The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 9, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1977
Page 2
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TAOB 3-NAUOATWOK NKWS iCONN.). FIUUAV. AUG. a. IMP DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Paris Conference Might Well End Without A Treaty 'Rather Than Sign One That Furthers World Unrest; Wo Must Not Lose Sight Of Four Freedoms And The Atlantic Charter For Which Men Died; U. S. Diplomacy Should Call Kremlin's Bluff HuHa ..It U ulwayi. misy to give utlvlco from the sidelines and If tho n WH,n,.n now couching the American Secretary of *™™- J «™ V VyrncH, wn.-o really running th.> Contoronco of Hurls. It w( > ul ? P 10 ^ ftccompllHh nvim IO.MH. Howcvur. I hi* obsorvur-havlng attended ^ylntZntlona. parloy.H from thn Waahlngton Arm. Conference in J1121 to Hi" pr«H.iiil--hiinihly offer* two suggtutkim): •Thn Unll'itl ritiiHin him bocornt »i,j confusfttl trying (o .itniljrhtcn out thi> buck ulloyn ot TrlsiJto that WH have lost night of the juildlni? tun 1 * I'or which wn fought tho li'our li'nH'dorris and 'tho Atlantic r.'rmr.lor, 1. -Any treaty nlftnud lit Par In will "ii a miu'o scrap of paper xm- IMHS tboi-o Is i:odd will botwoon poop|e« to giiararvtoo Hint Its torrno arn currlnd out. No lloilK«-|>o<lm> Tmiity Wanted Homo old-school diplomats havo i he Klua that If Secretary Byi'no* nhoiild i-tiUirn from Pftrl« without a tniaty. It would I'O a dnfimt fOV Arn n rl nan diplomacy and n milbafiU to M world peuno. On tho cnuntrai'y. it /night bo extremely hoaUhy i° ond thin Cunfcrwnco without it treaty, ospoclally If that treaty Id a hoiii:iipodff« which aililM to th'i un- runt of Un- world whlln Mlrmillanfl- fiiinly lulling tin? American pouplii 111 llll.'l'p. If Mucrptary Hymns nhoiild cl'i- rrinrid hum tlint liuns-ln ill-'" ' L frnaty tclvlmr Amorld.-i. Mrlllnh nrid other rnemhii" 1 of mo Unlti'd Nations fruti to lh» Uii.':.'il:m peniiio, It would ho wnrth all the MuniofnontM on Trieste. Itiillai reparations and thu Kallinnn which tin eould nrigotlrue In n your. If ho nhoiild dumand that Amerleim students nnd pi'ofi'MMorii have tho samo right tu visit Russia that KiiHslu'in fuo grunted by thu If. S., that Arn- rrlcan niovlnx, hodk.'i and ina>;ii- •/.Inc.'; ho udrnlttod to rtimsln. thut American nnwnpuporti and thu ordinary John Q. CltlKon huvi> a rli.'ht tn itriivtiI In Fiimalii, It would do /ridi'ii to Htuhlll'/o world pddcc than nil thri othoi 1 Irmitluu liiiftKlnahln. II In (iiiltd truo, of COUI-.IH. that 'Hyrrm.i would not gft a "iron a«- llClll .< inn n.xvK Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST, Telephone 4187 cos;t to Rxiiiala" treaty. RuBsla's M.' Molotoff would scronm L-J high hoaven, tear his hnlr and c In Inni this was not on tho Uganda, He would u von accuse Byrp.uu of sabotaging the poaco. . Howovur. that Is no reason tot not putting M. MolotofT on the spot. Hi. has put plonty of others on thi. H pot, Ho has taken great pleasure I,, hmirlng thum acruum and It I might b« interesting to hear him rtcnuim for a change. Kremlin routers Distrust Furthorrnore, the world at large ...Including a small but vocal pro- Communlat seginont of the Amc lean poople — nooda to bo oducut- ocl to tho fuel that tho KUHslann 'imply do not want friendship with U,o outside world. Thoy thrive on ( and uusplclon. in fact, .tho Kromlln has u better hold on the Rmislii" poopl" when thoy are sus- -lou-i of outsklei-M. That In why iill" Moscow radio broadcasts, why all the Kxinslnn nuwspapurn, con- intlv warn of the capitalist men- uci, and claim tho United States hrl-itlrn with piioplii eager to ma.s- icro Innocent Russian peasants. Fur somi- strange reason no vine in tho United Status hus ever called tin, RuMslan bluff. Tho State Do- piirlmont ha« made polltci ovcr- •turcH, It Is truo, but no high oin- clul nan over stood up publicly and told tho Kromlln that it Is time for u iihowdown uu to whether Russia, wants pence and understanding botwoen the Kuaslun and American people. 1 can think of no better place to cull for auch a .showdown than at a coiifwronco convened for ;tho purposft of c.itabllHhlngpoace. I'ur- thi-rmoro T urn certain that nlno- tonths of tho delegates present, plUM in&'it of tho people of tho world, would applaud -MO vigorously uuch a stnnd on our part that ,,vim the htii-d-L-Jlled, .thlck-aklnnod Molutotl' would be Impressed, jliiH l.ust AVivrltl I.i:iulnrslil|) However, thu unfortunate but In- unuapntilu fact Is that the United Status lids lost Its world leruler- .ihlp, Our diplomats have been led tmough MO many Vonexlu Glu'.la labyrinths and up no many Trieste blind alloys with Slav diplomats ynpplng at their heeln that thoy •ire woury and confused. Thoy hnvo Uiirtly lost their boaringsi. The •/rrat gonl of " peace bayed on t'hii Foil r Freodom.M scorns very dliri, very bturrod, and very far awuy. Thu United States also has lout much ol 1 the reiipect and admiration of tho ''mailer powers. The. nations which have nothing to gain fi-uiii win 1 etcopt seeing their oltlcs bombed ontT looked to un as their irroiit champion, Thp Min:ill nntlons knew wn had no ultui-lor miXlve-j. They know we had only ono great objective, per- manfint pence, but they have noon HH get bmrcnd rlown, oiftwittcd uud •ildutrarkud time after time. The fox Molotoff, whn they know has finly his own ax to grind, has taken off the trull, confused us, und le.d ii'i around In nlrulo». (iood WIN Hi'twrmi I'pojilos Neednl Tho Hniull remnant of a treaty ..i> urn now c:ill"d t.vjmn to sign means almost nothing. Molotoff ims whittled It down until It chiefly lottlofi u feu- points lie wants 'i-ttled. Austria can't be dlse.UM:ied. Thoi'Dforo, Runlnn troops can .still remain In Austria, cnn otlll send t-i- Inforconuints to Jugonlavlu and .fui,'o»lavla, backed by the Red Army, cun find an excuse tomovelnto Trleato tho day after tho U. S,- lU«h troops move out. In other wordri, whatever treats' Is signed leri' moans nothing unions It Is mood "n ,tho Mrm foundation of ;tio'.l will hotweun ilooplt's. The [jiilliul Status n.nd Great Brlt- iln will ncvi.-r light each other be- Most Under-ranked BEACON FALLS Correspondent, Thomas Fltepntrlok, Telephone 4368 Post Office Department Seeks New Quarters Here Present Building To' Be : Ra'zed, 1200 : Feet Of Floor' Space' Required '"', Guiding figure behind tlio devol- opnicjit of the riidlo-controlled guided mlHHllo Is Lt. Potor Murray (above) of Duyton, O. Ho hiijj boon described by.his own command «« "the most under-ranked Individual In the U. S. Army." Murray's oiitstiindliiK' development IN the "nwglc" control box n»Pd In the now art of modern warfare. (International) C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS VOT All Oocimlonn csuisf the bond between their peoples Is "too Htronff. They unclnrattind onch other and they would impeach ovornlffht.uny President or Pi'lmo Minister who proposed ..war between them. Hymns' Blc Obstacle But friendship between the Russian and American people, while anxious to sprout, has no soil in which to grow. The loaders in Mos- mow will not permit it. Briefly, that la thu bit,' obstacle Secretary Byrnes must overcome buforn he can brlnj; home anything which even remotely bears resemblance to a treaty o'f pencR, Until we re-emphnslse the lofty troals for which we fought this war, any peace treaty signed at Paris will be a mere mockery. It would be far bettor to sign nothing ihnn to come away from the Conference with a piece of papor supposed to fulfill the great hopes for which men fought but which actually means .10 little. (Copyright 19-1C by The- Eoll Syndicate, Inc.) An announcement from the office of the postal inspector, C. S. Wibcl,. In Boston, revealed today that bids are now being sought for the leasing of suitable quarters for 'the post olllce., ... The specifications which were asked for In the request Included nssnrancw! of light, power, .water, toilet facilities, plumbing, heating, etc- Diagrams of rooms offered and plans for adjoining space such as driveways or parking areas are expected. Postmaster John Loo announced today tluvt he believed that the postal officials wished to procure lease of a new site ns soon as possible as the present building will have to be vacated in the near future, The building housing the post office will be one of those allowed '.•-> remain standing longest by .the stnte before the construction of the road forces the removal of the structure, : The new building will have to have 1200 feet of floor space, Postmaster Lee stated. . Although the state has been reluctant to impart specific information it has been reliably learned that 'they do not intend to begin •the road construction until May 1, 10-17. turned^to their home on Bethany road, from a vacation at Bar Harbor,. Mal-n.e. ' '•'' Weekend Visitor Mrs. Mary Ashe of New York, a former resident, was a recent visitor in this town. ' Awarded Scholarship Walter Szczesiul, 20 Railroad avenue has tocen awarded the ,Loe and Oagood Scholarship to the College of'Pharmacy In New Haven, it was revealed today by Arwood S. North- by, Director of Student Personnel of, the University of Connecticut, .The local youth who. recervtly graduated from Naugatuck High school where ho was active . in .sptirts. and .other extra-curricular activities, will, enter the .college in September u's a freshman. Mr. S/tJzfSlul once was a writer for THE NEWS covering Beacon Falls; and writing up sporting events that occurred in High school, which he was attending at thnf time. Returned Homo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rung and family, of. Wolfe avenue, 'have returned to their home after spending a two weeks vacation in Maine. Mica is an excellent non-conductor of heat and electricity, ar.d Its resistance to decomposition Is relatively high. Condition Critical ^_ The condition of Peter Juzwishen, of Railroad avenue, who is a patient at New Haven General hospital, is reported critical today. Mr, Juswishen lias had to be administered several blood transfusions during the last week, but his | condition remains unchanged. The j transfuslone were given to him i by members of hiu family, | Visits Homo 1 Miss Maureen Kiernun, student nurse at the New Britain hospital, has been a visitor at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conl&th Kiurnan of Wolfe avenue, the last several days. Hospital Patient William Dillon, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs- William Dillon of Bethany road, is a patient at the Waterbury hospital. Returned Home Mr. and Mrs. Persia Salisbury and daughter Marion, have re- rians Propresn Plans for the carnival sponsored by tho local Fire Department and American Legion Post 25, are pro- grcsBlng at a rapid pace, according to latest reports received. • The carnival will be held at N-je's field on South Main street, beginning August 16, and closing Augus-t 2<l. Crusaders Play Sunday The Beacon Falls Crusaders are scheduled to resume action again this Sunday, when the St. Francis amateurs play them at the local Athletic field on Lopus road. The locals were narrowly beaten by this team in an encounter last Sunday, when.-.errors proved their downfall. Raymond Wisniewski will pitch for the St. Michael's club. MILLION VOTKRS Hartford, Aug. 2—(UP.)—Political observers predict that a record number of persons will be eligible to vote in the state elections this year. The number of registered vot ers is expected to exceed one million. Two years ago there were 968,000 names on the lists. TKLKOHAVUKO MELBOURNE'S .TLOWER SHOP 130 BUBIIKK AVKNUK Telephone C22fl PHOTOGRAPHERS We liavr n. complrln stock nf durU roimi <<<|iil|»m>nt and mip- pllcs. ENLARGERS Federal $35.30 Sun Ray $65.00 Solar 2^x314 with KODAK II).'. MM. -I.S LKNS $90 ti.t diivi'lop your next roll of film. Wi« onlurKu und color your flivorltn print. For Your I'hoto Nei>d« It's— NKAK SOOTH MAIN ST. Wutcrbury [f you've been, shopping for furniture lately, it's quite possildo that you acquired one .of those ciisus ol' (locorating blues that afflict enthusiastic when Ihey can't find jnst the things they A\ r nnt ... or even a reasonable facsimile-. We ask you. not io despair, because there is a brighter, side. True, we do not hove lire vast selection of fine 1 homo furnishings now that we would like to offer yon. B'nt \vi> do linve many lovely things for your home; onr back orders tire beginning' to arrive daily; scarce merchandise is slowly coming- back . . . and wo are.doin£r onr best to gel. the furniture you want as soon as possible. Tn the meantime, we ask your patience-and invite yon to keep coming in. The item yon: couldn't find yesterday might be here .now. Today might be your lucky day! • ,. CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAYS JULY AND AUGUST Furniture Co., inc 175-185 CHURCH STREET; NAUGATUCK 1760 WATERTOWN AVE. (OAKVILLE) Wqyside Store Open Thurs., Fri, and Sat, Evenings Until 9 P. M. Waterbury Town Committee Gives Talbot Support Indorsement of Rep. Joseph E. Talbot for the Republican nomination for governor was voted unanimously at Wednesduy right's meet- Ins of the Watci-bury Republican Town Committee, it was unnounced by Richard D. Ecnsen chairman, yesterday. 'The resolution indorsing Rep. Talbot is a*.follows: "Wheruos the • Honorable Joseph E. Talbot, congressman I'or the 3th District of the sUUC' of Connecticut •hus recently announced his candidacy for governor of Uie slate ot Connecticut: "And whereas the Honorable Joseph E. Talbot has maintained for himself an exceptionally llni> record aa congressman for this district during -the three terms in which he has. represented the people of this section of the state; "And whereas the Honorable Joseph E. Talbot is cxception- aly well-ilttcd for this high oWce for which he is aspiring through his past experience as judge in his native town of Naugatuclc, treas.- uror of the state of Connecticut, and workmen's compensation commissioner of the 5th District of the ^tate of Connecticut;. "Be it resolved that the Republican Town Committee of the City of Waterbury indorse the Honorable Joseph E. Talbot for the office of governor of t-he state of Connecticut and 1 pledge itself to do its po.wer to bring about Obituaries FRKKTE—-John Alexander, of 7fi I School street, Naugatuck, in this borough, Aug. :, 1940. Funeral Monday morning at 8:15 o'clock from laie residence to St. Mary's church at 9: Burial in St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at the late residence after £ o'clock ' Saturday afternoon until funeral time. hl» nomination and election to this high ofllcc; "And be i:. further resolved that a copy of this resolution bo forwarded to the chairman of i.ho RoiJiihlic.-in State Central Committee, to thi; prciiw, and to the Honorable Joseph E. Tolbot. "Presented and unanimously adopted lit a upeclul meeting of the Republican Town Commilcce of thu City of Watcrbury -on Wednesday, July 31st, 19-ifl, (Signed) RICHARD D. EENSEM. Chairman. Another Milk Increase Asked Hai-lfoi-d, Aiif,'. 2—(U P)—Two Connocticul Millt o-ssociation !isiv« asked SiaU> Commissioner Hum- morJjerjr for an okuy to again mis" ihu iJj'ioi? of milk. Milk pi-ict-s have Rone up twice in the state KinCB early in .luiie— mntli']- of three ocnL:; a quart. A hearing will b« h(.'!d .-ii iho state capital next Thursday on Uie application of the Connecticut Milk Producers association aid the Connecticut Milk Dealers assoclaion. They contend a further advance in prices is necessary Ueeausu of mounting costs of Krain und distribution. Probate Notice District of Naugratuck, ss. Pio- bat«.' Court, Aug. 3, 1946. EstaU; of Anton F. Krni'strom. in.te of Naugaluck. in .'j.-iid District, dcccaecd. The. Court of Probate for thi> District of Kaugatuck hath llmit- (!<J and allowed six months fiom date herctof for the creditors of snkl eslato 10 exhibit their claims for settlement. Those who neglect to present their accounts, properly attested, within said time, will be debarred s. recovery, AJ1 parsons indebted to said Estate are requested !o mtiltn immediate payment to BI-:HNARD C. PREESTROM, 21'i Broadway Milford, Conn. Executor. Band Concert Off Until Tuesday The Community Band Cicm scheduled to be held last cv«i,W in the Green, •will be held TuJ. day, Augusts, instead. The concert way postponed last evening dae <<! inclement weather and was 'not tjcheduled tonight diie to the pos sible recurrence of bad clrcur.i.Hianccs. President Albert F. Smith nounc-,d that the program Sc uled for last night would be sentcd Tuesday. Russia communist rule extend. over ISO million persons. i! Our Diamonds are tarifia <j for color, ;j weight, quality, , , Vyour guarantee of ton* fiJe quality v your »*aurvic* of l+tifttctiaa WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CHUBCH ST. , Conn. The Spirit of Youth is personified in this coat of Natural Grey Chinese Kidskin . . . (back after four long years) . . . silken and silvery, embued! with an air of casual grace OUR FUR SHOP has a large selection of fine furs designed in the latest fashion. Air Cooled Fur Salon — Second FJoor t 49 Vj a- 33-35 East Main St, Waterbury Phone 4-4191

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