Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 8, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1943
Page 2
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> ? V7 T v / •*.-' * ' D Hope Star HOP! STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS street, Hope Ark. "«*- • • . ALBC H* WAStMURN. tdltm «* pyblbh«t Entarftd as second ctow matter at the oHke at Hope, Arkansas, under the bf March 3, >897. »,, (AP)— Means Associated Press t {NEAJ—Meons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rat* (Always Payable in . Utvoiw*)) By city- carrier, per week 15c, „< HemtMead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana %'tofayette counties, $350 per year; else&*hero »«,5ft , Member ol TIM Associated Preu: The Associated Press 1st exclusively entitled! to the us* foe republtcatiort ol all news dis-. F-,"(batches 'credited to rt or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National Advertising Representative— rkansas Dallies, lac.: Memphis, Tenn.. \ Stenck Building; Chlcogo^ 400 North Mich. toon Avenue; New York Cltv. 292 Madison 5> r Ave.; Detroit, Mich , 2842 W. Grand Blvd , Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.. New Orleans. 722 Union St.. Hold Everything "Give my little brother a quarter so tie won't bother usl" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith COPR. 19*3. at N£A SERVICE. 1HC. T. M. REG. U. 3. PAT. OFF. s-o "It's just the difference between nature and man—God gave this club its beautiful setting, but He can't control the membership committee t" Guadalcanal Diary Based on the Book-of-the-MontK BY RICHARD TRIGASKII , ILLUSTRATIONS BY I. B. HAZELTON (i "Our men answered with heavy fire . . ." "The dive bombers' target was a Jap base." S UNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6-The Japs fired mortar shells into our tractor camp last night. But when our men answered with heavy fire, the Japs withdrew. I reached the airport this morning just in time to hear the end of an address by a general to the pilots. They were gathered in a circle around him. And the general was saying: "And I don't want you to think those people back home don't appreciate what you are doing. They do appreciate it." "What was the rest of the speech?" I asked a fighter. "You heard it," he said, disconsolately. "It was that last sentence, repeated a few times." What the fighters would like to hear, obviously, is news of some relief. Some of them have, been fly'tig eigflt to ten hours almost every day under cdmliat comditimis, for the last three weeks. Col. Fikc gave us the results of today's raid by our dive- bombers. The target was Gi/o, a Jap base in the Uusstll Islands. The dive-bombers found no aircraft or ships there, but bombed a sjroup of buildings, and probably destroyed n radio station. Some of our pilots lost their way in the "soup." Ensign Walter W. Coolbaugh, of Clark Summit, Pa., could not "He parachuted from a fighter ..." even find fogbound Gizo; but he did find Santa Isabel, and bombed that. Lieut. Richard R. Amerine, of Lawrence, Kan., a Marine flier, came wandering into our lines todny, thin as a ghost, to say he had been out in the jungle, dodging Japs and existing on red ants and snails for seven days. Me had parachuted from a fighter plane when his oxygen apparatus went out, a week ago, and had landed at Cape lisperance on the northwest corner of the island. Trying to find his way back, he had run into a large group of Japs. He had found one Jap asleep by the side of a trail, cupyrlnht. 1013. by King Features Syndicate, Inc. Text copyright, 1913, by Hnntlum llou.e. Inc. Diatrlbuteil by Klnit Pentium Syndicate In coouorntlon with the Dook-of-lhfl-Month Club. Inc. "Two more Japs were killed with the pistol butt." killed the Jap by beating his head with a rock, taken the Jap's pistol and shoes, killed two more Japs with the butt and one with a bullet, and finally reached our lines safely. Having once studied entomology, the science of insects, he was able to subsist on selected ants and snails. Me knew which were edible. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7-This morning Col. Edson told me that he is planning to attack the Jap positions in the Taivu Point area tomorrow. He told me to be at the embarkation'point if I want to go. I'll be there . .. (Continued Monday) FUNNY BUSINESS R^^ •;•'''ii.V-^C r:.r ; - ; ^r;:--r. •":•••'.>>*.'.. :']"'*'''••••••'•'•••• $$^;S^*^ . . ' "".il,,,.. !*COPH. 1943 BY NF-ASEKVICC, INC. T. M.'RCQ. U.'s!'pAT. OFF "He always puts the tlag at half mast when he misses a one-fool putt!" -. : , , • «-• . V Wash Tubbs Bloodhound of the Sky SIGHTED SEVERAL MIUE5 AHEAP THAT MEANS THE SUB Wl HAVE TO SURFACE IN ORDER MAKE 6REATER SPEED AND I LISH CONTACT. PLOT A COURSE THAT'LL 8RIM6 US BACK TO THAT SPOT EVERY WMINUTES, STEVE. WE'RE 60IM6 T KEEP PROPPW6 THRU THS CLOUDS UMTIL WE 6ET THAT I OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 3ONU6 DEEDS, AM'GO6.' MUCHO OGW.\ MAKE CA.N1DO Xi'JCHO VEQDE... HA.H? POGE \\E«5/ HE'S , V_E.A,CNINJG CASTILIAN 6PANI5H FGOM A BOOK *jNQ TJ3MM' IT OUT ON A L.OW SPANISH WHO THINK6 IT6 HIGH ENGLISH/ PCOQ. FEL.L.EE5 TH'.NK THEV'BE THE IGNOPANT CLAS5... HE.COES ARE MADE -NOT BOBN OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople '( VEP, T SAW <3OME SMART r} ANI\\(XL6, Vv/ORKlM' |M '< THE ZOO.'-"HAD ACRIrAE GAMG THERE OMCE -*— , HARP.S T^E V-NEMA WOULD LAUGH TO DRPsVO A CROWD— ~THEIS\ ELN\O S THE ELEPHANT PlCtAEO \ THEIR POCKETS AND \ HID HIS LOOT IM PETE THE PELICPM-VS BEAK •— BUT PERCS THE .V f PARROT SQUEALED ' > L ^, V O^;EN\/ ; ^^ ~VP-»J X SUPPOSE "/OU HAD A '^-^ KAMGAROO THAT DUMPED AT CONCLUSIONS, W P^\ t.UNL.ULJ'olUN'o, pJ55£ ^"S TOO/ t^^-^Mt PSSr/\ t. ^V /^-^-^- v -< -x^ 5 HLI&H. HU&H, FATHER! ( VMORD.' / HOW) / EMBAR- ^ ,^?^| ,^ea' ^t-^ HOOPLE TREE WAS PULL OF- r i f> f I PROXJEG THEV'RE- KBL.ATED = Red Rider Do Not Disturb By Fred Harmon •4i". '?•& t "' •',. COPFI. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE IMC T U REG Donald Duck The Man Who Came Back! Blond ie Force of Habit! WM-K UP THESTREEJT A WAYS AND I'LL HIT SOME TO you By Chic Young OU PONT HAVE TO DE THAT WAS; OUR OWN VINPOW • •/OU ROKE / K 0^ (Ml 6, J^yj^V Poofs and Her Buddies It Didn't Take Long By Edgar Martin Sf£/<& A70&T 'BEAUTEOUS VOE'RE NEARIrt' TOWtO, RED RYDER-' YOU'LL WANTA-tLlRM YOUR ROB6IN)' IMJUl^ OUTLAWS OVER 1O Trt' 6HERIFF, NOT YE.T, ENGINE.E.R.— SLO\>J TOWM OUTSIDE OF AN5T) DOhJ'T PULL TILL i CNM<E A PERSONAL CALL.' C5OT-UIA DIG IDE^ TO HELP NAVAJO VILLAGE •> TvvJO FIGURE'S RUMwToTHE CHIEFS HOGAK) S-0 ill His Ship Comes In." Thimble Theater MOMMAS GOME -POPPA GOT HER A JOBJ ABOARD A SHIR -SHE'S. SAll-EDVc^'D 8EJ AMD SOMETIMES ') MONTHS 6HIPS USUALL4 RETURM TO PORTS SOMETIMES IT'S WEEK'S "5 Alley Oop So That's It! By V. T. Hamlin U5TEN, ELBERT. iF TH£f &jT ttrAT CAN NAZI5 HAVE DEVEL- / DO TO HELP HIM OPED COCKET6 TO ( GET THIS HEKT- THE EXTENT BOOM V KE5I6TING ,"" BV 6U6PECT6. YCU'VE / GOCKET- / TAWNG . GOT TO HELP HIM THEII2 PLAN 6.' ENGINE I NE TO METAL? V ' ^~-~ ^JUMPING CATFISH/ I'M A, SCIENTIST NOT A TRAVEL AGENT.'// ^ VN'HEEE'VE N VOU GOT TO GET TO? / N VvHV, THAT'5 iN ENENW \TEBBlTOSV' HO\VD ^OU ( 5ICIL>7 ) EXPECT ME TO GET / VOU TO ITALY..WHEN 1 CAN'T GET MORE THAN AN X GASOLINE 2ATION? -ir—^ ^ NOU LX5N'T USE GA6OLINE TO OPERATE THE TIME-MACHINE/i.-v--£-'^^ : ' f H Freckles and His Friends For Modesty's Sake By Merrill Blosser GREAT/ WE'LL RUN A PICTURE OF HER AS WE IMAGINE MERE'S YOUR "VEILED LADY — ITS THF BEST I , COULD DO.' WEARING A VEIL AMD LOOKING MYSTERIOUS / WE SAW A Spy SNOOPING Akoywo / GORGEOUS ROOfA IO3? YOU'D BETTER WEAR- , .. .,. OW MONDAY, LANA--—THIS IS QONMA TURM THE WHOLE SCHOOL, upsioe DOWN/// < I n o 14. f\

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