Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1911
Page 4
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THE lOM DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVEiWlIG, iHE leu m mm The lola Dally Record. and ^>ie lola Dally Index. -THE BEGISTEH PUBLISHIKG CO. Entered At the lola rdittofflce as Second. • - • .J.. CUw Kattrr. , AdverUslns Rates Madu Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in lola, Oas City. Lanyon* vllle. Coflcreto, LaHarpe and Bauett: . Orit'^eek 10 cents Oine' 44 c<^nt.s On^TTcar , J5.00 BY MAIL: OaefTear. InsMo cnunty J" no dnOfear, outsidp rouMy K.W -4 ^4 ,r—^ T£LEf>HON£8: BtMrilsa Office 18 Society Hrportor IS Job and Bindery Dcpt Ill Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper. City of Bataett. Official Paper of Allen County. Ha^na who had the Rcpublicap candidate securely faatencd with an iron collar about bis neck? Well, even now LAFoUctte, LaFollette mind you is out in an interview euIogiEtng the sainted memory of McKinley. The inference is left of course, thougb' be doesn't say It in so many words, that McKialey was a very different kind of a man from Taft and that while the "interests" control Taft—it was called the "money jiower" in McK!nlcy"s day r—they had no such hold on McKin ley. Yes,; after death the reformerr will be telling how gnod, and imro, an dpatriotic was Taft and how he scortfed on the "interests"—or Whatever they will be fnlled qixteen year? hence. During McKinliy's campaigns the rrformcrs, Poin:Iis;s, free silver Repnbllrnns cio., arid they were Lincoln Uopubliciins. Now ri;formers arr McKfnley' Kcpublic::ns. ITALY'S IMIEDICAMENT. A few days after the war betR'een Italy and Turkey broke out, and when Turkey was appealing to the powers and making every possible effort to avert it, the Kegister \-entured to express the opinion that Italy would do very well indeed to meet the Turkish overtures and bring the unfortunate conflict to an end at the earliest possible moment. In an ancient and very high authority there may be found the admonition, "Agree with thine adversary quickly, while thou art in tu way with him," and it is beginning to be apparent that Italy would have done, well to heed it. There has been little news in Ihf dispatches recently from the seat of the war, and that in itself is evidence enough that things arc going badi.v with Italy, for th2 cables are In th< hands of the ItaUans and it is ver\ certain that good news would no. have been suppressed. From such dribblets of news as have escaped thr censor however, it is apparent that the Italian army is effectually coopet' Ufi In the coast towns of Tripoli. Constantly Harassed by the Turks an: Arabs, and decimated by the plague, the army is clearly disheartened an* discouraged, and does not dare to ven ture beyond the range of the guns of its war ships, • The navy has had its own way, c course, for Turkey has nothing with which to meet It but a few out of dat( gun boats and perhaps some torpedi boats. But you.^n't conquer the Ly- bian desert with a war ship, and Italy has notliing else to do it with. Indeed she is wise in not attemptin:: it, for roan for man the Turkish arm> is superior to that of Italy, while thr chances are that the Turks, with theii Arab re-lnforcements, would be ab'' to bring more men Into the field tt.»r any army the Italians could niustci there. Hesidos, the Turks would hav< the incalculable reinforcement of il desert, the impregnable barriers c sand and sun, to fight for them. Thr Italians doubtless do well, therefon to sUy within the shelter of their hU guns and wait for the navnl campalp- against their adversary to bring hi- to lerms. But there Is liltlc hope even in tli' direction. By tlie^'terms of the o1; treaty Italy dares not set foot o:. Turkish territory, (hat is in Turkr; proper. Bombardment, therefore, c;n not be followed up by occupation About all that can be done by the Itai ian navy, therefore-immeasurably s;: perior as it is, is to harry the coas and lay an embargo upon Turklsl commerce; and Turkey can stand th:/ sort of warfare a long tinre, partlci larly as tlie mles of war ^ limit th>' fleet's attack pftncipaUy to ports- atjV custom houses. ' Meanwhile-Turkey seems to hav gotten over her anxiety.for peace. Tli hard terms laid down by Italy in tb' beginning seem to have welded th- people into a united ma%s, stubbornl: determined to hold out to the end however bitter it may be. And that end promises to be mor- hitter for Italy than for Turkey. Err^ if she maintains her hold upon TT', poll she will have paid a stupcndout price for that which wilf be hard tf keep and of doubtful value at tl' best. For 2,100 years; from Scipi' Africanus to Xapoleon." Italy has . T inter\'als been sending armies int< Africa,—but sooner or later Africr hMidriven them out And what thr Consuls and the Caesars and the Cors lean could not achiete it will hard!.* ronjBln for poor little Victor Emanue' to accomplish. In a pajer li-h'-.' ilie Third District Kditnrirl \asi ,<i.-.;ic :i at Chn- nute t!ip clhT <): y fir. M O'MO , one of the rublishers of the V!-.-.h-irg Headlight, m-.'.iic the si:; ;.!•:'! th< Stale i .T i-:i.vcng r.ori- ii cucy for los--- prliitiiis unior f'c prcifi'i S'.at<" own- erehij) system thiui it foij.iprly did under the old contract plnn. Is it possible that this is unollier of tin reforms that has gone backward' One of the standing scandala of tlir old regime, before the hii!i'ii<'.''s of Ihi State Is paying moro money for less was the "graft" In il:.- Sialo Printlri' contraetV Everybody was made to be. llcvc that the slate was b'-iiig robbti' blintl by uneonsclotiable Slate Printers llk(' Pill Morgan and J. K. Hudson and George Clark and T. Dwight Thatcher and George Martin, and when "reform" triumi^ied and the State put in a plant of its own and started in to do Us own printing, everybody heaved a great sigli of relief. And now comes "Doc" .Moort with cold blooded figures from tl:i reports of the State Printer and tlie .Vnditor and seems to make it clear that the printing is actually costing the Slate more now than it did in the old "graft" days, to say nothing of the $100,000 plant which has been accumulated. It is discouraging. Hugh Powell in the Clicrryvale Re publican: The editor of this paper I* young in the cause and knows Iittl< of politics.and the wiles of the politicians but he has noticed that after presidents are dead both sides claltr them. During ih? McKinley-Bryar campaign Wl!'lam McKlniey came In' for a trpjrenCoiii amount of abuse, probab^' tr.e .re Ihaji t-nyotier Repulh lican cBudidcte RMire Llncoia. Rc^ member the >^unlredB of •ne ^paiM;; cartoons staowing the dollar ms.TkB all over McKinley '8 clothes and ijow be WW being led by a cbaiQ bj^ K\-,- Mark Mr. House, whose weekly letters appear in this paper, and who is an employee of the Topeka Capital, expnjss- es the opinion that "when the time comes" Mr. Capper apd the JZapitai will give their earnest sOpiftJrt 'to iVesldent Taft. That is encouraging as far as it goes. One cannot heii wondering though, when "tlie time" to support a man "comes" If it is not while the fight against llie man is on". The biggest figlit that Taft will hav( In Kansas is on right nov.-, In th< shape of llie Insurgent movement for •1 sjierinl session. The Capital can hardly htjlp knowing that the overwhelming majority of the people of Kansas are against a special session and that Uie only purpose of It Is te '•nact. If iiossible, a primary law that, hr permitting non-Uopuhlieuns ti Kite in Republican primaries, migh; nko Hie Kansas delegation to the Xii liOtial convention away from Tafi Why doesn't it say. so? One good, strong, snuore-toc-di J. K. Hudson kind of an editorial in tli'> Capital against the epecial session would kill that proposition dead as a mack- ?rel, and absolutely "cinch" the Kansas delegation for Taft. If Mr. Cappei and the Capital are for Taft, as Mr House says, and if "when the tinif comes" he is to have their earnesi support, a disinterested public wil venture to inquire^;Why not NOW? Combinafion Wood and Gas Stoves DECEMBER 1,1911. mtm Gas Heater heater- with ca^^ plated dress guard. ^ rThe ;kel COME m AND I LOOK OVER. STOGIE We are overstocked oil the Combination Stove and are selling them at reduced prices. •We er. il applu •lid lidinces also all carry the Reznor Heat- kinds of gas saving All children should learn to breath- right says the Lawrence World, ant' ->vcrybody will agree with it. "It Is c fact," says the Journal, "that much of our trouble physically comes from poor breathing. If we taught our ohildren to breathe better they woulf" be healthier. The schools should nake a specialty of this. It is more important than vaccination or-roaklng our eyes track. The child that is taught to breathe right has been given what is more valuable than money." P. S. By the way, what is th' .-ight way to breathe': The Lawrence Gazette thinks there would be no objections to spendlnf a few millions to improve the Missouri river if it would stay Improved. The trouble as the Gazette sees it is that "if it were possible to dredge a channel from Kansas City to St. Ixiuiii wide enough and deep enough to float steamers, that cliannel would be filled with sand in twenty-four hours and th* m^ork would have to be done over j«liin.: Deddes that, irrigation wells would have to lie sunk every few rods In order to supply the water for the channel." Sam Bl>the lit Saturday Evening Post'; "Big Bukiness does not want Mr. Taf^. fleeted, but Big Business is sorely put to it to find some Democrat It does want. II abhors Woodrow W|l son and It isn't any too sure ol Ctov. K. G. Plumbiiig Co. Harinon, who certainly did do sonu' [ acanilalous tax-raising things—to the" IVnnsyivanla Railroad, for example. 5o Big Uuniness is marking time and contents itself with saying, 'Nothing could be }vorse than the situation no>v and we won't contribute a u;!rii.';i i c?nt to anybody." One of the "traditions" of the White House is that the President.shall not be "interviewed," that is to say that he shall never be directly <iuotcd in j a newspaper or magazine article. If he desired to make n coniniunlcation to the public, if it was a comparatively minor matter it was done by way of his private secretary, and if it was a matter of more moment then some occasion was found for a speech on j 'he subject, or a special message was j addressed to Congress If it happened to bo in session. But President Taft has*" broken over that, tradition, as h'- has a good many others, and in the current number of the Outlook ther- appears nn authorized interview with him, In which he Is quoted directly n reply to questions intended t(i bring out his own Ide-a of his Adni;n- i istratlon. Through the Associated Pn'ss the Register has obtained ii summary of that interview and it is printed on the telegraph page of today's paper. It will be found very much worth re;idlng. pufch til call here. se fed Christmas you 'for. Thorn Is this much (o I>" said for Madame Curie: I 'M- love Ii'llers to the other man were not madi* up of mush and pli:- t;ose. They were not e\aetly pli^a.^re-i rending to the Other man's wifi>, pvr- haps; but they were not silly and disgusting. Science at lejist did that much for her. Thf Lawrence Journal is bri;;lit and up to dale in some respects; but it has taken it a long time to discover that the Ft. Scott Tribune does not want to be fair. Really progressive new spapers made that discoverj- long ago. gladly reserve any may make un- will soon be procrastinate buying. Our this year has with special includes the latest yoyr liolldayj ho |ida/ ^W) beijn ^el^cte^ care. It and be st jirticles for gift giv- ln(^ in the Jewelry line. We nho h;iv€ a full line of beautiful iiuri} gold plated China —this ha,s.a rlass glaxe that is burnt m oyer the gold and cajvt Wear cfl:'. Will hist a life-time —J You may not know- it. hut there is 'iiore politics being Mei out right aow in the Second Congressional dig- trict cf Kansas than there ivas the week before the reCent election.—Law^ renre Gazette. Won't the Gazette please put us next? There isn't any politics whatever down at this end of the District Our candid friend Mr. Ijouse, of the Topeka Capital who rccen|tiy got married, has uiscovercu that j"lf you give a woman ten dollars today she will claim, by day after tomorrow, that you gave her only two dollars." HIpKS E. side Ware & SON lola, Kas. IMHNTEI) rARAJJKA .I From the Chicago News. T,ict is m<»rely the what you .want. * Some men haven't ciVarity cover their own sins. Once more we hear th [.querj-: "Why is foofJjall After a man discovers man appeals to him shje Marrying an heiress Js th for love's intoxication.'. A woman drifts Intolrelig urally as a man drifts into There's no excuse for less you yearn for the una • If j'ou would have youij you must L-e willing to times. REFI.ErTIONS OF A B.U'HKLOiL From the New York • Pre: s. \ Love anticipates and its fuiilUmcnt retrospects. • •Hit |of gettiivg enc ",!gh io • ancient hy a wo- do4sn 't. gold cure on as nat- politics. ilures un- tainable. own way tra\jei aione at rhe Perfect Laxaf hre For Elderly Peoble Are baa Ita attract!on<i nn le:ti than youth in a more Mrvno aed iiuia*i»r lite. Cut It this vnry «r rw.t <tii!-MjM; suinolcnt oxerclae thai l.rliiL'v v.-ith it tho<e (l.eurders tliut arlHu from inactivity. Chief of tliese aro a ehronit, peralatent eonst)t>aUun. Moat elderly pcvjide are troMble.! !-i thla way. with accon:piin}-lni; ayinptoii of belchln;:. (Irciwslnea.t after ta:l:i-. beailMhen and xoneial lai-sltu-ltf. Viv luer.tly Uiejfs ;s flltllculty of. uli:rj«;;n».- ^v«>n lljjht food. • ifuch mental t.-ou .-iN- •!nt>wr, on !l l» hard to find a suliallf n.|!r,edy. Flmt ef ull the .lOvlee may ilven that i-Mi>-;v iKOpIc sho-ild nwt esc ;al!». caiharl:c plll^ or powdern, V;>ti-rn T any <..' lU- n.ore »Ioi'-nl i'licv-iiii.*-?!. rt' lilt-.- ! -fil. ••,-.,n::-n .-is -A-t -ll u -• inr,). 13 a nill'l l:.xatl\« torir, it-^ ti\i-' H pleanant t-j tu'-> and .vet ^c-ti v.-r.!;r>iit, »rli>lnt;. Tho remedy ttint filli pll thrr," ic- 4iilrein «ala, and lias In aUtUtloa touio prop-rtlws 'hat strenirthen llvor and bowel''. In DrJ Ca',^ Pi^poln. wlilch tliountn<t« of i]<le u»*, to :tiu axciu^ion lr«nif<3lp». Tr«;«twortliji pco;Io 1 kr ,irf ;l-j I.Utle. Kansaa Clii-. Kr s.. and Jon.' I.M.'ller, Junction City,] Ka!.. i jnk-. It nt i*-z:ilar |;ilfr\a.Is ,i)nt wity It..; m.ilnt.'iln ' CiiUh. Iitit tisry f.i-.-c fi-It »» Boo'l ii". Ill-V ilo m do «r»-ll to nlwayx hfivi« a 1- the houao. It U i:<>od for al An-nr.f -.•'•ihlnff to mak* t ren.etly b.>fore bui'lniflt In wav of a druifKlxt at pftv i a lnrK6 l>c-ttle (fimlfy »ia-.-e a i>u;nplc bottle i(«nt fr,-o or C 'harec by atmulv a. w. u. CdMweli. <03| v.'aslhin IfoattocIIo, 111. Your namo OB a postal card wUl 4o, ho i>romaeh, Calc iveli'M-Hyiup >i dll eflor ! . eay itur als and i In -.oni ml i;<»»d in yenm Vou will ttlo of Itl In Vv'ealth that brags is never as big as the brag says it is. The reason a boy can go to college and not learn anything is his father icarnod less not going. , A man gets to know so much keeping his mouth shut that when he opens it he no longer knows it. All the money spent raising children would help, them so much more If so much wasn't spent on f/jm. December .^th the Jani 'ary js.sue of the Bell Telephone Directory wil! go to press, Have you a Bell Telephone? If not— Call 561 and iiavc a telephone l4i.«;tallc(l immediately in order to in.sure your name appearing in this issue of the directory. • Kvery issue of the lola Directory sliijws a substantial increase in the number of subscribers. A 11 Telephone is a positive economy. .Tiien, too, it adds dignity ami. tr-r.c to the I KJIUC. The Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company A candidate for the New York police force turned burglar ii.ending his appointment. Couldn't he wait? it looks as if our. churchmen, in tliti: ttiv.'.l oViort to counteract social- i.-ni have stolen their remedy from :Uo encn;y. "I am told." .said Woody Wilson, "t'.iat n.s soon as Mr. Roosevelt thinks, lif ta '.'KH " but no one ever accused Woody of waiting that long. "Tl;f»r'? are as many opportunities Cor t'.:n yitung man to l)ecome rich now as In I-Inc-oin 'R time." declares former Senator Thurston. Oh, now come, thing." aro not so bad as that, yoa know: —nib'.es and Magazines rebound I D all Htyles at a reasonable price at th> Pcsisier Publishing Co. tri; thfi eir bei:tk. Uij:! faioily. j V of tiiU 1 or dr.* ! Ixe) can ; t|hp homo I atng fr. ! •ticn pt.. cdd.-^ and U-pat iola Plani g Mill .MA.VnFACTURES l>o<ir!> lind Door iTrames, Win. doiw and Window Fmraeii. n «or oad Window Screens Had* to Order. Prompt .UtpntlAn fHven to Cm%' torn Work of ill Klodx. I. U. McKURRAY PHONE 404. PROPS PUBLIC SALE! I will .Kcll at Piibllr A notion I mile and IJz mfles .sontJi of Carljle, :>]i miles north and 1 mile east of loja, on Thursday, Dec. 7, 1911, Beginning at 10 o'clock a. ni„ the following property, towit: 7 HE.\D OF HORSES. Consisting of -5 mares; 1 iron gr.iy i'erc.'ieron, in foal, 6 years old, weight 1."."0 lbs.; 1 black mare, 8 years old. wc'igiit 121)0 lbs.; 1 bay marc 7 years old. weight H'.".0 lbs.; 1 black filiey, 3 years old. weight lOi-O lbs.: l-bay mare 14 years old, weight 1100 lbs.; 1 spring colt and 1 spring nnile. 9 HE .V1> OF r.VTTLE. Consisting of 8 milk cows,-4. to be fresh scon and rest will be fresh in spring; 1 coming 2-yrar-old heifer, will be fresh in spring, fat. »1 1IE.VI> OK IIOC.'S. Consisting of 2 brood sows will far­ row March 1. 1912; 2"J head of shoatS: Will weigh from luo to ir.o lbs. 0 dozen chirkens: 20 head of slierp. F.lK-MI.Xi'LK.ME.Y'rS. 1 good farm wagon; 1 new top buggy, only been hitched three tlnics; 1 buggy without top; 2 riding cultivators; 1 1.4-inch stirring plow; 1 16- inch stirring plow; 1 mower; 1 rake; 1 I^arrow; 2 sets work harness; 2 sets- buggy harness, 1 now; hoes, rakeSjj scythes, etc.; 1 w-agon bo.x manugjT spreader; 1 DeHaven separator;^ grindstone. FKED—100 shocks corn fodder; 100 shocks cane and kafflr corn fodder;.? tons alfalfa hay in barn. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 1 organ, 1 leather couch, 3 dressers, 12 dining chairs, 4 rockers, kitchen cabinet 2 dining tables, 2 stand, tables. 1 healing stove. 1 iron bedstead and four sets of springs. 1 safe, and many other articles too niimerous to mention. TJvR -WS OF S.\I,E—All sums of .'lO and under cash in hand. All sums over |10 a credit of 12 months will be given, purchaser giving note with apiiroved security beari::.'< c; intcr<-^t from date If paid when due. If not ;:aid when due to draw 10'; fruni date of sale. 4% discount for cash on credit :-ales. No property removed until .sealed for. Uankable note reijuired. I.lI.N'CIl ON arvOITNDS. (01.. r. S. IMSIfOP, .\ncfronter. ii. II. HO»VI ,r .S,;llerIi. A. W- WILSON Lie SALE! % I will .".ell nt I'ubllc .\inilitn o i thellaney Newell fnnii, iix miles uo'rtlnvest of lola, and :i!j miles >o!i!!iwcst of Carlyle, on * Tudsday, Bic. 5, 1911, lieghinlng at 10 o'clock a. in., t.'<; folloning property, towll: 5 HE.VD OF HORSES. Consisting of .3 choice brood marcs iill in foal to Percheion horse, 1 i;; three years old, 1 nine, and 1 thirtcp!. years old; 1 iron gray horse colt 2 years old. weight 1000 lbs.; lisprir.;. horse colt. .8 HE .ID OF (.\TTLE. 4 cows giving niilk, 2 will be fre^b 3oon; 1 yearling heifer; 1 summer calf. 19 HE.VD OF HOGS. Consisting of 1 brood sow with pig: I Poland China boar; 2 O. R. C. thor­ oughbred white boars; 15 stoats that weigh about 150 lbs. FARMING IMPLEMENTS. 1 Deeririg binder; 1 14-inch walking plow; 1 2-sectipn harrow; 1 com planter; 1 2-horse wagon, nearly new; 1 1-horse wagon; 1 buggy; 3, cultivators, 1 almost new; 1 set don- ' ble harness; 2 sets single harness; 1 grindstone; 52 gallons apple cider vinegar; tools of all descriptions. k ' 500 bushels com in crib, some fod- J der. etc.-^ 60 young hens. Many otheft^ articles too numerous to mention. .TERMS OF S.VLE— All sviffs' of $10 and under cash in hand. Alljfnms oyer $10 a credit of 12 iw^tR'S"'wili be given, purchaser giving not? with approved security bearin^'e'/< interest from date if paid when due. If n<\t ^aid when due to diaw li)'; from date of sale. 4% discount for cash on credit iales. No property removed until settled for. Bankable note required. i LUNCH O:: GROUNDS. (01^ C. S. niSHOP, Auctioneer. H. HOH.IRT, Clerk. CHRIS GERONEMO Ice,. €ol«S Storag.e, Coal, Di§tille<l Water -FOR SALE(01 A ICE, COLD S FORAGE & PUEL CO. Phone 116 i MOTOR WASHING MACHlJNfES —run easy— COLE HARDWARE \

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