Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1974
Page 5
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Page SIDE GLANCES By GILL FOX "Jud.refuses to be realistic. He thinks the Declaration of Independence guarantees him the right to life, liberty and porter house steak!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN WE'VE &OT A FLAT ] HA.' I'LL BET HE KMEW TIRE, MA, AMD I'VE \THAT TIRE WAS FLAT, GOT AAV GOOP CLOTHES \ BEFORE HE GOT H.' SIMCE SHE USE5 / CLEAWEP UF? MOTH- TH 1 CAR,TOO, SHE ._-/ ER--HE'S JUST CAM CHAWSE IT--J ( TRYING TO PULL RIGHT?.' r-^ \ A FAST OWE.' NEVER MIMD-- WE'LL IROM THAT OUT WHEW WE GET &ACK FROM THE PEMTIST.' I'M CALLIWGA WHY/MOTHERS GET GRAY <?•*} OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOPPLE AFTER WE COMPLETE A FEW PE.TAIL6. V^U C/XN OPEN YOUR CA«MPU5! THE INSTITUTE'S ATTORNEYS RE<?UIRE U5 TO (SET A^IOO PEPO6IT ON OUR TEACHING EQUIPMENT—TMKTiS IN ADPITION TO THE FRANCHISE FEE;., ~~ [NKTURALLV YOULL RECOVER EVERYTHING FROM THE FIRST MONTH'S REVENUE'.THE LITERARY ROYALTIES WILL BE EXTRA! ITS BEAUTIFUL EVERYTHING SATISFACTORY. DE^N HOOPLE? ,Sf, iM RH us pa on SOUNP OF SUCCESS 9-1.7 HOPE (ARK.) SfAR Plants. Answer to Previous Puizl6 ACROSS 1 Flower 5 Vegetable 9 Pea Container 12 Mifriickef 13 Too 14 Goddess of infatuation 15 Alarmist 17 Metal fastener 18 Scoff 19 Most beloved 21 Palm fruit 23 Coterie 24 Scientist's workroom (coll.) 27 Commotion (coll.) 29 Firn 32 Medieval Spanish kingdom 34 Stellar 36 Ripped again 37 Beer mugs 38 Facts 39 Glut 41 Compass point 42 High mountain 44 Descry 46 Throbbing 49 Fathers (Fr.) 53 Boundary (comb, form) 54 Little by little 56 Conceit 57 Turkish regiment 58 Girl's name 59 Adult males 60 Grant use temporarily 61 Arboreal home 3 Withered 4 Made mistakes 5 Prohibit 6 Slurred 7 Being(Latim 8 Grivet monkeys 9 Kind of writing paper 10 Elevator inventor 11 Fender damage 16 Speaker 20 Annuity 22 Sounds 24 Fat 25 Range FLASH GORDON 26 Military group 28 Hops' kilns 30 Movers'trucks 31 Otherwise 33 Aims 35 Wasteland 40 Sea near Greece 43 Fig tree 45 Arab country 46 Poet's product 47 Prod 48 African strearr 50 Anatomical network 51 Takes food 52 I.alh 55 Spanish hero CHA.RIOT. BORNE ' ALONE THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE MESM OF SOME KIND/ 1794- J rv 'n <^>' , <~i (^ 19-^ i^_ r-\ JN«! ^ CT ^H<©r* : is AGAIN! y^r / Ho l HONK! /r^r'v r rv 1 I ) r ^ CAPTAIN EASY LORP VULE / GEE. I'VE NEVER ARISES ( OF BEFORE MJP A//GHT? "What our generations ought to do, Mom, is combine to clean up the world!" Why do alarm clocks NEVER fail to ring on days you must go to the dentist? + + + Can you recall when "rock- a-bye" didn't need two amplifiers, an electric guitar and five woofers and six tweeters to be heard? "Right on! Grab a broom and we'll start with your room!" BLONDIE w PLEASE MAKE \ BEFORE WE W YOURSELVES \ WASTE TIME IN **' COMFORTABLE. ) THIS HAMOLBUt GENTLEMEN! J LET5 A2KABOUT THOSE PHOMX INITIALS 5HAP By CROOKS& LAWRENCE GOOD IDEA1,..EK, BV THE WAV, POPPER- PO THS IWITIAL6- "P. VWA/ A? " MEAN AWVTI TO VOU ? By CHIC YOUNG Show us a bathtub without a ring and we'll show you a home without kids. THERE'S OMLY ONE WAV THE FLORAL PATTERN IS VERY BIS WITH TWEIN CROWD THIS SUIT IS OUR LATEST MOD FASHION ^ I'D WEAR THAT SUIT IKI PUBLIC EEK&MEEK By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI FRANK AND ERNEST WITH PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING YET... ID 1«< t. HE*. Inc. T.M. IHj. US Pll 0" I'LL DEFEND TO THE DEATH HIS RUSHTTOSAY SOMETHING STUPID. CAMPUS CLAHER By LARRY LEWIS SINCE WE GOr ARTIFICIAL NE GETSAWAV BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEL MiNU/res, PETUNIA.? PRIlCiUA'S POP ByALVERMEER I SAW INFLATION COMING YEARS AGO! GRANDPA, DID YOU EVER THINK YOU'D SEE BREAD " AT 60< A LOAF? WHEN! WAS THAT 1 ? THE DAY COLLIERS MAGAZINE weNT FROM A NVCKBL TO A

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