The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1949
Page 2
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ram TWO BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.) 1 COUTUER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1949 U.S. Reds' Aims Bared in Court 'Communist Manual Of Objectives Is Offered as Evidence NEW YORK, March 24. «V-The final objective of I he American Communist Pwtyis to establish "a Soviet socialist republic In the United States," Mid a party manual Introduced by the government today, in thV OnuimunLst conspiracy trial. The manual, read to the Jury by VS.^ Attorney John F. X, McGohcy. said'such a republic was to be established through, revolution In which party members "niusl be ready to sacrifice tlielr Ih'is." The "manual of organization of the Communist Party" was admitted into evidence alter vociferous defense objections. • i Louis P. Budeni, prosecution wit- ttsss, Identified the manual B.I a duplicate of one given him by Jacob Stachel, a defendant. Defense counsel said the publication was issued in 1935 and should be excluded because (lie indictment coven a conspiracy-alleged to have taken ptac* between 19i5 and 1948. ^Federal Judge Harold Medina overruled the objections. He then added a warning that if defense counsel continued to make lengthy statements on such points, he would restrict them to a few wordst in malting objections. The Judge also rebuked a defense lawyer, Richard F. G.ladslcin, for creating "a form of disorder in the courtroom." ;The attorney had interrupted the prosecutor, who was making an objection. • Gladateln .Mid he meant no disorder. '•Then <top it." Medina snapped. Obituaries Mrs. Martha Morgan Dies; Rites Tomorrow Funeral services for Mrs. Martin Morgan, 82, of the Dogwood Ridge community, will be conducted at 9 a.m. tomorrow -at Cob* 1 Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. Russell Duffer, pastor of the New Liberty Baptist church,- Burial will be In Trenton, Tenn. . Mrs. Morgan died at the Home ol her daughter, Mrs. D. S. Hay, at Dogwood nidge last night. She had re.stued with her daughter for some time. In addition to Mrs. Hay, she Is survived by four other daughters, Mrs. Myrtle Corbln and Mrs. Evelyn Patterson o! Trenton, Tenn., Mrs. Mag Bradshaw of Arlington, Ky., and Mrs. Mary Beshers of Dawson Springs, Ky.; and three Mils George and John Morgan of Trenton, and Walter Morgan ol St. Louis. Powell Infant Dies Funeral service* for Johnny Lain- ar Powell, [our-day-bld son oi Mr. and Mrs. Travis Powell ol Burdctte, were conducted at their home this afternoon with burial in Dogwood Cemetery. . . The Powell Infant died at 2:3p hLi morning at Walls Hospital. He I'ss Mr, and Mrs. Powell's only iluld. Oobb Funeral Home was In charge MAIL ROUTE SECURITY : Continued from Page 4 and the worker. • ; Soli Throujh Fotl Office ."In , rural areas the employer could 'purchase these stamps from the mall carrier, and in urban ar*M they could be purchased at piist offices. A stamp plan could be used also 'br small Industrial and commercial establishments which folmd It more convenient. ;'For: regular workers on large icale farms, where pay records are tlfeady kept, the system of report- Ink now used in Industry might oe most convenient, f'For the rest—that Is. for workers on imall farms and the temporary help employed during rush season —it might be more convenient to use a stamp plan. "Whenever he paid his workers the fanner'Could place special Social Security -Insurance -.stamps in book* apiifried by the wcrtktrs Hal trj* can of these stamps would be bdrne Joy'.the employe:- • (''The books would be accepted d; Ihe Social Security Administration is^ evidence of earnings, and thi fa r rme^ w.ould not need to maki irjjr report or keep any special re ' sqrdft for the purpose." Jt is assumed that the same plan ffould work for the household ser Fa^nt—with the housewife operatinf ini stamp system-'when she paid h*r maid. •,'•.''.'. *. Mo«t Still from Payroll! put trie great bulk of the Social S&urity.t»ws still would be collec- 'Seij through levies on "employes' pay »nd employers 1 payrolls. AUmeyer laid most: of .the farm operators ind city self-employed, if they were brought, under the program, could report.tfieir income, for purposes of Social'Security coverage, as part of »h'e iricoine tax returns. The • administration also wants brought Into the program public srrjplaj*sj,:. .workers for non-profit Drgariieiitfens and those salesmen 'n»urance)»jents »nd others exclud- tdlast'y*ar. . • " This... Plus This... Equals This Continued from Page 1 ed at a loss of about 130,000 annual- y to the railway company. T. B. Dunahoo, district superintendent for the Railway Mall Ser-. vice in Memphis, ha* Indicated that steps caJinot be taken to provide substitute mall service until his office has been notified of plans for discontinuing the rail service but added that If the passenger trains nre taken off a Star route probably will be authorized by the postal authorities to handle the mail to the towns now served by the railroad. He Indicated that the passenger service could not be discontinued until the substitute service was In operation. The'order prepared by the attorneys recites that the Frisco Lines will continue to operate as freight carriers over the route between here and Jonesboro and that railway mail would be provided over the route when the highway between the two cities might be blocked by hUh water at Big Lake or other sections of the highway closed because of weather conditions. Passenger! lo Use Bus Line The railroad 1 also Is pledged under terms of the order to maintain adequate, freight service over the route, and In- addition handle ex- presi shipments by trucks operated by the Frisco Trnn-sportation Company, a subsidiary of the railroad The truck service now operates over State Highway 18 between the two cities. The Frisco officials also are pledged under the proposed order to Inaugurate active solicitation of freight within the area served by the branch line and work wjlh officials of nil cities and towns on the line to locate new industries In i.he area. Passenger servce over the route ,-tll be provided by the Mathis Bus Lines, which now Is operating between the two cities with four round trips daily and It was indl Education ^.j^gf^^Q^^^^^^^^y^^li^^Zll Education From March 28 to April 3. tiie nation will honor its boys with a National Boys' Club Week. Not a fund-raising campaign, the week \vill torus the eyes of the nation on the more than 275,000 boys from ciglit to 20 years of age who enjoy the opportunities of Boys' Clubs across the coiintry. Through such clubs, a boy's natural excess ^jierjjy anrl love of s|x>rt,s are combiner! with education to build the cili/en.s of tomorrow. Mrs. C.G. Redman In Memphis for Conference on TB Mrs. C. G. Redman, executive secretary for the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, was a- niong the four In conference Tuesday at the Shelby County Tuberculosis Association office in Memphis The conference was held to review a seminar, conducted at Lakeside. Mo., and to attend a lecture at the Qoodwyn Institute by Dr. Henry Boswell, director of the Mississippi Tuberculosis Sanatorium, and past president of the National Tuberculosis Association. Dr. Boswell spoke at the Goodwyn Institute and to the Memphis Lions Club while in Memphis, and pointed out tlial two world wars cost the United States 523.031 deaths, while over the same period of time tuberculosis killed 2.125.000. Dr. Boswell emphasi/.ed that apathy of the general public Is the greatest problem lor tuberculosis control workers. Others In the conference relative to the Lakeside Seminar were Miss Dorothy Yopp, executive secretary for Craighead County. Mrs. Elizabeth Comvay. executive secretary for St. Francis County and Bryan Wilson, Shelby County, Tenn., Tuberculosis Association's executive .secretary. Cobbler's Festival Monday WHS humorsly canonized as "St. Monday," the festival of cobblers. Cobblers were supposed not to know on which day the feast of St. Crispin, their pa on saint, fell, except that it iculd be a Monday, so they cele rated the patron's feast every londay. TRIAL cated that on Saturdays and da>s additional runs are made by the bus line when they are necde to handle the passengers. The agreement between railroad officials and the executive commit tee. representing the protesting clt liens, was reached at a conferenc held last week in Manila. Continued from Page 1 x>k possession ol (he truck, which uln Holland said he had pntd or. and the shooting followed a ip to Osceola by the defendant to ee what could be done legally to egatn possession ol the truck. The defendant said he was threat- ned at the store, nnd that he ot- ered to move out of the comnuin- In order to avoid trouble. He enied hnvinft invited Bynum lo let him at his home and let them ettle their differences there. "Hans'* Disclosed The .shooting look ulnce within .few minutes nfter Holland rench- d his home. There he found « note rofn his \\-lfc. which r ie state con- ended told of her having learned f his "plans" and announced that he was leaving him. Holland salrl that Bynum appear- d soon afler he discovered the note rom his wife. He lold the jury Ingle charge from the shotpun was ired ftt close ranee whfn he grabbed he Kim from his father. He said it ^'as discharEerl without Intent to inrm the victim. Deputy Sheriff Dave Young was he pr-inriDal witness for thr stafe. It conducted the invcstieallon in- o the killlnB after Gnin Hollnnd had surrendered and admitted flr- ne Ihe shot which killed Bvnum. Witnesses for the defendant In- idcri his tether snd his «ifc. The defendant told the jury that prior 'to Ihe kllllnr Bvnum broke nto his home at night and attacked iim while he was In bed. He said was hit In the face, cursed and kicked. Army Record Qnrslinnrrt On cross examination Holland was asked about his army service and admitted having been oue.i- tioned by officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation about being absent without leave. He admitted that he received his dischnrce from the service on "blue" paper but denied knowing that it was a dishonorable discharge. The state soucht to show that he was A.W.O.L. during most of the three years he was In the Army. Only one other case has been pre- Bill Godwin Considered For Line Coaching Job At University of Idaho Dill Godwin, former Blythevilk- High School and University of Georgia football stalwart, is one of three men being considered for the line coaching Job at the University of Idaho. George Greene, director of athletics at Idaho, said today. Greene told the Associated Press that no decision has as yet been reached but added that one Is expected within a week. He did not disclose the names of the other men being considered. Godwin played center for the Blythevllle Chicks In 1938 and 193!) and then entered the University of Georgia where he played the same position for three years, He returned to his high school alma mater as coach in 1946 but gave up the job to accept a bid from the Boston Yankees of National Football League to play professionally. Useful OH Oil from tiers, called "tall oil." is recovered from pine logs used In making-paper. This oil is widely used in making cutting, boring and grinding oils, as well as in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, linoleum, soaps, and other products. If you have a stiff beard, your shirt collars wear out more quickly. Altmeyer proposed that all World Jcct flntly the President's plan t War II veterans be given • wage for their service, in cornput- or "home relief" to all needy per Social Security benefits. •• A survey of , House Ways Including relief now the unemnloyei is limited to tl blind and to de _____ Meani"Comrmtteemen Indicated lo- lay th»t this group Is ready to re- pendent children. **•* Hew t** HOW «vu po^ flour bttn$i JTJU KW«|}I!M ••tirtlv MW , ,. 0 OjXOfl ful( PLOUR tt PACKW 1H All HIM, Ot MOORE BROTHERS sented to a Jury since court con- \ vencd Monday. In this case a jury found Walter Chalmers, a Negro, gulltv of manslaughter and reconi- mended ft. prison term of five years. Chalmers was charged with first degree murder In connection with the death last December of another Negro. Johnny Smith, In a road house near Join..-. Ekht Defendants Plead Guilty Pleas of guilty have been entered before Judge Light In cases involving eight other defendants. James and Earl Matlock entered pleas of guilty of assault with intent lo rob. The case involved an attack December 29. 1948, on Henry Brinkley. Cases involving Negro defendants included: Ed Jefferson anil George Murray, robbery, pleas of guilty. A third defendant, J. C. Chestnutt, entered a plea of not guilty. The trio was accused of taking S120 from Tommie Smith. Charlie True, pica or guilty to grand larceny. . Eddie James and Johnnie Phillips, pica of guilty lo robbery. Lawrence Johnson, plea of guilty to robbery. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Milt, of Kidney TubM Flush Out Poisonous W*at« When disorder of kidney function permit* poisonous matter to remain in Tour blood. It may cause nainring backache, rheumatic pains, teg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting UEI nights. swelling, jiurliness under th« eyei, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty pa5£8gc5 tt-ith em&iting and burrUrur •ometimes ahowa there is something 1 wronv with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait t Ask your druRjrist for Dot Pills, R stimulant diuretic, used suceessfi by millions for over 60 years. Doan's give harry relief and will heip the 16 mijes oJ kidney tubes flush out poisonous wutefl your blood. GetDoan'i Fills, I Have At All Times For Sale ^evcrnl tr.u'Iurs and equipment bulti new and used 1 have John Deere, Farm.ill. Fnrd and other makes. I nnw have new Ford tractors and equipment read) foi (teliverv at dealers" price 1 will Ir.tdc for most anything von have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE I mile south ol Biaggadoclo. Mo Van Heusen® Comfort Contour Collar Styling on all Van Heusen shirts >• frtlinj. tinirlcr, nealcrl Ci\es you a more youlhful lool-, Urps your jtrwolh aurf neat »ll "Jay, gives you welcome new comforl. In vour sue anti your m 3-dimensianal pattern* Tlic longer you lool, Ihe mnre TOU see. Periprctive »dfl, inCcr«( M lrie>e «xriuti<r. [»(. tffrns. Thc% II mile ymi 4 m»n Vnrth InoLiiif; >l! Cine f»lirir« suy linoliWe, kt f p thtir slups longer. $1.50 and $2.00 $2.95 and up DEPARTMENT STORE Across from the Rilz Thcnlcr Phone ,'51 Ift Minister Sees Danger Refusals to Help 'n Public Service Work The Rev. William J. Fitzhugh, rector of the St. Stephen Episcopal hurch, addressed 50 on-the-job •'derail trainees at an assembly in lie Blylheville High School aurtl- orlur'n last night. H« used as his ,heme "Civic Responsibilities in a Democracy." The Rev. Mr. PHzhugh told the veterans that "even as the Individuals in a family have opportunities •md responsibilities for serving the home group, so do individuals In our community, state and nation possess like duties and chances for service to the larger segments of society." He concluded that the great threat ' American democracy rested upon the refusal of many lo function in the realm of public service. Kiwanis Officers Urge Participation in Election Officer? of the Blylheville Kiwanis Club yesterday urged mem- ber.s to take part in the city election April 5 and presented stickers to the group telling Ihctn to vote on election day. • The stickers were pre.scnted at the luncheon meeting at the Hotel Noble. The Klwanlaas also received informational bulletins on What Kiwanis If and what Kiwauis Is Not. Group singing wa s led by Ross Stevens, and birthday wishes extended to two members, Dr. C. L Craig and Paul Mahon. Guests include the Rev. George Stewart of Conway, the Rev. Allen D. Stewart, his father and pastor of the Blylheville First Methodljt | Church, Herb Child*, ThomM Jefferson and Claude Jon&s. 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E-ft. arms with hooks."9 ft. high. Headquirten for Quality Lawn and Garden Tooli Garden Spade 1.75 Economy Broom Rak« 89c Spading Fork 2.Z9 DeLuxe Lawn Sweep.. 1.29 Round Shovel 2.29 Reinforced Bow Rake.. 1.70 ALUMINUM BARROW '"«•' , 15-95 (or jordt. • ** 20 Ibs. lighter! Lifetime rustproof aluminum tray; zinc- plated Mccl frame. Ball-bearing, rubber-tired wheel. LAWN ROLLER Bijf 18x24-in. imooth surfaced steel drum fills with water or surd. Gives 260- tOO Ib. weight. Rubb«r grips; steel handle. LAWN SPREADER ft:: 1 7-95 Next to your mower, the handiest tool made for Inwn care. Clean, accurate way to spread seed or fertilizer. Adjustable. Save on Guaranteed Wearbcst Paints! 1-Coat FLATWALL 981 Beautiful soft-toned washable finish for »ll interior walls. Covers almost any surface in 1 coat—dries in just 8 hours. All the latest colors. J-Hr. Enamel Ql. 1.49 Semi-Glo3» Qt. 1.19 Spor V»rni»k - Qt. 1.45 Pure Steam-Distilled Turp Gallon 1.19 Lowest Price in Years! Electric Motors 1.95 H.f. 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