Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRmAY EVENING, PRAIRIE ROSE. Xovcmber 29.—Lou Mattock ^was an lola visitor Wednesday of last week. Wallace Sloan n-ili have a sale of hla horse stock at Ma farm Tuesday, December 12. Tbc Ladles' Aid will serve lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers were In Bronson Friday and guests at John Sigler'8. Congratulations are extended to Rev. and Mrs. Miles over the arrival of a lUtle daughter in their home last Friday. Ruth AVeatherble was absent from school last week on account of sickness. Mrs. Weatherbie was on the sick list also. Robert Rogers made a shipment of seed corn to parties at Uniontown last week. Trammel Brothers were delivering corn to Mr. Umphrey Friday. Jim Rogers had one of bis horses taken seriously sick Tuesday while on his way to town. He started to return home but had to stop at Ed with it. Dr. Hewitt wis called and worked all day with it. Wednesday morning Jt was no better so it was loaded on a sled and brought home. It 's condition remains about the same. Mr. Knapps will entertain a number of friends to dinner Thanksgiving. ' Jim Rogers received a message Friday that his brother, Linzy. had been found dead in his home near Cimma^- ron, Kansas and that he had probably lie«{i accidentally shot which was so decided by an inquest. Mr. Taylor was sent after the body, arriving with it Monday aftemon from Kansas City. Owing to the train being somewhat late and the severe storm no funeral services were beld but the body taken to the cemetery where it was laid to rest by the side of hi» little daughter. Linzy was in his thirty-.xeoond year an* is survived by lils parents two sis tcrs and one brotlier, nil of West Plains, .Mo., one Ijiothcr In Springfield Mo. and two brotl;i'..-', Uoberi and Jim, of this place. Robert Rogers and fiiiiilly and Jim Rogers and family wish lo thank all who HO kindly assUtod In any way at the arrival and burial of their brollier, Llnrcy Rogers. l.iliKKTY. Nov. :;!•.—lj \st Monday our rold wpa-'| ther ooninicncod. which continues up to the present time. Since that little snow the hunter 's gun has been heard 8cv <<ral times in succession. G. W. Durtnctt delivered turkey^ at lote last Wednesday. Mrs. Goble delivered turkeys at lola last Tuesday. Mrs. F. E. Coy, who has been visiting the Burtnetts. left for her home near BurlinRton last Monday. Mrs. A. O. Cornell is on the sick list. Little Ed Osborn and wife have Just returned from Colony, where they iiave been visiting relatives. R. H. Collcy is preparing to move to lola. Lee Vetcto and wife started home Monday, but on account of the storm staid at C. H. Heath 's. Mrs. G. W. Burtnett has been on tlie sick list since last Thursday. Pay loving tribute to Ethel Ruth Castator. who was born March 23, 1892. The funeral of Ethel was held last Sunday at 1 o'clock from the hunters coming this side of the river. The latest word from Frank Qay and wife was that thoy were getting along nicely. They and John Qay' live in the same bouse. Mrs, Gay does not notice much change in health yet but Nellie Gay Is getting along fine. Walter Crook, wife and family are at C. R. Peck's at present Walter Crook did not attend conference and has no church work assigned him for this year. The Watkina medicine man made hurried trip through this neighbor hood last Friday. Henry and Jesse Beaty end Frank Preston furnished music for the dance at Piqua Thursday night Our neighborhood was well repre sented at the Castator'funeral Sunday We were expecting Otto Hillbrant to bring his threshing machine this side of the river to start in threshing kafRr corn Tuesday, but owing to the bad weather it is uncertain when we look for him again, .^be children of the neighborhood made good use of the ice for skating Tuesday night. J. M. Preston has enclosed his back porch with glass, thus using the win dows he got out of the Enterprise school house. Fred Beaty made a business trip to Yntes Center Monday. Whep he start- ed-itrwas pleasant autumn weather but when he came back it very much re sentbled winter. . Mrs. Keltbley visited Ed and Grace Osborn Saturday night and attended ^hcl Castator's funeral Sunday. Mr^^Blakeiy'a auto seems to be giv ing^itim some trouble since the wea 'ther has become cold. Grace Peck was out at Elmer PecK'i Saturday and Sunday getting ac- fuaiiued with her new niece. , C v. Clark's nephew was out from to>vn visiting him Monday. .iirs. Illcki.' slater visited thcui from fiatunluy uiiiil Tacsday. (ilU-s Thornton was Kniitliig after property Interests and railing on for mer friends the tlrst of the week. »T,VU DIKTHICT. ,\ovember 2!).—Dlckerson Brothers shellerl corn for Fred ChlUls-of Qe- ncvn,. Thursday and Friday. Mr. Pearson purchased ten 60^ pound hogs at C. I. Hays' sale. Eustace Hozenion was a Colony visitor Friday morning. The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs France Pearson Saturday afternoon. Miss Gertrude Wilson visited with her sister. Mrs. Anna Dickerson from Friday till Sunday afternoon. A. L. Emerson and wife spent Sunday at C. L. Dickerson's. S. M. Dickerson and family visited at John Buscb's of N'orthcott Sunday evening. Mrs. Jobns9n and Mrs. Hanna, of Colony, called at B. Dickerson's Sunday afternoon. A. L. Emerson, Joe Kclley, Jim GU- kcrson and Steve Dickerson marketed hogs in Colony Tuesday. Dickerson Brothers shipped a car of hay the first of the week. , A gor.d sized snow storm visited this section Monday. The snow and cold is peeping the little toU from attending school. PR.VIKIE HALL. —When trading In lola eat a hot, ^ xro- 'well-cooked dinner—2r>c—at-Monty's home of her parents, m charge of.,Mar- „ , , , ^ , , if-eictpr afttce ion Preston, of the Primitive Baptist """^^ °' "eglster office. Church. The house was filled to its ... „.„„i„i„ t,„,.t„„ uttermost and many had to stand out „,;)°J;L /„^t ;;uf„. .^H^*^" doors. Mr. Preston spoke of her as a I,^,^°'l^fi'^^l^l'^l'"'f"^^r«l -v modest and unassuming young lady of ^^^^^^^ oufnf Sneed he Pleasing personality. The floral olfer- "hen we have a law to itrotect ings were unusually numerous and ^f. VKI MU protect beautiful, some of which were sent «"^>V,,,1» who ^t..« from lola. The young people of L»-'- aHusked are ver> fortunate ertv were not unmindful of offerings., ."^ P^LIO Anrf^?,' . The ..aul-bearers wereJe^nnl^ S^^" Sfl'^"''^"^* .Mesdanies Williams, Venible, J. An- duiss and Myers were all of the ladies who could get out to Mrs. Davis' l^na'and lx>na Kramer. Hester Goblo Mable Preston and Ruth .Jones. In Klrniory of Ethel. Fare thee well—gone but not forgotten prlday afternoon to lie comforts. Nov. i'4th you took your long farewe»,' QQI, gtewart and a friend were out from lola hunting Wednesday and Thursday and spent the night at .Mr S. Davis'. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers and Gladys went to Dillariie Sunday to see Grandma .Myers, who Is quite poorly at this writing Several of our neighbors were In town .Monday and were caught In that awful storm. .Vle/srs. Ciinnday . and Otiflltts wont dowli to .Mr. Baptlst'o to thresh and dl<l nut get home until Tuesday. Miss l.ydia 'irurrny came out from IwiHarpe Saturday evouiag and stayed till .Monday with Mrs. Williams and .Mrs. .Myers. Miss Clara Miller Is working for Mrs. L. Pago at thl."? writlne. Clarence Anderson began husking com for Ed Bo.ver Monday. Mrs. George Andruss and little son George will start tonight for an extended visit with relatives in Texas ;f the storm does' not prevent. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. D. Elmore have the sympathy of a host of friends ir Allen County in the loss of a littir hoy. whitfh occurred at their home Ir Gault. Mo., last week. This hoy niakcF seven children they bave buried. Mrs Elmore f« a sister of Mr*. .T. R. Stewart and Mrs. C. O. Bollinger, all of whom r.t one time lived in our neighborhood. Several parties from ToH and U" Jfarpe e.vpect to spend Tbqnksgivlnr mr in our nelshborhood if the weather will permit They'll miss that .smile In mid of winter; More than human tongue ran tell. Dear to you was the love of friends. And two sisters dear at heart; You told If God sjmred you. Once a new life to start. How once last Bummer .vou expressed a wish for health. How you lovoil your home and friends near lol I \;ins«::. MoKt dear to you. yo;v.- native land. .\nd I sat ;uid ll .'Jtenod piient. Knowing well her wcnkencd frame. And said to self "Oh God: Protect her Let her live and health regain." But on this fatal, fatal mornlngl., Awhile before the dawn of day, >ler friends went in gently. And told her parents that Ethel .soon must die. Just in the youth of life to RO. Leave parents, sisters and brothers— Just as tlie winter is coming on And the Christmas anihems begin. Too sad ir ;dpcd. hut yet my friend— "TIs lH!t a quiet of the heart; You pass fro.-n this to etenrtt+Jfcesi: Where we will never part. While those bdhind you hate to leave. With you soon will follow on; .\nd grand will the meeting be In that .great Heaven beyond. As. fond friends, are others dear That in trieir sad hea.ns flow. A father's, mother's jnd a sister's love And a brother's Cor his sister Ethel. WEST OF THE RITER, —When tradlne in Tola eat a hot. well^ooked dinner— 2Zc —at Monty's Cafe, 1st door south of Register office. Nov. 29—Jlore winter and then some. Farmers are g'ad the quail seasou is over. One of J. M. Preston's }-oung niarer. is losUii; one of her pres. She go* It hurt some way and he verj' much fears It Is a stray shot from n hunter's gun. This carelo'sness In s^ noting among or near stock is causing the famter's much, trouble and there is talk of getting up a petition and passing It around prohibiting anv Vov 29 —Mr. -iH Mr.'. F., A. SavSEP nnd d ^ugh*'-'- erne up from Wavnoko. Oltla.. Palrrdar for a short '•te» v\th Mr. Pavncp 's sister. Mrs AHre Johnson who has h»»en quite fll Them Is bp ^ c^nier at the fichoo' hoiis<> ThankselvinK day. M. Stewart vIsltM PstuMav with hlr ''•'iieh*er Mrs. E. L. Yount. ne«ir Chanute/ %'rr. ynvtxs "-<<j f''»nph*'pr visited at T Afloric" \ro ''<''«V Mr I ("''s-xy will b^ve O »1 P on rex* Vnndpv. '«> uQclArstind t'ln* laker wl'l have s sale some time soon. Mr. Johnson's yottiig folka and Miss° ^ Interflafional Sooday Sctool Quesiioiis (Csffyright 1*10. hy Rev. T. t. Unieott, oJ D.) LescoB for Sandir, December 8, IDll. Xeh. 4. ] DEICEMBER'l, :1911. • • • • • • NKIIKMIAH REBUILDS THE WALL OF JERUSALEV. GOLDEN TEXT—Watch ye, sUnd fast In the faith', quit jyoui like men, be strong.—I Cor. 16:13. (1) Verso 1—What progress had beeii made up to (his dime in rebuiidlng the wall of Jerusalem, and how had the w0rk been done? (2) Whiat right had Sanballat to object to building the 4all, and why did he do It? • : (3) What did they expect to accomplish by mocking at {and Jeering the Jews? (•) Can you give any instance where mocking and ridl mle have stopped a good work, or ruined a good life? (5) Verses 2-3—What Is It In human nature whic"!! mikea Individuals Jealous of Individuals, towns of towns, and dounirlea of countries? ! i (6) When n man is down, do the human Influences ar< und him tend to keep him down or help him up? Why? : (7) Which gets the more hurt from scorning, thq sco^ner or the scorned, and why? ', (8) What Influences did ,the ridicule of Sanballat ^nd fob- iah have on the work upon the wall? (9) If one is true to God does the devil mostly hunt or |help him. In his life and work? 1 (10) Verses 4-6—Is any experience that will glvjs us the opportunity to pray and to test God's power to be regretted? (11) Should the prayer of Nehemlah that Cod Would not forgive them, but that they might suffer for their sins, b» Imi ated by us? Give your reasons. ' (12) Verses 7-8—What reasons are there to believe those who are Jealous of the prosperity of others, willj not short of actual violence to accomplish their evil desires, if can do so with safety to themselves? i (13) Verse 9—What are two effectual things we m(iy alWays do, when we are surrounded by enemlesi (14) Is prayer without watching, or watching without prayer of any avail, if we have the opportunity to do both? (15) Verses 10-12—Which, as a rule does us the more Injury, the opposition of enemies, or the pessimistic dlscourafeemoht of friends? ; (16) Verses 13-14—^Wlrat effect did the threat of h}R enfmlea and the wall of his own countrymen, have upon Nehejjiiah? (IT) How often is a determined man with God oil hU side liable to be defeated In things ta« undertakes? (18) Verse 15—What factor Is courage alone I* wintiing Hfc's bnttles'I (This Is one of tbc finestlons that ninj- be ansyrered In writing by memheni of ttae rinb.) I (19) Verses 16-23—In how many senses Is a Christian under obligation to fight and to build all the time? ! (20) Why may we rely on God lighting our bu'tt)es for us. If we flght and work with Him? i LESSON FOR SUNDAY, DEC. 10, 1911.—"N<-homluh and Ills Enemies,"-Neh, 6. , that stop they I • • This Combustion Range will surely do the work. The gas has never been too low for this range— because you can bum coal and wood in it. It 0^ is a regular coal range with removable gas star burners under the four back lids and in the oven. The Dozens We've Sold Attest Their Merit The lola Furniture Store Docfa Oronnell visited Friday ovenlag with Zelln Noycs and Saturday evening with Mr, and Mrs. Will Stewart Mr. Reed and family expect to spend Thanksgiving in Chanuto with Mr. Reed's sister from California. LIBERTY. —When trading In lolo eat a hot, well-cooked dinner—25c—at Monty's Cafe, 1st door south of Register office. BREAK.S imi» lXiKE >i' HOl'R!*. Scicrnl RoseM >YI11 Mnrclir End |bc .«ost 8e»pre Orljipc Jflspry. i Pape's Cold Compound if! the result of three years* reseaj-ch rtt a cost! of more than fifty ihouifand dollars, and contains no quinine, •which we have conclusively demonstrated is not effective In the treatn^ent )f colds,or grippe. ' ! It is a positive fact that a dose of Pape's Cold Compound, taken every two hours until three ! consecutive i doses are taken, wlit-end the grippe'- and break up the liost Severe cold,. either in the head, chest,jbacK atom-' ach, limbs or any i>ak of jthe body. It promptly relieves the most miserable headache, dujlnes^, head and nose stuffed up, fe >-eri8hliess, sneezing, sore throat runhinglof the nose, mucous catarrhal discharges, soreness, stiffness and rliieum^tic twinges. Take this harmleiBs Compound as directed, with the ikno^ledge that there Is no other mediciiie made anywhere else in the' \irorld[. which will cure your cold or epd Gylppe misery as promptly and Wlthoiit any other assistance or bad after -jeffects as a 25-cent package of fapels Cold Compound, which any drug^rlst in the world can supply. '' j Nov. 29.—It seems as though there has been lots of sickness in our locality this fall 80 far. Not long ago Mrs. Teaters suffered a very bad accident In some way she fell, hurting her back and it is a wonder she did not break it, for she has lo work so much. Mrs. A. O. Cornell is still sick and unable to do her work. Wells Osborn and daughter Grace were over In the Bend visiting A. O. Cornell's Sunday. Some of the neighbors felt'a little uneasy about a rough looking tramp that was in the Horseshoe Bend the other morning, hut we learn that he is safe with.the lola jailer. Mr, Alder&on's have moved in with Mr. Wheeler 's until he can get possession of the Mrs. Jones farm which is now occupied by Mr. Bruce. Mr. A. L. Townseud sold a fine sow and seven pigs to Mr. WiUard Cornell in Gas City. Several are out hunting today. Henry and Charlie Hildebrant, Alpha Cornell and Myron Burtnett all went, but had to stop on their way and remodel shotgun. Chris Shuster came out in an auto and took -Miss Christy and the two .Misses Kramer and (Sertie Hillbrant over to George Strawdennan's 4)arty last Friday night Some of tbc school children were aught in the snowstorm .Monday. There was a piece printed in last eek 's Farmers' Mall and Breeze entitled "A Plea for Prohibition," and we would that every voter in Kan-, sns would read It as It means a whole lot to Kansas. It spoke of the liquor dealers finding us irj|iplng If we are not wide awake and on our guard. It was written by Mrs. A. H. Stewart of Burlington. Kansas. A. L. Townsend's hired girl went JPU^mi in tdl home Tuesday morning and Esther ,' «"««««»• Rousb Is now doing the work. Miss Dimple Rousb was up from |JU ufcsf « wuU as modr^ioUe BartlesviHe. She told her mother that I " rewow*. before she came back again she would , ttWHtoy tOT aUt dtSeOK. UiM nu- Property Owners, Attention I From now until Doccraber 20th, we will make a complete abstract of title from the United States Government to date for $5.00 to any of the following additions and subdivisions of lola: Highland Place, Boughton's Subdivision, Deleplalne's Add., Stewart's Sub., Evans' Sub., Brewster 's Sub., Surveyor 's Tract No. 1, Boyce Tract, Whltaker 's Add., Vannuys Sub., Strickland 's Sub., Wilson 's Add., Taylor 's Sub., Pcdrce 's Add., K. P. I. Add., Keyser 's Sub., Balrd's Sub, Harmon 's Sub., Caughron 's Sub., Gllmore 's Sub. and Layton's Subdivision. We will extend any old abstract of either of the above subdivisions down to date for |2.Q0, or Wo will give a written opinion of the title from any abstract furnished to either of the above additions, free, of charge. Our reason for making this offer is that the above additions and subdivisions comprise what was originally the SE% of Sec. 26, Twp. 24, Range 18, and now bounded by Funston street on the north, East street on the south, Cottonwood street on the west and Kentucky street on the cast. Many of the earlier descriptions were Irregular, vague or erroneous. We are making a complete tract Index to this quarter section and embracing all of the above, subdivisions. . It will take about 30 days to complete thlsUlidex and while.we are working on these titles, wo can make or extend an abstract nmch easier pfd pheaper than at any other time. If you own property in any of these additloi>9 listed, now Is the time to see if your title Is in good shape, as this offer will close December 20th after, which time the usual prices will prevail. Ipla Abstract Company Bonded Abstractors FranK Wood, Manager WISJE. I Nov. 29.—We are having lovely win- toi; weather. • - j ' Mr. Link Day has' placed the house which he bought in Gas City beside the house on his fnnn [which makes them an abundance of jroom. Farmers here got theiii potatoes dug Just in time to esca Jimmie Montgomijry is making an [ effort to get his cprn husked so he can start to school afteij holidays. Mrs. Irwin, who has been suffering with a felon on bet thumb Is able to use the member a littl^ now. If you have anything to sell Just tell it through the Re^stcr-and you will have no trouble in getting a buyer. Mr. Skinner who has been very sick Is much Improved. The entire community was saddened by the death of Mrs. Harry.Grleve and our deepest sympathy goes ont to the bereaved^ husband and relatives. Mr. Culver jr., has moved onto the Bush farm. Mr. Hockett called on A. L Montgomery recently and found him able to sit up a little. . Mr. Skinner sold a fine lot of fat hogs a few days ago and Mr. Irwin has a nice drove he will let go in a few days. Mr. J. P. Weatherman's brother of loia is helping bim with his fall work. TIME TO KJiOWTHIS. What Hem-Rold Will Do for Woman With Piles. Any Many a woman drags along a life of misery with piles because she does not know of HEM-ROID the sugar-coated tablet remedy that cures any kind of piles by restoring good circulation of blood lit the swollen clogged parts. HEM-ROID is sold under a guarantee of satisfaction by C." B. Spencer & Co. lola, Kansas, and all dmggists. $1 for 24 days' treatment Dr. Leonhardt Co., StaUon B, Buffalo N. Y., malls a free booklet describing it. Card of Thanks. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the. many friends who so kindly assisted us during the long illness and after the death of our dear daughter.—Mr. and. Mrs. M. D. Ca« tator Allen Castator, Njeta Butler, Mr. and .Mrs. C. M. Heath. Mr. and: Mrs. Lee Veteto. JTodem Woodman Election. —The M. A. will hold their annual meeting'for the election of officers Monday, December 4th. Let us have a full attendance: J. H. M'MURREY, V. C. W. A: COWAN, Clerk. ANOLDnSuEDY FOR BLOOD POISON Formanthtm hrtylytah S.S.S. fm heat earmg tontapim Blood PoUon maUiU form and siages, md U today, gsifhaJi alacyt bttn. be married to a well-to-do restaurant a,|lj, 5. 5. JM <f sadxuftdm 'cnrav Blood Awo«i » Iftirf " pe thLcoTd weathtibtillding cribs and sheds and gather-, T ! jln gcom. I L mnwn- .^n ! Hog cholera Is getting so close that. a good many are almost afraid to keep hogs. Report of Wise school for month ending Nov. 3, 1911: Enrollment 20. Average dally attendance 18.7. Not absent 14. Not tardy 17. Neither absent nor tardy 11. > Names of those neither' absent nor tardy: Mae McKlnney, Emma Smart, Delraa Grieve, Francis Weatherman Maudle McKlnney, Willie James, Llz- sle Smart, Lloyd Culler, Byrd Eppley, Llo.vd Holllngsworth, Johnny Butler. OPAL OWENS, Teocher, Miss Bertha Montgomery visited home folks Saturday and returned to her school Sunday. Grandma Montgomery went down to lola the first of the week on business. She is thinking of returning to her Ron -ln-law's William Armstrong in [ Texas aftpr Christmas, t Host of the farmers here are wejl * '• uleased with the way their com is. IS IwMe man. Mr. John McGuire and family we"re _ . _ in lola last week and stayed all night,' stnagthftft mid Sadlof ttp thtttoOi' ! turning out. When com yields forty attending the meeting at the rink, • j f .•: ~L_!l.l and fifty bnshelS^ to the acre It is which they thought was very good. . «* OMd ibgestm — We are looking forward to a good crfuficofOW At entertainment for Christmas, as the "TLm «'ff VIAMUI * ' at Colonv Sunday night ! teacher. Miss Christy will have good WOCfl. ilUgrmeSi Of OU ir««f^ i Since A. I. Montgomery has been order and an interesting program. iMNPeHCr IS OCOUtte tiler lIMarane I doctorinr with- Dr. Martin of Colony Tom Heffern of south of Piqua was' ««iffcU i^^r^JL be has discovered that it is not rhen- the Bend after corn Monday, and fOUesSU JOSt Uie prm I^JW"*.^gtisra with which he has been suff- had to go home through the storm. | catf, Maufttf Ona qomfOOttdea m ' ering but a disease of the nerves. He , , . • good. iron ne j Mr. and Mrs. Irwin attended church . Now is PIANO TIM£ Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We wish' tfimltSf Wrai every one a well filled table and ac F"*i > - ,, , enjoyable good time. But remember WUOX U the mut pel tea ' luood L?» we^inK^ 'maeUr everpUuei mKntiie »or- luL S.S.S.U mide atinfyof we have received the past year, and help sonie poor one who cannot help themselves. The death angel has come once more into our vicinity and claimed dear Ethel Castator, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Castator. She was such a kind and loving girl that she was very highly esteemed by all who knew her. She was always ready to help and take a part In our Sunday School. She was so pure and good and seemed to roots. Aerie oad hm is, '^eadjm. ad- ditiomtoUs vofye at a remtieJfy, is the oae thod aafe me iohUk may he mud tfdftoaf aig' had elfett, wo nutter how iefiotte ifte aystioa. Hot a partide of strong wdmand or otikcr hanahd eaters bdo »» be as innocent as a child, yet she was' composition, aod ym can take it .?JiL*J '^.^"*.?.*T-' assured that it ^ll>ie jyou and at eth we have to become as a little •^hi'd before we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. A precious one from us has gone. But we're not left alone: For Rod is with us d.ny and night. And soon will call us home.. .The family baa the sinnere sympathy of their many friends. the same time b&ild |ip ypur system. 8. S. S. cares pkma icnt^y a^d perfectly, removing evt ty ^ym^tom o£ the trouble by a^atur^'8 true way—removing the inw^ canse. S S. S. is •old at dmg-stokes. Home Treatment book free to all.: [ I .msswieTsman^ca. Aii^im^cm. is getting much better again. Card of Tbanki<. . We desire - to extend our heartfelt ihenks to our neighbors and friends for tbeir kind assistance during the 111 \tes8 and at the time of the death of our beloved mother and sister.—Harry Levan and family; Mrs. Henry Bal- llet ' —Excursion to "Conway Gardens'' in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, will leave Hamboldt and lola, Kans., on Tuesday. December 5tb. Star Land Company of Kansas City, Ho., will run one of their special Pull man Sleeping Cars direct from Humboldt and lola to Mission, Texas, stopping over at Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christ! Point Isbel and Brownsville Texas. Also a special side trip to Matameras, Old Mexico. See J. W. Marker, lola. Kansas and J. E. Wake field, Humboldt, Kas., for full particulars and reservations. is no less,a work of Art in the home than on the concert stage. Qne standard fs maintained in constructins: the Everett, and every possible^ effort is exerted to malce and Iceep the f^eretf the most artistic and most j)erfect piano man-' ufactured. ^ > See our slightly used pianos at $40, $60. $100. $125|| , to $200. Organs $5. $6. $10. $20 to $90. [—If you cari't call, write— J.X Roberts MusieCi

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