The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 5, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1977
Page 8
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TA.C.K .jW-NAliQATUCK NEWS (CONX), THURSDAY, AUG. 1. IMP •_ Listeners At Senate War Probe "Service For Veterans NKW IIASII'SHIHK him votucl u ntute bomiH of .$10 pwr month of xflrvlcc I'flKarclloH* uf thiwlur i'f <'[•• oration. Muxlmum In $100. VKKMON'I' puy» th" n'lmo t>oiuln with «. muxlnuim of $120. MAMSACIIUSKTTM IIH.H Incronxoil HH hcniw to S'-'OO for domiiKtlc nrul $300 for foreign m-rvler.' Sho will Kliu'l piiylrur Hiiconcl In^tnllniuMlK In Scptonilx'r. OUT.01''-STATK V K TK U A N S Khoulcl notify tholr loosil Sulcttlvn SnrvlCM Uoiird of tholr cimnKu of AM. IIO.VOKAHI.K H.M nhoiild hn roBlEl'-ri'tl Immi'itluti'ly lit tho Town Hull, Muny voUirami urn reporting to thin ollici- that MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thin Old Treatment Often * Bring* rUppy Relief Munr • «lf«i-»ni rollxvo nnvitlnir back«cho anfokly onon th«y (llnoover that thv rtujcnuso or lh«(r troubl« mny b« tlroil kidney*. Th« kldn«y« »ro tfuluro'* Mil wny ol M. InifUMinXiMMMcldii "nil wu*t« out of ihn blood. '.rh«yri»lt>ino«tP«oplopii«»»boutUc>lnliiiiliiy. Wh«ndl«oril«rof kldnoy function Di-rmli; pol«onou* nuittir to romnln In your blood, 1C >n«y ciitlne nnKKlnK buckuch». rhuumntlo puliui, InK pnlni, Ion* cf pup nnd onurKy, K«C- tlnw up nlKht«i nwolllnif, puninei» undoi" Wo •yi«, hondiiohm und illJalnim, JT«l"ont or toiuity piwiiiKim wltli nmnrtlnu nnd burninK •omitlmuH »>>ow« thorn In «omut)ilnK wi'OUK with your kldn«y* of blmld.r. Don't WHlU Auk your druwlnt for Dotin H t'llli, K •tlmulnnt dluretlo, u»tU «uo«»(ully by rnllllunii for ov«r 40 y««r«. Dunn » Klvn kldniy tub«* lluuli nut piilHunuua w»iUi from >i/ur blo</Ui Oft Uunn'i I'llli, tholr dlnchurfc'0 has buen lost or A NKW MASSACJllTSJCTTS law pcovltloH for refund of wtntn Inoomu tux Tor pnll.stoil puiwinnel who paid litxoM on tliulr HCi'vlou puy. / IICKIAI. UKNJ5F1TS have boon riilmicl from $100 to $150, ISKTIKKMKNT I'AY liioroufos will boKln thin mont!\ ip nccordrnicc wltli puy IncrciisoH of^ttiu personnel of tho nrmoci forccM. OVERSEAS JOSS open for tcach- OVKItSKAS.rOBS opun fortffCh- IH-.I. nowspnt'Or, radio, imtl mo'tlon P| V'KTK' | U°\ | NS HK-KNI.ISTING must do «o before October (), ID-lfl If bonollW of tho Gl'BIll arc doslrod. INSUKANCK KK-IXSTATr> mcnt mti.Ht be upplutl for bufni-o tho i-nil cf the yonr. Phynlc«l oxumlnn- tloris urn royulriid utter Jununry 1, 10 V !•' T I r . U A N S « N T K U I N G SCHOOLS OR COLLKGKS should iipply .-it oric:i> for tholr c(ii'({llont.s nf nl'lKlblllty. Tho rush hfi.t bogun nnil there mny be- consUlorublo delay In MucurliiK thevo trom Wtin-nn.s Ai'lmlnbtratlon uftei- the next two winiks. Application forms lire nvnll- nbli! lit thl.H olllcc. An- vnti thoUK/.tle.t>:ly pf)»tponinf: nilnu fur your '.Usability oompunsn- lion? CAUSK OF OKATU Greenwich, Aii(,-. I—(UP)— A (MTubi-nl fionoii.sslon rncolvfitl In n full IH said to huvc nnused thciluuth Of KuHsoll Muchuley of Old Croen- wlch. Mechnlcy svun troiitcd for In- JiirlnH two iluy.s ILKO nnd thon Lnlten home. Forn ,,r secretary to Re,,. John M. Coffoe ^Wtt*!,.),^^ (loft) lilK T» made Gaylord (Continued from Pa>;e 1) Ihut we can control the dlanase." Dr. Lyman snld he himself was •i victim of tuberculosis more than 10 yours ago. and because of the sickness he became Interested and ilocldcd to make it hla life-'s work. All membci-M of his staff also aru ex-patients, he stated. I.t has been proven that patients return to normal lives bolter prepared than vvhon they entered the sanritorlum. In a small Institution it la pos- ilble to give each patient attention on his individual problems, he said, whereas"in the larger sanatoriums Lhis is impossible because of the lack of time and personnel. Gaylord has made contributions '.o tuberculosis work In the world, ft was the first place to compile statistics oh paticn-ts following their release 'from the sanatorium. It alBO has proven from its statistics that persons can' return to normal lives. . . The relation of pregnancy and tuborculois Is. .the only study of Its kind recorded in the medical world, was made at Gaylord. Of 1,800 patients a study was made of women in three groups from two to 20 years after they left the institution. 'The patient* wore divided Into the married women, girls who married after they returned to nor- mal'1 We,' lind'ffirla that did pot get married. , •••Gaylord '•receives support, fiom the'state. In a'small amount. About $12 OCO is' trlvcn in free bed aid and durlrig .the depression $32,000 was given. Patients pay the act fee or whatever they can afford, with the only extras being laundry, The weekly, fee includes board, nursing o.-id medical cure, with the exception of major surgery. Dr. Lyman said the sanatorium has .never refused a patient because of < financial reasons, A campaign was started last year for a new infirmary, which la greatly needed because of the demand for tuberculosis treatment. DM China (Continued from Page One) beautiful set of Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. The doll, which won the best dressed prize for Miss Anmto, was dressed In a blue net dross with a satin underslip.' These garments were made by the girl's mother. The most unusuul doll exhibited was the property of Judy Ann Shehun and was made in Checho- slovakia, The doll was dressed in the native costume of Its mother country. Other dolls included in the exhibit were youn^ brfbes, colored mammies, rapr dolls nnd several of a religious nature. Af all dolls exhibited, the baby dolls wen; the most popular. Aside from Miss Amato's prize for the best dressed doll, the other awards were as follows: Prettiest doll, first prize, Hilda Nora; second prize, Leona Dunlap, and third prize, Jane Nolan; largest doll, Anne Marie Lafo; smallest doll Nancy Delohery; prettiest brldo doll, Gladys Dolan: prettiest baby doll, aix awards. Carol Shea Elaine Malato, Barbara Gel- akis, Jane; 'Bcardsley, Maryannc Daley, and Barbara Oliver, Oldcat doll, Mary Jane Kovalcukl; ^ccond oldest, Judy Andrade; mowt unuaual doll, Judy Anne Shehan; second prize, Mary Jane Beaver; nig doll, first, Sonya Durbln; second, Donna Elomquist; prettiest carriage, Barbara Gellkas. Committee The committee in charge of the affair waa headed by Madeline Gal- vln, who was assisted by 'Mary Lo- Idtis, Joan Butler and Delorcs Do- y Ian- The judges of the tvent were Mrs. Everett Brown and Mrs. Mary Rose. , All were donated by Brccn's Si.ort Shop, und consisted of lovely bracelets, beads, pretty little animal lapel pins and other novelties. Each child was given a little prize to take home. Hartford Police Hold Suspect Hai-tford, AUK'. J—(UP)— An :Vi year-old youth is being held by po- ' lice for possible connection with the recent Long Island murder of a banker's wife. The suspect identified himself as Fred L. Johnson of Columbus, Ohio. Police said his identity compared generally with the description of the wanted slayer. They are holding Johnson on a vagrancy charge while Long Island authorities check his record. |gS QUALITY OF PRODUCT fepjg IS ESSENTIAL TO K^MB ""*™ 8 ^ CONTINUING SUCCESS g||^ '•;x' v "jffir "''-, ' .•'. ' " •' •"' "••. " '".."-* 1 •-, * "•'V. "-^l 1 ; 1 ' Wo«J tiKntvlnn by II, MuCuunlok tuocd upvu tlio urlvluul oil Means ffae 7b6acco . . . and in a Cigarette its the Tobacco that counts Deeds Show Two Lots Sold A lot on Horton Hill road has been sold to Kazimlr and Doris Daunls by Magdalen Arnotavlo zius, according to a warranty deed filed with Town Clerk Raymond J, St. John. Another warranty deed shows a lot on Lewis street has been purchased from Irving O., and Ida A. Sincerbox by Stanley Urbelis. Additional Sports {Rangers To Hold Meeting Tonight An important meeting .of the Nau- "•atuck Rangers will be held tonight at 7-.30 in the YMCA, President Robert McDermott announced today. Many Important items will be up for discussion, the president said. CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT Boston, Aug. l—(UP)—The world's junior welterweight champion will defend his title August 12th at Braves Field. Tippy l^irkin of- Gai'- lleld, New Jersey has signed to meet Cleo Shans of Los Angeles for 12 rounds. Cubs Sign Musial (No, Not Stan) Another slugging Musial may be in the majors some day—but this one will be in Cubs' -toggery. Ed Musial, 21, brother of the St. Louis Cardinals' Stan, has been signed by the Cubs for their Shelby CN. C.) affiliate in the class B Tri-State league. . Young Musial; a recent army dis- chargee, is an outfielder and bats and throws left-handed. His home is in Donora, Pa. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Middlebury, Vt,. Aug. 1—(UP)— Middlebury college has announced its 1946 football schedule. It will open with Williams at Williamstown, Mass,, Oct. 5th. Other Middlebury opponents will bo Trinity, Wesleyan, St. Lawrence, Norwich, Union, and the University of Vermont, . TO CONSFDEK APPEAL Chicago, Aug. 1—(UP)—The executive committee of the National Association of Minor Leagues is meeting in Chicago to consider the appeal of Manager Harry Leibold of Louisville who has been suspended for the season for an alleged attack on an umpire. The committee heard the appeal yesterday, but arrived at no decision. Lelbold first was suspended for only five days. Then President William Bramham of the minor leagues ordered the season suspension after two umpires demanded a review of the case. RESUMES TRAINING Gary, Ind., Aug. 1—(UP)—Middleweight champion Tony Zale will resume training in about three weeks for his postponed title match with Rocky Graziano. Zalc, 'now recovering from pneumonia in a Gary hospital, will train in'Chicago until' six days before the Sept. 27th fight in New York. Approved G. I. Training AocnimOnv, HiiHimw*. Mucliincic. Srrri'turiiil PAI.K. TttKM OI'KNS IN SKI'TKMHHK 1,1ml! I'd Knrollinrnt THE PERRY SCHOOL Waterbury WORK SHIRTS BLUE CHAMBRAY 99c NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6136 ESTABLISHED 1 t II JUST BEAT THE HEAT AND GIVE THE PEOPLE ON THE STREET A TREAT. Palm beach yourself at $21.50 and get a toe hold on more comfort than you've ever experienced in any summer of your career. Thousands of tiny windows in every inch of palm beach fabric waft every stray breeze to your body and allow the excess body heat to escape through the ventilators—a cool proposition all day long. P.M. WHISKEY $3.45 J. K. STORES CUT BATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEEES S96 X. Main St. Tel. 4979 Free Delivery Anywhere in Borough BABY SEATS FOR CARS . $1.89 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIX ST. TEL. 6162 Naunatuck, Conn. -To Save a definite portion of your Income, and stick to it! More and more people are learning- the value of planning for financial security. Build a reserve fund- protect your faiuily with low-cost Savings Bank Life Insurance, a combination that will help you face the future witb confidence. "We will help you work out a plan. NAU6ATUCK SAVINGS BANK l870 <WtHTYFIFTH ANNIVERSARY 194?. AUDtPCKm FULLY GUARANTEED Great Oak Farm OXFORD ROAD TeL 5049 PERFECTLV PASTEUJtIZED BULK nnd CREAM D«]|v»r}- TCI All r»ru of Niiup f \ GUS SMOKE SHOP t WATCH FOR OUR NKWLY RENOVATED STORE'S GRAND OPENING: * CORNEE CANTEEN | S92 No. Main Street J "Dom" TrUcrlr 402 North Main St, Union City } Gus KJImuszevvKki, 1'rop. { We have your favorite new«* paper, juofay.i/Te or other t periodical. EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond St». GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery TeL 4919 Edward Vlaskauckiis, .prop. Highland Package Store 93 Highland' Ave. — Tel. 898S Anthony Farrur, 1'rop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of Naugatuck Try NEWS Want 'Ads.— They Brlnp Result*. NflUGflTUCK, - Tft.>086 1 COAL COSTS! WITH THE HONEYWELL Ctecirtc 4antior D AMf-ES ^ CONTROL By initalllno th* Hon.ywoll EUclric Janitor damp»r conlrol you can »av« up to 30% on your coal bill. Think what thii laving m«an» during |uit , Wo bav. Elictne Janiton 1= «lock BOW. Call v* today, bolor. th» aupply W «on», lor lull InlorwaUon, The Naugatuck Fuel Co. B7 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 * 4

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