Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1911
Page 7
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lAHANPt —F. S. Halm. Bt Mrs. Frank Breanan.. olf Bartles- viUe, is visiting the J. E. Brtnnan fani Jlj- this week, Gus Streich has returned business trip in Oklahoma.' Mrs.. Maggie Harris of Bartlesvillo spent ThanksgivinR with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hair. Misses Mabel and Lutie Barker entertained the following at supper las: rveniDg: Misses Ida Kinmkn and Iva Foster. Messrs. Harry Barker, l^ter Lewman Mora Living.«toa and C. —Parker Pens work for you bui feed themselves. Waters & Danforth. Drugs and Jewelrj^. Clarence Gate.* after a pleasant week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mi ?Sfs Beulah and Ilo Ixjwor spent Tbankspivinc in Mildred. Mr.i. Flora ^"andorhood returned to P;ir«oiis Thursday. Mrs. Guy Roberts and children accompanied her lionie for a short visit. .\!iot!ier t ^^r ^sram was received from E ."GVtei7 r "eVrnertwr afTernoon to i '-'f, '''"'^i"' y-^terday staiins that Mr. his work in Kansas City. i "''""r'' ^^'^is much b-tfr and evcry- Mr. and Mrs. Perry Malcom eni.n-:f'^^'-^'ble to his rapid recovery. tained the following pue.sts at dinnfr yesterday: Mr. and Mrs. I}. S. Sarv .T Mrs. Shaw and Mr. CnmminpH of lo'a. Ix^ster Shaw of Kansas City, Mr. and Mrs. 0. I). Hartley of this pl.icc William Mills entertained a num- terday. il here .ve:>- hor of friends at dinner ye; L Dow of Moran, vlsite terday. Miss Adda Dean entertained the T. T. G. Kmbroldery ciub Wcilnei.);iy afternoon. Refreshments followed tlie regular work. School do.-ird UVdnt'^Ja)' aftornodn for the remainder of the v.kek. There I'oing no school Friday tiie rhihli''n lia\ing a perteoi att>n(lanoe were en a fourth .'loUday \\V <}nefi :;iy. — .Alfalfa M«>Ia=.-;ps Feed, 'the bc.-t <ow feed. Sold by Molt A:jSon. The Kncarapir.ent of :ho I. O O K lodce met Ttu sday evcninjr and i-'' first deprec work frr V.u- toUowiat:: •i, .\". Clark. A :A .Mcfulley ar .d 1). W. Browning. .After th!^ wurk following officer.- were elected: Chl.f Patriarcli. <'jrl }''rr.hol!: i^enior Warden. Joe Ur.'--- •: : .'unior Ward.n. .\ Williams: .!. "i T:(-(;w.iy. Hitii Prir^t Mrs. C. .M Si.raiilf'y of «;arnett is spondini: Thanktriving with her son, J. F. Spradlpy. an<l family. Mrs. Ida Tagcart. after a pleasant \ifit with Frank Smith and iaruily near HumboIJt, returned hciae Wednesday. —SHOE nnSPlTAl-. All cases curable. I can fix Vin. E. K. Gates, pr prietor. .Ice Bapitst. of Kmporla stopped <ifr here Wecnosday with .1. W. Holt ar.-; family enroute m Fnionton-n to spend Thankspivjap with his brother. Miss Haz^l Reid. teacher in tho high school, will visit until Monday with her rareiits in To;.eka Kev. ClyiKer delivered his fanif^us lecture ca "King Solomon's Temple" Wednesday <^ven:ng at the l'r<.-slyter- ian church in Bronson. .Mrs. Ida Riley after a short visit with iliss Cora Fitzpatrick, returned to Winfield ye.-te.-day. —Will furni-h Dressed Hogs at 9c per pound. C. E. Mcader L Son. F A. Wells of Galena is preparing to r. ove h;s fa:i;ily here soon. Miss Carrit- Bushman and .Mr- XjcnH^ Cheiiey were united in marriage T:;;irsriay co> n at the Cheney iiQUiO •in this city. V .o'.h young people arc w^;i known h-'if and have a numbrr of friends who are oiforing h'-artS'\-t congrat.'.hisior.f T !;t -y will live here .Mr Chen, y Lus w(/rk at th>' ,-m.'U«>rs Mr». U. D. Smith has goi.e to Kuni-at City to make ber home. Robert and Pauline Net-bit are \J-lt- ing their granuniother In C(>!ony dur- ir^ ThanktpiUcB vacation. Mr. and Mr:.». IS. D. Wallas and Mr. and Mrs. T. Fiizp.-itrick wre l):o ;.ues;.s of .Mr. and .Mr-. K. .\rno'.ii ir. lola Tiiursday :it dinner. Miss Miskfl Stansburg i- spcndinc ThaiiksitiVin^ with (:<-r cousia .M;-.Doris; I>anft>nh. in Deering. William Turner leit Wednesday for CoUins^ille fir a siiort visit with .Icl.n Turner and family. Miss Hat'ie Wood arrivtd Wednc... day from Kansas City to visit until Sundav with her parents. Dr. and Mrs. (• K. Wood. .Miss Fancie Renn went to Pittsburg Thursday to visit her parent.= unt;! Monday. Miss Cecil Stansburg accompanied her. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hines were-Lsfi guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry'-Per' iif aux In lola ThurMia.v. .Miss Helen VanKuren returned Thursday to her home iii Baldwin to visit until Monday. I >ester JLeuman of Gas City was jEiiiated Into the W. O. W. lodge Tuesday evening. yj\^Z^L hu/.m . h r". ' and couee wagon: married man. Ref-^ Mrs. Ballard will remain with hini. City Kob-^ns Is experts to return from | V'-cas today. j Mr. Mid Mrs." J. K. Smith of Blue j Mr.niid sp'ttf yrst*>rday wl"h .Mrs. I S'i'i'h'.s mriher. .Mrs. A. Clark and ! Fred TTorton is having the Clark R I B.ntes lumber shed.-; moved to his farm i>o\Vh of town. Mr. am! Mrs. Carl Wilson of Bart- b'svllb^ nre visiting friends here nnd in l.aHarpe. Wllpon la one of ihc Kt.TS r.n the Bartlesville eleven. W Th M have be.-n vlsitljig nt Iho Carm-iiu' lic>:r.> w-ni to Hmuboldt to visit this • .v.i.k. Th.^ fat!illy will return to Ok-• tahrn'a Sund:iy. — Bulk Oysttrs for sale at .MilU" r- -M'irant . V. !.• si!e who ha.* be.^u visiting bis sons -n Ft. Scott returu'd hotue Wed- rjesdriy. I Mrs. Georce sick. ( .•\. D Morrison spent Tlianksgiving wlih r-latives in Drering. Janvs Tompkins is reported on the sick list. Pel .Adams h.ns been transferrer' from tl:.\F.'.Iioit ='rocery here to ilie store in lc;:i. Georc > Rice who re- cer.tiv ivov'^-d to this city from Cen•\:'.\ ha'.e charge- o'" tli.- store W .VMED—SISCCLLAKEOUS. WA.NTKP—SA LKS.MA.V WANTKD—TO RKNT A FIVE OR six room modern cottage. Phone 370. , FOR SALE—:f.O good creek l.nttom - i room house; two Ro|)d barns; located li-i miles east Geiieva, Kas;: known as the John Dlekei' farm. One-half cash, balance time ;it uV- Deal with the owner. H. L. Cobb. Savannah Mo. FOB SALE—MIdC£U.ANE0U8. FOR SALE—320 ACRES 6 MILES . from Moran. It's the cheapest farm In Allen county. If you are interested ami really want a bargain, come in an.1 see us. lola Land Company. WA.STKD —i'OSITIOX BY MAN" FOR SALE—A MlJLE COLT FIVE jjotpi Bidg. stenographer. Phone y7r ,Fl Can furnish reference, months old; alsb farm mare 12 years WA.NTHD — K.XPERIEXCED DIX- Rice is reported quite. .^^ -^^^^^ '^j^j at"Pennsylvania Hotel. ar Carl ."i Hun- ITM' LITTLL BOV -.\on Picture of Hiaitli," His FatBer Sajs The rale, wistful .*^iris and thin spindling limbs of "delicate children' tell plainly enough the story of poorly nourished bodies. M'e know just what ought to be done for such children. Here is a letter from Kichard Rush, Columbus, Id-, saying "I believe I am indebted to Vinol for the health of my little son. He had a severe attack of whooping cough and measles which affected his lungs and constitution. "We tried several other remedies"] without any result, then commenced using Vinol and I talce pleasare In saying that he Is the picture of health now, due to the use of Vinol." Sickly children need the strength- enfns cod liver e'emenu and the tonic Iron tliat Vinol contain*—that is why Vinol builds them up quickly and gives them a fine healthy color. It is pleasant to take and we guarantee that the results will satisfy you—money back If they do. not. S. R. Burrell Druggist, lola Kans. fer \i:: here. •f r's. .Mr.-. R. H. Sf .'w;.rt sp, n-' Thanks- i ;i\ing with lur parents n^ar Bronson. .'^ohn Fratf-'icI of K.nnsa.? City is vis- itinc the K. I.. O'Brien family. Miss Blan '^he Wade is spending the Thanksgiving vacation with her sister. .Mrs. Roy Roberts of Colonv. •Mrs, K. McBr -de is repc-r'. •; to be cor.sid'^rably improved. Her iati'ih- ter Mrs. 1,. C. Dial refuru* : r-> her home in Hanlesville this af • rnoon. Mrs. Mary Ei-'ling is visiting her daticU ^t r in Moran. C W. H.ickett was taken .suddenly ill this morning while employed at \'o Z works arid was compelled to r»» t :irn home. His conjhion this after-* noon was unimprovAd. Geori;. lleitln-z'r smd family were utusts ef Mr. and Mrs. H. A. K-mnur- • r .vesKT 'l .-.v. \iis.-' II vbv T.ivlor is visiting Mi.-.i '.!• ssi" Wei,!: In Fi. S <oit. <'h ::re s .\lo'uiitig''r of ii -ar .Mor.m is vl -!IitiL' ill:; tiio'lier (bin week. Wni Iviteli.y reiurc'd yesterday from CoUins-.ille and has decld-d to make i'twf his home. .1. C MeCr.M ken sh'/iibiered his guii 'his rtiorniiiu .'t-.d st .irt.-d to walk tf I .'.iTitM .Mr. .McCr.icken Is i;7 years of nc :itiil ulv .:iys enjoyed good v.i-ilth :iC 'i s:;.? Ji ,1 l-:r.lli- w .ilk does­ n 't .iiiio'iij: Til ir.ui \\. .Miss l »f r .i Duran '.vho luis been "vlsi'ini: In .\'> ..I'la re'uni '.-d hortie yesterday. Karl Hatch of l -ibette county visited v..-'onlay with his par- ats southeast of town. -Mrs J P. Hays after a pleesant visit with her son in Pittsburg returned hoi'.ie }' svrday. I>0\*^r HE B\LD. Nearly .\ny One .Mny Secare a Splendid ('rvwth of Hair. We ••:a \e a remedy that has aided to rrow hair and prevented baldness In out of liMi cases where used according to directions lor a reai-onable Wnsiii of lime. That may seem like a strong statement—it is, and we mean it to be, and no one should doubt it •mti! they have put our claims to an ictua! test. We ar- £o certain Rexall "W. Hair. Tonic will cure dandruff, prevent laldnesF. stimulate the scalp and hair .-oots; stop fa-ling bair and grow new :air. that we i)ersona![y give our posf- ive ruarrntee to refund every penny paid us for it in every instance where t does not give entire satisfaction to the user. Bexall "93" Hair Tonic is as pleas-{ ant to aso a.s clear Sprinj? water. It is jeligbtfully perfumed, and does not grease or gum the bair. Two sizes eOc. and %\M. With our guarantee back of it, you certainly take no risk. Sold only at our store— ^The Rexall Store. Burrell'8 Drug Store West Side Square. What with the'southem planters i.olding out the cotton, and the Indi-* ana farmerettes holding out the ThaDk.-!g !vlng turkey, and the corner i5rocer >man holding out the chabse. it is problematical if we can bold out mucli longer. PILES CCBED Rf SIX TO 14 DATS. —yoiir druggist will refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any case ,of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles la 6 to 14 days. 60c. WAXTKI>—POSITIO.X 0.\' ^'ARM by married man. Address "L" care Register.. old, weight Phone 1400. 1450 SfXTV CE.VTS -A^ i FOR SALE—CLASS SHOW CASES counters, good safe. Cheap. Kelley pounds;! sound.; LOST AND FOr ?JO. BCSHEL ^\TLL be paid for corn at ^'lalborne's mill. FOR SALK-iPEK Buff Rock chickens. W.VNTED—HORSE TO USE FORI FOR TR.ADE—A =ts keep. Call Oul S. First or phone i roo mhouso fpr tf U>1. j harness. H. O.-Adaa: WA.\'TKI>-A GIRL FOR GENERAL lous'-work. .Apply at .Mrs. Turner's .^Iilllnery store. X DRAKES AND Phone 4S6. 1 ;>~>~-~ I LOST—WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29 TH, . lady's black leather shopping bag, be- '' tween Ramsay's and Anderson's shoe shop. Contained money, calling cards ' and other things. Reward given upon return to Register office. FIRST CLASS 5 am. . wagon and ::s Gas, Kansas. 3 ^,F0R SALE—WOOD DELIVERED WANTKD— STRONG. "WELL pea ring boy. .Elite Theatre. AP- In town T.'>c a cord. D. Horville. LOST—BETWEEN lOLA AND GAS City, automobile faead.Iamp. Dr. A. B. Twadell. - Phone 474-T. R. WANTED—WOMAN FOR KITCH-• en work; 202 East street. HOrSE AND LOT FOR SALE, 406 S. Kentucky. Big bargain if taken at I once. Apply on premises. W.ANTED—ELEV.VTOR BOY AT the -New York Store. Must be 16 years of age. GOOD FIVF.-PASSENGER Al'TO- ! mobile, first class :onditlon. to trade [for city property. WANTEI>—(;IR1. FOR GENERAL house work and cooking. Work for all day nr part day. Apply Ct'S E. Madison. Phone t'lO. WA.NTED—COLORED GIRL FOR general house work. Phone 2l Spencer's Drug Store. J. AV. Nowell, over FOR TRADE— 73 -ACRE FARM 3 •nlles east of Garnett, for lola residence; 40 acres ixtra good alfalfa lacd. Price |60 p«r acre. John Bell, Route No. 2, Gamitt, Kans. W. hand ANTED—E.XPERIENCED FARM I For terms apply tc owner. Wn 1; single man. Phone 0'J4 -21. I bell Box 372v Hun.boldt, Kan. —.Sjiifial at the (•'riind tonigliL .Mur- euprlte Peak In one of her fu- orite sonir>. Something new In the iimiiteiir : Kan^a-: fair line: ii liiutrli from .tiart to finish.i ,'^;„j,/f,,"^,; Dont lorget tiic eandy matinee for ba-, j' FOR SALE—GOOD 160 ACRES 1 mile west of Leaijna; well improved. m Camp- Ittes Saturday at itW p. m. CODtM to ull. Price Dr;ig Store. R.tRK MR.»>D OF CATFISH. K,o ACHE FARM, BARBER COUN- mproveraents. Will ilock or good city S'owell. over Spen- MlSCELLAIfEbUS. INSURE IN THE "CONTINENTAL," Largest company In the wofld. Stewart & Funk. Agents. —See our line of Dancing Frocks— now on sale &t% ott. New York Store KlfeLifAK BROS. WANT YOUR corn and- kaffir corn. Located with Newton Milling Co. Moaey. KM. Cnniiingitam. PHIVATE "MONET TO EOAX. We . have some Private Money to loan on Farms. Low Rate. We also have Eastern Money at the lowest rate and best terms. I.«t us tell you about our terms and rate. Prlrlledgo to pay at any time. THE PETERSON LAND CO. Phone 97. Old Court House Bidg. PETERSON LAND COXPANT. lola, Knosas. FOB TBADE 160 acre farm In Benton county Arkansas; 50 acres in bearing orchard clear; close to R. R. town. Price $6000 For Io!a property. it Three improved farms In Dallac county. Arkansas, one clear, for loU property. , 160 acres, improved, in Beckhan. county. Oklahoma, clear; for I O I E property. Price $3200.00. Chetopa residence and 3 lots, fo; lola residence. 80 acre farm in Montgomery county, well improved, for lola property. We want $72,000 stock of general merchandise and store building for ranch of equal value in central Kans WHITAKER & DONNELL. i Almost 1000 titles in the recent popular novels—Old Stan-, dard Books, Poetry and Juvenile Books at a uniform price of 5o«: There is no increased cost of living in the book line. £vanstros. Tbe Bookileilers. Mr. H. B. Fitz of Greencastle, Mo., arrived early this week to spend the winter with his daughter. Mrs. James Stanley. when they were oht of the wnlcr. and j I oiildn't slay out miore than a few mln- tut each day I kept longer than the day course o fa couple -SpeakinK o( FUU," Said Truthful, . Jnme. «»«lirr«lse T. t. .MOcal ' In .>lali and Brw /e.) I'beiu out a ii:tle "I see that Prof. Dyrhe Is advising before uijtll In th the making of jxmds all over the .state ' of months they ^-oulA come out an<l which is a ge .,d idea but a better one fee .l and pla yrot; Is to ral.-'e a .stock of fish that can live ; an hour at a tim^. either in the wa'er or on the land. 1 j *.\fter six^ mon have had some experience in the rais:-! could stay out of ing of tlry land catfish. i day without aUy "I bad a fine pond of fish a few , noticed that years aco but tae water commenced to j developing what nd in the grass for hs o ft raining they, the water for half a Inconvenience and I they were gradually looked like feet on cet low :'.n{ I saw plain enough that their gills .so th it 'they could run unless ! .<'-e fish could be trained to | round ove.rthe arm with me. Of get alonj without water most of the j course they, coul in't travel fast but lime they would sure die. They were they could work t long at a'pretty good all tame fish and would come up to the edge of the pond when I called them, and eat corn out of my hand. Tlien I comniencied to coax them out on the land to Cpe^L ^A^' first they i woms Wd • thegrj seemed to be a gco<l deal bothered worms In that fi developed into great I turned a herd of Ish into a com flpid that was iJtilfferlilg bad from the cut- .eteaned out the Id inside of a weelt» hickory and. they Insect catchers, those trained cat Best Uimp. Coal delivered inlthe'clly. Bran ShorlJ. Oil Me'il Alfalfi Feeds —100 lbperMckH{««Wf««f U. IS. Patent and Fidelity Ffoui' ONLY —-TV Dea |cr |s lining &€t0vatfl Newton Milling &El0vatof7 Co. Phone 157 \«lRfli^ P^tMu, Agiht KANSAS AND OKLAHOMA Low Rate; Annnai «r Seml-Aniinal Interest—Prhllege to Pay In Fall Reduced Rates on Fire lasnrance! R.M.Cunntn^lyam Old Court House BMg. Ibia, Kos. They were very fond of grasshoppers also and ate them in great numbers. "Tbe leader of the herd was a cr.t- fish that weighed twenty-five pounds: He got so that he would stay out In the fields all day hunting grasshoppers and come In at night with half a peck of hoppers in his stomach. - He would come back from his day's hunt happy and content spittiiig hoppieir Juice from his moiith as he came. Plo- ally that herd got so used to running around on the dry land that they cared nothing about gofns I>ack to the water at ail and made a best under a. tree that grew by the side of the,pond and used to sleep there all-night. tC was indeed a curious sight to go dowtt there on a moonlight night and see^ those catfish sleeping peacefully like tired children after a hard day's nlar.;, They were great fish to aon in tbolr. sleep and tne nelgnoora osea to c<uu^, plain some about being disturbed by tbe noise. "Well, I was tickled nearly to deatK over the way I was getting along witli' those fish and I would ha:ye:maa« W good thing out of it If It filOn't )»le |i for an nnlooked for misfortnno; Oner night there came a vatenptmt ttu[t covered those fluh with water wbiliei they were sleeping out thoro nnder the tree and drowned every blessed fish in the herd. They had run ronnd out on tbe dry land you see uotU they hcd forgot how to swim. There la the trouble about life. Just when yout think you have tbe world by tbe tail with a down bill pull something up- seu airyoi'f plans." rOIROHD Use Wyeth's Sage and Sufph.ur and Your Gray Hai'r Will Quickly Vanish. Gray bair i» a mark of age, and noth- \ag that can l>c said as to it .v beauty will offset the dlfiadyantsge* of thi.s mark of age'set upon your brow. Wycth'st Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy d.Tkens the hair and rcittores It to it:> yont'.:'ui beauty. Our grandmothers nnd their grandmothers Ijeforc them nse<l sage nnd nolphur for darkening their hair. 'Nothing has ever b^n found more effective tor thin purpose than these tWT t:r.ii>honor?d remediea, but '.V.roth. r\<'.vrn, has .com- =:ir<r f?; > tr.-J> with other Inigredients, ,«hich n!ikr! delightful dressing for the hair, an.l which ,'not only removes every trace of dandruff but promotes the growth of the hair. It aI.«o -stops the hair from falling out, and makes it beautiful. All tiruggists are authorized to tefnnd the money if, it fails to "ilo exactly as represented. - * ' Di>n't neglect yonr hair and don't resort to nirt-tirae hair dyes. Cet a b«ttle of •ff'yeth's sige and Sulphur from your drnggist to-day. and | notice the dlflkr- eiioe in your hair after a few dayaT Ba«. _ -This preparation. Is offered to the public at nrty ccntij a bottle, and » /e«ommende<l and sold by all dmggis^ BoAcirs Drug Stor^:Wcat Side S^iuce •-GtBUBatfoa gM nd CM I itorM at redwred prices.. K. C. Fluiblng Co. •WE NEED tttE BUSINESS And will make ttlntereatlngand to your advantftge'to give It to to. Try us and Bf , • Wo write Inroriutee. jrrlte ] Surety Bonds. wHto'Bnrglar In- jBurance. draw .£eiftl- Papm. take AcknowIedgeiDAita;-'*iitafce Loans on Farm Sowia^and make them at a8 'loir*aVrate'«s those fellows wbb ^dy^rtAo to make loans at 6%; to dont for* get to come and let us prore It to you. And perhaips wo may have some'tradttig proifosftfona, tbat will Interest you. Come In and look them over, itad tot's get busy on something. ALLEN CO. REALTY CO. L. .TieapMat ifgr. OFFICES EVAWa BLOQ.! JOIiA TIME TUBLE . tffective dev. (2.1911 - , SODTQ BOTWD. «o. 201—Daily Passenger. 1:05 p. m. iiio. 203-^Daily Passenger 2:43 a.m. No. 2(17—Dally '(except Sunday) Pas-- senger -. 8:50 p. m. No. 21&;-Daily (except Sunday) Wa> Freight. Arriva 12:01 p. m., Po­ part .; 1:05 p. m •'NORTH BOUND. Xo. 202—Dally Passenger 2:22 p. m. No. 204-^DfllIy Pasenger 2:30 a. m. Ko. 208^Dally (except Sunday) Paa-i senger 6:30a.;m. Xo. 216—Daily (except Sunday) Way "Freight Arrive 11:15 a. m. De^ part — 12:01 p. m. W. E. BAISION, AGENT im, Kas. XISSOUBI PXCtFlC ]?DDE CARD. * Preighta—W«ft Bound. 491—Local (dally ex. Sun) Iv.....3:46 p. m. 451—Colo. Rod Ball (dally) Iv.. .8:38 p. m. Freights— East Bound. 45«—Bed BaU (dally) »r. 1:10 a. m 492—Local (daily ex. Sun) ar 8:00 a. m. Patsengara—West Bound. 407— KannaJi Clty-Vat»s Center Mall and Kxprcua (daily) Iv 4:47 p. m. 409—St. LouU-Wlchlta Mnll and ExpreHx (dally) Iv. 8:Sa n. ra. PassMigora —East Bound. 4t9—St. lAittls -Kanaaa City MulJ and Rx preaa (dally> ar 7:1* p. in lOS—8t. Louta-KansaJ City Mall and Ex press (dally) ar 8:33 ti i~. V MERCHANTABLE ABSTBACTS , Bvery Abstract made In our offico" „ la guannteed,to be a merchant-^-!.' able abstrapt or money. rofundetf'"^t- lOLArABSTRACrr COMPANY. T Prank'Wood, Manager. « SOME GOOD BABGAINS 3 $ Wo have several good residences $ * close in (or sate at attractive -2 -6 prices. Also good bargains In ^ * farmd. and other paj-ing,projc:?:- a * Mont. See us ^ •5 Oiarles A Potter. 2 **••>**•>«<>•>•>•:• V •> •:• ^ <" s paoFEasu?>a DIHECTOK?. 1. •:•**.+ ••* + + -J- + * - T MOSEI TO L0A3Ct » Wlll'lend on household goods, 4 pianos, organs, sewing ms- • shlnea, diamonds itnd Je«re!r?. < 1. W. COFFEY « IW Norti Htnvi « i e a Dr. OJL Baskfleli. Dr. CJL Jiw. S • 8 9 DENTISTS. « . m B OOB Now 1, NortHnir filig. » } * Phono— Office 652; Rm. 138. «.i « • ' » VHY NOT! » ^ Have Tour Piano Tuned by an $ S Experienced l^ner—Oiio LIv- 0 * Ing in yonr homo town * * T. 0. CANATSEY » « Plaao T\m«r abd Bepalrer B Roberts Mnsic Co. Pboao 421 • * - ' • « F.X.B.LEATELI.,K.». > « t» 8p <eliatr(te-r- # a DUMuiea el tho OhML 9 a OboMA «E CMldML « » Pkoaea-^Offieo mi B«8. 1^. W * KRBBS BDILDINO. • » - * Beal Ea^ ra4 JjTMtMfc * SaUseaetla ^ , _ * phono at my on <fiiMt'llw '<la «ta.H> * rateaCeater thwrCiib^ii^ *. * • • V* • fHnUP HEIGEIiS > • 110% South'8t HABinESS^lim SADlDSXBX ^ General BApatiiag, All Uaii m Hot Spi^gi^^Mr^ Round Trip ^cketa, Ibia to Hot Springs, Ark.^ with retom limit of ttareQ.lDbBtb8 '^ of sale, with «tiapH $iror prtilliweai going and return on •«!« eroryi day In tho year, for The one way fK».i| i E.EMU Phone IM. Kk —If ytmYo la good of a B(M(, JemMi, Day or *Tm§ BiNtt" er- anythlng in tho lino of hooka. Jaat oali^" and, too Tho Boglator PubUaktaf

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