Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISimR, SATURDAY EVEJnNG, DECKMBER 2.1911. Famous The RayoXamp is the hat and moat Mrvieeahle lamp yon cao find for any part oi your home. It it in use in miSions 6! families. Its stroiig white 'light has made it famous. And it never flickers. ! Id the or Uw pwlor the Rayo gives jutl th« li^t that • muft effec* liTe. It is a becoBiiag lamp—is itself and to yon. Jiut tb« UapJ too, for badroom or library, whera a dear, Ueadr ligkl ii newied. { The Rafo is mad* of solid liraa. inckei -Dlatcd i alta in ninaeroy other styles and iaiihcs. Eatity ti|hud vrithout removing tbado or chimnsy; caay tij elcaa aadirewick. Alky—r<Uahrlot>gwrwt'»l'"««*R»y t"*?'! erWrii (f (ir <bKr «it >*<ci(ci >WlD «Bya«tacya(ilM Standard Oil Company (Ineorporataj) -Dr. Hnil. ilstcopatli. Ftiones 120. COl. I. M. Herslikowitz left .vejJteni:;;.- frr Collinsvllle for a lirlct business vi^i F. D. Allen, of UaliJv.iri. was in tin city yesterday visiting frieinis njmi transacting buFiness. l.i'iivi'iiwiii'tli tor ll.'w'liiiK frlciulH 1 low (lay-). Ill liaii Sorvcv KllUrl liilsillt'BS is In vi>.ir. l'nr«iin ?5 for r. trial will com^ np at tiie regular January term, . . , A. JI. SIdwell today sold the "Wardrobe." a cleaning aiMl-preasing estal)- lishnient, to. C. F/ Florence. Mr. and Mra. Elmer F. Lee, of 1221* "^"IT"? South Ohio street are tha parents of a son born this morning. 1 Remai^'far 80o--M6iMy Refunded tf It P^iis. Sir. and Mrs. T. A. Slcl^land, who have been in lha city- visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Ball for tho past several days, left this afternoon for tbelr home in Kansas City, Kans. Young Lutz the Kansas City wrestler who has been here for some time securing bouts with wrestlers in the vicinity has arranged to wrestle a Conony mat artist In that town this evening. A Register reader. rAnchitllng a business letter, says: "I am not Interested enough In a prealdentlsl prlninry to have an extra .session of the legislature to get It." Mrs. J. M. House, of Ft. Smiih, .\rk.. came In this evening for n visit nf several ilnys with Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Butler. l.irense lo marry was issued this morning to W. K. I/jclcer and Mrs. Adilie XewhankH. both of Klncnld. II Is understood they nre to he married tomorrow. Oa«(h medicines, as a rule, contain large Brspartlon of plain ^yru( —a good ingNaaBt .-batane Chat anyone ah oiake. A plat a( srannlated sn «ar. wi b i plat •( anun water, stirred fi>r 2 minutes, •iTaafoa as xooa syrup aa tkonej can buy. A fiOHVat bottle of Pinex, m xed in a pint bottle frith home-made soft ir syrup, gima you a full pint of real y better coagh i7nip than yon could bi y ready mixed for KlflO. There's « cleSr savins tl SZOO. Full directions In parkafe.. And money couldn 't .bay a quicker, batter remedy. Takes hold at oitce. s\it* almost instant relief, and tiRuaSlj slope the moKt ebKtinate, deep-aefted ^wush in 24 hours. It stimulates-tbo apnetite, is aligbtly Isaative and bs» s j>Irai lat taste -rchlldren take it willingly;. »pl ndid for boarseoees. aiitbnu. cbeet pains i ad other tturoat tcoubl«a..and uneqttaUd fo prompt results In whooping rough. Finns in a apcrlal and hlxhl] ronoen- trated corapauml of iinndrted Norway VHiite Pine extract, and is riiHi n suala- eol and ether natural hoalins pine cle- Bsats. Simply mix It on direr ed with sngar syrup or strained bouey, md it is ready for use. L'sed In more homes In the I. S. and Canada than any othnr coiiifh re nedy. PInpx has often been imilstcd, tut never MicccsRfully, for nothing ela« wil produce the same results. The ccnu^ae li guanin- teed to give nbtmlute satisfaction >r money refuadi-d. Certificate of guar intec ia wrappnl in eiirb package. Xour druggist has rinex or will gc^ it forfyoii. If not Ii. \V. Wliiiriier lelt lliis afternoon lor rUaniite for a briof business visit. 1. —Farmers -.Mtcntion' distillate for sale, or Humboldt ford, 304 West llipli grade .Mr. .and Jlrs. .lohn V. Uoberts. who ve been visiting for tlic sev- •MMl days in KlU Falls returned home iliis aftornoon. - T !ii? i> the insi week for free trial lie. Telephone T2r. Mia ' f^'mkeys Laying Tonic and Refinery. .M. ll.inKer-''"'""T Call ai Morri.^ & street. 1 Il.iward. 4 In the game of basket ball at the Anditorlum last night Murdock of Unffalo eolli.Ied with Cantrell. sus- i^^^iht VXMX''CO ^, KWi^m. \ai. fainlng a severe scalp wound. How- . I ever he was able to continue the game. Miss Viva Ard. of I'lsinore. sp<i>i yesterday visiting friends in tliits eify. Mr. and Mrs. ('. .1. Peter.'Jon drove to Elsniore this morning in their auio for a brief visit with friends. —Dr. acMfllen. Phones ;12 and 23i Attorney W. D. Coj).^. v.lio lii'< :! here for several days, will ri-nirn Wi- morrow to his home in IJarilesvir.o. —Our commercial ambition Is satisfied customers. Can't be de^-ireil. Once tried, .satisfied & Harvey, Hurry XTp .Jewelers for Hurry up Peu;)le. .\'o. 3 X. .leffersnn Ave. Mrs. .N. Hankins and Miss Oliv. Matikins who siiem Tli.-iiiks.iriviiii: with FrvdonJa ri -lalives reiuni-d "home yisterda.v. I —Most di.^ea.'^e <niiie.« from cer:iis. Kill the gcrnjs and yon kill di.^ease. Conkey's .Vnv-i-cid.' i!ii.v< s witli water arid kills tlie k<tiii.'=. Kur !'<iiiltryiii<n. Stockmen and'.-iicr--. Cnaian teed by Morris & lUiwaviI. Mr.". T. I). Siiiiiincrs, of f'i;v who hjjs been dan(."i'i ^>ll^'^• 1!' ^^r soim- time, was t:<ki'!i in ilic !i'>siillal. ami she will undergo an oinrallon tli";i' this evening. •. —Without opiates or liarmfiil dniu:= ; of any kind Foley's llon^y and Tijr | Compound stojis couui.s :ind inr.s colds. Do not accept any substitute, t J. D. Mundis & Co. j II. .M. Ciinningliani drove his anto over to Ilnrnl)oldt this afternoon on business. Mrs. .Myrtle Spake, nf Ilrookfield. -Mil., wlio lias been in the city visiting li'T sf.-t-r ,Mr,<;. K. Hiinuier. li:rniil to-lay to her home. —W, f;. Teats r..,'alty fonii'any lias 71 oved to ti.-e Kres-s liiiilding. Ofliie ituinis lit to Zi. Plione 4<in. Frii-nds of .1. L. Rarnes, t'oriiierly J sn atlorn'-y of tbis city, will be in- Iterested to learn that he is now located at Idabelle. Okla. .Mr. P.arnes l;as bei'Ti trnvi-ling for a time for a law brvik f":rni. but iias decided to !;''t back into [iraclice. ^Vlth the romlng of Middle .\go —Tliere ;< a letting down in the lijy.-ical fiirr'.'s oftt-n .shown in annoy i and painful kidn"-y and bladder ail I'H-nt.-; and iiiMnar.v Irregularities. Fo- I y'-- l\ii!ni y Pills are a sjilendid regii- '.iling and sirenmlrenin;,' ;iie<!icine at 'lull :i linic. Try them. .1. 1). .\liiii- iiis & Co. .1. K. Ulack brought the startling | news down town today that "Stubbs* Is dead. The deceased one proved to he a bull calf of cantankerous temper which Mr. Hlack slanghteretl yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Colilentz are ben- from Caldwell, Kans:is. for a visit with relatives for an indetinlt* MR. BO.ITKIGHT'S KECIIT.VL. .VI titne. They are guests at the ho'ne of jail tastes. The program >will his parents Mr. and Mrs. I). R. Cob- | lentz of fil7 South Washington ave- Christlnn Churrb Tnnight— Other (I 'ood Features.' At the First Christian chiirch to night .Mr. A. L. Boatrlght'wlll Igive his recital as.slsted by iMrS. U Orange joUtralto. .Miss Hershberger, pianist -Mrs. Carl lloberta, reader, ahd .Miss ix )ls Keiinetl. violinist. The jii -ograii will be varied and should n|>peal to start at t;5 Lcnt S o'clock and an admission of will be charged at the door.. W.VSXT .\FTEK THE WOJI.VN. An In'n man v. lii> has just bought j bis third .Mien county farm, and owns some good town property as well, wa." xainly seeking syriipathy today b<'- caiise of hi.s ta.xe.s. "rm broke and will liave to borrow money to pay them with." he said. But he went | "broke" buying land. —W. C. Teats Realty Company Iia. moved to the Kress linildlng. Oflicf rooms 24 to L'4. Phone 409. ( Clianute Triliune: .Mr. and Mrs. K. .1. Parri.-li spent yesterday In lola aji guests (If .Mr. Parrish's brotlier whom they liad not seen for twenty-flM year.';. .1. v.. I 'eeif Iins sold his Sonlli slre'"t slKip to Hilly .Miles, and bus liiMiglit an interest In the Hershberger liarber si.up on West .Madison. J. S. Smith, Colored, Fnllnwing Wife to KeeoTor Sening .V|irhini-. .1. S. Smith, colored came lice headf|u.irters yesterday i Me said his home Is in Cndei^hdence and that he was here in searqh of hi wife,.who had deserted hiui an with another. Smith s^id nto po- lorning il eloped ho hail Tlic Inmieilars, the second •r-|i(uil l)ask( t i.all fam. went to ali-s ('•'lui r this nmrning. anil will Ii I til"' bigli sdiool ti-am of that (ity n>nlt;bt- Tlie imnied .irH have on ri least one or('asi<m defr-ated the flist '••am in a ipraciire game, and if Yntes Center nuikes even a good showing •lie will lie f"irtiinnt<'. --W. (• Teats Il< alty Cnnniany has •Kivcd fii the Krir>s linildlng. Odico !(">;;:.- IS to 21. Phone 4n!l. —Kxcnr.sinn to "Conway Onrdens'* high! 'n the I^ower Klo Orande Valley of '«, wil) leave Humboldt and Join, Kans., on Tuesday, Hecember r>iU. Star I.nnd Company of Kansas City. .Mo., will run one of their special Pull man Sleeping Cars direct from Hutn- boldt and lola to .Mission, Texas, stopping over at Houston, Galveston, Cor- PUK ChrJstI Point Isbel and Brownsville Texas. Also a special side trip to Matameras, Old Mexico. See J. W. .Marker, lola Kansas and .1. E. Wake field, Humboldt, Kas., for full particulars and reservations: Chrislian aiiirch —TONIGHT— Mr.A.l.BQatnght Baritone In Recital Admission 25 cents ! I'rof. Ilarriss. coach of the high I 'cliool li;iskct ball team, has arrang- ! I'd foi- a ga.vie to be played here next j Saturday i-iglit at the .\uditoriuni be- iiween the local re-ani and the N'evada. , .Mo.. T -ani. Tlio latter five are said to 1 le p-.itting np a great game tills year j 'vA tlid contest is expected to be a cloi;» one. Preliminary to the gnmo lp.!=t night betwr '.-n linffalo and lola. a number ! .f tlie girls cf tlip high .sebool divid- •ri jnt<i two teams and pla.i-ed a game. The girls' te:\ni i will play a game i'-ome fiiue next week with the La Hari>e girl-s' team. K trr.nscript of the judgment of Juk- •Jce eoart in theicnse against Frank >^fhmidt has been filed In district court. Schmidt declined to make any lefense in justice court and was. bonnd over under Jl.OOO bond. His I l>een to Kansas City In gftarcji of hci and had stopped off at several town: ".long the lino, hoping to ilnd her. but all in vain. The idea of a mar search 'ng blindly and with lovi> sti 1 in hi.'- "lenrt for the spouse who lad for saken him for another >eeried re« romantic, and the )>oIlc^ ali lost in: •ginf'd they could see the te: rs sweP 'ip in Smltii's eyes as :iie fold lib -tory. Only a few hours after Sn ith's nr rival. .Mrs. Smith was found. She ha«' lieen working here fur some time ir a Iiofel. or eourse. evjpryb >dy ac •iimint'ed with the ices ex •cc'ted a riH-imcillatlun and a happy return to Independimce. Then It developed fhrit Ri ilf.'i h"<' been foPowIng his wife ^topi ig to re cover n sowing machine whicii hi- hm' bought for her in Independf uce, and which Hlie hid ta'knn with fer wher «he eloped. The machine w is under a mortgage, and Smith! Wiip both ered by his creditors at I idepend ence. who threataned him trouble fc dlsnosing of mortgaged 'propi rty. was seeking to recover the nmch ne. Ijp' evening he regained possess! m of thr A. Cibolski has filed suit In district court to collect a note for $1,500 given in February, 1310. by Timothy Collins to the Humboldt National Bank The note"" was secured by a mortgage on town lots at Humboldt, was to run one year and draw 10 i>er cent. machine, and seemed ^yell This morning he left with' l| dependence. The wife?- Shi here. Smith didn't want her| v.-anted the machine- pleased for m- Is stlP he only John Percy, custodian-of the Coun ty Firm, v.'as in town t^dav on busi- •'i ^",'n \"'tir^?n %K 'or ;v 's «''4'™° and lie a.sKs judgment. .^j^p^ areften men and three women Inmates now. but attack I superstition which tlieylmJiy entertain about ,the unluckineks of the number is not likely to inspire any —A Des Moines man had an of muscular rheumatism in his shoulder. A friend advised him to go to Hot Springs. That meant an expense of $150.00 or more.. Ho sought for a quicker and cheaper way to cure It and found it In Chamberlain's Liniment. Three days after the first application of this liniment he was well. For sale by all dealers. change. Gas city Herald: Attbme; manded by Attorney Genera I)aw.son and Assistant Attartiey General C. W. Trickett In their clean-iip campaign in Wichita aggregate $13 900. These itate officers have filed 107 Injunction cas is in district court against prbpert;- owners and tenants. In no caise Is the fee asked les^ than $100. wtfjie Ii. many it Is $200. Citizens are v'ery ndignant over tho situation blaming jaovernor Stubbs. fees de- .lohn S. so-called Garnett .News: While in lola yesterday the .Misses Laweflln a id Xettle -Veal called on Mrs. J. O". Csl orne and daughter Miss Hattle, at th >. city li­ bra'v, and found them pleas mlly situated with living rooni^ In he basement of the 'Ibrary .Visi. lattle Is greatly Improved in health at d Is now able to carry on her worjt as 1 Ibrarlnn. .Mrs. Worthy Osborne and i aiightor, formerly of thla city, but now of Xlck- erson. Kans.. are vlsitltig at the On borne home for a few d^ys. The meeting of the Allen Poultry Assoclittlon that was bo<>n held last .Monday LiiIkIi range for the big show In but which was postiiojted, held next Monday iJight; In. t of Ita secretary. C. J. Peter ^on. . At this time the prallmlnnry irrange- menta for the second annual show nf the Association will be'maie. All those interested In ponltry. a; well aa all members of the asaociaMon. are urged to be present Cfaaonte Tribune: Smallriox has about put the Missouri Kb Asa • & Texas railroad out of bosiaess ii^ Falls temporarily. Its agent Sick With the rtlseavsc anf no whatever is being done at thit place. The mllmad is' orceptfng i o ship- menta unless they are;prepild. because of having no one Xhere after iu business County to havi' to ar- January will lie lie office Neosho there Is business to look ••"•si mm This Combustion JRan^e •will surely do the "work. The gas has never been too low for this range— because you can burn coal and wood in it. It is a regular coal range ydth removable gas star burnei's under the four back lids and in the oven. The Dozens We've Sold Attest Their Merit The lola Furniture Store MID IS BEIiniD MGtUilRIIS? (Continued from page 1) never will," 1 replied, i ."Tiien Harrow and Lincoln Steffens got tngether and Steffens went down I town to get men to come to me to urge ; !:ie to agree to Harrow's proposal, j "l said 1 knew I had the goods." he :)f the situation with respect to the crntinued. "and I did not propose lo pleas and is said to have accepted lie down. I asked them if they thought :ho solution yesterday as the only Id made a mistake. They said they practicable one. ' i riiought the case was i>erfecUy safe The business men of the city, who \ in my hands. Wednesday night the nstjtuted tlie move to end the trlal/j citizens iiad rinotlier meeting. I knew ;t was learned today would have been i all along that the jirojiosals were Uar sailsfied with the confession of James | row's and 1 knew that I had the goods. II. Mc.N'amara. Bui the State officials Thursday one of them called me up. bought otherwise. District Attor- | If you have any influence- with them Bey Fredericks contended for pleas ofliell them to run along and attend to iiilty by both brothers. "That was I tlieir own business I said and they did iiy ultimatum.' remarked the district i not come. Harrow and Davis came ittorney today "and the committee of) again and said they could not get a luslness men who were jiractlcally Jidnt confession. I said then I'd. go he go-between jiersuaded tlie defease ! aliead with tlie trial. Finally they said ;!iat it was the last stiaw." ' tiny would take my terms and both w-iiat is being said now." Labor Lenders' Comment. Washington Dec. 2.—Secretary Frank Morrison of the American Fed eration of Labor, issued- a statement today fleelarlng that the McNamara brothers had "betray(»d the confidence of organized labor which believed them Innocent" and that "they should receivft punishment commensurate witli their crime." Victor lierger. Socialist member of Congress, discussing the McNamara confession today described it as "tho greatest Ijlow that has ever come to the Gompers-Mitchell school of unionism." MI:ETIXU OF SWIXE ItREEDERS. To lie Held at .Vanhatfan .Vgrlenltnral College, Deeemher Sstll. Manhattan, Kas., Dec. 2. —For scv- Tiiose plea.s, he .said, he still stead j ii.'cn pleaded guilty. That's the his-' eral years about a hundred of the fury of the negotiations." j leading swine breeders of Kansas There .May He Further .Irrcsts. | have been holding conferences at the Ciiicago. Dec. 2.—Further arrests in Kansas Agricultural College during astly rejected. i 1 told them I was not running so- ' riety," he said. "Some of the men af! ov talking it over expressed their vjlllngness to let me handle the mater in my own way. ;:ie Lci5 -Vngeles dynamiting case may • the farmers' week. This year these '"fine at any time according to Uetec-' conferences will begin on Thursday ,'.ive William J. Buriis. "There are oth- 'uorning. December 2S, at 8 o'clock, Fredericks declared that ever since ! frs in the plot as guilty as either of continue all day. There will be liily he had liad an offer from the de- i 'he .McXamaras," said the detective to-' special demonstrations In hog Judging fense to let James B. plead guilty lo i ..'ay. "The pleas of guilty will not «i special demonatration in the save John J. A month ago,' he said. I .-top their prosecution." ! "»* anti-hog-cholera serum. All "Darrow and I were talking In. the j court hall seriously about it. The Roosevelt's "I Told Yon So." New York, Dec. 2.—"Not a word ?durt stopped proceedings so we quit.! .-aid Theodore Roosevelt today when That afteinoon Harrow came to see i i:sked to comment on the McNamara !ie and made virtually the same of- :er and I refused to accept It." "If you ever change your mind, let uc kn.TW," Darrow said as he left. "But " he added (pilckly, "just Mirn hack to my editorial In The Out- 'onk entitled ".Murder l.s Murder.' and ompare what was .said then with who e.vpcct to attend the conferenee are urged to write to George C. Wheeler. .Manhattan, before December 28, aa It is desired fo arrange for a din-: ner Thnr.sday night. —The RegLster PublishLnw Co. tiirns oat first class printing and 'jookbind- ing. A trial solicited. Biood Humors "•^mTTOnly rr.w^o pl:np!or', bolls, hlvep, •c ::'-:iiii or s.ilt iheum, or .some other onii if (rii-itl.'ii: but pninPtimcr. I'.icy x'.H in t!ie ."v.xrf-.'j:. Indie::;'^d by fnel- ngs or wi.'::> 1'r". inn-uor. of np- otij". or -r'-'ril' ili-'iilty, without • iM..::^ :iny <i\A. •Th- / a.-. e::l>e.'lod and the -whole .':ys- em Is renovated, sircngtlicned and oned by HoGd's Sarsaparilla Get It tnd.iy In liquid form or ^'ocolated tablets called Sarsatabs. BILLY .Sl'.XD.VY'S I)EF1.\XCE. Even Hanger of Deutb runnot .Stop Fight With Derll. One of the gieatest specialists In the world says that 1 am on the verge a nervous breakdown. In a letter which I have just received from my wife, she tells me that my physician in hicago says that I must quit preach ng. I^ut I'll never quit, and so long as God gives me strength to walk np tnd down the platform I'll give tire devil a run for his money." This statement made by Billy Sun- lay last night elicited thunderous ap- lau'se from the Immense audience hot packed the tabernacle. He was in the midst of a stirring sermon, and nany in the audience noticed that the pcaker's voice was slightly more hus- y than usual, but that was the only utward sign of physical trouble with p pvn'x 'ollst. His sermon was delivered With a little more Tehemenca Liia any .»cimon that he has yet de- Ivered in Wichita, and the great au- licnce frequently Interrupted him lib aiiplause.—Wichita Beacon. PON'r-HURT A BIT—Thai as what our palronssay. We 'i'o'iht best Dental Work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental work done by others call upon us. We are • In our* EVERY. THUI^DAY. Office hours: 8 to 6 OF lOLA AND Scott ^ KANS. Sundays 10 to 12 Evenings 7 to 8 I KILL TEX .MEXt 3110 .MtHKSE. Oftirhil Record of Oppn Hunting >S«>a. son In Maine. Ilangnr, Me.,' Dec. 2.—.Miilnn's son- son for hunting closiid at, iiild- nlghi night with the record of nnlmnls klllvil somewhat iu nxcess of bust year's total. Allowing for. tardy rnturhs. It is estimated that about .too moose have been shlpiM.>d from the woods this year. The deer shipments up to today will amount lo i.rm. compared with 2.Klin the .siimo date In HUU. Tbi; sea.son closes Peeember l.'ith. Bears have been iilentlfiil thin year and It has been a good season for partrldues. Thns the fatalities resulting directly or Indirectly from the pursuit of game number ten. A boy. ten days old, the son of ^tr. and Sirs. Chandler Buchanan, of 315 North Third street, died this morning 1:30 o'clork. The funeral was held from the home this afternoon at 3 'clock. Rev. C. P. Johnson offleiating. ' Interment was in lola cemetery. ; DETTEB THAJf SPiAKUfO. Spanglng does not cure etalldren ot bed-wetting. There ia a constitutional cause of this troubla Mrs. M. Summers. Box W, Soutbr Bend. Jnd.. will send free to any mother her °uciiess- ful home treatment, with full iostmc- ilona. -Send no money, but write. b«r today U your cbUdrea trouble you in this way. Doa't blame the child, the chances are it can't help it Thi-; treatment alea cures adults and aged i oople troubled with nrfna diffieultiea iiy day or night. Chief Coffield has received word from the chief of police at Fort Scott to the effect that be Is holding a man.^ there who' gives his name as Claude u G. Call. When arrested the man had ' in his possession eighteen watches— Waltliams. Hamiltons and Raymonds. A very meager description of the man is giveir. but without this it would be probable that any- lulan who had lost eighteen watches would know it. Mr. and Mrs. Kj^E. St. .lohn, of Kan- saw City, are here for a vMt of ^•ov- eral days' with Mr.s. St. .lohn's brother B. J. Kohn and wife. WASBING MACHINES and 1 to suit all PARTICULAR TASTES. Let us fit you out today. ^ , . • -•• -,•)!' When yon have a bilious -attRek give Chamberlain's Tablets a. trial. They are'excellent. ' For sale by all dealers. If tbc blood in poor and filled with dM poi->iins<from diseuicd kidneys or inuliva liver, the lieart is not only itarved but poiioned m wcil. There are nuny con- diliunji due tu impure blood—auoii m dropsy, iaintin^ tpell*, nervous debility or iho many scroiuluua conditions, ttleerk, •' Icver-sort.s;" white swellini>s,etc. All, can be uvcrcoine and cured by The Board of Associated Charities j will have a meeting Monday afternoon three o'clock at the W. C. T. TJ.j ' rest rooms. All members are request- 'ed to be present ( 'Dr. Eiefee's GSlffen Medical Discover/ Thfs npplici *puK%Iobd—6y aiclml dii ^stion, incr ^aain^ Bsairailation im- pailinK tdneto Ibe whole circulatory a ^-sCcn. Its « heart icaiio aad-aciMot deal ooterhnviaif an-alterative aetio :^(.:i Ijc Ihcr onl} kidcoyt, it helps l(»«UBtData t ^is poisoci from, the blood. ., ' , , To enrich tlie blood and IcorcoTC t'le red blood corpDsclcs, thereby feeding She nerves oa rieli red hlooil jiuJ doin^ e-.vay v.-ith nervous irritability, take Dr. Pieroe'a.GcIden JVledical tJiscovery onci do not permit a dirbonest dealer to fnauU yaur intcliif<eace rAtU tbs " just e» £ood kind." ITie " Discovery " has 13 yrgrs cf rtrti t ^hisd it and con:ii ^:>3 ua alcohol or narcotics. Ingr«di> CDte piaialy printed on wrapper. Dr. Piertse's Connson Scnso Mcdiciil Adviser is sent free on 'receipt oC stamps to pay expeiue ot'Timpr-iag, b.'id mailing eit/y. Send 31 one-oent (taaps r-jr ih: I'rcnch isloth-bntind bout;. Acitircsi: Dr. ^l.V. I'iercc, Buffalo, N. Y. '4-

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