The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 21, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Editorials Saturday, October 21 y 1961 A New Adventure The Herald's publisher, Guy Snedaker, retired today ending a career of 38 years with this newspaper. In a party held in his honor, many kind words were said of his loyalty and service. Too, as is often the case, there were many pleasant remarks that were left unsaid. Recalled were the early days of The Herald, early that is to many of us. There was the story of the errant snuff box that set off the hay fever of the late Ralph Harris, of the quips in the column of Ellis Clark who mystified his readers with his references to the "blond bookkeeper" who later was to become the Herald's publisher. The most significant fact about the retirement of Guy Snedaker is his own at- This And That by jph titude toward the time which is often looked upon with dread. In his words, "I can't see why people dread the thought of retirement. It's all in the way you look at it. You can sit and rot, or you can look on it as a new adventure in life." And he went on to tell us that the day of retirement might be compared to the day you become 21, the day you get married, the day your first child is born. "Why dread it," he tells us. "Retirement opens up a whole world. It's a challenge that I'm looking forward to." Such an outlook is wonderful. It is one that should cause us all to stop and think. It is also one that results from a useful life spent in doing a job well. We wish him the best in his new adventure. Man's Boss In Pakistan JPH LAHORE — What is the position of the women of Pakistan? Not too bad if they stick to their position which is to do exactly what their men tell them and to keep out of their mens way. Outside of that basic rule, however, the women of Pakistan cannot be dismissed with a gen eralization. At o n e extreme is t h f barefoot, obviously pregnant stringy haired women we happened to notice this after noon clad in a dirty black robe which covered all of her but her face. She darted out into traffic, knelt to scoop some animal dung on a scrap of sheet metal, and got out of the roadway barely in time to avoid being run down by a car. Precious Fuel She'll take it home — and home may be no more than a leanto propped against an old wall. She will pat it into a pancake, dry it in the sun, and use it as fuel to prepare her family's one hot dish of the day. Or perhaps even of the week. At the other extreme are the wives of high government officials and the industrialists. They live the lives of the rich anywhere. They may wear saris at home but you may be sure that in their wardrobes they have Paris models to display themselves in when^theyv^re in Hongkong or Beirut. Next under these perhaps are the clubwomen who are forever visiting gardens, being lectured to, arranging charities, petitioning officials, and telling their indigent sisters how to bear their young in a seemingly way. They are constantly pictured in the papers at their receptions and such. And those pictures reveal what seems an interesting fact. There must be something about To Your Good Health club work the world around that molds women into the same generous physical lines. Hard Labor There are housewives in Pakistan whose only labor-saving device is a servant for a very few dollars a month, if they can afford one. There are working women, too, but only at hard labor in the fields and factory. Except for a few nurses and teachers, the white collar girl is unknown. In the half dozen newspaper offices with which we have become familiar, there has not been a single female employe. Among the thousands of students there are in the three univerities at Lahore there are more then a few girls. Eager, inquisitive, conscientious they are and no doubt they will take leadership in emancipating women in this country in years to come. But there are no beatniks among them, nor male beatnicks either. If there were they would not be taken as odd but only as so many more indistinguishable members of the miserable poor. To foreign eyes, most conspicuous among the women of Pakistan are those concealed behind robes and veils. Of these there are two sorts, but they are not divided between the black veils which cover the head with no opening whatsoever and the white veils which have a square of lace latticework over the eyes. The separation of the veiled women is between the subservient and the subtle. The former are the wives of strict Muslims who believe that no other man's eye shall see their women's faces. The latter appreciate that a veil wards off the skin-hardening effect of the tropical sun. It also makes a woman seem more mysterious, and hence desirable. (As a footnote to the women of Pakistan, polygamy is still approved by both religious and civil law, but it is on the wane. The oncoming Pakistani are of the opinion that there are many more enjoyable ways of spending money than on maintaining a second or a third wife.) Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channel 5-13, CB8 Channel 0, ABO Saturday 1:00 4—High School Ball 6—Studio Five, . 9—Theater Nine 13—Ottawa University Homecoming 4—High School Ball 6— Studio Five 2:00 4—High School Football 6— Five 9—Bowling 13—-Ottawa - Southwestern Football 4:30 4—Football 5—Studio Five 9—Dan Devlne 13—Football 3:00 4—TV Teen Hop S—Championship Bowling 8—College Klckoff 13—Football 3:15 8—College Football-USC vs California 3:30 4—Insight 5—Bowling 9-13—USC vs California 4:00 4—Wrestling B—Three Stooges 9-13—College Football «:30 4—Mr. Magoo 5—Game of the Week 9-13—college Football 5:00 4—Bullwlnkle 5—Game of the Week 9-13—College Football 4:30 4—Jetfs Collie 5—Lets Get Growing 9-13—College Football 0:00 4—News 5—News* Weather 9-13—College Football 6:15 5- -Sports ivlth Hnroid Mv 9-13—Football Scoreboard 4—Wells Fargo 5-13—Perry Mason 9—Roaring 20's i:m 4—Wells Fargo 5-13 Perry Mason 9—Roaring 20's J :30 4—Shonnon 5-13—Defenders !) Lc-nvo n to Beaver H:00 4—Movie, "The Desert Fox" 5-13—Defenders 9—Boxing ri:30 4—Movie 5-13— Have Gun Will Travel 0—Boxinu 8:15 9—Make That Spare 9:00 4—Movie Spectacular 5-13— Gunsmoke 9—Lawrence Welk 4—Movie Spectacular 5-13—Gunsmoke 9—Lnwrence Welk 10:00 4—News and Weather 5-13—News - Weather 9—Straightaway 10:15 4—Movie, "Twelve O'clock High' 1 5—Movie, "All The King's Men" 10:311 4—Movie, 5—Movie, 9—Movie, "The Return of Frank James" 13—Bonanza 11:00 4—Movie 5—Movie 9—Movie 13—Bonanza 11:30 4—Movie 6—Million Dollar Movie 9—Movie 13—Movie, "The Bells of St. Mary's" I-* 100 -Wrestling 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Big Show, W:4I> 5—Late Show, "Undercover Doctor" Pneumonia Dangerous Dr. Nfotner By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Today's column, I confess, will apply to only a small proportion of readers. But the inquiring letter is from a mother who is grieving, and punishing herself for something she thinks she did, when in fact she didrii. do anything wrong. "Dear Doctor: I had a baby and it was not sick a day. The pediatrician said it was fine. When the baby was just a few weeks old I let the coffee boil over tvhile I was in the cellar washing clothes. We have natural gas, and when the coffee boiled over it extinguished the flame. "I read that natural gas would make you sick but would not kill you. The baby seemed all right so I didn't tell anyone. This happened on Thursday. On Saturday I found the baby unconscious in bed. We rushed it to the hosital and it was dead. "The doctor said it looked to him as if the lungs were full of milk, but if I had had the baby on its stomach, it should have run out. The autopsy said it was interstitial pneumonia. "Now I am afraid to have another baby. "Could the gas have done it? But wouldn't the baby have been sick? And if it had pneumonia, wouldn't it have had a fever or some sign of being sick? Please answer.—Stupid Mother." I wish wholeheartedly that this mother would forget forever that she signed the letter "Stupid Mother," because she isn't stupid. She didn't do anything wrong. Her baby, poor little morsel of humanity, just wasn't destined to live. The most dangerous time through which a baby must live is the first year. Nature provides babies with temporary immunity from some few diseases, but in general the infants have to run the risk of a lot of germs, survive them, and thereafter have some protection against them. Despite all we can do, a certain percentage of babies happen to be quite sensitive to this germ or that. Nobody can predict which. The most frequent cause of the death of young babies is contact with a germ (not gas) that causes some form of pneumonia. The little lungs fail under the assault of the germ. Such babies sometimes have, at first, what show that sign. The pneumonia comes on so sud- seems to be a "mild cold." Some don't even denly that nobody has any advance warning at all This, in fact, is the real cause of deaths that are incorrectly reported as "being smothered by a blanket." It's the first attack of a germ, not "smothering." Let's erase the signature, "Stupid Mother." She was a victim of the sort of accident that overtakes some innocent babies. Heartache, yes, but nobody's fault. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Ted Van Rheen sold the Royal Cafe to R. H. Kelley. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Dodd, 513 N. Poplar. The baby was named Donna Rae. A. E. Willis of Willis Nurseries, suffered an eye injury when struck in the face by a tree branch 50 YEARS AGO Among items that had Ottawans worried about the high cost of living was the broom. Broomcorn market prices remained at a high level and Ottawans were paying as much as 50 cents for first quality brooms. C. E. Andrews fell in the elevator shaft of the Hewitt-Evans Fruit Company where he was em ployed as a salesman, and suffered bruises. District Elder A. Neal of Clay Center was here to hold the quarterly meeting of the Free Methodist Church. Prayer For Today Beloved, build up yourselves on your most holy faith and pray in the holy Spirit, so keeping yourselves within the love of God and waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that ends in eternal life. (Jude 20-21. Moffatt.) PRAYER 0 God, help us by Thy grace to become living members of Christ's believing praying, loving church, which waits for her Lord's final victory. In the Savior's name we pray, Amen. Sunday 8:00 5—Light Time 13—Oral Roberta 8:15 5—Davey li Goliath 8:30 4—Scared Heart 5—Christophers 13—Industry on Farad* 8:45 4—Christopers 13—Christian Science 9:00 •1--lnclustrj un Parnde 5-13—Lamp Unto My Feet 8—Directions '62 9:15 4—Americans at Work 9:30 4—This Is the Answer 5-13—Look Up And Live 9—Dlrf.tinn-i 2 10:00 4—Frontier of Faith 5-13—Camera Three B^Womens League Bowling 1012t> 5-13— News 10:30 4— Faith lui Today 5-13—Washington Conservation 8—Wonderama 10:55 13—News 11:00 4—This Is The Llf* •>— Profile 9—Wonderama 13—This Is the Life 11:15 5—N.F.L. Highlights 11 "JO 4—Builders Showcase 5—-NFL Nightllghts B—Metropolitan Movie, "Diamond Horseshoe" 13—American Newsreel Album 5-13—Football Ktckoff 12:00 4—Pro Football-Browns vs Steelers 5-13—Cardinals vs Redskins 9—Movie 1:00 4-5-13—Pro Football B—Man Hunt t :»i 5—NFL Scoreboard 2:45 9—Pro Scoreboard 3:00 4—Bowling 5-Movle, "All The Kings Men" 8—Junior Bowling 13—Wonderful World of Trains •> t«lO 4—Bowling 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Pro Football 13—Film 4:00 4—Lets Get Outdoors 5—Million Dollar Movl* 9—Pro Football 13—Amateur Hour 4—Chet Huntley 5—Million Dollar Movl* 9—Junior Bowling 13—College Bowl 8:00 4—Meet The Press 8-13—Twentieth Century 9—Funday Funnies 5:30 4—Best of the Post 4-13—Mister Ed 9—Maverick 6-00 4—News 3-13—Lnssle 9—Movie 8:30 4—Disney's World 5-i:t--I>crmis ui<> Menac* 9—Follow The Sun 4—Disney's World 5-13- Kii suliivan 9—Follow The Sun I '30 4—Car 54 5-13 Kd Sullivan 9—The Lnwrnan, 8:00 4—Bonanza 5-13—O E. Theater 9—Bus Stop 8:30 4—Bonanza 5-13—Jack Benny 9—Bus Stop 8:00 4— DaPont Show 6-13—Candid Camera 9—Adventures in Paradise i:30 4—DuPont Show 5-13—What's my Line? 9—Adventure's li Paradise 10:110 4—News, weather 5—News, Weather 9-Way of Thinking 111 :t 5 4—Movie Spectacular, "Th* Searchers" 6—Twilight Zone 13—Newi. 10:26 13—Weather io:3« 4—-Movie Spectacular 6—News 9—Open End 13—Father Knows Beit 10:40 6—Five star Theater, "Dragon Seed" 11:00 4—M'.vle Spectacular 5- Mve stai Theater 9—Open End 13—Movietlme TJ.S.A. "(Tanned Legs" U:30 4—Movie Spectacular 5 Five-Star fl—open End 12:30 8—Dally word Monday 0:00 4—Continental Classroom 5—Light Time 13—College of the Air 6:40 5—Davey and Goliath 8:5* 5—Farm Fact* 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:15 9—Good Morning World 7:30 4—Today 5—Moment of Meditation 9—Shakespeare 13—Rush Hour 7:35 5—Cartoonland H:0<l 4—Toda> 5-13—Captain Kangeroo 9—Cartoons 8:30 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 3—Whlzx.o's Wonderland 9:00 •i—Say When 5—Jack La Lann* 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar 11:30 4—Play Vour Hunck 5-13—I Love Lucy 9—Movie, "The Ex-Mrs. Bradford' 10:00 4—The Price Is Right 5-13-Vldeo Village ') Movie 10:30 4—Concentration 5-13—Surprise package 9—Movie 10:51 B—New* 11:00 4—Truth or Conseuqence* 5-13—Love of Life 9—Texan 11:30 4—It Could Be You 5-13—Search for Tomorrow 9—Love That Bob 11:45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:55 4—News 12:00 Noon 4—High Noon Cartoon* 5-13—News 9—Camoulfaf* 12:05 5—News. Weather 13—News 12:10 13—Markets & Weather 12:20 4—News & Market* 4Accent 5— A" The World Turn* 9—Make A Face 1:00 4—Jan Murray 5-13—Password 9—Day In Court I.-SO 4—Loretta Young 5-13—House Party 9—TOPPER 2:00 4Young Dr. Malon* 5-13— Millionaire 9—Number Pleepe 2:30 4—Award Theater 5-13—Verdict is Your* 9—Seven Keys 2:55 5-13—News 3:00 4Make Room For Daddy 5-13—Brighter Day 9—Queen For A Day 3:15 5-13—Secret Storm 3:30 4—Here Hollywood 5-13—Edge of Night 9—Who Do You Trust 3:55 4—News 4:00 4—Kukla and Ollie 5—Early Show, "West Point Widow" 9—American Bandstand 13—News 4:05 4—Mr. Magoo 4:10 4—Picture of the Day, "Strang* Interlude" 13—News 4:15 13—Kracko's Komedy Klub fi—Early Show 4—Picture ot Th* Day 9—Deputy Dawg 13—Cartoons 4:45 9—Rocky and Friend* 4—Picture of th* Day 6~Early Show 9—Popeye 13-Yogi Bear 6:30 4—Highway Patrv) 5—Three Stooge* 9—Yogi Bear 13—Dr. Ichabod 8:45 13—Sport* — De» N*lao« 6:50 ij—Buslne** New* 9:55 B—Sport* Witt Harold Hack 13— Weather — Oordoo Juu» •:00 ^^ 4-5—News 9—Man from Cochin g |3-New« - Don HarrKoB 4—Sport* - Monte Moor* S—Weather—Bill Vearout H :15 4—Huntley-Brlnkley Report 8-13—Douglas Edward* and th* News 6:30 4—Groucho S—To Tell toe Truth B—Cheyenne 13—To Tell the Truth 7:00 4—Montavanl 5-13—Pete ana Oladyi 9—-Cbeyenn* 7:30 4—Price Is Right 6-13—Window on Main St. 9—Rifleman 8:00 4—87th Precinct 5-13—Danny Thomas 9—Surfaide Six 8:30 4—87th Precinct 5-13—Andy Griffith 9—Surfside Six 9:00 4—Thriller 5-13—Hennesey 9—Ben Casey 9:30 5—Sports man'* friend 9—Ben Casey 13—I've Got A Secret 10:00 4-5-9-13—New* 9—News 10:10 4-5- Weather 9—Weather 10:15 4—Jack Paar 6—I've Got A Secret 8—Peter Gunn 13—Weather 10:20 13—Sport* 10:30 4—Jack Paar 5—I've Got A Beret 9—Peter Gunn 13—Mrs. G. Goes To College 5—Five Star Theater, "Blate ot Noon" 8—Big Show. "Edge of Darkness" 5—Life of Rlley ll:uo 4—JacK Paai 5—Five star TheatW 8—Big Show 13—N«w Br*Ml ACCOMPANIMENT—Trumpet player Han? James, in • guest star role, gets a drununed<ttp assist from Rusty Hamer on "The Danny Thomas Show" Monday, Oct. 23, S p.m., COM* ncls 5 and 13. Saturday-Sunday TV Highlights Saturday Evening 6:30 Channels 5-13 — "Perry Mason." Spiritualism and stuff. The title is "The Case of the Meddling Medium," or Channel 9 — "Roaring 20's." It's about a reporter who does a lot of things other than news reporting, or Channel 4 — "Wells Fargo." There's a town named Gloribee, and a fella gets stranded there. Then there is a girl named Jessamine and a lot of money in a bank and it's all sorta mixed up. 7:30 Channels 5-13 — "Defenders," Title is "The Boy Between." A couple seperates and share custody of their son. Then the mother decides she wants full custody, or Channel 9 — "Leave It To Beaver." 8:00 Channel 9 — Boxing. Sugar Ray Robinson, who has had 158 ring bouts, won 145 of them, 93 by knockout, will meet Denny Moyer in a 10-round middleweight bout at Madison Square Garden, or Channel 4 — Movie, "The Desert Fox." It is, of course, about the German Field General, Rommel, in North Africa, in 1942. 8:30 Channels 5-13 — "Have Gun- Will Travel." The name of the town is Bugbear. That seems to be about all the comment that is necessary. 900 Channels 5-13 — "Gunsmoke." Sarah Cooley is about gone, and on her deathbed she tells her husband that her grandpaw was a murderer, or Channel 9 — "Lawrence Welk." Music. Late movies include "The Return of Frank James," 1940, Henry Fonda, Channel 9, 10:30. Sunday Evening 6:00 Channels 5-13 — "L a s s i e." Many wild animals are forced to move closer to man's habitation because of a drought. 6:30 Channel 4 — "Disney's World." This should be quite interesting. Title is "The Hunting Instinct," or Channels 5-13 — "Dennis the Menace." Mr. Wilson has more difficulty with Dennis, or U.-30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater 9—Big Show 13—Movletlme. U.S.A. 12:00 4—Reporter'* Scratch Pad 9—Daily Word 12:10 13:40 6—Late mortfc "WMt Point Widow" Channel 9 - "Follow the Sun." Title is "Busman's Holiday." 7:00 Channels 5-13 — "Ed Sullivan." Some good talent this evening. Phil Silvers, Nancy Walker, Matt Monro, Wayne and Shuster, and others. 7:30 Channel 4 — "Car 54." Toody and Muldoon are given the job of protecting Teresa Tangiers, of Hollywood, who performs under the name "Tessie the Torso," or Channel 9 — "Lawman." A rather plain, not-too-young school teacher gets a marriage proposal." 8:00 Channel 9 — "Bus Stop." Millie and Art Ellison arrive in Sunrise. They seem pretty crazy about their baby, or Channel 4 — "Bonanza." Be? trice Kay is starred in this episode of life on the Ponderosa, or Channels 5-13 - "The Wish Book," a drama, starring Ricky Nelson. 8:30 Channels 5-13 - "Jack Benny." This show was taped in Jack's home town of Waukegan, HI. 9:00 Channel 9 — "Adventures In Paradise." The enticing - sounding title of this episode is "Queens Back to Back," or Channels 5-13 - "Candid Camera." Wally Cox is in this one, or Channel 4 — A documentary on the automobile through the years, narrated by Groucho Marx. 9:30 Channels 5-13 - "What's My Line?" Late movies include "Dragon Seed," Katharine Hepburn, 1944, Channel 5, 10:45. Calls President Weak Executive MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. (AP) — Rep. Walter H. Judd, R-Minn., called president Kennedy "a weak and indecisive executive" in a speech Thursday and said the President "won't let others mak« decisions and he won't make them himself." "I say in dismay that he has been a great deal weaker than I thought he would be," Judd said. He said Kenedy and his administration produce "great papers" but fail to follow through in terms of action. Addressing a meeting of Minnesota Republican district chiefs, Judd said the administration bases its actions on vote-getting qualities. He said Kennedy "forgets h« is President rather than a candidate for the job." JFK Building His Muscles WASHINGTON (AP)-President Kennedy has begun a muscle building program to get back in shape for golf and other strenuous activities he has avoided since straining his back last May. White House officials said that Dr. Hans Kraus of New York spent 15 minutes Thursday with Kennedy and will work with him three times a week. The treatment is principally exercises to be taken under the doctor's supervision. Officials said the President'* back is in good condition now but some muscle strengthening is considered advisable. •Ottawa Herald 106-108 8. Main Published dally except Sunday ant Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B Wellington Editor Guy Snedake Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—By mall, one month So; three months, 12: six months, $3.75. one year. |7. Subscription rates outside trade arem —By mall, one month. SI.50; three months $425: six months. J8.00: on* your. $15.00. MEMLiER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled ex> clusively to the use for publication of all the local news printed In the news, paper as wall aa all AP newt die- patch. KOFO Schedule SUNDAY 6:50 Sign On 7:00 Sports Roundup 7:05 Easy Melodies 7:30 News 7:40 Weather Forecasts 7:45 Easy Melodies 8:00 Church Program 8:30 News and Weather 8:40 Easy Melodies 9:00 Family Worship Hour 9:15 The Christophers 9:30 News and Weather 9:35 Easy Melodies 10:00 First Baptist Church 11:00 First Methodist Church 12:00 Music Prom The Masters MON THRU FRI SCHEDULE OCT. 6:29 Sign on 6:30 News 6:35 Top Of The Morning 6:45 Weather Roundup Mitts. Est. 7:00 Sports Roundup 7:05 Top Of The Morning 7:30 News 7:40 Weather Forecasts 7:45 Agricultural Markets 7:50 Top Of The Morning 8:V)0 At Home with Virginia Graham 8:05 Top Of The Morning 8:30 News 0:4C Top Of The Morning 9:00 Morning Devotions 9:15 KOFO Serenade 9:30 News and Weather »:35 KOFO SerenadP 10:00 Mary Elaine Tim* 10:15 KOFO Serenade 10:30 News and Weather ° 1U:35 KOFO Serenade 11:01' Bulletin Board 11:05 Around Town 11:30 News and Weather 12:30 News and Weather 12:45 Piano Notes 1:00 Public Issue Program 1:30 Music From Mt. Oread 2:00 Sunday Serenade 2:30 News and Weather 2:35 Sunday Serenade 3:13 Serenade In Blue 3:30 News and Weather 3:35 Sunday Serenade 4:00 Public Issue Program 4:31) News and Weather 4:3i Sunday Serenade 5:15 Outdoor Sports for Kansas 5:30 News, Sports, Weather 6:45 Sign Off 11:35 12:00 12:10 12:15 12:25 12:3<i 12:40 12:50 1:00 2:00 2:30 2:35 3:00 3:05 KOFO Serenade People's Exchang* Noon Tune Farm Show Noon Tune News Noontime Weathervan* Noon Tune Tlmt Oarnett Hour KOFO Karavan News and Weather KOFO Karavan 3:15 3:30 3:35 4:00 4: OS 4:30 4:35 5:0.i 5:05 5:30 o:45 V.I.P. Show KOFO Karavan Service Program News and We"ather KOFO Karavan Bulletin Board KOFO Karavan News and Weather KOFO Karavan Farm Market Analyst* KOFO Karavan News, Weather, Sport* Sign OH

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