Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 7, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 7, 1909
Page 5
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(local £ vents, ^SJ *«^*^^\i — Mrs. .T. E. Heath returned this week from a visit with relatives in Kansas. Miss Anna Somner is spending the •week-enrl at Long Beach. Claude Groover and John Martin are spending two weeks at Long Beach. J. D. Blxby has returned from a vacation at Coldbrook camp. Mrs. I. I. Cook left on Monday to join her daughters at Coronado. Miss Phyllis White is visiting relatives in Los Angeles. Mrs. S. Gage and sou Paul are spending a few weeks at Long Beach. Mrs. Eicholtz of Italia street and her two little sons spend Monday at Long Beach. Gordon C. Douglas of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexica, arrived home last Thursday for a month's visit with his parents in Covina. Mrs. Wanda's violin class for children will begin next Thursday. Make arrangements, tt Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Coolman are spending the week-end at Catalina Island. Mrs. A. J. Wilgins of Highland is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. R. Evans, for the benefit of her health. Miss Elizabeth Mclnnis, the house guest of Mrs. Mary Oilman for several weeks, has returned to lands. Red Mrs. H. M. Faulder and Miss Vyvyenne Faulder are enjoying a vacation at Coronado. During their absence the Covina library is in charge of Miss Anna Herron. House guests this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson were Mrs. G. A. Brown, Miss Vyvyenne Brown and Mr. Leon Brown, old friends of Nangum, Oklahoma. Miss Alice Bigelow of Selma, who •was a delegate to the Christian En deavor Convention which convened at Pasadena last month, was a guest of Dr. and Mrs. Goodell this week. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Layman had as All trimmed hats and straw hats atf one-Vuilf price. Special iinp of veiling j and -Ibbons at Miss Sara Reckard's. i i Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Brubaker moved t into their new home on NVestConter i street this week. j Earl Runs and bride of Fresno were j dinner guests Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Mrs. .1. M. Whitsel and daughter Helen are visiting Mrs. Preston of Highland. A. Carnahan and family and E. A. Cooper and fomily have returned from a sojourn at Matilifa springs. Messrs. Marinn Coltrin, Minter Stanton and A. J. Reetz left Wednesday to spend a week camping and hunting on Mt. Wilson. Ohas. A. Lelghton has left on the Chamber of Commerce excursion to the Seattle exposition. He will probably visit Alaska before his return. Miss Anna Hodel left Thursday by the boat for San Francisco, where she will spend a vacation of about three weeks. Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Viall of Bisbee, Arizona, are visiting at the home of Mrs. Viall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Lee. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Grait and two children of Sibley, Iowa, are visiting Mrs. Grait's sister, Mrs. O. C. Willoughby. Jerome Reynolds returned the first of the week from a visit to San Francisco and some of the northern mining camps. Miss Ruth Whitsel returned Wednesday from Whittier, where she has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Osborne. who returned with her. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Asher and daughter Elsie leave this week for an extended visit to Indiana, Iowa and Ohio. They will also make a visitin Denver. Miss Bertha Fike, who has been visiting her friend, Miss Alice Hepner, for the past two weeks, left yesterday to visit friends in Redondo, Rev. and Mrs. Andrew McAllen attended the rendition of Mascagni's "Cavaleria Rusticana" at the Mason opera house last night. Miss Florence McLeod, who is vis- j iting her mother at Ovid, Michigan, OUR Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry their guest, Miss lone Adair of MOB-J hag gone fop a few days Qf sight . 8eeing cow, Idaho, this week. Miss Adair and at Nlagura Pal]8i Mrs! Herman Friedman attended the University of Idaho together. . Miss Belle Bell of Kewanne, 111., who has been spending the past three weeks visiting with S. Douglas and family, left yesterday to visit friends at Ocean Park. C. H. Kistler and family have moved into the house next door to the property of Dr. Reed. The house vacated by the Kistlers will be occupied by J. D. Moffatt and family. If you need an extra- chair or two about the house, see our specials that we are closing out at less than factory cost. Some patterns, only one or two left. Covina Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. Vere Goldtbwaitc returned last Friday from a short concert tour. Among the guests at their home this week were Mr. and Mrs, John Adams, the former a congressman of Wichita, Kansas, and Mr. Wm. Merkle of Salem, Ala. Mr. Wm B. Thome and mother, Mrs. Caroline Thome, returned this •week from a three months' trip with relatives in Wisconsin and Northern California. (Mr. Thome's daughteij, Miss Margaret, returned with them and will spend a month here with her father and grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Taylor, who recently purchased valuable residence property on East Badillo street from J. C. Walters, arrived this week and bave taken possession. They expect their furniture and personal effects to reach here in a few days. These estimable people will make a very valuable addition to our community. Reports which como from Kaugua, California, where the tunnels are bo- ing cut for the Owens river aijue duct, show that the work is progressing in fine shape. Guy K. Fairly, formerly of Covina, is in charge of the electrical wiring there,, and Hoy Winder, the local electrician, relumed Sunday after assisting hi.-; old partner with some of the work. Mrs. Vcre Ooldthwaite eMertaimV ycsu-r.-iay at u luncheon in honor of Miss Jeanne Nit-hold of Philadelphia, a cousin of Mr. H<-n K. Thorpe. The guests incliiileil Mr. and Ali'.s. lien t'. Thorpe. Hr., of I.os Ant"'h'.->. Mr. anil Ml.s. !;<•!, f . Thorj..-. Mr. Ci.a.-;. Thi,r|'e, Mr*. V;:v'.', and M;. l';;ji-r of W;s.->i.ii,-' ton, i). C. Mrs. Mary Madison of Leonnrdvllle. Kansas, is spending a few months with her daughter, Mrs. J. F. Kendall. Mis Ethel McFarlane of Long Beach spent Friday with her friends, the Misses Anna pud Charlotte Herron. Mrs. W. B. Broadwell and family are still sojourning nt Idyllwild, in Riverside county. Mr. and .Mrs. C. .). Flat! will leave on Sumu'y for an extended visit with relative? at Oakland. C. 11. Brattle has been at Santa Barbara the greater part of the week on business. Born to .Mr. and Mrs. Carroll C. Pitts, at the residence of the hitter's mother, Mrs. C. E. Daniels, Wednesday, Aug. 4, a ten-pound boy. Mr. and Mrs. A. Sherer have left for Salt Lake City, where the former will join the Grand Army encampment. They w?ll probably viuil the exposition at Seattle and friends in San Francisco and the North before their return. The thirteenth birthday of Miss Lois Seats was celebrated Wednesday evening by p. happy gathering of her young friends at her home on Bonita avenue. Gain^s were enjoyed outdoors and inside and a dainty collation was served. The litle guest of honor received some pretty presents. Those present wern the Misses May Moore, Ruth Butler, Lois Benton, Gladys ;tnd Esther Seats Marian and Mary Dodge, Mrs. Dcdge. Lester Crouse*, Ralph Coolmai, Percy and Hugh Moore, Richard Dodge. Dr. Olinda K. Stevens left yesterday on a visit with relatives at Santa Paula. She will be absent three weeks, during which time her office in Covina will be closed. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hepner and children, who have been touring the East for tho past three months, returned on last Sunday. While absent they visited relatives in Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio and Northern California. Raymond Finch, brother of Thomas Finch, the jeweler, will leave shortly for the north to take an extended and thorough course in watchmaking and matters pertaining to the jewelry trade. A. F. Deetor, the veteran dealer in tamales, whose excellent production of this article is well known in Covina, has again established himself in business. He has purchased a new and up-to-date wagon, fitting it out himself, and will occupy his old stand opposite the San Gabriel Milling Company on Citrus avenue. How about that now mattress you have been thinking about, getting? Call and examine one that we are selling for $11.00. imperial edge, 4f> pound, splendid tick, made in the same manner as tho Ostermoor, but of much better filling, and a better one for $16.00, or better still, let UK deliver one to you on HO days' trial. Covina Furniture Co. Dr. Alice Anderson lias recently been the guest of Mrs. 11. H. Loomls of Citrus avenue. She was an intimate friend of the Loornis family when they both resided in .Vow York. \>r. Anderson IK a graduate of the Homeopathic Medical College of Chicago, and when practising in Kansas was considered ono of tiie leading women physicians of the state. Dr. Anderson is very favorable impressed with Covina and Southern California and hopes to locate here at some I'uuiif: lime. C. T. liooth and family of the Mountain View ranch imve moved to Long Heacn. vvheri; th'-y will snend the .summer, Mr Booth having severed hi.s coniiccti'in.s v. i(h i.he owner of Mountain Vi'-w as the foreman of tii)l raiic'i. The i!au:'hti-r, Mi.-,;, Ha/'-j is accoiiijiiiiiied ()> h>-i iriciiil. H;i>.el jlolni'-.s. The Moot I,.-; h* 1 .'• ili/ll,} V,-,:I Ii. Ii ieil'ln Hi ( 'o . ill.I • i i,'-i:' .-' • '•' :!>•!•,- aiifi ,t is ().i '.at i /,.•., /. . J ; ; i-t i,i i,. ' New refrjge!«<lorK at ICHB '. at. Mull's. THE CABBAGE CURE. Old Ezekiel Had Long Been Wanting • Boiled Dish. "This Idea thnt people thrive hr-st on the food tli(\v llko best Is not ns modern us you seem to think," said the old doctor to tlio young doctor. "When Kzekle! Holmes wns something over UK) years old he was taken sick, nnd Miy grandfather, one of tlio host physicians in thnt. section, was cal>'H.l In to see him after tin? family Imd done their worst to make him better, "(irandfather pronounced Mr. Holmes very III and told the family thnt: the owl \vas probably uenr—he might not llvi> out the night. As soon ns this news spread through the neighborhood several friends railed to sit up or watch with (he sufferer. Among them •.VMS ii sen captain, who took the aec- IIH! wutcli. "A little after midnight Mr. Holmes •wcUc mid siilil the doctor was starv- , .:g him. The captain asked what ho •You'd !'!;<• td eat. "'Corned heel' and cabbage.' replied I lie i '<! tiian. "The I'jipta'n I'mi'd sonic In the pantry--ii v\u> a staple <li*h In those days .•UK! yiivi' him n generous plateful, reasoning, us he said afterward, that. *n ICIIK us i he old man's hours were numbered lie might as well have what he wanted while he lasted. After out- Ing heartily Mr. Holmes said ho felt much hotter and went quietly to sloop. The next morning, when grandfather called, he found Ills patient on tlio road to recovery. The old man not only got well, lint so for four or five years afterward, rind he always stoutly declared that hln midnight meal had cured him. "'I'd been wanting a boiled dish n fortnight, 1 he used to say, 'and mother wouldn't let me have It. But I worked n traverse on her and got well.' "— Youth's Companion. coul "MATUSHKA VOLGA." For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. FOR SALE—One three-inch Studebaker wagon and flat rack, one three and a half Inch Studobaker wagon, gear, good condition, three well-bred mares, one guaranteed gentle for women and children, one Berkshire sow, eight Berkshire and Poland China pigs, barley hay. Stock taken for pasturage. Riggins Ranch. Phone 119. FitzGerald & Barry of Pasadena loan' money on ranches and improved real estate at lowest current ratef. Write or telephone them at Pasadena or call up J. W. Prontiss, Covina phoue 2134, and ask to have a ropro seutative of the firm call on you, tf Indiana and Ohio Live Stock Insurance Co. insures live stock death from any cause. Rates reasonable. Seo Austin Warner, agent. If Get Imperial Bloi/d coffee—always In a yellow bag—always 2ae per pound —always GOOD. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Orders taken for poaches for canning. Varieties, Orange and Lemon and Phillip's clings and the Lato Halway free atone. Phone 13. tf For Kale.— Fine, large span of young mules: also 1200 pound horses, all first class. 11. (i. Cattoll, Cor. Broadway [and (Jreen His., Pasailena. Up For Trade- Long Beach fur Covina properly. Kn(|iilre of Dr. Wiley, veterinarian, Covina phone iiOU. if .Swift's Premium cold boiled ham, wafer sliced to order. Warner, Whltsel & Co. Plain dressmaking and embroidery work. Mrs. Imogeno O. Ken-ell, Italia street. tf For a skillful and careful irrlgator telephone 'l'i. if flood alfalfa In the field. Phone 'tt\i~>. Y. J. Hemps, Walnut Center. j BurSank plums and crab apples for isale. Phone Iii8. tf Melody of Sorrow Heard In Prlion and Palace In Ruesia. There Is an air so popular lu Ruwsla that It Is even more familiar than their uutlomil anthom to tlio people of that great, mysterious empire. I have heart] It In all parts of thu czar's dominions from the Baltic sea to Bering strait and from Archangel to the Caspian. In the glittering puliiccs of Petersburg and In foul prison dens of Siberia. It is a Himple melody In the minor key, suggestive, like most Slav music, of sorrow and unrest, and It Is culled "Matushka (or Mother) Volga," as for some cryptic reason every Russian, bo he noble or nihilist, Is taught from childhood to regard this great river In the light of a maternal relative. Yet the river io full of sad associations, for. convicts formerly traveled a portion of the journey to Siberia along its broad, sluggish stream. • I. .-can -never forget the haunting sweetness of "Matushka Volga" as I heard It sung on a prison barge ono quiet summer evening by a party of fettered politicals banished to the grout lono land of exile, for "Mother Volga" was their last link with homo and the loved ones they might never meet again. Fortunately the condemned arc now sent Into Asia by Iho Transslborlun rnllw'ay, and the unhappy exile Is spared at least one bltlcr parting—that from his well beloved "Mother Volga." —Travel Magazine. 1 For S;t|e A1 Jersey, \'i<-t-.\i. W. P. ! Pheljc-i, denier ;•>(.. i i \i j : N'ew r.-liil/'-i aloi.-; at I e:-,:-; at Hij.'l'.-.. I-'or .'iale .", a' n-n \'al<-(,c i, L f'.ij; /'•;:!; old. Home \>\*tn,' I 101 K<'/it l/jljijii<: A Curioui Tree. One of the; natural curiosities of south Masboiialnnd Is a "Gorman uausago tree." It hears deep crimson flowers, three Inches long. In blazing bunched of twelve, but when tho tree fruits Into fat, sulmtantlnl, Hiumagc- llkc pods there remain no leaves, and It looks like a sausage larder indeed, These beans arc twenty Inches long and twelve Inches In Klrth nnd aro beloved of. the native trllie of KhiingitaiiK and baboons. But the tribe of the Karcnga are a very superior people and would never deign to cut them. Therir can be no reason for this, as lit least no one can accuse these "HHU- Niigex" of being connected In any way with dogs or cats.- Natal WltnoHH. May Cure Snoring Too. "I've found a cure Cor nightmare," said the man who will eat despite bis HilliHequcnt HUlTerlngH. "When I go to lied at night 1 K|||> a string through an empty spool, secure the spool (Irmly so It. will not slide and (hen tie the string around my wnlni In such a wny that UK- Hpnol cumi'H In the middle of my back. The reniill Is that If I try to turn on my hack lit my Htecp I lie on tliu spool, and 1 can aHHiin; you It awakens me promptly. No; it Isn't pleasant to bo U'akened In that way, but It Is belter than having lo go through one of the diabolical nightmares from which I have suffered fur several years."- New York PreHH. Mutt Keep It Dry. The U-acher hud explained to a prl- inury C\UHH the dlllerence between KO| Ids and liquldn ami ItliiHtrated her pnmlH by olijeclK kept on a taMc. When she thought lier pupils had grasped the Idea nhe held up her watch ami asked, "Now, children. muHt I put HiiH among the solids or among the liijuid.sV" "Among the roliilM, teacher," a bright little boy r<'|>li'-<l. "Why not amonv i he llfjuid-iV" hht.- a«ked. "Be- '•aiihe," replied the liltli.- fellow "he cause |f y ( ,u d<, yi,u v/ill ;''•! il wet." All About H<:r \'.';rii. le :''•'• I!,.; I Ii' ; ;'• .•• oma n In I,,a-•,: i,\ i r lln-ie'- I i; |,..i u,' i'- are )!i',|t- IjKii ''i.ii-'V ;:t'*'ijt Ih''! -'.'»'MM/i ' I ., n :i ii.y v. iitiiii i. iii lo v. i 11 in! !>• \'-,'/i ,t n,a I.!•>< inn tl,l;i;. •:'' '.'.'in 1 .'i- We Welcome Small Deposits It matters not what amount of money you have to deposit—we will accept it at this bank. We welcome the small depositor, we extend to him the same consideration and courtesies accorded all our patrons. Our customers all know this. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 BEFORE YOU LET ANY CONTRACT FOR Fumigation of Your Orchards think of the importance of ciircful, inl.clligcnt, jvork nml consult, tlio STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the State, having l!i<' largest outfit of tenls for every si/i 1 tree. For Red Spider, try onr new process Dry Sulphur. UKST WORK AT RKAHONAUM'1 PRICKS Phone 1!li), Coviim Phone 177, Chin-tor Oak NEW POSTALS Covina Photo Views Deposit When You Like What You Like. Hut deposit your money JIKRK. It, }» poHnihlo you luivo never fell, Uin uh- Holuf.i! nocoHHily of having u luink lUiconnl. II in prolmhle you could drift. uloiiK For yearn without, on.' Inil. IK YOU KXPJOCT TO FORdl'l TO TIIK I'MCONT in Him lil'n in a financial wny if in rum-lit inl that, you have, a Hnnl< Account. VVi! tcivc you a pcrsonnl in vitiil ion to malu; DIJH hank your depository • • wliHliiT you hnve n Kiinill sum or a Inr^i- one lo Iny anuli; for mil'i! keeping. 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of $1 and up received. Covioa IDalley Savings Covina, California. Clarence Allison I'lans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAJ,. LOOK! If you v/;tnt t<; see that ni<c new A("I'O (^iiimlry D.'livery W;I jn-.tdrop a iarrl to I/orhecr i'.ro..' I'oinona Steam I/aiuidry, tin- able ,t ;;ii(l uio-,1 it|i-t(<-date laiitidryinen in the valley, and tell them to rail for your laundr , or j.;tve yon their pru. on work, Wv rail Monday 'I'n', 'l'!u!r,day and l''nday. \Voi I: .t.nrtly tip-to-d,«li-. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY

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