Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 14, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 14, 1909
Page 6
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WEST COVINA. Dr. r.nd Mrs. ('.. H. Ford of Ontario and Douglas Ford of New Orleans were Riiost.s of Mr. arid Mrs. Frank Morris this woe*k. Rev. T. Irving of Downey and eight of his co-workern conducted porvlceR in the FiasHoU. schoolhouse Sunday. Mr. Cotnst.ock and family have, mover! into their largo new homo which i was just complol.ed. We'.k-eixl gu«-HtH of Mr. and Mrn. Frank Morris were Mr. and Men. VV. Jf. Klihy of LOH Angolos. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas KobbhiH have fiK their quests Mr. and Mrs. Iforrlng, who 'ire here from the noil horn part of the state for a month's va.i - !it.if>ii. .Mr. and Mrs. Fred .;. HUm.ton are spoiifllng ton days at f'alalina island. Mrs. Millie Watts of <'om|!ton was the guest. Friday and Saturday of her son, ri. L. Walts, anh his family. Mr. and Mrs. S. <',. Br<;water and le daughter Harriet left yesterday j TIDES AND FISHING. to H IK; nd the remainder of the Hiimmor visiting in Colorado and in Kansas. Mrs. T. ('.. Hunch and children, who have boon the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. .1. St.imson for several months, are visiting In Los Angolos this week. CHARTER OAK. Mr. (!has. Ward, who graduated from the Oovina Union High School In the spring, left home Tuoriday evening to begin bin freshman year at. lli-rkoloy. Mr. and Mrs. Jtoslon, who returned from their wedding tour Monday evening, b.ive taken nji their residence in cottago on the VV. H. ColllriH place across from t.lie packing liouse. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Stowell and family spent the week end vvllh friends in Hodiands. Mrti. Clias. (ilvon and daughters, MIssfM Mess and Marian, leave for I..OH Angeles today, where they have routed a small flat. Mr. and Mrs. (Jlven and daughters moved hern four years ago. The girls are both graduates of the ('ovlna Fnion High School and by their warm and generous natures have won many friendfl M'ho regret to HOO them go. They will attend Normal this fall. The trustees of the Charter Oak school are having the grounds eleiin- od and repairs made to the bulldingH both inside and outside preparulory to begin the fall term. Catallna Notes. The event of the week IUIH bo«u the eroat golf tournament, which IUIH brought entliusifiHl,H of this popular pastime from all parts to eonteHt. for the honor of having their nuim-H Inscribed on the Km ml challenge cup. The Klelropolo, Island Villa and other hotels, vlllaH and. cainpH are Tilled with a gay and joyous crowd of fashionable visitors from all parts of the ('tilted Stales. Yachting and llshing ai'c sllll the great till ractloiiH. Ydlowtall have liccn lilting very freely and conso- i|ii(!iitly a great many anglers have obtained the coveted buttons of the Light Tackle Club. .Monday was the fincHl (Ishlng day of -IK- year, gold and silver hultonn being the order of the day. Several of the yellowtail weighed over 40 I/omuls. \\'. II. ll'irrison of l.os Angeles (•aught one off Clinrch Hocks weighing forty and a hull' pounds. YV. (!. Campbell reeled in one at Clementc weighing forty-seven and a half pounds. This lutter tlsli comes within one and one •i|iiarlcr pounds nl' the record yellowtail of the season, which weighed forty clii-isi ;-,;u! three quarters pounds ami was brought in by Hilly Mati'u ws In the "San Toy" from Ship Hock i he later part of May. Return From a Three Months' Eastern Tout 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 1-Vsler arrived home i.n Monday from a three months' trip through the extreme eastern ami middle-western states. Their journey was one round of pleasure, not one unpleasant incident to mar their enjoyment. They visited i.-iatiM-s and friends in Virginia. \\'as!iinr,ii>ii, !> ('.. UnlTalo ami Nia L'ai'ii. stopping nn their return at scveril points in Inua, Missouri, Indiana ami Cul n'uiUi, Mr. l-Vs|er leporl.s ahundanl grain crops in all section:;. The peach crop in ui'inv pails is a partial failure, in- eluding Ihe eeleliraleii peach or ehuftls of .Niagara. The apple crop tlirouglniul lite l-'.ast is lit-ht, and inill i-alions \\iiuht point In a strong open in.u fur the coining navel crop, (len i ral puisperiiy is prevailing c\civ u hd'c i In oiighiiiii I he a ml M r. Ke.-di-r c\i-|i(t.s 11. a' tin- intlu\ ol \ l> itois tin- Kast lu t'aliforiiia ii'-\t '.. :i:l • I '.-. ill c \. ceil I ii,i' 1,1' all past Flth Ars Mor« Active In Search for Food on th« Flood Tide. The most r>n«eiill:il filing In «en fish- )ne, next (o tackle and bait, Is n tide falile. boo!iii*o all marine fishes except i lie (liit.'lsh- -flounder nnd fluke— are captured more readily at a rertain (i(!e. The main cause for mi-h is that fish tire more si.-tlve In their search •'< r food trciiera'ly on the flood tide. Viift 'ch-/"lH ';f little fishes rnfiv. 1 |c«e into sh"i-e on tli/- Incoming tide. .«. orkintr their way Inio I lie smaller i.;i;, s and Ilili-ls, esfii'olally lie-it r the it.. i- of l.-.-mk.-l. U ll"l'c Ill'-y feed oil .<• «ti-.:il! i rui'laceaiin, shrlnifiM and lit• i..l'.'l.i,v. j Ilial c;iri effectually hide •>••! i heir lai-ger enemies \vh"ii tin; l"\v J'nd the la rise (Nil are MM- JACKSON I Motor Cars Four Models and Four Reasons Why They are Better. I PASO ROBLES HOT SPRINGS : On the Coast Line. The equal of any 1 in th>. worl'l and set in the. mifht of such climatic conditions as constantly invite to the open air. A delightful place for rosf, recuperation, constitutional treatments ami recreation. The new bath house, with its superb equipment, h nu- riv.'ilr-fl by anything in this country. Hy- dropathic treatments, mud baths, swini- i mini? baths, Turkish baths. Particulars | at SOLTHF.KN PACIFIC CM-TICKS I it) ifot af I hem In very nhunl WH- a d ••• ii : lii (If!-. S "l <• IT!':C e minnoxvw i a ciiiniiion mill Inlefftsiltix sight s •!i<"/l nf wejilx'/i.-di slowly near the snrf;i'-c with the S' one sees the all In commotion. Bll- Ic.-ip fninilf-nlly In nil 'i-.--iioii.-i. Id-iklnir like llnHhes of dln- •i.iios. then In.-tanlly dlsa[ip(!iir fo eer- i:i iir-i!ili. At such times niif?lcrH 'naild be ready with their boat 1 ''IniMied m:ii'.'. lines out flouting 1 forty ' ct nv.-iiy. balled with live shrimps. Tide afl'ecis bottom feeders, though 1 rii to such n largo extent. Fishing : roiii piers nnd flocks an hour before i'lid after flood Is most likely fo K\VQ •;ood results, fin wrecks much <Je- ,*<'iids on the kind of fish. The last of '•he ebb nnd nl low tide Is considered i he worst condition for general fish- Ing'. In the open sen, on the banks, lidal Influence counts for little or nothing-. Any lido Is us good as another.— Outlnp The Jackson Automobile Company has a motto reading,"Sound Business Methods and Sound Goods." Material in making is best to be \ obtained in America and Europe. ; We warrant all machines for 90 days after shipment. Covina Agents STANTON & HARNISH Citrus Avenue "No Sand Too Deep, No Hill Too Steep." HOWELL A HOWELL BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome. —Fresh every day at— CREN8HAWS Cak£ and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. THE LIVERY STABLE DOG. Some Way» In Which He Differs From the Fashionable Pets. The common livery stable doi? Is totally unlike Ihe "powder puff" or "toots and sklgum.s" dog, nut his disposition Is Infinitely better. To lie on n cushion nml growl and nnap at the hand that would caress It. is considered I IK; height of folly In the livery stable variety. The livery stable dog approaches you Ingratiatingly and offers you ft dirty paw to shake. After you have shaken It he solemnly gives you the other. Then he crawls up' In your lap and licks you on tiro mouth. Tho livery fitnble cnnlne IH n most IndtiHlrlouH digger of holes. The theory IH that he Is going to lie down In the hole lie digs, but he does no such thing. lie goes nnd lies down right In the middle of the sidewalk, where people will have to step over him. He will never get out of anybody's way. IIo even lies down In the middle of the Btreet and tries to make eartH, wngons and automobiles avoid him. He doesn't enjoy ns large u vocabulary a« the powder puff or Hklguma dog. A phrase like "Dooa urns want UIUH Illy bass?" would scare him to death. Ills advantages have not been such as lo acquaint him with smMi. hlfalutln talk, but he does know a few simple phrases like "tilt to blazes out of hero, you darned post!" Jle umler- tiland.s that perfeell.v. — I'uek. WANTED FROM OWNERS Orange Groves AND Large Ranches I advertise all over the world, and can sell your property. Address JOHN THOMAS, 240 Byrne Building, Los Angeles. Camp Rincon OKM OF TIIK SAN GABRfEL CANYON IFoadqiuirler.s for fishing in the "West Fork, North Fork, Bear ;ind Devil's (,'fi.nyons. An idefil place for an outing, either boarding sit the hotel or earnping. The best of everything in season. Stage leaves A/lisa at 0:40 a.m. Olher rigs or saddle horses ean be engaged by telephoning 32, Amsa, or address H. D. BRIOGS, Manager AZUSA, CAL. C. H. Allen F. M. McHugh Ask the Boys for Prices McHUGH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Batteries Charged Phone 1121 Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. J, N, WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shortei time and at a reasonable cost to you. We. also carry a line of The American Youth. If the truth were told young American men aro not espeelnlly Interesting. They do not keep up their reading. They have n national ob- Inudity when It comes to music, to art, lo literature, nor do many of them lake any of these things at all seriously. The young among them are not good conversationalists. Our '.levorest men are mouologlsls pure and simple. They lecture admirably. They are born orators along modified linos. They are liifvltable story tellers. None of this Is conversation, and women like conversation, like HM courtesies, which at least pretend a little Interest when their turn comes In the game. Knowledge of people and affairs outside our own country pricks more than one bubble about onr young men. -Anna A. Uogfi-s hi Atlantic. Discipline! I-'roni Ihe cla t; ". room occupied by (he roughest, boys In (he Miiiihiy school came a great uproar. A secretary lu Ihe next room went to Investigate. Complete silence followed the opening of the class room door. "Have you a teacher?" "No." "I)o you want one?" "N»." "Then be quiet or you'll get one." Kesuli, comparative peace. .Manchester (iiiardlan. Looking Out For Grandma. They arc considerate youngsters In NiiUi.inham, as people kimw, SUNS l.nuilnii Til I'.lis. A lltllc buy \vhiisc jjiMiidinotlier had Jus! died \\r>-ie the following letter, "which lie duly post I'd: "Ih-ar Angels \\Y have sent you grandma. 1'lease ^l\e her a harp to play, a.-s she is short \xlmlcd and can't blow a trumpet." V -II Reh«arsed. Stage Manager Kememt'cr, Hangs, we are depending on your lialiy to cry lustily lu liic third si-cne. I >.i you think he'll d" his part'.' Aeinr I'ather lie ought lo, sir. lie's hern [cheat's- Ing nk;ht and il.iy Itosion 't'l an>. fipt. Like Oiic> cf the Family. Wl :-.»:>.: l'.|i»nr-- s;i \ .-, \\h>-ll Ik\- at > .'in- |i.,n^e he a> Is |u--l ln»e otii? ill' t In- I'.IPiil) . 1 lenpe -'.JM- Vt'> ; hi 1 Kcen.s I" I.e ju^t a^ mu. ti at'.v, ul "[' niy !!:. I !:••!• iii I n\ a-~ 1 am I'liil.ulclphU 1 lie. .'I'd. Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking of purchasing- a vehicle Oi any kind we in vile you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides ~<K"X~X«<~X"^^^ t \ I I ¥ I y. V '(' Y t' Paints, Painting Decorating, Kalsoming, Wall Paper, Papering, Carriage and Automobile Painting. Crockery, Ch i nawa re Lamps, Fancy and Plain Dishes NEW STOR£ IN ODDFELLOWS' BUILDING KISTLER & KEELING Home Phone 51 The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing mm Automatic Valvclcss and Wickless Oil SlOVf at Fabrick's Hardware Store • I i Electrical Wiring, Fixtures, Heating Apparatus, Irons 1 AII kinds of repairs. Estimates furnished. Agent for LEAVITT-BARTHOLOMEW FIXTURE CO. 620 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal. R. B. WINDER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Home Phone 1068 115 N. Citrus Ave., Covina, Cal. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE We Can Furnish Complete Either a COTTAGE or a MANSION Prices within the reach of all. Phone 116 You DO enjoy food when you know it is CLEAN", that it is cooked in a CLKAN place by CLEAN people. And you WILL enjoy the food cooked at our Cafeteria because it IS clean. Our kitchens are its clean and inviting looking as the most particular housewife could desire. Everything is "spick and span." And not only i.s the whole place spotlessly clean, but the food Unit's served is cooked in such a way as to make Ihe mouth water Our cooks have the ''knack" of seasoning down to a fine point. Here things taste as though they were made at home, •lust conic in ;nul see ii' they don'1. We are located directly ,-icross the street from the Pacific Electric Railway Station. LOOK FOR OUR NAME ON THE WINDOW. Lunch. 11 (ill 2. Dinner, ."> to 7 ;.'iO. Our Tith St. Cafeteria serves breakfast from 7 till !>:.'!() and is open Sundays. 621SMAIIS LOS ANGELES BRANCHES—211 West Second Street; 321 West Fifth Street Your Patronage will be appreciated bv IK. are doubling uur efforts Covina Furniture Company U.) yivc you the Groceries Vegetables and Fresh Meats ROBERT CRENSHAW Our iiii'tti': Prime o-, ,,,d-, and iiKidc-ra'.e prices- Phono. 22

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