Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 25, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1954
Page 5
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Thursday, February 25, 19S4 HOPE STAR, HOP!, AKKANIAS Witnesses Are Cdntlnued from Page One iRhcck was being used. "Mr. Danuser did not conspire with me in any way to get this money from the county and he had no wav of knowing whether not I had the full amount of the check coming to me in treasury commissions because I had mentioned to him thai I was not mnr- riecl anrl had no family and alid boon able to carry a reserve of my trcHFiiry commissions from i-Ar"vio;is yonrs. ''Any r.lntomonl made contrary to this, or to the effect that Roy S. Danuser had knowledge that 1 did not have the money coming to me or that he .advised me to withdraw money improperly from the county. . .arc not true." Other witnesses heard by the jury were Aubrey McCasland, director of county audits of the Stale Finance Department W. A. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE NaKKinc backache, loss of pep nndcnorify, headaches nnil dir.zineu3 maybe duo to slowdown ot kidney function. 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Asks Support Continued from Page One headlines picturing Stevens as having yielded to McCarthy were bound to affect army morale ad versely. Meanwhile, it was learned that Vice President Richard M. Nixon had telephoned Stevens Tuesday about his feud with McCarthy and that this was followed up by a telephone call from Sen. Karl E. Mundt (R-SD) suggesting ycstcr day's meeting with McCarthy and GOP members of his subcommit tec. Nixon made a lengthy, "fan nounccd visit to the White House today, presumably in connection with the Stevens-McCarthy issue. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said Stevens talked with him and several other members of Mr. Eisenhower's staff last night. Probe Asked . . Continued from Pago One sidcr the resolution. The council is scheduled to hold its regular meeting in April. Evans headed a house commit- Way Cleared for Approval of Warren By JOHN CHAbWlbK | I WASHINGTON Iff) A 12-3 com- mittco vote cleared the way today for speedy Senate confirmation of Earl Warren as chief justice ot the United Stales. Sen. Knowland of California, the Republican floor leader, said he planned to take President Eisenhower's nomination of Warren up in the Senate tomorrow. "I believe the Senate will give the chief justice an overwhelming vote of coincidence," he added. No senator, not even any of the three who voted against committee clearance, has said publicly he will vote against confirming Warren's appointment. The Republican governor of California has been serving on the Supreme Court since last October under an interim appointment made while Congress was. in adjournment. His nomination to succeed the late Fred M. Vinson in the nation's highest judicial office was submitted to the Senate for confirmation on Jan. 11, but it was only yesterday that the Senate Jit. diciary Committee reported it !»• vorably. ' . The committee acted after a daylong session at which its only witness was taken into custody by police on a complaint that he was a fugitive from a California charge of subornation, of perjury—inducing someone to lie under oath. He later was released, however, by a municipal judge. The vote to recommend confirmation of Warren's nomination was 12-3. with Senators Kilgore (D- WVai, Eastalnd (D-MiSS) and Olirt D. Johnston (D-SC) Casting th« opposition votes. <l Ifl The United States population ip the pa-it eight years is more than a third greater than the entire population of Canada. The mtrie system trf fneasur* mcnts — metcr t gram, litre — wai first set tip by France more that! a century nrtd a helf The Am»1c*ttJfoi estimate's* 'ffctl M, has about mUH-j frintt heart fhstfcblt FOR THE BEST FIX WATCH CHANNEL SIX -TV CBS ABC DTN lee which launched an investigation into gasoline prices in Arkansas during .the 195 Slegislativc session HP asked tho council yesterday to determine it gasoline prices in Aricansas were discriminatory as compared to those in neighboring states. Evans' resolution also asked for an investigation of public utility rates, the services offered and the laws governing operation of public utilities. The study, he said, should determine whether utility rates in Arkansas are "comparable" to those in other states. E.O.M END OF MONTH CLEANUP! BiQ Chance for Savings! •'*• • **(^ . . 4 PERFECT QUALITY NYLON HOSIERY • Discontinued Shades! • Perfect Quality! Save! PERFECT QUALITY! NYLON PUCKER Not All Colors! 77*• Perfect Quality! Save / / C Yd. 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