The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 9, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1977
Page 5
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Scenes From "Caesar And Cleopatra" Starting Wed., Aug. 14th—Loew's Poli IfAtTGATUCK NEWS (COXV.), FRIDAY, AUG. t, 1M«—PAOE * 1, Cunxnr (Clnlidn Rains) land- Intf In IC#ypt (ionioH upon tho younc CUiopntra (Vivien [.,olKh> who Inoloi upon him us a hni'mlrwt "old CunUi'man," , With courupn Knlnod from tho pi'Otoctlon of tin; mighty Cn.e- HIU-, Clcnpntt'u lakoH over the throno from hue brother tho "toy klnR" Ptolomy. 3. Ftatatecta. (Flora Robaon, Cleopatra's savage nurso, tells her of n plot. Cleopatra orders Fttitntoeta to assassi-. natc the leader of of tho plot. 4. Caesar, having: accomplished his purpose in Egypt, leaves. the ambitious Cleopatra to govern Egypt and sets sail for Rome, VFW Victory Ball Committee Plans Meeting Monday A .'iprclat mfictlnir of thri Clfm- mlttrn tnr tho forthrdmlntt VI''W Victory P.iUI to ho hnlcl In Hcptnm- hor. will he held Mnrultiy ovonlnj;. K n'clock, nt thu ctuh ro<min on nuhhnp uvonun- C!«ntr>n Adivmn, no-chalrmnn of thn iiffnlr, In announcing the m'tn£- \I\K toclny. Hlm»MMl It.i ImporUuirn «ml /iNknd that nil rnnmbcrH p 1 "' 1 ' *IMii hn prtinont. l>'lnnl rnturnn on Hniiclttitlnn for Kin profinim will hn miidn, , f'lnnn for tho \nM'n nruui'il turn- Uv online, <•<> hn hnld Aiiiruiit II, arc ifoInK /i.lmiid nt n nijild pnr:c, fjornrniindnr Harold Lowld I'nport- dtl today, fl'ull dctiills tif tin- nvnnt will bn rclniLidfl In tho ni'iil- fu- hirn t>y thf> nhnlrnmn In clmi'K" of lhnnvnn-1. Commander I,uw|« sultl. ^*^*^^**r*r>&+**i* RADIOS AT SWAN'S Tel. 367-» }B C'luii-cli Ml, — I'M, .1023 — VENETIAN BLINDS in fttnrh, GREAT WESTERN PRESENT LEAD AT LOEW'S POLI Now plnylnc In the Ktvinnlngly hnautlful Tochnlcolor production, "Smoky" KturrlnR Fred MacMur- riiy and Anne Baxter, Raroly, If civcr, haw tuiy mnvlo audience boon trpiitccl to no Hpectacularly beautiful production aM this Technicolor plolurn. "Smoky" l.i, Indeed, an all tnn seldom trnnl In Hci'ccn entertainment, A reproduction of l.ho beloved cliiH.Nlc by Will Jnmoii. this sitfiry romblnc'u action, romance and a runt moving- story. Introducing hnlliifl -ilnRor Burl tvcs whonnnlnK : - Inff l« .ihnnr Inspiration, riml who pi'ovltluM tho fllm-gours with a new tilnRlnf; trout, "S'.moky" In a ftrand «tory of tho Wont of today that l.i flooded with tho roiitilncr Nplrlt of tho \Vrstt of yoNtoryuar, AH nil who hiivn rrad the hook must know, It l:i the xt'iry of onn man'M love of danKfr uixl of one woman's lovo of a man. and of tho ovont.'i that patterned {holi 1 life Into a fri'cat mid thrilling advnnture. Ki'iicl MucMui'ray brlnRii to vivid •icrppii life tho lend role of -the .itoiy'N nuftfurl nnd danpcr-lovlng fowpimclior, Lovely Anne Baxter l.i outMtundlnirly sucuciwful In a\ nnw type I'olo for her—that of tho tmrd-rldliiK owner of tho ranch on which MiieMurray In hlrod. Hcrl f.irtrnynl l« ftiipprb and I.M bound to opon now avenues for tho brilliant younfr iictrcMit. A|HO on snmn program Is the tnrri-y mnyh»m and rlotoitK ro- niiinno, "[t Shouldn't Happen 'to a Do).; 1 ' starrlnjf Carole Landls and Allyn JONlyn and an {imir/.ln £al<'ntud Oobcrmun Plnachor who annv.'(im to "Rodney." Blakeslee's AUGUST FUR SALE Kolinsky Scarfs on Limited Quantity | y $14-40 a s kin x Included LMACiLYK . . . "VVc MIT oD'crin.!;- lliis soloct.ion nt. suv- iiiKs yon run 'I nlTonl t<> miss. He-low 0. P. A. prices. Wi- will hold your Mi-li-ut'iim now until wanted in Full Nvitli a small d SlakeMee ' Ksliiblishod 1859 99 NORTH MAIN ST. WATERBURY GAY COMEDY IS CURRENT LEAD AT STRAND THEATER "Easy to Wed," new musical which opened Wednesday nt tho Strand screen, Wnterbury, Is easy to look at, easy to listen to, and, above all, easy to laugh at. With a star-studded cost, topped by Vnn Johnson, Esther Williams, Lucille Ball and Keonan Wynn, the new picture offers a world of entertainment In a howl-provoking tale of a lady-klllor who sells his oh arm to -the highest bidder only f.o find himself facing charges of bigamy. Against this Is laid a colorful background of metropolitan action contrasted with scenes at a Mexican resort, with Van Johnson and Miss Williams doing their first .'•.Inglng and danclr.p on the screen, and the lovely Esther again revealing her skill as a swimming and diving champ. The musicnl sequenc- es—Mlns Ball does n song-and- dance number, -tco—are arrestlngly original and beautiful. Van Johnson will add to his huge host of fans In his new role as the debonair man-about-town who agrees to marry Lucille E!all in order that, he can subsequently make love to Miss Williams and pet her to drop a newspaper libel -Mlt caused by her having been FINE DOUBLE BILL NOW AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE An exciting- dramatisation of »,i vivid chapter in the history of the old West Is seen !n RKO Radio's spectacular melodrama, "Badman's Territory," now at the Salem Playhouse. Randolph Scott and Ann Richards respectively play the horo nnd heroine of tho picture, which deals with old events in the Oklahoma Panhandle. ' For forty years this area, larger than the state, of Connecticut, -was completely lawless' oecausc of Icpral. oversights which left It without any governmental jurisdiction. After rplc conflict the region was Included in tho newly formed Territory of Oklahoma in 1S90, and amid his conflict is played the romance and action of tho dim. Soott plays a shei-iff and Miss Richards is a fiery , newspaper cdi'tor. Georfrc "Gabby" Hayes shares honors with them as a. genial bandit. A train robbery oy the James hoys, the Dalton's memorable raid on ColTcyvillc, and a frontier horse- race provide some of. the ejtr.ltinp sequences of "Badman's Territory." The second lead is Lum and Abnor in'. "Partners Jn 'Time." ENGELMAN'S 3^: of BOYS' CLOTHING For Bojr* « Shirt and Mwrt Sets Slack Seta Polo Shir* Wub Bhortt Sport BhirM Bathing Trunta White Wash Short* Sailor Gob Bate Gabardine Slack* White Gabardine Slacks For Jr. Boy§ Sun Suit! -.Overalls ; Knit Suits Wash Suits White Sailor, Suits Wash Suits 2 PC. Navy Sailor Suits Jacket and Overall Sets Orig. 2.98 3,50 1.25 1.98 1.98 2.25 2,25 1.49 1.98 4.50 Orig. 1.39 1.30 1.98 1.98 4.98 2.98 8.98 4.93 Now 2,00 2.88 88c 1.60 1.66 1.66 1.44 88c 1,60 3.44 Now 88c 99c 1.44 1,66 2.24 2.24 4,88 3.24 €nG€LITlfln'S Air Conditioned — Store Hours — 9:30-5:45 LAST DAYS!! 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