Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1911
Page 2
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'^2- Z ^teBldiABAILYSEGIsis ^lFIJibA ^EVg The ball Which Ibo Clinker Club save Wediieiday night at the Elks club.-nraa the very happy occasion the JiOfcts, and their euPBts anticipated The >Uendnnce was large. and the went was equal In brilliance to the holiday b&U to which everybody who dancsB looks forward. .The dancing rooms were decorated lapBTple aJid white. thu'Eiks* colors Jind.-Uie orchcatra platform was-outlined with plants and graenery. The feminine tontingenr or the asscmblnge looked especially weJl and many becoming evening gowns were worn for, the first time. The hosts b^'planned the evening with careful attention to ^detail and everything from the program to the supper was well arranged. The club .wjll contbiue to give the small and informal-house dances during the remainder ot the season and all who have enjoyed their hospitality at" one of these events or the ball on Wednesday evening hope the latter ^•111 be an annual affair. The guest list was:. Messrs and Mesdames J. D. Amcft O J. Balliett. Seward Bisby, J. O. Brown. S. R. Bnrrcll. A. H. Campbell Leslie J. Campbell. W. F. Dewey. R. R. Drake. Melvin G. Fronk. Veue D. Fry, W. S. Goodin. R, Y. Harrison. IT. K. Hlnde. F. J. Horton. W. S. Kaiilf- man, Paul KlvMn. T1. D. McClain, M. A Ba-fer R McCIain. Miller A. Mc- McCreary. C. S. Morris, C. E. Newton F. C. Nicholson. D. 1». Norlliraii. I)r D. W. Reid. nr. .1. T. RHd. B. P. Robinson. C. H. Shields. K. D. Shi<ilds. E atanfieid. I,. P. Stover, C. K. Taylor, Herman Thol«yi jr., H. C. Wboat- on. F. L. Woods, Frank Wood. Misses Hazel BeShear, Marion l.oiE. TSalbert, Leah Johnson, Vera Curry Cora Klein. Kate Shields. Alice Shields Madge .Toyce, Hazel Bowlus Clara Bowlus. Dorothy Foust, CIar» Foust, VIcn Knstwood. nianchc Van Bnsklrk. Bertha Swlgnrt. Russell Caugbinn, Helen Smith. Florence Hobart. Kulu Culhertson, Mary Northrur Lillian Northnm. Trean Ixjwdcrmilk lnc». Potts. Floye Honsor. Letll< Woodln. Miss HarrlRJin, Virginia Doc- gett, . H BJCC I Goes. May BHphnm Vd ma S'i>epDr. Kate Geyer, KIl7,;ibetli Apt./Josephine Riddle. Alpha ' liim <'i 'nuGr3tchPn , Moore. Mrs. H. H Howard. Mrs. t. S. Stover; Messrs Fred Apt. Ix'e Bowlus, T. I! Rowius, F. W. Bf^wpter. .^rthiir i' Brigham, Newton .L Bripham. Kd H Bussing. Dr. R. O. Christian. R. J. Cof fey, L. E. CoiTman. A. T. Cowan. Ls- Grande Cox, B. H. De Haven G. C Delgsmo, Lewis Drake. Elvie Gilliatt Geo. J. Gordon. "Joe Heylmun, Wra H^ylmun, Wm. Harris. John I.«vocn Merle D. Munger. Louis O. Xorthrup Dr. C. M. Riiss. E. H. Searing. Harr> Sleeper. W. R. Spai-ks. C. A. Swlggelt Howard Tewel. Gus Weekly, B. H Wittenberg. Lloyd Young. Wm. Lan? feldt». Dr. P. L. B. Leavell. Oiit of town guests: Frank Den ton. Colony; Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Mil ler. Independence; Miss Bertha Dos Hand Painted with Monogram .'f done In gold, for gift purposes' iEATE TOrit ORDEBS >0W! ' The Bfitairstore West Si Jedf the Square.. 'MM iHIDlHEnE siauR sum We are showing this season, the new "Marie Antoinette" pattern sterling silver. A new design in Aim Silver that w..! appeal tO: the artistic ' and dischounating buyer. We.have afuU line and cordially invite infpecdoo. TEA SPOON gett. Independence; Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bondy. LaHarpe; Ed Danforth, I..a- Harpe; Ralph Maxson, LaHarpe; Mis? Myrtle Maxson. LaHarpe.' Miss Ruth; Benedict. Cbanute; Samuel Knox, La­ Harpe; John Stewart, Newton; G. W. Holland. Pittsburg. Miss Vera Curre.v. Humboldt: Mrs. W.'F. McCaJty, Hum boldt. •:• •:• •:• —Have yon ever used a Stencil Mon- igrain for your linens, towels, pillow asey, shirt.'s. etc. Give up five minutes of your time Saturday and attend thr leinonstratlon at the New York Store • •> Shield's orchestra planned for v dauce to be given in Masonic hail last night but the nttend.ancu was sc small that everybody left after twc iir three sets had been danced. Thr CUiiiker Club *all of Wednesday night was festivity enough far Thanksgiving and dinner parlies yesterday ant l:t»t nlglit also nffcctc^l the attend- iincc. •> • • —Nceillc Workers will welcome th( Monogram Stencil. They're metal anr •an he used for years and years, ovei •ml over again. Attend the FREI- 'eiijons.tratfon at the New York Store m Saturday. .% •> ^ The children and grandchildren o' Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Brackenridge gavi hem a delightful surprise ycstcrda} ind enjoyed a delightful family re union in observance of Thanksgiving Mrs. Brackenridge has been ill foi ^ome time and the reunion was plan ned as a surprise in order to reliev- her of any resi'onsibility of hospital ity. X bountiful dinner was serve ind the day was spent very hnppil) fourteen were present. W«teb>:.|M«««tW «r —Attend the Demonstration at the Vew York Store. Monogram Stenciling Saturday. -:- -> Mr. and Mrs. N. Parish of Yate- Center are visiting their daughtei .Mrs. F. A. Wagner of North Jeffersoi street. • * * —Big Clearance Sale of all Trimmei Hats at Mrs. Pefly's 109 E. Madison. •:• •> The Home Missionary society o the first Methodist church will hav a social tonight at the home of Mr? F. J. Horton. 402 South Elm stree MemberB of the society and thei friends are cordially invited. * + + The Art club's fortnightly meelin' M-hich was to have been an event r Wednesday, was postponed because r ThanVsKivIng preparations in whir' til" mrinhHrs were interested. • •:• •:• Dr. :iiul Mrs. C. .%r. Col^ un- i Gn-at Bi-iid, where Iliny we .re cnlli' last w. ek by the dralli of Mrs. Cloe' hrodier, •> • * —npr-hn)f off on ^all Triramc- Hats at Mrs. Pefly's. I(i9 E. Madison. •:• • • . Mr. and Mrs. Dnmont Sickly cntei (jilned the following giiosts with i TPiaiikHglvIng dinner parly: Mr. an Mrs. M. F. Sickly. Mr and Mrs. K. Bondy .-ind daughter. Anna Louise. M- Clyde Sickly, Miss Clara Harris. Mrf Zonj <'oT. •:• • —.Nno'iier big r;hl|iinent of ne-* Furs fi)i- ChrislpiR" —Rlehardson'.s. , * • •:• Woodlawn, a fashionable suburb o' Chicago, has a club of women wliie.l' plans to interest the men in pre grams and social events of the coming year. Certain days are to be se' aside for programs of particular in terest to men. Right now is an opportune time for iolans to realize how progressive thev are. At the musicale last Tuesday there w^ro half a dozen men in the audience and they talked music, gossiped and enjoyed the-occasion quite as much as their hostesses. It fs the' very first time, probably, that menj have bef'n seen at an afternoon affalrj here and everybody admired the cour-1 age It must have taken to attend an| almost-strictly-pettlcoat party even to. hear such a good program as was the attraction. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OF lOLA kkp Ft. Scott _ KAKS. DON't^^^ BIT—That is what our patrons say. We d« the'best Dientkl Work at the most reasonabU prices. BBC<n«'ta»Vinc ')four''d«iUl work don* by others call upon ua. Wa in lp.i)ur LaHarpe offices EVEIU'' THURSDAY. Office hours: 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12 ETeqiogs 7 to 8., . Riv.-«4i;.^^ W T -^;* Owen . and sons Marion and W. H. Jr.. were gueiU oC Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McMur-'l ray at ,a six o'clock Thanksgiving dinner. • •!; • : -^Fred Bowden, 'Period 'De«orator,; Phooe 788. • * * . Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Miller, who have be^n Tlditllig their daughter Mrs. 3. T. Price tor three weeks, left yeslerda> for PhoealbE,- Arizona. They aire seek- V Ing a location and expect to remain la Phoenix If "the climate proves beneflc- al. <• * —(i.*is -saTFDK liamcrs land heaters. Ji. C. Plumbing Co. • * « Wednesday afternoon the A. Y. L. I. sowing club was pleasantly entertained at the home of .Mrs. J. M. Fife, 311 North Sycamore street The guests were entertained with violin music by Miss Marineta Fife. Tea was served late In the aftemcHin. • * * —What would be more appropriate Tor a Christmas present—nothing under the sun—than a fine Photo of the latest and most up-to-date style.— Huffman Studio. *** Miss Helen l.,itlie gave a dinner party yesterday at which the following guests; were present: Jauniti' Herr. Mart^ aad Mary Marker and Hazel Wataoh. The table was decorated with flowers and the Thanksgiving menu was in three courses. • • •> —A choire selection of Wool Dvcs!; loods and Silks in all the new weave? nd colors.—Richardson's. • * • All members of the Mothers' clul- "njoyed the family parties at the ^r own homes yesterday inflnitely nion because of the charity work they had aken part In Wednesday. The; club -net at Builders' Chapel and niad'> up baskets of provisions which were dis- ributed to poor fainilles. In addition to the contributions which the members brought they distributed a wag on load of groceries which pupilH ol .incoln and Garfield schools donated. • '> * —The Richardson Dry Goods P'.orr nakos it posKlble for every child, miss's and lady to secure a pretty Hat u order to clean up, the entire line of 'retty Mlllinci'y goes on sale at hai; he marked price. •:• •!• • At the Christian church Wednesd»> night there was a reception for mem- lers who became afTiliated with tin "hrlstian church during the recen' -evival. About two hundred new men •jcrs were present and one hundrei' ind fifty others. Ladies of the cliurcl • jerved refreshments and a delightful- y informal social hour preceded bap ismal services. No program was prf nared and the church folk devoted themselves to welcoming the newcomers. . • • • —Dr. WIH, Ostoopnth, Tel 487, 388 + •:• * At the meeting next Wednesda> iftcrnoon the I'nity club will begir he study of "Peer Gynt." The ciul will meet at the home of Mrs. J. M Wood. The paper of the afternoon "Social Conditions in Norway in th' Nineteenth Century." will be presonl ed by Mrs. Millard Teats. Grieg'.' •Morning." and "Bride's Song," wil be included In the program. Pre grams in the near future will embrac papers on Ibsen and his work. • V -J" —Richardson's are offerinfe thei- •iretty line of Millinery at Just hal he marked price. • • • The P. E. O. Chapter will be en tertained on the approaching Tuesda- "fternoon. at the home of Mrs. J. W Heylmun. •:• •:- • Alta Tanner. Herh-rl Bennell. Kd lell Jones. Prank Root and Gleiii '.flwyer are here from Man!iiitl .-i' Isiting th"ir I'.an-ms during tli' riianksgiving peji .son. * • * —.M.". A. L. iioatrighf. b; ritnnn, ii ecltal First Christiaii church Kalur ay evening, December 2nd. + * •> The social committee of the Y. W. C \. will havo a meeting tomorrow ntght to plan a jiarty for members o! he Bible cJnss, the evening gyinn .-tR 'um class and the bowling club. Th' oarfy will be givn next TuesMaj "vening at the Association rooms. O 4 « —Mid-winter Millinery in all thr iretty new styles. Every hat now or ;ale at half the marked price.—Rieli- •rdson. •:• • •> The Music club's annual Chrlstniii;- iirogram will be rendered on Tuesday afternoon, December twelfth. • Miss Florence Hobart, Miss Alice Hend- '•icks and Mrs. O. T. LaGrango have been asked to represent the club in arranging the program. * * * . —•Dr. Pepper, Dentist, Ida Stnti' Rank BIdg. * • • Next Tuesday afternoon the Violet club will go to Humboldt to .snend thr day with Mrs. J. W. Carroll. Mrs. Car roll formerly lived here and was .•' member of the club. The lola ladier will go to Humboldt in automobiles and will attend a session of the lodge there In the afternoon. * * * Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wheeler entertained sixteen relatives with a dinner party at noon yesterday. * * + Rev. C. P. Johnson received word from Mrs. Johnson this morning th .-tt her mother died the evening before Mrs. .Tohnson was able to reach her. The fact that she had been unconsci-' ous for several hours and knew no one at the time of her passing, did to some extent olTset the disappointment of not reaching her before she died. Mrs. Johnson's mother was sev enty-elgbt years of age and although of general good health, had not been so well recently, so that when the message came to Mrs. Johnson, notify ing her of her mother's condition, it was not unexo^t«d. In the month of 8eptemb4)r, 1910. Mrs. Johnson was called to her father's bedside, and was thiere at |ha time of his passing. The deceased | are sur^'ived liy five sous ud three daughters. y Saturday Ev^niflg, Dec. 2nd.! Admission, - ^ Cents -Srtrial i\'.h\w V.nv.'A (miWitJ Jfur- riierile I'euli in one uf her fi(TOrite > ^oag.o. Knniftiiing uen In flie iiitintenr'] Jiic: n laugh from start to Hnlslu '}on'f forget the raiiily ihalint'e for Mibli 's .'^atnrday ai t:-W \i, m. ' Price .ivc cent.s to all. 11,000 worth of Sheet and Framed RES :Beginnlng: Judging from lin* pa.ssiijn fi r liats,! how can a wonirtn expet;! to u;- iliaiiiiy In heaven and make oiio halo hisi h«r \ through cteriiliyT-^Ex. • , •!• •;• ( —.\rc you going li> the ;TharikB;;;lv-l iig ball? Do yuu want a new Frf)r'.i?j The New Yoili Store I K ofrcring a re- luction of '4 off on all l-'auiy Dj-c.'iso.s. ^ •:• •:• •;• • , Mr. and Mis. J. IC. i'owi -ll ain} finny spoilt riKiiiksgivlng with .\Jra. \i. \. Story, of Lone IClin. i .:• ; TVPIKHD f.llSES A OKA 'I 'n. .niss .narv Smilh Hied', Vc-ienl:!) .norning \fti-r IL-ief |liiti-s.s. j Miss Mary K. Smith. a^J- lliieiv-six ! venia, wlio resided with licV f:il!j' r \V. I Smith, ni .'lit; S _0!illi (^oiboni iilrcet, • 'i'~-d vest.'-'lay dtniovriing abou< ten | I'clcek Hrt 'T :iT|Jiort illness '.vith 'y- .)hoid f 'vi 'r. Besides lur father slie 'S survived by fou!- sister's, and t.wo hrolhers. one brother and' one (sister iving with their lather, W. G. iimllh, jf this lily. Ops sister of tie de-eased li-.os in Angeles, 6ne in Wiseonain ;;n'i 'on" in CoJora-i.^ A brnther is :i r<'.«;ii;>:it of the Philippine I sly lids. i Th" li!i(!v wa .T ••liiiirii'd this i afl'.T- nooji to lti>.«i v.ick. .Vi'I)., lor iiiti-rmcDf. At ttie old lliompson Studio oii South Waslilngton NOW is your chance and it truly is the chance of your life to furnish your home, your den or your schoolroom with beautiful pictures at your own price. Don't forget sale begins Saturday, December 2nd. Counters, Sliow Cases, etc. to'be soM INDMfl BOY IS BOINO HOI 1. AN ANXlnrt" Mtnii -j .xT "(leorgi; is to a -'k failier'.'; i oTisetit his nrti>rnii'iD. I ii-i -l %uTy ^'•r\riii--- iliiiiit it," ".-*.! !• you afnijil yi)i:i- father will inn ;ivc his t:oii:-i;ni ?" Left Here by tlrpuM, Locates Father in Peuusylvuuin. T'.ie Register's Gas City correspondent .=ends in an interesting story to the effect that Tony Grand, the Indi-an hoy who was left in lola some time ago by the Buffalo Bill wild west !-;^:ow has finally obtained a clue ar to the localir.n of his iiar^nts and will shortly leave to make his home with Ihein. Sinre being left here he haF Iiad a iiietty hard time of it and for .onic time has been living In Gas s -'It 'ej)inK in the town jail, doing r.ilil job."! and working in the yards at the i'riine Wi-.stern smelicr. Ills stories about hi.s parents have been doubted liy his friends, but he i^crms to have proven his claims. A i«:l(»'r vanie to hini the other day from South Sharon. I'a.. written for I his Indian fatlicr who Is visiting a .uls­ ter there: '"Dear Hon: Will answer in tnsponsf t to your aunt's letter. Air. glad to "•.\o: I r.iii aPraiil Cenigc •.vniit t;irii .;i'ar yo'i are well, Iml yorry to leaxii Mil." I lif your misfortunes. Tony. If you want to come to ino answer this letter iiiimri !i3t -?ly and 1 will .send you a ticket JAnxIously awaiting your rei»iy. > •:• •:• •:• •> •> •> •:• •:• •:• * * •:• •>,•> •^ •* ME.V IVA.NTKDJ O BEST HEATERS BEST FOR COOKING are the Garland Stoves and Kanges. GARLAND popularity and supremacy rests on a foundation of forty years of honest stove-building. Satisfaction is the invariable rule with these stoves. LET US SHOW YOU OUR LINE. TORES For the quickest results—The Register Want Column! Don't Deceive with the impression that these Jew prices means inferior quality. The SAMPLE SHOE STORE'ha^ been doing shoe business for thirty-five years in the largest cities in tl^e United Si^tes—and good shoes have never been sold at such' low prices until ;we Opened our SANfPLE SHOE STORES. Come an^ Exanu'ne Our Shoes and See for Yourself Men 'R Shoes in tan. patents and gun metal, button and lace, regular $3.50 and'?<.00 vjflues I I^.W Men's Shoes in gun meUl. jrox calf and \icl kid. regular $3 values $1.9S Men's Medium Dress Shoea, regular 12.50 values llJiO Men's Heavy Work Sboes in tan and black, regular S3 values 91.98 Men's 10 and 12 Incb,'highl Lace Boots, regular $4 values ,—$2.18 Boys' Shoes in patent's, gui metal and'vlcl kid, button and lace, regular $3 and $3.50 valuee ^ '- ^—fl.98 Boys' Shoes in gun metal, ^ox calf; \icl kid, regular $2.50 value4~it.>'>(> Boys' Shoes in box cilf, K4n meul.iregular $2 and $2.25 yalue«._$!Ai Boys' Shoes in bos calf. 4'"*' sizes up to 2. regular $1.50 and M.tTi values, on tiale -j , 9Sc Boys' high top lace and buckle Boota, regular $3 and $3.60 values $1.98 Boys' hlgb top laceaiad buckle Boots, regular $3.30 values $1.75 Ladies' high button Boots In tan, patents, gun metal, suede and velvets. regular $3..=;o. $4 and $5 values tS.48' Ladies' Shoes In patents, gun metal and vici kid. button and lace. regular $3 and $3.50 values $iJI8 T.adies' Shoes in vicI kid, box calf, solid wear, regular $2.50 values %\M Ladies' Shoes In patents. vlcI kid, button and lace, regular $2.50vl;B values, on sale _- —, $1,487^1 Misses' Jockey Boots in patents, gun metal, vici kid, button and lace,. sizes ^^io 2, $1.98; sizes 8% to lUfe, $1.75; si ?e3 5 to 8 91 .50 Misses' Shoes in patents, gun metal, vici kid, button and lace; regular $2.50 valtie.i, on sale 9LM Children's Shoes In patents, gun metal, button and lace, regular $1.50 values ^..^ —- : 96e STORE Cbil^en's Shoes In vlcI kid, button and lace, regular $1.00 vaIues...Me 110 £. M^diso^ G. W. REEVES, jiai^

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