Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOLA PAJI^Y: BB^JS^B, FTOAY EVja^ING. I)E -^r. HnlU-Vswopath. Phones 1^. 681. Walter Cline. of Moran was In the ty yesterday for a visit. Lloyd Crowder, of Memphis, Tenn.. IS visiting with friends in the city. ..George McClenctban of Ft. Scott vfsltcd ifrith home folks here yaatcr- day. Dv. and Mrs. K. R Clnrk, of Pinua, Bpesu TlmnkaglvlnR with Dr. and Mrs. O, L. Oarlinghouso here. Miss Kilifl Jonos relumed last ovenltiK from an txtendod visit to points In Iowa. Attorney W. D. Cope was up from Bartlesvllle ycstpnl.iy for a visit with old friends. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hell spent yesterday in Geneva visiting relatives. E. H Bussiiit; returned this morning front . Humholdt where he spent TJj ^iksgivjng visiting friends. Mrs. Minnie King, of .\Uonna, Kas. arrived .Monday evening to spenil Thank.'sgiiving with her parent?. Mrs. J. \V. McCJuire ".(i2 South street. Dr. H. V. Dresbarh is np from Jop- Jin lor a short busin-'ss viiir. —(omlihialion ms and roal •sline> iit reduced jirircs. K. V. i'lMniliin:; Co. S. Hi'lIiT r<'t,;irn'(l y. st >T (I,iy fr-- ' CollinsviUc nlicr.'. ;ir lias b'.'tn r(.;" the past two weeks on business. —ni:: Cloiirnnee Sale of Trimmed lia-s ;ir Mrs. IVf.y s in;* K. Madison. Dr. W. R. Heylmun returned Iliis niornins from Kansas City wliorr In- 1 has been for a brief visit with his par- j onts. —fonililnation «nis and real slopes :it reduced pricCNi K. ('. I'luniliin:; Co. Harry Whittakcr. wlin is employ.'il at fittslniri; spent Thanksplviii!.- witii home folks. — !.r\i!i.'=' nnd Men";: House Slippers 2."e .'^l!irl(ls• Shoe Store. Miss Vera Curr-'v, wlin In.'; lifcn hem for :i lisii with .Mrs, V. Wodils, \and to attend the CJink.-r Club 'l.'ni'\ V, ".irned to !!«r home in iluiiiboldt Ifi'v^ evening. —nn. 0. i„ rox. Oculist. THE ELEGANT LINE OF PRETTY MILLINERY MARKED PRICE I $3.00 Ladies' Hats... .$1.50 .$4.00 Ladies' Hats... .$2.00 .$5.00 Ladies' Hats.... $2.50 S7.00 Ladies' Hats... .$3.-50 $10.00 Ladies' Hats...S5.00 .$1.2.5 Children's Hats...63c $1.50 Children's Hats.. .75c .*2.00 Children's Hats. .$1.00 LADIES' Sl^ITS $17.50, $20, $25 and up to $-35 Suits for. $14.95 Choice line of New Dr^ss 'Goods—all wool materials; 25c, 50c, 75c, $L00 and up to! ?L45 per yard. Pretty New Silks—cho ce patterns and colors; SOc, 75c, 8.5c and $1.0 Oper yard. STAPLE DEPARTMENfr oc 7V<>c Apron Gingham.... 12V2C yd. wide Gingham 20c Imperial Chambr^y 15c best Cheviots .. Splendid values in Kiiit Skirts Fine all wool Knit Skii^ts at $1 10c 15c 10c A Big Line of Underwear Ladies' Vests. .2.5c, 3.5c, .^Oc Ladies' D'wers 25c, 35c. SOc Ladies' all wool Vests'. SlioO Ladies' all wool Drawei-s $1 at Ladies' Union Suits, prided at 65c, 75c;.$lJ00 Ladies' fine lambs' wo()l L n- ion Suits ..$3100 K C. Hor.^ey. of \\vns \iH.'. Kas.. cniiii' in Wednrs'Iay iiislir for a l:<in<v moon vi.sit with his dau;:ht.'r"<.Mr!». \y. -A. Long and family. Mr. Horsey W.TS inarrii'd tlic Iir.><l of tlic wi ..>k at W'^ils vilic, his bride bcinf; a rcsid'-nt of that city. -nr. McMllIen. I'hones 32 and 'iSi Mis.'? i:tia Will-tt lias gone to Lav; renre for a visir with lur ii.irent-; during the Thanksgiving vacation. PanI Coonrr •K>t';r:icd to Kansii? City la^l nigh; af"' r visitins; ov.-r Tlianlcsgiving with relatives and friends here. Fine line of gas and ole<(ric "^land Linip^. K. C. rianihlug Co. ^Sr. and Mr?. S. A. Oaril refirii'ii ^tux evening from HFOII-.-M; wi.ere 'hey spent, Tliaiikfgiving with .Mrs . Card's parents. —It will he tn ynir ilttiT -.-t ti liny your flour an'i feed of H. K!au:;!a!in 206 S. Jefferson. Dr. C. .M. Ru.= .: :.n-l t -i^'a.^ rf^tiiriftl tiii.'i •miiriiiii;; 'i')m F'. .'^eot: where l!!ey .oeiit Tliankbgivitiu' •.[sit­ ing with friends. —Farn-.ers Atlention! Hi::li grade distillate for Fale. Te>ire.oni' TL'.' lola. or Hiiiiihnlilr Hef'n. ry. M. litinger- ferrl. .•:04 West street. Herbert .VHen who is now in business at Henedict. Ka.'; . is in ti^e <iiy for a f<'W day's visit with friends and rel.-itivpiv 11 fine s'l 'tien: all <^n .-.ile ;.T !r>lf . tlje ii:a:l ;'jtJ priec.—Klehar'!-'n'.-. 113 E. Madison 00 BIG REDUCTIONS ON LADIES', MISSES AND CHILDREN'S COATS $10.00 Coats $7.50 $17.50 Coats $12.50 $22.50 Coats ....... .$17.50 $25.00 Coats !.$19.75 $30.00 Coats $24.75 $3.5.00 Coats $29.75 $40.00 Coats $33.75 Misses' akd Children's Coats at a bi^ reduction in price. NEW TAILORED SKIRTS A big shipment just in^j every Skirt marked special./ $7.50 Skirts, elegantly tailored, now .... $5.00 37.50 Skirts for dressy occasions $5.00 $.10.00 Skirts ues ...... -splendid val- $7.50 Watch for the big display of everything useful for Christmas! ! !! .Mr. and Mrs. SeotI (lard were up | irerii Hnmbol'lt yei;'[!ay to spend ; •r ;i .i;ikEi;ivliig wilii relatives. - liixiil .viiiirlng and dancing vaudc i •.i.Meatt. .Majestic. Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles .lett 712 Soutli Cliestnut street, a daughter. —.\ big sliipinent of pretty new s;yle< in Winter Coats.—Ulcliardson's. "You may send me the Daily Reg- i.-;;.r for one' yoiir. together with any Kiiropean trips or otlier inducements you may lie offering for orders like thi.s" is the eheciful way In which Jol.n A. Ttiggle who used to dispense , di-.ig.s at iCvans IJro.-., write.- from Den — Pr.Twadell. Osteopath. Tel. ".10,163 I ver to let ti.-^ know that he can't (jet ' a'ong wiiliout "The Old Thing" any longer. A special meeting of the .\. H. T. A. ; will be held tomorrow niglil al tlie .\. ! H. Davis store. Ptisines.s of iiniiori- i :::Ke i.s to come before I 'le meeting, j ai'.'l all members are urged !o attend. : { Harvey Ridge will lenvf this evening for AuKUsta. Kas . for a visit of -* t=ivc ral days with his i)arent8. Ilallotl Hi'igele, who is employed as I physical director of ilie Y. M. C. A: at Newton, is in the city for a visit I with his parents. Mrs. n. H. Allison, of Kansas Ci:.-, '.is in the city for a visit with her pan- 'ents. Mr. and .Mrs. A. K. Geyer. t!'- -An-. Teiir Ccntfst. -tit WATCHES A good Watch make.=; an ideargift for a girl or boy. It wiU teach the young re- citiSf.'nt to be careful and _^^anctual — careful of the Swatch and punctual in keeping engagements. We have a nice assort- flnent of good watches at the fverj^ lowest prices. G. A. LEFFLER JE^VELEH S West Xadlson Telephone 1S5 Willie >iiln'. Hruce Bi.xler and | C,\tt\ Curtis who have.been in the city • c,r a Tl!ank.=^-iving visit with rela- li.-s returned to l':;isburg this af-• ;< r!i6on wliere tiiey nre cmployeo. j -ilaiiiT Si-ters .>liitring a::d Dane- i it:-. .Majestic. j — i V. (• T'a'« is today movin:; li:s of- j 'i( ' trojii til' If^i . Si :i!e Itnuk buildin.^ ;o he Kres :i biil' !it ! T;:" i:;c' .:•'!.-nn'.- I):y (;i:i )ds store | • ::;arl:eii '"eir fine lin" of I'lir.s j r -peeiii! f (.i:- their big .Special ' Sale. .1. ': iefj.-n". ard f^ona .1. Mi.rple. J l.rtli (.!" ;'.?nran. .vrre granted a license i - ••.•'•:r\ \,\ ;..(• 1 :i>bale court Thurs- yr.i'r ewr. Stamping; buy a .'•et • i' ;;;a:ii .'^'ercil., at the .\"ew. Ve-1: stii:e. F:''- Dcinonstration Sal-j "•' I w Kil \\"ii:fe. .''IV yi;\:-- a re.-ident of •I •o\>:>.-.!!;• biit for some time a| :•':(' etri-e:- loniieeted with the [lO- de,i ;iriii«ent of Colorado Springs. • -, n: 'i'iiank i-'i'. ing with relatives; . . -e I -i; :4 -ii'i 'Mr .r 'ini! liancing act. Ma- !o;:ii Woo'.'In !'!! today for .•\lchl-j on 111- wiV. plii'-e ll.e tv.o Cot'! eliitiiren of I'.'l.-ltiore. In tlie i ••: te drplian '.-i lloii;e. The little ones'] It 'her i-- ilead and tMe fallier was de- | .reil Ini oaip'" ::t to attend to t!:em inv n affairs. I -l>ra«lMg «a sto»e tonight. .Majes- ii;li Iilint, who i'.af been here for •! iii ;ii,le (,( il;)y,c on hiisines.-' and vlsit- inir f'^nil:'. returned to Kansas City '.''s r.fiernoon. -(.'IMMI >inging and danriut; laiidc-i 1 tlie act. Majestic. The inniiiiinrahle Allen county frienils of IJev. S. M. Irwin, of Geneva, will be p.'ad to b-am that he has just .jtarted lo California, where he will s-.ay ii;o remainder of the winter with re'ativi^s. This is Mr. Irwin's first vacation in thirty-five years, and he riehiy deterves all the enjoyment he wi'.! doubtlej^s get out of it. ; —The Register Publlsbi.'>.?r'Co. turns out first class printing and bookbind- inx A trial solicited. .\ judgment secured In Justice Dun- rp n's court by the Chicago Lumber & Coal Company again.<'t J. W. Hall for $102.40. has been placed of record In district court' —Special Sale of l'.ti;;erciips 10c per i>otind. Palace of Sweets. Dispatclies tell of the death at ills home in Garnett Wednesday of .Tames Kisher Walker, aged Sfi years, who lo- c.ttcd in Greeley. Anderson county ov'T fifty y-ars ago. Forty years ago Walker left his wife in Garnett because she Insisted on parading the streets in bloomers ::t the bead of a si;:lrage|;,> d !monstr;it;oii. lie made it up v.itli lier a year ago. —One-lta'f off on all Trimn:ed Hats at .Mrs. refly's i',!* K. Madison. —You can't .-top rood news; it flies in ;l.e air. The .simplicity, graceful and visible evidence of extreme care ar:I pxi)ert woikmanshlp. makes the Wa;c!:''.5, Clo-Us !>nd .lewelry :it "Manna & Harvey's, the Hurry L'p .lewcl- ers " the kind to bo seiected be.vond all others. No. 3 N. .Icfferson Ove. Mr. and Mr.s. T. A. McClelland, of Kf.nsns City, siient TIiank .^Elving with tlieir old friends the family of Mr. T. S nali. .Mr. .McCklland was one of t!.' oM settlers of the Carlyle nelgh- boriiood and hl.s friends are always :.'u! to 'ee him and to know that his hea't!) retnalni- rood. lie Is still In the ;.ovf'rnm<-nt meat In.spettion service at Sv.iff.s Packing House as lie has been for many years. —(i 'lis-savlnp hiirnrrs and lirnlers. K. ('. riuniMnir Co. "King" Cnttrell the Klsmore man who wai* adjudged inenmpetrnt menl- ;illy .some time ago. was taken out to tlic county farm and will be cared for there. .Iiid.ue Oseiir Foifst returned today from Oklahoma where he went with his brother from Pennsylvania to visit iliejr brother* Charles. They found the weather very unpleasant while away. Judge Foust- will henr several cases in chambers tomorrow. r.d Wolfs, who 'Is here from Colorado Springs, where he has been working as a detective for some time, uses as a disguise a malfenn resembling a farmer, a role which he learned in many y-'ar's experience on his Osage township farm. He Is so successful that he Is never mistaken for anj-thlng but a gulleloss tiller of the soli nnd the rewards which he has earned have e.\cceded his regular salary. Roy Funk has returned from a busl ness visit to points in Oklahoma and Texas. W. T. THayer, of Memphis, T"nn;, came in yesterdtiy for a visit of sev- I cral days with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Aii- i derson. hih Jiidg<> D. n. D. Smdtzer went to II imboldi this afternoon for a brief b'.^'-iness visit. Chief of Police Lewis Coflleld received a lett-'r yesterday from" Mrj. Ada Smii'n of Cashion. Ok'a., who suspected that the Frank Schmidt wh'o sent the news of his suicide to lii.s fiance. Lcota Cummlngs, and who is now in jail here might he her htisi- band. Her description however, is of a man about forty y^ars of nee, while the Frank Schmidt in custody Is a much younger man. 113 E. Madison .. Iluilerbaugh was uti from Paris yesterday to spend the day v.ith family. Mrs, Jo.^hna Butler is visiting her aghter. Mrs. Flossie ilenry, of Ban ille. eiv kVatjren Allen, who is well known in this section as a star football player played v.ih Chanute yesterday in a ;am|r In that city against Coffcyvillo. H< played with Chanute some time ago wiien they defeated Parsons 6 to 0 VU'n f.vitnty folk, who remember Tl iirlpw Meurance, the Neosho Fa.lls m :sicjan w:io has won a name as ii music maFtei*. will be inlerrsied in th • n<)ws from Chanute that h • is to go LAR^ DISPLAY OF KNIVES Bread Knives Kitchen Knives Paring Knives Carving Knives Skinning Knives Butcher Knives Stoak Knives Hunting Knives Knives for All Purposes at . . , BRIGHAM HARDWARE COMPANY : soon to the Northwestern Indttiii i reterv^ations and direct the prepara- ;ticn of Christmas music among the Inlians. - Atliiid the MethodLst Ludles* Bazin::- at Y. .H. C. \i Tncsday. The place til .'iny your Christmas Gifts. Mrs. 'Ilicison's riiincse Ciirltt Ilootli will l.»c oae of the nttraction^i. Chiclien Suppel at o p. m. Candy i-ays a Massachu.'^etts high- liri;-.v, is civilization's greatest aid to l)eaiity. And it has helped many a hoi:;ely man to land one. Chinese Curios. If you are looking for Interesting Christmas presents you should visit the Chinese Booth at the Methodist Bazaar next Tuesday at the Y. Bl C. .\. Curios, ancient and modem. Chinese shoes, playthings, and ma,iiy other articles from the Orient, may be seen at that time. —Cobs delivered, 51 per load"—S. D. Bay. FOR RENT—FIVE ROOM HOUSE, two acres of good land by the year. A. H. Brown .SIS S. Cottonwood. ALL Suits Reduced. Evei*y Suit in our hoiise at reduced prices—at one (if three special prices—$10, .$13.7.5 and $20. Of cburse every new style of model is included and every popular and sought! aft|er kind of fabric. Finest of serge as ivel fancy weaves and fancy m Suit is a cut price. • IS nov offei-ed 00- UP TO $17.50 SUITS, SlO. tical, stylish suits, made to Well tailored and fit perfcctjly price reduced to ; UP TO $22.50 SUITS, $13. tical stylish Suits, made to sjell fancy all wool mixtures, a satin lining in all coats.j N 75-f-Gqod, prac- new skirt models, reduced th UP TO $32.50 SUITS,! $2() ored Suits; coats with wide vers, some contrastingly lined with guaranteed satin ing all the new style felatu made to sell at $30 and $3?; as all kinds of .xtiires. Every sell -Good, prac- at ;?17.50. $10.00 so up to $22.50; serges, best n:^ SI3.75 LOO—Swell tail- co liar, long retain med; coats skirts possesses; at S20.00 PLUSHiCOATS. Nothing like the great hit that's been made at Frishman's with full length Seal Plush Coats at popular prices. Every size and most pleasing assortment. Just what you want and at a big .saving. AT ONLY $15—Rich Silk Seal full length Plush Coats—all sizes; Clii flD price VlJiUll EXTRA SPECIAL AT $18.50^Very fine quality Seal Plush Coats; $22.50 tfk values, special ViOivU SPECIAL VALUE AT $20 Genuine Seal Plush Long Coats, guaranteed satin lining, in a variety of lengths; OQfl Afl worth $27, special OZui VU Special Toinorirow! ON ALL CLOTH COATS $8.50 Coats at $6^00 $12.50 Coats at ..$10,00 $ia00 Coats at.. .$12^0 $20.00 Coats at. $15.00

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