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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, December 1, 1911
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VOLUME XV. NO. 33. . SucMtatr to thb lota Dally Raglster, th« (Ola Daily Record and the tola Oaiiy Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 1,1911—FRIDAii'j EyENI>IG. IB y mm. DEE Mrs MEyEiis LAHAKPE XAK RKl'lDIATES SALE OF HIS TO\V> LOTS. FIGURED ON OKHATetOE SATS DEAL WAS CJJNTIXRKXT OX AITJIOVAL OV THE L\X1>. AsurrtK that Dfrod Was Sliili'ii Kruiu lIlH <iriii In Hotel After lie Ui-: Jecled the Vitrm Land. .ST r ^ In a suit filed in tli(> diBtrlct court i' by Isaac Meyers, of UiUnriif, agiilimi Gordon Davis and riiarJps XPISOII, real estate men of Woodward, Oklahoma rather aet^atlonal cliarKts are made. Meyers asks to have doeda to his property In IjiHarpo cnnct-Ui 'd on the grounds that the doi;um<'nt plaied of record was "stolen and carrii -d away by Gordon and Uavis" and that after it was recorded here a iransfiT was made the next day tu Nelson "in furtherance of their conspiracy to cheat and defraud this plaintiff out of said property." The property in question is lots f.vo and three in block 2 in Crusc's spcond addition to lAHarpe. Meyers was approached with the suggestion of n .trade for Oklahoma farm land and ho madei out the deed to Davis, but did not deliver it, he says. This was on November 14. Two days later they went to .^Woodward to examine the farm, the deal, according to Meyers, being contingent on his apjiroval of the land. Ho looked, decided the land was worthless and called off the trade, but discovered later that th< deed was gone. He accuses Davis, who went with him to view the land of taking if from his grip at the hotel and smding it to loIaAo be placed of record. The deed was plaoeJ of record here on November 17. Tho ^ next day a deed came to the office •y transferring the lots to Charles .^.el- son, which Meyers also declares a part of the scheme to get his property. Concerning the manner in which Davis obtained the deed whtcii Meyers made out to Davis but spys he never intended to deliver untfl he viewed and approved of the land, .Meyers says: "Plalntl |r furth.r avers that the defendant, Gordnu iJavis, deliln'r- ately stole, took and carried uwny said deed to tbe above described premises." The flecd w :tH asserted tu bf In Meyer's grip nt the hoU'l. Of the transfer to .Nelson, n purimr of Davis the petition says It was iin "nl- lenipt to transfer same to said di- fi'iidanl Chprles Nelpon in furiheranee of their cons'ilraey to clieat and defraud this i>l'ilntirr out uf said prop. <^rt.v." The suit asks to have both the d .-eds cancelled and set aside und that Ileg- l^'er of Deeds John l.aury be. enjoined .,^nd rcstralnrd from recording niiy instruments pietf-ndini; to tranrfer or mortgage said property. Mr. Meyers is an old and highly esteemed eillztn nf l.,aHarpe. He owns a line farm iii the country and has lived in Al''ii county many years. ralsinK a l!ir ;;i' family. He is well along in yi-ars. fairly well olT and while he hjis Iu!'l much to tro;il)!e him. his mind is faid to be perfectly clear and able to transact business. THE WEATHER. Forecast for KSBMS: Fair toAlght •Bd .8atarda]rr Bot BiBCh ehnagt la tcniiieratflre.. Temperature—Highest yesterday at 3 p. m., 42; lowest today at 5 a. m. 33; deflcJcncy In teniperstDra yesterday 8 degrees; excess In temperature since .Tanuary 1st 1029 degrees. Yesterday. Today. 3 p. in 43 3 a. m 3.'i C p. ra 3S 6 a. m. 34 S p. lu 33 9 a. m 40 12 mdt. 34 12 noon 50 PrecipIt.ition for 24'hours ending 7 '.a. m. today, 0; deficiency in preclpfta- tiun yesterday .03 inch; deficiency in preclpUatlon since January 1st .31 Inch,' Rclntlvc humidity 7 a. m. today 71 per et nt;> de wpoint 2.'! degrees; barometer reduced to sea level 20.2'> Inches. Sunii.-i! today 7:20 a. in.; Sunset r.:03 p. .'i!. IIIFI TALKS IBDUT HIS I'UESIOEXT FHAKKLY DISCUSSES lUK TUIXUi^UJK HA8 DOXE. VIEWS; ON THE PAYNE BILi Dally Register, Establidied 18B7. Weekly Resleter, Established IMT, EIGHT PAGllS James Admits First Degrc^ Murder in the Death of One Times Vie^m—John Heads Guilty to Dynamiting the Lewel STILL TIIIXKS IT WAS GOOD IlILL Wmi DOWXWARU JtCMSIO.X. PLANS PillMJillf I 'ctltion .t Out for Yotr un the OfCice of I 'oslniiiNter. The Humboldt Herald of yesterday myn that J. H. Osliorn has been circulating a petition or set of petitions tin the streets there, asking Senators Curtis and Bri'stow and Congressman TaRgart to consent to holding a primary election to name a postmaster to succeed the late \V. T. McElroy. The Herald adds that Mr. Osborn found practically no opposition to the plan and that be secured the signatures of nearly all whom he approached. While it Is not exactly new, it has never been very common to select postmasters In this way. By a coincidence the only other case in this coun ty was in Humboldt years ago when Ccngressman E. H. Funston lately deceased, Fulmitted the matter to a •.oJe and the late W. T. McElroy, whose death makes a primary now pos sible was defeated for the office by a woman candidate a dLsappoIntment which it took years for him to get over. The Herald estimates that the primary will cost about $100 and that one will bo held. EAGLES CONCLUDE THE DEAL N. THE FALLS NOT QOARANTINEO Letter From Mayor Sajs the Situation b Xut Alarming. The following official statement reached thi.': olfiee from Vac Mayor of Xeofcho Falls today and seeni.s to re- niovje every doubt as to the smallpo:* i-ituation thue: ".Major's Office Neosho Falls, Kansa.". ! , Dec. 1st. 1911. "To The lela Refilster. lola, Kans. V "Gents: Wc noticed a communlca- ^^.tion in yesterday's Register, froih one jr. ^anks from Carlyle Kans., stat- n^- the con-litlons of | affairs in this cfy and wish to say Mr. Editor, that these statements arc mostly false and we ask for this to ho corrected a.-5 it Ik placing our city in a wrong position, and n:;t in line of the facts in the matter. Xrue we have a few ca .-^eE, yet of the siiiailpox, but they are being taken care of by close guarantin(\ and the ^lisease si ems to he dying out very fast, and ai far as the town being quarantined, this Is abKoIutcl.v false, as no such condlton eMr ^ts. Trusting this explanation wU! be satisfactory, I remain respectfully, "L. K. LANE Mayor." I 'upcrs Signed Today for the Transfer of Fine Komr. Since the iiublication in the Reg- iFter ?onie days ago of the story that the Kngles '.od;:e of this city had purchased the h.tndeome residence of Dr. DrBFhacb at the corner ef East and r .uckryo streets for a louge home, tl.e Rrsit; r h:>s ItarJ the rtatemenl dls- putci itiany times. V.'herefore. It takes .atI."fac'J(in In KHyIng tudny that the papers wi 're t'Mlay slKUed and delivered for t:,e irnajifer of the property and that the Eagles expect to take Immr- dlati' piiK!»esglon and have already be ami iii.ikin;: plan.'» to'ennvert the home ii<;ii line (it the hnnd'oniCKt and niosr (•i)nif->! (iil'le I'ulgu bujues In this pari of the hiate. II IH Our ThnuRlit llns lieni to KedPcm t!'f ri ::tfar ;ii l'!«d !;cs «: Ills ruri}. yn Iron Works. ItAICIEHH .SLAl rhcriiki't' •"EH HICOHO. Hliii J. I. BOIMiEKS FOIJXI) OEAI). Krolher of Allen Coiintjr Men Accl- dciitully Killed. o Harlan T .iylor. the .Moran hanker, went to r '-:iarron, Kancas, last week and brouK't ba'jk the body of J. U Kodccis. who met his death by the ac^V ^i^ntal discharge of a shotgun at '•fflsifarm near there November 27. The death was investigated by a coroner's Jnry and nothing found to suggest violence. Rcdgers owned a farm there and was held in good repute by his neitihbors. The remains were buried at Moran last Monday afternono. Deceased was a brother of J. L. Rodger* and R. J. Rodgers well known farmers! ot the east part of Allen county. Bob LaFoUette has ordered a stylish BCY hat of bis own design. It is In the |8lyipe cf a phonograph. Counlr I'nliin Warns to -Stay Away." This Is a thankless gen"ratlnn. Tii- «J/J/rip newspaperman may bradi fai: and wear himself to a shadow lliinkilig helpful thought for his fellow man, only to have those Idi>as Ig- nnriil. For Instance:. Some days ago. we"ks in fact; the Register urg"d tli- n ;T;;er"s I'nlon to take some ac- linii about Ed Tticord, the shady char- ;tv.\vr of Sharly Bend, but nothing was done. .\ow it is too late. Others have aetrd and cinched the fame. Here are resolutions adopted by t'hc barlji-rs' union of Cherokee county: "B" it hereby resolved. That, should Kd Itieord. the black sheep of the barbers' )>rofesslon. ever regain iiis freedom, he must not approach Cherokee, Kan. By years of solid effort and labor the barbers of this city have helped to elevate the moral standing of the community and are backing the city administration, so that they must be in Kood standing. Ed Ricord stay awiiy!". TO FLAY HIFFALO T<>XIG !rr. lolit Illeli School RasVet Hall Team Meets Another Good Team. One more obstacle blocks the'path of the loin high school team in its way toward the basket ball champion ship of the state—the Buffalo team. The local boys clearly demonstrated last night their superiority to thr' formidable Halstcad team, hut many of the fans are inclined to feci a little nervous about the outcome of tonight's game. In their first game of the sea^ion th? locals defeated Buffalo In that town by a margin of one point. Two of the Buffalo boys came In yesterday afternoon in time to see the loIa-Halstead game to get an Idea of the style of lola'a play. The rest of the (earn arrived this iiflernoon. Tlie game will not be ciilIfHl until S::in tonight, as the girls of the high school will engage In a preliminary Kume, the contestants to be two picked teams. This game will begin at e(j.'hf o'clock. In the game tonight Kirk Badgeloy •*^'ill take the place of Nelson at guard Netson having auatalned a painful in- Jury to his foot in practice several days ago. In one of the halves It Is probable that Kenneth Foust will be put in at forward in tho place of lAi- ralne Cantrell. Otherwise the lineup of the team will be unchanged. "Voung" Lut«, the Kansas City wrestler, was victorious in bia bout with Harry McKay at the Majestic the ater last night, Lutx taking two out of the three falls. McKay had the advantage in weight, but Lntz'showed much «nore knowledge of the game. McICay took the first fall in 20 minutes, and Luti took the next two In C and 22 minutes respectively. rny tho Asvoelnted PTPM) . Ni'w York.' Nov. 30.—In the current ls)!ue of The Outlook there appears au article entitled "President Taft's Own View an Authorized Interview," in which the President dircusscs current topics with an Interviewer as follows In part: "Speaking of the tariff issue, Mr. i'residcn*. if you could begin your ad- minlstraMon again, would you repeat your Wir.or.a speech tomorrow?" the Interviews asked. "In phraseology, nn; in effect, yes. Had 1 known as much then as I do now, I should have njalized that there are £on:c things one cannot leave tc be taken for granted. 1 dictated that •^Iieech to a stenographer on the cars bstween two stations, and glanced through it only enough to straighten its grammar; It was sent out by the press with correspondingly little cere niony, so iiiat the papers received It In all soits of shapes. If I had pre- I'arcd it two or three weeks before and revised it deliborktcly as I ought to have done, 1 siniild have clariflec several passages. And, particularly. I .'•hculd have ciian.ced the sentence where 1 prociaiiu t!ie Payne Tariff .\ct the best ever passed. The comparative would have been a better de- .•'crlptlon than the superlative; for whatever its shoucomlnps, the Act still contains less to be criticised thar its predecessors, and it did, as a whole revise the existing sc'jcdulea downward. "I had no fault to find with either Dei.iocrats or insurgents for trying to n duce any .I.ities they c 'lose; what I objert to Is disfurl'Ing the buslnes 's of thi- itinntry today v .licn thero is notl< iag butter than vut'^swork to proce««rt- ui'on and then disturbing It uficsli «1.\ months later when the best avatl- 'ible infnrinntion Is before us. 1 do not Join in the charge of Inconslhtency •luuin^l the Dcnincralh for coinpromlf- Ir.g with I.'iFolU'tlii on tln.» won! >< heilule instead <'f standing by thcii own figure.'^. If they c<MiId not yyi al! il'.e nduetlim they asked for, the> were 'inl'e Juitliled In taking wha( they coiilcl get. .My ihlef criticism (ii: ''\v\r tariff artlvitles last session w,*;' 'iKit they v .ere wlllinB to send to nir t^islatlon Ko crudo and ill digested .'lai thvy must have known if they had paused to think that 1 could not po.'s.sibly approve it." "IH your tariff reduction progrsmmc bated <in the theory thai it will bring about a corresponding reduciiun in tliK ro .^l of living?" "1 think that tl .al effec! is greatly overcstiaiatrd. .My chief objection to a needlessly high tariff is that ii nourishes monopoly. It holds forth a cun.stant temptation to tlie formation of little trusts, which often are more directly oppressive to the consumer ihan big ones." "Mr. I'ret'ident, there is your Tariff Board. You have been sharply criti­ cised for making It up of men who are ::ot tariff experts." ".\nd that Is true; they are not. if : had been appointing a board of tariff experts 1 could not have got along with less than twenty-five, in order to do juFttrc to all branche.-. of the subject. What I undertook to do was to make up a board of trained Investigators capable of managing a thorough inquiry into costs of production and of analyzing its elements. First, Mr. .MacVeagh wrote to friends in leading universities, asking each to give me a list of the economists considered by them best equipped for the task in hand. Professor Emery's name was .in all the lists and at the top of half of them, so I made him chairman or the Board.. Page comes from the University of Virginia; Sanders Is aniiu- thnrity on agricultuic; Reynolds, in interpreting and enforcing the tariff laws for your years had presumably learned the las and outs of that busl- ne^.s; and How&rd i regarded as the able-st Southern representative in Con gress In my day. These men made no pretense of being tariff expeits; they emi'loy all the expert help they need. "I fully realize, and 1 wish our pco- lile wou'd, that the i)rcsent prosperity of the Treasury Is due In no small measure to the cNistlng tariff, which notwithstanding all Its faults Is a revenue producer. Tberf is a good deal more that can be said for that act. It gave us a maximum and minimum tariff p:ovlEo which I deem of the highest Importance, and which tended to increase our foreign trade substan tially. It gave free trade with the Philippines, which has made the is- Icnds more prosperous than ever In their history, without injury to any American industry. It gave authority '"i I used to create and appoint a Tariff Board which though not the commission I sought. Is doing a most useful work; and It imposed a corporation tax on which T.had set my heart but which at times I despaired of getting through.'.' "Now that you have launched your (By the Assicijated Press) • Los Angeles, Caiif., EJec. l.-j-Jahies B. McNamara this afternoon pleaded guilty to murder in the first degree in connection with the death t f Charles J. Haggerty, a vie time of the Los'Angeles-Tines explosion. His brother, John B. Mc]»Iamara, jointly indicted with him, pleaded guilty to "dyr ami ting the Lewellyn Iron Works. Both will be sentericed on December 5th. James B McNartara probably wijl g ?t a life imprisonment. There is a rumor that ^. J. McJ^ar lara will get 14 years. "The McNamdi'as haV6 p! eaded guilty because they art guilty," District; Attorney Fredericks said. "If J could have seen any way out of i; we would not have done it," said McNamara's attorftey Clarence S. Darrow, "but I am glad its over .with. We lave been working on this foi two weeks and ii has been the greatest strain of my life The Times building was b o"vf» up by J. B. McNamara with nitroglycerine, to be sure. But the bomb touched off the gas and gas really did it. The facts have beer overwhelming. Every looj hole was gathered in by the state." Attorney Joe Scott, o^ tlie defense, told of urging Mc ing him to plead guilty t(( Works. I'll plead guilty all right," he leave Joe (J. J. McNamara) Namara to plead guilty, finally agreed, "if you; wil out of it." "We can't do that," he whs told. "It is both or neither. May be you will be harigefj." B. McNamara, chewing gum "It won't look nice ahd |t won't feel nice," said an attorney sharply. "I don't mind hanging fbr the principle involved," saic McNamara, stubbornly; and many hours were spent convincing him that he best coald serve:his brother by allow- wrecking the Lewellyn Iror IRE OF BHTnE CONFESSION I'.u'KK miriMiKH TIII; nCltllKKKU OKSCKIIiKO OKTAILj 'Iatiii:d Two Vi 'ecks ill Adtnnirc ui^d Cnmiiiiltid lite Crlino us Sfiitc Described. (Continued on page fi) mm REIGNS IN GHINf AK.1KII IM.MJirs UO OVKMA AIKM T !>TKKK'1.S OF rAXTO .N. Ildusos, Store<< and l<:ink<i Looted and There Is Coullnuiil Street Fighting. Austrinn M. P. Who Shot nf Jflnlstf-r »V /n Work for ScTca Ypar^. (rty ilio A.ssoelntcd Press).' Hlc'iiiiond Va., Dec. 1.—The: New Lcadrr today prints an outline qf wh it s said to be the detailed and prival •onff Ksion .s lefl by Henry Clay Jlcattic Ir., for private peru;'ul alone.! It taled that the facts were nia(|e pii !ic by a detective who read tlje coh- fession. .\icording to this fcllec .confession Ileattle decided two; wcc tiefore the crime was committed •till his wife. The details of tlye mu| der coincide almost preclseij- wi the theory of the case set outjby tl.. state. Beattle Induced his cousin Paijl, to buy a gun and hide it bejilnd stump on tho Midlothian turnpike, ijle is said to have stated that he s]iot li Is wife full in the face as she ^tcpp d from the automobile. Beattle Jdenid he first knocked his wife down^, Th it story gave him "much annoyaiY:e. lii- l)lyinK cowardice." Beattle also is said to have denied that be sat,on his wife's body during the wild rl^e inp Richmond. ; tny llic ARSooliilfd Pri -.M.<)t Vluina. Dec. ].—.N'jcgua, a i)aiiTi|:\- tlan. who llrcd four shots at iHe A; trian minister of justice last Octobjcr during the heated Relchrnlh deb.Mte on thi high cost of living was tod sentenced to seven .vcftrs at hard >>or. His bullets did not strlice at one. ; (Uy Ihr As.'<ciciat<'d iVo Hong Kong, Dec. 1.—Although the riiign of pir.icy on West Kiyr ha; been checked by watchfuInc'S of the guanl .'j 'on board the river steamer;:, ihe stt nation on shore is utterly cha- .:/iic. in towns along the river thf most deplorable outrages are occur- hinp frequently. Even in Canton the iniUtary regime has proved wholly in- efficieiii. For several days armei' basds of robbers and hoodlums havr gone about Canton looting shops am' liou .-'CB. Today five ruffians, bristlinf w;fli revolvers, walked boldly into f l':ink in the ."outhern suburb and go away wit'i five thousand dollars. The local police, disarmed watched th< specincle helplessly. Street flgthlni goes on continuously in all parts ot Canton and those killed or injured include many Innocent bystanders. YERT KI2fD OF SB. UKDEBWOOD. WIU «WaIf s BeuonUe Tlae^ on Taft Bcfoire mee«dfaiff. (By the Associated Press) Washington. Dec. 1.—Repreaenta- live Underwood, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, an- iibunced today that he would call a meeting of the committee as soon as Congress convened to sound the senU ment of the members as to a tariiC revision program. "The PresidMit," said Underwood 'Seill be given a reasonable time In vhich to submit the reports of the Tariff Board. If these are withheld too long tho committee will proceed without them." PBOGUAM AT HIGH SCHOOL. Unusual FcatnrPH at the Chnpd Honr of School Todajr. The period for chapel at the high school this morning was featured by the attendance of a number of. visitors consisting of Professor U H. Willhard formerly principal of the school, but now superintendent of the Yates Center schools, Miss Londis, formerly teacher here, now teaching in T..eaven- worth, Eddell Jones, Herbert Bunnell, Alta Tanner, alumni of the school who are. attending-school at Manhattan, ind theteembera of the Halstead basket ball team. An impromptii pro- gmm waacarried out. Professor Wish ird opening it with an address. Prof. Harris, coach for the high school basket ball team, next gave an address, oUowed by a talk from the captain of • he Halstead team, l.oraine Cantrell, -captain of the Tola high school team, 'lave a talk which clcs-d the program. At the close of the program the students devoted the remainder of the period to giving their yells. »RD GOESrO PIECES MAY GAOSE WIU) PEBSIA. REFUSES TO DISMISS HEE IHEBICAK HIMIStEB. RUSSH'S IREIIT UNHEEREO TROOPS OF FZAB ORDERED MARCH U>' TEHERAN. TO U Is n Critical SItnatton and Mar Do. Tclop Into AnoUier of tho World's Great Wars. The Great Company Dissolves Today in S3 Parts. fBy the As-iociatrd Prp .e»5 New York, Dec. 1.—Tho thirty-three subsidiary companies into which the Standard Oil company' was divided after the Supreme Court decreed its iissoiution, began their separate in- iividual existence today. Some' two hundred thousand new stock certifi- r»tes containing proportionate shares :n these comp.inics was mailed to si.'c housand odd stockholders of the old Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. O'Xflll Becomes Head of Pralrlc. Independence, Kas., Dec. 1.—Obey- hg the Ignited States Supreme Court rder dissolving the Standard OH com oany, A. C. Bedford of New York, to- lay resigned the- presidency of th" Pr^l-le )ll ind .Ons Comiiniiy and J. (I'Neill of'Indojiendonce was eleel- d his successor. It was annouiie. l hnt there would be no chHii;<e In th;' company work. Mr. Bedford also rtislgned his pine)n the direr -forate. Nelson K. MROd.\. >f this city was iilectfHl \ Ici'-presldenl nccrcding O'Neill, who held that of- llcc, and has been named a director. The company will now be subject only Its own stockholders. >EW YORK J(H»>ALIST HEAD. Aur<. IVns Formerly .\Kibus sudor to tria und Xofrd Athlrfe. (Ity the Assoclsted PrrssV Teheran, IJcc. 1.— The Persian National council today rejected the Russian ultimatum demanding the dismissal of W. Morgan Shuster by a 'blg- majority. The foreign minister has resigned. Besides the demand for the dismfs- sal of Mr. Shuster, the American, who for several months has been Persia 's treasurer, the General Russian ultima turn to the terms of which the National Council refused to agree, asked indemnity to cover the cost of the dispatch of Russian troops to Persia. Speaker after speaker declared tliat it was impossible for Persia to sign away her independence. "If Russia, should wrest it from her that wotild be God's will." A deputation of members ^ of ,the ' National Council waited on Morgan W. Shuster before thfe vote was taken in the parliamentary session. The Americal Treasurer-General beg 'ged them to consult only the interests,of their country and not to considei; him. The National Council registerqfl Its refusal to comply with the terms Of the Russian ultim.'/um at eleven forty-five just a quarter of an hour before the time limit of. aacpiratlon of the f ultimatum. In the meanwhile a Urge silent crowd thronged around th? precincts of the parliament house awiUt-' ing fcr the vcrdltJt of ttie deputies. (By the Associated Press) Troy, N. Y.. Dec. I.—tMian. S. Franis. proprietor of the Troy Times and ito Aml>.issador to Au.-^tria-Mangary, lied today, lie also had been Minis- r to Greece and was widely known s a Journalist and athlete. Mr. Francis was graduated from 'ornell in 1877 ^where he repeatedly on the'slngle scull and long distance haniplonahip. He made a world's record- for the two nills single scull, which still stands. OYEKAOKS ARE IX CLEVELAND. STILL GOES ASIUNSI HYSl .•.nolher Swopc Xurse Gives DamaginE Evidence in Mnrder I'asc. .. Butcher Bird and Martin. An incident which my son wftnosf^d near Enfleld may bo worth, rcqording: Ha was walking along the highwjay and noticed at some distance ahaad several birds on the road.^hlch he took to be sparrows. As tje drfew nearer he was able to distin'gulsli a couplo of house martins by the side of a small puddle near the others. Presently one of the supposed sparrows in a sidelong manner drew ' ward the house martins, and when near it suddenly darted and seized one of them by the head and held;it struggling tmtll be got quite near.' «e then saw it was a redbacked shrlka, ant^ hi* astonishment It actually fl«w aifay with its victim over the hedgp by roadside, showing a strength would hardly have expectedi'la small a bird.—FVom the Fieldi he I me so rny the Associate rrrn) r\:'n.-ias City, Dec. 1—Mrs. Baumann formerly a nurse in the Swopc house ho'd testifying In the Hyde case this morning, declared that Chrismar Swopc had eaten no focd during th( few hours preceding his death whlcl might have caused response to a cyanide test. The state l>: trying fo shov, that Chrlsman and his uncle, COlone Swope, died under similar circum- •^fances and contends that expertt found cyanide In the stomachs of both. .luror Wnldron whose sudden Illness yesterday threatened to delay the frinl Is In the box today. Tonight there w'/ll bo the usual Friday evening r.crvlce at 7:30 p. m.. con- .sl.-tlng of the Litany and an address on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and its necessity In the sptrtual life and well being of the believer. After the service the choir practice will take place and all members are asked to be present to rehearse the special music. , A telephone message yesterday assured us that Rev. S. L. Chase will be at Trinity on Sunday night for a gi^eat revival service. Let everybody be present. The young people's chorus will' sing, and Brother Chase will preach on the subject formerly announced: "Religion of Form or Rellg loa of Power—Which?" ' C. F. JOHNSON. Elaborate Proprnni Tendered to them by the Ohio City. (By the Assoclatetl Press) • Cleveland. O.. Dec. 1.—The "Gov- !rnor '8 Special." bearing the executives of eight western states. re.-;ch- ed here today. The Governbrs wore met by the Chamber of Commerce committee headed by former Goverao: Herrick and taken to th*;'Cleveland Athletic Club. whe?e ^hi^dquarter:- were established. TodayV program ailed for a luncheon of six hundred olates at the Chamber of Commerce. The Governors depart for Buffalo tonight QUAIL SEASON EXD.S TODAY. Law Included Deeember 1 In the OiK-n Season. The -Register made a mistake" the ither day in stating that the open Kea«ou for quail ended on the SOth of .Vovember. The law, It seems reod^ that the season shall extend from Nrv vember I'l to December 1 inclusive, which removes any doubt as to the meaning of the statute. And It means 'hat quiiil might be shot toilay, which fact was Improved on by those hunt- rs who Investigated and quite a num- 'icr nf hunting parties gave the birds I final scare today. Riihsia Orders Troops to Maroh. St. I'elerabitrg, Dec 1.—In consc- liuenie f.f the rejee.tlonhy Uia>£eralftn Niilliuial Council of the Russhin lic- niands, the government today ordered the Rti.'fsian troops, now concentrated at Iti'slit,.capital nf the Persian province of Chilian, 8l .M<!on miles from the Cariplan sta to advance on Tohcran. Rufisla has. It Is hellovcd 4,000 men lit Krsht. These troops arrived at Kiiz'-il, a port nn tho Caspian sea, .Vov-iiiber 22. They were dispatched to Persia In consequence of the delay of the Persian government in rromplying with the Russian demand for an apology to the Russian Vlce- Consul at Teheran, M. Petroff. and the withdrawal of the gendarmes raised by \V. Morgan Shuster who were en- .caped in collecting arrears of taxes In .North Persia. The gendarmes had i!;nprcrt M. Petroll when he protested against the treasury's seiztire of the property of Shua-Es-Sultanch. a'broth cr of the e.\-Shah. Api>eal fo Taft. Washington, Dec. 1.—President Taft was appealed fo today by the Pcrslan- .\merican educational society to use the good oflices of the United States government to prevent war between Russia and Persia. The society also- appealed to Congress and to Andrew Carnegie asking the iatter's help as a friend of peace. TARIFF ROARO REPORT DEC. 1 Bartlesvllle Enterprise: Claude W'right went to lola, Kas., this mora- 'ng for a few days" visit with friends He will attend tho Bartlesville-Ljt Harpe. football game in LiHarpe tomorrow. • • • Mrs. Frank Erennon went to LaHarpe. Kas.. this momiP" tp visit with friends. • » • Mrs. E. Potts went to lola. Kas.. this morning for a few days' visit with relatives and friends. • • •' Mrs. W. C Freeman went to lola. Kas.. to^jy to visit with friends for a few days Mrs. W. H. Osborn and daught»r. of NIckerson Kas., are In the citv fn- a visit with Miss Hattie Osborn. librarian at the public library. Miss Osborn is librarian at NIckerson. It Will Deal W Ith the Wool Schednle and Be Highly Important (By th» Assoclat.ed Praas) • Washington Decrir— The much discussed report of the tdriff board on the Wool Schedule of the Payne tariff law and on- the wool industry will be In the hands of President Taft not 'ater tfcan^ Devcmber eleventh. This prediction was cir .de at the White Ho;is,^ today folIowlnsT the visit of Chairman Emery and A. H. Sanders ol fho Hoard. The cotton report will 1>« • ent to the White House a few days Inter. President Taft spent ne &rly an hour with the two members of the hoard and urged them to make all possible haste. Ed PIzel, some years ago proprlc- to rof the leading peanut stand hen> seems to have prospered sinco moving to Chanute. The Tribune says: "Born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Piael, yesterday, a girl. They live in Sunny Slope addition." M. E. Woods, a colored man of Cof- feyviUe. is under arrest charged with embezzling $727 from Sunflower. Grand l«dg« Knights of Pythias. Tho complaint upon which the warrent was issMed was made at Topelta by H. I. Monroe and sent to Coun^ Attorney Clark,, who .forwarded it ta Judge J ^mb. It charges that Wooda . took the funds while acting as-treaa- urer of the endo'wment departjnebt^ The witnesses endorsed on tho copi -t niaint are J. E. Lewis cf .Wichita. CLi W. 1y >wry ot Faola and H. I. Monroe^. of Topeka. . .. .'. j

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