Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 10, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1943
Page 2
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Sf AR, ¥l$*t, Hope Star f«t . . H. Woihburn) Wr'butWrttj, 212-2 U Seuttt Wdtnm stre«t, Hop* Ark. & t MIMttt. H. W ASHBURNt Editor and Publlihtt 6n*wed o»,s«cond clots matter at the ortoBH* tot Rope, AfKWtetu, under the ;' Att of Mat eh 3. 1897, (AP)—Means Associated Press i ( |NEA>—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rot* (Always Payable in AdVOnct): By City carrier, per week ISc; Hempsteaa, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere J6 SO. " M*Mbe* of Th» Attoctated PrMt: Tht Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republicatton of all news dispatches credited .to ft or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. I National Advertising R*pr*»ntativ*— Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn., Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave ; Detroit, Mich., -2642 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma Citv, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St.. Hold Everything Guadalcanal Hiary Monday, May Id, 1943 ft cued on the Boak-of-the-l^onth BY RICHARD TREGASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS BY I. B. HAZELTON "Why don't you go jump in the lake?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith imc. T.M. PEC, u. s. PAT. orp. "You wanted to move to the country to raise vegetables —wen, I've seen your friends' Avives working in their gardens, and ; you may as well understand I'm not the Qardening type!" "We were ready for a struggle as we dashed for shore." 'TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8-\\'e set out yesterday JL nfterttoon for our attack on the Japs at Taivu Point, spent the night on our transports, and shoved off toward snore this morning. Just as \ve were starting, c.nne a fortunate happenstance—a Convoy of American carijo ships passed very close to us. The Japs, seeing the combined armada, got the impression of a mass assault. And many of them ran. But we had no way of knowing this as we dashed for shore. We were ready for a struggle, and puzzled when there was no hail of fire from thVjungle. Shortly after eight o'clock, we made our first contact with the Japs. I snw our people running, and followed a group to the beach. A row ot Jap landing boats was'lying on the sand ahead, and amidst the boats, a group of men in brown uniforms—Japs. "Red Mike" (as the Raiders call their red-headed colonel) gave the order to open lire. 'The machine guns began rattling. Now the Japs were answering. I heard the familiar flat crack of the .25 rifle, and the repetition of the sound in long bursts from light machine guns. The Jap guns stood out in the chorus like a tenor in a quartet. A runner came up to the colonel, who was sitting for a "We heard the shell burst behind us . . ." brief second in a clump of underbrush. "Nick (.Ma). Floyd VV. Nickerson of Spokane, Wash.) says to tell you there are people across the stream," he said. The j>,ps apparently were moving through the jungle along the sticam on our left Hank,' and planning to cut us off. The colonel swung around to Capt. Antondli. "Tony," he said, "take a pnrrol. Flank those Japs if you can." Now came a tcrrilic blast a few yards ahead. We hcanl the shell .whiz past anil burst behind us, and we knew we must be smack up against n Jap field piece. It began to rain in torrents. All around me, Marines " 'Spread outl' Nick shouted." were squatting % or sprawling unhappily in the green, wet underbrush, Nick shouted at tl-e group. "Spread out," he said, with the proper blistering expletives. "We lost one squad of the second platoon with a single shell. One of those might come in here." It began to look as if we might have tackled a bigger Jnp force than we could handle. The colonel was concerned about the Japs who might be sneaking around our flank. Lie put in a call for naval gunfire support. This was no picnic . . . (Continued tomorrow) Drawings copyriuht, liM3, by Kina Feature* Syndicate, Inc. Text copyright, 11148, by Kandom House, Inc. Distributed by King Features Syndicate In co-operation with the Book-of-the-Month Club. Inc. FUNNY BUSINESS •"/•.••u..""^--, 1 . 1 :;-:,/.' -. .•"//.•:.'."••.:.!..',»;<<'?/;%''. "/,(l>/, '.'. COVV 1943 flT Nf A SERVICE, INC. T. M. ftCG. U S. PAT. OFF '"He used to be in the Navy and that's his idea of the way to pitch a lent!" Wash TutJbs Spotted ( By Roy Crane OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R.Williams THERE S MV MA OUT IN TH' FLOWER BED NOW, SO VOU JIST GIVE HER THESE-SAV VOU GOT TOO MANY.' IP SHE ACCEPTS 'EM SHE'LL CLEAN 'EM HERSELF-BUT IF I BRING "EM SHE'LL MAKE CLEAN 'EM/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplc A^O'JND I'.B^ A c-n P.V.D STIL.L, K'Crr 1 PLAINS.'-~ WELL, HERE'S A HTTL& F^.'H'SENiT FOF2.SOU RUM OOTfXN'D BUY A. CAMDV BAR KEEP THE c". f '? PAPA. HOOPLC/ IT'S A. #100 BILL/— I'VE t>RE/XN\T=O PsQOOT }'•-%£ THE<oE BUT /M_\N/N Yy VMoKt up TO FIND ./'/ A MB\M Rl TKB TUB / —" e AV/ I'LL HAVE- THIS <=>\TTIHG> ROOM R 3ECPR ATEO —«- IT'S oETTlM&TC? LOOK LIKE A FLOP-] HOUSE LOBBV/ Red Rider The Goods By Fred Harmon E>u1,RED VOD6.R, VJHY CAN'T 'VOU TORNj 5 E.CAU5E HE'D 1ST TuR^'ErN LOO?x•' VE GOT TO PROVE HE'S iS C»HOOT5 THE'tf RMAN U-0CKT; BATTLE STATIONS! tO MINUTES THE PATROL ('LAME COMES OUT OF THE CLOUDS FOR ANOTHER LOOK Thimble Theater "Answer to a Maiden's Prayer." SHIIGoing Strong! Donald Duck -i DON'T CUT IN SO FAST! LOOK OUT, STOP'.... FASTER?'. IS CHANGING! ^^^^^r WATCH oar FOC? THAT CAK"....) STOP.'STREET.... - — —-^ POT'OUT VOUP SLOW DOWN .... PUT OUT YOUf? HAND....EASY ON THIS ALL VA THINKS ABOUT—WHO THE HECK OJANlTS A WIFE WIT' 'i STORV OF LOVE RO.'AAMSU. A Lady Gets in Her 'Dig'! By V. T. Hamlin Corne Again, Boom WAS THAT r/V WIFE, SMAjCKlMTO rfe.(TIME MACHIHB) VICTOEY GARDEM BY ROCKET, - G. OSCA.R BOOM, VJILDCACT V. SCIEKSTIST, SELLS THE. S-- % E.!?.ILUAMT IWVEWTOE OM MV , ' • C v ,•> HIS PL AW TO DEFE/XT SPODS! )'-.'"•: "."-^THE A POWERS .. MIKED BUT HOVJ THB ( BASY.'aUS-! ... THEM, OMCE IM THE HECK CAW THAT/ SET THE (SAD- 'WIClKi'lTV OF MT.ETMA HELP YOU GET /GET FOK. AK5V 1 J- GKA.B A HATFUL. 5UPP05EP TO BE WORklNS IKJVOUR HOW CAM I HELP YOU CSE.T THIS CRITICAL. ROCKET KiETAL. / THE : SHE WANTS ME TO GET TO WORK OF OR?B AMD"B1WGO IMTO SICILY, AMVTIME PEV2IOO YOU BiillOG ME. BACK.... AS SIMPLE AS THAT.' STROSiC-HOLO IM THIS DIZZY Passing the Buck Freckles and His Friends S By Edgar Martin Boots and Her Buddies CO-EDITORS OF THE SKIDOO, LARD AND ARE TRYING- TO PEP UP THE HI6H SCHOOL PAPER. By USING- A STORV CONCERNING THEIR IDEAS OF \WHy ROOM 103 IS BtACKED-OUf AND LOCKED .»... WHO W\\_\_ \O™ ikH wf* A vrJO^p^l^er oo«*&J^oc"""

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