Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 14, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 14, 1909
Page 3
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Wells Replied to irown. To the Editor of the Covtna Argus, Dear Sir: Tn your edition of July Slst. Mr. Brown of the Christian Science Committee on Publication has made several inisstatements, which I wish to correct. Firstly, he continues the attempt to show a similarity between the revisions of the Bible and the radical changes in "Science and Health." Now, at the inogt, it Is only claimed for our English versions of the Bible that they are merely translations and a revision of our Bible is simply a revision of a translation; the original is the same today as it was a thousand years ago. Mr. Brown's reference to the Twentieth Century New Testament is a most palpable evasion, as this book Is frankly and avowedly an attempt to tell the gist of the story in modern language; it lays no claim to being a literal translation. As against this, "Science and Health," the book which God dictated to Mrs. Eddy, has been reconstructed almost yearly until the original book is practically lost. Secondly, Mr. Urown calls my attention to the appended note in the C. S. Quarterly, which makes it possible for the owner of the last previous edition to study the weekly lessons. This is an evasion, which nraounFs almost to a misrepresentation. It has always been the custom, and .is today (unless there has been a very recent change), to publish this appendix for a short time, but this is soon discon tinned, so that my point Is literally true, that the loyal student must soon er or later purchase the new volume. Will Mr. Brown.say that I can use my "Text Book" of several years ago for this purpose today? It is also considered a -matter for shame in the Christian Science church if the com municant does not possess the latest edition. He will surely be called upon to make that "demonstration." Such use of half truths is contemptible and shows the straits to which the exponent of Christian Science is forced, in order to defend his belief and the policy of his church. Mr. Brown's statement that the cheaper edition of "Science and Health" is the copy most generally in use, is also a misstatement, for it is of a size and form and of a cheap ap pearance, which makes it impracti ,. cable. But whether we refer to the $3.00 or the $5.00 volume, I know of no book of the same size and of equa! circulation, whether of a scientific or other nature, which Is so expensive. Moreover, this is a religious text book, and if the devotees of this sect were sincere in the propogation of the faith, they would put it on the market at the lowest possible cost. As a publisher and printer of experience, I can state that the large item of expense in publication is the selling of the book. This cost is almost eliminated in this case and the cost of producing this book is at the most but a few cents per copy for either style. Now if Mrs. Eddy and the Christian Science Church were engaged in the business for purposes of profit only, this would be permissible, although the profits would, even then, smack or' extortion. But if, on the other hand, they be what they claim to be, an organization for the uplift, of humanity and the spread of the Truth, this condition is simply damnable. I leave the inference to the readers of the Argus. In all his so-called answers. Mr. A PLEA FOR DELAY. Should the Honest But Poor Man Be Compelled to Sacrifice His Home For Civic Improvement!*? Covina is a model city of growth and prosperity. Twenty-five years ago, nothing but an occasional house or shack could be seen In the land of sunflowers. The land was fertile, and was cheap, so prospective farmers came in and bought up small tracts of land and began the cultivation of the soil. The town grew, the railroad came through, the city was Incorporated, the electric line was extended to Covina from Los Angeles, and now prosperity extends to all? No, not all, for there are those with large families, who have struggled to keep the wolf from their doors, while they managed to accumulate money enough to buy a cheap lot, and by skillful management and great privation they have been able to build for themselves some kinds of homes. Today those people are just managing to keep even with the world. As it happened at the time, those cheap lots were on Center street. Since that time that street has been found an excellent location for homes for the well-to-do people. But what is the result? The taxes must be necessarily raised, sidewalks must be put in. the poor man, the man who make;; the best citizen, the man who is holiest and upright in ail his dealings must pay for the sidewalk (of no use to him) with his hard-earned money; he must make more self- deniah, he must refuse his children the necessary sustenance of life in order to pay that sidewalk bill. "Is this not all right?" say you with money. "Yes," Is the answer of 09 per cent of the monied class. "Yes," Is the answer, but men, I appeal to your hlghsr respect for humanity. Is It right to compel a man to pay for something which he does neither need nor want, and which he does not have the privilege of saying whether he shall have it or not? The sidewalks are in and the poor man is still struggling to pay his (shall I say "honest"?) debt. But what is the next call? Are the monied people satisfied? No! "Pavement" Is their cry. "Pavement from curb to curb, whether the property owners want it or not, whether It is right or not. If they say they will not pay for it, enforce it and say we did It according to the V room an act." You! man of noble mind! You! man who cares for humanity! You! who read tho Good Book! Do you believe this in justice toward your fellowman. Do you believe you are increasing love and unity, which are such noticeable characteristics of the American people? When a carpenter builds a house does no build the roof first, then the floor, and so on, he begin with the foundation and build upwards? If a man is building up a city does he not begin at the center and work arouri'l it? If the streets of Covina are to be paved and side walked, why not begin at the center, on Badillo and on Citrus avenue? That, is the question, and why not wait: until the greater majority of the people are ready for sidewalks and paved streets and then when you do it, do It right? T ask you, men, is it the dust (hat hurts? What are our higher taxes for if not. for oil to oil our streets, which we (!•> not gel? If there arc those who an 1 ready for it now, why not let them go ahead and pity for it out of their own pockets, and not squeeze the daily bread out of their fellow- (oviiia Transfer J. W. Keel'cr, Prop. HAULING OF ALL KINDS Baggage and Express Office phouc 80 Res. phone 1024 COVINA. CAL. SEE Brown has ignored my pertinent points or resorted to suhterfuge after the manner shown above. This is typical of these people, that •while they 'continually cry "Truth," "Truth," they are uniformally lacking in sincerity. It is therefore of little virtue and less satisfaction to argue with them, or to correct their inisstatements, as one finds himself engaged in an endless task, Geoi'Kine Milwine in McClure's Magazine and Mr. Frederick Peabody have both thoroughly exposed Mrs. Kddy arid Christian Science. A. 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COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDAIL Prop. Fresh and Tender Beef Mutton and Pork. Phone 36 Orders Delivered Promdtly man? Oentlcnien find citizens, lire we those who claim to be advancing toward higher civilization? Are wn those who are raising the standard of living, and unselfishness? If we are, citizens, why do we not wrench ourselves from tliis tiling we are falling into and show to Immunity that "we, the people of Covina, have for our motto, "Benefit, justice and unselfishness." \ TAX-I'AYKK. Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave Stockholders' Annual Meeting. Notice is hereby given that the annual meetiim of the stockholders* of If their statements are untrue, they! (h( , , rwin<Ja ,,. rllnis As . s ,, ( .i,ition will e liable to criminal prosecution, and j, j(; h( ., ( , ;i| , h( . . tHrt()( .,. ll iol ,. s , J!t ,. k | llK Mrs. Kddy atid the Christian Science church owe it to themselves, their . Diriunicarits and the world at large ri)imnunicants and the world at large , Mrs. Kddy has shown, in times past, i.o scruples against taking such action, and her failure to do so in this case L'ives tacit consent to these charges. Anyone wishing to rrjad a fair- n.inded history of this sect and of its high priestess should read the publi- -.itloiia mentioned above. if, N. WKI.I.S. For Sale at a Bdrtiain. i.'a.-M-y It; ,vnt. ( house (jflice on Saturday, August 'JH, HMJ'.I, for the purpose of el<-eting a Hoard of hirecfors and traiiKacting such ot.hi-r business us may properly come before i he meeting. H. MI1J.KK, Hec. HARNESS, HORSE GOODS, I , WAGONS, BUGGIES AND IMPUE I MENTS. Best Goocis — Lowest Prices Covina Harness 8c Sacidle^r Co. 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Phone and have our Agent call and tell you all about the Low Rates FOR ROUND-TRIP TICKETS EAST ::: IN EFFECT : : : August 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; Sept. 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 Stockholders' Annual Meeting. NulUf is hereby given that the annual iiM---M!ig id the .stockholders of ihf ('barter Oak Citrus A-i.socjatioi; v.i!i '>•• i.elii a i the association's pack\'.\ii l:«ii.ii- d\i Friday, Au;.''i.ii ^7tl., !''i':i. to! t.'.e |) of <•!.•< i in;.' :i ilu'.ii'i i>! bii>"tors and I i in:-' .- iri. (•;;.••!' Ijiii'.iiie.-,.-, a.s may j>ro;ji.-.'ly i •):;.•• i,••;(,: ,• i ;.>: iiieel.iii^. It i! MliiM.KTo.V .-;••• COVINA Shoe Repaint (o. • j IXi; SHOK KKI' -------- AT K'KAr>ONAl;lJ-; l'Rf( Ji Citru-i A vi tin Here are some of the Rates: OMAHA, ----- $60.fX) ST. LOUIS, KANSAS CITY, - - - 60.00 NEW YORK, CHICAGO, ----- 72.50 WASHINGTON, Tickets Good for Stop-oVers. Return Limit, Oct. 31, 1909. - - $ 67.50 - - - 108.50 - - 107.50 Choice of Routes. SOUTHERN PACIFIC Phone IH D, B. SCHENCK, Agent, Covina LOS ANGKI.KS OKfr'ICK. 600 SOUTH SI'KINli ST.

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