The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 5, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1977
Page 6
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(J-NAUOATUCK MEWS (CONN.). TMtrjlSPAY. ATTQ. 1. 1M6 "Old Men" Do Well For Joe Cronin A Slight Peek At The Nat'l League AUK 1—When Manmter TWO no-hit Rami-a we.'-e ruined by of tho Bo.ton Reel Sox ( players nerving their. first.year In W° lly M«.e». vrlornn the National Lc^uo. On Juno 8th, •outnoklor, fiom lYf Chicago Whlln flox vid th« wiilvor route recently, tot their houMs Cimrloy "Koci" HuiTcU. right hand- ai- of the CimllmilH, had his bid to the Hull of Fame punctured when Infr to nutkn the Sox un old mun x home." Mn.y'10 no m»ybo HO, hut If the of MOMOM ro.sultft hnpplly n» illd tho moved Kiuly York, Mlko which iMuiin >•" * »»!• >^ -—..-, .-.Hob Kllrigfr ftfid Bill Huhor to the Hox, *hon Cronin won't mind having tho iiRfl'l vetnnini) /wound. Joo I', (i firm believer In bulivnclng ft. team with iiffo »"<•! youth — tho tho 'y cuI U' !lt '"' H for upend nnfl Muiih. Tlmt |r. hov.- ha won tho .1033 pennant with WamilngUm. Ho wont out 'or, trot n hit with ono out In tho eighth Inning.. On July 12th, Grndy Hatton the Cincinnati Rods' rookie 'third bn«omnn, doubled with two out In thu lli'St Inning. This hit wan tho only blow agnlnst Johnny Sain, tho Boston's Braves' right hnndcr. Pdto RolMO-r. who has ambitions and 'got Ouslln, Wally Stow- net, Al C'i'fiwdop-unil n fnw more ol timer* to work ulonj.; will; him- iiMf, Buddy Myrr, O»slo Blunge and Monti.- Weaver, Inserted the right m«n ut thn right tlmo nnd thn pun- nnnt wn» hl.i. And ho hnsi provt-d prntty riBtiito In tho mnnnii' In which'he h»« hiilimccd off ugo with youth thl.i .IOHJIOP, It hn..<i pnkl dividend. 1 !. IIKI, K AS K FJ. i ;TO 1 1 K ic Kodton Am;. KUPJ-The Boston ZlrnviN huve rulon'Kiid iincfriflltloiuil- , ly HhorLitop W/illnei) Flntohor. Thn fcitmnr Tnrnplo university (ithlotn goe« to Kvnn.HVllln of thn thpoo-nyc lengilo. Kliitohor hud bpi:n plcltncl up hy thr r-ii-iivoji dupln;; tlH'lr ro- cent wp.itorn .Mwlng, SALEM PLAYHOUSE TODAY ClAUDITTB JOHN COLBERT • WAYNE -.!• MERVYN LiROvs puitutntn M «.i DON DefORE • n,a,m » KS.U I has plUei-pd moi-o bases so inr im* neason than ho hud !n 1042 whun he WUH Brooklyn's top sack swiper. Pistol Potn stole 20 buses In 19-12, So.far this season RniHcr has. stolon more biisod thun nny member of the Dodgci-H hud boon ciblo to swipe In tlie laat ton years. Tho Nutloniil Lonffuc team to bo upUishod with the whitewash thlx year was the St. Lo'uls Cardinal. Eddlo Dyer's boya had played nix wuolcs of tho schedule before thoy wore shut out on Juno 1 by Ijlll VolKOllo of tho Giants. Tho Clnnt.t now hnve two play- rr.i who hnvo colKcLed 200 or more homo runt" during their National U>fiK"0 cnroopH. Mel Ott, pluycr- mnndgor of tho tcutn, la far out In front among those still on the tic- tlvo llJit of tho Ford Frlck circuit. Johnny Mise, the Glunts' big first unckcr ronchcd tho 200 murk this ucnnon. .He hud Mtnrtod tho cum- pnlgn with n total of IB'I round ti'lppors. If you want to sit behind the home tcMn's dugout In the Niitlonal r,paguo, you'll llrid yoursplf on tho third base xitlu of tho st.'intls In five of tho hull |)iirk.M. Those using homo dugouts on tho third base slilc arc the St, Louis Curdlnfils, the Chicago C'libn, Hostan Braves, Clnclnnutl ftcda und tho rhlllles. The othni- ihri'o homo dugouts, of course, arc on tho first bmo side. Legjoft Middletown Scares Locals With Late-Inning Surge Billy Natcwich's Homer "In First Inning With One On feature Of Game Staples thnt hold book mntchcs together require about 500 tons of ntnol 'pop yoai 1 , Friday -. Saturday [Hi TERRTTOBY ^llMMtk AM v N»( MIJI.I , 0«MI«il kv «M WHILAH «rt ««f b« mf» M4lfirg*o 4-14 tu^i «4«0 - A IHD • 'IN" T17V1U"' STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place • <)|ii-n Dully Until I A. M. • DAILY I.IINCIIKONS • AND DINNKICS • • A J,A <:AKTK MENU Dining Koum, Food liar unit Ito'oth Scrvlco " Full Liquor Licehso SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG .n.Al., IHiMr* Hun t)\r"fl 1(11 rii-nrh fll.KANKHT Hl'OT IN fill-'. H'l'ATK DANCE Every Saturday B I'. M. TO 1 A. M, «» DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WA'W.U.STJIISKT MliiU' »,V The rnrnoun «, I. TWIMOIIT TKIO BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT CUT-BAT K c A xrvtrryT'CJ Nrs| "• "'"•»'• Ojr\iN/iil<rCl O SiivliinH Hunk 20 SAVINGS ST. DIAL 5-OJU7 Flli;iT ,TAKS coon I.UCK ,i.\u l-JKISSSUKI 1 : COOKKRS AM, TYTKN OF TIADIO KKPAIIi WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 103 ClTuRClI ST. Tolcpliono 4080 GET A JEEP 1MMKIHATJS PKMVKRY Vniir ' WII,I,VM.OVKIll.ANI> !>™lfr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc, Off I'liii'f. Wiitcrlnirr SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAFAUO DICK FINLEY, JVIgr. Cpun 10 A. M. to 10 I 1 . M. limiting • lliUhlng • ricnlcrt AUGUST FUR SALE — IIUY NOW AND SiAVK — HO N, MAIN STRKET Wulprhiiry > I +^^++-r^**+<*^-+* * 1 <Jt- I'rnsto Tel. .'i-2727 (Immndlitt^ WEISS' { Ben Franklin Store v J02 CHURCH STREET Thoir hearts sot aflame by tho groat adventure they lived .... A story of tho West today in the tradition of tho West of old! Our niim'N Invr of dunRiir , . . Ono wonmn'H lovn of a iimn! , , , Oim iniitliiii picture wltlv u thrill nil It own! . WILL JAMES 1 IN THIUKUNO TKCHNICOLOR ''• H '\* > Fred MacMURRA.Y ,, • Anne BAXTER "It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog" Carole Landis — Allyn Joslyn y * U. -i .^ ».-••• * • . " WATCRBURr oeuis The local American Legion Juniors cut the first notch on their drive '"I- the state championship, last night, In defeating Middletown hv n narrow 7-6 margin, The victory though was a clone one, with all Nnugatucklnns who had •traveled the 26 miles to Middletown to view the contest, having near strokes and spasms of high blood pressure before the big seventh Inning drew to n. close. Going into the last of the seventh, Pitcher Vin Healy had n comfortable 7-2 margin to rcs-t upon. Thn first two men up against him, Houston and Brennnn. grounded out, short-stop to first baso. But then It happened: Vlnnio lost control. The local boy was nicked for tv.o successive hits. Vlnnio, know- Ing that he -temporarily bad lost his stuff, asked for relief, but Coach Gubby Cowan told him to finish the game as only one more out wns needed. But Hcnly's estimate of his own ability was better than his coaches, for his coach's decision nearly proved fatal. Bo- fore the Inning was over, Mlddlo- '•jwn \yltli the cooperation of sonic mla-playlng on tho parts of the N.iiigatuck outfield, ' h a d scored four inns, and when the final out was made, tho tying run was perched on second. But tho .game was over, iind Manager I3ddlc Noldo told his charges to forget the game.' the victory was theirs and to con- eon (.rate on their next game with the, winner of tho Noru:lch-WHli- mantlc clash, also played lust night Up until tho last inning, when I the MlddlotownorK garnered their , 'ive successive hits, Pitcher Kcaly ,• had limited them to four bingles and One earned run with errors supplying the other, • As for Naugatuok, Billy Nuto- wlch lod tho hit parade with a tremendous home-run In the first. Inning .with-one man on. This was Billy's only hit,-as he was walked the next time up, .and then filed out and grounded out. .Vinnie and Joe Honly r.jcountod- for five, of Nuugatuck'.i ten hits-between.them. Naugatuck's big inning occurred in the third when .Schuster led off the Inning with a base on balls, which was followed by a single for Snn Angolo, free paou to Nato- wich. Uscakiowicz filed out to center for the first out, and then sue-' ecijslvo singles' hy^ Mai:kovjc t V, Nathan Mann To Referee Bouts At Field-Day Nil thill) Mnnn, well-known Now Hnvon heavyweight will rnfcreu ihci exhibition bouts which will ho presented this coming Sunuiiy afternoon at tho Montunurl - Rndo Post Field-Day, It wan Jeurned by THE NEWS today. Mnnn, ono of the bctter- Icncwn heavywelRlits In the nation, onco. had tho distinction of being knocked out by Joo Louis, heavyweight chump of the world. STRnno 2nd BIC WKEK Esther WILL?AMS Van JOHNSON Lucille BALL EnsviquiED IK" TECHNICOLOR DARK ALIBI mint rout • r« HWCDMKSDAT PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 150 MAP MS STREET OR MQRE' X x N <N i Tb« wld*4t choice of paint colon Cfer offered — til icidy to UM, 'no Intermixing. ' , .- ' Murphy Pafinfs In »v«ry .Sco Our I,nr(;o""Stoek of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS aUo All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOIVS FOR GARDEN and r,AWN • SHOVELS (lone nnd short handle*) • GAKDKN RAKES • IIOKS — SFADES • PRUNING SHKARS • GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc, Maple St. Tel. 3507 Hcaly, Stauffer, and ,T. Hcaly, before Curtln bounced 'into a Uou- Sle play, accounted for four markers. - : '.' 'II Hungry Briefs. The local Lc- 'glonocrs now have an excellent Minnce to go on and take the state championships, and believe uu, the locals are all behind them. Vin Mealy got three hits for throe in voaterdayls game. Manager Eddie Noldc got so excited when Mlddle- '.own g-jt those five successive hits, he was running around all over the place.' Many thought him a cheer .eader. Score by Innings: Naugatuck .... 20-10010—7104 Middletown .•• 0100104—6 92 Batteries: Hcaly, San Angelo; Francis, Mcllcn, Umpires: OHourke, Godwin. Miele Resents Columnist's track "A recent:remark In the column Sports Chatterbox, by Jack Darby, Is offensive to me and my team," Manager .Carl Mjele, of the Mule Waves..said-today, .The rem.ark made by ..Darby stated that he believed that tho Merry Morticians would not.:have lost their recent, contest against the Male Waves, were -It not...for .the raKHlng .which they, were • taking from the- Thurston's,, who wcio watching the contest.... . |; . "Wo beat Xhcm ,wl'Lh our own ability, and..the- words 'Jf a , few spec: tators did not. help .as .Mr. Darby,"- .Carl said, • As 'for us, we've no comment,..except that 1 it looks as, though another . Softball feud is brev.'ing, and we believe that Jack will have an answer to this, next week. AT LAST? - - By Steve Bishop ^ 4% '^N.* Rado vs. Brownell In Area Dream Softball Game Tool Combine Slightly Favored To Take Measure Of Local Squad MillvijJ? A, A. To Hold Meeting There will be a 1 special meeting of the Millvllle A. .A... -Friday evening, Aug. 2, at the home oC club president, Albert R, Brewer, AI- lerton Road. This meeting, is scheduled for 7 o'clock sharp. Plans will be discussed In regards to their position in tho local Amateur League di.irinp: th.6 -second half. Officials of the above club have high hopes of winning the short schedule. , ISfforts will also be made to increase the membership and a commRtcc appointed for .raising a general fund for future teams. Only members holding membership cards will be admitted to the meeting. . • • • • ADDITIONAL SPORTS ON PACK 8 LIICHFIELD " RdPE" - July 30 - 'Aug. 3 SICATS: SUM). -?1.50,..$2.00 phis tnx Curtain: 8:45 | Tol! Xltcliflcl'd 880 Next Week: ROOM SKRVICE Quaiifying teams from this area and in Connoctl- :ut AmiLt-uur Softball Association pla'y were announced today by Edward T. McGrath. Naupituck Valley Softball" Commissioner. The Scovill Manufacturinpr Company of Waterbury girls' team will represent the area in the G-irls Tournament which opens-in Mid- dletowiv on August. 10th. Six teams will compete, for the title. The Sco- vi',1 -team, coached by Howai-0. Kraft, has posted 10 straight wins without a defeat so far this season. In the Men's Open To'.irnnment, scheduled to start August llth at Longbrook Park, Stratford, the leajrue loading Norwoods team of Ansonia has bcnn selected to repre- •sent 'this 'section. Twelve teams wilf vie for the crown. Naujjatuck has no' leapruc in the Open Division, wh-ile the Waterbury Public Parks Long-up,.is not a member fit the. C. A.'S. A. and therefore does not qualify for tournament play. A. playoff'is ncccs?ary in t'ie Industrial Division to determine the area representative in the Men's Industrial Tournament which \vill- get under way on August 10th at Loncjbrook Park, Stratford, with eiijht teams participating. The Waterbury Tool Company team of Watorbury will play United States Rubber Company of Manjiatuck 'or the honor of representing- this area. Com mist-ion or McGrath has scheduled a best two out of three scrips,' The (irst game will he played tomorrow niprht. at the new Fairmont; Athletic Field in Waterbury, with '-t'he second Kanv hooked for Monday- nipht at Recreation Field, Naumtuck. The third game. If necessary, will ho played on Wcd- !icsday,"Aus;ust 7(.h. Softball fans in this area nrc in for a treat when the two teams clash ; fn what should pi-ove to be 'the outsnndinp: sofbal-l tilts of tho regular I.'A; A. League pame last Tool .combine boasts an undefeated soasort. to date with .12 ..wins in league-..competition, while the Rubber nitie,' Coached by "Swede" Linden, ck-Dartmcuth College-'bafeball Leg-ion Juniors Play State Semi-Finals Here Saturday Tho American Lcplon Juniors, local District Champions, who edccd. out the Middletown Juniors last nlRht, the 1 WIHi'munt'-c team in the semifinals Saturday afternoon hero, it was announced .by Eddie Noldo, team manajror today. The panic, which will bo played at Recreation Field, will bepln .at 2:30 p. n>.. If the locals,win thlirRamc they will advance to the finals of state competition. Th« Man With A Taste .wj.ll- make haste to Harry and Pop . . . where- net. will shop! ! CALVERT RESERVE ^m^ .90 CALVERT SPECIAL LANDSDOWNE / i v ' . ' , . , ' ; GOLDEN WEDDING CARSTAIR'S WILSONS •:,:;---•. . BON-CORE DRY WINE— . Full gallon . ;......-.;.:'. WALKER'S DE LUXE STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY—4-5th v. $2.40 «3.5l Harry's Liquor Shop Pop's Liquor WE DELIVER:;ANYWHERE • IN NAUGATCCK, ANYTIME 23 SOUTH MAIN STREET : TEL. 2975 i 24 CHURCH STREET TKL. SOfiO captain, have lost only one game in 10 starts. It was recalled th'at in the Inst meeting of . the two teams, a resular I, R. A. Leabuo game last vcar, Rubber blanked Tool 5-0, although the latter went on to win the league championship.. Two years ago .the rivals met- in the finals for the I. R. A. championship with the crown going- to U. S, Rubber in a Close scries of. games. Essentially the same players will be facing each other on Fi'iday when rivalry is resumed once again. Hnrdy Brownell will be on ihe Oiounci for Tool while Bill Rado will toe thi slab for Rubber. The Tool combine rates a slight.favorite to take the scries. . . Working under the jurisdiction of Commissioner McGrath in the promotion of C. A. S. A. activity in the Naiigr.tuck Valley arc tho following city commissioners: Watcrbury. Timothy F. Nolan; Naugatuck. William J. Rado; and Ansonia, Leon G. Kennedy. CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 2211) 24 SOUTH MAIN STREKT (OpnoHlto Ninmnti"'!* I'iirnllnrc Co.) |f|li'.((M-,v Krtmlr Srrvlw on All Mlikl-n of Iliiillii SeU. rrninpl. Si-rvli'j- nl RniMinnlilr rrli-rB. Lulcitt KinilDinrnl for Itndl" Kriiulr W«rl(. Philco Car Radios Immediate Delivery .Automatic. Phonographs and Record RADIOS AT SWAN'S Tel. 2571 IB Church St. — Est. 1925 Shea's Recent Defeat One Out From Perfect Game Waterbury Bouts Postponed Until Tomorrow Night 'Waterbury, Aufj. 1—(UP)— Threatening weather ban forced postponement until tomorrow njqrlit of boxing bouts nt Municipal Stadium. Featured . tn n return contest are Eddie Compo of New Haven and Joe lannottl of New York. Standing of Teams NATION/VI- LKAGUE Yesterday 1 !* Results Boston 2, Pittsburgh 1. Chicago G, New York 1, St. I-xjuin 10, Brooklyn 3. Cincinna/J 3, Philadelphia 2. The Standing W. L. Pet. Ercokiyn 5937 .Glfi St. Louis - r '6 39 ,589 Chicago .... 52 43 .5-47 Cincinnati 47 48 .-195 Boston •)!> 49 .479 New York 43 54 .413 Philadelphia -)0 . r )3 .430 Pittsburgh 37 56 .398 Todays Gnnics, Pitchers St. Louis at Brooklyn—Brccheen (7-10) vs. Lombard! (10-5). Pittsburgh at Boston—Roe (2-S) or Lanning-(3-1) vs. Lee (7-6) or Wright (G-7), Cincinnati at Philadelphia (2) — Hcusser (G-7) and Bcggs (G-G) vs Judd (5-9) and Stanccau (1-3) or Mulligan (2-2). Only games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE Yesterdays Results Cleveland 4, Boston 3. Detroit 6. New York 0. Chicago 3, Philadelphia 2. St. Louis 6, Washington 2. The Standing W. L. Boston "0 29 Detroit 06 40 New York 57-11 Washington 5047 Cleveland 47 02 St. Louis 42 54 Chicago '. 39 OS Philadelphia ...' 28 6S Pet. .70 .583 .582 .515 .475 .433 .402 .292 Today's Game,s Pitchers * New York at- Detroit—Gumpcrt (5-1) vs. Overmire (3-3). Boston at Cleveland—Zuber (3-1) vs. Reynolds (6-10). Philadelphia at Chicago — Harris (2-7) vs. Haynets (3-S). Washington at St. Louis (night) —Ncwsom (4-4) vs. Kramer (106). VISIT OUR 2ND FLOOR Featuring Watcrbury's Largest Selection- of. Kiddy Furniture • FULL SIZE CRIBS 0 YOUTH BEDS • SAND BOXES « SWING ON METAL STAND • HIGH CHAIRS • METAL BABY CARRIAGES ~: BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN ST,-- Wn'terbur y- NAUGATUCK SPORT i & AUTO SUPPLY "Russ" "WTEAVING; ^jtop -.yin»loiy;'<?ourt -, •,-. - At TO- KAXiXS SPORTS GOODS < .Cii»hloln"T,vpc 1At •X- ALL STAR ^ BOXING at Municipal Stadium Waterbury TONIGHT GeorRc F. Mulllpin, Promoter 8 Rounds—Main Bout EDDIE COMPO, N. H. vs. JOEY IANOTTI..K. V. 6 Rouncin JIMMY ROGERS, Bdpt. vs. AI. SILVERMAX. N.. Y. G Rounds BOBBV HICKS, -.V(hy. vs. EDHIE AHEARX, N- Y. 6 Rounds | 6 Rotinds Semi-Final I Dula Kovnch BGeorRp Mariano Wtby. vs. I vs. ..-. -Al. Henri,.- • -Too Sandy Corona, L. I. • N. II. Ringside $3.7.'! Grandstand Reserved $2.50 and Rush S1.35; .-All Taxes Included Ticket's Kow. on S;ilc at Mulll- Kari's Restaurant, If. Phoenix Avo., Watcrhiiry Phone 8-076!) Local Hurler Had Two Out In Last Inning Before Hit For Single, Home-Run By THOMAS FITZ)>ATRICK Recent reports from the West 003 st show to us that local hurlci-, Frank "Spec" Shea not only has one of the best records in the coast loop, but is one of the bcst.-likcd pl-iycrs on the club besides being Manager Coscy Stengel's Sunday pitcher. Spec ,\vho had won nine and lost three up until Tuesday, July 29, lost a heart-breaker in his last scs-' sion. He was pitchinc the flrst seven inniny stint of a double-header, and at the time :hc fireworks broke around him he '.vas within one out of pitching a perfect game. In the seventh innlnc, having croltcn the first two men out the third man up singled to ruin Spec's no-hit chances. Momentarily 'flus- t-ered by this ruination of one of tho finest came-) which the local boy had ever pitched, he served the next hatier. the type pitch that'he wanted. In appreciation, this scn'.lc- man belted it out of the park, for «, home run. Incidenally, thnt horr.c run WA» the flrst one Rotten off of "Spec" during his stay with the Oakland coast team. Most baseball fans know what the wyrds "Sunday Pitcher" designate. The pitchers who work over the weekends arc generally the ones that will attract the crowds, and upon whom their manacera rely to win the toughest of hall sramcs. Th'isly, hurlcrs Biich as Ncwhouscr, Feller, Ted Lyons and Spud Chandler may be called Sunday pitchers. Shea was called upon Tuesday night by Manager Stengel to hurl the opener of the crucial series between Oakland .inrt San Francisco, who arc currently running neck and neck for first honors. At this writing we did not know the result of that game, but we're keeping- our fingers crossed in tho hopes it's a victory. On Sunday again. Manager Stengel plans to use "Spec," and he is relying upon him to win both of them. Frank, in a recent letter, did not state what he believed his chances were of returning to the Ysnlicca soon, but if he continues at his present rate of spoi-cl, he can't lose. The Yankees will be forced to bring horn back. •«««^™™™">»^^^™~ < Dayton Rubber . Mfg. Co. V-BELTS Every Size of 1MO - 2MO - OMO Series in Stock! MILL SUPPLIES • POWER 1 22 SAVINGS ST TIL. 5-22-SI <p { SKB VS FOR YOVRVACATHW LUEGRGE LiutirrlliiK Kcrnvcri-il. K<-l>nlrfd FISHERS 111 S. MAIN ST, ft-'*" FOR PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION" mono 4728 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No. Main St. Nnugataich ^^^^^?ii^^^^»**^~ s ~***' Cars WnslM-d, rollshcd »t CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 2-18 BRIDGE ST. TEL. 4890 Mc.MU.I-AN MOTOR OILS FULL LIQUOR LICENSE DINING ROOM and BOOTH FACILITIES Friday and Saturday "Nile" Specials •: • • CAPE COD CLAMS ON HALF SHELL _ STEAMED CLAMS — „ .— CLAM BROTH — — ' featuring : MIDDAY MEAL of HOT DINNERS and SANDWICHES Served from 11:30 to 1:30 Also Open Sundays, 12 to 0 P. M. RXJPFERT'S ..'.. BEER-: ; V ' « ' "" BAXl.ANTINE'S.- ' ,T. RUDOLPH ANDKKSON, Prop ._...-. M. BRIDGE STRBET-

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