The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 9, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1977
Page 4
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SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payable In Advance m onth .^£L_i^^-^^^ KKIDAY, AUGUST S. 1D»» Learning To Occupy m rniliUirv anairs IH-IW...MI wars. I ;; (| ;, (| wal . ns abnormal. ,*««..• as nor- in TI..-V I.HVO ffo..« »» IW »s to have "n mvillinx I" Kiv« ..-very >•»...,« ma.. , . ,. , ior , „,• military al- h oUlu.ku'.wU'«^-tl>alt £ Uad arouiul th, ",/bo In Ll.o strong means o rtiarkn. h, i.r !•»»..•, w,. hastily l.mll «» H ,. rnv .,'HV- it Imsty training for imrnedi- ev,u hastily c.MMV,..t,..l IVI. ""dm,.,,'v c, r.'.-li..K. «-l"U'»'K '".'.'I < in '"!' 1 " ^hastily >,Hin,d tr-ps. \t,to,-y >"> hucii i.nrs, l)iil witli immense waste, nu- i ll ,ult;., l .,ri»l.wl.iH.,nW.l..|v^-» Avoided will, a little mor.. In elliouK h^ nn ,l williriKm-ss tc Im-o llu- wor M as ,t_.s. Now a m-w pr»l'l"m i» '»"•" lor Wh ' ( ' h ed as ever we \vei'(> or i'epare war. Whih , rnlillK , our ....... w,.,,. viewed w, . 1, avor overseas. .\W, i" <«'<''<l>»t "">; }^ ," Ion!.* 1.1ml trspect and upp.vcu.tum. lie c ,|,i,.r reason is lhat tin- men do not know whv they HIT the.v. X<> om- has deads explained that llii- present task is not merely rii.isliii'K up a war, hut that ot (^Hlli^eonill.ered peoples, anew Work lor wliiHi they have not hem wlc'imitd.l trained. , ,.,. \V,. ui'e in i'or a Ion.*;' occupation. Mie :,,|, involves tVedin-, policing ediieatm.U", plnntin^ iu the mind of oren pied nationals a heallhy respect lor our power and ilci-iMicy. Vounn' men drawn I'mm larms and t'adovies into these Inreip jobs do „„!, !,.„,•„ such duties uverm.^d. 1 liey M( , ( ,l solid training and full cxplmmtmn „,- || 1( , purposes Tor which they are being senl.. , . II, is liitfli lime IW the naliun, tu lake tniiniiitf for m'riipation seriously. One Germany (Jen. Joseph T. McNnniev, C. S. ,. ( ,rnrrmmlcriii KiiropeJinslosMio time in proposing to tin- Allied Control Conned that the I'ofir se-'inents oi' (iermany he operated as one unit I'm- economic purposes, lie I'urllier carried out instruct ions lYom Washington, n-siillin,^ l'n>in Secri^- tary livn.cs' recf)nirnendalions, by ol- IVriiiK Ui rner.u-e Hie American '/one wiUi any of the other three if nnil".ed action is not possible. The experiment of ^overnin-' flermany in four liA'ht, independent seetifMis has resnlt.ed in blocking I he trade and iudus- trv (if (iermany. Any move toward economic cooperation between l.lie areas will he a step toward jn'cHin.i,' dermany back- on its own I'eet, So Far Kussia has objected and France has been hesitant about such unirieal.ion. It' the I'liiled Slates and ('.real. Britain .u'el together, [hat will be one small start. Sand And Snow Driving tanks and trucks through loose- sand and in a hroilini;' sun, 1,400 army men are ^'It'intf ready for winter manenv- ors at Camp McCoy. Wisconsin, Clothing, maehinery, luliricants, 1'ood and riKlitins; 1 equipnu'iit will be thoroughly tested under conditions of frigid •\venther. It takes time to .met ready For such things, of course, hut in midsummer the men who will ho the troops ol' "Task "Force Frost" must find it a litlli- odd to be Httendins; 1 lectures on how to keep their I'eet warm, and be ji'ood soldiers in a bli'/'/avd,- Trees are. interesting. What ahout ^ol- titij; a hook from tin- library and learning M little.' something about thorn this sunnnor. tlic t'nr coat Animals, till nlnin- Tho only scarcity situntioti Vopm.s to h t'ni'H, liiK' 1 P''' c '° s IUU ' fltint. AUG. 3, ID'IO Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuok New§ 20 Years Affa MI.HB Nina Boll of Lewis street vacationed at Lako T>ocotopaug. o—O—o Mr. and Mrs. Goorgo L. Hinman of Bradley street vlBltotl Mlshiiwiuika, Indlnnu. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mlaa Gottlieb visited Mlon Abble Gilbert of RUlKofleld • o—O—o Porclvnl Fox of Bcobe »troet .pent his vacation at the Milfot'd uhoro . Around The Clock WITH YOU AWAY To un iihseiit friend Sprint; Is not spring with you away! The -sun Moncl.t out a warmer my, The red bird sounds his merry call, The veils ot spring ^i'c over all It is not spring with you away. *Shy vlolota peep from every nook, And singing goes the merry broojc, Tho skies again are blue, nnd ttur, Tho breath of pnomlsc In thc air- . It la not spring with you away. Sprint' \r, not spring with you away. The in-ps stand dressed In brave array, In bi-ld'iil robes of purest white. But In my heart the day Is night— Spring Is not spring with you away. Spring is not spring with you away, So will you como without, delay; Tlv well-worn path cannot bo ween. It's'covered now with velvet green— Tom Quiun will have elialkud off ul veurs of service come November. , . , Tom/ I, mainstay at waterproof packing department, 'Footwear plant; is a_ member of a family well known to the industry. Uis three brothers, Jack oi the salesroom: Jim, retired; and Peter,, transferred to Chemical, all .worked at pack- in,. Ma Kooiiey is the newest member (.IMli'J .'jl') years club in the boot room. The Montam.ri-Kado post will hold their field-clay this coming Sunday. From all reports, it should be a grand success. The largest softball crowd of the year was reported the other night, at a, game between U. S. Rubber Girls team and Waterbury Tool lasses. The spectators who viewed the affair thought it one of the finest games they've viewed this season, and most enjoyable. All of those who inquired as to who was the poor fellow who umpired this classic may send their sympathy cards to Frank Klonoski, in care of Ed McGrath. After the local girls lost the game, Frank had to go into hiding and only the local softball commissioner knows where he is. lOddie Xolde and his American Legion team, which this column said several weeks au'O might H'" places, are now in tlio semi-finals of stain competition. They play Willimantic here, Saturday. Get out and' go down there fans, and show our hoys we want them to win, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pettit, who recently purchased 1 a new home on Highland avenue, were guests of honor at a surprise housewarming Wednesday night. . . . There was fun galore at the gathering of the clan, and the evening was topped off with a fine turkey s.upper. Kriink 1-afo has been making inquiries concerning relative weights and abilities of top jockeys. . , . Incidentally, anyone, interested in learning to ride would do well to contact Frank. The Democratic State Central Committee will entertain members of the press August 12 at Oakdale Tavern Electrician Ray Decker and his family leave tomorrow for Barton, Vermont, where Ray will catch up on his fishing. . . . Ray says the big ones are at Barton, and he has pictures to prove it. Among employes recently retired from the footwear plant are Furman Dinsmore, I'khvurd Campbell, August Martinkaitis, Augusta Piorson, -Sadie' McPherson, ClaVa Bullock, David Larson, Aurclia Lmmon. Michael Hayes, Thomas Gilson, Hotand Cloiigh and (ioorge Anderson. C. S. Civinskas, with the military government in Germany, favors us with a copy of the weekly information bulletin put out by his department. ... He has just returned from a tour of Switzerland and Rome and plans a series of articles about his travels. . . . We'll be expecting a detailed report. ,,jvi...-J-V GET WP_PF First Photo Of Tel-Aviv Roundup Two British soldiers stand puarcl outside :i harlwd-wirc enclosure, To) Aviv, Palestine, In which over MX) men and women aro hcinp held for questioninc In search for Jewish terrorists. A "shoot on sicht" curfew lly the British has restricted the 200,000 inhabitants of the largest all- Jewish city in the world to their homes, (fntflrnational Radiophoto) - WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1946. by The Hearst Corporation) MKET LUKE THE MEEK— VVe have been reading about various workers who look to Kfatui- ties (by way of what wo call 'tips') for a substantial shnrc of their income All complain that the manna is thinner than it had been in recent years. So we got to wondering how the ones who depend entirely on the generosity of the hander- outcr arc faring. I found Luke the Duke, my favorite pan-handler, who works the oust side of a block on Lexington Avenue. "Not so good;" said Luke. "1. haven't felt thc weight' of a quarter t'day—nickels is the standard practice now, A dime comes wit' a flourish like it was gonna put me beyond want for me nach'ral life. "Pretty cheap, when you re'lizc it's thc price o' salvation." "How do you figure that?" I asked, "Ho who srlveth to thc poor Icnd- eth to the Lord. ...So these good Christians blow their bucks In bars, nightclubs, on this and that—an' to thc Lord they lend a jit, "I'm thc outlet to delude theirsclf they're not penny-ante pikers as weM as Christian slackers. They fumble an 1 fidffet an 1 come up wit' a coin an' sl;p it to me an' hurry off. They don't look me in thn ItiSsor. They haven't enough moxie to say, 'Sorry—that's all the change T got.' "They got an expression like a party sllppln' a slug in a subway turnstMc, "I feel like chuckin' it right back in their puss. "During thc happy clays o' thc recent unpleasantness, GTs .'in' gobs use to mitt mo half a buck, even foldln' dough. An' wit' a smile. T'clay the plckin's is picayune. Jf didn't have cert'n commitments, I wouldn' put out me palm for such chickcnfcecl. I'm a eleemosynary essential, not no economic parasite. "I got a notion to strike. What do you thlnk'd happen if ull of us sruck? How would these here pikers go Trough the motions o' doln' their sacred duties, Sis well a» gratlfyin' their complexes? "Dat's how them chisolcrs lend to thc Lord. An 1 when I say lend, I mean nothin' else. T mean. I hope to pay it all back some day." "Pay It back?" I asked, "When?" "When the meek inherit the earth" sighed Luke thc Duke. Reported Romancing.-—Comic Joey Adams and showgirl Junior Stiuullsli Li/jilicth's sis, Justine and CRSingiT Hobby Doyle, at the Slmplon... .Li/.aheth's other sis, March!, nnd Bill ('Call Me Mr.') Ciillalmn.... Henry (Here's) Morgan and air actress Isohcl Gihhs, duo to wed this mo;ith. .. .K. S. Evans, Florida ear merchant, and Betty Grimes, vocallst-toniilstar, seen at Hradlpy's. .. .Nick Ba.jenous :ind Anna W.vmiin.... Jnclde Miles nnd Lee Dennis of the Latin 1-4 ... .Otto P.rcmlnjcer and Yvonne de Carlo.., Little Vienna's Irving Jaeger and Havana-Madrid's Joy Lawrence—who seem to have United Notions. Drow's C o,vns ,„ ^Johnny O'Clock" are even more dwanB limn those dlspluy«l hy-aml d sP, ll>1!ln — Kita Hayworth in Boots Mullory and t.lia.i • •• • mar- Industrial Leaders Show Interest In Gaylord Farms Industrial leaders throughout the state have ^-sMerable tc. c. t shall want to wed. She has her divorce from Bill Cairncy but it's ji California'job, so she must wait a year for her final, (unless,, of course, she chooses Nevada or Mexico). Marshall is separated from his wife, no divorce plans definite. But It's a Betty nnirrtrtge, sure., some d;iy.... \VlnMcr, radio actress and Bob .Jennings, Chicago ad exec, have decided divorce isn't bad.... The vri.s Adriivn-Georgc, Jay melt- In? becomes final tills month But Ell/abeth Argal, Parisian actress, and Jacques Dcval (former! husband of Danielle Dnrrieux) cut theirs with a. click—in Mexico City. ^ cording to Harris Whittcmore, Jr., chairman of the Naugatuck educational committee for the Wallingford sanatorium. Approximately half of Gaylord's patients since its founding in 190-i have been either factory or office workers or members of their families and this data has helped convince factory management that mass X-ray examinations and early diagnosis will safeguard thc health of employes and their families—a matter of deep concern to man- Marine Corps Dance Slated Tomorrow Night Nylon .stockings and while shirts will he -iffored ns door prizes at i he. fii-s< Hanoc of th" Kaugatuek Valley Detachment, Marine Corps tomorrow night at Linden Park. Final plans for the dance were completed at a meeting last night. P.ailcy Cook and his Melody Masters will provide the music. Chairman Rich.ii-d Payne of the dance committee reported that more than 300 tickets have been paid for, and that other returns will swell the total close to -100. Tickets also will be sold at the door. Plans also were discussed for l hc state convention to he held August 10-11 at the Hotel Garde. There is a mile of railroad in the United States for every 563 persons. In the rest of the world the average is about one mile for every 3.628 persons. Housewives lead -a 'list of 231 oc- s represented among the osis patients Gwendolyn Stono u.nd talented.dancer is a beautiful . . She has ap- thc sanatorium opened. Factory workers are a cktsc second, and students and professional workers are in third place, slightly ahead of office workers. These groups are followed by retail and wholesale workers, outdoor employes, persons without occupat:on. and soldiers and sailors, in that order. poured in several West Coast revue creations and in films including "Night and Day"....No one seeing her would imagine that she is a deaf mute and has been since childhood. .. .She picks up rhythmr- with i sct . dcsignc . r p cn ny Bancroft, Vcr- her feet, via'vibrations. .She takes I sai) , es j ark _ and Bob Davis, Wal! direction and cues by unfailing lip- 1 reading. Stroc.:or. Bruce Humberstone and Margaret Rettig, Chicago deb . . Frit?. Lang and red-haired Norine WORK SHIRTS BLUE CHAMBRAY 99c NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6136 Cowan Denies News Story Coach'Gubby Cowan of thc American Legion team flatly denied today an item in yesterday's story, carried by THE NEWS of thc Naugatuck - Middlctown game, which said that during a tense moment of the game, pitcher Vin Healy asked for relief, and Coach Co\v- nn lold him to finish the game. "What actually happened." said thc coach, "was that I asked Healy if he thought hn could finish thc game and he answered yes." "At the time," he added, "the score was 7-6, and only one more out was ncded, Rather than t.':row in a new pitcher with no wnrmup to finish thc game, I had to gamble and rely on Healy to regain his control, which he did." **+*• 4 STYLE VENETIAN { BLIND SHOPPE I 85 Spring St., Union CJty i Tel. Nnup. Gill — Wat, 4-ri!728 FELIX NARDELLO, Mgr. Vnll Murk of fieri jinrt wood Mlnri« ,| Illlnils rriuilrnl, n-t«|ird. ) Santa Fe Skywii.y is carryirifr .s|>.'- , Cassic , v Lubbock, Tex., heiress. ciullzed cargoes, fnclndlnj; perishables. .. .No schedules will be made Kdniiind Gouldln^,. the, sllver- ....Flying personnel will he mostly \ |ja , rp(1 , 1CC n , m director is determ- veternns, II of whom Have signed ] |n0( , to mahc it a carecr for Gcrry on.,..One plane has refrigeration equipment, which weiprhs only one percent of the (*ross tonnnR-e and e.nn. register 120 decrees helow r.ero, tt carries a three- ton piiyload. Seen Toprethe.r,— Kancy Walker and Art Ford—after a hiatus.... Jean Harrison, director-producer of "Boston Blackie," and Hank Syl- vci-n, maoKtro'(married, maybe?).. Dick Darn with Martha Vicke'-s, a switch from Naney Guild ..Omiir F. Elder and Betty Anne Nyman, both of "Annie Get Your Gun". Charlie Chnplin, Jr., and Virginia Weidler.. Myrnfi. Doll-DanTopping: . .LubaMalinannd Stewart Chancy, Dailey, cx-Broudway intreniie. He has her tiilcinir drnmntlc lessons and screen-tests, nnd he checks up on her hourly to see that she's In .-iiifl living tlic simple life, Tom Ball, China Doll Impresario, will opi-n :t hrnnrh of his hit New York c:il>aret In Miiiml. He leaves for Honolulu, Manlln, Honff K o n q;, Shanghai soon, for new slnnt.s and talent, says MJItoii Ruhln.. Damon Riinynn mlcht wnniiM know: Harry- Cool's vocalist, Mlndy Carson, SHJS she didn't swipe thc nnmc; It's a nose-hob for "Mlndora." Wise M'l pills nowadays study up on their three R's—Romance, Rice, Reno! Amputee Lobbyist | Approved G. I. Training * * fi.,nl,nf IHL-. ItllHlnrh* Rep. .Tohn Coffee wrote an article for a monthly maprazlne last January, titled: "Who Made Money In This War?". .. . Bob Alda, in a personal appearance at the Strand, was an usher there in '3'1—-aisle 3 Scandinavian show-shopperg here have bought rights to "Glass Mcnatrcrlc," "Voice of the Turtle" and "Red Mill" David Brooks, baritone, in line for the lead in "Toplltssky of Notre "Dame," for which Joan Leslie is beinjr solicited .. .Carlos Salamanca, ex-Ambassador from Bolivia, will 'return to lecture at Williams College — on philosophy. MiM'hlni'N, Si'rrrliirfill 1-'AI,I, TKKM OI'KNS IN SKI'TIttlllKIl l.lmllnl Knrnllnirnt THE PERRY SCHOOL Watcrhury WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELECTRIC TKRCOLATORS — with chrorao trny, sugar nnd creamer, complete M. WOLFF ss CKAND ST., WTBBY. $22.95 Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 1(H» SOOTH MAIN ST. Telephone 40!>6 WEDDING CAKES And Other Special Baking: A Specialty CITY BAKERY B. P. STOrPANT, Prop. Maple Street Telephone 367! I Men's Boys'j | — PANTS SHOP — I jE.JlggUgKi 4.-,J No. Main Si. Ti-1. SNOT I'nlrm CilT ^ BODGIIT SOLD Kent a Trailer and Do That Joh Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE Offlre In Union CUT Hardwnr* Bide. NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "KUSS" WEAVING, Prop. -.Vlnslow Court Tel. S394 ACTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS Cushion Type Life Preservers In Wivshinifton to lobby for the Rogers Bill to provide special cars for legless vets, Sst. Giin- dolph Vlvlano of Rldcewood, 'N. J., called on Rep. Clare Boothc Luce of Connecticut, Here he Is pictured receiving the Congresswoman's nutojrraph In addition, to her support for bill. (International Soundphoto) Have You Seen Our Kitchen Korner On the Second Floor Many Items for The Kitchen NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABT BUBLDENQ TEL. 5212 R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Wcldlnsr of All Types Forfi-lnp, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work Telephone 0377 Cars Culled For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving! ! P O U S T ' S SERVICE STATION 144 Rulihcr Avc, Tel. 4035 FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 106 South Main St. NOW is the time to have your BLANKETS AND COUNTERPANES Expertly Laundered Dial Wat. 4-4106 A MERICA^ , u \I>K } " ^ FBEtt'S in-WAV GRILLE 501 South Mivln St, Rejrular Dally Dinner 50c up A La Carte Mcnu Spiic-hettl To Tnke Out Banquet Koom, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor Llccnao £ WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL. Trop. 8 South M;iin St Choicest selection of suit »nd fresh water fish at lowest prices. RYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland .^•^^•^i^^^'^ow'g^-—•— — ^ Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" and Vcra Budrln. Prop*- , DaUy Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Lln«or Llconne RODEO RAMBLERS Here Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHEEHAN Entortalnmcnt ? Thursday ""<* Sunday I Open Daily Until 1 A. D \II Kinds of Trucking—A»l»e* Etc. Removed McNamara Trucking Cc SI West Nnusatuck

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