Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1911
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VOLUME XV. NO. 34. Successor to the lola Daily Register, the Ida Dally Record and th« lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., DEC.'2,1911-^3ATURDAY EVENING. Daily Register, Established 1S97. Weekly Register, EsUblished 1867. SIX PAGES E TO IE counr mm rOlRT REPORTER I l"-l.FNWIDEH BUYS AX ASSIStAVr. HAS INSTJILLED CICIJIGRilFK WHICH IXSTROfEXT HILL TAKE DICTATIO>S FROM HI.H. And Wril in Turn l .'i-rife Tlicm fo an As-ifsfanf Tj H'wrflM Hlin Will Hrl« f Jtislico, though blind. \v;is ii<'V<r :ic- CUSIKI of b«'lnB d«:'f. and actinR on this idea Mark Fiillt nwjd.r. court stonographpr, is spfiKiiiiK some of his hard-carnod tnoncy insiallinK m:'.- fhlnt's whicli will f;icilliat.> ilw rc- curdlng of trial t.-stlmony. II.' has bought a nictaKraiih. and should oth- or ropords fail. It will n-f-lif il ii- tlrp story whcnrvor wantfd. The nictaKraph is a dcvtlopnK'nt of the iihonoRranh. Th«' court stcnoK- ruphiT will take th.- tcstiniony as usual in sliorlliand. Then In- will sit down In front of this insiruinrnt and read his shorthand noii's into ilic bi-ll of the instrnnn-nt. his words bi-inp r<'- cordod on tlic cylinilfrs. Tln'so cyllii dcrs will each take l.nno words, i -iulit minutfs ti?:ip boing rwiuircd for ono 1 run through. The ncords tlius niadi- will bo transforrcd to anothrr iiia- rhine which will rooitc Ihoni exactly after tho manner of~a phonograph. An assistant typc-wrilist will take down this machine dictation, ridiev- ing Mr. FuUenwider of this routine •work and giving him a chance to catch up with the pile of work b'fori- him. The cylinders may he preserved, nr can be shaved down and used again. He has 24 cylinders, each capable of taking l.riflO words and each k ceptible of being shaved 100 times. ^ You may figure out for yourself how much conversation can ihus be cared for. When Mr. PuUenwider is reading his notes to the machine, he will lock himself in a room, for tlie machine will record all sounds in tlif room. The device is driv n -by electricity and controlled by a foot button which must be pressed when a record is going onto the cylinder. Tl.e talking machine, on the other hand, is merely a conversing machine a monologtie device, and the typewritist who transcribes Its talk win. regulat< the speed of the machine to suit his convenience. Mr. FuUenwider was forced to take some steps to keep from being buried liv his work and when he saw these machines exhibited in Kansas City he bought a full outfit. It will no; be seen in the court room, nor will the voice of the witness be recorded, -but an exact record of tlie proceed- /ings will be taken down and "reeled ' off" at the will of the court reporter. A SCOOl' l> LATE KEMSTER. I'll per THE WEATHER, ForeruHt for KaJi!«a»: Fair (oDlfcht and Sunday; not mncb rhange in tem* peratnre. Temperature—Highest yesterday at 3 p. m. 53; lowest today at 8 a. m. 27; excess In temperature yesterday 6 de grees; excess In temperature since January 1st 1035 degrees. Yesterday. Today. 3 p. ni ."14 3 a. m 30 fi p. lit 47 6 a. m 28 9 ji. m 37 9 a. ra 3.=» 12 nidt. 33 12 noon .=55 Hreciiiitation fur 24 hours ending n. m. today 0; deficiency in preclplta- lion yesterday .03 inch; deficiency in preciiiitation since January 1st, .34 inch. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today 88 per cent; dew point 2."> degrees; barometer reduced to sea level 30.29 'nches. Sun:i.--e today 7:21 a. m.; sunset r.:02 p. m. LA.MI \Y(>.\ LS ARRE.STEi). .VcniKcd Of Tiining .Money from .Man He Had Just I'ald. .1. W. l.a.Munyon has bein arrested and lodged in the AndtMsmi Cdiiniy Jail at liarnett. charged w-illi having held up and taken away trotli the agent of a harvcKior company the ?li;oo which he had paid lilni a few hours before for a tlireslilng outllt. Payment was inadi' to the cidleclor about 10 o'clock at niglit and the two drove to Weslplialia. Knroute, tlie agent says IjiMiinyon drew u revolver and compelled the return of the money. The "hold-up" occurred last July and ver since ollicers have been watch- iig for the fugitive, who went west. His father's home in Allen County was watched and lelters indicated liat the son wa.-; in Dakota. Arkansas prop-Ttv (if I^iMuuyon w.ns also wufehed :-.' M ! final'y it w.-.s iliscover- d th:.t a de:(l was on for Its sale by a 1 lodge City. Kansas, real estate firm. The sheriff went there and was in he olTice wllen La.Munyon walked in. The prisoner doe-; not deny his iden- ity but refuses to 'discuss the case. ArSHI -R.MAN SI .SI'E(Ti;i) 'EM. 0 HEW SIXCE THEY HAVE COAFESSEI) THAT IS THE .NEXT QlESTIO>. FIGHT HAS ONLY JlfSI BEGUN LABOR LEADERS STr>>":D BY NEWS rUO .M LOS ANGELAS. Some Say Xnthing, Otlirrx -Let the Linv Take Its CoHr'i'." 'Eiu" Vrn\ed to Ite Kin Folk.s Visit- Ing C. B. Spencer. The real truth about what proniis- d for a time to reiiiaiir a near-iiiys- ry. or How County Treasurer Ausli- erinan Was Held I'li, detracts much from the thrills of the s(ory. Two "well dre.--sed strangers' strolled into the court house Thanksgiving forenoon, found everybody gone but Mr. Aufherinan. and dropped into his office. They talked to him about bis bff.ce and the county, siiowiiig real Intelligence, but never offering to iiiake themselves known. Auslierman grew luore and more nervous and ti'aneuvcred around until he could reach a rapid-fire revolver with one move of his arm. The strangers <'nd- ed their visit and walked out. The Hrst man Ausherinan saw when he ''icked itp and left the building was Lute Nortbrup to whom he confided the suspicious occurrence, l.ute, on recognizing the minute description of the "suspects" identified theiu as I.,ute Lewis and Hugh Means, of Lawrence, 'lere to spend the d.iy with their brother-in-law. Postmaster Sjiencer and family. (Il.v tlie A.-isiirlaled IVt .-^s) New York, Dee. 2.—"The figl'-t U <Jii !y Just begun. This Is tho first chapli'r. What wo want to find out now Is who were tlie men behind tho Me.Vaiiiurap. Tliis we propose to do." This statement was made today by Walter Drew, cliief counsel for the .Vatlonal ICreetors As-sociatlon. which employed William J. Iluins and his leteciives to investigate the 1..0S .Vn- geles dynamiting case. 'The .Mc-.Namaras. In pleading gull- t.v, have said they were sent out there ind acted for a principle," Drew con limed. is obvious that men rep•e;;, nting tills 'Priiieiide' have kein lieiii v."ll .'supplied with money. 11 is o find (iiiL wlio tiiiise men are tlial ilie iuipi.rtaat Is.sue from now on." l>iew emphasized the importance of •"e !le ra 1 in ve .s t iga t ion. "Tiie whole tiling is a nation*] is- ue " he sai'I, "and the sooner union al'or freis it.^elf of its criminal element the better il will be for labor." Charles K Cheney secretary of the .\ss(.clafion. said today: ' "lietective Hums when retained by 'he Association last year to run ilown the perp.'trators of the increasing dy nainito outiages, was given a list of tliirty-five such explosions occurring in the year. The broader aspects of the work cf Investigation aie in Fid enil hands," eOLUTIONISIS GftPTURE NANKING CHISESE FINALLY WDf HARDEST BATTLE OF THE WAR. Wlio coMfessc;] (o luring wrecked the Leivrl|}n Irnn Works. Who pleaded guilty to hiowing up tlic Los Angeles Times. OrNAMliE OloLOOGEii THEM IM.AVT IHIWX: WAITS .MEIMJER. Mr.Vnmura Story Cunie After Went to I'n'«»s. In the same breath in which It apologizes for being late last night, the Keglsler wishes to call the ulten- 1 tion of most of its readers to tlie fact • that,they were among the first jieople in Kansas to learn of the startling con fesslon of the McNaniaias. Delayed by advertising, the Register went to jiress half an hour late and about l,2u0 papers had been printed when an Associated Press bulletin flashed the bare statement of the confessions. One linotype man was at work setting ads. and he was pressed into service. The comjilete i^tory came by wire, was liut' In type and jilaced on the front page from which the cartoon was removed. The first message reached tlie Kegister at ^>:Zo and w/ien the type was up the in ess was slopjied and the sensational item slipped in. Most of the liegister readers received copies containing it. \ >EW TEXAS OIL FIELD. Olr. rerliani, I'ormer lol.-in. Is Riirbt in Il« -Midst Roy Funk returned the other da.v from a visit to Mineral Wells. Texas, •where he says a fine new oil field is being developed. This is t!ie .town where Mr. Perham. of Jola. locaieu. The wells are producing an avenfge of from 200 to 300 barrels a day of 24-gravity oil. There are three or tour Kands and on? well which taps them all is flowlnj; a thousand barrels a day. There las been a wild rush into the new terriHiry and leases cannot be secured now for love nor nionty. It is expected that a considerable area of producing territory will b.e developed there and a lot of money made by those o.*! tlie inside. BOYS -MIST ATTE.VD DRILI- Members of the lola .Mllltlu Comimny Are .Vi'glfgent Sergeant Anderson, of the regular hiiy. who ii: here from Fort Leaven- "Vorth for .xi.vty days to give instruction to Company .M. says that there Is danger of lola losing the company • unless the boys turn out better for the regular weekly drills, which occur on Monday nights at the armory. The attendance lately at the drills has been very unsatisfactory, and the organlMtion cannot be kept in a state of efficiency, says Sergeant Anderton. unless more interest is shown, lola has 8ucceedc-d in keeping the company now for several years, and its leaving now would be.much regretted. I'hni* ill .Mildred Dciiend on the Bl(r Consolidation. T):e e(nient jdant clo.-es down to- lay lo be down for ten days. During i.'iis time new : urveys and jilans will .e maiie for ri'cnnstructlng the plant iml at the end of that time It will be Unown whether or not the iilant goes into the merger. If the merger deal Joes not go through, the reconstruction work will be commenced at once with a large force of competent men. It may be some time before the plant luakos cement again but when it does start the capacity will be much greater than it has been heretofore. The construction work will require a lot jf men. and the payroll will be even sjreater than it was when the plant was running.—Mildred Ledger. PIPELINE BROKE AT MtJHT. Ffid HortoH Hustled lo .Saie a .Million Foot Consumer. I^st Thursd.iy night the main of the I'ortland Pipeline Company broke in .Montgomery County, cutting off the .supply of gas at Cherryvale. The news was telejihoned to Fred Horton, .-fuiierintendent, at his home here and by midnight he had assembled a crew by telephone and started the repair work. A "sleeve" was pljced around the bleak and the gas resumed its flow by morning. One of the industries n:ost imperiled was the Edgar Zinc Company, which uses close to 1 ooo (100 cubic feet daily from the line, riiey resorted to oil and managed to keep their furnaces going until the gas supply was restored. WOr.M>ED BY TARtiET SHOT. .Monin Bovs Playing When One Shot the Other. Joseph Moran the nine-year-old son of .Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Moran, of Cas City, was very painfully but not seriously injured last evening when he was shot through the lower part of the thigh of his left leg. the bullet, which passed entirely through the leg. coming from a .22 rifle In the hands of his brother, KdwariV who Is several years his senior. The boys had been shooting In the yard, and the bullet which'struck young Moran was fired by accident. J. S. Walker has sold his handsome residence and plot of ground east of town to I. S. McClelland, the traveling salesman, who will occupy It as a home and raise chickens, a garden and other rural dellght». Mr. Walker has rented the Coutant house in Tola and will occupy it for the present. How >Vi!s Confession Broiight Alioutf l-os Aiigele.s, Dec. 2.—Startling as was the sudden confession of gull y..-ieniay of John J. .McNa^nara and his bnitlier. Jan:es H. McNamara more amazing today was the rejiort that big business luen had brought :ihout the surrender by the application of the Golden itule and the principal of conciliation founded on religious convictions. The idea that a group of hu.'inesF men had put their heads together and determined tliat to prolong the Mc- .N'amara fight might mean interminable warfare with ratifications danger ous to the city's welfare because of the unci riainty that might invest Its business interests, has won wide . ri dence. When informed that business Interests were reported to have 'aken a hand, the district attorney «a.- inclined to minimize the report. Jt was said that James U. McNamara was ready to confess earlier If he could clear his - brother of all charges, but the prosecutor was unwilling to overlook John J's. built. Tliat the sentence of the two men will be a compromise Is generally admitted. Just how far the committee of buiii- ness men wlio gathered in the hope of suggesting a way to settle the Mc.\a- niara affair were influenced by the gospel and religious principles was widely discussed today. Many there were who considered It a moral factor, strong but apart from the main issue, namely, desire to conserve the interest.^ of business. Others declared that the business men realized that if one side conceded a little and the other did the same and if the spirit of revenge was swept aside and 1 spirit of charity applied, the bitter light come to an end. Une morning paper gave I.iincoln Steffen.s credit for bringing the local business men together to suggest a compromise. "The Central Labor Council of lx).= Angeles is against lawle;isness and disorder of any kind and stands for :he uplift of .society. When the Mc- .Vamaras were arrested and illegally deiioited from Indianapolis to l.os Angeles organized labor believed it was a violation of law. Believing in the innocence of all until proven guilty it came to the aid of the accused. Upon the guilt of an accu.>-ed person being established the Central Labor Council insists upon a rigid enforce- ii:enl of the law.". That other persons implicated in il'.e dynamite conspiracy may be arrested and the McXamaras called to testify, was reported today. Moyer's Charurtcrlstic Conimrnf. Denver, Colo. Dec. 2.—Charles M. .Meyer president of the Western Federation of Miners, who with Wm. D. Haywood' and John A. Pettlbone was arre.>-ted In connection with the murder of Governor Stuenenburg, of Idalio. five years ago. declared today that the confes.slon of .McNamara furnished capital with a club which it "would not be slow to use against organized labor. For that reason, no matter how guilty 1 might have been, I never would have confessed," declared .Moyer. The District Attorney's Story. Los Angeles, Dec. 2.—District Attor ney Fredericks today declared that In making the argument whereby James H. Mc.N'amara pleaded guilty to murder and John J. pleaded guilty to dynamiting the Llewelyn Iron Works the counsel for the defense came to his terms. The business men's plea TWI» BANDITS STAND )FK 20:1 .MEN FOR THREE H(|it R.S. FOl'ND BtlY IN THE HOISE. Wr. and Mrs. Dawson Broiitrht Him lo Town With Them. Dynamite i'inally Div -liKlgJ's Them After One Has Uenii Mij Wounded; rtally (I!y thii'A.'^siwIalcrt rrtssi Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dawson, living i wi St of io>vn, started'for lola this afternoon, but discovered they had forgotten somethin.i; and went back. .Mrs. Dawson entering the house, which they had locked, to get the for- t-'Otlen article. She found a fifteen- yi.-ir-old boy of the neighborhood in the house and he was brought to town by them^und <iu<slioned by th< DeMiiigliaiii. Wasli.. Dec. — Two i autliorilii-s. The lad is suspected o'" 'jp.iidits. Walter .Foot'/ aid Fred | having entered the' hoi:se s >ven.' K-iiiit. loriilud be!iind"t,ivH.siworks of' before, when he kn-'w the fam- '>gs Oil ihe banks of tiie Ska ;it river. ' i'y was ab.=;eiit. and helping liiniself ;ear Sedro Wuoley toiRiy. f I '.ours stood. oiY a jm .-si'r of t lio'.isand! quire strong aiilhoriiy to turn him ynamite I to a proper regard for Ihe rights of [EHEBJIN INTENSELY EXCITED TWO MOitK POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS IN PERSIAN CAPITAL. •Death or Independence" Is the -Vn- SHCr to the.March of the Russian Troops. tjie iied citizens. .More than a 'lots were lircd, and forty r| I ombs were thrown agL >inst liefore the highwaymen? siiri'jendered. Foote was found to have seven bullets In his body, and di^d so^n after '>'ing taken to I lie hospital. ninjiircd. v»-:'.-, lodged in tin! 'ouniy jail. The men heli Voon. lobbed the saf-. "J'ovei' town niarsiial, took his Vuapi escai>ed. Four mcniibersof tl were wounded. ir three I to whatever he wanted to eat. H •vo hiin- f-hows a surly temper and it may re- others. PALACE liARAfiE IS SI>LD. I Smith and Barber Mill Take Chargel Skagit, of the Place. p a sa-l Frank E. Smith and 11. F. liarber '-d' llMNliave about coiicliid-(l a deal for the ins and j taking over of thi- Palace Oarage on 0 posse east Madison. A deal was begun some days ago but foreclosure pro- ceisiings were started ami a new ar. , .. , J . .. raiigement was made. TIK- new firm n the interest of "peace nnd ^.ciety ' ^ ,^ .Men e said, had not influenced hli if standing he said, liad b , ir^alnsl him" wl'li pleas tl'iat Inj erest of peace and mciety .1; Mc.\i:i:iara be allowed to <p!ea(! ind that tlic case against his JO liropped. When sliown Detective Burn :iifnt In Chicago that othersj might be arrested and prosecu :ed for complicity In the destruction of the rimes d.vnainiting District Attorney K'redericks declares that the st.lte ful- y intended to continue tVic work of apjirehending the guilty yartii s. He lenieil that the pleas of gnilty in any C'.y il.e .'issooiated Pres.s) Teheran. D<;c. 2.—T>vo iiioro Persian i.i)liticljiiis. Hadj: Alohimn Tagi, a very iroiniuent reactionary, and Prince i-'ii'riiia. former .Minister of Ji!?:tice. V ore as.sassinated today. Kxcitenieui cve-r the news of the Riis.-ian advance ra Teheran is intense. 'I'he slreeii- are covered with red placards read ing: "Death or independence."' MASSACRE IS EXPECTED THOrCHT THE VICTORIOUS BEB- ELS WILL EXERCISE MflRCY. Details Are Lackinjr but Evidently the Mholelmperhil Army Surrendered. Illy the A.ssoclated Press) ' Xankliig, Dec. 2.—The revolutionists took possession of the city today after a iiarley with the Imperial forces. At niiil day a white flag displayed over the Lion Fort Indicated that the Imperial gunners liad Joined the rebel forces. Lieut. General FongKwo Chang is reported lo have escajied. Other re- jjorts say he surrendered with all his troojis on condition that their lives be Kiiared. Owing to the great distances and lack of communication, details arc very difficult to obtain, but there is reason to believe the revolutionaries will exercise moderation and that here will be no killing. Itellable revolutionary reports say that Pu-Know, the river from Nanking, is surrounded by rebel roops. it, is occupied by 1,.500 Im- • serial soliliers. FAMILY WAS DESTITUTE. ,'; , hire and will add automobile access t" In ' P''"':"i<' <"!'' of "wit" '"'"Ction. .Mr. Barber ex- i feets lo take active nianagi inent of ,, ' ' ihe i;ar:.i;e. Hoth men know tlie au- I tomobile business and the usua! ! wants of the trade and they should .'-tate soon I make a success of the venture. -BREWSTER'S .MILL!t^NS.'' way iirrcluded him from goingj vitli the prosecutiim. Jake Slieppard's Opinion. Pittsburg. Kas., Dec. 2.—"Thq ahead Mc- Oiily a Play, but a Umul tine—ComlnL' to lola Soon. Harry I.eVan. ii-anager of the Grand !i !ir keejiing iii> a t.^'lejiraidiic cor- respoiilene.' for tjie^past several dtiy.= wi'.ii tlie ii:;'.r.:!ger o'f t'.ie play. "P.rew- :.!er's .^I Ili'ili;-" with the end in view of fixiiig on a satisfaclory d.ite for the ct;-.i':'.!;y to ai'pear in this ciiy. iixod on Monday night. ; has finally N'amara brothers, if guiltv- sliould be j |,p,.,,,,,)„,|. im,. This date was de- ani-'ed." .1. I. Sliepiiard roun.4>l for | , j -pon by .Mr. LeVan in prefer- tiie State Federation of Ijuhor deilared ' ,.;„.,. t„ ,i;y (iate near Saturday or a •fday. "If they were in! Pitt^kburg j |.;,y ,l;,v. as these tend to divert the licy would be hanged by. the •.•en," he added. labor Harrow Is JMMiearteiied. Los .Angeles, Dec. 2.—Faiiguei and woin. his face deeitly lined and pale, 'larence S. Ihirrow. veteran of many !egal battles In which laborj has lieen nvolved. today is a dishearti^nedhnan !iecau-e of the comments "of l::I;'ir eaders on the pleas of guilty- by I. 11. ind J. J .Mc.N'an.ara. ile deolared the bor leaders wruld understand in luo ccmse that the procedure ye.Mer- iay wa.s tl:e only solution of ithe vexa- !ous problem. It is'said tliat fear liat •< score of la!;or leaders'might be nvoheii in tlie indictments .hastened he confes;.'-ion. i "I cr.iiiK.; talk about it ncfw," Harrow declared as he stood n thei ve- •anda of his bungalow, gazing at| the 'tills. "Hut orgriuiztd labor.'was! not lurt and the leaders will not be so bitter when they know the fKcts."; It Is believed that Darrow meant hat the romproml^f yesterilay "was much more extensive thail hitherto las been hinted namely ;that| the State of California had in It^ iiosjses- don Informatlnn that would ^havq Involved other prominent persons land that the McNamara confession prac- Ically saves many more prospcutlons. Darrow was perturbed by reports that labor leaders had been led to believ? he defendants Innocent and that they had no advance information;, on j the nlft^. Edward Nickels, sect-o'tar^ of the Chicago Federation of I.ab«r. who has been In the city two weeks khew (Continued on page three.) ronds. Mr. i.eVan thinks that the ::ttendance next Monday night! to h- ftiir' indication of the interest taken by lolans in theatricals and hr .-ays tiiat hi.s future course in regard lo'the the-ttre v.ill be goverr.ed by it. MAIIRIED IN AVASHINtJTON. Miss Stella Harris, of lola, AVeds Mr. Scott Relber. V: V. Iteiher and wife received the news of the niarria.a;e of liieir son )tt-a:;d .Miss Stella Harris of tola, wiiic-h ofcu:rcd at Washington D. C, .\"'-vMi-:er Ht!i. Tlie ceremony occur Ved at ti:e home of Kev. James L. Mc"'a:n i>r..-:tor of the .Methodist church. I'I'.e li:id<' wore a heeoming costume of gray satin. Afler the ceremony the couple were given a supiier at the l:ome of Mr. and Mr.-!. Hrlggs. Mrs. Keiber lia-^ spent most of her life in loin; she is a bilglit and lovable girl. Mr. Keiber Is the youngest son of li. F. Iteiher and wife, anil h; well known here and about Kincald and has tho lov." and respect of a large circle of friends who wish the young couple a happy and prosperous life. Scott Is working for the Klectrlc Garage and Pow(r House of the S. F.xpress C'o. —I.ono K'.m Item In the Kincald Dispatch. Neosho Falls Post: .Mr. and Mrs Glen Finney are here from .McAlester, nkla. -Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Finney are c nitemp'.tting a trip to Phoenix, Ariz, lo visit Ci)pt. McConnell. and Glen and wife .will look after the home place. * • * Mrs. 'Glen Finney and baby are rlsitng this week at the Finney liome. An Epidemic of Assassination. Teheran, Dec. 1.—There is an epi- een:ic of assassination Iiere. The t-'.iard that Is protecting W. .Moruan • iiuster. the treasurer tynerai. has 1 een strenglliened. Mushir-Kd-Dow- l.'h. a reactionary, ha.s be'-n • miirder- •"I. and an afteiupt. was made on thi I'fe of Mushir-Ks-Siillaneh, former 1 remler and minister of the Interior d'lring the regime of the ex-shah, Mohammed Ali .Mirza. Miishlr-Ks- ,-tiItanch was >hot in the leg. His coachman was kllle(i. Washington. Dec. 1. — There had 'en no cliange In the attitude of the '~tate Department. It is slid it will fonflne itself to seeing tliat there was io-infringeir.ent of W. .Morgan Shus- :T'S rights as an -American citizen to full protection of his person and ;'ro;ierty. It is impo.'isible to learn ••••'int will be the course pursued by tlie department in the event an at- 'einpt is made to expel Mr. Shuster f-nni Persia, with which country America has a treaty guaranteeing Am- ••riean citizens rights of residence and travel. It is evident, however, that there ire elements that may lead to enibar- rrissing complications, especially if in :iiy way it should be .issociated with •he present widespread agitation all t'lroughoiit the T'nited States in favor of rm immediate abrogition of tlie treatv with Russia. English Majestic* Reach India. (By the As.s.->ciatPd Preiw) Tlombay. India, Dec. 2.—"King-Em- •leror" Oenrge and "Oneen-Erapress" Mary, as they are officially styled -•nee their arrival in India, landed to- '1 ly from the steamer Medina. They were met b.v the Governor of P.njr.-r 'iv r.nil welcomed to India by thoiis- ?.nds. Mo. Par. Agent Killed by Robbers. fRv Hie Assnelntf'fT Prec*;^ Kan.sps' Cit.v. Dec. 2.—Albert Underwood, assistant cashier of tho Mis- •ourl Pacific freieht detiot. was shot ' n^ght by robbers who e.=!eaped wi»h over $1 ono. He died today.- No "'ew^ to the robbers. "ound in lola Without Even the Necessities. The attention of the authorities was ailed today to a case of destitution in East tola, where a family of six lias been existing for a month in a loorly furnished lacking not only every comfort, liut nearly every necessity. The fatJier. is fcaid up with an injured foot; the oldest boy is sick with the "shingle.s." the rao- her and three small children have ared for the two and managed to keep body and soul together in some miraculous way. One poor bed was he sleeping equipment, a pallet of ay .supplying this luxury. The llt- le ones are without shoes or proper lofhing and it was learned that the ire thus far today consisted of corn read The police were notified and p'eFe.ifed themselves, and it is cer- i^v.'.y di;-:tressing to learn that such .vant exists here. THE ANDERSON BOY IS SAFE. Thonirht to tie no Further Danger From Bite of Rabid Hog. Tho idiysJcIan who Is attending Lara Anderson, who was bitten two weeks ago yesterday at CollIn8ViIl(> by a rabid dog. and who for the past •••n days has been taking Pfi^teur • reatment. reports that the boy Is now ' rohably out of danger, although tho treatment will be continued for several days yet. Of course, there Is no way of telling whether or not the .voungpter would have become afHict- ed with hydrophobia had he not been given the Pasteur treatment, but as rabies develop more tiuickly In children than in adults, it Is thought that signs of the disease would have been detected by this time, had the boy been infected. The dog that bit the Anderson boy is known to have bitten fifteen other .hlldren in Collinsville. The head of the dog was sent to Kansas City, where it was discovered that the animal had a virulent form of rabies. SOLD BOOZE TO OFFICER. \n l«!a Lad Into Srrlon.s Tran- ble in Fort Scott. A youthful get-rich-quick Ida fin- jn-cier by the name of Kliniek is re- ::orted to have gone to Fort Scott cOii;e time ego and to liave sold a iiinrt of whiskey to a gentleman, of hat city who pretended to be very iry. The gentleman proved merely to b(? a dry joker, for he made himself known later as the under-sheriff of Hourbon County and the accommodating young refreshment dispens- r was given a sentence of sixty days; in jail and a $100 fine, which he is still engaged in serving. SIFFERING FROM PTOMAINE. The rnricLanicerln Cu<e. fP'- the A^e".,.'-!!,..! pr..^«> Paris. TVe 2—The Ciirle-T,angpvin Mcp. accordinc tn the Irtranslcfan* 'bi.^ evening has been settled out of eoj/rt. .Tamea Daniels and Kdear Weston, '^'^lored. were Jir»*i»q»efl ^h^*^ '^r.rnlrir about nine o'clock by .Tas. Frederick«on alonf the Sn'ith Kenti'clfv rnad "bout 1 iT >ll'» south of town for hiin*- Ing. A charge of freapnasinc was Indired PKalnst them In the court of .Tiia 'tro .T. P. Durcjn. Th^v nle.nded giilUy and were fined $5 and costs, each. Howard Jones will le.Tve Monrtnr for CoiMngville where he has secured a position. Colored Woman and Three rhildreD Poisoned Thanksgiving Day. . Mrs. Wm. Johnson, colored, of 707 -North Buckeye street, and three children, are suffering severely from ptomaine poison which is believed to have been contained in some pork eaten on Thanksgiving day, and which had stood for several hours before being cooked. Mrs. Jackson and her children were dangerously ill all day yesterday, but the children are considerably better today. Mrs. Jackson is still dangerously ill. The latest version of the Eaglets deal for the Dresbach house is that a trade was consummated by which the lodge gets the residence property and the doctor gots the Eagle building on the cast side-of the square. Captain R. S. Moore yesterday pre^ aenfed to Mrs. D. H. Scott a check for 12,000, the amount of the Insuranco ^f the late D. H. Scott In the A. O. U. W. lodge. ^ . Millard Teats returned this afternoon from Altoona where he has been for a brief bualneas visit. I

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