Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1911
Page 6
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THE loiA g4^l^iS3m Igm^ XRTHyfi J. MER IRIBESTEIi We carry only the kind of Neckties you'd like to wear. They'll never hang iis for robbinjf you on the price, either. All 50c Ties are not the same quality. See ours. Underwear? Yes. Shirts, Hosiery—everything you need for your body. The big ^tore who live and let live. GLOBE—thats the name. WiCHJ PITTS LADYLIKE SCHOOL XASTES TBOUBLE IN COLOBAOO. IS Win be Hemembered nn Cause of Con- trorersjr ud Trouble In Allen Conntr School. Trinidad, Colo.—Professor Artio Baker, about whom considerable mystery has developed owing to tite fact that he has form and features of woman, is under arrest upon the charge of masquerading as a man. He talks freely when interviewed In the woman's quarters in the Jail but still refuses to •answer any leading questions. - It is given out by his attorney, however, that at his trial some startling facts will bo disclosed. It einimod that nnkor was n member of the United States army during the Spanish-American war and saw some active service. 1( Is suld that honorn ble diseharge papers will bo produced which will establish beyond n doubt Ills Identity. The trlnl will be among the most scnsnlloiinl ever behl here iind the wltni'ssos will Ineluile nearly every physiciiin in the city. Clinrged with n stiilutory ofTense Albort James Maker, a teacher In the Scgundo Bchool, Is being held In the coimty jail awaiting preliminary hearing. Dpsplte the inlilals "A, J." and the masculine attire Baker is said not to be a man but an eNccedlngly attrac tlvo woman. Baker has been mas- qu'rading ttS a man, it Is charged and has been teaching In tho Sopund school Since early in September. Although silently effeminate in man ner no one suspected her (his) Id 'nil ty until a boy said to be uiidor 18 years of age made allegations In th complaint which has set the people In Segundo agog. It makes one of the most sensational cases that has ever come before the county authorities. The defendant will not admit the deception charge. TOOK DONATION FOR THE POOR Ctaurrhes, Salvntlon Arnij' nnd Srhuuls Hive UflVrlnirs. the Vcsterdny morning at ten o'clock a union Thttnksplvlng inopiiiig was hold at the First M. E. church. Dr. S. S. Hllscher of the First Prosbyterlan church delivering a sermon appropriate to the day. After the sermon, an offering of a eonsldfrablc amount was collected from those pre.'ioni, and given to the Board of Chnrlti-'s for distribution among the dosrrvini; poor of the city. The meeting was well ai- tendod. , Wednesday evening and yesterday morning the Salvation Army received donations for the poor. The distribu tlon Of donations, which consisted mostly of eatables, was superintended 1 by Captain Morris. Wednesday night. Silverstein, of Chanute. the converted Jew conducted a meeting at I'he hall.' The meeting was featured by the singing of a song by Silverstein in the Hebriew language. I>ast nlsht's meeting was in charge of Knsign Robinson, of Chanute. A short address by S^^.-Epblnson on the life of a circus <:lown, which was formerly his occupation was very interesting. • Wainesday donations were roceiv- ' ed at the various schools of the city from-the pupils. The teachers took charge of-ithe donations, and the offer Jng8.";werei turned over to the Board of Charities for distribution. The amoinit i^ven by the pupils of Iota's schools, was in the aggregate large, and Tery_materially helped the poor to^eajoy Thanksgiving day. (ASCAKKT.S VVHT. X HllJOrS HEAD.iniE (Jenlly but Thoroughly ('lcansi> Your Liter, .Sloniiicli and Dowels nnd Vou Keel «;real by .Morning. You're lillliniK yiui liave a tliroh- Mng .•irn .<!:i(li)n In your iieail a had laste In your mouth, yoiir eye:; liuin your !»Uln Is yellow with dark rings under your oyca; your llji.s arc pxrch- rd. .\'() wonder you feel Ugly, mean and in teniiicrod. Your system is full of bile not properly pas.sed off and wliat you need is a cleaning up Inside. Oon'i continue being a bilious niii.^ani-e to yours-'elf, and tliose who love you. am! dun'l re.sorl to UnrsU phytHcB that irritate and injure. Remember that every disorder of the ftoniath. liver and intestine.s can be quickly cured by morning with gentle, thorough Cascarets—they work while you sleep. A 10-cent box from your druggist will keep you and the entire family feoHng cood far months. Child ven lovr- to take Cascarets, because t!iey taste good and never gripe o sicken. Tlie Washington man who pawned his cork leg in Baltimore and lost the ticket is now in a position to sympathize with the Hon. Jonathan Bourne. —Special Fa,e of Buttercups pounds. Palace of Sweets. 10c —^The boy's appetite is often tho source of amazement. If you would have such an appetite take Chamberlain's Tablets. They not only create a healthy appetite, but strengthen the stomach and enable it to do its work naturally. For sale by All Dealers. SALMI Will sell at PubUc Auction at the Port farm, 2 miles cast and 1 miles south of Ida, on . : Wednesday, Dec. 6,1911, Coniineneing at 1 o'clock sharp, the fi>ll«iHlM',' prnp<'rty, low II: IIOK.KK.S. ~i span of black, well umtihcd brood! piatve In foal by Stafford's blaclv -^orse. These mare.'j will welsh about jatiO each. 1 Idack horse colt, seven months old. C.VTTLE. I~3-year -0id cow. glviii;; milk; 1 '2-year-old cow. just fresli; 1 Bcifer cnlf. 4 months old. IMl'I.K.MEMS. lie. ! buvKV. 2 self! liiirncHS. 1 riding plow. 1 cultivator, 1 wiiiking jdow, 1 li.-'.irow :;IM1 other tools of every de- sciA'lioii. ;.'(!(• line chickens .'ic tons of Moose limy In l>:irii; 10 Ions of !--l:v„f oKts in barn: ."<) sliocks coin and fodder; Jeo bushels'of corn in crib; hoiiricholJ goods of all descriptious. and other lirtfcles too nunierons to i!.e:ition. RaTvOr at one time taught school in this county, but before his term was out he fell under suspicion and was discharged. He spent some time in lola and protended to feel much like a martyr because of tho suspiciousness of the public, yet he undoubtedly did everything In his power to en hance the mystery. He dressed as man nnd claimed to he a man, but never omitted an opportunity to en courage those who asserted that he^ was a woman masquerading. When here he had the doctors drangling in Bfndavits and he seemed to enjoy the newspaper notoriety. He had a wife when here. From Allen county he went to Oklahoma, but the same mys tery and near-scandal soon followed there, and now Hie same thing Iiajhai pened in Colorado. Following the rumpus here linker re celvod a vaudeville offer. Of this tin Chenute Tribune says: "Ho recelv«d a proposition to gr on the vaudeville stage as n female lmporBonatoi\ The persons miiklui; the offer told baker that If he accept ed he must he able to wear the sharp pointed Iocs which wert« the mode It footwear among women at Hint time "Baker cnmo to Chanute and hiii' a purfieon lop off his Utile toes and pare down tho joints thereof, so tha he could get his feet Into women's shoes. His Trilbies were very small for a man. 'Th.i vaudeville proposition evident ly fell through for he afterwatds taught school in Oklahoma." TAFT TALKS AOOOT HIS WW (Continued From Page One.) 'TERMS OF SALE— 10 montlis time will be given on bankable note with lO'/J from date it not paid when due. On sums of $10 or ever 4% discount for cash. Xo iiroperty to be removed until settled for. 6 ^1 interest. fe," 1* ISHOP, AncUoneer. J. W. ARNET project for a Constitutional amendment, you probably have in mind some particular form of general income tax to recommend to Congress when it is free to act?' "In a way, yas. I believe, on principle, in a general income tax. • The only good aiguments against it are that It is Inquisitorial, and that it offers a temptation to perjury. But 1 would not resort to the ordinary income tax except in an emergency like war. wlien I would have it graduated, so that those citizens who had most at stake should bear a correspondingly large share of the burden of the common' defense. In time of peace would avoid temptation to perjury and :Wou'ld confine the government to taxei; that do not involve|much inquisitorial methods in their collection." "Mr. President, I suppose you have noticed Mr. Bryan's comments on your appointment of Chief Justice .White?" AU that I have to say about my judicial appointments is that I have regarded niy duty In respect to them as the most sacred with which 1 am charged and that I have spared no effort to secure for the Supreme Court md other courts the best men I could get, with the fullest appreclallon of he fad that the Vederal couriB, and especially the Supreme Court constitute the chief bulwark of the Instltu- lons of civil liberty, created by tlie "onstltution." ".Now, Mr. President, something of he future. Wliat do you jiurpose reatInK as your 'calendar of unfiniKJi- ed hu .slness' for tiie rest of your term?" "In the domestic field, I suppose re- iicilons In the woolen nnd cotton Hchedulo and possibly In tho metal Kcliedule of tlic tariff will RO to the top of tho calendar. These will be founded, as far astmy recommendations are concerned on the report of the Tariff Board. 1 have heard It Insinuated that Congress will not heed the suggestions of an executive board. .\K to that I have to means of Judg Ing In advance. What I shall do is to put the whole thing up to Congress, and leave the members to settle with ;.heir constituents if they prefer not to act. In the House the Democratic majority have always professed tfiem- .selves ready to accept^any reductions they can get and I am going to take them at their word in good faith. Wliere the Insurgents will stand I am not prophet enough even to surmise. Extra Special! TWO dozen Serge an|l Panama Skirts, worth up to $12.50; special price $2.50 Extra Special! We oiTer as an extra special for Saturday— Taffeta Silk Petticoats, wortli up to $7.50. $3.95 Every AU Suits Rjeduced Suit in the house is now' offered at a reduced 25 hobby upko-date Suits, ;in tures,: cheviots, all colors ed, worth cial price, the new mix- basket weavers arid serges, in blaek^ includ- up to $35, spe- A beauti dies' and Children's ul Iin6 of La- At kn Just Received Another shipment of handsome N o v-"? 11 y Coats and the new chev­ iots in black and navy, with large collars, tnm- med in velvet. are very handsome Coats— the vei'v latest in New York. Children's Bearskin Coats in all colors and sizes, special for $1.59, $2.00 to $5.00. Some handsome Coats for the little ones to sell for.. $3.95, $4.95 Children's Coats in irrey and green kersey, sizes 2 to 5 years; special .. $T.50 A handsome line of misses' and children's nobby new Coats, specially priced. $5 to $12..50 SHOES. Of course you will want a n Shoes before ("hristinas. It will pf.illi yon jlo ccrtiiiiily price. I see our line before you buy: W can please you—both in style-and Xew Tan Boots. 11 and 16 butt6n, lii kiii)l toes; priced at Velvet and .Sni'de top; per pair . Boots, mediui)! and high IHI }\ and lilgl Pi'.tent loatlicr In button tiiid 1 at W..><l, ii\etal and kid Icalhijr, b nl - iSpi. .SI'KI'IAI,— .\ new slilimioiit of brond foe lasl— llM a lieaiily; luice niii.iMtEN s sriiool, SUOE.^ button nnd lace; a luilr . ¥1.10, .\ fill! line of Overslioe.-^. Utibliern, I .i 'Kglire a !Ul Gaiters for wo'iieii and children at very special ilrice;. HOrSE SLIPPER.S make nice them for men, women and chjldreii-ln a variety of stylos. Priced at J $1.(10, and $.«.7."> w- pair :or iS|.«M) . K • I- .1 I- :h ;^ 1- •:^ •.^ > •.^ ^i- F|IEE! FREE! Tomorrow—to all children under 12 years, a nice little story, FREE for the asking. I' l- i- l- -I' -h h h h l- i • t- ••V '»• SILK SCARFS. .V nice Silk S'-.'.rf Woiilii ii'.iUc luT a nice Clir.'stnias iircseiii. Hco tiie bi-.i'Miiul line we ' ov.iii^;. Very i pi'.ii.ily jiiicml at. ))er •2r,r, :i'.h; 4r>c ice. prlcj-d HANDKERCHIEFS. Clnij'tiu.-is IlaiKlIierciiicp 'r- of l;iiids for li.eii. w()ii!i 'n :i:h! cl'lldreii in i>l::iii linei'. initi:il :iMd eiiiliroiiiery; luiic.l :n ."i-. In-. ;;.">(•. .'lUc. c.'.r. rr.c. $!.iio iiii to . ' •/.],:,() lion or ; hice Slio;.-'—now priced i !.I.T.->, t2 .rA l?:i."»<» and li; I'Uttoli gun metal rioot.s lilgli at only! f.i.'W ill gun metal and kid leather. !•;!.'.•.->, ^IM, $l..-,ll, ifl .7.-| anil ifi.tMl HANDIUCS. We arc showing ji very Inrr.e asM 'rtiin iil of ever.Mliiii:; Hint Is iii'W in llniid IhiKS, .Mesli Haus l ;eail Ilar^-, Vel\.| |1 M ;4 S , .•'.' Hags, 'l'apc ^^t^y lliigsuid heailHr I!;;;;s. Trices ranee fr():>i ;;;,(•. .",iie. 7 .-.c, use, $1.-:.".. ?i'.'>, $'-.w» Mu to . <(r,.:,n f'liristnias prcsi'nfs. \Vc liavi; OUTING IXANNEL. 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Tlien there Is the question t ratifying the i)eaco treaties with ;ngland and France, and the fiscal reatles with Honduras and Nicaragua hich in their way are peace treaties Iso, as their purpose is to remove one of the most prolific causes of ar." "I arstiine tliat you know that it has •en widely hinted tliat your tour was the opening of your campaign for re- laitlon?" "Certainly, as Is the case with all administrations, much of what I have me since I liuvo been In office has hiid nomt> imlltlral color put upon It by ho.xc who were Inclined to be crltcal. The truth Is, however, tliai political rtslderatlons have not weighed heavily with me. 1 have tried lo ^o ip each case what seemed to me the witest thing, regardless of its effect u|K)n my own future. Indeed, In mof -e than one instance I have been perfectly conscious whose bad bloo<l would he stirred by some act of mine or. some refusal to act. The circumstance that the same persons who hail me, after one application of equ^l Justice as a far-seeing conservative patriot, denounce me after the next as an unreasoning radical, does'not gre^tj ly disturb my equanimity. I set that down as 'all in alday's work.* • "I am very grateful for tha hoopn the people have'given me. I do not apd con. and striking a balance tlfey . *slioi'.ld decide that my first term had been frui:ful enough of g.'.od to war-j rint their enlisting me far another. Any man would be proud of such a ri-rdlcf. Rut I have not been willing ni)r shall I be, to imrchase It at the .•idcrlfice of my f-eedom to do my du- l\' .is.l see it. .My hapi>lnp'<- Is not de- .lifndcit* on liolding any office; nnd I sliall i;o back to private life with no hhirthiirnlngfi If the jicnple aftrr an unprejudiced review of my adniinls- Itjatlon coiKldile that so;:ieone cnn Fcrvp them lo their preater ad- viinfapo." "Thpre could be no better modl- clhe than Chamberlain 's Cough Reme d.if. My' children were all i»lck with whooping cough. One of them was In hf|d had a high fever and coughing up blood. Our doctor gave them 01 .ambcrlaln 's Cough Remedy and the flijst dose eased them, and three bottles cured them." says Mrs. R. A. nald of Lexington, Miss. For sale All Dealers. how current history moves to prove thji trulh of that old International rid- dli about the breaking up of China, the downfall of Turkey, and the consternation of Africa! The NorthrH|> National Bonk KDLA, KAWr-iAS OYER FOBTT TEARS OF CflXSERVATIVE SAnKII^tJi Hf lOLA Depository (or the United Sfutes, State of Kansns, and Allen CuaDty OFKICEKS; L. L. NORTHRUP. President U. P. NORTHRUP. 2nd V-Pre« F. A. NOItTHRUP, Vice-President MKLVIN FRON'K. Cashier. R. J. COl FKY. Asst Cashier. CAPITAL 950.000.00 8UBPLUS S20.000.00 Interest Paid on Time Deposit*. Safety Deposit Boxaa for Seat yOUB BUSINESS SOLICITED. effect to deny the satisfaction I shouW 4 -Baker Sisters Slnglo? and Dan«- leel if, after casting up the totals pro Ini. Xajestle. Highest Market Prices for Hides Brid Furs also Fine Lump Coai ^FOR SAI.E AT — — £• Krupp^ Junk Yard PHOM 3t4 For the qoickest results—The Register >\^arit Cdlim^!

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