The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1942 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1942
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1942 * CLEVELAND (UP) — Stella Walsh, fleet-footed woman athlete of Olympics fame who keeps fit by working out 30 minutes each] day, believes that all Americans should adopt a similar program. ISo concerned is Stella over the physical fitness of Americans that she has written to the Office of Civilian Defense at Washington offering her services in any capacity. , 'If all of us work out for half an hour a day we'd have a much healthier country," Stella said. . Thirty minutes each day, she confided, keeps her at the peak which enabled her to win 650 trophies and 64 world and national track and field records during the past 14 years. Regular Schedule Necessary ;Despite the long list of shattered records which Stella has left behind her, she urges moderation in all exercisss and not "to try to break records." "It's moderation that counts," she said. "No one should try to break records unless they intend to make sport part of their life work. "But, general, Americans take athletics too lightly. There is no regular schedule of training in athlctice that is so necessary for ' physical, fitness. "The Americans have produced ttis "world's finest athletes. They are the standout performers. But the general public itself is not as fit as in many other countries where there is controlled athletic training." /Born Stanislawa Walasiewicz— a name changed when she began breagirig records 14 years ago— ..Stella's career hasn't been a meteoric one in which she flashed before the athletic world and then faded. Instead she has maintained • her record-breaking pace through the years. In her first competition she broke the women's national record for 50 yards. Praises Jap Woman The last record to fall before her flying feet was last year at Cleveland when she eclipsed N the 220- yard women's indoor mark at the Knights of Columbus track meet. She has smashed records in the javelin throw, in broad jumping and in sprinting. In 1932 she was nominated as one of the 10 outstanding amateur athletes of the year: " « I Basketball is more important to' her these days. Five years ago she organized a Polish women's basketball team which has become one of the nation's greatest women's teams. Despite her present war feelings. Stella--main tains that the finest woman athlete she ever met—and she has met those in practically every nation of the world on her tours — was a Japanese woman, Kinu Hitomi. No. 1 Mother, '42 CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR (Army) DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS (For extraordinary heroism against tha inemy in time of war) DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL (For meritorious service to the government in time of war) (To soldiers cited (or gallantry in action against foe) (To officers or en. listed men honorably wounded in action) 1 FRANCE] IFRANCEI BELGIUM] I YUGOSLAVIA! CZECHOSLOVAKIA Croix de Gucrrt (With 3 Palms) Grand Cross of Legion of Honor Stor of the Order of the Crown Grand Cross of the Order of the White Eagle Grand Cross of the Order of the White Lion [POLAND! [MEXICO! [ECUADOR Grand Cross of Polonio Restituto Grand Cross of the Order of Military Merit Grand Cross of the Order of Military Merit Star of the Abdon Coldcron *THESE arc the A medals Gen. Douglas MacArthur is entitled to wear, an array topped by the recently awarded Congressional Medal of Honor Italy, Hungary and Rumania have 1 also awarded General MacArthur medals, but he probably would not wear them now because U. S. is at war with those nations. COLUMBU13,G. (U?)—The current rubber shortage makes Merton p. Main's accomplishment important news. He has driven a set of automobile tires 71,916 miles. This distance is twice the aver- aye. Main is glad to pass along his .secret to the millions who are nursing their tires—over-inflation. His driving record was set on a one-half ton picx-up truck. .He carried 45 pounds of air in the front ties, 50 in the rear. He does the .same with his passenger car. "The directions say to carry 28," said Main, "but I carry 36 pounds." He began stretching the rubber over the miles when the new truck A r as delivered to him April 11, 1933. It came equipped with regulation jOOxlG tires; the first thing Main lid was to over-inflate them. He checked them regulaly He lm<5 driven all over Ohio, in alleys, across lots and has hauled considerable loads. "I never try to beat anyone to the traffic light,' he said "and I never drive over 60 miles an hour." He has kept the truck in excellent condition, rotating the tires regularly. He had several punctures, but never ran the tires flat. Two of the three tires still are bcng used on the passenger car and probably will be retreaded. Proper Care Of Suit Beats Wool Shortage To Mrs. William N. 'Vize, Greensboro, N. C., goes the honor of being named "The American Mother of 1942" by "the Golden Rule Foundation. The mother of 13 children, Mrs. Vize has helped her husband build a profitable coai business. cider or wine vi'negar, sugar and 2-3 cup of the bouillon. Stir constantly until the juice thickens and the mixture is very hot — about 5 minutes. Pour over meat balls and serve immediately with hot, boiled rice. By NEA Service 'Possible rationing of men's I clothes, as a result of the wool shortage, makes proper care imperative. A suit, topcoat or over- 'coat will last twice as long if given considerate treatment. The same applies to women's woolen garments. A good woole suit will take a beating, but. Avoid too-frequent pressings. Hand pressing is better for the garment than machine pressing. Before pressing, always brush fabric thoroughly; always use a damp .cloth under the iron. Let suits stand 24 to 48 hours after pressing, giving creases a crance to "set." If you have several suits, wrar them alternately for better "mileage." They regularly need a minimum "rest" of one or two days. Always hang suits on hangers as soon as removed. Suits are made of wool not only because of their insulation qualities against heat and cold, but because it springs back ito shape if allowed to hang. Wooden hangers are better than metal. Buttoning coat helps it keep Chinese Dishes Brighten Wat- Budgeted Menus BY MRS. GAYNOR MADDOX NEA Service Staff Writer One way to encourage the schoolgirl wartime cook, is to teach her some of the traditional recipes of our fighting allies. Certainly, the indomitable Chinese have won her admiration. i Give her the latest guide "New Chinese Recipes" by Fred Wing. This practical cook book lias been edited by an American home economics expert for use in American kitchens, and keyed to American tastes. Clearly written, accurate, it gives only tested recipes, any of which the young .cook can make. Domestic Pets To Get Blackout Protection TL.OS ANGELES, Cal. (UP)—Dogs and other domestic animals.are to be give protection during blackouts and raids in Los Angeles county. The American Red Star, an organization interested in animal welfare, has undertaken to see that dogs and other animals are removed from public highways during danger periods and taken to .safety centers. A survey of dog hostpials has been made and cooperation secured from poundmasters and various humane societies. proper "set." AVOID OVERLOADING POCKETS ..Hang trousers trom the bottom their weigh't helping to pull them back iiUo shape. It is worthwhile to brush dust and dirt from the cuffs before hanging. Replace buttons promptly. Whet one comes off, a strain is put on another, pulling the, suit out of shape. Avoid loading pockets with "junk". Too much weight or bulk pulls a suit or coat out of shape, strains the seams. Be careful of sparks from cigarettes, cigar and pipes. A damaged fabric can be rcwoven. Have soiled fabrics cleaned for longer life. Thorough airings will help prevent moth damage. Always brush well and han on hansrers as soon us removed. vidcd by the national organization of university women. They cover a period of 12 years and show •Miss Terrctt's progress during] that time. The entire series is entitled "'Paintings of Summer.' Soldiers See Enough Uniforms —So Look Your Feminine Best By RUTH MILLETT The reason girls are so often asked to wear long dresses at army dances isn't that the hostesses who arrange those affail's are trying to feed formality to the soldiers. The men themselves want the girls to wear long dresses. Long dresses spell femininity to them—and femininity is what they During'the quarter ended Sept. 30,, 1941, the United States imported 8380 pounds of sunflower seed oil. AUTO LOAN SI NO ENDORSERS NEEDED 1936 and later model cars Repayments On Easy Terms [Borre* S100.. Pay S7.30 Monthly I Borrow S1SO.. Fay 10.95 Monthly Borrow S200 .. Pay 14.60 Monthly [Borrow 5300 .. Pay 21.90 Monthly • Borrow 5400 .. Pay 29.20 Monthly [• (i5 Month Plan) 1COM»ESG!IIL CREDIT PUN INCORPORATED 1 (An Industrial Loan Institution) I | Lynch Building . 32! W. Main Slreell Phone: 503 as much as you should be doing these days. But it doesn't take any more time to put on an appealing dress than to get into a utilitarian pair of slacks. So keep a few frivolous clothes hanging in your closet and wear them when you have a date—especially if the date is with a soldier. When the day's work is clone MIND YOUR MANNERS T. M. MIC. v. •. PAT. orr want when the day's soldiering is'there is no reason why we can't have femininity as v usual. We don't even have to pretend it is a matter of morale. It is just a matter of pleasing the men in war as well as peace time. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. When a woman 'telephones for an appointment at a beauty salon should the person answering say, 'I think 3 o'clock will be all right"? done and a little fun is allowed. Don't forget that, you girls,, in your sudden enthusiasm for slacks, uniforms, and severely tailored suits. Those are all right for work clothes, but when the day's work is over get into something more feminine—even if it is a little number left over from last year or the year before. The men won't know or care whether or not you are wearing the latest style—but they will notice and care whether you look feminine. LESS TIME LEFT FOR GLAMOR Of course, you haven't time for glamor as usual—if you are doing Today If someone is beginning a novel which you have read, should you wait until after he has finished it to discuss it with him? 3. Should a maid who lives in be allowed to have guests occasionally? 4. Is cake with a "gooey" frosting eaten with a fork? What would you do if— You are a guest and fried chicken i:s served— (a) Eat yours with your fork? (b) Ask your hostess if she minds if you eat yours with your fingers? (c> Watch how yoiir hostess eats, and then follow suit? Answers 1. It is better to say, "Yes. 3 o'clock will be all right" than to act indefinite aobut it. 2. Yes. :i. Certainly. •K Yes. 5. Yes. Better "What Would Class Of 75 Enrolls For Baptist Training School CSCEOLA, Ark., , April 15.— A total of 75 teachers and Sunday School workers are enrolled this week in the Training School being held at the Baptist Church under the direction _ of the Rev. Harold B. Tillman, pastor, and J. B Bunn, superintendent. The Rev. Ralph Douglas, pastoi of the 'Luxora Baptist Church, i.' teaching "The Book We Teach"; "Sunday School Officers and Then- Work" is being taught by the Rev. Harold B. Tillrnan, while Mrs. James F. Tull of Burdette is in charge of Junior workers and teachers studying "Guiding Junior Boys and Girls." Mrs. Tull's husband, the Rev. J. P. Tull of Louisville, Ky.. is in the U. S. Army Air Corps serving in Australia". She is with her | HTNSDALE, Mass. (UP) — Au- mothcr. Mrs. J. F. Tompkins ol dent pool cues are being put to Burdette, for the duration of the work in this war. R. Murray Fra- war. j 2:0, chief of the civilian defense - i auxiliary police, has converted the Official salary of the president i cues into clubs for the volun- of the French Republic was $100.000 a year, one-quarter of which went for taxes. Here is a recipe from "New | Chinese Recipes" that fits happily into the American home menu. SWEET AND SOUR MEAT BALLS (Tim-Shun- Yok-Kow) Three large green peppers. 1 pound ground beef, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons flour, '/•! teaspoon salt, dash of pepper, 3-4 cup oil or fat. 1 teaspoons salt, 1 cup chicken bouillon, 4 slices canned pineapple, 3 tablespoons cornstarch, 2 teaspoons soy sauce, \'- cup cider or 'j wine vinegar. V-; cup sugar. , Cut the peppers in 6 pieces each and cook in boiling water until almost tender. Form the beef into 16 small balls. Make a batter by beating together the egg, flour, \teaspoon salt, and pepper. Dip the meat balls into the batter and place on a plate. In a preheated, heavy 10-inch frying pan place the oil or fat and VA teaspoons of salt. ,. Place meat balls in pan. Brown over a moderate flame until golden brown on one side—about 5 minutes. Turn meat balls over and brown on other side. Remove meat balls to a hot platter and keep warm. Pour out all but one tablespoon of oil from pan. Then add 1-3 cup of the bouillon. Cut the pineapple in six pieces each NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Letters of administration on the estate of Elijah Monroe Terry, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on. the 8th day of April, 1942, by the : Probate Court of Mississippi County. Osceola A.A.U.W. Group Presents Art Exhibit Any persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them, properly authenticated, for allowance, to the undersigned as administrator of said estate, before the end of one year from the date of the granting of letters of administration upon said estate, and if such claims 'be not so presented, they will be forever barred. JAMES TERRY, Administrator of the estate of E. M. Terry, deceased. Frank C. Douglas, Atty. A8-15-22-29-M6-13 OSCEOLA, Ark. April 15.—Art lovers in Osceola and surounding territory are invited to the free art exhibit at the Mississippi County (Library on Hale Avenue Wednesday, Thursday ad Friday of this week. The exhibit, sposored by the j Osceola chapter American Associa- j tion of University Women of which Mrs. Spence •Williams is president, is being arrnaged by Miss Dorothy Starr, chairman of art for the chapter. j The paintings are by Miss Milcl- I red Terrett, nai.ioally kown artist who studied on a scholarship pro- During the first half of 1940, the United States imported 138,071 pounds of lavender oil. Burton's 411 Service J411 W. Ash St., - Phone 953| WASHING - GREASING Rain Checks Given iCars called tor and delivered j For of all Kinds See G. G. Caudill Agency] Glcncoo Hotel Bld£. Ph.2182 Blytheville, Ark. and place in then frying pan'with the green pepper. Cook over a very low flame foi about 10 minutes. Blend together and add the cornstarch, soy sauce NOTICE TO CONFIRM TITLE 1 'Notice is hereby given to any and • all parties who claim any interest! in and to_ the hereinafter de-1 scribed property, to-wit: | Lots One to Nine (1 to 9) ' both inclusive, Block Two (2), of the Ruddle Heights Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. That a Petition has this day been filed in the Chancery Court by Mrs. Bessie Alley, seeking to confirm title in her to the above described property. Said notice being in conformity with Section. 10962, of Pope's Digest. : Dated this the 16th day of March, 1942. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. M17-24-31-A7-14-21 FOR SALE COTTO Certified Coker 100 Strain 3. Stoneville 2-B. Several Tons—Wilds Long Staple R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 3141 Blytheville You Do" solution—ic) is best idea, though (a) is also correct. Finds Use for Old Tool Cues THIS JI17 WHISKY is 4M> YRS. OLD IT'S RICHER Because it's made with extra time if and extra grain •r: 90 Proof Read Courier News want ads. MADE THE CAREFUl SLOW MASH WAY BY NEA StUVlCE. INC T. M. *K, U. sT>At &M STRAIGHT BOURION WHISKY •BIUAY CMTMir. MC.. it U*vUl« In Mntucky **l always sleep with my right shoe on to keep from sel^ ting a sore loc—1 kick the scrgcaul iu my sleep I" - With war, Uncle Sam decides how much Coca-Cola can be produced. That's enough io go 'round often, but not as often as in times of peace. Enjoy it. You'll find the quality exactly the same. We count upon the cooperation of retail dealers to keep the five-cent price. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY phone 2047 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Blytheville, Ark Quality carries on

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