The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 9, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1977
Page 6
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PACK 9—NAtTOATPCK NKWS (CONN.), FBIDAY, AUG. 2, 1948 On The Air Today ll;00 |>, ni. WOR--Pinny ACP« • • Olhnr SlivtlfinM-Nnw.n 11:11) I>. "i. WOHY---Bf«!«' fl iil | Srocrn «;IB p, m. WI'.RY- Nylon Tlmn; I..OPM V/ABC- \ViviihlnKton Koport \VKAK--firrcnru'lff I" Amui'lcu WHO- -Ci'il. Soh'-nkrr WOR On the Cnntui-y W.rj? Ktlifl and Alhctt W'A'Cfl -Al Vo.-itrp, Sprn-t:i Ili'.'O [i. in. WATU Cocldiiil Kcr'-n.-uln 11:31' I'- m, VVHRY- .-B, Chi-lKty I'>k, NOWII VVAF.C In'ii'ry OUT WATR NISWH: fnlnrliido WTfC- Strictly S WJX—Nnwii; wort Nfw:i fl;l,"i p. in. VVHRY-VVABr;- Robprf Trrmt WTtC-WKAf'' I-.ov.-rll ThonitiH vvnr; nn\r\ r.omax WATR -PlfiiKitirr ftml Profit WJY, tl«ri!'fi MiH'Kiin 1:00 [>. m. wrmY-WAFlC" f'.-UM Cliiyton WTfC-WKA'P 1 - -Snppor Club WAT ft-WOK f4»iy Itrrilo W./X- Ilmidllnn J-.MItlon . 7:1". ('. "i. VVMIlY- J-JI-IIMH C'lty Vi-lri-umi VVAKC'- SUyllivn Hnnt VVATR.-Actvi-ntm<-ii In f.liylhm WKAf''-VV'nC News WOR - An.MWnr Mnn , , 7:23 |i, m. WATR • Nftwii 7:30 p, in. WrmY-W(U:C Tfimmy Lono Kuntfnr WIOAF-Clalmn Agent W'lTC -QulK of Two Cities WOri--NfWii WATR PI.- me Your Anuwor 7:4. r i 1 1. m. VVF.AF- It. V. KiUtrnborn \VATr.---WnltV! Time; News WOr<— Jmildo of. Sports 8:00 p. m, Wr;rvY-VVAEC---Alilrlch Fun-illy VVA'rn-VY,IX--Siim Kpa<lo WOI1- C'lissport to Romance K :;'.() p, m. WRriYi-V/ARC—Swocncy and 1 WTIC-WEAP— Busy Money WOI1 -Voicn in The Night WATR-WJZ— FBI X:;>u I), in. WATERBURY PARK ^ . ^_Jancinj at 8 ^Qd*(toT^f"7& to Ee Ignor- r\nt WTIC-WEAF — Vacation With Mu- nic V/OI; Nrw.M WATR-WJX -Brralt the Dank »:lf> p. ni. WOR--P,cftl Stories ();SO p. ni. WERY-WABC— Wayno King WUK— -Hdrry Jmnos Orch. WAT'R-WJX— The Shcrlft' WT[C-WKA[''— Wiilf/. Time 0:155 l>, m. WATR-WJK— Sports 1I):(K) p. m. WBRY-WABC— Motcury Thratcr V\'l'.;At-'-\VTrC--My.'itcry Then tor WATR- WJ#~ Sport Cnvnlcndc WOR- -Toiiiniy Doi'Mi-y 10: so p. m. WRRY-WARC— Hnu-le Durnngo WTIC-WEAF— Spoi-t» Newsrecl WATR-WJJ5— Sports Pngo ll;IKt [i. in. Stntlon.i — Now.i 11:10 p. in. WP.RY -John J. Only, City NOSVJI 11:1.'. t». in. WnriY-WAEC You nnd -the Atom W.JX Jdi' HiiHcl. Sports \VOR News; Financial Report 1 1 :Hlt it, en. \VHKY N'lKlil Chili ol' the Air WAHC Glen Gray Orch. WATR-W.IK-Ocm.t: Coo It Orch, WOK VVVdthcr; f.ombardo Orch. I2:l)l> Midnight Alifj StaUousi News I',':C.T i\. MI. U'f-:i;Y--Nlirht C'luh of the Air Stauffer Nine Plays Tonight Legion State CkriponsliiJ) Semi -Finals Ftere Tomorrow Healy-SanAngelo Combine To Start Important Tilt Protested Game To Be Replayed This Sunday Standing of Teams NATIONAJL LEAGUE Fights Tonight East Siders Edge Yanks In Close Game By KENNY CLYMKJf The East Sklerw mainly throuffh ho two hit hiiflinfr of their ace, 3ob "Woostcr :inil with the cooper- lion ol' the Yank's catcher. Rnbloy, .•ho dropped live third strike pitch- s Co i- piisssd balls, took the roeas- rc yostfii'diiy of the Yanks, 2-1. Carl Eoettgror, who h-ui'led tor the funks nllowocl only one hit. but ic pus.sncl halls proved his clown- all. BocUKcr, in pitching this 1'1'ort, sli'uck out 32, and walked x. Wooaloe .struct out ten men ncl wnlknd llvo l-o gain the victory. Score by innings; s ost Sitlet-H, . 100100 x—2 1 3 Yanks' ........ 000001 0—1 2 3 Batteries: W o o s t e r-Falrchlld; Highlander-Ranger Rematch Expected To Be Game Of Season Yesterday's Ucsullft St.. Louis 3, Brooklyn !• Z Cincinnati at Philadelphia i-aln. Pittsburgh at Boston—rain. Only games scheduled. The Standing Umpire — V, Henly. u j Miiimt-'fT finny Siniiffor'.-* Mlll- vlll" i-^lub, 'having won three out nt' rhn Ins* foiii- .gjirnns which thf;y hnvo plnyocl, will travel to Wuter- i hui-y tonight to ongdgp tho iitronx \Vnti>ihi.iry HH'M nt Hnnullnn f'tirk. wilt \t<: nt 3:30 p. m. Th" liwiil nine will k'fiVu \Vnltcr'.H Ut 'i - p, in. . , Many Discovered At Baseball Schools The .baseball school which •the Brooklyn Dodgers will hold nt Fucpiienlch Park in Torrlngton, Conn., on August , r ., D. nnrl ID, may be a ytcppinp ytono to the major guoH for Home of the players who participate. Slmilnr jicliools tluri.ii,' the past five ycrirs hnve produced a number 11! outHtanding plavcrw. including K.-ilph Brrmcn. Hal Gregg. Vic Lombard!. Bruc" KclwardH, Joe Sosko- Ic, Ed Mikain, and Cnlvln Mc- Llsh, who nr« now playing with the Dodgers, ..The TcjiTington sessions svill atart The action uhould be fnst .and fuious tin's woclc down at Recreation Field, when the Bangers and Hlshlantlcra mec.l to replay their recent conteMl, which WHS declared no go by the lcagiic protest board earlier this week. The game had been protested ny Milt Wcisaman, Highlander manager, wr.-j disputed a decision on one play in the ame. The protest was granted with warning- by protest board ofllcials being given 1.0 league ofllcials -to Inrify r.r>rt.nln ruins on which Um- must hinge their decisions. i svcck's contest is again Brooklyn ... St. Louis .. . Chicago- Cincinnati ., Boston New York ,. Philadelphia Pittsburgh , VV. I,, 59 38 1/7 39 52 43 47 48 45 49 43 54 40 53 37 56 Pet .608 .59-1 .'M .495 .-170 .443 A30 .398 Bert Mii.ha.ffcy hurling Cor the Wcissmen and Rudy.Szczosiul pitch- i ing them in for the Ranger com-' bine. Receivers will be Swan and Allen. In the opener on Sunday, League President Frank Shea has prepared 1 a trcn-t for local fans who wish, to I BOO the youngsters .of the borough i piny. He Is ni/itching the two teams in Pete Foley's loop against each other, the Mill- vlllc Cubs vg. St. Francis. In between the first game and the. feature game of the afternoon pi-i7.cs will be given away. _ to the holders of the luclcy ticltcLs, This week's prizes; will include several pairs of nylons among other items, President Shnu said. Todays Games, Pitchers - PMt.Bburgh at New York (2) — Scwcll (6-7) and Roe (2-7) vs. Koslo (11-10) and Schumacher (3-4). Cincinnati at Brooklyn (night) •— : Heussor (0-7). or Bcggs (8-6) vs. i Higbc (9-3). i Chicago at Boston (night)—Wyse i (11-9) vs. Spahn (3-1), ! St. Louis nt Philadelphia (night) 1 —Braxlo (3-7) vs. Judd (C-9). AJM1SRICAN LEAGUE at 10 a. m. each day and players should brin, 1 ; their own uniforms. The school will bo directed by Scout Jim Ferrantc, and will be for players between the ages of 17 and 21, inclusive, plus veterans of World War II. Bocci Another Feature Of M-R Post Field-Day SALE PLAYHOUSE Today - Saturday Esther WILLIAMS Van JOHNSON Lucille BALL Kecnan WYNN A Nil '!I'.iM;TNKIlS IN TliMV" DARK ALIBI roue Local Softball Ten To Play Undefeated Florios During Afternoon Event \vlll play the undefeated Florlo Post team of Watci-bury. Raymond O.'.irncjoll hng announced anol.hcr trcrit in the form of Bocci ball, a . , . , . , „ ,, sport wuich is well-liked locallyMaut Aside from viowlnfj .some of the p w y IflnnKl oxixiblilon ooxln B thl.s areaL ca , Boccj ^J huve bccn ' Ir.ff as to whether them, will Bocci ;i-t the afternoon alVtiir and tht> chairrntin assures thorn that there will. PHzo.-; will be awarded in the Bocci contest. As ,-in added inducement, yesterday* Results Cleveland 2. Boston 1. Now Yorlc 4, Detroit 2. Chicago 7, Philadelphia 6. St. Louis 8, Washington 2. The Standing W. L. Boston 70 30 New York 58-11 Detroit 56-11 Washing-ion 50-18 Cleveland ..' ... 48 02 St. Louis -13 5<l Chicago -. 40 £S Philadelphia 28 C9 fct. .700 .586 .577 .510 .•ISO .4-13 .508 .289 KODIK COMPO, classy New Hnven featherweight, who opposes Joey Luinottl tonight in return eight rounder at Wntcrhury Municipal Stadium. Today's Gsimo-s, Pitchers A'cw York at Cleveland (night) —Bonham (3-3) vs. Reynolds (710), Boston at Detroit—Hugrhson (11- S) vs. Trout (8-10). Washington nt Chicago (night) — Nowsom (7-0) vs. Rigncy (3-3). Philadelphia at St. Louis (nipht) —Christopher (5-1) vs. Galohouse (5-7). Jado Vs. Brownell iame Tonight Billy Rado and the IJ. K. Hnb- cr Keds will play their most im- iortant frame . ot the season to-, ight. when they engage the strong iVatcrtmi'y Tool Ifid by their ace Srowncll, in a softball game to determine this area's entry into the • state nmatcur softball championship playoffs. The Tori outfit will be slightly favored over- -'-he locals, but all softball fans in Naugotuck believe that the Rubber team who have only lost one contest will come through victors In this contest. Natcwich, Schuster, Curtin Expected To Hit Hard For Locals Tomorrow will be an important day in Naugatuck for baseball, for on the outcome of tomorrow's content between the American Lotion Juniors of this Borough, and the Juniors from Willimantle rests a bid Co play in the state championships. The localK, who took the local district championship, when they trounced Ar.sonia last Saturday, on- ternd the semi-finals Of state competition by virtue of their victory asrainst Middletown, opponents of the mor- Wcdnesday while their row, Willimantic, were takinK the measure of the strong- team from Norwich. Eddie No!de and Cubby Cowan, who are beinft widely praised for the steps which their team has been taking; in active competition, ire continent of a victory, but not over-confidcr.t. Manager Noldc stated today, that his team is not over-confident but will be in there at a.!] times in an effort to win. 1C they do lose," he said, "Both Coach Cowan, and rr.yself, will .new -that they put their utmost effort into the pamc nnd that they were trying 'at all limes." It is expected Vi'nnie Hcaly who ha;-; pitched every cramc thus'.-far for the locals will toe ihii-' r mound In tomorrow's same, \vhlle Frankic San AnRelo, the youth considered by many as one of the finest receivers in this area will catch. The remainder of the lineup will be as follows: Bill Xatowich, lb; Clict Usakiowiez, 2b: Jack Curtin', -SF; Joe Ilealy, 3b; Bob'Slaufrcr. If; George Schuster, cf; and Bob Markovic, if. The bats of Natowich San Antjelo. V. Hcaly, Schuster, Usakicwicz'and Curtin arc expected to do much for the loc«! team in this very important tilt. Game-time tomorrow is 2:30 p. m. at the local Recreation field. Let's Kui down there folks nnd boost the local boys to victory. TEMTrj; WINS FIRST Los AngcJcs, Aug. 2—'UP)—Shirley Temple's blp brother Gcorcc may make a big ihing out of this wrestling game. George, who entered the ring- It despite his famous family's protests, has won his first main event. ovnr npi>n ,muny other forms o entertainment rest. In more for ths persons who attend the Montnnni'1- Radn I-'lold Hiiy projrrnm nla oom- Sitnclay /it Linden Park. Ono of the rnatuiT events of the uflrrnoor. Is when UK- .•••Iron;,' local >ofih)i.ll cluh i-oprcscntlns thn post, MILL SUPPLIED' ERTOOL5 MSAVINOS IT, f T(l. 5-2141 •"• ("'urn \Vi\Mtind, VnlNhnl at CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE \ SERVICE STATION 5 wi 1 , -ri",i,. .m Mrl|ll,l,.\M AIII'rilH (III.N STRATTON'S KESTATJRANT 18-20 Park Place Open Dully ffnf.ll I A. M. • DAU.V r.i'.Nmi'jo.vs • AM) III.VNKKS • A I. A CAItTK MK.NU Krioin, li'oixl Hi»r find Iliidth Scrvk-o Full Liquor License SXVIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPATJCr Ml,.< r,, Mli««p« Hlin"f»'r|.rl-ln Ili-iirh t'i.KANKNT SI'OT IN TIIK MTATI'! BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT <;in'-i!A'n; I-KICKX; c; A Tvr'/Tr'T^'i'o N " <1 "> wthy. OAlN/il'jKl O .HHvllIB^ llMIlk 20 WAVI.V'JS ST. HIM. fi-IKM? ru«;rr .JAIIS I.UC'K JAIt ritKSSdJIK COOKERS A 1,1, TYI'KX OF HADIO Itliil'AIU \VOKK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE ioa cmmcii ST. Ti<lo|)tionn 40HO GET A JEEP IMMKIMATK DKI-IVKHY Vniir WII.I.VS-OVKIU.AXO lirnli'r LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. MnrfKttn v\ v DANCE Every Saturday Night 0 I'. M. TO 1 A. M. nt DUFFY'S RESTAURANT W'ATKIt STUKKT Munlo Hy Tlio <1. T. TWIIiir.HT TIHO SANDY BEACH LAKK QUASSAI'AUG DICK riNMCY. MRI-. Open 10 A. M. to 10 r. M. ll"Uiln£ • IHcnlCh AUGUST FUR SALE — IJUY NOW AND SAVE — 0!) N. MAIN STHEET \Viit<>rnury Tol. 3-2727 si:i: rs run Yoi-u VACATION. LUEGOGE l.'liil>rrlln» KrcnvrriMl. .. . FISHERS .s. .MAIN ST. n-IHIl FOR TOKTRATTS Ol'' OIST1NCTION I'lliino 472(1 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO II No. Miiiu St. Niiujjatiick PLAY POOL On First Class Tables Jl & M ALLEYS 135 MAFMC STIU5ET the H'roup hi p-.itUnsc uri n. nc\v Philr.o portahin rntlio a? n door prize, which some lucky person will win. There u'il! bo dancing continuously during the day from 1 p. m. until 9 p. m with Jim Cordi supply- In ff the music during -thu eveninfr. Refreshment!,- ^i-til be served clurinf,-- the day, Chairman Ralph Morclll said today, and every effort will bo m.-ido for an' enjoyahle field day. f^augatuck Grays To Play Watertown The strong Naugatuck Grays \vill travel to Wn-turtown Mnight to eii- gagre the team of that place at 6 p. m. It is rurnoied strongly that Charley Finkc will accompany the aggegation and play in thig evening's contest. filCEElElD " " ROPE July 30'- Any, 3 SEATS: $1,110, $1.50, S2.00 plus tax Curtain: 8:ir, j Tel. Litchfinld H8(! Next Week: ROOM SERVICE Millville A. A. Meets Tonight The Millville A. A- will hold a special mec-ting tonight at the home of club president, Al Brewer. All members are i cqucstcd to be present. The meeting will begin at 7 p. m. DANCING SATURDAY and SUNDAY NIGHTS LAKE QUASSAPAUG BALLROOM CLIFF SLATER AND HIS SENSATIONAL NEW 13 PIECE ORCHESTRA "MUSIC AS YOU LIKE IT" ADMISSION 60c (including- tax) Bus Service to the 1-ako •i Garden LDEUJ5 POL! BRUCE CASOr ESriiCR DALE- ROi" ROBERTS A LAPP WITH -EVERY CLEW "IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG" with Carol* - Landis, AUyu Joslyn - Henry Morgan Tb« widen choice of paint colon *rif offered — »U ready to UM, ' Murphy Paints fv»ry In «v»ry Soo Our Jj\rgo Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS nlso All Kinds of Fertilizers <\ Qt, Presto l'r«>Hniirii CooletTH (ImmrclhUf I)i<Ilv«ry) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 1(12 STUTCRT FOB GAttDEN nnd LAVVN • SHOVELS (long nnd short handles) • GAKDliN- KATCKS • 1IOKS — SPADKS « rniJNING SHEARS • GRASS SirEAKS CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 WED - i™*™ w 1 .*!.* 1 ^ 'CENTENNIAL SUMMER' "•••*« In Tcclmlcolor— Plat "DEADMNK I'OH Ml'ltDKR" Wherelwwk and worries wither.\ . f unhand freedom flourish! Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees,- and other, quality footwear Now Available . FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck « Conn. ,-iV- ^_ __^ Imagine! ?*?*fnot*only having enough spate for your hobby/. . . but enough time!-. left over from kicchco chores to.enjoy it! £ v •:!• i»M- .-«-»•>. -i* Well,'that's exattly -what you do have in this latest "New Freedom Gas Kitchen",, design ... with these three wonderful timesaving features: "jf^pT-. """ S NeW rreedom frown "Pot WoTehtng" \ ... thank's to the grandest, most automatic Gas range you ever satv. With a smokeless, * quick-scaring broiler ".. . speed-demon top .'. burners . . . and an automatic clock control,i. that goes on 'and oiSf'by itself — actually cooks a cbcnplcfe meal ; deliciously when' you're miles away! And that's just a "taste"! of all the good -things you get on your new ^ Gas range built to "CP" standards! New Freedom from market bosket "blues" . . . Y«our new, silent Gas refrigerator is arranged to store more foods. Itf ''constant cold means they stay fresh longer. ' Economical too — because there are no .'•moving parts in the freezing system to break down or wear out! New Freedom from "fepld water troubles" . . . Just turn the tap and your new automatic Gas water-heater gives you . hot water galore. Replaces the supply 'fast I and rconomically enough for a new auto£ made dishwasher (and laundry) ! -re ^ o L Come in and let us' help plan your "New F Freedom Gas Kitchen," today! THE WONDER FLAME THAT COOLS AS WOX THE CONNECTICU IGHT & POWER Ca A BUSINESS-MANAGED, TAX'-PAYXNG COMPANY

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