Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 22, 1976 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 12
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YOUR BIRTHDAY March 23,1976 A course you'll choose this year may not be an easy one, but you'll know better than anyone else its true values. Don't let others who are unaware of its merits discourage you. Clark Optimistic on Packer Bonding Legislation . . ^^™ . . . • - . ..i. ! _]_ iL.n nt*r\tn/lf I/I ,*****, Iowa is a growing state... wouldn't you like to grow with it? General Business Services is expanding in Iowa and is looking for men and women who can grow with us in providing vitally needed management counseling services to small business owners. If you • would like to learn about a company that is seeking men and women immediately for their own business counseling service ... • like the independence of being your own boss yet enjoy the confidence that comes in being part of a strong national organization ,.. • would like an opportunity to grow as we grow in profit and opportunity... • are able to invest $15,000 in a business opportunity. ,For a no-obligation brochure or a confidential interview Call (301) 986-104O or write (include your phone number): General Business Services, Inc. 7401 Wisconsin Ave. • Washington, D.C. 20014 By Harrison Weber (Iowa Daily Press Ass'n) DBS MOINES — Iowa's Senator Dick Clark is optimistic that Congress will pass packer bonding legislation, perhaps by May 1. Clark, a Democrat, is working with Republican Senator Carl Curtis of Nebraska in writing a bill to avert situations like the one which occurred this past year at American Beef. "As a result of the American Beef Packers, Inc. bankruptcy which left some 1,200 producers holding more than $20 million in virtually worthless checks, we have held three sub-committee hearings and are close to a full committee mark-up on the bill, Senate 1532," Clark related. "In coming to this point, we seriously considered bringing purveyors, wholesalers and retailers of meat and meat products under the Packers and Stockyard Act. "We now feel that such a sweeping extension of the act is unwarranted," Clark said in an interview. The bill, as presently drafted, has two major features. (1) Reasonable bonding of packers and (2) prompt payment of livestock producers by packers and other purchasers of livestock. A third major feature to be considered by the full committee is additional protection for sellers of livestock who have not been paid by a bankrupt packer. This might be through a first or priority lien for producers, establishment of a trust fund by the packer on behalf of unpaid producers, or a requirement in the act that unpaid sellers of livestock be paid from liquidated assets of the bankrupt packer before the estate of the bankrupt packer is established. In addition to these major provisions, thebill would also: —Make it unlawful for any packer to purchase livestock while insolvent without paying cash at the time of purchase. —Clarify the authority of the Secretary of Agriculture, to seek injunctive relief from federal district courts so as to prevent irreparable damage to producers or members of the industry. —Require the secretary to prescribe a form on which sellers of livestock must certify whether there is a lien or security interest against the livestock. —Pre-empt all state packer bonding laws. The biggest controversy, Clark said, is over the so-called first lien. This is still somewhat up in the air, he added. "Our problem is that most of these packing houses are owned by banks." The committee is concerned, that legislation doesn't unnecessarily restrict packing houses from obtaining needed Rise in Drug Traffic in the Netherlands By Steve Coffey Associated Press Writer AMSTERDAM (AP) - A marked rise in drug offenses is singling out The Netherlands for a new and unsavory role: the country is fast becoming a major center for Europe's thriving narcotics trade. Despite stiffening resistance by the Dutch authorities, foreigners are streaming into Holland to get their share of the action and so far only minor inroads have been made by Dutch police on the achnowledged center of the trade — the Chinese quarter of Amsterdam. Foreign influence is made clear by the latest available statistics. In 1974, the overloaded courts sentended 921 foreigners and 1,375 nationals on drug offenses. The nationals include large numbers of residents from the former Dutch colony of Surinam. In the first half of 1975, some 400 foreigners were either fined or sent to prison while approximately 600 residents were penalized. Law enforcement officials predict the 1975 figures will set a new high once second-half statistics are totaled because arrests usually mount in the summer tourist season. Police officers complain that efforts to come to grips with the narcotics issue are still being thwarted by the mild,penalties handed down by the courts. Under Dutch law the maximum jail term in drug cases — for smuggling across international borders — is only four years. This compares with up to 20 years in Britain, Belgium, France and West Germany. The use of soft drugs is generally condoned by the authorities, but nevertheless illegal possession of drugs such as hashish and marijuana carries a maximum jail term of one month or a fine of 500 guilders (approximately $U.S.200). Possession of more than 30 grams with intent to sell has a possible two-year jail sentence. In practice, very few offenders receive the maximum penalties and the relaxed atmosphere is emphasized on a national level. The market prices of various sorts of hashish are read out over the Socialist radio station every Saturday by Koos Zwart, son of health minister Irene Vorrink. Partly due to pressure by the police, a bill is now pending in parliament to stiffen the penalties for trading in hard drugs. If it is passed, many officers want to see the maximum penalties applied. The bill calls for tripling the international trafficking term to 12 years, up to eight years for drug handling in The Netherlands and a maximum of two years for possession. Despite their crowded courts, the Dutch appear in no rush to amend the law. Legislators are expected to approve the changes, but the sharper penalties are unlikely to become effective until well into 1976. With Ihe'drug trade growing, there is some anxiety that Dutch activity will some day come to rival the former French Connection, which transported heroin via Marseilles to the United States before being smashed by police. Dutch law officers claim many foreigners still believe the use of drugs to be legal in The Netherlands. Many others are prepared to risk a fine. HSSURMKC Boar Power, boars are washed, sprayed wormed vaccinated, health checked, and isolated. That's our policy. VISIT THE BOAR POWERiM SALES CENTER 1V 2 MILES SOUTH OF ATLANTIC ON HWY. 71. OR CALL 243-1313. BOAR POWER SALES CENTER ADA|R Farmers Hybrid Companies, Inc. A subsidiary of Monsanto Hampton, Iowa 50441 financing. "The industry is much more dependent upon short term financing on a day-to-day basis than any of us ever dreamed," Clark said. "Packing houses are borrowing money every day and paying it back plus a very high interest. The bank has a lien on all of the meat, property, etc. Packing houses are in a pretty shaky financial condition; more so, than any industry I am aware of at the moment. "So, okay, you say if you can't pay off the meat the meat is there and it belongs to the farmer. But it doesn't, it belongs to trie bank." This third feature, added protection for unpaid sellers of livestock in'cases of bankruptcy, is still in serious question, Clark emphasized. "I hope we can pass the bill with some 'form of this provision included. If we lose this feature, we still will move forward very significantly with the bill. "I feel that if we keep the bill in this rather simple form, it will provide the protection which we need for livestock producers without undue federal regulation and that we can pass the bill. "Since there is comparable legislation in the House, a conference committee may be necessary, "Clark said. Don't be ffudish. 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