Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 14, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 14, 1909
Page 2
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CAUPORNIA. R:ntcrctl at the PostofTice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Arfjua Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS SUB8CHIPTION8: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies Sl./W .75 .50 AnVKKTI8KMI',NT8: T>igplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners .Sc per line each insertion. Legal notices £1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, C.AL., AffJKST 14, H)00. New Type of Lemon House. A new type of bnildiriK eoiiHtn which niiiy provr; of Innstinuihl'? vain" to th'i loinori Krowf-rs JH <\fHi:r\)>ttt] in this wrjnk'H IHHIJO of t.hf! HonUiwoHt, Contractor and Mfiiiiifarturnr. Poorly (l<!H\KW.(l hulldingH huvn Jim) aro cHMHliiK coriKidcrabh; IOHH to tho lemon growing Imluntry In Sout.horn California. VIre. hriH d«Hf.royed a number of packing housns, canning a lows in bulldliiK Invf'Btrnont aw w«ll i<s n IOBB In stored fruit. Hut, perhapH, even greater losses are ovory nnannn »UH- talned b> the growers and HhlppcrH in deterioration of the stored fruit and the expensive methods of cooling, i Heretofore the question of cool Btor- age and obtaining the humidity required to successfully store lemons has been only partially solved—an Important question from the fad: that the crop necessitates storage for several months at, times, according to the prevailing market conditions. Near the coast the cool storage and humidity question is a comparatively simple one lo meet. Hut In the hot valleys of the Interior It Is as yet. unsolved. Various systems have been tried, with varying degrees of KIK:- COHfl. A recent Invention In building con Rtructlon made by Mr. Thormm Fellows of Lou Angeles gives promise of successfully Bolvlng the problem of a Beml-flreproof building at low cost, which will ensure, by Its peculiar fea- t$res of construction alone, without Ice or rofrJgeratlng machinery, an equable temperature and humidity as needed. These are provided for by simple inexpensive methods which any person of ordinary Intelligence can operate. Ono phase of this system which will particularly Inlorowt tho VaclferH Is that daytime ventilation IB nosniblo. The tariff question IH not the oulv Tiiv-omlnerit problem with which lemon r.ioworK and shippers are contending In Southern California, nor tho diseases of tho various kinds In tho g'-owlng stage. Tho latter are being studied carefully by state and government experts. Hut little concerted action has been taken to provide bol- ter storage and cooling conditions, <il- Uioiigh the need Is fell by every shipper. Alt'. Fellows' Ideas huvo creu'.cd much Interest among shippers aiul this Ciicarnonga Lemon Association ntu buthorlxed the Milwaukee building Coaipany of Low Angclos, with whlo.) Mr. Fellows IK comuictod as architectural engineer, to prepare! plans and iisllinates for n one-story and b;i«e- inent lemon packing plant, with bin Jdt'iis Incorporated, and O(|til|j|.'e.| \vil!i his devices. The building will be, K,n xlL'U feet, with facilities for washing and economically handling the fruit. Tins wan done after a demount ratio.i of Mr. Fellows' system, which awakened general Interest throughout (lie lemon growing bell. Good Streets Attract Strangers. With the present movement on foot for the paving of Covina streets the following clipping from the Ventura Free I'ress einphasi/.eK (he benefit H direct and indirect, to lie deriveil from wcel-kept Htreetis: "Have you noticed, lately, how every \isilor to Ventura is charmed anil delighted with the town? That is the fact. Tliin is a psychological moment for Ventura. The reason is not far to B«ek. although perhaps it takes the aiiiiiyiical n.ind to Jind it. It i*. in a few words, I lie town lias found confidence in itself, lakes pride in itself, goes ahead and grows from within itself anil this pride and confidence reacts upon the stranger and hi/hit -IK es him lavorably for ilie town. Not one strangei in ;i hundred, maybe, know.-, wliai il is iliat dra>\-> i - I)UI ,il liollolll. tills !:-, Ilie oxiilana ti"ii. A M said to the wilier tilt- olher day • l.--n-'l this si reel wo:K gre.i 1 ' i iej| yon. I aiJiuii e il IDOL ailll Iliole eWI> lllne I c;inie 01, the btn.-et.. That i :> Ui • I,,,-.-,! timig that any trtwn <-;in do for Itself••-the best pos sitik- advertisement." !('• admitted n truth; but that was his way of f-x- pressing liis sympsithy with the growth of the New Ventura." BaptlHt Church: Sunday-school, !):4"«. Preaching 11 u.m. by pawtor; ftnb- jfft. "Tho Overphm of Chrlnt.lanlt.y." f,'nfon Hfrvlcf a(. tho froHhyfr-rlari Chnrcn, 7:4:,. Rev. K. W. fJagn will preaeh on "llov/ lo Know tho People, of God." fi.y.f'.C,, «: •<.->; loader, MrK. \V, <,}. Cn.-der; topic, "Wheat, and thfKo KorvleeH. H. \V. flago, paHtor. I'f'Hhyterian sorvfcoH: Sunday- Kehool, '.i:^~i. I'r'-achlng by paHtor, II a.m.; subject, "Who IH In t.ho Fault.?" Senior and fritormodlalf! Hndoavor, (J:<jr,. ['rayer-iiieetltiK, Thni'Kday evening, 7:45. Cnlon Horvlcon at. 7:45 conducted by Kov. CJago. f'atil (',. Ste- VODK, pa si or. Christian Church: Merger Sunday- Hchool and church scrvlcf:, 10 o'clock. Preaching by tho panlor, II. Junior, ',',. Intermediate arid Senior Kndeavor, 0:45. Union preaching Horvfco at. the Prf-Hbyterlan Chnrr:b, 7:45; nerrnon by Rov. Gage. All cordially Invltf-d. W. O. Conley, pantor. The Way of Jesus. By H. N. WellH. Throe Ur/HiH only do we find thfi word Chrlnt.lan iiBod In the Bible, and alwnyn as an oplthct of contempt. JOHIIH Hpokc of himself as the Way and F'aul npeaka of the followers' of JOBIIB and their belief as thin Way. It Is evident, al«o, from many refer- oncoH that the faithful used the term Way or Road when they spoke of the faith for which they were persecuted. The policy of governments and of rellgloun authorities, towards the Christian religion, was for many centuries after Christ one of repression, which policy made Impossible anything In the nature of a well organl/,- nd Christian church. As In the story of our Lord we find, like-the fac.os of friends In unexpected places, the names of obscure followers of the Master; so In all times there have been those who have quietly loved him and served him, and of whom he has never been a- Bhumod, although they may not be seen In public places proclaiming his name. For there are those to whom religion i« like a battle and who must continually rally 'round the (lag; and God has need of I hose and (heir service IH a large one (n (he world whern I hero in much to fight, for and lo light against. But. there are (.hose (o whom the presence of God is as the sweetness and secret ccstacy of n. lover's embrace - never to be mentioned even to closest friends. One need never to doubt the loyalty of these friends of Jesus—their service IH none thn loss acceptable in that. It Is unostentatious. Their faces and fine courtesy show that they have boon In high company, even though seldom seen within the walls of churches or engaged In public devotion. Do yon remember how Jesus sent his disciples to find a room to keep tho lant PaHHover? The good man of tho house, Nico- doinus, Joseph of Arlmnthon, Martha, Miiry .'ind LaxartiK did not need to follow tho Master through the three years of his public ministry to know him perhaps as none of the apostles over know him. The twelve wore his official cabinet, hut MIOHO were his private friends, and Jesus gave undying evidence of his deep regard for them. They walked In tho \\'ny of JestiH, yea, in tho Way with Jesus, for it happened) that he who traveloth this road, llndelh that JOKIIH himself draweth near and walked) with him. Local Branch of Social Purity League A surprise party was given in honor of Raymond Finch on Friday evening ast, before his leaving for San Fran- elsco on Thursday, where he will study watchmaking and jewelry in all its br,inches. The parly was a success in every sense, especially the game of "Take I'ains," Miss Jessie Kistler winning the pri/,e. Refreshments of ice civum and cake were served Anion; the guests present wei.- the Misses Kdidi Sutherland. Jessie Kis tier, Geit mdc Kllioti. Marian and Hess Given. Sarah Crook. Delia llarnish, Mabel Curry. Alice Atwood and Marian John-.on: Messrs. Turn Reed. \ ter Hepiier. Turn Fun h Grant Chap 'H in. I luyi l.eisnie. r,,')l Knauiis, \Val j !'T I Asi heiibrenin r. K ( h\ ,u d \\ al \ i'-rs, l.invd Ta> K,r Alter tie- la.M ; i 'li'i'ji '' liildiii.'.iil nil had i»-<'ji lnii'i'i'd i i• v ei > i.>>d> di ank jiiiiicli CDVINA STILL AT THE TOP. Paraffine Paint Company Ball Players Make Best Showing Yet Against Covina. ("ovina, (',; Parafl?ne I'alrit Company, J. Lawt. Sunday's was the best game of the Fnterurbau leagtif; «»>rle« that has 1 een played on the Covina (.'rounds. It was the most Internstlni? becauf.'i the "daubers" made a better showing against, the Covina aggregation than any of the other teams so far. Not. that the other teams were weak; far from If. Each team has made every position as strong as it can be made by securing the best, men in the South outside of the big league clubs. P,nt with Miller pitching such ball ;IH was never seen here before and the balance of the team batting like fiends and fielding well, Covina has had it on the visitors all around. Crossiman, pitching for the Paint company, made a very strong opponent for Miller, and had iiis (earn been supported him better, the score would have been hold down. His slow benders not appreciated by the Covina three-base hitters. Of I he two runs scored against Covina. the first was due to Aguayo letting a long drive to left field go past him. Pete was running to head off a hot one and when about to pull It down, slightly stumbled and hit the bal with one hand, which did not atop it. This scored a man who had gained second base. Theother run was made In the eighth, when Wlthrow made a two-base hit to left and scored a runne: 1 . Covina scored four runs In the third Inning and two more In the elgth. Theie were several feature plays on th« part of the Covina players. Cheshire, the catcher, did some great, base stealing, getting around the bags In the manner that Aguayo does without taking such awful chances. Second was stolen twice by the runner going from first when Grossman threw to catch tho runner off the base, the first, baseman not daring to throw second on account of there being a man on third who would acore. Graf made a double play, unassisted, by snaring a low drive and putting the ball on tho runner going to second. The fans had a good laugh at the expense of one of the visitors, when Miller ran from his box and tagged him between second anti third. The runner was playing far off an* when Miller whirled nroimd he (the runner) waited for the ball to be thrown to one of the basemen so he could try for the opposite bag. Instead of doing this. Miller hold the ball and ran out and touched the runner himself. The score: PARAFFINK PAINT CO. AB R If SB PO A E Maekay, <-f .'! 0 0 0100 Clark, iT : -t I 2 0 0 0 0 Olson, ss t 0 1 0 4 2 5 1-fiirinman. .'!b ...40001 1 I McCloud, If 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 Siminis, !l> 4 0 0 0 S 1 1 Abarata, L'b .... ,'i' 0 0 I '.', ?, 1 Crossmaii, p ....'! 1 2 0 '.', 1 0 Wlthrow, cf 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 (itifflti, c '.} 0 0 0 4 2 2 Totals :>,•> 2 I! 1 24 12 10 COVINA SAN FELICE. AB R II SB PO A E Aguayo, If 4 0 1 1 0 0 1 Montague, cf . . . ,1 0 0 I 0 0 0 this fast team puts them on the qul '< Vive. ! A record-breaking attendance I-? ox-i neded at the game, as this is sure to be a real contest. Flaring red posters announcing the game have been hung all ov->r the valley and every man who \ knows baseball from ping pong will ; be i LINEUP. ; SAN FELICE PALMS j Chess c Lopez '• Miller p Saenz | Mlddeau lb Lamb Oraf 2b Forney Shutt 3b Garcia Shirley P,S Tapia Aguayo )f Tapia Montague cf Lugo Wilson rf Ruiz Aterwln sub Hock I .'m pi re, Libbey. I S. P. TWOMEY H. C. DILLER Shutt. lib 4 1 Graf, ^b 4 1 Mlddattgh, lb .. 4 2 Miller, p 4 0 Wilson, rf H 1 20010 1 1 ?, 4 1 I 0 .0 0 1 11120 10200 Shirley, ss Cheshire, c 3000210 n i i i 10 3 o Totals. . . 32 t; 8 , r . 27 H 3 SCORE BY INNINGS Parallhies (too 0 0 0 i 1 0- 2 Base hits ... 1 00 0 0 I 2 2 0—6 San Folico u o .> o o 0 o 2 0—fi Base hits . . t) o 2 0 1 2 1 2 0 S SUMMARY. Tw.i-base hits — Olson, V.'ithrow. Sacrifice hits—Aguayo, Montague, Shut I, Olson. Abarata. First bastj on errors-- Parallines, 2; San Fellco, t>. Loft on bases Paraflinos, 3; San Folice, ,".. Bases on balls off Crossman. 1. Struck out—By Crossnian, ,'{; Miller, n. Double plays—Olson to Abar- ata to Simmis. Hits—Off Crossnian, *; off Miller, i). Time 1:15. I'm- pi res Lewis and Fairly. LVTERIJRHAN LEAGUE. Club- Won Lost Pet. Covina ,. 4 Palrns 4 Eastern Outfitters . 2 Wells Fargo 2 Parafflnes 2 Racycles 1 Directories ....... I Colegroves 0 0 0 2 2 2 .", 3 4 Theatrical Notes BURBANK THEATER. A. Byron Beaaley, long recognized as one of the very best actors In stock on the coast, will make his debut as leading man of the Burbank company this (Sunday) afternoon, returning to the stage which has been the scene of his endeavors for the past year, after a vacation of six weeks, but In a new capacity. The play for the week Is "Jack Straw," offered locally a few weeks ago at the Mason opera house by John Drew and his company. It never yet has been seen in stock and Mr. Beasley will be the second man in America to enact the same part. With him in the cast, in addition lo all the favorites of the Burbank organization, will appear Miss Maude Beatty and Mias Lillian Hayward, both well known to Los Angeles theater goers though neither has ever appeared on the Burbank stage. "Jack Straw" is written In the lightest corne.dy vein and is full of amusing situations and bright, epl- gramatic dialogue. Its satire is aimed at the snobbishness so prevalent in English society. The comedy, in three acts, will run through the week with matinees today (Sunday) and Saturday. Air. and Airs. J. O. Houscr and family am expected home today from a two weeks' outing at Catalina. Mrs. C. D. Menefee loft. Tuesday to -spend three months visiting relatives and friends in Chicago and Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Nu/.um, having sold their ranch, have moved to Mrs. Fitzgorald's house on Puente street. Tho Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian Church enjoyed a pleasant social Monday evening in the social hall. AIrn. Mary Dixon and daughter, who have spent the past two months with Mrs. L. L. Ratekin, left for her home in Stronghurst. Ill, Mr. and Airs. John Brunjes and daughters spent last Sunday as guests of Messrs. H , Westhorpe and. J. Lough at Sun Dlmas. Mrs. L. u. Gates of Unadilla Forks, New York, who has been visiting with her nephew, J. C. Hutchinson, has decided to remain permanently. Airs. J. L. Berry and daughter, AJii- clred. and Mrs. U. D. Mussey and two children, of Los Angeles, spent the week-end with the former's mother, Mrs. N. 1). Mussey. Mrs. Rosa C. Clarke and children loft Thursday morning to spend a week ;;t Ve.nice. Thoy were accom- paniod by Masters Allison Given and Percy Atwood, who spent the day with them. 1.000 LOGO | .500 j .500 | .500; .250 j .250 j .000 Covina Hardware . . . Company . . . Full line of Gas and Steel Ranges, Stoves, Cook- itig Utensils, Lawn Mowers, Fruit Sacks, Willow and Woodenware, Paints and Oils—in fact, everything you will find in the biggest hardware store. Covina Hardware Co. N ""° F *" National Bank CITRUS AVENUE, COVINA, CALIFORNIA "Greatest Electric Railway System in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway 566 Milea of Modern Built Standard Gauge Lines Reaching the Principal Cities and Towns, Mountain and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Cars. Prompt and Reliable Freight, Express, Telegraph and U. S. Maif Service. For information and literature regarding the great MT LOWE Trip, BEACH RESORTS and other points of in terest, see local agent, or address General Passenger Depart ment, Room 296, Pacific Electric Building, Los Angeles, Cal THINK OF IT! WHAT? Anything that would tickle your palate in GOOD GROCERIES. Then come, or call up HORNE'S GROCERY Oddfellows Bldg. Phone Home 43 t K EEP OOL By Using Gas for Fuel. Call and See Our Nice Line of Gas Ranges. Phone 196. Covina Valley G&8 Co. 236 N. Citrus fifte«e!*cae«e4 TOMORROWS GAM 10 Tk'I.LS. •Tomorrow, iho game that has been waited for and talked of in C;,vina, will be played here. The Palms loam's percentage equals Co\ imt's. they winning » very game they have played. Their pitcher. Saen.:, j.s .somewhat of a ph'Mioni. hauui; worlds of speed. llowe\ti- t|i,' Couna fans will hank "" MH..T .H-MII,.-,! anyone and the i'o- Xl "'' ''">s h:.\c ;l >h-in uiar:;in on the I'.iii'i.n a^.•!•;•.:•.,-s. Tims.- ^ !i,i iia\.- "•'•••i. ii' I'.ih/:.-. le.iin say I'miiia has "" ''•• i- 1 -'!! :•' h" al'r.ud ol tl;ein N,. V er lii«-l< -.->•>. ilie llhill^ht ul i-oll;;; u^aHISt BY RON HOT SPRINGS Within easy roach of San Francisco U'oiulerful curative properties of the mud and mineral baths and waters. Reached from I.os Angeles through the San Jouimin Valley. Information at SinTHKRN PACIFIC OFFICES. Stockholders' Annual Meeting. N'otiio is hereby given that the annual meeting (f the stockholders of die Charter Oak Citrus Association vvill !>•• held at the aasocuition's pack- :l!J - lii'iise dii Friday, August 'JTili. ''•••'''. lei- die purpose nt elecf,:!^ a I'",'aid of' I >irei ;,ii's and t rans.n ; n.n >Mih etii-.-r ln;>iness as in.iv jirojuM-ly 1 "M'' li -tulV t i:e ineellllu'. K. 11. illDDI.KTo.V. Sec. Announcement To Ou? Present and Future Trade Messrs. Morris C& Hart, who have for eight years made a study of the Confectionery Business, are now proprietors of of ON CITRUS AVENUE Do you realize that it is necessary for Candies and Confections to be pure as well as for all foods to be pure? \Ve are Specialists in Pure, Hio-h-Grade Confec- tiiuK-ry. \\ e are to make iiuny improvements. ^ atch lor tins space ea-:h week. Vours tor y.iud cilizeri^hiji and trade. ...The Palace of Sweets..,

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