Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 21
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 21
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. SUNDAY, MARCH 11, J945 CIASSIFIID DCf AfcTMMT ' 4 P. M. » 1C P. M. S*id«ys Ads mott k« i» Wtara 11 A. M. k*« U !"• *•• '•' »«•""**••• tbnmlHt *"••• »*••• '" t * c: Th»r* is a touch of mu in our service that doe* hot depend upon the amount (pent. 'Jf,SI> ' 9—Baby Chicks STAY LOR MOTOR CO. f$> * WILL PAY ' ;, YOU CASH FOR :, YOUR 'USED CAR Top OPA Ceiling Prices Paid Sell. Your,Used Cor Now And Help Us Keep War • .Workers In Transportation" To and-From Work. Reds, Rocks,-MlnorpBS,' Leghorn* iw hatched (14.85 per 100. A*»ort«d, all heavies; $12.95. , Light mixed as hatched 110.95. Minorca, Crowe* »4S5. • Crest-wooC Poultry .Farjn, P, O. Box 171, Sonierdale, N, J.. •.-.: ..,,-.;•-..•.-. - - 3-11-U AAA Bloodtested Chicks, our election, breed and sex. Assorted White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Reds, Wyandottes, ' leghorns,' .Black Giants, Brahmas $1.95 per 500. Minorca • Heavy "Cross Broiler? »l50 per 100. Modern Hatchery, 2*-_fw $•»• POM BOTI »( »H MM w«»r Ka . Tt«B-O»od, Kndleoti J«bnwn *b*« »n< oxford*. BCJ-* bJ*vy «uly Kbo«l tbou, W.M to |3.M. Boy Bceut oxlocdt, Cord «le, ll.M to M.»V •°S'* drm oifordi. bluet and broTtn leather, Cord aud Hither «O!M. *5.M to *4.BS. Boy« h*»vy duty school oiiotdi. »,H, Men, bo;i »nd flrli irm shoes, with thick aolet, ' M A fUiiilt Fur^ral ( BOPPS Flowers : x.( 2SI2 Pa. .3-11-lt 16 Money To THE Army •** it W. C«n(re St. Goo4> .•^.•;--!- : '• Open Svtalriu COMPU?TE fountain service."Prefer to sell in one lot. : Kidwell't ReiUuntnt, Westernpwt. • , "'•:- : - ; = v: : ;/: : .;.•.....:•!:•». - •••••.•' S-3-llfV'-T Funeral Flowers ^ R«n Roy Gardens ; [*Vftl* • ' Phorx 3960-W rJBEb rURNTTORt Uillenjon's 'JIT Virfinl* : ' = " Card of Thanks We wish to tharit our many ttlends and .aii-JVM lor Die kindness and sympat Ihown 115 following tlifi sudden death m'- dear Mother. Mrs. Jerry Sweitzcr. "lio tor the beauitlul iloral tributes and -,; rs ioaned Jor the tuncrul. cr chiidrfn .,.- -.-..• 3-U-K N. Mechanic Phone 395 .JOHNSON'S AUTO EXCHANGE •Toe Cask Piicts fait let tout Car ANY MAKE O« MODEL »07 N. Mechanic Si. ' Phon« I JEWELERS ;•'•.:•; PAWN BROKERS 'Qukk Contidtntiol Loon* on All. • Articlo ot BVERORER«S, : apple trees, limited supply. Savage Garden Nursery. Phone Mt. Savage 3376. For expert/landscape • service .phone Cumberland 2170-J. 3-5-U-N HEADQUARTERS for gaE, coal and oil stores. R«lnhart's, Trie Peoples furniture Store, 17 Baltimore St. HEADQUARTERS FOR. DIAMOMM Lorg« Stack of LI/irfdMm«< Fledges for Sol* Includini < . WATCHES • .jfWfijiy GUNS • LUGGAGf HIGHEST PRICES PAID JOR OLD OOLD Open Week-Days to 6 P. tt. Saturday until 8 P. M. T\VO six-grave • lots, Hillcrest. Sec Undertaker Stein. 3-9-3t-N COAL, gas, and oil cooking stoves. Cheap. Phone 1497-M. 3-B-U-T 33 Soltimott St. 3770 AGRICULTURAL LIME For Your Lawn . in 50 Ib. sacks ; CEMENT PRODUCTS CO Scrvici On All Mok«f At t r«-War friet» Thompson Buick Money fw^a/l purposes. No turn too /a/}* or too tntall. "HAROLD'S" Corner N. Mechanic and kttlm«M .WE . BUY OLD GOLD 407 Henderson Ave. \Ve wish' to ihant all our (rlends. rela- ,lvts and neighbors for their kindness and KV-Diihy during our receiu bercnvcmeut ini'. death ol our beloved Fnihcr. Mr. Louis Bc:chert. We also tliMik ncv. Edward P. Heirni »nd those who sent lloral tributes. toiled curs and assisted in any way. The Borchert Family. 3-11-lt In Memoriam PHOtffi HI* 3-A—Auto Gloss Glass Installed WHILE . you WAIT 8EERMAN AUTO WRECKERS 153 Wineow St. . .." - Phoo* 2270 MONEY TO LOAN /nteresf 5% per Yeor McKAIG'S 101 WUllarns St. Phon* TWENTY-ONE EetablUh your own bu«inMc .without capital investment. - Handle.. a guaranteed line of roof material, Thirty-nine year old reliabk' firm. Blg : demand — Iw-ge earnlnfs. Merchandise • Bold direct to consumer — factories, mills, warehouses and farm property. Write: The American Oil & Paint Co.. Cleveland 5, Ohio. 3-11-U Section ; L r auks Goiiimeiiclcd Two »ervic*m«n from this area r« members of wilt* awarded th« Merltorioitt Service Plwjue, white another "Yank belongs to * group resented tht Presidential Unit OiUtJon. • ' ; "^ " ,'""'••"' Wo. Robert L. 8ch*ri, too. of Wr. nd Mrs. D. R, fecharf, 106 Polk Dixie MEN to drive dump trucks. Phone Prostburi 118. S-U-lt ?O—-••HUH* Combination Door Xii excellent screen doer In manner, * wonderful storm door in winter, A food looking quality door thit you Kill be pJetsed >lih. Price^-}».3S to 10.SO; BUCHANAN LUMBER CO. Specializing In Builders' Material! - WANTED -r- 3 men over factory age fpr Hawlelgh Routes in Cumberland, Morgan an* North Hampshire Counties, W. V*. l*rgc organization. Good Profits to willing- workers. Steady work. Write Rawlelgh's, Dept. Chester, Penn. MDC-33-U3, 3-11-lt 37—Musical lni*rtiiw«wti CASH •' • . • tor jour us«d •' Musical! Instrument* Brtr.( 31—Help Wonted 5-7 S fkont ^5(•. I 3-9-tf-T 4—Repairs, S«rvice Stations In loving memory of my dear mother (t)io !e*£ me 3 years ago, March 7, 1913 to c.:cr into her .heavenly rest. nur In:nily circle broken still, Us bond of love srmll keep, HrUiins the faith that mother taught, Before she went to sleep. Knowing that He who.tends hts Hock, .Shelters her with h;t sheep. 3c we think of her as taring on In the love of Jesus Mill, v And we think of her :tlll » the »ime inn »ay Sho SB not dead, but Just airar. , .. Sadly missed by her levins dtu;hter, Huthc (Mrs. John Leisel. 3-10-H-T EUD & ED'S AUTO SERVICE 311 Henderson Ave. Phone 3744 13—Coal For Sale 2—Automotive PONTIAC, 1935, four door sedan, six cvlinder, mechanically good, excellent rubber. Phone 2227 or 222. . . ••;.:- . 3-10-3t-N 1936- International IH-tpn truck. Good condition. Phono 47-w-l after 5 p. m. :' 3-10-lt-T WAKEMAN COAL, big vein and stoker. Phone 4024-F-14. .-..-•.•: ........ 7-9-U-N LOANS "• Articles of Valu« Just Received Carload insulated. BRICK SIDING f\tit Com*, Finl Sttvtd Eitimatti Chetrfullf Given J. J. Grabenstein . 401 Columbia St. Phone 108-W ;;: 3-9-St^-N ORCHARD workers wanted at our Mineral County Orchard near Pinto. : Boardiiio camp opens March 8th, stra-tht board furnished. Highest orchard wages paid. Call 4006-t--2S, Appalachian . Orchards Inc. 3-3-tf-N WORK by the day. . Write Box 828-B, % Times-News. 3-10-lt-T TWO men or two women, part or full time, wanted in our sales department, Wolfe 'PurnlLure Co. 3-11-21-SU.M THE MUSIC SHOP Liberty St. Photv* SUO THE VIOLIN SHOP—repaU-a, bow hairing, 111 Bedford St. ll-14-tf-Sunday 38—Lett and Found treet, is serving with th* Division on MorqUi. 31st unit, which was given a meritorious ervtoe unit plaque, for its.-out- tandlug communications, work on he island, which includes message enter service four times daily to almost 100 units, the maintenance or 1,000 miles of field wire'and th* handling of almost 10,000 phone calls a day. We. Sharf has been .overseas a year. Before his Induction he was employed at the B. and O. Bolt and Forge shops here. 1 The other soldier awarded the meritorious service plaque was Sgt Paul C. T*ar.enbakcr, of 433 Hammond street, WesicrnpotH, who Is serving with the Twelfth'Air Force in Italy. The plaque, presented by the Fifth Army to the Third Tactlca Air Communications Squadron in Italy, of which Sgt. Fazenbaker i a. member, Is the first such aware ever given to an air force organize No-Strike Pledge Of UAW Upheld IVo-to-One Majority in Favor of Retaining Pledge Shown by Vole Detroit, March 10 Wr—Ttw .nrw- Ime no-strike pledge of the Unlt*d Automobile Workers (CIO) has been upheld In a referendum among the membership. Ben Garrison, chairman of tlw lurnatlonal Union's referendum committee, said today a "-''possible two-to-onc majority in favor of retaining the pledge wan Indicated by rough estimates of some 300,000 returned ballots sorwd Into "yes" ^nd 'no' 1 plies. The referendum was authorised at the union's international convention 5a« /all «ft*r officers had received demands from some- 16c*U for recovation of the pledge. Ballots were mailed to approxitaawly J.200,000 members In the TJntt«i States and Canada and to members in the armed forces. •;'.,.< LOST: Package cohtainhig boys light tan panis, Eizc'28, reward Phone 1598. 3-B-3t-N LOST: In vicinity of Hilltop Drive, ' brown and white Boston bull dog. Answers to " Return 423 Louisiana Ave. J5 reward. Puone Birf»lna In .unrtdtemed. Witch P«p«lrin» . JOHN NEWCOMER 215 Virginia . Ave. '. Formerly of th» Hamilton Watch O*. ON ARTICIJES .... OF VALUES BIO VEIN Wetzel - CoMumer* Co. PHONE 818 MONEY! Oor«Jnm«l Uerchandtt* 8»rt»J«» Cum her land Loan Co. ' WC BUY OLD OOLD il N Mechanic 8t . rhoo« iTt- SHOW ALTER wood burixing brooders and quality baby cWcks. AUe- ghany Feed. & Grain Co., Knox St. siding, Tjhone 3199. ':•:••• • 3-9-2wks-N 30 H. P. UPRIGHT steam boiler Needs some new flues. D»n S J RTLETX — be«t bl( vein and itolter cotJ. Phone 4167. 10-22-U-T GOOD lumpy coal. Phone 2105. 2-19-tf-T COAL. R. - 2249-R. S. Shanholtz, Phone 3-7-31t-T COAL. Johnny Cross, Phone 4216-R. • 3-9-lw-T 17—For Rent ELECTRIC MWlnc tnfcchin^ by UM month. Phone 384, Singer Sewicj iUchlne Oo, 77 N. Centr* St. 10-7-tt-N Khislnger. Salisbury, Pa. MEN-WOMEN 30 TO 50 Supplement present income; afternoon and evening $5 up; evening only $3 up plus carfares. Interesting part-time inspection work; local area; national organization; no selling or canvassing. Write giving background, days and hours available. Interview arranged. Box Number =M 514, % Times Herald, Washington, D. C. 3-4-2o-Sun 1773-W. 3-9-2t-T Hie citation by the Fifth! Army accompanying the plaque was signed by LJeut. Gen. Mark Clark. A Presidential Unit Citation has been 'awarded the 36th Fighter rroup, a Ninth Air Force P-«7 Thunderbolt urit located in. Bel- glum, in which Pvt. Bryant E. Snl- ier, this city, is « clerk. ; Pvt. Snider Is the .son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Q. A. Snider, Patterson \venue. He entered the service hi January, 1942. A brother, Forrest G. Snider, is with the Nnvy some- Rotclcslmrg " /;;', Red Cross Drive Gels Under Way LOST: Black Icathea- billfold and glasses, on Bedford money. Phone 1763-J. St. Keep 3-10-3t-N LOST: brown billfold containing gas coupons, valuable papers. Return Times Office. 3-ll-2t-T 32—Help Wanted Female 3-5-St-T FRESH COWmnd calf. Reasonable. TYank Davis, 312 Center St., Frostburgr. . 3-10-3t-N DESIRABLE offices — single or suites—In the First National Bank Bldg; From $20. Apply Mr. Simpson, Room 6, First National Bank Building. 2-26-3H-T LARGE SELECTION 18-mm sound motion pictures for rent, low as 25c reel. Order lamps, screens, accessories; Castle 8' or 16-mm film Kunz Motion Picture Service, 432 N. Calvert, Baltimore 2, EXPERIENCED prcsscr wanted. Harry Footer & Co., 36 N. Liberty. ; 2-26-tf-T LOST: black wallet in Peoples Drug Store, reward, 350 Baltimore Ave. ... • 3-11-21-T LOST, Child's Phone 4506. Blrthstone Ring SALESLADY, experience necessary. Good wages, must furnish references. Singer Sewing Machine Co., 77 N. Centre. 3-9-3t-N Ifl36 BUICK COACH $150, phone 2883J. : 3-ll-3t-Su SELL YOUR CAR \'i ::•• ' FOR ' - - '"!'.•'• TOP CASH PRICE ..•:.. TO GULICK'S AUTO EXCHANGE «M Ho. Centi'e Phone 4SW .EQUIPMENT Chirac Agricultural Jrvctort •'•••• Ar* Avaifab/e . > > Lit ui help you make application . ; befort quota i] txhausted ":•'-. MACK TRUCKS ; S«v«ral hundred NEW MACK truck* ;" .;. relsauid : tor Chilian UM €omt in and te* us help you mat application now far early delivery '•'• '"•••• Steinla Motor & • Transportation Co., Inc. 218 S. Mechanic Pkoni 2SH 5— Electric Work, Fixture* - ' ELECTRICAL WORK MOTOR repairing, wiring and fixtures. Queen City Electric Co., 158 Frederick St. Phon«. 117. FARM, on shares, 23 miles 'out of town. 317 Rfth St. 3-5-tf-T 19—Furnished Apartment* Factory Service • Bendix • Kelvinator • - ' • • General Electric Cumberland Electric Co. - 137 Virginia *ve. Pfcone 619 20—Unfurnished 9—Baby Chicks TWO modern rooms, 305 Beall St. • 3-10-31-T . : ; ; ; : : SELLING YOUR CAR? : WfMEMBEfi: : ; NOBODY CAN LEGALLY PAY MORE :;: FOR YOUR CAR THAN ... ALLEN SCHLOSBERG 838 N. Mechanic Phorn FOR BIGGER PROFITS — buy "PEERLESS" CHICKS! Peerless Chicks are tops. Hatched only from TJ. S. Pullorum'passed eggs— from finest New "England commercial flocks—selected for vitality and egglaying ability. Chicks guaranteed 100% live delivery Your choice — New Hampshire; Barred Rock or Rock-Red cross It pays to buy from Peerless. Catalog Free. Peerless Hatchery Showcll, Maryland. 3-11-lt Cash Fo«j Your Car : Y All Models : Taylor Motor Co. Best Grade. Bloodiested. . Assorted Barred, White Rocks, Leghorns Reds, Giants, Orpingtons, Wyan- dottes, our selection, $5.95 per 100 Pullets, any breed desired from best egg strain $15.00 per 100. Ml norca Cross Heavy Broilers $3.9: • per 100. Immediate Shipment C. O. D. Waldmere Farms, Col lingswood, N. J. •»•:.••' 3-11-lt 317 W. Mechanic ot. Phone 395 Used 'Cars ' Bought and Sold STORAGE & SERVICE THE M-G-K MOTOR CO. 1Z1 Glenn St. Plion. 2300 ALTERATION woman, experienced. Apply Martin's, 47 Baltimore St. 3-9-3t-N 39—Miicelloneout BLOCK LAYING, cement work. W A. McKinney, 148 Bedford St, Phone 3013-W, 3«5 1-26-tf-T vhcre in the South Pncldc. VERY HANDY Temple, Tex., March 10 VPj—It was one of those sudden Texas storms, and Lt. Joseph Sagcr of Hazel ton, Pa., wa.s hurrj'Ine to his quarters at Cnmp Hood. He heard a loud plunk. At his feet lay a dead duck —perhaps a casualty of lightning or hail. The lieutenant ate the duck. Rowlesburg, W. Va., Murch -10— The War Fund Drivfc of the American Red Crass is underway hei«, ' with D. Jkl. Wiles, chairman. The solicitors ore Joseph R, Carricb /or • business and professional groups and Mrs. Jessie Funk, Mrs. Ada Mine, Mm. Agnes Fralcy, Mrs.-Muriel Knott.s, Mlb-s Maigvierlte Ayersman, Mrs. Elhcl Nlw, Mbs Nlta Aftder- . son. Mrs. Clifford Carrioo, Mrs^ M. Ross Tlollls, Mrs. Naomi Hoolon, Mns. Retxi Myers, Mrs. Elva Hoot6n, STILL HOPING Vancouver. Wash., March 10 Mrs. Elizabeth C. Madsen Is a person who never gives up. Md. 3-6-8t-Tue,Sun-T TWO line work horses, young, work anywhere. Weight 1400 Ibs. each. James H. Burkhart, one mile east of Loartown. 3-10-2t-T V1ODERN TWO, three and four room xpirtmenlB. also tinglt rooms by the week or month. Boukrard Apartments, Phone J737, :.'.":-.•-. i-»-tf-T rfODEKN attractive, three rooms and bath, stoker heatj.young 7 employed couple preferred. 30 Ridgeway Terracs. : - 1-11-lt SHOW CASES,, wall caaet, large plate glass mirrors, iot of plate glass, meat slictr, produce aia- plays, work benches. Tiny Tot Furniture, 430 L»ing Ave. 3-10-2t-N GTRLi or woman tor general housekeeping. Phone 2015-R. 3-9-2t-T WELDING All types. Acetylene and Are Anything • Anytime • Anyplace H. & S. Plumbing &. Heating Co. Authcrittd Otottrt tf> X/rco Go«i ani Equipment When she and 24 neighbors filed a. petition for a street light, the clty council looked up old records. She's been appeallnp for the same street ght since 1917. But the corner still dark. ' Mrs. Emma Crate. Mrs. Thomai McMlllcn and Mrs. Naomi Bnrtto Tor the homei. ' -. .'••'.: George S. Gull Is chairman tor Etam and Green Valley while. M. ; Ross Hollis heads the Reno district. Bihlf Class Slccls Tl\e Ladles' Friendly Bible 'Class of Trinity Methodist Church Jlict Thursday evening nnd honored members whose birUidays occurred in March. Tlicy vere Mrs. tohel Nice, Mrs. Addie Hollls, Mrs. Bertie Buckncr, nnd Mns. Bnuiah Dimbsr. In the absence of the president, Mrs. Ada Nine, Mrs. Jessie Wolfo 47—Real Estate For Sate 128 Polk Street Phone 2040 GIRL or .woman for general housework, two in family. Good wages paid. Apply 207 Greene St. : : ' . . 3-10-21-T REFRIGERATION, washer, repairs. BIG- FARM CATALOG — 132 Pages — 1,263 bargains — 35 states. FREE. STROUT REALTY, 1427- AJ Land Title B!dg., Phils, 10, Pa. 3-11-lt WOMAN to take care of elderly lady just out. of hospital, live in, good. home. Phone 2587. Sunday C*U 2974-R. -••••- 3-10-41-T LAUNDRY STOVE, gas range, heating stove, dining taWe and six chairs, kitchen cabtnette, lawn mower, hand cultivator, mantle clock, dresser, rocking chair, drop leaf' table,'old'cord bed, marble top wish stand. Near 'Acme Service road, Ballou. WOMAN for housework and care of two children. phone 2897-W. live In, LaVale, 3-11-lwk-T Station, Williams 3-10-lt-T FRIGIDAIRE, 6 cubic feet, late model, excellent condition. Apply 125 Henry St. 3-10-lf-T 33—Help Wanted, Male All Vork«ri subject la Priority Ret«rra Mu*t B« Rifcmd b? th< O. 8. employment Service. GOOD table model radio, *30. Also MODERN apartment, Sperry Terrace, rent reasonable. Reinharts Furniture Store. 3-ll-3t-T MODERN 6 rooms,' garage, adults. 510 Rose Hill Ave, 3-Il-2t-T 22—Furnished Rooms LIGHT housekeeping rooms. 109 N. Centre. 3-9-3t-T TWO ROOMS, private. Arnold, Cresap Park. Miss M. 3-10-3t-N several St, floor radios. 125 Henry 3-10-lt-T DETECTLESS brown bobbed wigs, transformations, chignon switches. 3151-J. 3-10-4t*T ORDER two Fuller broerns r.ntj one Fuller floor mop from Joe Mc- CoiTnick, 100 Second St. Phone 2428-W. 3-10-2C-T GOOD bicycle $35. Phone 313-M. 3-ll-2t-T BEDROOM, 122 South Mechanic St. •-:>• -: .... 3-10-3t-T TWO housekeeping rooms, heat, • Adulta, B17 Colum- 3-U-St-T sink, porch, bia Ave. FOOD CHOPPER that mixes as it cuts: meat, nuts, onions and various vegetables- Suit hotel or restaurant. Good condition. Ceiling price. Harry Graiz, 528 Balnbridge St., Phlla. (47), Pa. ; 3-11-lt 23— Untarnished Room* Baby Chicks. PuJlorum Tested, B. Rocks, Red"; W. Leg, Unscxed. our choice.' $8.95 per 100. Min X W. Rock Broilers $4.50 per 100. Special Assorted $4.95 per 100. Ship C. O. D. London Poultry. Box 1844, Trenton 7, N. J. 3-11-lt CHEVROLET -'•••'" SALES & SERVICE EILER CHEVROLET, INC. tie N. Mechnnlo , PhocM 113 Brtby Chicks. C. O. D. Bloodtested from AAA Breeders. Assorted. Reds, Barred, White Rocks, Leghorns, Wyandottes, Giants, our •: selection $5.50 per 100. Mixed Chicks for broilers S3.95 per 100. Minorca Cross Cockerels S2.95 per 100. . Wllliow Run J oultry Farm, Box 748, Trenton 5, N. J. 3-11-lt PARTS—SERVICE—BODY SHOC . For All Model Can SpoerVs Garage N. O>org« St. Phone 307 lent rrele you. YES! WE'LL BUY YOUR CAR We Need All Mokes and Models t . • • THE CASH IS « HERE FOR YOU AT ONCE i • . ..-• • GET TOP CEILING PRICE AT ELCAR SALES Headquarter* for Trading Open Oft? and Post Office Night Phon« 344 E"NN HATCHERIES—ICKKi blood- tested Jumbos, meat chicks. S4.95 per 100. Our "peclnl Assorted, al" breeds $6.95 per 100. Pullets any breed $14.00 per 100. Send check money order for prompt delivery Penn Hatcheries Outlet, 1417 W Glrttrd Ave., Phils. 30, Pn. . ..-/.': 3-11-lt Chicks AAAA Grade $5.95 per 100 Assorted. Approved .lOO^c purr Wood strain. These chicks ari from hens with egg laying record: of 295 to 345 eggs per year. Ni culls. No cripples. Any sex o breed. Our selection. Barrec Rocks, N. H. Reds, R. I. Rcdf Brahmas, Leghorns, Wyandottes Minorcas and Orpingtons. Roc Minorca Crosses S3.75-100. Shipped C. O. D; For prompt delivery send check or M. O. Hntional Hatcheries Outlet, 1723 S. 8th St., Phlla. 48, Pn. 3-ll-lt THREE ROOMS, 20 Arch St. 3-10-2t-N -Houses for Rent TWO houses now vacant with free DOUBLE MILL—that will pulverize coffee like flour or grind isoya beans Into butter. All purpose machine with attachments for meat grinding, peanut butter, poppy seed and grindstone. 1 h.p. A.C. motor. Good condition. Celling price. Harry Gratz, 528 Bainbridgc St., Phila. (47), Pa. ••••"• 3-11-lt No rent charged for workers at our Mineral electric. orchard Couniy, W. Va., Orchard. Call 4006-F-23, Appalachian Orchards Inc., Paw Paw, W. Va. 3-3-tf-N LARGE white . Swiss Pirigeoru., phone 2334. Monrialne 3-11-lt FIVE robin house, Leo Leasure, Oldtown,'Md. 3-ll-3t-T 26—For Sale Miscellaneous POTATO PEELER, large size, capacity approx. 45 Ibs. 3 h.p. 3 phase. Good condition. Celling • price. Harry Gratz, 528 Balnbridge St., Phlla. (47). Pa. 3-11-lt MEN NEEDED By Cumberland War Industry Manufacturing Truck Tires NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ::;r-J Regular Attendance :• •'•"] Necessary ; ; ' ; Jobs Have POST-WAR Possibilities , > GOOD PAY $33 to $42 Per Week While You Learn -^ Write or Apply to '„ '•' .. ...' or • -.... .... . •'.'-'KELLY-SPRINGFIELD ! .:-.;• TIRE COMPANY U. S. Employment Service , : . Cumberland, Md. Phone 397B-R, 13-l-U-N 'YPKWRITERS, ' adding machines repaired. Cumberland Business Sen-ice, E. M. Kirk, 1153 Fred erick, phone 4102-W. ; 2-23-Slt-K JARPENTER work, repairs. Phone 2042-W. '"-. 3-3-3 It-T 40—Metal Weathcrstripping "Wf DtFY THt fUMfNTS" DEFIANCE WEATHERSTRIP CO Frederick C. Haas. Phone 2063 41—Moving, Staring JOHN APPEL transfer, local an long distanc* mcvtne. Agents fo Greyvtn tJnes, mo. Phonjs 1623 MOVING TO and from Baltimore Phone 388. 8-18- tf- 1 42—Pointing, Poperhonging PAPERHANGING, Phone 621-J. JOB Barnhll 4-n-tM 91!i acres, good house, ^vater, electric.' Hard surface road. 6 miles east of city. Write Box 806-B Times-News. 3-11-lt-T NINE lots Johnson Heights, each less than $100. For map, phone 31 • ' - - : -- ' 3-11-It-T 48—Roofing, Spouting ROOFING, spouting, sheet medal work, warm air heating, air conditioning. Call Twlgg 4598. 51—Wanted To Buy WANTED—Rabbits, .4 pounds up. Shober's Restaurant, Phone 926. •••-.-• ' 1-20-tf presided, Thirty-two trore prribnt. Brief Mention : Rev. and Mrs. Jennings Fatl Were cslled to Hxintlngton, Wednesday, by the death of Mrs. Fast's father, H. J. Klnnalrd. On Sunday morning the Trinity Methodist pulpit will be filled by Mrs. H. P. Whitafcer, of Terra AHa. executive secretary of the John Barton Chapter of Preston county, who will speafc on the Red Cross Work. The evening worship at St. Paul's will be In chnrge of laymen of the church. J. Roy Lopscomb, principal of.lo- cal schools, announces another wast* paper collection will .be sponsored by the school ths latter p«rt of Mnrch. ; : • ' • - • '.'" ' According to s. Jroni the Eighth Air Forco B-2i Ubcrator command. Sgt. Walter A, Hollo- bnugli, son of Lester A. Hollobaugli, Rowle.sburg hiu. been . assigned to the 93rd Boinbardmcnt Group as R gunner on u Ijbprator. The group commandnd by Col. \V. R, Robenson. Jr.. is the oldest B-2* outfit in the Sghlh Air Force. Hollolwusli'* group hits bombed the enemy, from Oslo, Norway, to Ploesti, Rumania, and is Lhe "first in the EiRhtii to complete 300 missions over Germany and occupied territory. --~. Mr. and Mrs. W. T* Nine nr« In FURNITURE, stoves, household appliances. Highest cash prices. Phone 4187. AUeganj Furniture Store, 526 Virginia Ave. 8-1-tf-N ET..KCTRIC refrigerator. R. C. Riffey, Cresaptou-n. Phono 4000-F-ll. : i 3-9-lw-T . New York City visiting iheir ion, •Waller- Nine,- and family. ' John Fclty. former mayor of Flowlesburg. who has been confined to bis homo during winter months by Illness, Is Improving. 'Boatswain Main First Class INSIDE AND outside painting, floor sanding and refinishlng. Phone 118-W. ' S-U-tf-N 43-A—Profntlonol Servian NURSING HOME, convalescent end aged. Phone 4380-J. •'- 3-10-lwk-T PAY highest cash for clear. 1937 to 1942 model car from private party. 13S8-J. 2-26-tf-N WANTED .'• Good used pianos Grands, Uprights, Spinets SEEFERTS Phone 836 • 46—Radios, Service Guaranteed Radio Servk« CAPITOL ELECTRONIC CO. 305 Baltimore Are. PHONE 1225 LET ONE CALL SELL !T ALL We pay wish for used furniture and appliances. Let us give you an esti- rmte. • •'. • •'""••.'. Prices rurniture Exchange '9 N. Centre St Phone 2732-W 47_R««! 3-2-tf-N REAL ESTATE. Opl« Annan, 11" S. Liberty. 3457. 2-20-31t-T SIX ROOMS, large lot, $2,600, North Cumberland. Mrs. Owens, 631 O'Neill St., Cumberland. : . . - . 3-«-lwk-N MEAT GRINDER — all sizes to Maytag Parts & Service Wringer Rolls, All Makes MILES APPLIANCE <k SERVICE 31 N. Mechanic SL Phone 844 SPENCER SUPPORTS, individually • designed. .Alleta Allamong Luchs. 2 h.p. Good condition. Celling price. Hnrry Gratz, 528 Bainbridge St., (47), Pa. 3-11-lt DON'T lode Baby Chicks from coc- cltliosls or Intcstinhl infections, use Qualodine in drinking water. Get it at The Pet Shop, 111 N. i Centre. 3-11-lt Phone 38W-M. 8-1-U-N ASPHALT ROOFING, 1 ply 98c; 2 ply, S1.35; 3 ply, $1.85. Liberty Hardware. Phone 550. 9-15-tf-T FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES Sweet Juicy Pineapple Oranges By tht Boy or Doom • Stayman Winesap onrf Stark's Dclicioui Appln H ACER'S Dependablt Qaiilitj Yfilti Reasonable Prictt 832 N. MECHANIC ST. CHICKS ASSORTED All AAA Grade Blood Tested No Culls — No Cripples White LrclioriM/- Duff trffJiornn, Brown t.rghornp. Mmorc««. Whllf Rneki, Bnrrfd nocli*. BnlT rtocld, Orplntlonn, Wj'«n- dftlt-?. n. I. Ilett.i. Giant*. New Ittrnp shirrs. fear order m«y cons(«t of iinjr breed o br«rt«, grurle or grnrte«. They m«y cons!»t of nil pnllela or (ill co«1cere'» of either Illthl or heavy hietd«, or * mUcluro ol them, rtrtl, Cnme. Writ Berredr Shrppcd C.O.D. Ernrt rhfck or Money Order (or Centre. prompt tlf-Ilvery. Olve exprr-n off lee.- M rjtiljir.ienu I'.O.H. nur jhlfplnis polnti. nimti orrtrr Tfiitay. Oft Itiesr flnr bnrjBln chirks ASSOCtATF.T) HATCHEnlES OUTLET 1730 Market St., Phlla, 3, Pa. I Frederick St. GREASING equipment, electric clock, 1937 De Solo 4 door sedan. Apply Texnco SUtlon, 850 N. Mechanic St. Phone 4166-W. • . . 3-11-lwk-T SUCCESSFUL, expanding corporation ha% opening lor aggressive, capable salesmen in this territory. Most complete line of Industrial maintenance products in the country. Men who qualify have an opportunity of earning from $5,000 to $16,000 a year on commission basis. Splendid postwar position. Personal Interview will be accorded those giving complete Information. ' The ' Monroe Company, Inc., Cleveland 6, Ohio. 3-10-Sa,Su,M DELIVERY bikes lor swlc, 3 only. 'Bikes that enms their way. Montgomery Ward, Cumberland. Md. ... 3-11-31-T ONE new hnrdy double built fly rod, Aluminum case, apply 107ii Pennsylvania Ave. 3-11-St-T PEAT MOSS for shrubs, nnd roses, ware Co. . , poultry litter. Liberty Hard. 2-19-3H-T SMART FORM foundation garments. Surgical belts, $8.05. Phone 2026. v ' - •-• 2-23-tf-T RADIOS, bought, aold. Phone ItiOO. 2-27-3U-T TWO tub electric washing machines Phone 3855-M. 3-ll-2t-T GRAINBUSTER — one only. 6 ton per hour capacity. Automatic Tor speed. Montgomery Ward, Cumberland, Md. • 3-11-31-T 100 ACRE farm, eight room hoxise large bank barn. Three miles ou Oldtown Road. R. M. Valentine 3-7-1 wk-N SIX ROOMS and bath, hot water furnace, garage, $3500 cash. PhU lip Froeilch, Potomac Park. BARBER wanted at once, full or part time, modem shop. $40 weekly guaranteed. Steady worker can earn $50 or more. Crystal Barber Shop, 21 Baltimore St. 3-6-6t-T SIX ROOM house, Rldgeley, W. Va Phone 4023-F-31. 3-a-lwk-Is FRAME residence, 4 rooms, bath kitchenette, furnace, garage 1 full basement, $1,600, J. P. Arnold Midlothian, Md. S-D-S Charles Byron Fclton Is honw. on ICRVC. He Is t he son of Mr, »nS Mrs. Harrison Pelton.'Cecil Heaton. Baltimore, visited his wife here last weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Prnnk Funk have just received a letter from tfi-ulr son, Sgt. Walter Funk, who suffered frost-bitten feet while Rt the front in Belgium. He was hospital- led In France and later scut io England. He Is nblo to walk ngil!'.. Mrs. Jolin Hunter, Shfmuton, is spending n fow woeks here visiting hrr mother, Mrs. Effle Carrlco. - Pvt. Robert Rosser, who has been oversnns the past year, Js home on a furlough anrt is visiting friends In Rowlesburg. -'- • CURRENT receipt eggs. Swift & Co. 3-6-lwk-N SEWING MACHINES—Will pay up to $35 for Singer Drophead machines and up to $100 for Singer Electrics. Singer Sewing Center. Opposite City fl-l-U-N Notice To Aulo Dealer* Smlcd bldV b» received by" fn« 77 N. Centre ,St. Hall. Phone 384. WANTED: Electric fan. Call 917. . 3-9-31-N WANTED: late model car in good condition. Coach or 5-passengcr coupe preferred. Writ* 830-B. «:<• Times-News. 3-10-U-T WANTED: Camera, Phone 2537. •. lor 116 film. 310-31-T Mayor §04 City Cmincli of Cumb«rla«i!, Maryland. »t thr offtc» of the City Clerk In (tie City Hall on or betore 1«:«0 o'clock A. M. on the leth Ati of Maroh. 1B45,- !or: One (I) truck, S'.i tons or morp capacity complete -nrlth-ittel d\imp body for Immediate dc-llTerf. • Dealer* *-lll be required lo famuli. plant and tpfldllcatlons o( the. truck to accompany the b!d« irhlch they inbmlt, Tlie Mayor ana City Council of Cum- berl>nd. Murylantl, . heiebj- r»erra* vhr rlRpl In refi-ct any anrt all hldt, and «peclflr»l)y rrserven in* ri»ht to 'aaUct from Mtnonir tbe bldn that tmck which. In ltd Judgment, hnn the npnclflcattonR deemed moil wllabte for the purpotei oC ihi City. '" ' —Adv. KNOWS WILLIAM CommlRKlcne'r ol Water • :• ; and Electric 'TJitht. N-Mar 1, J. », T-Mar t, t«. 11 that bouse- : " ' ' to-houae canvassing u a n^i!Evening and Sunday Times job, full of refusals and dlscour- W ECKLV saBsrniPTiox RMTS »T mromontjt yet th« Tlmes-New&i i-AHRim papers maka a welcome canvass of nearly every house in this section every day. Let Times-News want ads canvass for rou One wrek Evening only Sic; Crrnlnv Ttmet per eojiy -OSc: one «eelc Evening and Bun' diy WILD 'SELL lot 50x125 on Mc- Mulki. Highway. »250 if sold this week. Need 4sh. Box 829-B, '.', Times-News. 3-10-2t-Sa,Su MEN wanted for orchard work. New modern camp, furnace heated, shower, separate locker for each man, straight board, excellent food, top rates. Phone 4013-P-5 or 4013-F-3. Consolidate Orchard Co, Spring Gap, Md. 2-lG-tf-T JOHNS, MANVILLE Rock Wool homj insulation. Phone 3908-W, : . -.-•--. • .?-28-3lt-N 35 Remington, 30 Remington, 30-3C Winchester, 250-3000 Savage rifle and shells, Browning automatic 12 gauge, double bfirrcl 12 gmiRc and shells, 2 new spotlights, 1338 Ford Pickup truck, 1940 GMC 1'i ton Stake truck. Apply to C. Ardfin May, McHenry, Md., apply Sunday after 30 A. M. Do not write or phone. 3-4-2t-Suns WANTED: Male locker-room attendant. Must have bur experience. Cumberland Country Club. Phone 185. 3-8-3t-T NEW and used furniture, 107 N. 3-1-3U-T 28—Furnace*, Heating CH1NKSE Kl^M Bhatlc trees, V< 11 STOKER service. Day - - •• — 3-7-Iwk-T| Phone 4015-F-U.:, • or night. 3-7-3H-N WANTED: Gardener. Apply W. D. Newbcrry, Memorial Hospital. . 3-9-3UN number of farms, some equipped for poultry raising, filling stations and cabin camps; located in Shenandonh Valley, Virginia. J. 0. Burkholder, agent. New Market. 52—Wonted Mi»celleneou» MAIL . AM Kibicrlpllnnt pay• bin In advane*. Ad reml'.jincric Kliould be xent by money 'order, check or rtglilered mall,' WOMAN mldrlie-ngcd nncmpibyed to share apartment. No rent. Central 1.545-R. . 3-11-H-T S3—Wanted To Rent V8, l-28-8t-Suns FARMWORICHU, experienced. Married, small family, No milking. House, garden, electricity, bathroom, wood. Box 827-B, % TlmM- Ncws. - 3-0-3t-T Modern 7 room brick residence, 563 RosehlH AVD.; bath, liot water heat. Living room, dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook, 3 bedrooms, nursery, sun room. Tile front porch, full basement, Hsrd- wood floors, cljtached garage, large level lot ',,?,,.. Price $S750. Con bo financed. $1750 down, hal- ; nnce under FHA Insured mort- ' gage. $60 monthly, like rent, in- .cltidc principal, Interest, taxes and fire Insurance. Phone 37SC. 3-1 i RESPONSIBLE adult family of wants to rent or lease modern, 3 beclro<?m house in desirable resi- Collection Salesman to travel soliciting and listing »lnw pay accounts for collection. Should earn $60 or morn weekly, pay rtally. Cli'sirmg Bureau, 15H Prospect Ave., Cleveland 15, Ohio. 3-11-lt IS NOT worthwhile to vroit from day to day to plao« your ad thinking that tomorrow will bring someone to buy or rent' wtthou «n ad. Remember that you could run *n *d for a week for the cos of keeping your pl*c» unrented or not sold for on* day. dential 1892-J. section of city. Phone 3-6-lwk-N f .'day Tlmflu per oopy nr«t. Second, Third and Fourttf I'oitnl 7,onfi One rnonlh Evnlnn only »0e: all month! Kvenlnf only »S.40; one year Ertnlnn only HO.80; one month Bundiy only 49c! on> month Krentn;- 'end fjundty tl,35; ilx ;nonth> Evening »nd Sunday «j»8: ana ? ear Erenlng and Sunday (15.04; ffi monlht und*y only $J P 5. Rooms & ROOMS, HOUSES AND APARTMENTS (Furnished or Unfurnished) Rfth. Birth. Bevrnlh and PoalAl Zoiiei One month Erenlng only 11,90: liT manlh« Evening only $7.20: one year EtenVnr only (U.40; on> month fiunday only nt: ana cnontli Kvrntng and Bunday ,tl.»6: aU tnonthi Errnlnf and Sunday tt.90; on* i year Kvenlnti and B'indi\j H3.PO; tilt month* | Sunday rmly tl.TO. . ^.' • JBerelce men'» rate any plarn In th« world., idally, »0c month; dally and Sunday »1.S»V 'monlh. ... Tlia Kvenln?. Time* and fiurtdiy Time* «nu—= rn nnnnelal retnonillilllty rer typo- irnphictl rrrort In «dvertti«znenU but will r'frlnt :ti>l part en" *n auTerlUfmrnt In VCI I V\A/AD\A7r\DVCDc! "''chlhe typoirtphlctl error otnsr. Ad»er- KfcLLYWArlWUKrvtR,>in«rn will pl<««« noUfy the mana««nent : • _• -. ..-, Immediatrl? o' any error which ai&y occur. Wrlt« or phone MJis Robertson, Kelly - Springfield Tlra Co, Cumberland "(&0, extcnrsion 341. 12-10-au-M-W-U Wanted PRACTICAL nurses arfcUnble. Phone im-x. 3-17-U-W ' LOCAL CLASSlriED RATB- 1 lim< <l-ic *^. J timet lit yJ, 2 limes 9t wd, 1 wt«k 23c v4. Card BT Thoflkt $1.50 . . SI.00 SurdoT In Memoriam 15c lint lOc IIM

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