The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 5, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1977
Page 4
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FAOB 4-NAI/OATUCK NKWS (CONN.). TIHmSDAY. . S7mn;.^T M. HJNNIOKrP^!»*L"t •""» ^""'^/ M^iion- 2228 nnd 2^0-AH napartment; SUBSCRIPTION IIATE9 B N K .ny The Conn: No jjpupcr TIIUKHOAY. AUGUST I. 10-10 G I. Terminal Leave , t r^^,.»itt"o l nM™ r rn,o Kuiu;:;.;:;ir;J:t,:^ :^: ; ({ I. U-rrninal Iw.vo rni.asnrc-ta Is shcut ,- somcwlial. unatlainal.lo K"" , L- is Koorl m.H,,,, for Uu- ^ consuU «ralo troMlmciil nc-c..r.U..l UH- - • » ll«- vostrictimi that ,,»yi,u..,t sl.all l.o u. i „ Million dollars into tlic () e're all a part of would have no v to build up Ihe dollar va no at Uptime. I'ill-ail' as it may seem to the ,x-privale who'll remind you Hint IMS li(;u \ ( , nanl W as paid off in cash or unused lenve, the fact remains that there were far-IV\ver lieutenants, How will the hoys be paid.' 'III.' law nets up the biggest honor sy>lem in Amer- ini's history, . Allan c,\-.(i. T, will have Imln is literally fill out: a statement answering lour main questions: , Flow much linu- did he spend in the armed forces? _ ||ow much leave or furlough time did he gel- '! iTow much lean- or furlough time has he tffit corning lo him ? And what rank did he hold? Thai's about all I here is to it. Veterans will file sworn statements requesting payment For the amount of his iiniisiied furlough lime, (if)vernment clerks will compute the exact sum to be paid, but it's the veteran who will mime the nymbcr of days be has coming to him in terminal lenve, Dignity For Domestics With many young women war-workers now looking' for other employment, and many housewives seeking badly needed help', domestic service is being considered in a new light. "Roali'/ing Ilia! standards should be set up for employers as well as ^employes, a ^•roup of women in (me mid-west city formed a committee on household employment, (lirls were recruited through Ifs'KS, and were convinced that when they became skilled domestic workers, l.hey would belong to an honorable profession. Training covered unl only regular household techniques, bill such skills as Hie proper handling of telephone calls and dooi'-(o-door salesmen, serving, at leas, caring for children, and fine laundry work, When these carefully trained young women enter litnni-s where they aru trcnled with respect, given comforta- hlu rooms of I heir own, a reasonable amount of freedom' and privacy, ami adequate payment for their services, problem should be solved. There always remains, however, I.lie personal equation. In the last analysis, it is primarily the relationship between the housewife and her helper I hat makes for happiness or tinliappiness. Seven-Day Food A curious kink in the economy of a nation devoting itself to eight-hour days and five-day weeks turns up in a proposal by the Food' Producers Council to by-pass the N'ew York City, Newark and Philadelphia markets. T't seems that the five- day week is in effect in the wholesale markets and warehouses of these cities, and a lack of summer week-end deliveries of perishable foodstuffs is costing farriers thousands of dollars in spoilage. Five-day weeks are very pleasant For those who can ,u'et along on them. But unfortunately, people eat seven days a week ami food grows on seven days out of seven, An obvious answer t.o the difficulty would be to stajrg-er the days off and keep the markets open six days. Perhaps this is not always possible, Life is pretty complicated under modern conditions. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuok Newi 20 Years Ago . Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Clcary of Highland circle vacationed at Lnko Quassapaug. o—O—o Mm. Margaret McDcrmott of Aetna utroet spent her Vttcntlon at Pond Point, Milford. o—O—o 30 Years Ago William Kearney vidlted fricnda In Brooklyn, N, Y. 0 _O—o Miss Catherine Brennan of Bridge street visited relatives In Syracuse, N. Y. Around The Clock Bill Krodel, who lias been confined to |,is .home the pust Lew weeks because of illness, is fcclingmucli better and hopes to be out and around in a couple of days. .... Tt'w a wood thing George Lewis and his cohorts were picking up waste paper the other day instead of eggs A well- loaded jeep came around the comer _ol Ohiivch'stroot and dropped part, of its cargo. . . . But the Legion did a fine job and" is to be congratulated. . . . Another collection will be made in October, Art Fagcr (ells us, so keep on saving it. Mrs. Helen Bobinski and sons Robert and Richard, and Mrs. Eleanor Palmer and son, William, were recent victors in New York, where they took in all the sights Mrs. Bill Corey and her niece, Michele, also visited in-New York recently, ... Things we never knew before:— Bill Hayes was once a linotype apprentice. Oiiffi'cssrmm .'Joseph E. Talbot paid hi-h and deserving tribute to the late Sniator Francis T. Valency in the House of Ki-presentalivos Wednesday. . . . Adoption of the Congressional reorganization |,ill, s;iir| Talbot, "will be a lasting and i-iiiliiring monument" to Senator Malo- iii/y. "f know that our late departed I'n'fiid, wore he with us today, would applaud the action taken by the Congress," said Xaugatuck's Congressman. . . . Senator Ma'loney, known as the "Senators- 1 Senator" worked long and hard on the measure which was designed to stream- liiii- Congressional procedure. Harry T. Wood of Westport, Conn., veteran of two wars, takes over as manager of the Hartford Regional Office of the Veterans Administration today, succeeding Myer Schwolsky of Hartford who is being transferred to the New York branch, Wood, a West Point graduate, served as an Army pilot in World War I, and during the last war served in the Southwest Pacific as base commander, ' Air Transport Command, and on the staff of the Superintendent at West Point. Prior to joining the Army, he was in the building and construction trade. Kocco Salinardi wishes lie looked as young as newspaper picture recently portrayed him, . . . Pete Brennan, superintendent of the I'niou City postoffico, is home beaching for a couple of weeks. . . . We'll Ixtl Pete n'ets a few ball games under his belt before going back to work, General Secretary of the YMCA, Herb Brown and family leave today for Crescent Lake, Unity, New Hampshire,, where they'll vacation for the month of August, .... The republican state central committee is handling publicity for Mrs. Suzanne Silvercruys Stevenson, East Norwalk, candidate to succeed Clare Boothe Luce as Fourth District Representative. ... Is that the handwriting? .... When the United Air Lines four-engine plane takes off from Hartford today four Panama hats, made in Connecticut, will be placed aboard for Governor Earl Warren of California, as a gift from Gov. Baldwin. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-M (Copyright, W46.;by,Tb* Heitf«t Corporation) AUGUST OBSERVATIONS Olivia de Havllland may change her faith to wed Purple Heart Maj. Joe McKcon. She is takng instruction now Elfline Vito, charmlne blonde harpist- with Lloyd Shaffer's orchestra, secretly married to George Ricci, NBC studio orchestra cellist. .. Pat Milo» says nhe doesn't even know Don Do Leo. She has detinite interests (.Isewhcre. And he', I find, is warm on Mlndy Carson, Harry Cool's hot canary,.. .Louis siler ln a tcm P est over 20th-Fox's Gerri Gale .. .Allls- icr Macintosh, equerry to Eddie Windsor when he was prince, likes Eileen Herrick. (tht Juliet who was wet to Romeo George Lowther), . . Fletcher Godfrey and Paulette botl1 so-o-o so-o-cial, both together. .. .Louis Ca.lhcrn and Na- tnlle Schaefcr though tiioir divorce Is final, arc laughinpr at the judge. Don ralllnl's summation after dinner at the Stork Club: >; Into the Valley of Hcht rode tlio '400'." Arrogant Gormnn nclcntlsts, brought over here to carry on with their work, interrupted by certain events over which thny had. no control, shrhg their shoulders, make with their hands, say ach, their calculations are on such a hlRh scale that the backward Ame: lean lollcaK-iins can't understand them... The hcinie test-pilot Imported' to try out the jet-propelled Mc-262 says the Fatherland's aircraft were .far superior to the crude American planes . .Who won the war? . .Hoh lIiinnnRaiv ,vants PonalJ Nelson as the replacement for Gen. Groirony to hoss the War Asset* Adm'.A Canadian Icsliliitor told friends here that his country can now construct and use atom bomb.' without technical aid from below.. Commercial airlines, employing 85,- OOP now are still understaffed. .Rop John Sparkman favored to succeed the late Sen. John BnnkJiead In Ala. John L. Lewis will barge bock Into the Democratic party,, nov that his pal John Steelman l» re- conversion head and Sidney Hill- mnn Is gone.....Vet Adm. will coji- solldatc and economize. Move No. 1 will bn. to cut Its .press, ^taff in half "Thieves In the Might,"-by Arthur Koestler, will accuse the British labor povornment of fostering the Arab league. pottle Lainour' and hr-r husband, William Ross Howard, 3rd werr In these'parts ostensibly on a-pleasure .t,vip. Pleasure-Is-Tipht. He took home a ?3,500,000 contract from Ai- i;cnt:ne aviation groups "for . conversion of surplus transports by tbtv corp. of which''he's executive v. p. . 'Rltn Hayworth, In "Down to Earth," plays Terpsichore. The goddess .of the dance has to trnaci on clouds. To achieve that, a cloud Memory Fails Him Soon u.p at I lie St. Mary's carnival which is hoinx' run all of this week: Billy Sullivan, Dick Dully, Joe Hoaly at "under and over": Dick Murphy, Marty Lucas, Junior Aquavia, Frank San An- #clo, Chet. Usa^icwic/,, Shirley Water house, Jack Ourtin, Tommy Lcary, Johnny Clieplick and Catherine Boyd all seen wandering from booth to booth; Joan Todesco, Teresa Sokiloski and Kenny Olymcr all seen losing their fortunes at the pitch for pennies stand... f . ''• Dorothy Hughes has jointed the reportorial staff of Nauganotes.. .. Julia Cross and Natalie Tarasiewicz were recently awarded prizes for suggestions put to use in the gaytee plant. • effect is spread, 14 inches high—and Rita has to.' wear translucent plastic weclglaa- 14. Inches thick for the illusion. It's gentle «>iirder-when she has to do that as a divinity, the embodiment of gracefulness-. — H 01 ' «x isvwalklrig out under clouds instead of on them. "Around the World" -folds, deep in the red. Well, isn't that-.his pot bolor? Walter Wlnchcll can't stiiy out of type—(jot n whole column, reproduced In the 1 ConffresHlonnl Rncord "not a motion, of any B entlenmn from Mlim.)...'•••The way Columbia Is nliicc-lnc "Tlte Jolson Story in- dlcatefa Music Hull bid....Set., Bixblts" lyrlCM iiro tops on Noro MoruliiH' "r.,ouln Sobol's" Earl Browder'N series, "Report on Russln," Is not an otfevinfT for the cause. Oh, no. Ho sets «f!8 for each! Bobert V»n. Gelcler. lius. ro- slKned as book editor, to write a book; John K. Hiitchens succeeds Short snorter bills showing up In the hockshopx. Those who.tut-tut witJi nostalgic regret over the "pussing-" of the. passenger ship should talk with some of the. travel ap-nts. .. .They have been flooded with inquiries about resumption of sailings across, and cruises along the shores... No bwift luxury plane will ever give what the olcek vnsDnls did IclBUre. othdr part of the city., ^luxation, that complct.6 realization of rcniotcncua -from cares'and rc- ,ponslbHltlcs8.' ; .'.Nowhere ulsc can stronscr.* so'fluickly become tr\wd*. or bitter ...Inhibitions arc left at the dock 'Music sounds HO much more melodious on a ship; wine tastes so much more heady .There I. no acnsc of haste. ..There is senao .'of reposoTra-nd-.- tranquillltf. .. .No the era of ships has not passed. Ix:o Ackcrman and Peter .Pnlln- dlno, a couplB "I cx-GIs, have «n Idea. Whether It' Rood or not, 't'o new. They've opened »n alJ-male model agency In the Bclusco theater BIdf?.. .Most of the 'talent.. Is young, hut there are no ace brackets Models, yet no rhecxc-cukc, no pln-iips, no cover-cutle». Imagine'.* Reported Komanclng: — V e n i t a Vardon, cX^Mrs. Jack Oakic, and the French architect, Joseph Var- enno, 'cabling constantly. .. .Kitty Kallcn, soprano, and Frank Parker, tenor, in the key of G-whizz,. .Doris Sands ,of the Carnival, chorus, and Joe Ere'ns Sally Hawlingson, daughter of the silent star, Herbert R., and Alvin White, artist, will wed AUK, 11- .Mnunc, the Parisian chanteusc brouffht here by Barney Josophson, married to Ellis Lark- inn, the pianist, In Baltimore Art Ford and the Powers poser, Taffy j Brown ..Joan Crawford seen again with G-rcg—but who over knows what's goinpr on in her nimble brain? Including . Harlem But) there In ICHB vice than In any other sector, including Park A've. or'. JFJatbush.., .what with MK houftlnK projects and spaces set aside for parks, the nrc.-i once famous ns the tinwalled stocl<- a«lc of Jewish Immigrants has lost much of Its historic, flavor nnd character—and surely most of Its odor... .There are still :i few pushcarts and pullcrs-ln, hut very fexv .. .The .region, once th<: habitat of Rnftish nrtlstoeracy. as hidleated by the street names—Dclancoy, Stanton, Klvlngton, Essex, Suffolk, I,iid- low, Clinton. Rutgers. Klizaheth, Pike, Pelt, etc,— In now American Izcd, blended In with the metropolis ....Th.e principal. dlnVrcnco... between It and most of the city Is—It hus the highest percentage of eoN lege graduates.. This will probably Iw the last racing^ season at Saratoga. . .The taste nt the dough—four times as much attendance and betting when the allotcd dates are played at the New York tracks 1 —is expected to end the era of almost a centui-y of sport at; the Spa. .. .This will not be a highly "social" meeting such as j the past has known. .. .Neverthe-i less, hotels up there are asking $100] a. week for a room, paid in advance, i and just about everything is booked • up. ' ' j Testifies At Probe . .tyo 2-ckoJemhC. ac. . , There is more gambling to the square foot in what IK. left of the New York "ghetto" than in They describe Eivind Anderson, the Tacoma contractor, as having :i Scandinavian dialect... .Well, so bus Rep. John M. Coffee I under- | stiind that, In the da<k long cor-| ridor, Coffee sjild to Anderson ;| "Sar;ka very much. Yubnn so (rood | any 1 to me!" Retired former chief of the Army Service Forces, Gen. Brchon Somervell, IB shown In Washington ns he testified hcfore the Scn,iti) War InvcNtluatlns: Committee.. Somcrvell said "no Inordinate political pressure" was put on him by K*p. John M. Coffee (D- Wash.), in reKardx to a war contract for Klvlnd Anderson. (International) WHITE FISH MARKET JOSKPII CABHAL. Prop. ''8 South Main St. Choicest selection of salt and fresh water fish at lowest prices, Unpredictable, .Willlum Heiron*, 17, Huspcct In three murders, jokc.s with his counsel Davo Coghlun (loft) before entering office of Stnte'H Attorney Wlllliun Tiioby, ChlciiRO, to "confess." Whon moment arrived, Holrcns suddenly started repenting over und over, "I don't remember." (Interniitlonnl) STRISIK'9 10 Center St. Wattrhury, Conn. - GOURMET CARVERS Now Idea In Cutlery Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" and Vora Budrls, Prop*. !: Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor LlcPnso RODEO RAMBLERS : Horc Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHEEIL4N Special Entcrbilnmcnt Thursday and Sunday ; i; Open Daily Until 1 A. M. All Kind* of Trucking—Ashes. Etc, Removed McNamara Trucking Co 31 Went Xaugatuck Tel. 3952 ,CED TEA AT ITS BEST • M ll«^^W^^^^^ I A frosty glass filled to th« brim with sparkling icod tea for long lasting refreshment. All throe ASP flavor-tested teas acuuro you iced tea at its exhilarating best—yet, they arc yours for less than a cool ccnl a glass I ...hut. Rlv» today! Send your don.-uion to tlic Emergenc Food Collection HALF POUND PKG COD FILLETS Berber's FOODS 5 CONQUEROR IN TOM. SAUCE NO. 2 CAN FLAKES RICE KRIS-PIES 6 02 PKG Beans Peanut Butter slippy Kellogg's Kellogg's Corn Kix Rice Gems Rice Puffs Sunnyffeldr.rr Cider Vinegar^ GOT White Vinegar.*« 39 C 10 C 39 C PKG SUNNY- 5MOZ FIELD PKG SUNNY- 8 OZ Fl2l.D PKG 12 c IT" .. PKG 4QC intOF 10 I O Chicken Chicken Broth Chicken Deviled Ham Salt GRANDMOTHER'S Ivory Salt «&«" Grapefruit Juice _ > nnAMr.r *nrt 5H°Z N GLASS 12 OZ R*R CAN T6 C 61 14 c CAN Under- 3 OZ « BC wood CAN | O 4 LB PKG 2 LB PKG 46 OZ * CAN I I » ORANGE ana 40 OZ JUICe GRAPEFRUIT CAN 8 C 7 C 170 45 C Prune Juice ^ S T W B E O T T 28 C Tomato Juice .ON* A i% 25 C lona Cut Beets 2 ^ 25 C lona Spinach r ^-M5 c HampstedPeas r ^-M5 c Brl c 8 ,V.?"' s I«?T z Sauerkraut A&P Spinach Ammonia Garden Relish Miietirit ANN PA5E 9 oz lyiUSLdrO SALAD STYLE JAR Flako Pie Crust V! Domino Matches OF^O • BlllOS 40, 60 WATT EACH Sultana Molasses GAL" |. ' II „ DINNER-Chif 16HOZ Italian Boy.Ar.De> ' PKG 10° 15 C 13 C QUALITY Like a!' timeii with plenty of stoak. and roantn to sati.fy your needs— and, A4P meat buyer, hare bought carefully insiolmg on quality thai meets ASP'« high »tandard». Every cut U.S. Government inspected — grade AA or A beef— quality that t TOPS. PORTERHOUSE, CLUB or T BONE STEAK SIRLOIN STEAK HAMBURG RIB ROAST CHUCK ROAST FANCY BRISKET LB WITH LARGE TENDERLOIN LB LEAN; FRESHLY GROUND '' •: 7 INCH SHORT CUT LB LB FRESH or CORNED LB 75 59 43 49 43 49 JJuugt! FANCY ELBERTAS - THESE ARE LARGE DELICIOUS, PEACHES PEACHES 4.29 FANCY SKINLESS STEAK COD FANCY SLICED LB LB PECK LBS U. S. NO.' 1 " I mJ PECK 1 I NATIVE HOME GROWN CLEAN DRY STOCK CALIFORNIA ICEBERG LARGE SOLID. HEAD. 4* HDS NATIVE - HOME < .GROWN LB I .FANCY PASCAL - DOUBLE STALK - WRAPPED BCH POTATOES ONIONS LETTUCE CANTALOUPES CELERY «> FROZEN FOODS,* SPINACH COLD SEAL ASPARAGUS SPEARS • OLD HUNDRED • ICE CREAM ALL FLAVORS 15 6 2 25 11 23 14 OZ i PKG i 12 OZ. PKG ' PINT- PKG- 1 . DAILY DOG MEAL s LB Tie BAG JJ C NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT 2 PKGS 23c NBC SKY FLAKE WAFERS VK! 24= IDEAL JARS p, NT S,,- QUARTS yjg D °'jAR COVERS 8FJRNARDINE «Q. COMPLETC I7 b JELLY GLASSES ^"s ooz33e JAR LIDS B *M«N GOOD LUCK JAR RINGS oc MATCHLESS JAR RINGS 3 ooi «e CERTO S BO°T 24c SUR-JELL^ 3 pKG Z 1le "Dated" Donuts Raisin FruHLoaf^ . PARKCR LOAF I I Coffee Cake JANE PARKER 23 OZ Ofi 0 OLD FASHION CAKE •«» Pecan Coffee Marvel Sandwich _ ,, 130Z|I" RflllS r«° I' GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA CO. All pricei subject to (narkr» fhangti. w» ret«rv» Hoht to limit^uanlitien. Pricet effective for thi« »re«.

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