Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 14, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 14, 1909
Page 5
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^B-."•"•— '"—" ^jai^^^T-r-———, (local Events, 1 *G Chester Fairly and Gny Garrison have returned from Lake Tahoe. Miss Martha Sells left this week for Cameron, Mo. Mrs. S. E. King and Dr. E. O. Arnold and wife visited Mr. John R. Kiug of Whlttier. Carrol Coman left Thursday morning for Berkeley, where she will attend (he University <?f California. The Misses Mildred and Ruth San- borh are visiting this week with Mrs. Chas. Finch. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Kuns, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths, spend the week end at Long Beach. Miss Mildred Baker of El Monte lias been visiting her friend, Miss Leisel Leighton. Everybody's favorite—Top Notch Bread. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Miss Vina Deardorf of Pasadena whs the guest of her aunt, Mrs. A .M. White, the past week. Miss Pearl Middaugh and brother Fred left Tuesday for Cold Water canyon, whree they will spend two weeks. Mrs. H. E. Lougheed and daughter Delphlne are enjoying a stay at Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Potter of West College street are visiting the Seattle exposition. Miss Jessie Kistler entertained at dinner Wednesday evening Miss Clara Fry of Los Angeles and Mr. Smith of Pasadena. Dr. E. O. Arnold, nephew of Mrs. S. E. King, stopped over at Covina, on his way to Mexico City, where he will practice. W. H. Hanson and his sister, Miss Josie Hanson, are now nicely located in their new home at 1356 Bishop St., Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gass are spend- .ing their vacation at Santa Barbara. Mr. Gass is head salesman in the Covina Peoples Store. C. F. dapp, the druggist, has returned from a brief stay at Coronado. Mrs. Clapp will remain for another two weeks. Mrs. Winchester, after spending Saturday and Sunday with her daughter," Mrs. Nora Fisher, returned to her home in Long Beach, accompanied by Miss Ethel Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Partins of Pasadena have purchased the five acre orange grove of Mr. Harnish at Charter Oak and will build a residence in the near future. The Church of the Brethren held their district Sunday-school and Christian Workers' convention at Long Beach on Wednesday and Friday of this week. A large number of Covina people were in attendance. A card from Dr. D. G. Jennings and party states that they are spending a most enjoyable summer vacation at the various resorts around Lake Tahoe. Miss Mattie Breakey, bookkeeper at the Covina National Bank, leav»s on Monday on her summer vacation. During her absence her place will be filled by a young lady from the Crown Bank, Pasadena, How about that new mattress you have been thinking about getting? Call and examine one that we are selling for $11.00. Imperial edge> 45 pound, splendid tick, made Hi th£ same manner as the Ost&rm'f&n out of much better filling, ah'fi & better one for $16.00, or betteif Mill, let us deliver one to you on JiO days' trial. Covina Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Clifford have returned home after a lengthy and enjoyable trip to their old eastern home in Vermont. While absent they visited all the New England states except Rhode Island. Mr. illifford's health, which waA very indifferent when he left, has much improved and he will resume 'on Monday his prtaltion &« head baker for Warner, Whitsel & Co. On Thursday evening of la*l week Miss Anna Soehksen entrAained at the home of her brother-in-law, Mr. "Will Daniels, on IJa'r'raVica street, in honor of Mr. Lee McBride, it being his twenty-tiec'unil birthday anniversary. The oi.vAalon was a complete surprise ana a very enjoyable evening was .spefii. Those present were: Mt-Ksra. and Mines. Fred Huff, T. (i. Kririg, homer Harris. Mrn (Haze, Miss-. Klsie Daniels, Nannie Moor, Bertha Follow*-)!, Mabel Bohannaii, (ioldie Rogers, (Vila KeniLiU, l,(.-r;i C;tir>-r. Car/ii'-l an.'i J.'-ora Knn-'. ('I i> .f.^in.s. Lee M< Uride, Kl/.o Maiun ka!;;h ho banuan, Hay liubbard, Jlooker Moor. New refrigerators at less than cost at Hull's. Mr. Charles Thorpe will leave shortly for Portland, .Oregon, Miss Gladys Steel and her brother. Fra, arc visiting their cousin, Mr. I"., C. Kring. Mrs. J. W. Groover and baby daughter are expected home today from Coronado. Mrs. James Hodges, Miss Vyvyenne Hodges and Jim Hodges, Jr., enjoyed a week-end visit to Long Beach. Mr. Edwin Sanders and Miss Drake of Los Angeles were luncheon guests of the former's parents last Saturday. Puritan Butter, always good, always uniform, the standard of excellence. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Mr. Charles Madison was in Covina Tuesday on his way home from the North. Mrs. L. M. Jefferies of Los Angeles Covina relatives. She leaves on Monday on a visit to her former home in England. Samuel Leebrick, son of Mrs. Mary Leebrick of Howard street, is nursing a fractured collar bone, received by a fall from his bicycle on Monday. Order your cake from our bakery department and save work and worry. Specials baked to order on 24 hours' notice. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Houser and family returned Thursday evening from a two weeks' stay at Catalina. This fashionable summer resort is enjoying the gayest season it has ever known. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold spent the week-end with relatives at Long Beach. They were accompanied home by their little niece, Zada Griswold, of Los Angeles, who is visiting them. Guy Bradley, the driver of the Warner, Whitsel & Co. bread wagon, jeft last Monday to spend three months at his home, Kingsport, Tenn. His position Is being held for him by Edward Walters. Mr. and Mrs. Ross, who bought the Nuzum property, have taken possession. They traveled down the coast from Seattle in search of a home, which they did not find until they reached Covina. Mr. and Mrs. L. P.. Walser, formerly of Covina, who have returned from a long visit in Oregon, spent some days this week with Mr. and Mrs. Milton Armel. They have gone to Los Angeles, where they will locate. Mr. R. M. Douglass has returned from ihe Alaska-Yukon Exposition. Mrs. A. J. Wilkins of Highland, after spending a week in Los Angeles, has returned to the home of her sister, Mrs. A. R. Evans, for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Houser and two daughters, who have been enjoying a vacation at Matilija Springs, Ventura county, were obliged to return sooner than they expected, as the high altitude did not agree with Mrs. Houser's health. Harry Neil returned from Mexico last week and has been vluiting his brother at • the home of Mrs. H. F. Cook, He «p?nt part of the time at Coidbrook Camp #jtll Robert Phllleo and has left for Berkeley, where be will attend the University of California, Mrs. Oscar Miller is expected home Monday from her visit with her par- entrt 111 tho north. Mr. Miller, who has been keeping bachelor hall, entertained during the greater part of last week, J. L. Restr and family of Gypsum, Kans., and this we«k his father, J. W. Miller, of Ontario. On Wednesday the birthday of Mrs. John Wilkins was celebrated by a bige gathering of friends and rela-' liven at the home of Mrs. F. W. Sherwood. When the guest of honor arrived, the home was unusually quiet and apparently empt^v until she explored under berta and In wardrobes. Mrs. Wilkins received a number of. nlca presents. Everything Van done to make her wish to have many more "happy returns." \ce cream, cake and tea were thfc refreshments. Tuesday after rtfton, from 2 to '.>, MisH Jessie KlStler entertained at her home on CtAffcg'e street in honor of her Stanford friend, Mis* Helen Campbell of El, who has been her guos.1 since Saturday of lant week. The afternoon was spen*. in conversation and games, the prixcs being won 1 by Misrios Hess Given and Mildred 'Jiakt!. Refreshments of fake, i'e '•ream aii'i candy were herved. Tlio.-'- present were Minxes Helen Campbell, Anna Siiiiniiei.-i, Mildred liaker, Leisel i.,-ij-'iii(jn. li'vs.s Given, Hattie Nye, M;,ria'i Given. KdiUi Wat.erhoiihe. Sarab <';<><;k, Gail. May Coffman, and Mnu-.s. HieAert ami Kl^ller. OUR AffllTS: Warner, Whitse! & (o. Home's Grocery Pomooa Sanitary Laondry For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. FitzGerald & Barry of Pasadena loan money ou rauchos and improved real estate at lowest current rates. Write or telephone them at Pasadena or call up J. W. Prentiss, Covina phone 2134, nnd ask to hnvo a representative of tbe firm call on you. tf Indiana and Ohio Live Stock Insurance Co. insures live stock death from any cause. Rates reasonable. See Austin Warner, agent. tf Get Imperial Blei»d coffee — always In a yellow bag — always 25c per pound —always GOOD. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Orders taken for peaches for canning. Varieties, Orange and Lemon and Phillip's clings and the Late Salway free stone. Phone 13. tf FOR SALE — Very handsome, gentle bay 7-year-old gelding cheap, or would exchange for good, gentle work and brood mare. Reason for selling wish to raise colt. Can be seen at Jones. Bros, ranch on Citrus Ave., formerly old Marshall ranch, near Cypress. Up WANTED— HORSES AND MULE9 to feed good barley and alfalfa hay. Large enclosure, plenty water, shade, salt, good attention. Only $6.00 per month. Only limited number taken. Phone 119. RIGGINS RANCH. FOR SALE — 3 in. farm wagon, flat rack, cheap. Bartlett and Russet pears at 3 cents rer Ib. W. B. GAM- MI ELL, Cypress Ave., across road from A. M. Seeley. 8-28 FOR SALE — A small number of small size Crimson Winter Rhubarb plants, $10 per thousand, $2 per hundred, 50 cents per don. Phone 2098. S-28 FOR SALE— One fl'/i inch Studo- baker wagon gear, good condition. One Berkshire sow. Berkshire and Poland China pigs. Barley hay. •RIGGINS RANCH, Phone II!). Wanted — Am expert citrus orchar- clfst, If) yrs. local exporioncfi. Give me full charge of your orchard. Married and want house. Address II. Flash, 560 N. Hill, LOH Angeles. Up FOR SALE— Gig, heavy team, wt. 3200, 10 and 11 years old, with harness Apply to butcher shop, PiiKiito. Up G. Bldart. LOST— At Pacific Electric depot, Monday, Aug. 2, $5.00 gold piece. Finder return to Argus ofllce and receive reward, Up For Sale — Modern five-room cottage on Cottage Drive. Latest improvements, Reasonable terma. Addr«B« C. F. Jackson. For Sale— Cathpinjt wagon and outfit. Corner Orange avenue and San Bernardino Road, Irwlndale. In- cmiro of Mr. Waterhouse. tf For Trade — Long Reach for C'ovlna property. Kmiuire of Dr. Wiley, veterinarian, Covina phone 200. tf Plain dl'f'srtinakliid and embroidery work. .Mr*. (i. Fcrrcll, Italia street-. *f fc'Wift'B Premium cold boiled hftrn, 'wafer-Hliced to order. Warner, Whitsel &. Co. For Kent — Kurnl«hed' room for light housekeeping. Mra, S, K. King, Kant College St. 8-21 {> New refrigerator* at leas than cont. at Hull's. Good alfalfa in the field. rhotm 3225. F. J. Sernps, Walnut Center. ] For a skillful and careful Irrlgator ! telephone 25. tf I Found- -Small, l>ny mare In pour 1 'condition. Hof/ie I'h'jin; f,) J^ I'.-;irh<-ri fur table or canning pur jjoi--'.-:-;. Call }\2'.',. (',<:(>. S->ofielil. X '^ > The Cream of the Valley IT'S A PLEASANT TASK. to try and get outside of a dish of Cummlnps' pure and wholesome Ice Cream. Most people enjoy the Job— particularly youngsters. But even adults are delighted with the delicious flavor of our matchless Cream. It Is made in the most scrupulously clean and careful manner, with pure Ingredients only, and under our own personal supervision. A specialty of Ice Cream Bricks. CUMMINGS' Confectionery Phone 43. Mrs. Gage and son, Paul, have re- turne-J from a short vacation at Long Beach. Miss Doris Rosenthal is spending the week-end with her sister, Mrs. F. J. Cline. Miss Gwennie Sherwood was the week-end guest of Mrs. Geo. Platt of San Dlmas. Mrs. Geo. Anderson and her father, Mr. McDowell, are enjoying a sojourn at Coronodo. Mrs. Ben Moore of Junction City, Kans., is visiting with Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Thorpe. Carl and Fran/, Dalln and Harold Sherwood are enjoying a vacation at Laguna Beach. Ralph Crook and his friend, Cyril Platt, are camping in the mountains near San Dimas. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Matthews left Thursday morning for their summer home at Catalina. Contractor Allison Is making substantial improvements to his home on East Puente street. Mrs. J. ,\V. Groover and her baby daughter are expected home today from Aguilar, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Kdgecomb of Minneapolis Kpeiit tho pant, wook with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stumpf. Minn Vera Buck of Tom pp. Arl/., has boon visiting her old schoolmate, M|HS BcHftlo Leobrick. Mrs, J. C. llutciiiiiHon and little Hons are upending tin- week end with relatives in LOH Angelou. *###############*# • WE CAN FIND YOU ' A BUYER For Orange Groves Alfalfa Lands or City Property Lint yollr property with UK. CoVina Realty Co. ****************** KOH HALK Voun^ I'-am of mul'-.-.. \'. ,'>:>•• r ,\'l'.'.. It I' Christopher's Cream (|>f Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream if no satisfyiny, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so uniOvr- tally popular. No other "just an good" cream can be fold at We Welcome Small Deposits It matters not what amount of money you have to deposit—we will accept it at this bank. We welcome the small depositor, we extend to him the same consideration and courtesies accorded all our patrons. Our customers all know this. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 BEFORE YOU LET ANY CONTRACT FOR Fumigation of Your Orchards think of the importnnee of careful, intelligent work nnd consult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the Stale, having the largest outfit of touts for every si/e tree. For Red Spider, try our new process- Dry Sulphur. BEST WORK AT RKA,SONABI,E PRICKS Phono 190, Covina Phone 177, Chnrter Oak NEW POSTALS Covina Photo Views •vs *i" OunW ex. our prices. Try it. C. F, CLAPP SOLE AGENT s^*^ Deposit When You Like What You Like. Mul, deposit, yon i 1 money JII'IUM. 'It JK pOHsible yi.ii have, never I'e 11, l.lie absolute, jioeoHnily of having a bank account. It IH probable yon could drift alontf for yearn without one but IF YOU J«3XI.'IWT TO KOItaiO TO TIIK J'MtONT in this life in a financial way it 'IH eHHenlial that you have a Jiank Account. Wo Ki V(> y (( " " personal invitation to make, IhJK bank your depository whether yon have a Hinii.ll mim or a large one, to lay aside for «aI'e, ke,(ij|j[i«, 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of $1 and up received. Coviflj \Dalley Saving fiaok , Covina, California $$$$$*^$*$«*$«*ws^^ Clarence Allison IMans furninhed for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. LOOK! LISTEN! If you want U> see that nice new A I'TO J<au/idry D.-livcry V ju-,1 drop a card to J/orbeer l'.ro~>.' 1'oniona Steam Laundry, tlur iblest ;md most up-to-date laundryujeii in t!i<- valli-y, ami ti-II Ibfiu to call for your laundry or >|ive yi/u their prii:t- on work. Wr. rail Sloiid.-iy, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work .Uiclly up-io-daU-. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY

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