Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1911
Page 8
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THE lOlA DAILY REGIS'r£B, FRIDAY E^nS jJIgrq BEkT ttHlSTEHI 33 10 24 lOLA HIGH SCHOOL TEAM TIC- XOl^OVS LA8I inflBT. Irerr Boy of lola Plre Ftored Star Game, Their Speed and AeearBcjr Snperior to That of Halstead. "la one ot the most cxcIUngr games . of basket ball ever witnessed Jn this city, the lola hlgU ecUool team, last nJght at the audltrlum defeated the crack Halatead team by the score of - 33 to' 24. Tjie game was hotly contested all the way through, and <ine of the features which lent an added nxcitcment to it was tlio method of keeping the. score, the board bolng - suspended on the west wall In good view of nearly every apecUtor, and each poiht being marK«d up as it was made thus making the closenesB of ~ the race more apparent In the first fe* seconds of play it became evident thdt the lola boys were faster oif their feet than their more famous opponents, but the latter played a very strong game and the score remained about even for the first few moments of play. Then the superior speed of the local boys began to tell, and they secured a margin over Halstead which they slowly but surely Increased as the first half went by. The rushing speed, the faultless throwing, and the sure catching ot the lola boys seemed to combine them into^ machine ',the playing power of which was almost irresistible. ^VTien the end of the first half came, the score board showed lola-had 20 points to Halstead's 11. IQ the second half Halstead plared desperately, to overcome lola's lead and although this was found to he Im- poBsiUle yet the visitors played a much better game than in the first half. The speed of the lola boys resulted in many, fouls and these, coining bunched In' the second half, together with the Improved play of the Halstead five, kept the score very clbse, first one being on top, and then the other. The second half ended with a score of 13 to 13, and It is a good indication of the extreme closeness of play. This brought the total Bcpre to 33 to 24 in lola's favor. The game last night was not one in which it can be said that any one of the lola players starred. Cantrell showed lightning speed, and exceptional accuracy, and was on the aggressive all the time hut it cannot be siiid that Thompson did not play equally as pood a game, his speed and accur .ncy al-so being wonderful. And everybody knows what kind of a game Xelson played—they v,ould know It It -they hadn't seen the game. Nelson -was handicapped by an Injured knee, but it couldn't have been told from his play. Equal in speed to his teammates was W'atterson, and if any player on either side was superior to him nobody noticed It The lola guards were extremely aggressive, and a team any slower than Halstead would have bad a slim chance for any baskets at all. Dudley who has recently - ome to the front as a center did great work, and showed plainly his superiority to the Halstead center throughout the game. The winning of the game from Halstead last night means that lola has an excellent chance to win the championship of the state. In 1907 and 1908 Halstead took t-he state champion ship and it is understood that the present team is as good as the teams of those years, if not superior., The game was well attended the larger portion of the crowd consisting of students of the lola schools. The students of the high school were seated on the east side of 'the building, *and under the leadership of Cleo Doggett -they delivered their school yells and songs prpviou.s to the game. Their enthusiasm was at such a pitch, th^t they sometimes Vecame noisy during the play, and Referee Fulton found it necesFary twicS to call fouls on lola for this. )• —Big singing and dancing act. Majestic. I TUe Otterbein Brotherhood of the United Brethren church will hold a public meeting Friday evening at the cbnrch. to which all men are invited. Mr. H, H. Bennett and Rev. I. B. , Prather will make a comprehensive xeport of the Kansas City Men and Religion campaign in its relation to a local church. 91a. —Prawing on store tonight .UsUc. Big Amateur Contest Majestic. CHANGE. IN CHURC|t ^mVICE .i*ntor flf the Pnmnt Atk*; the Coii' \ • gragatlon "Shall W«.'Sins• Hymn 4781" ' 'Tkat Snnday ertaiiag afad the Sim- day eirenlns before that and tb« Bunday ervning before that I went to chnrch," gald the gray-headed man. 1 vent to a different chnrcb each time. I noticed that the yean I have itayed av«yfrom church have wrought many changei In the eeryice, but the change that Impreaaed me mMt waa the manner ol announdng the bymna. rormerly the minister said, 1M nt •ing,'. or -We win now ling Hymn 478.' Now he pnta it in the form of an interrogation and aaya. 'Shall wa aing Hymn 478 r "At any rate, that la the way the hymna,were,announced where I went- to church thoae last three Sundays. I wonder if the Oashlon is universal now, alao I gfronder what the miniater would say if some temerarious soul should speak ope 'No, we will not sing that hymn. I'don't like it Let us sing Ma B36.' "Of course ;it la bardly ooncelTable that anybody*' c^er could develop so much rambui^ousnesa, but It is Interesting to speculate on what would happen if somebody should." ' WKt'.'T :i-?nKET D0B8H«r KNOW- JlS'f ifliEBE IT IS "AT." , Cattle and Hogs Are Strong and Quoted Fire to Ten Cents Higher. (By the AK <ocl«tedFren) Chicago, Dec. 1.— Wheat- nervous and uncertain put prlce'r higher on account ot the dispoalton to discount the recent optimistic eetlmates of Argentine crop. Opening waa H to % up. May started SSHO^itfo H0% up, fell to G16se«r-Deo. 93%} May 99^096: July 94%. CORN—Firm. May opened % to \i, up to 64% to %. sank to %. Close- Dec. 63 %064: May 64^; July e4Vi &M%. OATS-^Weak. May started unchang ed to a shade lower ait 49^®% to %, sank to %. CloSe-^c. il%@%; May49%@%: July 46?4. » Provisions were weak. > PORK—Jan. |16.06; May |1«.50. LARD—Jan. *9.22%; Miy ?9.45. Chicago IlTestock. Chicago, Dec. 1.— CATTtB, receipts 6 SCO. Steady to ten cents higher. Beeves |4 .50(g)9.10; westefn steers |4.10@5.75; stockers and feeders $3.04 5.75; cows and heifers |1.93g)5.90; calves »5.50@8.25. HOGS— 21,000. Slow. Lights $5.50 @6.30,- heavy J5.90@6.50; pigs $4 .25 @5.60. St Louis Grain. St .Louis Dec. 1.—WHEAT, close- Dec. 94%; May 99%. CORN—Dec. 65%@'5i; May 64%. - O.A.TS—Dec 49%; May 49%. WASN'T SURE, Magistrate—Were you ever up before me? McNabb—I don't know, your honor. What time does your honor get up? ELITE Refined Vaudeville and Pictures 3 Big Reels and They Are AU Good We thought we had good musical vaudeville last season, but see this one: Bingbam 6 Gable featuring Mr. Bingham —the world's greatest cornetist, plajing two cornets at one and the same time. Hear our new singer Miss Lois Taggart ALL f OR 5c AND 10c St Louis Livestock. St Louis, Dec. 1.—CATTLE, receipts 2,500. strong. Native steers $4.50@9.OO; cows and heifers |3.00@ . 7.00; stockers and feeders $3.25@5.23; calves In car lots $4.50@7.50. HOGS—Receipts 9500. Higher. Pigs and lights |4.75@6.30; packers $5.90@ { (6.40;^butchers best heavy ?6.10@6.55. Kansa-s City Grain. Kansas City Dec. 1.—WHEAT receipts 46 cars. Cash wheat unhanged. No. 2 hard, 99@1.05; No. 3 97@1.04; No. 2 red, 95@96; No. 3, 94@95. Close —Dec. 97®%; May ?1.00%; July 92%. CORN—Steady to %c lower. No. 2 mixed, new 64(565%;' No. 3, new 62% @63; No. 2 white, new 66@67; No. 2 new 64%. Close—Dec. 64%; May 64%; July 64%. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white, 49{?r.O; No. 2 mixed, 47M!®48%. RVE—94c per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $19.50®20; choice prairie $J3.25@13.50. BROO.M CORN—180® 1«0 per ton._ Kansas City Llresiork. Kansas City, Dec. 1.—CATTLE, re- ceii)ts 4 500. Strong to ten cente high er; nafivo steers $5.00@9.00; cows and heifers |2.75@7.00; stockers and fei^ ers $3.75@5.75; bulls, $3.4004.75; calves J3.75@7.00. HOGS—Receipts 11.000. Strong to 5 cents higher. Heavy $6.30@6.40; pack ers and butchers J6.10@6.35; lights ?5.75Q6.20. [ DECEMBER 1,1911. ing at YOMK ST BECAUSE BECAUSE is a Pleasure it is easy to find what one wants amongst the wide variety of -mnter merchandise carried, every up-to-date facility is provided to eiiable you to do your shoppinlg in comfort and dispatch, and BECAUSE you can always rely on receiving the best goods for the price —no !m^ter what the price. Silk and Other Fine Hosiery Black Silk "G6rd(lin Dye" Hose .$1, $1.50, $2 Black, white, pink and sky "Gordon Dye Hose".$1.00 Black silk new^'Girdon Dye" quality, pair. 50c Ask for our $J.OO Christmas Silk Hose. Kansas City Produce. • Kansas City Dec. 1.—BUTTER— Creamery 34c; firsts 32; seconds 30; packing stock 21. EGGS—Extras 35c; firsts 33; seconds 17. —Our commercial ambition Is satisfied customers. Can't be desired. Once tried, satisfied. That's all. Hanna & Harvey, Hurry Up Jewelers for Hurrj- up People. No. 3 N- Jefferson Ave. Satisfactory Assortment Ribbons for every need—ft r fancywork, trimmings, table decorations, tjring, e x;., at remarkably low prices. AT 49c A; Yi LRD.' Beautiful fancy and Print Warp Ribbonsifrom 5 to 8 inches -wide; all up-to-date patterns; qualities worth from 65c to 85c a yard. Positively the best values you were ever offered. AT 25c A YA] ID. A splendid assortment of Taffeta and Bi'ocaled Ribbons, to 6 inches wide, worth up to 50c a yard. Choice from an excellent variety of colorings and patterns. Annual Sale of Handkerchiefs Women's all'liften Women'^s Swis edge; each ... Handkerchiefs, special .I5c sp Handkerchiefs with emb. or lace ; 10c Women's Swi^s Handkerchiefs with emb. corners, special, feach 5c Women's Appisnzell Hand Emb. Handkerchiefs, 25 different styles ;o select from; special, 25c - Women's high grade hand emb. Handkerchiefs, the daintiest style ? ever shown—some with Syrian lace edge, others fi lely hemmed—special 3 for $1 Ask to see ou: • imported Hand Emb. Handkerchiefs—priced at 50c, 75c, 98c up to $7.00 Child] en's Handkerchiefs. Hand Emb. Initial Handkerchiefs, 3 in box 19c Hand Emb. plaih white Initial Hand'fs, 3 in box. .29c Men's Handkerchiefs. All linen Initial Ha fidkerchiefs, each 25c Soft finished tlemslitched Initial Handkerchiefs. 15c Colored border and plain white Handkerchiefs.. .5c Irish Linen, Ys*-^A ^^d inch hem Hand'fs.... .25c Christmas Aprons, widest variety Dainty,, useful, low priced. Our holiday stock of . Aprons is ready. Bretelle Aprons at. 25c, 50c, 75c, 98c Plain hand Aprons with hemstitched hems at 25c Round and fancy shaped Aprons of fine lawns, dotted Swiss, all-over embrpidery, with lace, embroidery and hemstitched edges — daintily trimmed in the newest effects with ribbons, bows, etc. The largest and finest assortinent ever shown in this city. Ask for them. Price.2 DC , 35 C , 5pc, 75c, 98c, $1.35, $1.50 Big Bargains in Dresses One-third off on any Dress in the house. Our , goods are all marked in plain figures. You know what that, means. Billy Burke and Aviation fcaps About 500 caps bought from a prominent maker who needed money. The latest and most fashionable styles in the nev/ colors and combinations most in demand. Prices 25c, 50c, 98c INFANTS' BONNETS AND CAPS—samples- no two alike, at .50c and 25c Women's Fine Gloves "Perrin's" Kid Gloves, 2 button clasp, black and all colors, pair ;$1.50 Perrin's "Corona" Kid Gloves, pair. $1.00 Perrin's Cape Gloves—the best street gloves made—pair .$1, $1.50 Women's Gauntlett Driving Gloves—^pair. .$1, $1.50 Special Values in Ready-to-Wear BLACK jCOATS specially priced at .SD.OO REVERSIBLE COATS—special, each ..$10.00 •iSEAL PLUSHES—specially priced $25.00 L.WRESCE WATER IS IMPURE. Unhcrslly Regents Order That Supply be Changed. Lawrence, Kas., Nov. 30.—Recognizing its responsibility to protect the health of students, the board of regents served notice today on the law- renco Water company that, it must not again turn river 'water direct Into the city mains. The regents condemn vigorously the act of the company in doing this some weeks ago when the board of health found typhoid germs in the city water. Tony stated that he intended to reply to the letter Immediately and while waiting for the promised ticket would continue.his work nt the smelter. BffllELSVIllE WHS INIBIED L.l IIARPE I.WIXCIBLES FOOTB.ILL GAME 2» fO TOOK Wiis the First Defeat for the Okltt- honia Team—Retom Diili- Ms dc— Vengeance Yow<?U. The cold, wet ground didn't kiep the crowd from the MacDonald fie d yesterday to see'the Bartlesville f lotbaU team and the I.a ll;»rpe • Invijicibles fight for honors, ino victory Ijo. Harpe by a score of 29 to Harpe kicked first. Bartjesvll f - fell to 0. La e was downed on La Harpe's thirty-yard line. Quarterback Wilson fumbled the ball while making a pass to his right half. Gardner. I.a Harpe's end secured the ball and with an open field made a touchdown, exactly one-half minute after the whistle blew. This costly fumble made Bartlesville grit Its teeth, and also encouraged the In- vinciblcs and the remainder of the game was vei^y interesting to the four hundred spectators. The long punts from Myer's toe pulled La Harpe out of a number of close places. The following is the lineup: La Harpe. Position. Bartlesville H. Dimes Center L. Potts Mj-er auarterback Wilson I.awrence right half Catlln Barker left half Freeman Maxson fifll back I. Potts Gardner right end Dcpolnter O. Limes left end Varble Street right tackle Jones Stephenson left tackle Claridy Kerr right euard Whipple Pettit left guard. Boyd Referees—Seaver of Bartlesville and SfacDonald of L.a Harpe. . Bartlesville came here expecting to add another victory to their already long string and were completely surprised at La Harpo's machine. The next game, if there is a next game will be played at Bartlesville and it is there that Bartlesville will get their revenge, so they sa.v. Manager Wliip- ple had thft following to say about his team: "I'think all my boys played a good game and I am not ashamed of our defeat. We will play Nowata in a few weeks for a $.".00 side bet and It will be few weeks after this game that I will ask La Harpe. to visit Bartlesville and take her medicine." About half of the Bartlesville play- crij, formerly lived here and played with the La Harpe boys. Barney Limes made a dashing sprint for hfs goal, and when he reach ed it. looked back to see both teams waiting for him to return the ball. He did not liear the referee's whistle stopping the play just before his start' .\baut 3 ."«0 attended the'game. The gate, receipts amounted to $114. Tho small clas.-? of football enthusiasts were adniittod free. > —SprrSiil ,-it the firand tonight, Mtfr- KiiPritc Peak In one of lier favorite Nungs. .Something new In the amateur line: a langh from start to finish. DHu 't forget tlip candy inntlneo for bailies Saturday at 2:30 p. ni.. I'rfce ihc cents to nil. best The Big Sale at the FAMOUS SHOE ANE> CLOTHING COMPANY is stiU at its For particulars as to prices see our window display.

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