Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1911
Page 2
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THE iOia DAILY BECaBTBat, SATURDAY.EyElCN A 'Gcni'va (iortpHjionil-ni ri'ports H TliankaKlvtnB yarxy an follows: Tli« MIsHcs Hcdi-nbonilnr very cliiirnilii>:l.v rniprtalni'il a lar^o iimn- b«r of rricndi) tit tliuir hoiiK; south of Gc'iU'vii Nov. 20. -TI K- fveplng was RjM'nt in plnyliiK Kflnifs and At n.late hour rofrcBhmtnis wen.- s'rvcd (o »h« following guesia: Jlr and Mrs. Henry Grimm, Mr. and Mrs. .lake Trout- win*?, .Mrs. A. A. Sopiirlfis, CarJyle; Misses WinfUp Manloy, lola;. Sottn Yowell. M.-miii- Christy, Olive Taylor, Senii neili'nbi'iidiT. Solo Wiggins, Xeo sho Falls; r.izzir; Christy, Kate Hrad- If-y, Anna •B«'<I'>nbend«'r, May -Irwin, Kdith L.avitt. Mattii> Christy. MInrilo Bods-nbcndor, .Myrtlf I^owo, ^fr. Win. ' Hcdcnbender, Cnrtis Yowull, Clairo Tlook Carl Franz. Ur. Artliiir Lcavitt. W'il/jp Low)', Dacir ' TifCcnhpiKh^'r, Clarcnrp Lowe, .lanu-s Sherwood, Hen Miller, liiiiiy IJi-dMibende'-. A .> —nr'i-^.nir off on all Trimmed Hats at Mi.~. Pclly-!:. lOH E. Madison. •> •> A'r-nr.'y favorinp Mr. and .Mrs. U. F. Phillip.', wlio will leave soon for S|)nrks. Oktaluima fo make Wwir honi'- was ^!iv.'Il at the liome of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Mitrbell. 123 .\orth Fonrili tireet lasi niiihi. The iiarly was a sur Vrise tn the honcr .iMiesfs i'.-id was a handk.-vlii. r sh.-?v;"r for .'-lis. I'hillii.s,. Mr .i::d .Mrs. Phillips have lived f. io?a rr.i' yc.jr.e. M.. Phi''ip.t; havi.ip . :ri'Viyed -!>- << •• f'-m iV •n.-in fi.'i tl;e Tni* Hi I'-'-r. •.\orks. Sap j)pr w:is served 'n ''.'i- foUov.ii:;; Knests: Mr. ;MI'1 .Mrs. F Pnilliii." and fajnily. .Mr. and ^trs. ji. Siinni.^. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prmdus. Mr T.. A. Rrunnell and family, .\rr. T. I-dv.i.Vr milk, Mr. K. Howery and family "Wr. S. Chase. Mr. K. Marnle. Mr. F. M. Srritifg!-', .^^^.s•. I.ewi.';. }',}•?. V ."Mortiin •and son Mrs. R. Mitchell. • •!• — P.iu"^ riear.'inee Snle nf all Trimmed Hats nt Mrs. Pefiy'.-- K. .Madison. •;- • •:A few dayR :ipo ihe IVuiMi r. in a-i editorial re\iew of the r>|>irt of the Coinmissi'iiier nf l''iisi":is omi'i.'nl- ed iijiMii 111.- f;i'l I'l.i: '•• r'ill r- maln<d mioii ili • nl':: <•!"• Does Your Skin Chap Easily lJs<; our liOSK (-|t£.VM Ungv bottle i'tc The Ui -xall Store West Side of the Square SPECIAL! —About 25 Silk Dresses, a good assortment of styles and colors, worth up to S25. on sale Monday and Tuesday, choice $9.95 aaijphter of a nt>volmionary soldier in surh a way, perhaps, asta Inave i|.l}e imiiressioh that this ona' ' pensii/iipr iho sole snrAiTOT^'"V»f rhc fral "Danshters of the .Bevnlntlon" !n- deed. so far as tlie R.?sii«ter knew, such was the ease, lial Mrs. l.yman Sleejier, a raem'ior of Ihe Dauphtera of the Anu^rlcan Revolution keeps informed on such subjei-tis, brings the information to ,this oRlc?' that there still survive not loss than l-Ti "real daughters" of sol.-It-rs of tl.'at for Independence Tlir-e of ihes<-1 live in Kansas, —ilr^. .lane Ni.uhswonper, of Clparwa'er; y\r^. T. J. K. Iloyt, Kmporin, and Mr^. Fran- res H. I.ovelar.d. Soldier. Rememher- ing that it is 12."i years si:ic.: ih" war closed, it is lndi?ed rem:irUal)l" th.ii tliere still remain so many who <*;in F.'.v that ','Mv father was a l:<volu- i:„n:-.i> Soldier." •> •:• —nri yeiir own Staniidnn; Imy a set of Mnncinraiu Stencils at the New York Store. RAMSAYS The Woman's Kilief ('"oros had :;r. iiiMisii.'illy cvcnifiil nieetl'in v.-iierd;y arieriiooii. Initiation ci-ri'inoiiie i v. en ri'piaii'd to P I 'M I KC -Mrs. UlcUeii'^ IUM I .Mrx. I'ficrs of l.aliariie .irtil ; I'.irdsall of lola. The llxt ••lIle.TS I wai not .completed hut the rol'ov.inr ; Were elii-ti'd and-oiheni will he C1H'!<- ! eli ill two Wi<ek»: I'reKldent, Sirs-. C^ti • .^. VauKhii; senior vlce-pr''Kl(l<'iit Klizaheih Hall: junior vlre-pre-ildem .Mary K. Round: ire;isttrer, .'.I.iitle ;f>ay: cliapliiln. Sue K. !»'ei''i^'ti". < on; ductor Kmma Lamb; Ruard. Ada P. , Round. i •> • ''• I —llavr you ever uted a Stencil Mon, f.i;rain for .voiir linen.s. towel.*, pillow ' <-;TS.-.K . <liirti- etc. For .-ale al tliP ' .\"r-w Veik Stove. •:• •> * Cards have been received here an- noiinciii;; the niarri.i!;' of Ktlu: Carmain. formerly of this city lo .Mr Harry I!rown, of Pomona, California The marriage occurred Tuesday, November twenty-eighth, at iho Presbyterian Manse in Pomona. Jlr. and In Selecting a Diamond for Xmas ^///^ YOU will have '^|larger privileges of ^^choice, higher qual- ,ity for selection and •a lower range of prices at Merchant's. There is the further obvious advantage of owning a gem, back of which is the unquestioned reliability of thiS: store. : Our great stock includes prices from $10 upward. I/// - t ' • • . • . Mr8.JBrevn'a^ct:lvq9Be:xt;78a North Park avenue,'.Pbmopa. • Mra, Brown,;«cen(ly siient a year with her sister, Mi-a, Ewart. who la a ri>eftidenC of-PomonB «nd-tliere t>ecaine acquainted with Mr. Browa, She spent the summer here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Butler, and California about six week* apo. Her many lola fricuds will wish her every happiness in her new life. • •> •> —What would be more appropriate for a ChrlBtmat present—nothing under the Bun—than a fine Photo of the latest and most- up-to-dat« atyla.— Huffman Studio. * * • Onp of the events, of the week Juat ending at the high school yas a^fareak fast which the domestic science class gave for three neve teachers. Miss Irish, Miss Jackson and Stfss Lieurance Tlie place of hostess was occu- _ w» mt . pied by Miss Nina .Wheeler. The ta- RlIV Hf f TilHi I by a bunch; of Wj M^l lliOl ««. Vmcn H. K. A T. an4 SanU F* \>'11/. hie was brightened, white and yellow chrysanthemums The menu was: i Shredded Oranges naked Potato on Half Shell 'Porterhouse Steak Hot and Cold Bread Ice Cream Cake Coffee The class Is planning an elalxirate men.! which will bo served to members of the board of education. The raemb'.—Vain will probably be entertained in two divisions because of limited equipment of the dining-room and kitchen. . —Xcedle W^orkers will welcome the Monogram Stencil. They're' metal and an be used for year? ami years, over ind over asain. See them at the Xew York Store. • ** Ofllcers of the Home Missionary so- lefy of the First Methodist church save a social last night al the home of Mrt. P. J. Horton, at which forty member."? of the conE;regation and heir friends were very pleasantly en- i-rtained. The hostesses who assisted Mrs. Horton were Mrs. ^V. H. Root, Mrs. Reynolils, Mrs. George Waggoner Mrs. J. E. Powell and..Miss Kate Cou- tnnt. A program of music was enjoyable liversion, the entertainment conslst- ng of two songs by Mrs. J. W. Bolton. solo by .Miss Kate Root and a duett u Chinese, rendered by Reverend and Irs. 1'. 0. Hanson. Mrs. Phillip Hvd- :eb> itave n'reading and the company I HO enjoyed an approi>rIal(> address ly Rev<'rind .1. H. Pricu. The hostess« served refreshinenlH after the program. —Dr. Wirt. ONleoiiutli, Tel 187, SSa •J. .J. * Mr. and Mra. K. ,V. Mcnowcll nn<! Miss Knla McDowell, of Garnett who wore Thanksgiving gucB '.s of Mr. and Mrs. S, I. Jackson, returned home lo- ilay. • • •:• —Chlrlcen dinner and oyster snp- er In .Masnnir hull Tuesday, Deremer .'>lh. Si-ncd by ladles of St lohn's chnrrii. • * * Yesterday the Register inadvertent- y referred to a meeting of the Unity liib as an event of ne.\t Wednesday, nstead of Monday. The club will meet Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. r. M. Wood, 214 .North Buckeye street. * * * —To My Patrons: In order to ha^-e nore room my office will hereafter e in the front rooms (upstairs) of the lew lola State Bank Building. En- riince on the east side. Respectfully, Frederick L. B. Leavell, M. D. Miss Mary Wlshard, of Yates Cener, is spending a few days with Miss- s Tellene and Emily Evans and oth- r friends. •J' •:- '> The Woman's Relief Corps is plan- ling another of their delightful surprise parties for next Tuesday after- toon. One of the members will be ;ucst of honor. • A * —(.'o (o /the Vnmts Stadio, Hnm- loldt, Kas. for your Xmas Photos. We re buey making them; don't put It ff come now. Our work is always atiFfaclory. In the new Wittak build ng Humboldt, Kan. J. A. Foust, Prop. « <> « Mrs. P. O. Hanson went to Indepcnd •ncc today to lecture to audiences In he Methodist and Presbyterian •liurchos. Mrs. Hanson will return 'lomo Monday. + + + The I/jyal Temperennn l.eRlon. a •uvenlle auxiliary of the W. C. T. f. lad a business meeting and so<;lal afternoon today nt the p'st rooms. •:• • • Mrs. A. R. Stroup went to Chanul< today lo spend a few days with .Mrs rcorge Trombold. • • • Mr and Mrs. 8. 1,. Jackson enler- 'alnid with a card party Inst night If yo uwalt till tomorrow you. may wait a week. Meanwhile the girl is "jeing deprived of a lot of pleasitrb: I Buy That lilug Todn' Dqn't know Just whil to get* I^t as suggest. That is what we are. here for. It's our regular luisiness. Let IS show you a really beautiful ring-} me tliiit fits the girl's fancy and.your l^ur^e. We sell only guaranteed ringii md our prices are consistent wiib luallty. ' . i G. A. LEFFLER JEWELliU 7 West Xudlson Telephone V2i PECEMJBER 2,19m ^: ~ Befomtd Chureb. Sunday (kshobl at 9:45 a:'m. Preaching Itt 11 a .m. which will be a sermon -for'uien and boys. Chrittlaa Endeavor at 6:30. Preatihlng again at 7:30 p. m. A cordial welcome to all eapeciaUy men and boys. W.M. H. SHULTS. Pastor. ill her lola friends are proud, will asl- ilst tlie Presbyterian church here with the JJhri^tmaa cantata_.they will ful soprano voice. Sin? will iissist with chorus Work and sing solos sing. .Miss Root possesses a b.-uutif which have not been assignee: io nieiii- bers of the choir. ! • •:• •:• The C. W. n. M., a missionary aux- ilinrj- to the Christian church, will bt- >ntt>rtalned next Tuesday afternoon It the home of .Mrs. Johnson north of town. •;• •> i The ladii'S of St. John's caliiolic thurch arc planning for a deiightfui lay next Tuesday when they will give their annual bazaar- in .Masonic balj. Members of the Alttir society anil otl^- 'rs have ijrepari^d a larei- collectioli if uMcful and ornamental glfia tvhicji <vill be sold al Hi'veral bontliH.^ A chicken dinner will hi- Hervi-d at irooii and an oyster xupper al night. • • •> IteMiliilliiiis of CiiiiiloliMH'e, WHERKAS, The Dread Reaper-p :eui,.--ti;:s i:il>i-l; I'lHiii our Widgil, IlrO- lier J. S. I.cdfonl who was Klricktiii lown by the r»i:ilesM setting innill Of leaih: hi:-, (iiliiiiiti iiroken, his,days lumbered and finiii whose nen'eless ;rnsp has forever drojjped the work- ng tool.s of life, .-low rests from his alxirs In that iii:ili.-"covered country rom wboKe bourne no traveler ri- iirns, therefore. I<e It ; RESOI.VK'.): lly lola Lodge Xo. 9.S. .V. O. r. W., that in the death of oyr >rother. the lodge has lost a just arid iipright member and his bereaved anuly a kind husband and. father. ! RESOLVED: That to the family of )ur deceased brother we can only jympathize with them in their said lereavement. Providence alone cin eal the wounds and sorrows that leath Inflicts upon loving hearts, j RESOIA'ED: That in memory of our leparted brother the charter of oUr odge be draped in mourning for th£r-| y days; that a copy of these resolti-' Ions be furnished to the bereaved aniily and jiublished in the lolil Reg- ster. W. E. HARTLEY, ' J. W. CASE; • A. R. ADA.MS Committee.' First .1. H. £. chnrch. Preaching at 11 a. m. by pastor. Class meeting at 12:20 p. m. Sunday School at 3 p. m. Alien Endeavoi; League at 7:10 p. m Evening services at S:10. Preach Ing by pastor. Special selection by both Senior and Junior chorus. All are welcome. C. A. WOODS. Pastor Ba.<!sclt .CM. E. rinrch. Sunrlay School at 9:45 a. m. C'nss Meeting at 3 p. in. Praise service at 7:30. Preaching at 8. The choir will ren der -some choice selections. You are welcome. Come and visit us. T. W. GREE.NE. Jr., Pastor. —Mr. Potiltryman: When you see our chickens moping wheezlrig, wollen-beaded and sneezing, we rec- mnicnd Conkeys Roup Remedy. For ale and guaranteed by Morris I& floward. ! . —It will be to your Interest to biiy our flour and feed of H. Klaumarin !0€ S. Jefferson. 1'rp.sliyferlap Cbnrch. First Church: Rev. S. S. Hilschen the pastor, will preach morning and evening. The evening sermon will be the second In the course on Salvation and will be on the subject of "Salva lion and Sacrament.' This sermon will answer many of the questions in the minds of some people as to the relation of Immersion and other forms of Baptism to salvation. The public is urged to hear this sermon. Young peo|ile's meeting 6:30 p. m Sabbath School 9:45 a. m. Little Builders' Chapel. Mrs. E. X Jones superintendent. Hoys' School at 2 p. m. Regular School at 3 p. m. Preaching at 4 p. m. Ynunp People's meeting at 0:30 p.m Hn.'?.'-et Chapel: H'. H. .Means sup erlntendenf. Sabbath School 3 p. m St. TlHiKlhyN Kplxroptil fhurrh. (S. Wulnii't and W. Madison.) Advent Sunday. Collect for the day "Almighty God, give us grace that we may r^isi away the workB of rtnrknesH, and put upon us the armour of light now In the liiue of thiH mortal life, In which thy Son Jeans Christ cnme lo viKit us in great humility; that In the last day, when he shall come again In his glorious majesty to judge both the life iTiimortal, through him who Ilvetl and relgneth w-lth thee and the Holy ljhn.=;t now and ever. Amen." Service.? tomorrow will be: Early celebration of the Holy Communion at 7:30. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Young Men's Bible class (at Rectory) 9:30 a. m. Choral celebration of the Holy Com niunion at 11 a. m. Offeratory anthem "Let Your Light So Shine Before Men." The Rector will preach on "The Great Advent Message." • Xo evening service. Events of the week: Monday the annual parish meeUng ^t 8 o'clock for the election of officers for the coming year.. Thursday special choir practice. Friday. Daughters of the King at 3 o'clock at the Rectory, followed at ' by a meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary. The subject of the afternoon wlir be "Alaska" with a paper by Mrs. R. C. Reynolds on the same subject. All women of the parish and triends 're urged to be present. The Jhurch is open for all who de- Ire to enter for the worship of God -.nd all are made welcome. CARL W. XAU. Rector. Mr. First BajiUst Church. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. ••'red Row den Supt. Sermon at 11 a. ra. These: "Sin a ''oison." Illustrated by chemicals. Maybe It's You That's Out of Sorts —the worid is all righ^—that's certainlg If cofTce drinking has jput you out of tune (it does nany) until the world Ipokk gloomy, let some sunshine in 'or the North Side club and a few oTii- hy a chant^C in Wpll-marfp ! • rs who were served with an elaho- ^ ^"dllgC 10 WCll maflC an elnho- '•atp Bupiier after cards. In addition to members of the club Mr. and Mrs N. McDowell, of Garnett, were pres -nt and the following town folk; Mr and Mrs. W. E. Starks, .Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Stantleld. * * * —The lalden of St. John's chnrrh will hnrp a bazaar on Tnetidiiy, De- renil)pr liUi, nt the MnHonle HalL Reun liful und nuefnl nrtlcleR. for Xmai< prexentii. CbickeiF dinner and oytiter POSTUM It has helped thousands—why notiyou? ^ The change is easy and pleasant when Postum is injijwn Diamond ring ^riiKSHr wiH made right—that is. boiledj full 15 minutes after boiling Stiieids'Orebestra Dancing School —at— , . masonic Hall, Every Monday Night starting December 4th Instruction in Two -step |Three-Step Waltz Rye-Waltz Barn Dance Four-Step Schottische Five-Step and others. Rates: 50c per lesson of 2 hojirs »>1 v<r» ..1 l:> VISIT OUK STOKE. We will gladly reserve any purchase you may make until called for. Christmas will soon be here. Don't tirocrastlnate your holiday buyiiig. Our holidiiy stock this year has been .selected with special care. It includes tlu! latest and best articles for gift giving in the Jewelry line. We U I MO have a full line of beautiful pun^ gold pluled China—this has u glass gla/u that I H burnt on over the ... Kold and can't wenr off. • J Will a llfe-lime. HICKS & SON EAST .SIDE StiL.VRE JOLA. KANSAS -Come in and look over our line of— ALUMINUM Cookitig UtensUs We carry a complete stock. BrighamJlHardware Co. Communion service 12 m. B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Leader Olen Burnsides and Dortha Kelley. Sermon at 7:30 p. m. Theme: "The Judgment and Who Will Be There." Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30. Baptismal ordinance administered immediately after; several candidates to baptize. Mrs. J. O. Munden announces Ladles Aid for Thursday 2:30 p. m. at Mrs. Ball's, 812 N. Washington. A men's Baraca class will be organized by Dr. G. W. Shadwick. A special Invitation Is extended to the men to help In the organization. Bible study is the object. A cordial invitation to 11 services. G. W. SHEPARD. Pastor or Religion of Power; Whichr' Let everybody come and hear him. C. F. JOHNSON Pastor. * * • begins. The Golden Link club will have a , . o j meeting next Tuesday afternoon at Good Postum haS ^ fllic COlor, dchciOUS llaVOr. and No^rth°was'hingt"n, instearof"^t the the Tich, nourishing food Elements for rebuilding brain home of Mrs. Fred Green, as was de- , nAr-voc ' ' elded at the last meeting of the club. '^"^ nerves*. * •{* * There will be a meeting of the With mental poise arid the body swinging along f„'*S'£?rrmV%'ry;mK smootWy. Ufe is worth:li^ng. are requested to be present as tHe annual election of offlcers will occur. * * • The Christmas entertainment in which children of . the Presbyterian Sunday school will take part will be in the form of a cantata. The program is In charge of Mrs. O. T. Lare nare now rehearsing the music nn- Grange. * i' Miss li^orence Root, of whose musical auccesies at LindBborg college. Ten days' trial showsJ There's a Reason" for P05TUM rhrlNtinn rhurcb. All Rervices , will be hold In the church after being at the rink for sev ral weeks. Sermons morning and ev- ning by the iiuKtor. Morning subject: "The New Relationnhlp." that of the evening,""What Chrliitianity Ought to Do for a .Man." These sermons to the new memberH In particular. iVlr. A. L.Boalright, dlrtjctor of UIUK I C haH arranged soinv special attractions for Sunday and will continue to delight all with his niiislc. Sunday School 9:31). This school Is live-wire for the chnrch and Is an plight to all wiio attend, young or old. Young People's .Meeting at C:30. All the young folk of the church are urged to attend that all may get better acquainted and find the niche into which they fit for a forward move. First M. £. Cbnrch. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Sermon at 11 on "Woman's Home Missionary Work." Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Sermon at 7:30 p. m. J. H. PRICE, Pastor. Second Baptist Cbnrch. You are cordially invited lo come to our .services and worship with ns. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Praise and covenant meeting at 10:53 a. m. Ordinance of the Lord's Supper Will be administered with a short sermon at 11:10 a. m. B. Y. P. U. nt 6:30 p. nu. Preaching at 8:05 p. ra. Cuine, you are welcome. The Lord hath done groat things tor us whereof -we are glad. J. W. OOHDON. Pastor. riiUcd Krethren Church. Sunday School at 8:45 a. ni. MiirninK sermon 11 a. ro. Subject: "I'ointH of Weakness In the Church.'* Christian Endeavor, Senior and Junior, 6:30 p. m. Evening sermon 7:80. Subject. "Points of Strength In the Church." We Invite the public to come and share uur services with ua. The bouse will be well warmed thirty minutes before each service regardless of the weather conditions as we have the heating plant and fuel in constant readiness for any emergency. L B. PRATHER, Piaator. Flr.«t Chnrrh of Christ Scientist Sunday School at 10 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. Subject: "God the Only Cause and Creator." Testlmonal meeting Wednesday at S p. m. Service are held In the church build ing corner .East and Sycamore streets. The reading room adjoining the church In open from 2 to 4 p, m. each week day. A cordial invitation Is extended the i>ublic to attend the services and visit the reading room. Pofitura Cereal Cp.. Ltd.. Battle Creek. WBch. Trinity Vettaodist Church. I.,et us get ready for a great Sunday. I^st Sunday we had 205 at Sunday Sclioal. We can beat that if we try. On Sunday morning the chorus will sing. The pastor will preach on: "What .Next?" Let all members be out. The Epworth Leaguei will have ita meeting at lB:30 p. m. At 7:30 there will be a great song «ervlce. Rev. S. L. Chase will preach .and conduct a revivi^l seryice. Ills ' sermon wiU be on "Religion of Form COLDS V.A>ISH. Quick, .Sensible Method Tbat Boesnt irpset the Stonmeh. Have you heard of the overnight cold cure that is putting colds in the head and chest out of business Iie- tween sunset and daybreak. Here it is. Cut it out and save it If you jion't need it now. If you tisve ^ cold? cough, throat soreness or acute catarrh, be sure an dtry it tonight Jnst before going to bed. Pour a scant teaspoonful of HYOMEI (pronounce it High-o-me) into a bowl of boiUti«r wat er. cover head and bowl with a towel and breathe for several minutes the vapor that arises, then go to sleep an^ awake with a clear head free Irook mucus. HYOMEI is guaranteed for catarrii, colds, coughs, croup, asthma, sore throat and bronchitis or money bsek. Bottle of Hyomei 50 cents at C. B- Spencer's and druggists everywhere. —M.-. A. L. Boatrlght. biiritoae, in recital First Christian church. SaUir- day evening, December 2nd.' I

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