The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 5, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1977
Page 5
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-'EASY TO WED" IS SHOWING NOW AT STRAND THEATER The InuKh-Jnmmocl utory of lady-killer whosin amatory oxplolli Innd him with two wlvo.i furnlithni n uparkllnff vohlclu for tho talent* of Vnn Johnson. life Hi or Wllllitrnri Lucille Hull and Koormn Wynn In "En.iy to Wed," M-O-M Tnchnlcol or rmmlriil which opnnod nt tin Strnnd theater lit»t nl^'ht. Tho ensy-to-look-iit Minn Wll- Iliimn find tho IncroMslnKly IW[ Vnn Johnson, who ncoi-od tn>;nth- or In "Thrill of n Tioinnncn," «j?Mlr prove thom.<<olvr>fl an Idonl couple •thin limn not only In tholr rornan- tin HconeH hut In their flijtt «onr; nnd-diincn numhoi-« on tho Hcrnnn Mi™ Hill und Wynn, nnmplutily nt homn In tho.cornntly Hold, worn itovor funnlnr than In tholr pro rrtlcn «.'i « ro.tpnoJIvn (Inncoc «ntl nownpApfr rnfiortin- whoiin iip[inin' ttnoft (it thn tilttir l« con«tnntly In tfirruptnd whon Wynn KOIN hlmHnlf Into Jtimn. In tho prnHont In.'itanro Wynn'n Jum Is due to hU hnvlnK culled Mln.i Wllllnrnn ii "hunbnnd iitoalcr," which results In » jtult for llh«l. Wynn'.i sohomo IK for Vnn Johnson tn rniirr-y MI»H Bull, them on- tnnKlo hlrnKnlf with K«thor jio thut flhc run hn poi'niiiidnd to drop heir unit, flefore tho flnlHh, Vim John- npr\ flnd.x he has entiin^'lerl hlrn- unit In moro wiiyn thun ho hud contAmplntnd. Tho eompimlon fnn'tiirn Is "Dnrk AIU'I" HturrlnK Sidney Tolnr. "SMOKY" TOPS THE CURRENT PROGRAM AT LOEW'S POLI iVow playing lit the Lonw-Pdll l.s lt\n mtw Technicolor vei'Hlon nf Will Jiimen' "Smoky," tho hnloviul clnnfilo. Stnrrlnf; t'rod MucMui-i'iiy ixn'l Anne n«xtor. rvntl Introducing hnllncl Hlnh'ni' Burl Ivf;«, It Is ul ftnco a jrt'O/it und heH['t-\var(ii(n^f rpotlnn picture experience In thn tradition of thn murnririiMo "FlleUu" m:ro(-n trlumphH from tho iinnie iitudln. "Smoky" I.H 11 Knmd Ntory of the Went of todny thnt In flooded with thn i-niifi|n>r spirit nt the fif yp ,'tteryeiu', AM all \vho have rend Iho hook niiuil know, It l.-i thn iilory nf one rimn'* love of danger anil o( <me wornnn'.M love of a rnnn, i\nd of the ovnnts that puttorni'd tholr life Into n Ki-niit and thrllllnw rnmnntlr udventui'd. In Its unfold- Inc "In (he thlllllnK tale If te||n nnd In the hrciiththklnK Hplerulor nt lt» production, It iifhlevnu n nwcop ntiM hoauty that miikcH for All-.'iiU'i'K.'iMlntf ['fimunco and excit- ment, I'Y'Yl M/icMuci-ny brlnf"' t" vivid lici-iinn llfo the lend I'cile rj£ thn eowpiinehnr. Mnc.Murruy pluys the part <>t Clint Itm-klcy with co'nvlnc- Inj; nikturnlriiiMfi and pov.'ur. r^ivo- ly Anne I'i/ixtor In out«t/indlnj;ly Huc<:nnMfiil In n new typo of rolo for hr-i- -tli/it of tlx. tinrd-rldlrnr owner of the ranch on which ISurk- Iny koepii hl« ri.'ndoxvrniM with fn .n, Ainu on iiatne pronram Is the rlofniifi rruuanm. "ft fihruildti't f Jnp- |)i-n Tn ri Doc," -iitnrrlnK CnroU- f.findl.'i, imfl Allyn ./'i.'dyn nnd the niiifL/lnuly I a I e n t o d nnliri-ninn Plnni'hnr whniinHwitrs to "Hodney." LrfiliKh-pur.ked thrcuiuhdut, arid a nurn rum fnr Monday morning runny nlher kind nr hlue.i, XnBNETIAN BLINDS UEBON'S' TJB.NMTIA/V ni.tnn oo. JTfl |*», M.I. n,, T«l, »-T»2l I IH'»li>rhnr.y • PROMPT WATCH REPAIRING and JEWELRY William Schpero inn C'hi/rrh Mfcrrot FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NHllIT Independent Cab Co. I0fl South Main vSt. SAND-BANUM Blue Seal Emulsion Removes scalo from interior surfaces of heads and jackets of all typos of farm and industrial gas and DiesoJ engines. WHAT I1UJK SKA I, KMIMXION -SANO-IIANUM CAN DO KOH YOUK COO1.INO SVSTWMl— Uphiovcn old Hi-nit', nodlmcnt. runt, etc., from pljii'M luitl wutr-r J:uil(rt*. Itoitulur provontw formation of now nculr, rust, oto. of |>roi>nr olrpulfttlon of svntrr nn<1 mnlntiiln rfflclmit hrnt trm>(»- for. lulu-hinting KB UOItTlI MAIN ST. Union Cltv - Tel. ZB8S Cancer Kills Twenty Americans An Hour 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 TB 194.4 PNEUMONIA 175.4 HEART 151.4 DIARRHEA 139.9 NEPHRITIS 88,7 HEART 185.7 TB 153.8 PNEUMONIA 141.7 DIARRHEA 114,2 HEART 188.6 HEART 238.T HEART 314.4 PNEUMONIA] 136.8 CANCER CANCER 102,2 120.3 TB 113.1 NEPHRITIS 94.8 NEPHRITIS 88.7 CANCER NEPHRITIS 91.0 PNEUMONIA 82.6 ACCIDENT 80.5 ACCIDENT ACCIDENT 77.3 84.5 CANCER CANCER '64 76.2 ' ACCIDENT 71.6 INFLUENZA 70.5 TB 71.1 DIARRHEA NEPHRITIS 81.5 ' ACCIDENT 73.6 PNEUMONIA 54.9 TB 45.9 DIABETES 26.6 E^M 1 ,*.*. 1 * IN *' ov * CHART INDICATE DEATHS PER 100.000 OF POPULATION IN (BOISTRATJON AREA Of U, S., HAWAII EXCLUDED. the t<irn of tho cimtury. us this chart shows, cancer ns n onuso of death has risen from seventh, to Hccund |>liic-n on Hid list of dlsriiNi'.s which t«Uu the lives of moHt Americans. Only heurt trouble tops it. Of thn I.'I.'S.OIIO.OIW piirxoiis In tin- tmtitm toilny, iihont 17,000,000 will oventuallj' nuccumb to cjincer. Pbyslclnns point out tlnit this flpurn iindonhtrdly will hu r(xlucod If pprwons would Hiihmlt to rngulnr OXH ml nations, lir riincnr IN oftmi curnhlo In th« curly HtiiKos. Th« rcnsoii for Its quick climb up the Hot of death cauxcs Is the Incri'usliur longevity of Anu-rkMin.s bronchi uhout iihout by nclvunco's In medical (tclence. For example, iimi.y pi'rsf.-'is who would huvi- succumbed yours IIRO to pneumonia, ncphritlx, and other dlsi:asos, wero .sitvnd unil struck latiir by onn of thn dlsoasos which tend to afflict older persons. Little Janet Fay Carroll (rlj;ht) of Klondike, Arl-/.., who doctors bcllnvo was born with ciinccr, and who now has a Rood chance to live, tries to spfiak for llvlnp Arucrlt-iins doomed to die of cancer unless something; Is done about It. (International) Sethany Residents )n Jury Duty List Slxtron Flothiiny rnNldcnt.K were nnlndnd on the ll.'it of Jurnrs rn- Pii.MOd ycMtordiiy by \Villlnm A. '.riT, clerk of tho Superior court, "«w HiiVen. ThRMii pcrsonH lire: Martha A. Sonrhcr, Anna IT. Brlnton, Hiram i- CarrlnC'tnn, ISsllicr O. Crooltcr, Olhfrt S. riownM. ft'nnc S. DownoM, Kdwiird M, Ulnmnn, OHvo M. Hnw- •ird, Allf:p )'•:, MDi'gan, Charles L,. Nrf.llolnn, IClslo S, Peck, Nulsvm ,1. f'.'nlt, (''rimers Wirlf;imd, VlrRlnln Whllfshcad, 1'ldwnrd Wooding. niKS AT tVIIKKI. fJiTunwIch, AUK. 1- (IT)---A miin driving on the Merrill Ptirkway has 'lind from a hi'Ji-M PnJIco rcprii'u'd -ihiit I'l'imk Harlmann of VVocid llnvrn, f^nitr Is'lnnd, died till* morning, A pnsslhlf nccldrnl was [ivrrlrd when u ciunpiLnlon Krabbod till- WhRi'l. 1 HECTIC ROMANCE NOW SHOWING AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE A hectic romance Is often snowed under by n scries of hllareous misadventures In Mcrvyn Lcroy's llve^ ly now comedy, "Without Roservn- tionn," now at the Salem Play- Claudetto Colbert and John Wayne have the starring roles, with Don E>cFore heading the supporting CAMt. .Ml.iji Colbert play« a novelist who i.s Hollywood-bound to work on the screen version of her be«L- sclling novel. On tho train, she ! meetH Wayne and DcFore,, two ! Marine t'liera who quickly get the situation well in hand. Wayne interests Mlas Colbert to such an extent that she wires her Hollywood producer that she has found thn ideal hero for the picture. Bccau.ic her reservations arc on another trdin, she »to»'s away aboard Wayne's train, without tickets or reservations, This leads to hilarious consequences, and after a riot- ous night in the club-car they got put off the train and have to continue their journey in a balky acc- ond-hand cnr. ' "• ' Misadventures pile up with dazzling tepidity.' Miss Colbert lands In jail in New Mexico, and romance has heavy sledding when they stay the nipht with a hospitable family, and the daughter makes no secret of her interest in Wayne. Health Talks By HERMAN .N. BUNDESEN 1 , Appetite Not Trustworthy APPETITE is like conscience'. It can be abused to Uio point where •it is no longer a trustworthy jruide. Undoubed'ly, •. hunger in .preneral and de.'lre Cor specific foods in Particular was inipl/intcri in man to regulate his eating. • Originally, it probably served the purpose wel and perhaps even engendered a craving- for • certain essential foods if they were Indcinp Trom the diet too lonp. Todny, of the artificial conditions under which ' we, live, the value of appetite as the solo,' .g-uldc to n balanced diet is more ] doubtful. Some sedentary or in- 1 active workers habitually over-eat simply because they have accustomed the '. stomach to largo amounts of fond. They have mridc habit instead of appetite their 7Uid.e. VVhlnislciil nii>t, Others substitute tnste - ftppcal and follow a. whimsical dietetic course which omits many impor- ! tnnt 'nutritive elements merely be• Cause of a self-fostered aversion to the foods which contain them, Then, too, many roods today arc. robbed of their csentinl minerals and vitamins by excessive processing. Others 1 lose in value because they must be shipped long- distances. Nevertheless snme doctors believe that for the majority of healthy people appetite is still a sufllcicrtl Ruide to a wcllb-alanced diet. Tn some instances this plan probably does work Gift all right, particularly where a wide variety! of foods is eaten and care Is taken \ to include those which have not been over-refined. For example, if whole grains are employed In liberal amounts instead of the more highly refined flours, many minerals as well as the B-complex vitamins arc obtained, ,But according to Dr. Frederick .1, Stare of Boston, surveys have been conducted on large groups of persons in various parts of the United States, and It has been found tliat a large percentage of the people were consuming one or several nutrients, such as vitamins and: minerals, in amounts less than those . advised. However, seldom was evidence found that these persons were not in good health. On the other hand, the mere fact^that they showed no signs of actual sickness docs not mean that thry may not have been suffering from a food deficiency whieh_ would show up later on. It is true that certain primitive per sons live on n vory limited diet with fruits, vegetables, 'milk and butter, and with whole trains and 'meats only on occasions. Yet' some of these people seem to have good physiques and main- NAtFGATtTCK NEWS {CONN.), THURSDAY, AVG. 1, R&P METAL WORKS »'J 80. MAIN STREET (Kcnr) Expert Welding: of All Types Fnriflnp, SficRt flet-nl and Ornamental Steel Work Telephone 6311 Curs Culled For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving! ! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Avc. Tel, 4!)35 tain their virility throughout a' lonpr an.-i vigorous life, which moans that they arc fjcttlnx all the essential foods. Some studies wore made on Ens'- , lish school boys over .1 four-year, period which showed clearly the | value of adding extra milk 1.0 their diets. These boys, inking a pint of milk a. d.iy, made an average gnin [ of scvon pounds per year, as compared with four pounds per year for those who did not Ret the cxt.ra milk. There was also an improvement In genera! Illness, nnrt j the boys receiving the extra milk had fewer colds and il?ne?s«n. Still other studies on women and their infants showed that, the ma- FIRST at Androphy's The Now EMERSON POCKET RADIO jorlty of Infants-born ""with d&ecU wcro» born to mo.thcrs •whoset.dlcts during pregnancy we're not/Jadc- quntc. jj Thus, it would seem far fetter to plan carefully your dlet^than to rely on appeitc alone JKS a guide to whnt you oat. Thw diet should con.iin fruits, vcgcftblcs, whole-grain cereals, meat, ">imilk and eggs, fortified margrarl^ or butter .*in<l some. spcciixl tion to supply vitamin D. Weary Sore Fifet Quickly Relieved Tliis easy, simple why; Rurninjr eitllnuneii «nd hot, tlr<* fret hotirj of misery nnrf lonn of V°rk. Why nurrer when for only COc ydS con enjoy the cooling, comfortinc rrlicfVfr TODOL Foot. Jiclii-r. lt> n RrMttel Klninlcfs. mcdirnted ointment th« lip mnHi-nircd inlo <hc feet nt he^ti Jut Quick nctinn Allow* for more* r Ju] sleep «nd efficient \vork ihc next d Cel » SOc j»r «t J Hlld 111! ennd drill; nr dritt. Mtnren. ^s Have You Seen Our Kitchen Korner # On the Second Floor Many Items for * The Kitchen " Also Available PHILCO and EMERSON 3 Way AC-DC Muke your selection now! NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEAB.Y BUILDING „ TEL. 5212 I .|1« No. Main St. Union City Tel. 6401 Salem Next 2 Days T&t&f Out of ga.s, and wishing anyone were here! But especially he'd welcome a good Sarharitah with a can of power-packed Flying-A Gasoline ! For smooth going, he should hjivc filled up at one of many Tydol dealers along the way. I Only thing is, the repair job will cost p»-lcnty! Should have had a Vcedol Safety-Check Lubrication before starting. And it includes — at no extra cost — expert inspection of 18 vitftl points where car troubles of tea begin. Scent) fi'iim 'T.itdmmi'.s Territory" on the same program with "Partners In Time." JULY LIQUOR SPECIALS! BUY HERE AND ALWAYS SAVE— Park - Tilford WHISKEY CO Aey ^O.4^ WHISKEY — DO I'roof — S3.29 CARSTAIR'S WHISKEY $3.45 IMPERIAL WHISKEY $3.39 CI.OSK OUT: : GINGER BRANDY $1.69 I'Jnt CREME DE MENTHE $2.49 GAI.l.O CALIFORNIA WINES 85c Bottln GRAIN GIN $2.89 flO Proof What scenery ? That view of an over-heated motor? Next time he'll start with a crankcase full of cool-running, Improved 100% Pennsylvania Vcedol Motor Oil. Then purr along seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Including detours, ruts, dead-ends and bumpy back roads. But they muft have missed the Tydol dealer! 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