women's Club and the Hemp* stead County Committee will have a joint meeting on Tuesday, October 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Jim and Penriy Gary. The program Will be presented by Ron E"lherlon, covering the constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot in November. Lynn Etherton will be co- hostess for the evening. Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma will have its; first 1974-75 meeting onj Tuesday, October 1, at 3:30, p.m. at the home of Mrs. Edith Brown on Rosston Road. Thursday, October 3 ' The Mope Melonaires Square Dance group will begin a 12 week series of lessons on Thursday, October 3 at 8 p.m. at the Fair Park Coliseum. Instructor and caller will be Ray Wheelington from Texarkana. The first lesson will be free and each lesson thereafter will be $1 per person. If interested in good clean fun and fellowship, please call 5820 or 6360. The Golden Age Club will meet in regular session at the Douglas Building at 1:30 Thursday, October 3. Jimmy Wallace from Unity Baptist Church will bring the program. Family Lib Childbirth at home can be safe if... By Joanne and Lew Koch (Note: Today's column is written by Joanne) "Please don't imply that all the people who choose to have their babies at home are just young kooks' out for 'kicks,'" writes Mrs. I. W. Barnes of Denver, Colo. "My husband is 45 and I'm 30 ... and I had my baby at home too." After regular prenatal checkups from a willing doctor, writes Mrs. Barnes, "the time came, the doctor and his nurse arrived, and without drugs, or forceps, in a beautiful and dignified process, our daughter was born in our bedroom." Well, Mrs. Barnes, we talked with two physicians whom we greatly respect and here is what they say about childbirth at home. "In the rest of the civilized world, consisting of countries that have infant mortality and maternal mortality statistics far better than those of the United States," says Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, Associate Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, University of Illinois School of Medicine, "the predominant pattern is that of childbirth at home. Dr. Mendelsohn says that childbirth at home has these advantages: — it avoids the danger of hospital contamination; —it avoids the anxiety and depression which often accompany hospitalization, both for the mother and children left at home; —it avoids the accidents that are part of alrrmst every hospitalization such as mistakes in medication, mistakes in patient identification, babies getting mixed up with each other and the rare case of babies disappearing from hospital nurseries. Dr. Mendelsohn believes that childbirth at home is "not only desirable from the psychological standpoint but perfectly safe provided that it is carried out by a physician who is knowledgeable and experienced in home deliveries." The same is true for using midwives, says Dr. Mendelsohn, as long as they are knowledgeable and experienced. Dr. Fred R. Abrams, a board certified obstetrician/ gynecologist in Denver (and through personal knowledge, a humanist of the first order) agrees that "the vast majority of deliveries are perfectly normal and can be managed uneventfully with proper care and precautions at home. "However," Dr. Abrams says, there is the rare case that is going to be risky, when you're going to lose the mother, the baby or both at home when exceptional circumstances occur. It is because of the risk of complications that the vast majority choose hospital delivery." Dr. Abrams cites hospital facilities such as blood bank, operating room and new, innovative techniques such as fetal monitoring which he says, with proper usage, "can predict in advance what is likely to be the outcome of the labor and delivery and thus anticipate acute and emergent conditions. "If you always knew in advance what deliveries were going to be risky, that would be one thing. But since you don't, you've got hospitalization. The one lady who hemorrhages is extremely grateful she's in the hospital." There are now two choices: a hospital delivery which can treat birth as a natural family event or a home delivery which offsets a small degree of physical risk with a greater degree of psychological benefits. Either way is a vast improvement over the impersonal, emotionally sterile deliveries which used to characterize the experience of giving birth in America. Copyright It) 1974 Lewis and Joanne Koch Oct. 4,5,6 The Palmos Baptist Church will have a weekend revival, October 4,5, and 6th. The Rev., Elbert O'Steen will be doing the preaching each evening at 7:30 and o;n Sunday morning at 11, The Rev. Frankie Burke is the pastor. Saturday, October 5 Hope Melonaires will have a special dance at Red River Vo- Tech. School Saturday, October 5, at 8 p.m. Woody Ussery of Little Rock will be doing the calling. The Gardenia Garden Club will have a white elephant and rummage sale Saturday, October 5 beginning at 9:30 a.m. on South Main St. next to jj Greening-Ellls-Hope Federal •Savings & Loan. AH proceeds will go for landscaping the new "School of Hope". Monday, October 7 The Lydia Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church, teacher Mrs. Reese Chambless, will have a dinner meeting Monday, October 7 at 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Restaurant. SlIichin'Time J Handcraft your - ....',».-„ ••••'-..'„•.•• ,• - - . ^* By Judy LoVc Althoughi It's early, are you wondering what Ib give all those problem people on your gift fist this Christmas? Here's ^ soft ahswet for you. From fussy Auftt Agatha to the girl who has everything, nearly everyone loves'beau* tiful pillows, especially When they're lovingly made by you. There is such a variety of pillow designs that we had trouble choosing the most attractive. We've thrown in two thatiwill 3dd an attractive accent to rribsV decors. One is contemporary and casual, with the hatural flair of a .fisherman knit sweater. To brighten any traditional room, our needlepoint pillow is a colorful mosaic. The "sweater" pillow is worked in Bernat's Blarney- Spun yarn, in a natural off- wnite for that authentic Irish charm. You'll need both straight and cable-stitch needles. For the .needlepoint pillow, you'll use a palette of 11 colors in Coates and Clark's "Red Heart" Knitting Worsted. So make yourself a pile of pillows. In 'no time you'll soften all your gift-giving problems. It's never too soon to start clicking or working your needlepoint way into people's hearts! For easy instructions, just send 50 cents to Stitchin' Time, c/o this newspaper, Radio City Station, Box 503, New York, N.Y. 10019. Ask for inn*..: Pretty needlepoint pillow brightens any room in perfect taste. (Photo courtesy ol CoMea and Clark) leaflet No. 404 and be sure to enclose your name, address and zip code. KNIT KNACKS Dear Judy Love: As a beginner in needlepoint, I find, even after having practiced a new stitch on a practice canvas I sometimes get mixed up and need to take out stitches after starting my new project. This is wlicrc the trouble begins: I clip the canvas thread with the scissors. Is there any way of ripping out the stitches without having this happen? - T.C.; Washington, D.C. Dear T.C.: It is so easy and not uncommon even to "old timers" to cut the canvas threads when using scissors to take out wrong stitches. I suggest you use a seam ripper. The little sharp knife point slips right in under the stitch (or row of stitches) and cuts the thread without the danger of cutting into the canvas thread. Best, Judy Love. (NKWSI'AI'KK KNTKWHI.SK A.SSN.I Coming and going Guests from seven states and also local relatives and. friends honored James W. Rowe Sr. on his 100th birthday Saturday. The group gathered at Red River Vo-Tech School. Six of his seven children present were, J. W.' Rowe Jr. of Hope; Mrs. Thelma McMahen of Sprlnghill, La.; Mrs, Clarice Pride of Redlands, Calif.; Mrs. Maxine Duren of Los Altos, Calif.; Mrs. Mildred Reynolds of Ray City, Ga. and C. N. Rowe of River Grove, HI. A daughter, Mrs. Marzee Kindred of Redlands, Calif, was unable to attend. Out-of-town relatives and friends included, Mrs. Harry Wroten, Mrs. Gladys Hardawav, Haynesville, La.; Royce Reynolds, Tifton, Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. Barry Reynolds, San Antonio, Tex.; Mrs. Burnice Harris, Beeville, Tex.; Mrs. Willie Mae Bailey, Lakeland, Ga.; Mrs. Sheila Young and Howard Reynolds of Ray City, Ga.; Mrs. Marilyn Cartier and Shelly of Palatka, Fla.; Mrs. Mattie Mae Hardaway, Mra. Majorie Smithson, . Mrs. Thalia Harper, ,all of Texarkana; Mr.s. tyha, Stanley,' Little Rock; Harry. Alvin and Alonzo Broom, Mrs. Mae Broom and Mrs. Norma Meyers of Magnolia; Minor Rowe of Buckner, Ark.; Clark Morman, Prescott; Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Hines. Mrs. Svble Hin«s. Mrs. Corrine Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Rowe, Mrs. C.R. Hudson and Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rabb and Doug, Mrs. Archie Wynne, all of Emerson; Mrs. Eva Mae Modisitte, Springhill, La.; Mr. and Mrs. Mac Duke, Shongaloo, La.; Mrs. James Wright, Camden; Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Williams, Conway; Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bob McMahen, Stephens; Mr. and Mrs. Buddy McMahen, Ft. Benning, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Downs have returned from a trip to Oklahoma where they visited Mrs. Walter Downs and son, John Downs in Claremore, Okla. They toured Will Rogers State Park, Saddle Room and Memorial and visited in Stillwater, Okla. DON'T USE, DON'T HEAT As an energy-conserving measure, turn off radiators and registers in unused rooms and keep the doors between these rooms and other parts of the house closed. Heat that passes through floors and partitions normally will keep room temperatures above freezing. Play do ugh fo r grown ups POLLY'S POINTERS Sampler maker wants place mats By Polly Cramer Polly's Problem: DEAR POLLY — I have cross-stitched four small samplers (9 by 7 '/z inches) that picture antique cars and would like to make place mats with the samplers between sheets of plastic. I have heard there is a way to do this. Will someone tell me how? 1 want the mats to be waterproof so they can be wiped clean after each use. My Pet Peeve is that I am a collector of bonus points and find them very hard to peel off of plastic bottles, boxes, etc. Did you ever try to get a label off of a wet bottle? It tears to pieces. After fooling with it 15 minutes or so it is torn to shreds and has to be thrown away. We often lose more than we save and do not see why they cannot be taped to the container or put inside. - IRENE. . ..v; -A DEAR POLLY - I think I have help for Mrs.R.G. who has acquired a used refrigerator with a door that has turned off- white. I removed some stickers from my refrigerator door and was shocked to see that the door had yellowed around the stickers in spite of constant washing and waxing. After trying to clean it with detergent and hot water and liquid spray cleaners I knew it was clean but it was still yellowed. I was afraid a harsh denser would scratch the finish so tried foam spray bathroom cleaner. After several applications it removed the yellow and my refrigerator looks great. Thanks for a wonderful column. — LOIS. DEAR POLLY - 1 want to tell Mrs.R.S. that last year I painted my old refrigerator with an epoxy spray paint bought at the hardware store. My refrigerator was originally white but is now a beautiful harvest gold. This paint comes in white, avocado and copper. — CLAUDIA. DEAR POLLY - Those who wear shoes with rubber com position soles have probably discovered that when you scuff off the black dye it is impossible to get sole dressing to stay on. If you go around the soles with a black felt marking pen it stays on longer and require only an occasional touching up with the pen. - CLARENCE. DEAR POLLY - When going camping put each egg in a small plastic bag and then put them back in the egg carton. If one should break it will be contained in its bag and can then be scrambled rather than wasted. - PAT. You will receive a dollar if Polly uses your favorite home-making idea, Pet Peeve. Polly's Problem or solution to a problem. Write Polly in care of this newspaper. There are many different recipes for the so-called play doughs or modeling goops that are made from a number of ingredients. One of the best ones is made from table salt and cornstarch, says Wanda Williams, county Extension agent - home economics. A nice feature about this recipe is that the douyh is of the same consistency as potter's clay and can be formed in many of the same shapes, but it doesn'i need to be fired. Left to dry, ii will become hard and will be ready to paint with any type of paint that isn't water- based. This is advantageous to ihose who want to work with clay, but who do not have a kiln and other equipment available. Don't feel that this play dough is only for tots to play with on rainy days. Before you know it, your free time might be spent making beads or other forms from ibis mixture. To make it, combine 2 cups of .salt with 2-3 cups of water and stir over medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add 1 cup cornstarch and % cup cold water. Stir until smooth. Cook until thick. If needed, add a little more cold water after adding cornstarch. Always store in plastic. If stored in the refrigerator, moisture will collect on the plastic and cause the dough to Ijecome runny. Back to Basics Black is the sexiest color for evening wear this year. The softer the texture of the fabric the better. Heart Felt Wear one or two silver heart pendants on a short silver chain to brighten sweaters and blouses. Ring of Beauty Choker length necklaces are a delicate accent with any of the new satin or sheer blouses. We wish to express our deep appreciation and thanks to our friends, neighbors, and relatives for their prayers, concern and acts of kindness during the loss of our loved one. We are especially grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff of Hempstead Memorial Hospital. The Henry F. Russell Family innnnnnnnnqnnnnnuUUnnniTJ"' ODOOI Saenger THEATRE Tonite-Wed. 7:00 And SHE CORRUPTED THE YOUTHFUL MORALITY OF AN ENTIRE SCHOOL! CORNERSTONE for many of the finest and safest investment portfolios in the community ... an account in our Association. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association

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