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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama • Page 2

The Anniston Stari
Anniston, Alabama
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No conflict seen in owning rental homes 2 fllfjr Amilatoti tar Tuesday, aphi 1,1975 April Fools1 pranks go Fort housing office defended 6acA: to ancient holidays her and Easterling said. information officer said. fct. Col. Hardy's houses are Lt- Col.

Hardy, rents listed for rent in fort homes to military housing, office and' she places civilian personnel, 4. i HXW ads in the local newspaper. v7) Oltalth By CARLTON PROCTOR Star Staff Writer "Yeah, we get April Fools' calls," laughed -Sheriff Roy Snead, "we get 'em every day." While sheriff and police departments contend with pranks and jokes nearly every day, most of us have to be on guard only once 'a year. On April 1, anything goes. Wriile not exactly a national holiday, April Fools" Day is one 'that brings out the mischieviousness and practical joker that lurks in even our closest acquaintances.

THE CUSTOM of playing a joke on a I 1 a then the new year celebration began March 21 and ended April 11 with April 1 being new year's day. When the Gregorian calendar moved the new year date back to Jan. .1, many traditionalists would not accept the change and continued to celebrate the event on or about April 1. They were called April Fools' or April Fish in France. In English speaking countries, people of all ages have been practicing this custom since the 1600s and the victim of the joke is called an April Fool.

In Scotland, the recipient is called an April Gowk, which is a cuckoo. HISTORIANS say the April Fools' celebration resembles the Hilaria celebration that occurred-in ancient Rome for many The U.S. Dept. of Agric. says: "One of th bt method pi cooking vegetables to conserve maximum food values is to.

cook them only until tender in just enough water tQ. prevent scorching. Covering the pan with a tight-fitting' lid prevents the escape of steam so that vegetables can be cooked quickly in minimum water. This prevents loss of water-soluble nutrients such as vitamin -C, the vitamins, and minerals." The wise and economical cook will also use the cooking water with its valuable By PAT GUY Star Staff Writer The ownership by a Ft. McClellan housing officer of nine rental homes is a service to the communityand does not involve a conflict of interest, accord ing to th fcf fits commanding general and the president of the Anniston Board of Realtors.

Brig. Gen. Joseph Kingston, said today, "There is nothing illegal with Lt. Col. Nancy Hardy's home ownership, and further, she is providing a needed commodity to the community." The Huntsville Tiroes reported recently that housing officer Lt.

Col. Hardy began buying homes when she was first stationed at the fort as chief of services in 1967. Lt. Col. Hardy bought two houses in Weaver during her first stay here, and when' she returned from a tour in Korea in 1971 she was appointed housing officer.

She intended to retire but her promotion to lieutenant colonel meant she must remain in the interest of. the U.S. particularly those related to their duties and responsibilities as DA personnel." MARIE EASTERLING, president of the Anniston Board of Realtors, said most real estate salespeople are aware that Lt. Col. Hardy owns rental property.

"Frankly, it's a very wise investment and I think she's entitled to invest as much -as any citizen of Anniston. Frankly, she Is rendering a service. There is a critical shortage of rental housing in Anniston. I do not feel it is a conflict of interest, Mrs. Easterling said.

Mrs. Easterling said the housing officer has come to the board several times urging them to supply housing to meet the demands of the military, especially the military police school personnel who are moving here from Ft. Gordon, Ga. "So I'm rather surprised that anyone would question this as a conflict of interest," Mrs. 1 HAVE never stopped anybody in my office and told them I had a house for rent.T -she saidLTd swear that on a.

stack of Bibles." The Army Audit Agency, an1 independent audit service to the Army that evaluates the effectiveness with which Army resources are controlled and managed, had an audit team at the fort until December 1974. They were aware that Lt. Col. Hardy owned houses and did not question it, she said. The Staff Judge advocate on post is also aware of the houses, she said.

Fort Information Officer Maj. Judith Cornell said a conflict of interest claim might be valid if there were an abundant supply of houses for rent in the area and the housing officer was getting most of the military business. That is not the situation in Anniston, the inena or reiauve on April generally is believed to have begun in France in the mid ienn tr.nn f. uuva. iiaiite was uic nisi lid HUH lu dUUpi Uie calendar introduced-in 1564.

Until nutrients as gravy or soupstocjcior me family good health. fReese 222 EAST10TH ST. 237-7551 'Sam" Reese Jin urn Army two more years. She is ftv.v.v.W" iUSj. Comic ads (Continued From Page 1) mummy's craving for the mystical pastry, save the professor and his beautiful daughter.

As the story ends professor and daughter are thanking their heroes while gratefully munching some of the famous pastries. Some of the other ads in the comic are even better. There are ads for special schools, muscle-building programs, jokes, gimmicks, and even pages with ads telling readers they can sell 10 boxes of stationery to get a 10-speed bike. But the best ads to me were the ones about military toy games with artillery, ships, planes and seemingly hundreds of soldiers in colorful exploding fire-filled illustrations. They seemed just like the ones I used to read years ago, and I remember how centuries.

During this event, many people paraded about the town in festive moods often playing tricks on fellow citizens. Whatever the origin, the event has centered around- the early spring, usually close to the Vvernal equinox. And, too, it is celebrated the time of year when the weather seems most fickle and apt to play tricks on people. Most April Fools' tricks are harmless pranks that everybody has either had happen to them or instigated themselves. Some of the more enduring are leaving a message for someone to call "Mr.

Fish" at a number belonging to a fish market. And cemeteries occasionally get calls on April Fools' Day asking for a "Mr. Graves" or a "Minnie Graves." The possibilities in this category are nearly endless. ANOTHER THAT. RISKS immediate revenge is unscrewing the tops to the salt and pepper shaker.

The results even with a smiling 'April fools!" is at best unpredictable. Attaching a sign labeled "kick me" to an insuspecting pedestrian is a prank that is also risky and only done in with good friends or by those quick of feet. But probably the most common is simply making up a fib: "Did you know your tire is flat?" Or, "Daddy, somebody knocked a hole in the color TV." Whatever the joke and subsequent relief of hearing "April fool," the celebration is one perpetuated not so much by tradjUon but by tile impish, childlike qualities of playing a harmless joke on the unsuspecting. And when victimized by an April Fools' joke one year, the victim is sure to make a note to even the score 365 days later. due to retire in July and plans to remain in the area.

LT. COL. HARDY said Monday she bought the houses as an investment "like, some people buy stocks and bonds. I don't have anything to hide." When she became housing officer, the question of conflict of interest did not occur to her, she said. She also said no military personnel have ever questioned her owning the houses, and" she never has tried to conceal the fact.

"In fact, I've taken a lot of kidding about it," she said. A White House order setting standards of ethical conduct for government officers and employes, revised in April, 1973 days: "Department of Army (DA) personnel are bound to refrain from any private business or professional activity or from having any direct or indirect financial interest which would place them in a position where there is a conflict between their private interests and the public ATHLETIC SHOES For Farm League -Bronco Babe Ruth Black leather style $099 Foam padded, white collar 2 white stripes Boys' 13 to 6 Men's 6'2 to excited I used to become when I read them. ONE OF THE GAMES dealt with tanks and the ad depicts some of the metal monsters spitting flames or being blown apart and a battleground filled with soldiers both alive and dead. In an upper corner is the headline: "Tanks Actually Exploding Right Off the Panoramic Battlefield." A tank is a crawling armor-skinned, fire-spitting, man-eating monster," a portion of the ad reads. "But it can be supplied with courage and daring." i-' If you're interested, you can send for the tank game which features 64 combat men, a headquarters commander, 25 tank mines, six exploding tanks, a huge battlefield, two tank barriers and simple directions.

For $189 a company will supply you with the man-eating monsters. You supply the courage and the daring. Other military game ads are just as Uvishly illustrated and worded, and some of them, for splashy impact and excitement, seem to rival the comic's superhero stories. Here is another exerptj this one from an ad about a game involving close-to-town military combat: "Each minute could seem an eternity as you leave the woods' edge and run for the protection of the houses. But out in the open one false step could be.

your last. "That strange feeling in your guts is back but you see your hand rise and hear your voice cry. MOVE OUT-ATTACK." Clemency bids rise at deadlines White Vinyl Style Black Stripes $99 Boys' 1-6 Calendar (Continued From Page 1) required to make the change is not worth it. But for many sectors of our populace, continued ignorance of this phenomenon may have dire implications. Farmers who rely on dates in the planting of crops may find their corn growing in the middle of a' blizzard.

Astrologers will discover their predictions are several weeks off. The groundhog will, be making his appearance in July. Can the situation be corrected? The answer is yes, But once the adjustment is made, the insidious solar lag will ctrnmence anew. Perhaps the best thing to do is celebrate April 1 today just as the calendar says. After all, if everyone can hold out only another 10,825 years, the world will be exactly one year behind and no one will be the wiser.

ON SALE KITCHIN'S MAIN STORE 801 WILMER AVE. ML Reds zip down Viet coast WASHINGTON (AP) President Ford's clemency program ended at midnight with a flurry of last minute applications. Signups rose from 16,500 at the weekend to about 18,000 by the time the program ended at Monday midnight, a spokeswoman for the presidential Clemency Board reported. The military, which dealt with 12,500 unpunished deserters, said its total of men processed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, rose from 5,253 over the weekend with another 33 still being processed.

There was no sign of a final rush, a press officer at the post said late Monday. The Justice Department, which took applications from among 4,400 unconvicted draft evaders, said its total of signups rose over the weekend from 589 to 603. Assessing the program, Steve Grossman, 28, of Chicago, a' draft resister on the editorial board of Amex Canada in Toronto, said it was "a miserable failure." Before the Cbmmunist offensive began a month ago, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong controlled about one third of South Vietnam's 66,000 square miles, including only one entire province. Now they control two thirds of the country including 14 of the 44 provinces and 74 of the 243 district FABULOUS FABRICS For Spring-Summer 100 Polyester Double Knits (Continued From Page 1) .27, including Prime Minister Long Boret, immediately took off again for Indonesia's Bali island, for 10 days of rest before continuing on to Hawaii. The Viet Cong in a broadcast if President Nguyen Van TWeu of South Vietnam was ousted, it was ready for peace btalkj.with a new Saigon government "to quickly settle all the I affairs of South Vietnam." For- towns.

Five million of the 20 million South Vietnamese lived in the conquered provinces and another 6 million live in provinces in which control is divided between Saigon and the Communist command. The Saigon government estimates the offensive has generated more than 2 million refugees. But about 75 per cent of them were in Da Nang and couldn't get out before the Communist occupation of the city halted their evacuation. Two SLA mer Premier Nguyen Cao Ky t'also called again for Thieu to rnpfTl nPfQ tquit, accusing him of poor lead- "'WfHyoi On the Bolt Coordinates Solid Crepes $3.88 Regular Price I ership. on trial 100 Polyester REMNANTS And Bolts.

THE FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF ANNISTON The United States began a liiew airlift of military supplies lo Saigon to replace some of the ''hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment abandoned by the South Vietnamese army in the northern and central provinces. A big C5A Air Force transport made a nonstop flight ''Jrom California with 14 howitzers arid tons of ammunition and communications -equipment. The U. S. government also pinnounced it was continuing efforts to evacuate Sputh Viet-namese in front of the Commu-hist advance.

It said four U.S. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) Two Symbionese Liberation Army members say they have been beaten, drugged and threatened, and they don't want to be in court for their murder trial. As jury selection began Monday, Joseph Remiro and Russell Little were granted their request not to be present. The judge allowed them to sit in separate holding cells- in the basement of the Sacramento County Courthouse, watching on closed-circuit television.

The defendants are charged W- u' Fine jerseys polyesters REMNANTS Cships were loading' off Qui ENnon, one each off Tuy Hoa and with murdering Oakland rNhi Tranff and one was still o' auiuvia ciiiei rusici iu n(f TV Manir in nau 1... pswuuuig uj wii i 1 iNOvemoer ivn. fany more escaped from that neiT statements were con-f northern port, which the North lB a petition to Superior iYietnameseccupied Sunday. Court Judge Elvin sheehy, who fir: iL 1. Vknx I 1 I 1 I I 1 Mnd Binh Dinh province, the COurt whenever necessary COME HEAR DR.


AND 5:30 P.M. AT THE FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 14TH LEIGHT0N. Communists now nave occupiea for example.Jor identification the upper half of South Viet-: by a witness. Fnam and all of the central part" Jury attor-except a dwindling strip along neys-said coufd take a the coast. They also' control was scheduled to continue to-zscattered areas'in the Mekong dav.

Ten Drosoective iurors lMr i i fPelta although the Saigon gov- were examined Monday, and ernmenf still holds all the ma- seven 'were tentatively accept-rjor towns and cities there. ed..

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